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[ONESHOT/G/YUNJAE] Mission Accomplished!

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One Shot
Title: Mission Accomplished!

A/N: I was reading a very sad fanfic and suddenly this idea popped in my mind~ Mind for the bad grammars and lack of vocabulary~

“Yunho, I like you!” Jaejoong screamed as tears rolls down his cheeks. He has come to see Yunho for the last time before he flies back to Japan.

Yunho was dumbstruck by the sudden reaction he received from the latter. He was busy with his work and suddenly this Jaejoong guy barged into his room and cried.

“Jaejoong, I thought we have settled everything yesterday? Why were you here now?” Yunho said bitterly, still concentrating with his paper works.

Jaejoong stared at Yunho’s face and broke down once again. He really wants to say this before he goes back to Japan. He wasn’t sure when he’s coming back to Korea.

“I like you, Jung Yunho. I’ve fallen for you from the first time I saw you at the train station! And I know, everything I do before this are all lies, that woman wanted a divorce!!! I was paid to justify her wishes! I can’t do anything about it! I need money for my school fees!! But Yunho, there’s one thing that is true… I like you…” Jaejoong slowly falls on his knees, tears falling continuously from his swollen eyes, and he was now sobbing madly.

Yunho finally looked up from the papers in his hand. There he saw the guy he started to have feelings to, crying his heart out in front of him. Wasn’t it him that told him that everything is just lies?


“Yunho, these are all lies,” Jaejoong said, hugging the blue teddy bear tightly. He wanted to feel the feeling of hugging the teddy bear because he knew this is the only time he can hug it.

Yunho stood silently in front of Jaejoong. He was about to tell Jaejoong about his feelings towards him and now he was greeted by this news. Is fate playing trick on him?

“Then… all the nice treatment towards me… all the happy moments… they’re all fake?” Yunho asked, his voice is now trembling because he’s trying hard to hold back his tears.

Jaejoong nodded bluntly at everything Yunho said. He knew everything would end like this, what’s the point of explaining. But he’s sure about something. He loved Yunho.

“Then what are you waiting for here? Get out of my office now! I don’t want a liar to be in my office!!” Yunho screamed, shocking Jaejoong. He never thought that Yunho would scream to him like that.

Jaejoong nodded once again. He placed the teddy bear on the spot where he’s standing. He took a glance at Yunho before exited the room.

“Yunho, I love you…” Jaejoong whispered to himself as he took a cab from Yunho’s office towards his apartment.

[Meanwhile in Yunho’s office]

Yunho stared at the blue teddy bear at the middle of his office. The teddy bear that Jaejoong always wanted. He bought it specially for Jaejoong for returning his laughter. He wanted to tell Jaejoong about his feelings. But after he heard about the lies, his heart cried.

Why does it always happens like this? Everytime he wanted to express his feelings, something like this would happen. The last time he wanted to tell his feelings to his wife, he saw her kissing with another guy when he went out to buy the ingredients to cook dinner for her. Now he wanted to tell Jaejoong his feelings and Jaejoong just came and told him everything is all lies.

“Maybe I’m not worth to be loved…” Yunho told himself, standing up from his comfortable chair and walked towards the teddy bear.

[End Flashback]

And now, the guy he loved is once again here, telling him that he liked him. How should I react? Yunho thought bitterly.

‘Should I tell him that I loved him too? Or should I just lie to him, like what he has done towards me?’ Yunho thought, looking at the guy crying in front of him. Truthfully, the scene of Jaejoong crying in front of him broke his heart into pieces. ‘Yesterday I’ve promised to myself that I will take care of him, I will never make him cry, but now? What should I do Jaejoong? Tell me…’ Yunho sighed, still staring at the guy in front of him. Honestly, he didn’t know what to do because of what Jaejoong had done to him all these times.

“I’m sorry for barging into your office just like this and suddenly tell you that I liked you. I just wanted to tell you what I really feel, that’s all. I don’t want to regret this later. Anyway I have to go now. Thank you for listening to me, and goodbye, Yunho,” Jaejoong wiped the tears on his face and stood up slowly. He looked at the handsome face for the last time. He knew he will never saw him anymore after this so he wants to remember every detail about him. How he looked like…

Suddenly the silence between the two men was disturbed by the sudden interference by Yunho’s secretary. She barged in without knocking the door and stopped immediately when she felt the tensed environment.

“I’ll get going now. Sorry for taking some of your precious time.” Jaejoong said and left the room after that. He saw a glance of Yunho’s wife, or should he say his ex-wife sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine while waiting for something. She looked at him with pitiful eyes, and stood up immediately when the secretary called her. Jaejoong proceeds to his own destination, to the airport.

