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[JIJA/MIN] The One I Love

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1[JIJA/MIN] The One I Love Empty [JIJA/MIN] The One I Love on 2010-03-08, 9:57 am


One Shot [As requested by Nukimiaka unnie]
Title: The One I Love – Part One
Author: Jija
[Suggested Music: 이 사람이다 – Kim Jong Kook]

“Jaejoong, you know, we could still be friends,” A girl spoke calmly as she stared at the beautiful man in front of her with a soft gaze. The man stared at her in disbelieve, amazed and puzzled at the same time.

“But, it won’t be the same like before.” He finally retreated a sigh, how he regretted on courting her two months ago.

If he didn’t told her about his real feelings, their relationship won’t be as awkward as this.

“Jaejoong, I’m so sorry. It’s just that, I can’t look at you more than a friend. You’re my best friend, I can’t, it’s too hard,” She finally admitted, but he sensed something else in her tone.

“I get it. I’m sorry for telling the truth-” Jaejoong started to talk, but was cut short by the girl.

“There’s nothing wrong with the confession, Jaejoong. Actually, I’m glad. You have the courage to tell me about your feelings towards me. But, the problem is me, I’m so sorry.”

Both of them kept quiet for a moment. None of them had any words to say anymore, since everything had already been said.

“You’re one weird girl, Nuki,” Finally, Jaejoong smiled at her, his smile full of sincerity. Upon looking at his smiling face, Nuki relaxed. She smiled too, grateful that their relationship will not be affected by this sudden confession and break up.

“I know. That’s what made you fall for me, huh?” Nuki joked, as Jaejoong slightly slapped her arms. “Hey, not only me, but half the men population here!” Jaejoong exclaimed, laughing hardly.

Nuki however, blushed beet red at the exclamation.

Just as then, another girl appeared by the end of the road, practically running and yelling loudly at them. Both Jaejoong and Nuki turned to look at the running figure.

“Nuki! Jae! Guess what!?” She half yelled, and was in a mess when she finally arrived at Nuki and Jaejoong’s table. Both Nuki and Jaejoong were both sitting at the university’s park, surrounded by a few students or to be exact, couples, walking hand in hand or just whispering sweet nothings to each other.

“Whoa! Chill girl! We aren’t going anywhere!” Jaejoong playfully fanned her with his notebook, as Nuki giggled at Jaejoong’s actions.

“I know! I’m just too excited!” The girl grinned at both Jaejoong and Nuki, who both looked at each other, probably thinking of the same thing.

“You didn’t confess your feelings to Junsu, didn’t you?” Nuki was the first one to ask, she spoke too fast that even Jaejoong didn’t have time to interrupt or understand anything she said.

However, the girl nodded wildly at Nuki’s question, totally ignoring Jaejoong’s look at them.

“NO WAY!” Nuki nearly screamed, and she stood up at the exact time when her twin, Luna yelled “YES!”

“Hey, Nuki, Luna, sit down. I can’t understand anything!” Jaejoong pulled both Nuki and Luna’s hand and motioned them to take a seat at the chair. Both the twins quickly seated, as Luna giggled like crazy and Nuki was shaking her head, smiling.

“Jae, I confessed to Junsu!” Luna, still giggling, however managed to pass the information to Jaejoong. Jaejoong’s eyes immediately snap open widely, he was shocked, too shocked.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You confessed to my COUSIN?!” Jaejoong yelled, it was lucky that the park was deserted, or else, the news will be spread all over the university in just a few minutes.

“Anyway, how did he responded?” Nuki went forward, as Jaejoong too, inched closer to Luna, waiting for her explanation. Luna however, was blushing at the question.

“Well, I saw him when he was walking back alone from his soccer practice. I don’t know where I got the courage from, but I walked up to him, and told him that I like him. He looked at me like ‘Are you kidding me?’ look, but he was smiling. At that moment, I already got my answer.” Luna explained, short yet simple, as Nuki ‘AW-ed’ at her, Jaejoong shaking his head lightly.

“Well, that dude have been crushing on you for about a month already, no wonder he responded like that,” Jaejoong suddenly said, as both Nuki and Luna snapped their heads at his direction.

“What do you mean by that?” The twins asked at the same time, making Jaejoong inched back a little, shocked by their sudden change of behavior.

“Junsu had been crushing on me for a month already? Why didn’t you tell me you IDIOT!!!” Luna yelled, as she playfully tickling Jaejoong, poking him at the ribs while laughing at his reaction. He was scared of tickles and pokes, he tried his best to avoid the attacks coming but it was proved that Luna was much faster than him.

Jaejoong continuously muttering “I’m sorry” and “He make me not to” as he was avoiding Luna’s attacks, while Nuki just laughed at the scene in front of her.

She felt happy when both her twin and her best friend are happy.

Suddenly, a young girl walked towards their table, however, her existence was only discovered by Nuki, as both Luna and Jaejoong are still in their own little world.

“You’re Nuki?” The girl asked, she was a bit hesitant, her face was nearly pale. ‘Is she sick or something?’ Nuki thought as she nodded and smiled at the girl.

