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[HP] JJ, "Director and Senior RAIN Inspired Me A Lot"

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TVXQ member Jaejoong, who challenged acting for the first time, expressed his thoughts on his acting at the preview and press conference.

At 4.30pm on the 9th, Jaejoong attended the press conference of “Heaven’s Postman”, organised by Seoul CGV, and answered the questions presented by the reporters.

Jaejoong said, “Acting and performing on stage is completely different, and I spent a lot of time trying to find the ‘feel’ of the character. So the director suggested that I try pretending that acting was a stage performance.” He also said, “After seeing how senior Rain successfully entered the drama industry, he also made a lot of improvements in his stage performances.”

Later, Jaejoong also said, “In order to portray the character well, I agonized over it. I was troubled for very long, over how to portray the unique personality of the character, and I benefited greatly from the Director’s guidance.”

Source: [tvxq-yard + BaiduTVXQ]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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Now that he mentioned it, I just realised that its true.. about Rain i mean. He got a LOT better on stage after taking up acting.
I hope Jaejoong will too.. *whenever they shall perform on stage again* =.=

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