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This was inspired by the Changmin secret diary i read given by Frances. we were laughing hard and i decided to make mine. I will add the diary entries once I have my adrenaline pumping. Thanks to saz and zai for inspiring me to post this. credits to the girl who posted the min secret diary...


This was done during their Balloon days. Changmin encouraged Jaejoong to have a shared diary.


Jaejoong: Bought new pair of pants but Yoochun stole it from my closet. I stole it back
Changmin: Tried to cook for my boo but ended up a disaster. Even the cats don’t like it


Jaejoong: I saw Min talking to a cute girl. He smiles a lot. Why am I feeling strange? Should I steal the girl or steal Min?

Changmin: Jae Hyung is not talking to me. Maybe because of the breakfast. Or he doesn’t have enough sleep after we watched two dramas last night


Jaejoong: Monster Yunho and dolphin Junsu teamed up to steal my food. I tried to save it but they ate them all. Changmin brought me two lunchboxes.

Changmin: I caught two culprits: in denial Junsu and trying to be innocent Yunho. They said they are just trying to taste the food but they are already halfway eating it.


Jaejoong: Manager-ssi told us to have a nice rest coz we will have 2 weeks non stop of work. I decided to play with Yoochun. Changmin is caught reading yaoi. Junsu is feasting on him.

Changmin: I am in trial. Junsu hyung is loving it. I should take revenge tomorrow. I will steal his hentai mangas.

DAY 11

Jaejoong: First fitting day for balloons costume. I want a bunny suit but Yoochun snatched it from me. He woke up earlier than I expected and convinced the costume designers that it is better for him. I am still negotiating with the noonas. I want it badly!!! I don’t want to be a sheep.

Changmin: Yoochun hyung is the first one to wake up. It is a very rare occasion. I want food.. nothing else.

DAY 14

Jaejoong: Tired from a three-day PV filming. Will fly to Japan later. I want a nap but annoying Junsu is in a high after winning the football match with Yoochun. I will kick them out of the room soon or send them to Neverland.

Changmin: Junsu hyung is on fire. I should have been the one who will kick his ass. I kissed Jaejoong hyung while asleep. He is pretty while asleep.

DAY 17

Jaejoong: I read Min’s entry..woah! I should get even soon. I thought he doesn’t like stealing kisses? Mobster Yunho is in a loose again. He is implementing lots of rules..The most annoying one: no TV and food after 12? What the?

Changmin: King Yunho is becoming autocratic again. TV after 12 is okay but food?? Noooooooooo

DAY 20

Jaejoong: Junsu and Yoochun are now with alliances with Hwangsaragi Yunho. Changmin and I will make their alliances break. I will sway Junsu to join our secret group. I will bribe him with a new toy.

Changmin: Aaahhh..We have a late night show and I can’t eat after that. I didn’t get Yunho’s towel even if our assistant asks me to. I still hate him.

DAY 25

Jaejoong: Yunho is sick with flu and Changmin is his nurse. I guess we forgot about alliances now. I convinced Yunho not to sing for tonight’s show. He cannot dance too. Junsu will be working hard tonight to make up for Yunho’s part.

Changmin: I didn’t wish him to get sick. Make him feel better. I take back my hate feeling. Why am I not getting sick after being with him for two days now? Manager hyung doesn’t want me to be checked in the hospital.

DAY 30

Jaejoong: Yunho is still sick but he is being a super hero again. He should be listening to me and not to dance for tonight’s award’s night. Junsu is down with flu also. Can I do both of their parts? I need a miracle.

Changmin: Yoochun hyung is having asthma attacks. He is secretly inhaling his medicine backstage. Yunho hyung is stubborn and still want s to dance. Junsu is not in good shape. I need to step up.

DAY 33

Jaejoong: I think I am down with a flu too. Junsu should be isolated but he is always in my bed. His towel is lying near my bedside. This kid needs some lessons with me. I can’t hug Min. This is bad.
Changmin: Jaejoong hyung is irritable. I just asked for a hug. It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t showered yet. I want a HUG.

DAY 38

Jaejoong: Good thing Changmin’s medicines still work for me. I can kiss him again. Ooops..Yunho is reading..gotta edit this..I hate him when he is sneaking behind my back. I need to buy gifts for my nephew and nieces. I missed them already.

