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[NEWS] Heaven's Postman Extension

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1[NEWS] Heaven's Postman Extension Empty [NEWS] Heaven's Postman Extension on 2010-08-08, 10:10 am

Heaven's Postman Extension

Heaven's Postman's showing time was postponed again. The postponement was at Tokyo's Roppongi. Thank you.

Today, my husband finally saw Postman and said it was really good. There were two other men beside him, seemingly, they were desperately trying to wipe away their tears while making wuwuwu sounds.

My friend Mayumi, and also Kadokawa's new person-in-charge, Okada, both went, so thank you.

How do I say this, I have a feeling of wanting to say thank you to anyone who went to see. It's cute, and also, it has been extended again, so I want to go see it once more. Maybe it will be the last time seeing it in theaters.

The second part has started (currently still in my mind). But it hasn't descended to the bottom of the ocean floor, so I can't work... (referring to the previous journal)

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