“Yes, I’m Nuki. May I help you?” Nuki replied, as the girl hurriedly fished her right hand into her sling bag, looking for something. Jaejoong and Luna had stopped arguing and joking around, they were both staring at the girl intently, keeping quiet all the time.

“Someone asked me to hand this over to you,” Finally, the girl took out a white envelope and handed it over to Nuki. Nuki took it with much hesitation, and thanked her as the girl walked away, almost hurriedly.

“Where did she come from, anyway?” Luna asked, curiosity filled her, as she followed the girl’s step with her eyes. Jaejoong however, was paying attention at the envelope in Nuki’s hand.

“Well, aren’t you going to open it?” He voiced out his thought, as Luna slapped his arms lightly, and Nuki turned her head towards his direction. She was a bit hesitant. He could tell that.

“I- I don’t know if I should…” She spoke lightly and softly, Jaejoong and Luna almost couldn’t hear her voice. Upon hearing that, Luna shoved her hand in front of Nuki, asking her to hand over the envelope to her. “I’ll open it for you.” Luna spoke.

Meanwhile, from the back of a large tree, in the same park, a man with a pair of large sunglasses stood there, eyeing the trio’s actions. He slightly smiled and smirked when the young girl he forced to hand over the letter to Nuki bowed and rushed away from the trio. “She’s scared of me or scared of her?” He mouthed, as he slowly eyed their reactions with a smile.

“I hope she’ll accept my confession…” He murmured for the last time before smirked even wider, as he put on his black beanie and walked away from the tree carefully, not wanting to draw any unnecessary attentions.

+ [Suggested Music: 9095 – Tohoshinki]

“Nuki, you got yourself a crazy stalker!” Luna exclaimed as soon as she finished reading the letter with Jaejoong. Jaejoong however, stared intently at the letter, his eyebrow twitched, as he tried to remember something.

Nuki stared at her twin for a little while, trying to digest the information she had just received from Luna. She had never had the courage to read all the love letters from her secret admirers and stalkers before, all of them was read by either Luna or Jaejoong, or both of them, and they’ll suggest a few ways to ignore or reject the love confessions. But right now, her attention was focused on Jaejoong who was now thinking hard about something.

“Jaejoong, are you alright?” Nuki asked, her gaze was full of concern, as Luna too focused her attention on him. Jaejoong looked up at both the twins and smiled awkwardly, as he still trying to remember it.

“I’m alright, of course. It’s just that I felt that this handwriting is so familiar… Even the fragrance of the letter…” Jaejoong still looked troubled, Nuki and Luna looked at him weirdly.

“Really?” Luna exclaimed with a cute sigh. Nuki looked at Luna and Jaejoong, and suddenly had the urge to read the letter.

“Luna, I want to read the letter.” She said, firmly and full of confidence. Luna and Jaejoong looked at her with a weird gaze.

“Sure?” Luna asked her back. Nuki nodded. Slowly, the letter moved from Luna’s hand to Nuki’s hand.

‘Dear my lovely Nuki,
You’re as beautiful as the flowers outside your room,
You shines beautifully just like the moon outside your window every night.
You looked gorgeous, even when you’re sick.
When I saw you fall yesterday, I had the urge to rush towards you and hug you tight in my embrace.
It hurt my heart when I saw that girly looking guy saved you, I wish I could run as fast as him.
I really want to be your Mr. Right,
I want to hold you.
Every moment, I’m always thinking of you.
I can’t just stop thinking about you.
Every night, I wished to be the last person to see your face.
Every morning, I wished to be the first person looking at your face, as we both snuggle under the bed sheet,
after a beautiful night of making love…

Nuki quickly throw away the letter as she read that line. It disgusted her, how could someone think about her like that? Her face was full of disgust, as she looked up at Jaejoong and Luna in front of her.

“Are all the letters like that?” She questioned both of them, as Luna and Jaejoong looked at each other before nodding. Nuki sighed at the thought of that.

“Well, they’re mostly like that, thinking about you, bla bla bla, but this one is the most extreme one. I’ve never read such lines before. ‘After a beautiful night of making love’, huh?” Luna commented, as she took the letter, reading it again.

“I think it’s one of our classmates, since the incident where you fall yesterday happened in our Biology class,” Jaejoong suddenly voiced out his thoughts. Luna suddenly giggled as she was re-reading the letter.

“Girly guy? This must be you, Jae.” Luna giggled at her own words, as Jaejoong turned red. Nuki smiled at her twin’s silly yet cute act, yet she took the letter away from Luna’s hand and tore it into pieces, before throwing it into the nearest dustbin.

“Eh?” Both Luna and Jaejoong exclaimed at the sudden move from Nuki.

“It’s better like that. I don’t want to remember about… those lines. EWWW!” Nuki shivered at the thought, as both Jaejoong and Luna laughed out loud at Nuki’s innocence.