Changmin: Jessica noona is here again. I don’t hate her but every time she chats with Jae hyung my blood boils automatically. Am I being too possessive?

DAY 40

Jaejoong: I like the red costume for the photo shoot and again…I didn’t get it. I need to yell at Changmin but I don’t want him to cry. I don’t like yellow. Period.

Changmin: Jaejoong hyung is talking with the noonas again. Why is being maknae a liability?

DAY 43

Jaejoong: Why is Yunho boxing? Argh..Junsu didn’t clean the toilet again. He deserves a beating again but Yoochun is asking for a more diplomatic way of teaching him a lesson. Junsu needs to be quarantined.

Changmin: Jaejoong hyung didn’t make me breakfast because of Junsu hyung. But he brought me my new rubber ducky and loofah! OOhh he wants me scrub his back eh? Naughty Jaejae!

DAY 50

Jaejoong: It’s almost Junsu’s bday. I bought him a shirt with unique wordings on it: DON’T EAT JUST STARE…I bet he can’t read this yet. But I will be dead if he can. I need to convince Chunnie not to translate for him.

Changmin: I wanted to bake a cake for Junsu hyung but I forgot to buy baking powder. Should I just make him sandwiches? Just by planning it I am already hungry!!!

DAY 52

Jaejoong: Why is Jessica not visiting me? I need to polish my English skills to keep up with Min. I don’t want to sound stupid with him.

Changmin: Why is Jae hyung going to SNSD’s quarters? *pouts* I should be accompanying him. Temptation is too much. Do not tuch my boo.

DAY 55

Jaejoong: Changmin will be having a solo phoro shoot with a Japanese girl. He is excited about it and can’t even sleep thinking about it. I won’t let him sleep beside me. I will just shop til we drop with Chunnie and Yunnie.

Changmin: Oh my! I am nervous for my solo photo shoot. Why me? Where is everybody?

DAY 57

Jaejoong: Too many award shows and practice for concert. I can’t even have a serious date. How did Yoochun manages to sneak out with a chick last night? Maybe I am too tired to notice it.

Changmin: Jaejoong hyung is cranky again. He needs my massage.

DAY 60

Jaejoong: I can’t move my right middle toe. It has been like this after I accidentally stepped on Junsu while dancing. He is glaring at me again coz he almost lost his shoe again. I should make him his fave dinner to make up for it.

Changmin: My sister went to our pad. She wants to see Yunho hyung. I made a lie. She will just ask for an autograph for her classmate. Why do they have to ask hyung and not me?

DAY 63

Jaejoong: Why is Junsu missing? This is an emergency for us because we need him for the completion of the dance choreo. Problematic Yunho is on the move again. Junho is out of reach.

Changmin: Junsu hyung doesn’t want me to tell a lie but if I tell them the truth we will be both dead. Otoke?

DAY 65

Jaejoong: Junsu is back and Changmin is explaining again. Why does he have to conspire with him? Yunho is being considerate again. Those angelic smile of Junsu and Changmin’s mismatched eyes are still effective.

Changmin: Thank GOD he comes back alive. Junho should not risk his brother’s singing to pass his subject. I wont do it again even if hyung pleads to me. It is nerve wracking.

DAY 66

Jaejoong: Two days before Christmas and I still don’t have my wish list. Yoochun is having his long list again. I can’t give him my Louis Vutton bag. I think I know what to give to Minnie-ah.

Changmin: It is an exciting day for me but I dunno why. Jae hyung said we will go to their restaurant/house today. I accidentally deleted Junsu hyung’s music files. Should I hire an expert to recover before telling him or inform him right away, Either way, I am dead.

DAY 70

Jaejoong: Junsu is not with speaking terms with his room mate. I can’t save Minnie. He needs to recover 10 gb of music files. He hasn’t slept for 3 days now. Yunho is being naggy again. Yoochun has his monthly period and just fiddling with his piano.

Changmin: I can’t write…need sleep.

