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[ON-GOING/G/2PM&SHINee] Love Revenge

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1 [ON-GOING/G/2PM&SHINee] Love Revenge on 2010-12-09, 3:12 pm


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Poster credit @BigBangVIP~Ver-Sah-Tyle, thank you very much

Trailer credit cherryanncherry @ Ver-Sah-Tyle

Title: Love Revenge
It’s a 3rd pov. Fiction, about a young foreign girl Jessy who is secretly dating SHINee’s Kim JongHyun, they started dating before he debuted, they met during their study in Beijing, and without knowing, they fast fell for each other, she moved from Beijing to Korea, so she could stay with him. But as rumors about him having a relationship with the actress Shin SeKyung occurred , she begins to question their relationship, shortly after the relationship between him and the actress is confirmed, and Jessy is left behind heartbroken. Yet JongHyun doesn’t seem to realize the problem, like nothing is wrong. One day she ends up in huge discussion with JongHyun on the middle of the streets, luckily no one is around, they thought but on the opposite site of the street lays the JYP entertainment building, there a certain person observe their fight.

The day after, around the same time he sees her again and he forces her to have a talk with him, about the problems, after she told him the whole story, he takes her site, and they pair up first as friends to make JongHyun realize what he lost. Together they create a scandal on nothing but a friendship. Well that’s at least how it starts.

Why does he take her site?
How will the fans take it, when a normal foreign girl gets into a (fake) scandal with their beloved idol?
What will happen if a fake scandal and fake feelings turns out to be real?
How will they get out of the mess they created by themselves?
What happens if this foreign beauty gets dragged into the Hallyu Wave of idols?

Genre: Romance, Scandal, drama….

Main Character information:
Jessy: (Age: 20) a foreign girl who studied Chinese in Beijing together with her former boyfriend JongHyun, she’s very caring, a happy and smiling girl. But as JongHyun broke her heart, together with the broken heart her personality starts to change and the love and happiness that filled her life starts to disappear, her usually warm heart turns cold. She doesn’t care for the K-pop wave at all and thinks that fans are way to overreacting, it’s not in her interest, and therefore she doesn’t know a celebrity when she meets them. She’s a real European beauty, with long blond hair, and dark blue eyes, yet her skin isn’t as light as other European, it’s slightly tanned.

Kim JongHyun: (Age: 20) the main vocal in SHINee, act’s like the leader but isn’t, he’s very charming and caring when you get to know him, but other ways, he sometimes can be seen as an ass. Many say he’s a player, but he isn’t. He’s always loyal to his friends, but when it comes to girls, it’s another case.

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul: (Age: 22) also known as the Thai Prince, he’s one of the vocalists in the famous beasty boy band 2PM, he’s a very caring guy towards others, he has a very sweet and kind personality kind of like a puppy that everyone just wants to hug, but when someone pisses him of he’s not afraid to show it. He likes to tease others in a sweet way.

Shin SeKyung: (Age: 20) *sorry don’t know her well, so it’s just something I made up* she’s the person every girl would want to be, she’s beautiful, sexy, tall, great body, talented, great fashion scenes, great personality, and of course famous, everyone loves her. Can be bitchy sometimes, but who can’t.

Minors: 2PM, SHINee, JYP *Might add more*

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Chapter 1
“You did wrong!"

Jessy POV:
Jessy was walking around Seoul, all trapped in her thought, she came to the park, in a big business area, she had had a tough day, she had found out that her boyfriend, SHINee’s Kim JongHyun, were dating someone else, and not just someone but another celebrity, the actress Shin SeKyung, at first it was just rumors, but shortly after, his company confirmed the relationship.

Jessy and JongHyun had met during their studies in Beijing, and at that time she didn’t know he was a trainee to become a singer, she had never really cared for k-pop culture in any way, but shortly after they had began dating he told her about himself, but they had decided to not let it break them apart, and therefore she moved with him to Korea, of course they had to stay secret about their relationship, no one knew about them, they couldn’t let anyone know, but it was fine that way.

But now everything was a big mess.

She kept walking, just watching the sky, and the snow falling, trying her best to keep her tears from getting out, but just as she saw that familiar shadow her eyes were as dry as the savanna, it was JongHyun he had been looking for her the whole day, he ran over to her, smiling like nothing had happened. His smile fell when he saw her cold eyes, he slowly walked towards her “Jessy-ah, what’s wrong?” he asked her, as soon as he had reached her, her hand slapped across his face, JongHyun was shocked, and he stumbled a few step back, he lifted his hand up to his cheek, which were turning red “didn’t I tell you to not appear in front of me again…” she stated furious, he looked at her with big question marks written all over his head.