Part One ended here. Hope you’ll enjoy reading this, Nuki unnie! Changmin will make his grand entrance later on, along with Yoochun’s! >.<


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2[JIJA/MIN] The One I Love Empty Re: [JIJA/MIN] The One I Love on 2010-04-21, 7:55 am


Three Shots [As requested by Nukimiaka unnie]
Title: The One I Love – Part Two
Author: Jija

[Suggested Music - Peace Love & Ice Cream by Younha]

Nuki stared at the book in front of her, as her mind wanders somewhere else. She was slightly smiling when she remembered his clumsiness and cuteness. He was so blunt, and that made him attractive. Well, that’s what she thought.

However, Luna and Jaejoong who was sitting next to her, continuously looking at her extremely strange behavior today while trying to keep catching up with the lecturer in front of them. They keep on glancing at each other from time to time, both shaking their heads as if they’re thinking the same thing- What made Nuki like this?

“Let me see, Ms Nuki, do you know what the answer for question number 67 is?” Out of nowhere and as if knowing her students is zooming away, she directed the question towards Nuki. Nuki however, was still in her dreamland, totally not realizing the fact that the whole class was looking at her direction.

Luna poked Nuki a little, trying to get her attention. And she made it. Nuki looked at Luna with an annoyed gaze, as if asking ‘What?’ at her. That’s when she realized the weird look the whole class was giving her, as she slowly stands up. Flabbergasted, that’s what she’s feeling right now.

“Err…” Nuki didn’t know what to say, as suddenly Luna pushed a paper towards her. Nuki looked at the paper and began reading what’s written on it. She sat back down after the lecturer motioned her to do so. She sighed and poked Luna a little. “Thanks, sis.”

“Just why you’re zooming off like that?” Luna whispered as she inched closer to Nuki. The lecturer was already walked out of the room by that time, so they’re free to talk now. Jaejoong was scribbling something on a piece of paper, and handed it to Nuki after he had done so.

“What’s this?” Nuki glanced at the paper before placing it inside her book, closing it afterwards. Jaejoong saw this, and he grabbed the book from Nuki’s hand before she placed it into her bag.

“Nuki my darling, that’s the homework for today. Dear, you’ve been smiling like an idiot for the whole day, do you know that?” Jaejoong told Nuki as he took out the note and placed it into her file instead, the file where she always note down her homeworks and notes in. Luna was leaning towards them as she was sitting at the other side of Nuki and Jaejoong at the other side, both trapping Nuki from any disturbances.

“Yeah, you’re unusually acting weird today. Something happened?” Luna placed her arms on the table and leaned on it, resting her tired head on her arms as she looked at Nuki, who was now blushing.

“Omg, you’re even blushing!” Jaejoong exclaimed, teasing Nuki, who slapped him lightly on his arms for teasing her. “Shut up, Jae.”

“Why should I? Come on, tell us what happened,” Jaejoong poked Nuki lightly, as Luna pouted at Nuki, asking Nuki to tell them the secret behind the smile.

“Fine! Yesterday was my turn to buy the stuffs for our kitchen right…” Nuki began to talk, as she was still blushing at the thought of him.

“Yeah, and I’m thinking something happened during the journey?” Luna butted in, causing Jaejoong to poke her lightly for interrupting the story.

“In fact, yea, I met this… Guy.” Nuki confessed, and it shocked both Jaejoong and Luna. “GUY?!” Both of them squealed out loud, causing Nuki to blush even more. She nodded lightly at the sudden exclamation.


[Flashback] [Listen to Junho’s Nothing to Lose, please? XD]

“AAHH!!” Nuki squealed when she hit something on the way out of the market. Or someone, she thought as she heard another yelp coming from the other person. Her bag fall down on the floor, as the stuffs inside there, fruits like oranges, strawberries, bananas rolled out of her bag. The other person’s things, too were down on the floor, as she realized, he was on the floor too.

“Oh God, please don’t say he’s hurt or something,” Nuki whispered clumsily, trying to make her way towards the man. She wanted to take a look at his condition, but because she was clumsy, she accidentally stepped on something which turned to be her orange and fall on top of the guy instead.

She yelped, as the guy grunted from the sudden weight jumping on him. Nuki lifted her face to look at the guy’s face, but she end up blushing hard.

Well, partially because of the current condition they’re in, with her on top of him, it was clearly embarrassing!

And the second one was because, well, he’s good looking. Nuki tore her gaze away from his handsome face and looked at her side instead, still blushing.

That’s when she saw her oranges rolling down the street, almost a meter away from them.

“AAAHH!! My oranges!” She yelped and jumped up literally, running after her oranges. She picked them up one by one and walked back towards the man’s direction, and instantly blushed as she recalled the accident. She was so close to her face to the point that she could see her face inside his irises.

“Aii~ My food~” The man whined cutely as he looked at the scattered bread and vegetables on the road.

‘OMG he’s so cute~!’ Nuki giggled internally as she looked at the cute and handsome guy. Yup, he’s cute. And he’s handsome. And charming. Oh~ Since when am I thinking something like this about a GUY?! Nuki thought desperately.

“Err, mister? They’re not even cooked yet, why are you calling them as your food?” Nuki commented bluntly (well, tried to!) as she placed her fruits back securely into her bag. From time to time, she glanced at the guy who was still looking sadly at his ‘foods’, as what he called them.