DAY 72

Jaejoong: Junsu is busy composing again. I love the melodies coming out from his room. Min and him are talking now. Good thing they have settled out the problems. Yunho is practicing again. It is nerve wracking to hear him practice even in the shower.

Changmin: Junsu hyung offered his piano to me. He even asked my opinion about his new composition.

DAY 75

Jaejoong: Another year will pass and we are going strong. Changmin wished for a strawberry cake but I want an apple pie. Junsu will be delivering pizzas for the less-fortunate. Yoochun signed up as his assistant. Why are they making it as an exclusive party?

Changmin: Yunho hyung is strange today. He sounds giddy but not saying anything. I should investigate his itinerary for the day.

DAY 78

Jaejoong: I need a haircut and new hair color but they all oppose the color and style I want. What’s wrong with a bluish streak in a Mohawk?

Changmin: Yoochun hyung had collab with me and we are finishing a sad song. I want my boo to sing the main parts of course.

DAY 83

Jaejoong: I am asking Min if its okay if I add more piercing but he just smirked at me. Sometimes I just wish he could answer me a straight answer. He is taking out his book of golden rules again.

Changmin: Why does Jae hyung have to consult me about his piercing if he will still do it? I hate him but i love him. I should check how the piercing will be done.

DAY 85

Jaejoong: Is it Junsu’s bday again? Why does he have to get another date rest when we are all working hard to finish an up tempo song? I need him to teach me the dance steps. He is a great teacher than Yunho.

Changmin: Good thing Jaejoong hyung is not asking Yunho’s help. Too much Yunjae fics are already spreading the net. Good thing I know the truth.

DAY 89

Jaejoong: Changmin is not talking to me after our guesting in XMan. I just followed the script. I thought we have talked about the work stops there after the camera went off?

Changmin: Jae hyung is enjoying his flirty moves with those guests again. Even if he says it is in the script, I could sense he is hitting on them again. I personally chose Hwang Bo but she chooses a sexy girl. He even sticks out his tongue while dancing and staring?

DAY 92

Jaejoong: I miss the one-touch from Min. He is in Japan right now for his solo interview. Too bad I cant go with him. Yunho is being uptight again. Junsu is a cry baby after losing by a point in a match with Yoochun.

Changmin: I miss all of them. Of course especially my boo. But this is a good thing coz I could buy the boots for his surprise bday celeb.

DAY 94

Jaejoong: Changmin is back and I have never been happier but Yunho isn’t smiling. Is he jealous again? I heard when he has a solo interview that YunJae is real. Is he reviving the past now?

Changmin: I can’t help myself but kiss Jaejoong hyung in front of my stylist. Good thing Yunho was not there. Junsu is asking for his present even I am still in the airport. He doesn’t even bother to ask me if I am okay. Yoochun hyung has already finished our new song, can’t wait to hear it.

DAY 98

Jaejoong: I have dark circles under my eyes. I am thinking if I will go with Yunho first for our YunJae photo shoot or help Min finish up our couple talk..darn..this is hard.

Changmin: I waited fo Jae hyung to come out of their room but Chunnie told me he left with Yunho hyung. He didn’t even kiss me goodbye.

Junsu: He tried to kiss you but you almost punch him..hahaha

DAY 100

Jaejoong: Tomorrow will be my bday and Changmin is still not talking to me. Should I just pass this day and end up in his room? Chunnie and Junsu conspire with me. They will be leaving us together tonight but I dunno about Yunnie. He is still not coming out of his room. Strange.

Changmin: Should I still play hard to get even if I miss his kisses and hugs? I bought two boxes of his fave chocolates, flowers and begged Yuchun to wrap up the boots. I should have checked it if it’s really the boots I bought or he has replaced it with something else. What if Yunho and him has plans for tonight?

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Nice to meet you here!
Whee for JaeMin dairy...!
Even though I also read this at onetvxq, but I'll also wait for your update here~

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DAY 100

Jaejoong: Tomorrow will be my bday and Changmin is still not talking to me. Should I just pass this day and end up in his room? Chunnie and Junsu conspire with me. They will be leaving us together tonight but I dunno about Yunnie. He is still not coming out of his room. Strange.

