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[ONESHOT/JAEMIN] Unchanged Love

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1[ONESHOT/JAEMIN] Unchanged Love Empty [ONESHOT/JAEMIN] Unchanged Love on 2010-09-23, 7:27 pm

Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Summary: Love a person for who they are not for what they are …That's true love...
Unbetaed, sorry for errors ^
A/N:This was a birthday fic for Macey unnie, i posted earlier on lj..Hope u all here can enjoy it too

“Creepy..”Yoochun exclaimed causing Junsu to pull him away from the school proclaim weirdo, Shim Changmin.

Shim Changmin, a tall lanky student with his face covered by his hair or more specific, his fringe.

Nobody know how he look like or even knows him because he's quiet & a loner which was every much due to the fact that he don't have any friends.

Unknown to the others, Changmin was just your normal average guy, he's just extra shy & quiet than the others which was the main reason of his curtain like hair.

Even though born in a well known family, he was never the type to party & enjoy social life. He was more of an introvert, being in his own 'world'.

Everyday during his walk back from home, Changmin couldn't help but notice a rather unique barber shop located near the train station.

Changmin take a peak at the glass window, he was rather attracted by the cheerful & bubbly personality of the barber while entertaining its customers.

He wanted to enter the shop but was having doubts so it ended with him taking a few minutes glimpse of the barber everyday before continuing his walk home.

On one fateful day, Changmin was busy finding the said barber with his eyes when suddenly a hand tap his shoulder, startling him.

“Hello there, you're here everyday. My name is Jaejoong. What's yours?” Jaejoong introduce himself chirpily causing a smile to tugged on Changmin's face.

“Changmin..” Changmin whispered out softly.

“That's a nice name. Come, let's go in. I'll get you some tea.” Jaejoong offered, opening the door for Changmin which cause him to oblige, not wanting to be rude.

“He's not scare or freak out by my appearance.” Changmin thought, smiling while staring at the cheerful Jaejoong making some tea.

“Green tea..Hope you like it.” Jaejoong offered the mug, taking a seat opposite of him.

“Thanks..” Changmin muttered, smiling gratefully even though Jaejoong can't see his expression.

“How old are you?” Jaejoong asked, making a conversation.

“19' Changmin replied, a little louder than usual.

“Ah...a dongsaeng..I'm 20.” Jaejoong exclaimed, smiling.

Changmin just nodded at Jaejoong's words since he started to feel awkward as he's not used to small conversation.

“I've to get home now.” Changmin abruptly said before standing up & giving a quick bow.

“Alright, bye. See you tomorrow.” Jaejoong replied happily, waving bye to Changmin.

“See you..”was Changmin only reply before he dashed out of the shop.

Days passed by, Changmin went to the shop everyday & gotten use to Jaejoong's company.

Changmin was indeed was rather surprise that Jaejoong didn't bring up the matter on haircut even though he's a barber himself so Changmin decided to ask him one day out of curiosity.

“Aren't you bothered by my appearance?” Changmin asked, sipping on his now favorite green tea like every other day.

“Nope..I believe that when the day comes, you'll change yourself. Just follow your heart.” Jaejoong replied sincerely.

That night, Changmin couldn't sleep at all as Jaejoong's words keep repeating in his mind like a broken record..

“Maybe its time for a change...I can't be like this forever..” Changmin thought after deciding that tomorrow will be the day he'll get a hair cut.

“Is that you? You're charming.” Jaejoong exclaimed, amazed by Changmin's charming look after cutting his long fringe while keeping his long hair.

Changmin just blushed at Jaejoong's compliment, he himself can't believe that he look this good.

“I'm sure many girls will go after you now.” Jaejoong teased while busy washing his hands.

“I don't think so.” Changmin replied, chuckling before continue helping Jaejoong clean the shop like usual after each haircut.

It's seems like Jaejoong's words was like magic, the next day Changmin was surrounded by the girls even the school queenka that doesn't even know he exist before approach causing the guys to hate him even more the before.

Not only his school life change but his personal life change too when he got scouted by a modeling agency a few days later.

Changmin's life turn chaotic, juggling between school & modeling.

During the process of everything, Changmin slowly learn to be more outspoken & expressive causing him to communicate with other quite well.

“It's already been 3 weeks, he might hve forgotten about me.” Jaejoong thought sadly, looking a the perfume commercial that Changmin starred in.

The wind chimes at the door jingle signaling a customer, causing Jaejoong to turned but was only surprise to see the person face.

“How have you been,Jaejoong? Sorry, I was too busy that I can't take the time off to see you.” Changmin apologized, approaching Jaejoong.

“Lonely...I thought you've forgotten about me.” Jaejoong replied bitterly, hanging his head low.

“Jaejoong ah..listen..” Chagmin started, tiling Jaejoong's chin up so that he could see that dreamy eyes.

“I'll never forget you. I maybe change on the outside but I'm still the same Changmin you got to know 3 months ago. Whether it's 3 months ago or now it still didn't change the fact that I love you.” Changmin confessed before kissing Jaejoong's forehead causing more tears of happiness to roll on Jaejoong's cheek.

“I'm sorry..I can't help it. You make me feel like the happiest man on earth.” Jaejoong apologized, wiping his tears.

“It's nothing to be sorry about.” Changmin replied while chuckling before kissing Jaejoong's tears away.

Love a person for who they are not for what they are ….
That's true love...

[ONESHOT/JAEMIN] Unchanged Love Soulf
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2[ONESHOT/JAEMIN] Unchanged Love Empty Re: [ONESHOT/JAEMIN] Unchanged Love on 2010-09-29, 11:11 am

oh so sweet~ ^_^
its a bit difficult for me to imagine changmin with a disturbing fringe. I'd imagine him hot as always anyway~ LOL! but imagining jaejoong as a barber was hilarious.
it was pretty good, tho it was a bit too fast. thanks for sharing it here. i hope maecy liked this too~ =)

[ONESHOT/JAEMIN] Unchanged Love Siggie23
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