[Back to Yunho’s office]

“What do you want from me?” Yunho said coldly, not expecting her presence here, now, at this time. He thought she would be happy with her new man.

Seul Gi smirked at how impatient her ex-husband could be. She walked slowly towards Yunho’s table and sat on the edge.

“Yah!!! Sit on the chair!!!” Yunho shouted, gritting his teeth as he felt his blood boiled with anger. How could she be this calm after what she had done to him?

“Yo, chill Yunho. I’m here to tell you something, but I guessed that Jaejoong boy told you everything already? Am I right?” Seul Gi asked, squashing her butt on the comfortable chair in front of Yunho’s.

“Cut the crap, Seul Gi. We’re already divorced, what do you want from me now?” Yunho asked coldly, his hand gripping tightly on the documents until it wrenched.

“Yunho, relax darling. You’re going to damage the papers if you continue to do that. Well, I’m here to tell you, that Jaejoong boy has fallen for you.” Seul Gi stated as a matter of factly at Yunho, as she played with the dolphins on Yunho’s table.

“So?” Yunho replied hard-heartedly, wanting to kick the woman out from his office now.

“You’re still impatient like before, Yunho. Well, I know you should have known by now but, you should go after him. I know your feelings towards him Yunho. It is so clear that you two have fallen for each other during his mission. Yeah, he’s under a mission. The mission is to make you forget about me and hate me so that I can have the freedom. And the mission succeeded but the thing is, Jaejoong has fallen for you. So I take this mission as failed. That’s why I have to send him back to Japan. I have spent a sum of money on him to make this mission a success.” Seul Gi said, now playing with the photo frame on Yunho’s table.

“What do you mean by a mission? So all these times he was in a mission?” Yunho asked innocently, as he was clueless about all these things.

“Yeah, I can see that you’re lost here. Anyway, to make things easier, like what I’ve told you, Jaejoong has fallen for you, and now I have a new mission for you.” Seul Gi took out an envelope from her handbag and placed it on Yunho table. She smiled at him before she continues. “Jaejoong’s plane to Japan is at 10:30am, which I believed has taken off by now. Anyway, in the envelope, there’s a plane ticket to Japan tonight and a key for an apartment and it is next to Jaejoong’s old apartment at Japan. Your mission is now,” Seul Gi leaned forward at Yunho and whispered at him. “Is to take Jaejoong back and make him fall for you. Use every charm that you have to tackle him back.”

Yunho was stunned by the sudden news and mission Seul Gi was talking about. Seul Gi chuckled at Yunho’s confused face and stood up from the chair.

“Yunho, I hope you will succeed in this mission and I wished for your happiness with Jaejoong for eternity. Don’t make him sad, he’s a nice guy. Goodbye Yunho, and good luck,” With that, Seul Gi left the room, leaving Yunho dumbfounded with the plane ticket and the apartment key.

[At the same time, at the airport]

“Jaejoong hyung, are you sure with this?” Changmin asked Jaejoong, pushing his trolley of bags and walked beside the older guy. Jaejoong nodded mind-absently while checking his passport and ticket for the last time.

They both stopped at the guard. Changmin hugged Jaejoong tightly as he cried hard. He’s refusing to let his beloved hyung back to Japan. He knew everything. About the mission, about Jaejoong’s feelings… He felt sad for what Jaejoong have gone through all these times.

“Changmin… Stop crying please… You know, you’re not cute when you’re crying,” Jaejoong said, trying to cheer his dongsaeng up.

Changmin stopped crying abruptly and wiped away his tears. Jaejoong chuckled at the childish actions shown by his little cousin.

“Neh Jaejoong hyung. Come and visit me again if you missed me. Take care of yourself hyung… Don’t think too much… Just continue with your studies,” Changmin said, smiling innocently at Jaejoong. Jaejoong ruffled Changmin’s hair and laughed.

“I never knew my baby Changmin has grown up already~” Jaejoong said, as Changmin smiled.

“I just said what Omma asked me to tell you when she found out you’re flying back to Japan,” Changmin said innocently, still smiling at his hyung.

“Ah, yeah. Take care of your mom, okay? Send my regards and love to her,” Jaejoong said, suddenly remembered his auntie whom he stayed with all these times he’s at Korea.

“Neh. Don’t I get some love from my Jaejoong hyung?” Changmin pouted, his eyes sparkling with hope. Jaejoong couldn’t resist that cute pout and ruffled Changmin’s hair once again. “You’re so cute. Of course, hyung always love you, Changmin. Now, take care neh? I have to go already,” Jaejoong said, pushing his trolley to the luggage part to put his bags there.

