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One Shot
Title: Goodbye
[Inspired by the song Goodbye by Fly To The Sky. Do listen to this song to get into the mood]

“Go, turn around and leave me.”

He was dumbstruck by the sudden change. He walked towards his lover and tempted to hug him but was pushed away by his lover.

“Go away, Yunho. Leave me. We can never have a bright future. You and me. We are not meant to be,” His lover’s words shattered his heart into pieces.

“But why? Joongie, please don’t do this to me. You promised that you will never leave me, right? What happened?” Yunho pleaded, grabbing his lover’s hand and held it tenderly.

Jaejoong remained silent. He wasn’t moving, not responding to Yunho’s touch. Yunho waited for his lover’s reply but greeted only by silence.

“Joongie, I know you still loved me. Last night was the prove. Why so sudden?” Yunho asked his lover in trembling voice, he’s near to tears.

Jaejoong pulled his hand lightly from Yunho’s grip and moved away from Yunho.

“Are you leaving me or not?” Jaejoong’s voice sounded like he’s forcing himself.

“NO!! I love you Jaejoong, I will NEVER leave you!! NEVER!!!” Yunho shouted, grabbing Jaejoong’s skinny body and bring it to his muscled one.

“Fine! If you don’t want to leave me, then I’ll leave you! WE BREAK UP!!!” Jaejoong shouted back at Yunho, pushing Yunho’s body away from him.

Yunho was shocked. He never thought the person whom he loved so much would hurt him like this. He thought their love was so strong and nothing will separate them. But what happened? What happened to Jaejoong?

“Jae, Joongie, forgive me. I’m sorry Joongie. Please, don’t leave me. I… I love you…” Yunho begged Jaejoong; he was already on his knees.

Jaejoong didn’t show any emotion on his face. How come his lovely Jaejoong turned to cold Jaejoong?

“I hate you.”

Yunho’s eyes widened in shock. Did he just hear Jaejoong said he hated him?

“You hear me, Jung Yunho. I hate you and we break up. That’s it.”

Yunho pulled Jaejoong’s hands once again, begging.

“Please don’t leave me Jaejoong. I can’t leave without you… You’re everything to me… Don’t leave me Jaejoong…” Yunho begged, his tears flowing continuously from his eyes.

“I’m sorry. Please let go of my hand.” Jaejoong said coldly, there’s no emotion in his voice. He pushed Yunho’s hands away harshly and walked away from him.

“I’m sorry Yunho…” Jaejoong whispered as a silent tear dropped on his cheek.

“Jaejoong… Don’t leave me… I love you… JAEJOONG!!!!!!” Yunho shouted loudly, tears streaming out from his eyes. He sobbed uncontrollably, not caring about the passersby that stared weirdly at him. His lover had just left him. His Jaejoong. His love.


“Yunho, Yunho… Wake up Yunho…”

Yunho stirred slightly. There’s something shining brightly on his face. He groaned but stayed still.

“Wake up you sleepyhead.”

That reminds him of Jaejoong. Jaejoong had always called him like that. Every morning Jaejoong would always wake up earlier than him and greet him with the call.

He suddenly recalled the incident last night. When Jaejoong leave him. His eyes opened abruptly.

“Oh, Yunho. You’re finally awake.”

He was greeted by his cousin’s usual annoying voice. He turned to his side to find Changmin, his cousin smirking at him. He glared at him while looking at his surroundings. ‘Where am I?’ He thought.

“Yah, stay still Yunho. You’re still healing. Lay down, idiot.” Changmin said, pushing Yunho’s body to the bed. Yunho tried to resist and pushed Changmin away but a sharp pain at his stomach stopped him.

“Argh! It’s… its painful… Min, what happened to me?” Yunho asked his cousin as Changmin pushed his weak body.

“You called me, your voice quivering. Then I rushed to your place and I saw you lying at the side of the road with blood sprawling out from your body. What actually had happened, Yunho?” Changmin asked, eyeing him.

“I… I was with Jaejoong earlier. We… he asked me to meet him at the park… So I went and see him… Then… then…” Yunho started to sob uncontrollably when he recalled the incident.

“Then what happened Yunho?” Changmin asked with a faint voice, stroking Yunho’s back lightly to console him.

“Jaejoong asked me to leave him… to break our relationship… I don’t want… Then I shouted at him… He shouted back at me… and he left… He left me Min…” Yunho was already crying like a little child whom had just lost his parents.

“Hush… Relax Yunho…” Changmin hugged Yunho’s weak body and can’t help to cry too. He had known his cousin’s relationship with Jaejoong and he also had met him several times. He knew how Jaejoong loved Yunho from their previous meetings. He can tell. But why Jaejoong treated Yunho like this?

“I will find out why…” Changmin whispered, continuing to console his cousin.


Changmin stepped out from Yunho’s room, sighing. As he turned and started to walk, he saw a familiar figure. He doubted whether to call him or not. Then he decided to follow him.

He was right. That guy was Kim Jaejoong, his cousin’s lover. But why is he in hospital’s dress? Is he a patient here?

Jaejoong turned to a corner and entered a room with another guy. The guy was supporting him, as if Jaejoong is too weak to even walk. Changmin hides behind the wall of the hospital.