“Oh, aren’t they going to be cooked and eaten later? So they’re still my foods,” his reply was blunt. Yet she find him cute. And adorable. Ooohh~ And handsome~!

Oh my god, please, what am I even thinking about right now? Nuki tried to push the weird and naughty thoughts off her mind and focused on her fruits instead.

Slowly, the guy descended on his knees and began picking his breads and vegetables up. Nuki finally had finished placing all her fruits into her bag and she was partially grateful because she decided to buy the eggs and tinned food after this. She looked at his direction.

“May I help you? After all, it was my fault. I bumped into you,” Nuki began picking up his things for him before he even got time to say anything to her. She tried not to look at his profile but realized that she’s actually checking him out from time to time!

She looked at his arms. Bulky and tight. He was quite tall, and clearly muscular. But there’s something in his face, even though he looked mature, there’s still something cute and adorable behind that mature face. His eyes shone brightly like the Sun, shining brightly, full of happiness. He was always smiling, no matter what he kept on mumbling to himself, but the cute smile never leave his handsome feature.

“No, it’s okay. It’s my fault too. I should at least make way for you. You know, ladies first,” He smiled at her direction as she handed the breads to him. And no matter how many times men would say that to her, she would never blush. But it’s different now. It feels different when it comes from this guy. She found herself blushing at the sentence, ‘Ladies first’.

Finally, both of them stood up, facing each other. They were both smiling at each other. Nuki, as she tried to make a good sentence in her mind, was shocked when he suddenly make the first move.

“So, thank you. And I’m sorry. I’m going this way, how about you?” the guy pointed at a way, surprisingly the same route she’s about to take. She looked at his face and her heart began to beat faster.

What is this feeling? It’s warm and comforting, Nuki thought.

“Ah~ I’m going there too! I’m planning to buy eggs and tinned food after this~” Nuki whined as she take a look at the long list again. She sighed when she looked at the extremely long list. Only God knows what Luna and Jaejoong were planning to do with all these ingredients.

“Cool! How about we walk there together?” the guy suggested, and surprisingly, Nuki agreed. She don’t know why, but it was easy to open up to this guy. So, they began walking towards the certain supermarket as they talked with each other. After the grocery shopping, he even send her at the end of the road of the house, and waited until she safely arrived in front of her door.

[End of Flashback]


“Oh my god~ Nuki, you’re definitely falling for this guy~!” Luna squealed out loud and giggled afterwards after being poked by Jaejoong again. They’re now walking towards their next class, but the talking didn’t end there. In fact, Nuki was talking all the way to their next class. On how the guy looked like. How his voice sounded like. How tall he is.

“How did you know I’m falling for this guy? It might turn out that I only look at him like a friend, you know, like Jaejoong,” Nuki pointed her pencil at Jaejoong’s direction, still unsure. But her mind was definitely filled with the thoughts of him.

“Come on, we knew it. What’s in your mind right now?” Jaejoong asked, totally ignoring Luna’s giggles and focused on Nuki. Nuki blushed a little before she replied.

“Him.” And her answer just erupted another round of giggles from Luna and another groan from Jaejoong.

“You described him differently than usual. And you’re thinking about him. There you go~! You’re crushing on him!” Jaejoong exclaimed happily, with the help of some exaggerations from Luna. Nuki stared blankly at Jaejoong before all of them laughed out loud.

“Wait, you didn’t even tell us his name~” Luna pouted, as she continuously poked Nuki, pestering her to tell the most important information.

“I didn’t? Must have been slipped out of my mind then,” Nuki bluntly answered, earning a set of pokes from both Jaejoong and Luna. Nuki yelped at the attack.

“Fine, fine! His name is Changmin!” Nuki laughed when Luna continued to poke her. Jaejoong joined again when he realized that the poking game won’t end so soon.


As they were happily poking each other, unknown to them, someone had been listening to all their conversation just now, every detail of them. And the person is not happy at all, but he was steaming mad. He was mad, yes, and it’s a HE. The letter in his hand crumpled up as he looked at her dreamy face as she describe about him. The person had been there in their class, and followed them to the next class, until to the point that he’s still listening to them in their next class.

His heart nearly jumped out of his ribcage when he heard the name. She was saying that name with her happy voice. She’s clearly fond of him, that Changmin guy. But he’s not going to let her go to that unknown guy! Right now, he have an enemy. Finally, after all these years. After all these years admiring her, after all these years stalking her, after all these years trying hard to get accepted into the same class as her, he finally have an enemy. And from what she had described him, and the way she described him, he felt like he’s in the verge of losing. But life’s not ending yet! It’s not the end yet! He thought angrily.

He fished out his phone from his jeans and began dialing. The crumpled up letter was long ago find it’s place- in the dustbin. He placed the phone on his ears, waiting patiently as the other line was being picked up.

“Hello, dude! This is Yoochun. Yup, and I need your help on getting rid of someone.”


Part Two! Sorry for the late posting~! *start to sing Sorry Sorry* I hope you will enjoy this~! The third part and the final part will be up soon! Thank you for reading!


