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1[ONESHOT/JAEMIN] A Good Person Empty [ONESHOT/JAEMIN] A Good Person on 2010-09-23, 7:13 pm

Pairing: JaeMin, HoMin, HoSu
Summary: My happiness kills him but my hatred kills me.
Genre:Angst, a bit of romance
Inspired by Good Person sang by T-ara.
A/N: It's my first try on something like this, I hope I don't fail badly
Unbeta,Sorry if there's any error

The keys that was once in Changmin's hand was now lying on the floor.

“Yunho, what is all this?” Changmin stutter out his words, a week back from Japan & there he saw his fiancee naked with an unfamiliar person on their bed, entangled under the blanket.

“Min” Yunho called out, approaching him the moment he had his bathrobe on.

“Listen, this is not like what you think.” Yunho tried to explained but it only resulted Changmin to back away from him while pushing away his hand that was trying to hold on to Changmin's shoulder.

“Don't touch me with your dirty hands.” Changmin shouted, unable to control his emotion.

“He's just a client.” Yunho tried his luck again.

“Client? Do you need to sleep with your client to get a contract signed?!” Changmin asked, staring at the figure that was still lying on the bed, unaffected by his presence.

“It's time,Yunnie. Tell him where does he stand in your life.” the unfamiliar person said while getting up, putting on his bathrobe before approaching them.

“Yunnie? I'm the only one allow to call him that.” Changmin thought sadly before staring at the 'couple' in front of him.

“Ermm..Min..I” Yunho started but end up cutting his own words, guilty written all over his face.

“Listen here, Shim Changmin. The only reason Yunho is with you it's because you're rich. Now, that he's successful & rich, he doesn't need you anymore because he have me, Kim Junsu. “ Junsu ended his words with a smirk.

Changmin couldn't believe everything he heard, for 3 years he gave Yunho his everything even his virginity but this is the outcome of it.

“Jung Yunho, did you ever love me?” Changmin asked, his heart was already bleeding but if there a chance that Yunho did love him before, just maybe he won't bleed that badly.

“No, you're just a toy for me.” Yunho said, not meeting Changmin's tearing eyes.

“You heard him, now GO!!” Junsu shouted before pushing Changmin out of the door which cause Changmin to trip on his own luggage.

“GO!!” He shouted once again before kicking Changmin that was in the pain on the hard floor.

Changmin slowly crawled out of the apartment & soon his luggage was was send out fly towards his direction.

Yunho give him an apologetic look before the apartment door was bang close.

“Minnie,I'm all ready.” Jaejoong's voice was heard, Changmin turn towards his boyfriend's direction.

Kim Jaejoong, the person that stand by him no matter what, it's already been 6 months since Changmin's break up with Yunho. On that very same day he went to Jaejoong, his bestfriend for comfort & after 2 months Jaejoong confess his feeling towards Changmin.

“Let's go, shall we?” Changmin said with a smile.

6 months past but nothing change, Changmin still wears the clothes he love, when to the place he love but the only different was Yunho was not the one by his side but Jaejoong.

“Minnie, what would you like?” Jaejoong asked, a few minute after they got a seat in Yunho's favorite restaurant.

“Anything will do, Jae.” Changmin answered before looking out of the window, soon Changmin caught a glimpse of him & Junsu heading for the restaurant entrance.

“You'll regret everything,Yunho.” Changmin thought to himself.

I was wearing clothes that you liked
Walking the street we used to walked together
If you happen to meet me
You might regret throwing me away”

“Yunho” Changmin called out which caught the couple by surprise.

“Changmin, what are you doing here?” Yunho stutter out, surprise to see Changmin after 6 months.

“I''m here eating lunch with my boyfriend, you remember Jaejoong right?” Changmin said before looking at his boyfriend.

Yunho's eyes divert to the attractive man opposite of Changmin.

“Ah..yes.” Yunho replied, looking at Junsu instead, not wanting to meet the couple gazes.

“How about you guys join us?” Changmin offered.