Changmin: Should I still play hard to get even if I miss his kisses and hugs? I bought two boxes of his fave chocolates, flowers and begged Yuchun to wrap up the boots. I should have checked it if it’s really the boots I bought or he has replaced it with something else. What if Yunho and him has plans for tonight?

DAY 101

Jaejoong: Min was surprised to see me in his bed wrapped up with his blanket. *hearts* I want to stay like this for the whole day but we have work to do. Junsu is cleaning my room~thank GOD and Chun. But I bet it won’t last long.

Changmin: *mesmerized* Waking up with a pretty/handsome hyung/lover is a blessing you cannot take away. I wish I could not waken up from a dream. Yunho hyung called us up earlier than usual. He prepared a breakfast for boo. To be honest, it is a lot better than mine *smirks*

DAY 105

Jaejoong: My sister went to our practice room with lots of food. Junsu greeted her and had forgotten we have to finish the parts before eating. Yoochun is messing with the girls in the hallway while Yunho is busy talking to a friend over the phone. He doesn’t seem to care about the food and Yoochun.

Changmin: Everybody is lazy this morning. I even cleared the table while Junsu and Yoochun hyung are playing on their computers. Yunho hyung is planning a secret getaway with his friend. I left all the dirtied dishes in the sink.

DAY 107

Jaejoong: Creepy days are here again. Min is cleaning the bathroom while whistling. Junsu is not playing computer games but reading the newspaper. Yunho is not boxing but cooking. I should sleep with Yoochun until they go back to sanity.

Changmin: I got up early and can’t sleep. I want to exercise but it’s too early. Cleaning is one of the best exercises. Junsu hyung is where? Strange, not in his game room? Yunho-ssi is acting strange after we were taught baking in Japan. Can I just skip breakfast? I bet Jae umma will yell at me.

DAY 110
Jaejoong: It’s our anniversary but I forgot to bake some chocolate cookies for Minnie. Yunho is out with a girl friend. I think he knows Min and I will be inseparable again tonight. Junsu is bullying me again after I lost the Jenga match. I should have listened to Chun before pulling the piece.

Changmin: It was almost Valentines but I feel it is already the day. Oh darn…I forgot it is our anniversary. Too bad I lend all savings to Junchan. I will try to sneak a video for him instead. I hope he wont be mad if I don’t have a big gift yet.

DAY 113

Jaejoong: I celebrated my bday today with my family. Yunho and Yoochun joined me in our mini party. Junsu and Changmin are both in a photo shoot and recording session. I hope they could join us soon. Chun looked like my mom’s son rather than me.

Changmin: Junsu hyung will be with me all day long. I am running out of things to piss him off. I guess he is being a good brother now.

DAY 115

Jaejoong: I learned a new Japanese word and Junsu surprisingly said it was his own word in a TV show. He is playing mind games with me again. Yunho is relatively thinner than me when we both looked at the mirror in the dance studio. He should stop dieting and eat more.

Changmin: Yoochun hyung is out with his buddies. I want to go car racing with them but I am afraid I am still not good in driving. I don’t want to be left alone with Junchan again. I might go crazy.

Junsu: You are already crazy! MERONG!

DAY 117

Jaejoong: We played “Catch the Mouse” again. Surprisingly, Min didn’t sit beside me. He doesn’t want to hit me hard. Poor Yunho, he had to suffer in the hands of the Dynamic Maknaes.

Changmin: It is pay back time. Luck is on my side and not on Yunho hyung’s. He is hiding his true feelings about the result of the game. I better hide my food or he will impose more rules about it soon.

DAY 120

Jaejoong: Junsu went out to shop and he “accidentally” got my wallet. He also “accidentally” left his celphone in my room. I better check on my credit card company before it is too late.

Changmin: Finally Yoochun let me drive his car. He keeps on staring at me after I hit the gas. I dunno if he is scared to be in an accident or afraid that I will wreck his car. This is fun!

DAY 123

Jaejoong: Yunho is blocking my way every time I see him in the hallway. He wants a hug every hour. Changmin is glaring at us.

Changmin: Yunho hyung always stresses that February is his month. How come I can’t have this month?

DAY 126

Jaejoong: It’s YooSu day. They just copied ours. They are just messing around in the sofa and bullying Changmin and Yunho. It’s my first time to hear Changmin praise my dokbuki.