After few minutes, the guy walks out from Jaejoong’s room. Changmin had decided to wait at the hospital’s waiting area since it was near to Jaejoong’s room. Changmin saw the guy and after he left, Changmin sneaked in to Jaejoong’s room.

“Cha- Changmin?! What are you doing here?”


“Please, don’t tell Yunho… I beg you Changmin… Don’t tell Yunho…” Jaejoong cried, hugging his knees. Changmin cried at the crying Jaejoong. His condition was worst than Yunho’s condition.

“But why? Why you treat him like this? I thought you loved him?” Changmin asked Jaejoong.

“Because I love him. I love him too much, Changmin. I don’t want him to suffer.”


“Changmin, where have you been? I’m hungry,” Yunho pouted as soon Changmin enters the room. Changmin can’t help but to cry at the situation Yunho’s in.

Changmin started to cry uncontrollably. Yunho was dumbfounded at the sudden reaction from Changmin.

“Min, are you okay? Min, what happened? Tell me Min…” Yunho said, trying to move on his bed but winched in pain as he accidentally moved vigorously.

“Yunho, don’t move… Please… stay there… I’m… I’m fine… It’s just that…” Changmin sobbed while walking towards Yunho’s side.

“What’s wrong, Min?” Yunho asked, curiosity is in his eyes.

‘Should I tell him the truth?’ Changmin thought, gazing at Yunho’s weak body.


A year later…

Yunho was standing at the cliff of the island. He looked at the sea as the wind blew on his body. Suddenly a pair of arms was wrapped around his waist.

“Yunnie, what are you doing here?” the person asked, still hugging Yunho lovingly.

‘Yunnie, he always called me by that name… But that day… He called me Yunho…’ Yunho was lost in his deep thought.

“Yunnie…” The person pouted, turning Yunho so that he was facing her.

Yunho smiled at the girl in front of him. The girl is now his wife, they’re here at Jeju Island for their honeymoon.

“Sorry, Eun Hye. Something comes up. Sorry…” Yunho apologized with his charming smile hanging at his face. Eun Hye smiled back at him and hugged her husband.

“Let’s go in, Yunnie. It’s cold here,” Eun Hye said, pulling Yunho’s hand lightly with her. Yunho shook his head lightly.

“I want to enjoy the fresh air here. You can go in first if you’re cold,” Yunho said gentlemanly, earning a pout from his wife. Then Eun Hye walked towards the bungalow, leaving him alone.

“Jaejoong…” Yunho suddenly said, as he remembered his late lover. The truth is, Changmin never tell him anything about Jaejoong. He saw Jaejoong while he was strolling around the hospital.


Yunho strolled around the hospital alone as he was feeling really bored. Changmin had gone home, as he complained that he stinks and need to take his bath. Yunho let him go.

As he was turning at a corner, he saw a familiar figure walking ahead of him. He easily spotted that person as Jaejoong, his lover. ‘What is Jaejoong doing here? And why is he wearing the hospital’s robe, just like me? Could he…’ Yunho’s thought was disturbed as he saw Jaejoong suddenly fainted and collapsed to the ground.

He rushed towards Jaejoong and called help. Soon enough the doctors and nurses was lifting Jaejoong’s very weak body up and brought him to his room.

The doctors were shouting words that Yunho can’t understand. Some of them were pumping on Jaejoong’s chest. Some of them were checking the machines. And some of them were busy placing some wires on Jaejoong’s body.

Yunho was stunned at the commotion in front of him. He walked towards one of the nurses to ask about Jaejoong’s condition.

“His heart has some problems and he was supposed to have an operation later today. But I think we can’t manage the operation since his condition had worsened and he even has a fever. I don’t think he can make it anymore.”

[End Flashback…]

“Jaejoong… why you never tell me about your condition…” Yunho started to sob. He wiped away the tears that started to form at the corner of his eyes. He had decided not to cry anymore. But why his tears are betraying him now?

“I’m a bad boyfriend… I’m sorry Jaejoong… I should have asked… I’m a bad boyfriend…”

Yunho stared at the ocean in front of him. He had tried to kill himself after Jaejoong passed away during the operation. He was so down when he heard the news.

But Changmin’s words come into his mind everytime he attempted.

‘Jaejoong loved you so much. The reason he break up with you is because he loved you too much. He doesn’t want you to suffer.’

“I’m sorry Jaejoong. You must have been mad seeing me like this, right?” Yunho asked, gazing up at the sky on top of him. The sky is so beautiful, just like his lover, Jaejoong. Yunho believed that Jaejoong is watching him from the heaven.

“I will go on with my life. You see, now I’m married to a girl. I love her. Although I love her, but there’s a part in my heart, I kept our memories there. I know I’m being unfair to my wife but, that’s the only way for me to heal from the pain. I will always love you, Jaejoong. And now I let you go, so that you can rest peacefully. Goodbye, Jaejoong…”


Sad story!! The part where I left out is the part where Changmin found Yunho at the side of the road, right? I will explain that part later, if ANYONE ASKED. So if nobody asked, I won’t explain… Hahaha I know I’m being a meanie to my readers but… I seriously need COMMENTS!! COMMENTS PLEASE!!!

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