[JIJA/MIN] The One I Love SiggieJija

Siggies credits to JenJen ^^ Me
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3[JIJA/MIN] The One I Love Empty Re: [JIJA/MIN] The One I Love on 2010-05-01, 1:14 am


Three Shots [As requested by Nukimiaka Unnie]
Title: The One I Love – Final Part
Author: Jija
[Suggested music: Anything you’re listening to now]

“Luna, go and look who’s at the door,” Jaejoong shouted from the kitchen when he heard the front door being knocked. ‘Probably just Nuki forgetting something,’ he thought as he continued to make the dinner for the day. Luna who was sitting on the couch at the living room groaned and slowly makes her way towards the main door.

“Who are you?” Luna’s voice could be heard all the way from the main door to the kitchen, loud and hard. Jaejoong, who of course heard it, quickly left his kitchen and rushed towards Luna’s side.

“Who is it, Luna?” He asked as soon as he arrived at the front door. That’s when his gaze met the very familiar gaze, the very familiar face and of course, the very familiar person. Him. The guy was shocked to see his existence in the house, wearing a pink apron, hair still messy after his bath.

“I don’t know. He wanted to see Nuki,” Luna explained with a dark look, as if she was about to fire a laser to the guy standing in front of the door. Jaejoong, as if knowing something, stared down hard at the guy.

“Yoochun, why don’t you come in first? I’ll make you a cup of coffee.” Jaejoong opened the door wider so that the other guy, Yoochun can enter their house. Luna looked up questioningly at Jaejoong, wondering what he is up to. At the same time, she’s still thinking hard, trying to remember this Yoochun guy.

As for Yoochun, he wanted to go out with Nuki and confessed his love after his little plan was ready to be launched. Happily, and urgently, he walked towards Nuki’s house, and knocked on the door twice. He was not surprise when he saw Nuki’s twin, Luna opening the door for him. But her tone of voice was different, as if she was afraid of guys. Or just him. And then something made him get the greatest shock out of his life.

Jaejoong. The face he knew so much, so familiarly known. Jaejoong was standing next to Luna at the doorstep, wearing a cute pink apron, and his hair was also messy. What is he doing at the twin’s house? Many questions float up in his mind, and all of them crashed when Jaejoong invited him in. No, that’s not the main reason why he’s here.

“But I just want to see Nuki,” Yoochun calmly stated that, and he earned a scoff coming from Jaejoong, and a squeak coming from Luna. He wondered what made them reacted like that to him. That’s when he heard Luna whispered something to Jaejoong.

“He’s so scary. I would never let Nuki go out with him.”

Now he realized his mistake. He spoke calmly to them, well that’s in his point of view. But for the others, he sounded like he’s demanding for it, his tone of voice stern and hard, as if forcing. He run his right hand through his slightly long and messy hair, not knowing what to do. Hey, but he knew Jaejoong, so he might even persuade Jaejoong to let him go out with Nuki, right?

Luna looked up and down at the guy in front of him. If she judged him from his appearance, he looked normal like other guys, styled up clothes, slightly long and messy hair, dyed in a light shade of brown and he’s actually kind of handsome. But then, she slapped herself hard in her mind. Never judge a book by its cover. And from the first expression he gave, she couldn’t help but to disagree if Nuki ever goes out with Yoochun. Anyway, since right now Nuki was already happy with Changmin, there’s nothing she have to worry about, right? If only she knew how wrong she was.


Nuki blushed when Changmin suddenly took her hand in his larger hand and entwined their fingers together. Changmin, however, was smiling brightly when Nuki didn’t resist his actions. He took a glance at her. Her blushing face made his heart beats faster than normal, and he swear to himself to make her blush even more in the future. Her shoulder-length hair was tied into a cute ponytail, showing off her perfect face. The blouse and the cute skirt she was wearing gives out her radiance, making her look like a princess. A princess who is lost in the town and met her prince, Changmin thought amusedly.

Nuki knew, that Changmin’s gaze was on her all the time. He’s not looking at where he was walking to, but at her. And that made her nervous and at the same time, happy. She looked up at him, and when her gaze caught his, she looked down again, this time only to blush even more furious. He’s perfect, like an angel descended from the heaven for her. The baby blue shirt he was wearing makes him looked so cute, and the white pants shows off his long legs. Oh, not forgetting his perfect arms. She realized, everytime a group of girls walked passed them, they will giggle excitedly. She knew, they’re admiring him, his handsomeness, his flawless and perfect face. As if knowing what she’s thinking, Changmin pulled her closer to his body, his arm now resting on her waist.

“Ch-Changmin, why are you…” Nuki stuttered as she began to felt her heartbeat began to increase at the sudden touch. She blushed even more when Changmin tightened his hold on her, pulling her even closer to his warm body.

“I know you’re jealous, right? But only you knows the route to my heart. Not them. And you’ve got the key to open my heart.” Changmin’s mushy line makes her blush even harder, if that’s even possible. And the fact that Changmin whispered those words to her ear, how his face was so close to hers, which made her heart thumping like crazy, as if it can burst out of her chest.