Yunho: Finally I have access on your diary. Why am I always the bad guy here? I am the most considerate person in the world *puppy eyes*

Changmin: Junsu hyung is teaching us his not-so funny Oyaji gags again. I shouldn’t have encouraged him to buy those books in the first place. He even muttered some words in his sleep. NIGHTMARE!

DAY 129

Jaejoong: Hayz…everybody knows where we place this diary so we changed the location of it and locked it. Double lock to be sure. They don’t know the meaning of the word “secret” anymore.

Changmin: Yunho hyung is scary once again. Why the sudden search for the diary now? Yoochun is out of circulation again. Is he still on Earth?

DAY 132

Jaejoong: It is Changmin’s bday and I am stuck in the recording room. Yunho made alliances with the Yoosu couple. They are getting into my nerves. I practiced my parts faster than them but they convinced the sound producer to make me the last. I should get even. I won’t cook any food for two weeks.

Changmin: Still waiting for my boo. Candles are already melting. I am trying not to be hypnotized by the smell of the cake and the dishes prepared by YooSu. I trust Yoochun hyung but I saw Junsu hyung nibbling his fingers while cutting the onions. I’ll just erase the ickiness in my mind right now. All I want for my bday is my boo.

DAY 134

Jaejoong: Yunho is asking my help about the Yoochun case. I am not Chunnie’s attorney now. All I say is that just give him a little rest. I will be dead when Manager hyung knows Chunnie is not with us right now and busy with someone else.

Changmin: Yoochun hyung goes AWOL again. Junsu hyung is sad about it. I secretly placed two sandwiches in Chunnie’s bag before he left. Hope he eats it.

DAY 136

Jaejoong: I am extremely sleepy. I am out of my mind when I asked Yoochun to have a no-sleep talk. I learned a lot about his situation but I am sad I am not helping that much. I am thankful Junsu is here to help me in cheering up Chunnie.

Changmin: Yey we finally hit the 2nd spot in the Oricon charts. Yunho hyung will be treating us with Hitsumabushi. Junsu hyung is extremely delighted. Yoochun hyung is smiling again.

DAY 140

Jaejoong: Junsu’s allergies is worsening and I still can’t work out my parts. I need Changmin right now. Why is Yunho suddenly hugging him at the side?

Changmin: Yunho hyung is up to something for Chunnie. We will buy him a new amplifier for his piano. I hope he likes it. I still need to buy meds for Junsu hyung.

DAY 143

Jaejoong: I woke up with Yunho by my side *closes and opens eyes a million times* OMG…WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?

Changmin: This is mysterious. Joongie isn’t up for no reason at all and they are trying to block me every time I try opening the door. Yunho hyung is nowhere to be seen. I have to get the keys from Yoochun’s hand. Is my boo alright?

DAY 145

Jaejoong: Changmin is extremely quiet and I am not liking it. He just says the words “I am hungry” a couple of times. I hate it when he isn’t talking to me. He is not bullying Junsu anymore. This is bad.

Changmin: I think I need to go to the doctor but no one asks me. Yunho is still guarding my boo tightly. I might die of Joongie hunger. I want a kiss and hug from him.

DAY 148
Jaejoong: Finally Min and I had our day together. Just the two of us. Alone in the beach. I want to feed him whatever he wants. Just being with him is paradise.

Changmin: I secretly placed boo’s red panties in his bag. I will ask him to wear it later. Sexy!

DAY 151

Jaejoong: I haven’t speak to anyone for 2 days now. We will be going to Saipan later and I haven’t seen the sun yet. What is life without rest again?

Changmin: I am exhausted. I just wanna lie down. I want to go to the beach with Jae hyung again. Oh, I will look at his photo with those red panties on to quench my tiredness. Darn! It was deleted. Who happens to borrow my phone again?

DAY 153
Jaejoong: Junsu is making me shout again. What the hell is he posting over my hompy? Yah! You better hide Junchan or else you will forget that you still have a life!

Changmin: I have found out the culprit but it is too late. Yoochun had already blutoothed the pic to Junchan and they are now having the time of their life. YooSu vs JaeMin!!!