“What’s wrong...?” he was about to ask when she cut him of “I can’t do this anymore… When the rumors occurred I just let it pass, even though I was curious about the truth, but now that just as it was confirmed I lost everything I had for you” she said with anger and sadness in her voice “I still can’t believe you did this, after all these years, after all we’ve been through” she continued and started to walk past him but he grabbed her wrist.

She turned around and looked at him “Jessy… I’m sorry! Please forgive me” he then begged with sadness in his voice, “No JongHyun, I’m the one who’s sorry, I’m sorry that I didn’t realize that a relationship like this, would never be possible, and I’m sorry that I gave everything up, just so I could stay by your side” she furiously said “You know, the whole thing about keeping our relationship secret, it was all fine with me, I had nothing against it, as long as we could be together…” She said as her eyes started to tear up, she hurried and whipped them away, she pulled her wrist out of his hand.

“If you don’t want any trouble, you’d better stay away from me!” she said, “Yah… what’s this???” he asked all shocked “If that’s the only way to make you stay away…. Then yes… I might just go out and reveal everything about our relationship… It wouldn’t harm me much, I could just move back to Denmark, you can’t…” She said and smirked, she glanced at him and left, JongHyun stood still all shocked.

JongHyun POV:
JongHyun sat up on the couch in SHINee’s dorm *it has been long since I’ve seen Jessy* he thought to himself, he hurried up, and found his jacket and scarf, “HYUNG, I’M GOING OUT!” he yelled to their manager “Okay, make sure you don’t get seen” the manager said, he nodded bowed his head and went off to find Jessy.

He went to a park in the middle of Seoul, it was their usual meeting place at this time, so he thought that she might be there now. And as he had thought he was right, he saw Jessy wandering around the park, he called her name and ran over to her, but as soon as he had reached he was slapped, he could see the anger in her eyes, he was shocked and frightened in all their three years together, he had never seen this side of her, she was always the smiling and bright person, no matter what happened, and the fact that they had to meet during night hours and keep their relationship a secret she haven’t had anything against. *Maybe she changed her mind* he thought to himself as he stumbled a few step back and touched his cheek with his hand, it was burning hot.

“Jessy…” he silently said as he looked back at her “What’s wrong?” he tried to say but Jessy was faster and cut him off, she yelled at him with all her heart, she told him how angry and disappointed she was, she had found out about the rumors about SeKyung and that it had been confirmed, he looked down *I wish I could tell her the truth* he sadly thought to himself.

She was about to leave him, but looked back at him, “If you don’t want any trouble, you’d better stay away from me!” she threaten, he was so shocked he didn’t know what else to say than “Yah… what’s this???”, she looked back at him “If that’s the only way to make you stay away…. Then yes… I might just go out and reveal everything about our relationship… It wouldn’t harm me much, I could just move back to Denmark, you can’t…” she then said, that was the last thing she said before leaving him behind.

After Jessy had left, JongHyun kept standing in the park, he was confused and didn’t know what to do, he looked up at the moon which Jessy always admired so much, almost more than him, she had always told him that she found peace in the moon, so every time she had had a tough day, she would be watching the moon.

Nichkhun POV:
Nichkhun went out on the roof on the JYP building, they had had a long day with dance practice. He held out his iPod, scrolled down the music list, he found a relaxing peace Moonlight by Yiruma, he put on his headphones, he put his hands on the railings, he took a look at his watch, it was already 1am, he looked at the park, it was filled with snow, and the moon shining on it, it was a beautiful view, it matched the piece he was listening to.

He noticed a girl in wandering around the park, she was just walking around mostly looking up at the moon, and she looked like she had a lot on her mind, he looked back at the moon, tonight it was full, it had been long since he had the time to adore the moon, he looked back at the park, just as he did he saw a guy appear in front of the girl, and as soon as he reached her, she slapped her hand across his face, Nichkhun was shocked, probably as shocked as the guy who had been slapped, he tried to take a closer look at the guy, he found him very familiar, and then noticed it was SHINee’s JongHyun, now he was even more shocked and also curious, he took off his headphones, and tried to follow their conversation, but he couldn’t hear much other than her angrily yelling at him. He could hear her threaten him, he was wondering whether she was some kind of scary fan or anti-fan.

