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1[ONESHOT/JAEMIN] Silence Empty [ONESHOT/JAEMIN] Silence on 2010-09-23, 7:39 pm

Pairing: JaeMin,YunJae
Genre:Angst, Romance
Rating: G
Summary:As long as you shine brightly for me, it doesn’t matter but now you choose to leave me...
Inspired By Ha Dong Kyun, Far Far Away

Do listen this song & read the translation before/after u read this one-shot..

“He’ll be here...He’ll never forget about me on my special day.” Changmin chanted, 6 hours has passed since he arrive at their favourite park.

Changmin looked up into the night sky, the stars shine brightly but his vision was blurred, tears in his eyes.

“Keep on lying to yourself, Min. It won’t hurt that badly.” He whispered to nobody, wind started to blow & without a warning the rain started to pours.

Changmin looked up, finding for the stars but they disappear just like how his hope has.

“As long as you shine brightly for me, it doesn’t matter but now you choose to leave me.” Changmin’s tears can’t stop pouring with that thought.


“Will we always be together,hyung?” a 12 years old Changmin asked, eyes sparkling with hope.

“Of course, Minnie. See the night sky; we’ll just be that way. A star that never leaves its sky. No matter where you’re, just remember as long as the stars shine brightly, I’m there with you. If you miss me, just looked up & you’ll be fine.” a 14 years old Jaejoong answered, ruffling his dongsaeng hair.


“Welcome back,hyung.” Junsu greeted his older brother, the moment he appears at the door.

“Thanks..Gosh..the rain is really pouring.” Jaejoong commented, brushing of the droplets from his jacket.

“So how’s the celebration with Min hyung? Fun?” Junsu asked, excitedly.

“What celebration?” Jaejoong splutter out, clueless.

“Hyung, don’t tell me you forget. It’s Min hyung’s birthday today. He called me about 8 hours ago saying that he’s on the way to meet you at you guys favourite park. I thought you met him, where were you the whole day?” Junsu asked, surprise that his hyung forgets this important event.

“I was out the whole day with Yunnie. It totally slip off my mind about Minnie’s birthday.” Jaejoong explained, surprising his dongsaeng even more.

“You should go & see if he’s still waiting for you.” Junsu said, worried in his tone.

“It can’t be..it’s almost midnight..” Jaejoong mumbled but instead was shoo out of the house by his dongsaeng.

“Minnie! Minnie!” Jaejoong called out, his eyes trying it’s best to spot his dongsaeng but the rain blurred his vision even though he’s using an umbrella.

“Hyung~~” Jaejoong heard a soft cried, causing him to run towards the voice direction.

“Minnie, what’re you still doing here?” Jaejoong asked in disbelief, shocked to his dongsaeng soaking wet & shivering under the heavy rain.

Jaejoong quickly approach the cold Changmin, covering him with the extra coat he brought & sheltering them with his umbrella while embracing his dongsaeng.

“Hyung, you’re finally here. You didn’t forget about me.” Changmin mumbled out, lifting his head up to give his hyung a weak smile.

“Minnie, what were you thinking, seating here in a heavy downpour? You’re gonna get sick.” Jaejoong scolded his dongsaeng, hugging the younger one tighter.

“I’m waiting for you to wish me.” Changmin whispered out, resting his head on Jaejoong’s chest.

“Happy birthday,silly.” Jaejoong wishes, ruffling Changmin’s hair like always.

“Thank you,hyung.” Changmin thanked into Jaejoong’s chest before he passed out.

“Minnie! Minnie!!” Jaejoong called out when there’s no more movement from Changmin, he quickly lifted up his dongsaeng, bridal style before running towards his car.

Next Day

“Hyung,you’re finally up.” Yoochun greeted his hyung warmly.

Changmin just gave a small smile before heading towards the couch from his bedroom door, plopping himself down beside Yoochun.

“How’re you feeling? You passed out yesterday so Jae hyung brought you home.” Yoochun asked, staring at his hyung.

“I’m alright, my head felt a little heavy & my body is a bit sore.” Changmin assure his worried dongsaeng.

Yoochun just nodded before touching his hyung’s forehead.

“Hyung, you’re burning up.You should go to the doctor.” Yoochun exclaimed, worriedly.

“I’ll be alright after a good sleep.” Changmin commented, assuring his dongsaeng once again.


‘Afternoon Minnie,
How’re you feeling today? Hope you feeling better than yesterday.
How about an apology lunch later at our favourite cafe?
See you later, my beloved Minnie~~
Jae hyungie~~'

“Jae hyung?” Yoochun questioned, noticing the smile that spread on his hyung face.

“Only Jaejoong hyung can cause him to smile like that, like the happiest person on earth.” Yoochun thought, sympathizing his hyung.

“He asked me out for lunch, I should get ready or I’m gonna be late.” Changmin mumbled out, quickly getting up & scurrying towards his room.

“But hyung, you’re sick.” Yoochun reminded his hyung.