DAY 155
Jaejoong: Yunho is still hinting on something but I didn’t get him. He just smiles wickedly and I am afraid of it. Asian tour is kicking off and I miss TOP and Hyunjoong.

Changmin: Why is Junsu hyung being all secretive now? Hmm…I think I should peek on his diary too. The last time I saw it, the entry was dated January 1, 2007. And he just wrote “I love birthdays!”

Junsu: Aha! I knew it! Look who is reading a secret diary?

DAY 158

Jaejoong: We saw some Soulmate fans while shopping in Shinjuku. They are asking Yoochun if we are really dating. He playfully grabs my hand and plays it in his heart and said “He is my wife”. Playful Yoochun!

Changmin: Darn! Why didn’t they wake me up if they are going shopping? Yunho hyung is cooking soup for me? Is he going to ask me for a rematch in arm wrestling? He really hates losing.

DAY 161

Jaejoong: Junsu is left with the dishes and he is still whistling. I hate seeing him still playing while we are waiting for him before we start the game. He always say this before the game: Better practice or you will just ask for a rematch! Junchan is on a roll!

Changmin: I will just read some Japanese lessons for tonight. I’ll leave these kids on their own world. Yunho hyung is asking me to translate a girl’s letter for him. Who is this mysterious Japanese fan?

DAY 164

Jaejoong: Why am I jealous of Tall Brothers now? Changmin is spending his week translating Yunho’s letter. And why are they so secretive about it? Junsu is asking my help to choose a puppy as a gift. Poor Yoochun, he can’t go with us because of his puppy allergies.

Changmin: I have overestimated myself. Translating is hard. I need more dictionaries than I thought. I need two boxes of pizzas. I better ask hyung for additional compensation. I haven’t kissed my boo for five days now.

DAY 167

Jaejoong: Ha! There is a new girl who is making my Yunho’s heart flutter? Omo! Did I just say My Yunnie?

Changmin: Jae hyung is asking me a lot of questions about the secret fan letter. Who should I side on? I need Yoochun to distract him. Junsu is eating my chocolates again. He is not a good culprit coz there are chocolate remains in his lips while hiding the truth.

DAY 170
Jaejoong: Changmin went home and I am missing him badly. He had to attend something for his dad. Why can’t I join him? Another two days without his snarkiness in the air is dull. I still need to memorize some lines for my Xman with Yunho.

Changmin: I can’t say NO to dad. I will try not to be bored with all the political talks. Thank God I still have my celphone with me. Though it is impolite to use it while I am in a convention.

DAY 173
Jaejoong: Three photo shoots in a day are not this enjoying without Junsu by our side. He is really a clown. He can be serious in one second and a comedian afterwards. I want to be in his shoes for a while. As if he doesn’t worry anything.

Changmin: Yunho is out on a date without being noticed. I am the only one he informed that his photo shoot was canceled and he will be out with a Japenese fan. Hope he will have fun.

DAY 175
Jaejoong: My sister is getting married in two days and I still haven’t bought a gift. I wish Changmin will be free this afternoon. He is having a hard time following the new dance steps. Junsu is revising it every hour. Yoochun is composing again and Leader-ssi is daydreaming. He is practically smiling the whole day.

Changmin: Junsu and Yunho hyungs are pro in dancing. I love all our dance songs but complicated dance steps make my feet wobble. I need to concentrate or I will miss the chance of having with my boo again.

DAY 178

Junsu: I stole the diary and you won’t be able to write again after you give me three hundred dollars. If you don’t like others to see it, just give me what I want.

DAY 179
Jaejoong: Junsu is not a good negotiator. After losing from rock paper scissors, Min had already pinned him down to tell us where he placed the diary. Thank God no one had seen it after Junchan placed it in his laundry mat. No one dares to touch it.

Changmin: Junsu hyung will be sleeping outside of our room. I gave him one pillow and a bed spread. I am not that bad as what he predicted. Yoochun hyung will be joining Junsu hyung too as he confessed that he followed me after seeing me writing in this diary. Why on Earth are they interested on our secrets?