“Too mushy…” Nuki mumbled as she kept her gaze on the ground, trying to hide her blushing face. Changmin, who was still leaning towards her, of course heard those mumbles of her.

“…But you like it, don’t you?” Changmin teased her, he’s grinning madly at her cute reactions. Nuki could only nod a little, because she clearly likes it. After that little confession, she covered her face with her hands, smiling and blushing at the same time.

Changmin, upon seeing her cute reactions, had the urge to kiss her. And that’s exactly what he did. He pecked her cheeks lightly and acted like he did nothing wrong. Nuki, who was still shocked at the mushy lines, was surprised at his sudden action. She looked up at him questioningly, her face still red.

“You’re so cute. That’s why I kissed you. Do you like my kiss?” Changmin glanced at Nuki as he asked those questions to her. Nuki smiled shyly at his question before she slapped his arms lightly. “Stop it!” She smiled when he laughed at her actions.

“What are we going to do today?” Nuki asked after a moment, when she realized that they have been walking for 15 minutes at the park, and yet they did nothing but whispering sweet nothings to each other, and Changmin teasing her.

“I just want to hold you in my arms.” Changmin bluntly answered, causing Nuki to grin and slap his arms again. “Changmin~ Stop playing!”

“Fine, fine.” Changmin looked around them and saw an ice cream stall at the end of the route. He pointed at the stall, “Should we eat some ice cream?” He asked Nuki. Nuki, upon seeing the ice cream stall she always went when she’s bored, nodded madly and began pulling Changmin’s hand towards the direction of the ice cream stall.

“Changmin~ Move faster!”


“Yoochun, I know you’re going after Nuki. I suggest you to just stop chasing her. She’s happy with her choice now.” Jaejoong placed down the cup of coffee on the table in front of Yoochun. Luna, who was still standing up, looking at Yoochun’s profile, up and down, while crossing both her arms.

“Choice? What choice? That Changmin guy? Please. They barely know each other-” Yoochun began to talk, but was interrupted by Luna.

“Excuse you, but they’ve known each other since last month. And they’ve been going out together for quite some time now.” Her tone of voice was hard, forcing and demanding. Just like the tone of his voice.

“A month?!” Yoochun blurted out, running his fingers along his hair, thinking. “Jaejoong, you love her too. I know. Why didn’t you stop her? Are you a chicken?” Yoochun sneered, provoking Jaejoong.

“I love her, I admit. But it’s just a friendly love, love as friends. And if there’s any other feelings I have for her, her happiness is the most important thing to me. As long as she’s happy, I’m happy.” Jaejoong admitted casually, as if it’s not important. He had made his decision, yes, to put her happiness over everything.

Besides, he already have someone else under his radar that he had a crush on.

“Wait, you’re the one who send that mysterious and ‘ewww’ disgusting letter, RIGHT?!” Luna suddenly pointed her finger at Yoochun, startled. Yoochun smirked at her.

“How did you know it’s me?” He asked Luna. Luna glared angrily at him. “Your perfume. It’s the same smell as the letter’s fragrance.”

“Clever girl. I give ten points at you for revealing my identity. But it’s too late now darling. Now, may I see Nuki?” Yoochun smirked. Both Jaejoong and Luna was alarmed at the sudden change of behavior. Luna glanced at Jaejoong, not knowing what to do.

“She’s out. With Changmin.” Jaejoong answered casually, moving towards Luna, placing his arms on her shoulder to assure her it’s okay. “She have Changmin with her, right?” Jaejoong whispered at Luna, who nodded and released a sigh.

“She’s with WHO?! Changmin?! Fcuk!” Yoochun yelled. He took a grab on his bag and stormed out of the house, leaving the door opened in the process. “DAMN IT! ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE!” He yelled angrily as he punched a few buttons on his phone, trying to contact somebody. His voice could still be heard although he’s walking away from their house.

Luna and Jaejoong was left shocked and alarmed at the sudden outburst. Both their hearts were thumping loudly. This doesn’t seem good.

“Luna? Jaejoong? What’s Yoochun doing here?” A familiar voice come from the front door, as both of them snapped and looked at the figure standing there.



“Yah, you’ve just finished my ice cream. And now you want more?” Changmin tried to look annoyed at Nuki’s cute face, but he failed miserably. He smiled when Nuki pouted cutely at him, as she looked at him with her sparkling eyes. “Please~” She cutely begged him.

“Aigoo~ You’re so cute!” Changmin smiled and pinched Nuki’s puffed up cheeks. Nuki smiled brightly after Changmin pinched her cheeks. “Your eyes mismatched when you smile,” Nuki commented when Changmin took her hand and entwined their fingers together.

“Well, what to do? That’s my charming point.” Changmin replied as he smiled even more, showing off his cute mismatched eyes. Nuki playfully pinched his nose and puffed up her cheeks again. “Charming Changmin,” Changmin said that in English. “Hey, it does sound good, right?” He asked Nuki, as his thumb was playfully playing with her thumb.