Suddenly the girl left, with JongHyun still standing in the park, he looked shocked and sad.

The rest of the night, Nichkhun were thinking of the girl, there were something suspicious about that whole fight, and he wanted so badly to find out what had happened.

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Chapter 2
“I'm sorry"

Jessy POV:
She had been walking around at home all day, cleaning and trying to erase all memories of JongHyun, she packed pictures of him and her down in boxes and stabled them on each other creating a wall, “hah… this is like a wall of memories” she sadly said to herself and shrugged. She lived in a big studio apartment, which had always been her wish to live at such place, she felt freer there, and there were more space to work on.

She turned on the television and let it play in the background, she had turned on to SBS channel some kind of music show was airing “Up next is SHINee with a cover of Beast’s I’m sorry” the MC said as SHINee went on stage, “This song is for all the girls who has gotten hurt by their boyfriends before” JongHyun said as the music started playing, it was a sad song about a lost love, she shook her head, trying to get him out of her head, so all the hurtful memories would go away.

Nichkhun POV:
“Ah done…” Junho squealed as he let his tired body drop on the floor, the other boys joined in except from Nichkhun, we was still thinking about the episode from a couple of days ago. He went over to the fridge and took out a bottle of water, he was about to take a sip when Teacyeon took the water bottle out of his hand, “Thanks yobo, I was thirsty” he said and laughed, “Yah…” Nichkhun shrugged “Get your own” he took the water bottle back, Teacyeon looked at the others sitting on the floor, they all looked confused but just rose their shoulders, “Normally he would have pinched your cheeks and say something like, of course I knew yobo…!” Wooyoung grinned, they all nodded and that was it, they went back to their lazy self, Teacyeon tilted his head and then took out another bottle of water from the fridge and sat down beside the rest.

“Let’s watch Indikayo!” Chansung yelled, the other agreed and gathered around the big screen in the dance studio, as they turned on the television SHINee came on the stage “This song is for all the girls who has gotten hurt by their boyfriends before” JongHyun said, “Jonghyun looks kind of sad… don’t you think so?” Junsu asked “Yeah you’re right” Teacyeon said while sipping to his water. The song ended and they began performing Hello.

Nichkhun rose and went into the locker room and changed into some warmer track cloth, he drank half the bottle of water and went back into the dance studio “I’m going out to exercise” he said to the others who only got to nod before he had left.

He went to the park on the other site of the street, it was quiet big and a great place to exercise outside. He ran a couple of rounds around the park then he found a bench whipped all the snow of it and sat down for a bit, he started to think back at the incident again, he was really curious to find out more about what had happened, special after SHINee’s performance, *The incident the other day and their performance today, seems connected. If I just could meet that girl, maybe she would enlighten me* he thought to himself and just as a wish come true she appeared in the park, he hurried and hid by a big tree, he didn’t know why but he wanted to observe her a bit before, talking with her.

She was just wandering around the park, just like a couple of days ago, before JongHyun had appeared, but to be true he had seen here there almost every day after that day, she constantly looked up at the moon and sighted, almost like she was having a conversation with the moon. She sat down on the same bench as Nichkhun had sat on a minute ago. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed some answers, he walked over to her and stood in front of her, she slowly lifted her head to look at him.

Jessy POV:
The hours went by while cleaning and watching television, the clock was 12:30am, so she went out on her daily walk at the park, it had gotten a habit after she was with JongHyun *I guess I need to get rid of this habit*she thought to herself.

Even with that thought in her head, she took on her jacket and headed towards the park, she reached it and walked around a bit, she looked up at the moon, now it felt like the only friend she had was the moon, the only one who could give her peace right now *I wish you could talk, my dear moon, you’re the one who’s always shining at me, you bring peace into my life* she thought as she sighted and looked down again. She spotted a bench with no snow on it, she went over and sat down, just looking down, all empty minded, she wanted to think about some happy things, but she couldn’t find anything. Suddenly a stranger appeared in front of her, her heart skipped a beat or two because of shock.

She slowly lifted her head and met eyes with the stranger, he just stood there staring at her, *maybe he haven’t seen a blond haired before* she silly thought, he suddenly bend down and grabbed her wrist, “Let’s talk!” he ordered, “YAH!” was the only thing she could say as he dragged her away from the park.

He dragged her into the canteen in the JYP building, he got her down on a chair, she pulled her wrist of out his tight grab, “YAH, what the hell do you think you’re doing!” she furiously yelled at him, instead of answering her, he sat down on the other site of the table.