DAY 182

Jaejoong: Yoochun is up very early and been singing his songs for 2 hours now. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Yunho’s secret girl friend? Why is he not saying anything about it when we are eating? Junsu is treating us to his dad’s pizza place? What is the occasion? Argh, why can’t I just enjoy a day without worrying about something?

Changmin: I sneaked in a blanket to surprise Jae hyung. I already asked Junsu hyung for three pizzas and 4 beers. I will prove to my boo that I can drink with him as much as his drinking buddies.

DAY 185
Jaejoong: Yoochun wants to have a karaoke in our room but I don’t want everybody singing while I sleep or write music. If he will be pushing this, I will ask Junsu to change places with me and I will be even happier spending all my nights with my baby.

Changmin: I will try to convince Yoochun that karaoke is a fun and enjoying. Ooohh…I think my dream will come true earlier than I thought.

DAY 188

Jaejoong: Yunho won the popularity contest in PINKY magazine. Why am I suddenly feeling sad? I think I have to work out everyday again. Cooking and cleaning the bath room are not effective enough.

Changmin: Junsu is teasing Jae hyung again. He is still my no.1 of course. It looks like he will be showing more skins in the next photo shoot. Not that I am complaining, though.

DAY 190
Jaejoong: I am feeling the pressure now from Junsu. I am insane listening to his comments about my body. I know I am not that proportional like Yunho. I wish I have Yoochun’s attitude right now and just sleep all day. I can’t lose a bet with Junsu.
Changmin: My boo is sexy and so is Yunho hyung. Why is Junsu hyung comparing them all of a sudden? I should convince my Joongie to just play with me for a day and forget the results of the poll.

DAY 193

Jaejoong: Spring is here and it is still cold. I want to show off my hard work. Changmin is glaring at me when I told him I will wear a wife beater to the airport. Sometimes I forgot who is older and who is younger.

Changmin: I threw all of my boo’s wife beater in Yunho’s closet. He cannot use it for the next two weeks
especially in the airport. I don’t want others to drool on him. Yunho hyung is back to eating pork again. Yoochun hyung is complaining that someone is spreading a rumor that he is now the smallest in the group. I don’t wanna be a part of that coz I am confident with my height right now.
DAY 196

Jaejoong: Five in the black is really a good cd. My voice coupled with Junsu’s and Min’s are heartwarming. Yoochun and Yunho’s raps are so addicting. I wish I could try once in the next album. I should practice more with Yoochun tonight.

Changmin: Many people are curious about the 2nd album in Japan. I don’t like my hair in the CD cover. I want to cut it now.

DAY 200

Jaejoong: I am tired from the PV making. Choosy lover is a very upbeat song and the dance steps are killing me. I enjoyed looking at Changmin the whole night but I am jealous of the girls encircling him. I shouldn’t have given him the idea of wearing those killer sunglasses.

Changmin: It is extremely hot in the club. Jaejoongie is sexy once again. I want to dance with him all night long. I gave all my best in the dance move. My knees are very shaky every time I hear Joongie shouts my name.

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Since I will be going back to school tomorrow and I don't know when I can update more, I will post here anything that I have done, be it just one or two or more entries..again thanks to all your comments. Those who are afraid and shy to comment thanks also.

DAY 201

Jaejoong: Changmin is sexier when he gets out of the shower. I wish I could join him for once.

Changmin: I guess I sleep walk again. Good thing Junsu hyung is still asleep when I ended up on his bed

DAY 203

Jaejoong: We reviewed the Choosy Lover dance steps and I deliberately fall on Min to have few skinships. Yunho scolded me for being lame. Junsu is at his best again. Yoochun is having the time of his life when we caught Junchan napping. I took a picture of it and sent it to Junho. The more funny thing was he forgot to cover his mouth while sleeping.

Changmin: Junsu hyung is very tired from various tapings. He hasn’t talked to me even if we are room mates. I love his professionalism coz he doesn’t skip a practice even if he has already memorized the dance steps in just one day.

DAY 206

Yoochun: So this is your secret diary eh? I only have few entries here. I am not loved *pouts*

Jaejoong: I left the diary in Yoochun’s table. I know he is not like the immature Junchan and the sneaky Yunho who will spread these entries to innocent people. I hope he isn’t emo again. It’s not autumn yet but he always want to be alone after every practice.

