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Introducing The New 2010 SFI Layout!!

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1 Introducing The New 2010 SFI Layout!! on 2009-12-21, 10:24 pm

Hello everyone!

Let us welcome the new look of SFI for the year 2010!!

I think it is complete for now~ I need to figure out how to fit a nice banner up there and we're all set!

Btw, we need people who are familiar with the CSS coding. And I mean experienced people! I was trial-and-erroring with the CSS style-sheet all these while and I don't really need another one like me to help us with this. =) If you know what I mean~~ If you are experienced in this area, please let us know! We really really really need your help. Nothing in return though, but for the LOVE of the soulfighters~ Please??

Anyways, enjoy the new look and do let us know if it needs more brushing up. Nothing is impossible but they are limited to one's imagination~ So do help us build a better stage for the soulfighters! ^_^

Thus, wishing a merry christmas and a an early HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Thank you!!

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