She sighted and starred at the door “What do you want? I don’t even know you” she said, “Jonghyun and you… what’s your relationship?” He asked curious yet with a warm voice “No commend” she said and smirked like she was being questioned by reporters.

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Chapter 3

Nichkhun POV:
He noticed that even though he was asking nicely, she didn’t seem to want to answer his questions, he sighted and looked at the door which she had been starring at for quite some time, but suddenly she looked at him, “You really want to know?” she asked he nodded “I won’t tell anyone, trust me” he said and smiled “Even though I don’t know you at all, I’ll take a shot and believe you, it would be nice to get this burden of my shoulders” she said and looked up at the ceiling and back at him, she lay her arms on the table, “I’m… I mean was his girlfriend…”

Nichkhun was so shocked that he almost fell of the chair “what? Really?” he asked “Yeah, we meet during our studies in Beijing, that was way before he even got famous, he was only a trainee that time, though I didn’t know, before later in our relationship. But we loved each other a lot, and decided to stay together, just keeping our relationship a secret” she continued, Nichkhun cut her of “You’re telling me the truth right?” he said she nodded, and showed him the pictures of them on her phone, he nodded and let her continue talking, “I decided to move with him to Korea, and continue my life here, so that we could stay together, yet still secretly, only our parents knew” she looked down on the table.

“But then all these rumors about him and that actress SeKyung appeared, first I let it pass by, though I was curious, but the time it got confirmed I saw my whole life crash into ruins, he left me standing behind so he could go to her, I was heartbroken, but what can I say he’s and Idol, I guess they’re all the same” Nichkhun looked at her, he didn’t like her thoughts *we’re not all the same, I’m not* he thought, “I’m sorry to hear that” he said with a sad voice, she looked up at him and warmly smiled “Thanks, but I guess she had everything I haven’t”, “What does she have that you don’t?” Nichkhun for some reason asked furiously “Well… She’s beautiful, sexy, great body, great fashion sense, talented, she probable has a great personality” she pointed out, Nichkhun looked at her with warm smiling eyes “I agree, but I don’t think that’s something you don’t have, you’re beautiful, sexy… and from what I can see, you have a great body” he paused and blushed then continued ”I bet your talented in some way too, you have great fashion sense too, and remember she has a stylist to create her fashion sense, and I also bet you have a loving personality too, if people get to know you, maybe she’s a celebrity, but you, just as me, are a foreigner, and that’s something rare, and you’re not just a foreigner but a European one that’s even more rare, the guy who gets you would be luckiest man alive”.

Jessy POV:
She smiled by his nice words and compliments, seems like this Idol wasn’t like Jonghyun.
There were silent for awhile neither of them said anything, “I’m Jessy by the way” she suddenly said and held her hand out “I’m Nichkhun” he said smiling and shook her hand, “I knew” she said and smirked, even though she had said she didn’t know him, but he just shook his head. “You know Nichkhun, you’re not that bad” she said and smiled, “Neither are you” he replied they started laughing.

“I have an idea!” Nichkhun suddenly said, she looked at him curiously, “Let’s start a scandal” “Eh…? Did you just lose your mind???” she asked not knowing what else to say “Just as friends, trust me the media and fans, can make rumors and scandals out of friendships” he said and laughed “Don’t you think it would end out in trouble?” she asked him “nope, first we just don’t react on the rumors, which sooner or later will turn out to scandals, and if we get into a big mess, Jinyoung hyung can just confirm that we’re only friends, and even if it’s not true he can say we knew each other back in the US” he said with a naughty smile “If we did this, Jonghyun would surly see this, and maybe he would realize what he lost” he grinned as he held his thump up, she laughed “Araso, let’s do this” she said also holding up her thump.

“But can I ask you, why are you helping me?” she asked curious, she wanted to know, since they didn’t know each other, “I’ve tried it once too” he simply replied, her eyes widened “What you did this to a girl too?”, “No no, I’ve been in your situation too, it was a girl who left me, for a more popular and rich guy” he explained, she came down to earth again “ah, I see” she nodded.
“Can I use your phone” Nichkhun asked, she nodded and handed it over to him, he started texting, and suddenly a tone came from his pocket, he took up a phone “Now I have your number” he said and laughed, she smirked and took back her phone, both of them saved each other’s number, Nichkhun saved Jessy’s as Sweet girl Jessy, Jessy saved his number as Clown Khun<3.