“I’m fine.” Changmin shouted from his room before closing the door.


“Hey..Minho, my usual..” Changmin greeted his best friend before plopping down at his favourite spot.

“Caramel mocha coming right up..” Minho announced smiling, since it’s rare to see his bestie in a good mood.

“So, what got you so hyper up?” Minho asked, passing Changmin his caramel mocha before seating beside him.

“Nothing..” Changmin answered, sipping on his drink.

“Oh...well, whatever it’s...it’s has something to do with Jaejoong hyung..” Minho replied teasingly while nudging his friend causing Changmin to blush.

“Stop teasing me...it’s just lunch.. Go, a customer just entered.” Changmin exclaimed, hitting his friend’s arm.

1 hour pass...2 hours pass...

“Min, did hyung contact you yet?” Minho asked ,concern.

“Maybe he’s stuck at work...” Changmin answered, lazily.

“That’s always your answer, Min.” Minho thought, sighing.

3 hours pass...4 hours pass...

“You should go home, you don’t look well.” Minho advice his pale looking friend.

“What if he arrives after I left?” Changmin argue, never wanting to leave that spot.

Minho just sigh before continuing his work, taking a new batch of customers’ orders.

5 hours pass...6 hours pass...

“Min, go home, there’s no way he’s coming. It’s nearing closing time too.” Minho advice, looking at his bestie worriedly.

Changmin just nodded his head in defeated, not bothering to argue anymore since it’s a normal thing, in fact too normal for him to be stood up by the love of his life, Kim Jaejoong.

“Alright, wait a minute. I’ll go & grab for you an umbrella since it’s pouring outside.” Minho informed before disappearing into the back room.

Even though it’s something ‘normal’, Changmin would cry during his walk back home & today was no different.

Changmin’s heart was getting heavier by the second, he wanted to let out everything because it started to get difficult to breathe so he dashed out of the cafe without even waiting for Minho to return with the umbrella.

Changmin just walked like a lost child in the rain while crying to his heart content, finally what seems like hours, he reached back home.

“Hyung,you’re back, how was the date?” Yoochun decided to tease his hyung the moment Changmin appeared at the door but instead Changmin just walked straight towards his bedroom, locking the door shut.

“He’s drenched, did Jae hyung stood him up again?” Yoochun question himself, grabbing his cellphone before punching in Minho’s number.


Being in the rain for 2 days straight, resulted of Changmin having a very high fever cause him to be bed ridden the whole day.

Changmin was resting himself after filling his stomach with Yoochun’s porridge while the younger one has left to enjoy some game show in the living room.

While staring at the white ceiling, Changmin couldn’t help but to remember the time he fallen for his hyung.


A 5 year old Changmin was busy licking on his ice-cream while seated on the playground bench but suddenly his class bully, Kyuhyun approach him.

“Give me your ice-cream!!” Kyuhyun shouted at him while trying to grab onto the cone.

Changmin struggle, pushing away the grabby hands away from his cone which angered Kyuhyun.

“Pabo” Kyuhyun scolded before pushing him off the bench, causing Changmin to fall on his knee on the rough cement floor.

Changmin started to cry when he saw the wound on his knee & his ice-cream was ruined, causing Kyuhyun to ran away from the scene.

He was sobbing when suddenly an angelic looking hyung approach him.

“Don’t cry, dongsaeng.” A 7 year old Jaejoong cooed, putting a plaster on Changmin’s wound before ruffling his hair.

Changmin stare intensively at the angelic face before smiling when his hair was ruffled.

“I’m Jaejoong. Do you want to eat ice-cream with me?” Jaejoong asked, earning a nod from the younger one.


Changmin chuckled at that memory, even until now he find Jaejoong, angelic like how they first met. He didn’t know it was love when he was younger but as he grow older he understood why he was jealous every time his hyung introduce his partners to him or when he don’t have time for him anymore.

“Minnie~~” Jaejoong’s voice was heard, pulling him out of his thoughts.

Jaejoong slowly approach his bed, taking a seat beside Changmin.

“Chunnie told me you were sick. So, how’re you feeling now?” Jaejoong asked, smiling to him.

“Hurt...Broken..Tired..” Changmin answered in his heart, muttering a soft ‘ok’ before turning, his back facing his hyung.

“I’m sorry, please don’t be angry.” Jaejoong apologized, the moment he was face with Changmin’s back.

“Why didn’t you turn up yesterday?” Changmin asked softly, almost like a whisper.

“I didn’t because I spent the whole evening, crying.” Jaejoong answered, bitterly causing Changmin to automatically turned to face his hyung upon his words.

“Why were you crying?” Changmin asked, observing Jaejoong’s bitter expression.

“I broke with Yunnie yesterday.” Jaejoong replied, tears started to fall.

Changmin couldn’t say anything so instead he just pull his hyung into a hug.

Jaejoong just cried into Changmin’s chest while he rub soothing circles on the older one back.