“Neh hyung. Appa is already waiting for me outside. Bye hyung!” Changmin waved his hand excitedly and run towards the airport entrance. Jaejoong sighed before he handed his ticket and passport to the guard.


[The next morning…]

Yunho wake up when the sun shines on his face. He stretched up and took his bath when he remembers about his mission to win Jaejoong’s heart back.

“Jaejoong, I will win your heart back. Wait for me Jaejoong,” Yunho said to himself to boost up his confidence. He took a glance at himself before walking out from the room.

[At Jaejoong’s room…]

“Argh… my body aches…” Jaejoong told himself as he wake up. He stared at the familiar surroundings. “I’m going to continue with my boring life, once again…” Jaejoong said loudly as he jumped from his single bed. That’s the only bed he could afford and now it’s making weird sounds since he’s having it for almost 3 years already.

[Half an hour later…]

After breakfast, Jaejoong decided to take his morning jog as usual. He changed into his jogging outfit and stepped out from his room.

“Ahh, it’s been long time since I jogged in the morning…” Jaejoong said while stretching himself. He runs at the same spot for a few times before starting his usual morning jog.

As he turned at a corner, he heard a familiar voice calling for his name. He wanted to turn back and take a look at it but his mind says no. Which one should he follow? His heart of his mind?


Jaejoong stopped abruptly but he doesn’t want to turn. He was afraid that it’s only his imaginations. He doesn’t want to put too much hope.

“Kim Jaejoong! Jaejoong!!” The male voice shouted once again. Now he’s sure that it’s belongs to him, but what could he be doing here?

Jaejoong turned behind to face the owner of the voice. He was shocked to find Yunho running towards him, in his jogging outfit.

“Hey Jaejoong. I’ve been calling for you since I saw you in front of my apartment.” Yunho said casually, tapping Jaejoong’s shoulder when he reached him.

“Yunho? What are you doing here?” Jaejoong asked hazily, still shocked. He can’t believe Yunho is actually here with him.

“Me? I’m staying at the blue coloured apartment!” Yunho exclaimed happily but Jaejoong sensed something in his tone. Yunho was still sad. Jaejoong looked at Yunho’s face. His eyes are swollen, as if he’s been crying the whole night. What had happened to him?

“Yunho… why are you here?” Jaejoong asked, his voice trembling.

Yunho suddenly took Jaejoong’s hand and placed it on his chest. Jaejoong wanted to pull his hand back but Yunho’s grip on his hand was so tight.

“Jaejoong, you’re in here. Please don’t leave me anymore. I can’t live without you, Jaejoong. Please, don’t leave me. I love you so much Jaejoong…” Yunho said, his tears slowly flow down on his cheek.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong’s voice croaked, he can’t believe his own ears. Did Yunho just confessed his feelings towards me? Jaejoong thought.

“Jaejoong, I’ve fallen for you since the first time we met. I was touched with your concerns towards me. Jaejoong, please, don’t leave me. I can’t live without you…” Yunho said, his head was hung low.

Jaejoong was never been happy like this. His love, Yunho has returned his love. He’s so happy that he cried due to the extreme happiness.

“Jaejoong? Please, don’t cry…” Yunho said, wiping away the tears on Jaejoong’s face.

“You pabo!” Jaejoong suddenly smiled at Yunho. Yunho raised his brow in confusion.

“You pabo! I cry because I’m happy!!” Jaejoong said, hugging Yunho tight. He doesn’t want to lose Yunho anymore.

Yunho smiled when he realized that Jaejoong’s crying because he was happy. He hugged Jaejoong back and whispered to his ears.

“Mission accomplished!”

“Huh? You’re in a mission?” Jaejoong asked Yunho, pushing Yunho’s body away.

“My mission is to make you love me, and my mission has accomplished.” Yunho said, smiling like a retard at Jaejoong.

“Oh, really…” Jaejoong could only mutter those. His mind was blank this morning when he woke up, and he was even blank now. He can’t believe that he was in Yunho’s embrace right now; he thought he will never meet him again.

Yunho smirked and captured Jaejoong’s lips. He kissed Jaejoong tenderly, at the park where they met few months ago.

Yunho break the kiss to breathe and whispered, “Mission accomplished.”


Yeppe!!! At last!!! I’m done with this story!!! It took me almost 2 hours to finish this story… I was thinking about a sad ending but I make it a happy ending xD Sorry for making Seul Gi looked bad in this!! But she’s not that mean to Yunho right? Haha~ Anyways COMMENTS PLEASE!!! Tell me your favourite part~ haha… Did you realize the part where Yunho took Jaejoong’s hand and place it on his chest and said, “You’re in here.” Haha!!! Remember which drama it’s from? Muahahaha! Please respond to this one shot please~~ huhuhuhu

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