“Sure.” Junsu answered before Yunho manage to decline the offer.

“Jae, come here & sit beside me.” Changmin said, sweetly while patting the empty space beside him.

Changmin didn't miss the hurt look on Yunho's face.

'A person who will love only me is a good person in anyone's eyes
He who's beside me and protecting me, instead of you'

“Minnie, our order is here.” Jaejoong announced happily.

“Jae, you didn't order any seafood?” Changmin asked.

“Of course, aren't you allergic to it. I have to protect you from the stupid allergic or I'll go crazy dealing with a sick you.” Jaejoong said teasing the younger one.

“You make me sound so bad.” Changmin commented ending with a pout..

“Let me kiss that pout away.” Jaejoong said but his action was cut when Yunho abruptly stand up.

“I'm sorry but we have something to attend.” Yunho said before quickly exiting the restaurant with a shocked Junsu.

The moment Yunho was out of sight, the smile disappear.

“Minnie, why did you do that? You are just hurting yourself.” Jaejoong said, holding me in his embrace as tears flow freely.


“What's wrong with you? Why did you dashed out just like that?” Junsu questioned but Yunho just keep his eyes on the road.

“Why must he be happy with Jaejoong? He must suffer, the only person that can make him happy is only me.” Yunho thought selfishly to himself.


'Everyone says I look happy because
My love is better, they say it's a good thing'
“Happy Birthday, Yoochun! You look awesome today.” Changmin wishes his best friend.

“Thank you, Changmin. You're glowing today.” Yoochun teased his best friend while smiling at the couple.

“Yoochun, happy birthday!” Yunho's voice was heard as he appear with Junsu.

Changmin's grip on Jaejoong's waist got tighter.

'You'll be alright.” Jaejoong whispered which calm Changmin down.

“Minnie, I'm gonna go get some punch.” Jaejoong said, trying to get out of Changmin's grip.

“But Jae..” Changmin whine, not letting go of his boyfriend.

“Changmin' he's just gonna go & get some punch. Nobody gonna kidnap him.” Yoochun commented before chuckling.

“Alright, I'm gonna miss you.” Changmin said, giving Jaejoong a quick peck before releasing him.

“Changmin ah, you're lucky to have Jaejoong. You're happier now & I believe it's a good thing.”
Yoochun said, giving Changmin a comforting squeeze on the shoulder.

“Yoochun, we are gonna go & get some food.” Yunho said before walking away, leaving the 2 best friend alone.

“Let' eat fast & get out of here.” Yunho said which cause Junsu to be curious.

“Why? Are you jealous?” Junsu commented.

“Shut up” Yunho said, before walking away.


'To that person, to be sorry forever
It's my love that will make you suffer'

Changmin rested himself on the day bed, looking at the rain drop sliding on the window.

“It's really a heavy downpour today.” Jaejoong commented, appearing with a plate of fresh cut fruits & 2 mugs of hot chocolate.

“Maybe there's too much people in sadness, that's why the clouds are crying with them.” Changmin said, eyes never leave the dark sky.

“And you are one of them.” Jaejoong said, taking seat beside Changmin.

“I'm sorry, Jaejoong for 'using' you after all that you done, I know you deserve someone better.” Changmin thought, looking at Jaejoong whose enjoying his hot chocolate.

“Minnie, why did you accept me? Honestly, I won't be angry with you.” Jaejoong suddenly asked, which caught Changmin off guard.

“To make him suffer.” Changmin muttered slowly, if Jaejoong wanted to shout or scolded him, he will accept all of it because he was in the wrong.

“Well, he deserve it.” was Jaejoong only answer before sipping more hot chocolate.

“Jae,I'm hurting you,right?” Changmin said, looking straight at Jaejoong's eyes.

'You look at me with an innocent heart
This person is loving me, caring for me, instead of you'

“Minnie, it's hurts to know you still love him but it's hurts me more to see you dying because of him.
Even if my love is not as powerful as his, I believe I can revive even if it's only half of you. I maybe not feel your pain but I want to shared it with you, lessen your burden.” Jaejoong ended his words when Changmin suddenly hug him.

