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[TRANS] Changmin Dishes On Kiss Scene During PC

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The PD and cast members of SBS’s upcoming drama, “Paradise Ranch“, met with reporters at their press conference held on January 18th at the SBS building.

PD Kim Chul Kyu truthfully revealed, “I was quite worried about Changmin’s acting. Every night, I called him into my office and tutored him in acting. Even people who have acted for decades still find trouble with certain elements, and I figured since Changmin’s a rookie, there had to be something he lacked in.”

He continued, “Viewers will feel that his acting isn’t up to par in the beginning episodes of the drama. What’s fortunate is that his acting will quickly become a lot more natural. His role tends to joke around, and is sometimes even cranky, but there’s warmth inside his character. I think those characteristics fit well with Changmin.”

Changmin admitted, “Whenever I had a kiss scene, I wasn’t able to eat or sleep the night before. I think I gargled at least a dozen times. I still don’t know why I was so nervous.”

Actress Lee Yeon Hee, who had been listening to Changmin’s shy confession, commented, “I was a bit nervous because he treated Yoo Ha Na with more ease than me.”

When asked for his thoughts about the various judgments on his acting that will be made after the broadcast of the first episode, Changmin carefully replied, “There will definitely be some who will view my acting in a negative light. I’ll be taking those criticisms in order to learn from them, since I realize that I am still lacking in some aspects. As long as they’re constructive criticisms, I’m prepared to accept them.”

He continued, “However, I worked extremely hard these past six months, so I have no regrets. I’ll be monitoring the episodes every week, and I’m sure I’ll find parts I’d be upset with, but I definitely won’t be disappointed.”

Referring back to the kiss scene, Changmin confessed, “I was already stiff at the fact that I was acting, but the added kiss scene made me even more nervous.”

Lee Yeon Hee clarified, “It’s not so much a kiss scene as it is a light peck on the lips. We had fun filming without any pressure. I actually thought it was funny seeing Changmin so nervous.”

Changmin added, “Yeon Hee is my labelmate, as well as my acting senior. She helped by leading me in our kiss scenes, even though I’m the male (laughter).”

Lee Yeon Hee pouted, “I’m still disappointed about why Changmin would have more fun with Yoo Ha Na and even joke around with her, when he’s mostly silent around me.”

She continued, “Still, he did a great job despite it being his first time acting. It was surprising to see how fast he learned, as time went by. We worked extremely well together.”

Aside from Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee, “Paradise Ranch” also stars Ju Sang Wook and Yoo Ha Na in a story that uses the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island as a backdrop for love between four youths.

The drama began filming in December 2009, and wrapped up six months later in May of 2010. The drama will air in the time slot of “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter,” starting January 24th.

Source: Newsen, Star News,TV Daily #1 and #2 via Nate
Photos: Sports Korea
Credits: Allkpop
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Changmin Couldn't Eat Because Of Kiss Scene

Shim Changmin, who will be making his acting debut through the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Paradise Meadow”, made a joke and expressed that before his kiss scenes, he would be so nervous that he would be unable to eat.

Shim Changmin attended the press conference for “Paradise Meadow”, which took place at 2pm on the 18th. He said, “For half a year I was at Jeju Island for filming and personally, this is my first challenge in acting, so I worked hard and completed it happily.”

With regards to the kiss scene with his label mate Lee Yeonhee, who is also of the same age, Shim Changmin shared his feelings, “I was very nervous about the kissing scenes and from the morning of the day of filming onwards, I wouldn’t be able to eat. I would just keep waiting like that and constantly used mouthwash.”

At this point, Lee Yeonhee joked, “Then before that, you wouldn’t even eat meat?” She also said, “Although I said it’s a kissing scene, it was actually just a cute bobo* scene. I wasn’t burdened by it and it was interesting to film it. I was really happy to watch Changmin being so nervous.”

Choikang Changmin also filmed a kissing scene with Yoo Hana. He expressed, “I was really really nervous. Yoo Hana who I was meeting for the first time and Lee Yeonhee who I saw everyday; I can’t say which filming of the kissing scene was better. Actually, Lee Yeonhee and I are label mates and to me, she’s also a senior in acting as well as a friend, so I learnt a lot from her and she also gave me a lot of advice. Thanks to Yeonhee, my burden while filming was lessened by a lot.”

“Compared to Yeonhee, I’m not that familiar with Yoo Hana, and we didn’t have a lot of time to interact so the result was a little stiff.”

After which Lee Yeonhee smiled and said, “But from what I see, that’s not it at all. While filming with someone so familiar like me, he was very shy. Watching the two of them act when they’re with me, even the looks of jealousy were hilarious. When (he’s) acting with me, he’s very introvert, but when he’s filming with Hana-unnie**, his face was full of smiles. It was only through the monitor that I could see Mr Shim Changmin taking the lead.”

In this TV drama, Shim Changmin’s role is a third generation chaebol’s*** son, 21 year old Han Dong Joo who met 19 year old Da Ji and fell into a passionate love, then got married only to divorce 6 months later. It will air on the 24th.

*bobo = peck on the lips
**unnie = how a female addresses an older female as “older sister”
***chaebol = South Korean privately owned business conglomerates

Source: [Osen + NeverEnd]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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