“Well, Mr. ‘Charming’ Changmin, you will never look charming again after this,” A sudden voice interrupted their happy moments together, as both of them looked at the source of the voice. Changmin’s body instantly stiffened, as something in him wakes up. Changmin sensed danger, and he had to protect his Nuki.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Changmin stood up, standing in front of Nuki protectively. Nuki slowly stood up to, standing behind Changmin’s body as she looked at the group of gangsters in front of them.

“Well, I’m somebody, and I want to destroy that cute little face of yours. What do you think?” The man in the middle said out loud, as his followers laughed at his words.

“Stay away from us! We didn’t do anything wrong!” Nuki bravely shouted, although she’s shaking terribly, she tried to protect both of them.

“Oh~ There’s a princess behind Mr. Charming. Well, Princess, if you stay out of the way, we’ll spare you. Okay?” The leader told her that in an unpleasant voice. Suddenly someone behind him interrupted. “But the Princess’s so cute. Can I touch her, hyung?”

Nuki shivered at the question. She began to perspire. Her heartbeat was so painfully fast that it hurt her.

“Yoochun never mentioned anything about the girl, we should just focus on our duty!” The leader retorted in a harsher tone. His followers grumbled in response. “But hyung, he never mentioned anything about her! That’s the point!” Another voice shouted from the back.

“Shut up! That’ll be decided after we’ve done with our job!” The leader scolded his followers before he turned his attention on Changmin and Nuki. “Now, now. Princess, I suggest you stay away from Mr. Charming so that we can do our job properly.”

Changmin pushed Nuki away from him lightly, but Nuki got a hold of his arms. “Nuki, stay away! I don’t want you to get hurt!” Changmin whispered urgently, as he tried to push Nuki away from the scene.

“But you’ll get hurt!” Nuki rejected, still holding tight onto Changmin’s arms. Changmin turned around and looked at Nuki.

“Listen. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you won’t get hurt. Even if it costs my life, got that?” Changmin said with an urgent tone, he sensed danger coming. That’s when he pushed Nuki away and turned around, as he blocked the sudden attack coming from the gangster’s leader.

One by one, the gangster began attacking Changmin mercilessly, kicking here and there, punching here and there. But Changmin dodged them all, as he fired back punches and kicks to the group attacking him.

Nuki was standing at the side, not knowing what to do. She nearly screamed when a kick was coming towards Changmin’s direction, but Changmin hastily kicked the leg away.

“CHANGMIN!” Nuki screamed when a blow hit Changmin squarely on his chin. Changmin inched backwards a little from the sudden force. He tried to stabilize himself, and that’s when the kicks and punches attacked him mercilessly. He couldn’t fight back, as they hit him one after another. His energy is now drained, as he was alone, fighting against a group of gangsters. Slowly, he was now lying on the ground, as the punches and kicks didn’t stop.

Nuki panicked. She had to do something. Without thinking, she rushed towards the group and pushed the guys away, throwing herself on top of Changmin. A kick landed on her body seconds after that.

“ARGHHH!!” She screamed out in pain. “Nu-Nuki?! Stay away!” Changmin tried to push her away, but because his energy was drained to the max, he couldn’t even move his fingers.

“Stop! STOP! Princess, move out of the way please!” Someone tried to pull her away from Changmin, but she was holding tight onto him.

“If you want to hurt him, hurt me along!” Nuki shouted, still hugging Changmin. “Nuki!” Changmin protested, but Nuki was sure with her decision.

“Sure?” One of them asked. Nuki nodded. “NO!” Changmin screamed. “No, Nuki please. Don’t. I’ll die if you’re hurt.” Changmin pleaded.

“I’LL DIE IF YOU DIE, CHANGMIN!” Nuki screamed out loud when a kick landed on her body.

“Yah! Why the hell you did that?!” “Because she wanted to!” “Fine!”

The guys was about to kick her when someone screamed out loud. “YAH! STOP IT!”

“Who is it?” “Who?” “Let me just kick them once!” “YAH! It’s Yoochun!”

“STAY AWAY FROM THEM!” Yoochun’s voice boomed out loud, as the guys slowly move away from Changmin and Nuki.

“Changmin, are you okay?” Nuki asked Changmin softly, as she caressed his bleeding face. Changmin looked at Nuki’s face, she was smiling at him although she’s still in pain.

“Yoochun! We were doing our job perfectly when Princess interrupted. We have no choice but to-” The leader began to explain the current situation to Yoochun but was cut short by his sudden yell.

“YOU WHAT?! YOU GUYS HIT HER?! I’ve told you NOT to touch her!” Yoochun scolded the group of gangsters before he slowly makes his way towards the couple on the ground.

“Nuki, are you okay?” He asked Nuki, as he tried to touch her. Nuki looked up at him and tried to stand up to defend herself. But she fall down on Changmin when the pain hit her. “ARGH!” Nuki screamed out in pain.

Yoochun was mad. He turned around to face the gangsters. “YAH! Who hit her?!” He yelled out angrily. Nobody moved. He cursed out loud angrily.

“Please… Don’t do anything to us…” Nuki pleaded softly, as Yoochun’s heart went out at her soft and painful pleads. He walked towards her and kneeled down beside her.