“Why didn't I fall for you,Jae? If not, I won't be dying like this.” Changmin muttered his words on Jaejoong's chest.

“Minnie, I decided to be by your side forever. Will you marry me?” Jaejoong propose which took Changmin by surprise when a ring appear out of Jaejoong's pocket.

“You don't mind suffering?” Changmin asked.

“If you were to suffer, let's suffer together.” Jaejoong said before kissing Changmin's tears away.

'If you see me being happy, please suffer
I hope you cry and regret throwing me away'

“You may now kiss the 'bride'” the priest announcedd as Jaejoong & Changmin seal their marriage vows with a kiss.

Friends & family cheered congratulated the newly wed, they seems so happy & blissful but they did manage to capture a certain man, namely Jung Yunho & his patner, Kim Junsu exiting the church after their kiss.

“May you suffer, just as much as I did, Yunho.” Changmin thought sadly before turning & smiling at his newly spouse.

“Yunho, where are you going?” Junsu chased after his lover but Yunho ignored Junsu's words.

Tears was freely flowing, he regretted that he left Changmin just for Junsu whose was a devil in an angel 'suit'.

“Yunho, listen to me.” Junsu manage to get on the car before Yunho started driving, without knowing his destination.

“Shut up, Junsu. Just give me some peace.” Yunho shouted at Junsu.

“You regretted right, you leave him for me.” Junsu shouted.

“Yes because all this while what you gave me wasn't love but lust. You may provide me with sexual needs but did you ever try to understand like how a boyfriend should.” Yunho shouted back, looking at the piss off Junsu.

The 'couple' continue arguing, without realizing they are heading towards another car.


“Junsu” Yunho called out weakly before being unconscious on top of Junsu.


“Mr Jung, I'm afraid that you will be waist down paralysis.” the doctor announced.

Yunho couldn't believe what he heard, do he deserve all this for hurting the innocent Changmin, the one that truly loves him.

“Junsu” Yunho called out, Junsu appeared with a bandage arm & clutches.

“Junsu, I'm glad that you are here. You're gonna be by side like always,right.” Yunho said with full of hoe the moment he saw his boyfriend.

“This is goodbye, Jung Yunho.” Junsu said while smirking.

“What?” Yunho asked,shocked.

“Why would I stay with a useless person like you? So what if you have money, your money will be used on a useless & disable person like you.” Junsu said before limping away.

“Junsu,wait” Yunho shouted but he was ignored.

“I'm like this because of you Kim Junsu, because I protected you.” Yunho thought to himself, as he cried in silence & pain.


'Though I smile, my heart is crying
I hope you're in pain, though I'm suffering more'

After a tiring day, the newly weds are finally are in their shared room.

The both are cuddle up, enjoying each other company.

“Minnie ah, the more you hate him, the more you suffer. Why don't you let go? There's always karma right, one day he'll suffer just as much as you did. I'm sure just by seeing us together, he suffered enough, I don't want you to suffer anymore.” Jaejoong advice his spouse while playing with Changmin's hair.

“Thanks Jae, for being there for me.” was Changmin only answered before hugging tighter.

'I'm telling myself I'm happy, and I can be happier
Though I'm trying to lie to my heart, it won't listen'

“Jae, even if I tell myself I'm happy, it won't listen. Please don't suffer because of my fake smile.” Changmin said before looking at his spouse's eyes.

“Minnie ah, whatever you feel, it's what I will feel. We seal our promise with a kiss. Wherever you are, I'll be there.” Jaejoong said before kissing his spouse's forehead.

“I maybe not be able to love wholeheartedly now but I'll keep trying for the our sake,Jae.” Changmin promise, never let go of Jaejoong.

“That's enough for me,Minnie.” Jaejoong, a smile tugged on his face.

Hope u all enjoy this one-shot [ONESHOT/JAEMIN] A Good Person 693454

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