“So, you’re not angry with me anymore?” Jaejoong asked, after crying to his heart content.

“You know I can’t be angry with you for long.” Changmin replied while wiping Jaejoong’s tears.

“You want some ice-cream?” Jaejoong asked, pinching Changmin’s cheeks.

“Sure.” Was Changmin only reply before Jaejoong disappeared out of the room.


It’s already been a week since Jaejoong’s break-up, Changmin knows that he should be happy knowing that Jaejoong is single once again & he have a chance but no, he was not happy seeing his hyung slowly falling into a depression.

Jaejoong would always smile when they’re together but he knows that they were all fake.

Changmin was worried about Jaejoong’s condition, so he thought that only way to help Jaejoong was to get over Yunho.

“Hyung, are you still thinking of him?” Changmin decided to bring up the topic while they were watching some variety show.

“No..” Jaejoong muttered softly.

“Don’t lie, You’re thinking of him. Please hyung, get over him. I don’t want to watch you suffer anymore.” Changmin said, staring at his hyung’s expression.

“If you don’t want me to suffer anymore, then get out of my life.” Jaejoong said in a dangerous tone, shocking Changmin with his words.

“What do you mean?” Changmin manage to spluttered out, observing his hyung mixed expression.

“Do you know why I break up with him? It’s all because of you!!” Jaejoong exclaimed, voice getting higher with each words.

“M-e?” Changmin stutter out.

“Yes because he don’t like you being around me but being your friend all this years I choose you over him. That’s why he left me.” Jaejoong explained, tears in eyes.

Changmin was shocked; he was the cause of Jaejoong’s pain.

“How I wish you could just disappeared?? So Yunnie will returned back to me..” Jaejoong muttered, hugging his legs.

“I’m--” Changmin was cut by Jaejoong’s outbreak.

“Shut up!! Just get out of my sight, I don’t want to listen!!!” Jaejoong shouted, using his hands to cover his ears.

Changmin wanted to cry seeing his hyung breaking down but decided to leave him alone, like how he wanted him too.

Slowly, Changmin disappeared out of Jaejoong’s house.


A few days later, Jaejoong felt guilty of his words so he decided to head over to Changmin’s house.

Jaejoong press the bell the moment he arrives causing Yoochun to appear at the door a few minutes later.

“Where’s Minnie?” Jaejoong asked, failed to find his dongsaeng when he entered the house.

“He already left, he took a job offer in Japan.” Yoochun answered coldly before disappearing into Changmin’s room.

“When did he left?” Jaejoong asked, the moment Yoochun reappeared from the room even though he still in shock.

“2 hours ago..” Yoochun answered before passing a white envelope, with Jaejoong’s name written on it.

“He asks me to pass it to you when I see you.” Yoochun informed before observing Jaejoong who was opening up the letter.

“Dear hyung,
By the time you read this, I might be on my way to somewhere far, far away from you. Just like you wish, I’ll disappeared so you can be happy with Yunho. Don’t worry about me, I’m happy as long you’re happy so remember to be happy for me. Just look up into the night sky when you miss me because I’ll be the star that shines brighter than the others. If we don’t have a chance to meet again, just know that I love you. I love you more than anything in this world. Don’t cry anymore because I won’t be there to wipe your tears. Just remember that one day, I’ll leave this world with wonderful memories of you.

Tears rolls on Jaejoong’s cheek without him realising, he regretted his words.

The house phone rang causing Yoochun to pick it up.

Jaejoong observe Yoochun’s expression slowly turning into a shocked before the phone drop out of his grip.

“Chunnie, what’s wrong?” Jaejoong asked, approaching the younger one.

“Hyung, he left us..” Yoochun stutter out, not moving an inch.

“I know, you told me before.” Jaejoong answered, confused.

“Hyung, he died in a plane crash. He left us forever.” Yoochun stutter out, tears in his eyes before falling seated to the ground.

“No..it can’t be...Minnie can’t be dead...You’re joking, right?” Jaejoong tried to laugh off but failed when he saw Yoochun sobbing on the hard ground.

“No..it can’t be..” Jaejoong chanted, falling seated to the ground.


“Changmin, you’re here. Come let’s celebrate your birthday.” Jaejoong exclaimed, before pulling out a chair for his smiling dongsaeng.

“Guys, let’s eat. Changmin is here..” Jaejoong called out, earning a nod from the duo.

“Chun, it’s already been a year...When’ll he stop..” Junsu said, sobbing while looking at his hyung talking to nobody.

“For him..hyung’s still alive, Su. We can’t do anything, even the doctors can’t cure him.” Yoochun said, bitterly while comforting his best friend.

“Guys, hurry up...Changmin is waiting..” Jaejoong call out, causing the duo to head for the dining table.

“Happy Birthday, silly..” Jaejoong wishes, smiling causing Changmin to smile.

The duo hold back their tears upon hearing Jaejoong’s wish..if only Changmin was there to hear that.

The loneliness was filled even though it’s just illusions.

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