Changmin: Yoochun hyung asked me to drive him to Yongpil’s house. I guess he misses his best friend badly. Junsu is whining again for not being able to go with us. We will buy ice cream for him on our way home.

DAY 209

Jaejoong: Yunho, the big cat is out for the whole day and little mice will play. We will have a drinking party. TOP and Hyunjoong are already signing up.

Changmin: It’s time to party!!!! Junsu hyung will be out with Junho hyung tonight. He tried to taste what the Soulmate has prepared for the night and he almost kissed me after an hour. What type of drink is that? Scary!

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Nice... I. Almost laughed my ass out of here...
Jaemn's really cute...
They really blend with each other ne???
Thanks for sharing this....

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DAY 148
Jaejoong: Finally Min and I had our day together. Just the two of us. Alone in the beach. I want to feed him whatever he wants. Just being with him is paradise.

Changmin: I secretly placed boo’s red panties in his bag. I will ask him to wear it later. Sexy!

ooooh~ one of the great diary entries,
i really like how changmin's mind works! *winks*
you know that i've been following this over O!
but i hope our fellow shippers will be able to
read this awesome jaemin diary :D

aktf sig by me

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DAY 211

Jaejoong: Yunho isn’t smiling to anyone of us. It is the scariest smirk I have ever seen in my entire life. Yoochun is blaming me for everything. He is the one who gave me the idea after all. I will just pay for the glasses and plates they accidentally broke. Changmin slept beside me. He used me as his human pillow. My arms are numb but I love it.

Changmin: Junsu hyung came in while I am changing. I forgot I left the door open. I thought he yelled at me because I looked wrecked. I didn’t notice I am using his sweat pants. Now that explains why it is too short and quite huge for my butt.

DAY 213

Jaejoong: I miss capturing stolen shots from my members. Who will be my first victim for the day? I better check the bath room then individual rooms.

Changmin: I was awaken by Junsu hyung’s yell. I saw Jaejoong poking a camera on his face while he is in the shower. This will be a fun day!

DAY 215

Jaejoong: *Yawn* I don’t want to get up but someone’s arm is dragging me. It’s a very strong arm from the man I cherish the most so I can’t say no and yell at him from waking me up so early for exercise. My baby is interested in jogging now. I wonder what’s the real story behind this.

Changmin: I suddenly had an urge to jog. I happen to remember a scene from a book I read that having quality time with your loved-ones are the most cherished. If I can’t see my boo every night coz he is busy with his drinking buddies, I will have his day instead *smiles*

DAY 218

Jaejoong: Coffee is an essential thing for mornings. I haven't seen any rays of sunlight for the day. We are finishing our practice for the tour. Yoochun is having troubles with breathing. Junsu is making the steps complicated while he discuss it with Yunho. Changmin is harmonizing, angels can be heard in the room.

Changmin: I hate sweat. I havent shaved. I need a shower. 2 days before our main event and I am still struggling with the steps. Junsu hyung is giving me more headaches. Yunho hyung is uptight again. He needs a new girl friend.

DAY 221

Jaejoong: Airport is full-packed. Semi-bodyguard Yunho is protecting me but I could feel Min's breath behind me. Junsu's butt is treated as a delicate figurine but is loved by girls.

Changmin: They always say I am cranky but just picture this: body being squeezed in every direction you can ever imagine. I like one-touches but only from my boo.

DAY 224

Jaejoong: I love to go mountain climbing with Junsu but we are always hindered by some activities. Yoochun wants to go fishing with me but I hate waiting under the sun.

Changmin: Why am I not part of any activities they want for spring? I promised I will just go there to take some pictures and not mess around. Yunho hyung doesn't want any of us to go out on Sunday. Are we going to meet his gf now?

DAY 227

Jaejoong: Changmin's ideas are sometimes out of this planet. We have to control him from talking before the interview went out of the topic.

Changmin: I can't concentrate in the interview. Jaejoong's tongue is teasing me. I wish I could taste it now.

DAY 230

Junsu: You better write good entries here. I am bored reading Yunho's

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