Nuki moved away when she saw he was about to touch her face. Yoochun frowned at her actions.

“Nuki, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I send them just to hurt Changmin, not you. I’m so sorry.” Yoochun apologized, as he tried to touch her face again. But Nuki pushed his hands away from her face harshly.

“Hurt Changmin? Hurt my love? You know, when you hurt Changmin, you’re hurting me too. Who are you, actually?” Nuki asked him as she tried to breathe normally again.

“I’m Yoochun. I’m in the same class as you. I’ve been in love with you for ages, Nuki. I’ve loved you longer than everyone else. Even longer than Changmin!” Yoochun stated that when he saw Changmin’s bleeding face. He felt happy when he saw Changmin’s weak condition like that.

“You… You’re the one who sent that weird letter, right?” Nuki asked when she smelled something familiar. The smell at the letter she read last month. And the letter that comes every month, mysteriously appearing out of nowhere.

Yoochun smiled. She realized. She remembered. “Yes, it’s me. I-” Yoochun was being interrupted by Nuki’s sudden outburst.

“You weirdo! Stay away from us!” Nuki shouted, as she hugged Changmin’s weak body. Changmin was now breathing slowly, his breathe shallow and raspy.

“Changmin, are you okay? Changmin, answer me!” Nuki shook Changmin’s body lightly to get some response. But Changmin didn’t give any response.

“Nuki, I love you!” Yoochun was mad he was being ignored. He tried to convince his love at Nuki, but he was awarded by her hand on his cheeks. She slapped him.

“How dare you say you love me when the love of my life is dying?! You freak! Go away! I HATE YOU!” Nuki screamed, tears were already on her cheeks as she cried from seeing Changmin’s weak condition.

Yoochun was stunned. His love, the girl he loved said she hates him. The word echoed in his mind like a mantra. ‘I HATE YOU!’ Yoochun had finally got his answer. He slowly moved away from the scene, still stunned. He walked away slowly, his mind not on the road, but somewhere else. He walked, following where his legs brought him to.

“Nuki! Changmin! Oh my god!” A familiar dolphin-like squeal could be heard coming from his back, but he ignored it. He was in his own world. Everything in his world had crashed. His love for Nuki, was awarded by her hatred feelings towards him.


“Dr. Jung, is Changmin okay?” Jaejoong asked the doctor when the doctor had finished checking up on Changmin. The doctor sighed at Jaejoong.

“Changmin’s fine, but next time don’t call me Dr. Jung, okay? It feels weird to hear my own best friend to call me by that.” The male doctor patted Jaejoong’s shoulder lightly. Jaejoong smiled at the familiarity.

“Thank you, Yunho.” Jaejoong thanked the younger male who smiled back at him. “It’s my duty, Jaejoong-ah.”

Their conversation was interrupted when the door to Changmin’s room was opened. Sounds of grumbles could be heard as three figures made their way into the room.

“I can walk by my own! Thank you!”

“You’re not supposed to get out of the bed, Nuki.”

“Junsu, let her be!” “Yea, let me be!”

“Nuki! What are you doing here?” Jaejoong questioned the three figures in front of the door. Nuki waved cutely at him as she walked slowly towards his direction. Luna keep on quarreling softly with Junsu, but both of them keep it as a whisper.

Nuki took a few wobbly steps, slowly making her way towards Changmin’s bed. She was nearly there when she suddenly tripped.



Nuki smiled as she looked at the face under her. She had landed safely on Changmin’s bed, and on top of Changmin too. She smiled sheepishly at his frowning face.

Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu and Luna panicked when Nuki tripped but sighed when she had landed on Changmin. Luna giggled at their cuteness.

“What are you doing out of your room?” Changmin groaned when Nuki moved a little on top of him. “YAH! Stay still!”

“I just want to see you.” Nuki blushed at her own answer, causing the others in the room to whistle at their cuteness.

“Yah! Get a room!” Jaejoong cutely scolded them. Changmin tilted his head to look at Jaejoong’s embarrassed face.

“We are in a room. You guys get out.” Changmin’s reply caused him to get a playful smack on his head. Nuki giggled when Changmin widened his eyes at her sudden act.

Changmin studied Nuki’s concerned face as she stared up at him. He felt so happy and warm inside. “I love you, Nuki.”

Nuki caressed Changmin’s face carefully. She stared up at him and slowly moved to peck his lips. “I love you too.”



Woah~ Finally I’m done with the third part and the final part. Finally! It took me a while to construct the timeline of the story. LOL. I hope Nuki unnie will be satisfied with this~ I made it cute and sweet at the same time. Yoochun’s mysterious character is now revealed! Oh~ It must hurt so much when someone you love so much said that she hates you T.T I’m sorry Yoochun, I have to make you the bad person in this story. And I just HAVE TO put in Yunho into the story :D Hope you won’t mind it! Anyway, did you enjoy the three shots? Third part is very long ne~ Hehehe. I’m sorry if the ending is quite stupid, truthfully I’m not good in making happy endings. :D Oh~ And Jaejoong’s so cute! :P Hope you enjoyed reading this!


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