After awhile, Jessy was about to go home but was stopped by Nichkhun “It’s late, let me walk you home” he said with a sweet warm voice, she shook her head “I better go by myself today” she replied with smiling eyes, he nodded and waved her of.

Nichkhun POV:
As Jessy walk home, Nichkhun kept standing in the entrance of the company building, he shyly ruffled his hair *Interesting yet sweet girl* he thought to himself. He went back to 2PM’s dorm, the rest of 2PM, had already gone to sleep, they had a tight schedule tomorrow, Nichkhun hurried and took a shower before going to bed too.

He took his phone which lay beside his pillow, he started typing “Let the rumors begin ke ke ke ~~~~. I’m off at 5:30pm, short day tomorrow, wanna go grab something to eat? :)” he scrolled down his numbers *Sweet girl Jessy* appeared he sent the message to her, he rolled around on back, and stared up at the ceiling, while waiting for her to answer.

Jessy POV:
Just as she was falling asleep her phone started making noises, she sleepy dragged her body across the bed to reach her phone, she had gotten a message, on the display there were written *Clown Khun<3* she opened the message “Let the rumors begin ke ke ke ~~~~. I’m off at 5:30pm, short day tomorrow, wanna go grab something to eat? :)” it said, she started typing back, and sent the message, she lay down the phone and went to sleep with a smile on her face, only few minutes passed before she was in a deep sleep.

Nichkhun POV:
Nichkhun was anxious waiting for her to reply, he was almost about to fall asleep, when he finally got the reply “Finally” he whispered and smiled, he opened the message “YAH, go to sleep, stop messaging me this late >.<” he grinned as he read it “ps. Okay, where and when?, just answer me tomorrow I wanna sleep now XD” he laughed by himself, and went back to sleep.

But before falling asleep, his door suddenly barged up, Wooyoung stepped in “Yah, when did you get home, and why are you so noisy” he said smirking, Nichkhun pulled him down in his bed “Yobo be quiet, I wanna sleep” he said and smirked, Wooyoung couldn’t get out of his grip, and just lay down to sleep.

Now both Nichkhun and Wooyoung had fallen asleep, sharing Nichkhun’s bed.


Thanks a lot for reading my fic :3
Aw how sweet khunyoung sharing the same bed XD
Don't worry they are not a couple in this fic XD

The following week I will possible not be able to update since I have a huge exams assigment
But I will try my best to hurry up, so I can make a new chap ^^

comment <3

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Chapter 4
“Colors – Melody and Harmony”

Jessy POV:
She woke up as the light entered the big windows in her studio apartment and stroke her face, she sat up in her king size bed and looked around the room, she got her focus on the, more than 6 meters tall cold gray wall, then spotted the wood panels which she still needed to attach to the wall and paint. She lay down again and pulled the blanket over her head “Maybe I should start today” she mumbled to herself and crawled out of the bed, then walked over to the closet, she found a pair of old baggy jeans and a big pastel colorful t-shirt, she changed, the t-shirt was a bit to big so she made knot in her side. She went down the stairs to the living room, having a studio apartment mixed with a loft apartment was the best, not only the space but it was so free and open, she placed the ladder in front of the wall.

She had attached all the panels to the wall after 2 hours, after hours of painting the panels her phone rang, she climbed down the ladder , stretched her body and picked it up, “Yoboseyo...” she slightly said “Ah JESSY-AH” a happy voice said loudly, “Oh Nichkhun-ah, what’s up, don’t you have a schedule?” she asked curiously.

Nichkhun POV:
The 2PM boys were rehearsing for their up-coming single, their manager stepped in the room, all the boys looked up at him, “I have a pleasant announcement for you guys” he said, all their faces turned bright and waiting “You’re choreographer has called in sick, so the this is the last thing on the schedule” he explained with a not so happy voice, the boys were happy, finally they could get a break, the manager left, and they hurried up and finished.

The boys got ready to leave the company, “Let’s grab something to eat on the way home” Junsu suggested, all the buys accept Nichkhun agreed, “Sorry guys, I have another appointment today” he said with a bright smile, with no further questions the others just tilted their heads looking questioning at him while he waved and left.

He arrived at Jessy’s home, he parked just outside the entrance, he hurried out, in hope of not getting recognized, but it failed, as soon as he stepped out of the car, he was recognized by the fans, he nicely waved at them and hurried up to the front door and called her. After giving her the full explanation on why he was so early, with the curious fans surrounding him and taking pictures, she finally came out and opened the door, she stuck her head out to look, the fans were silent, only the sound out their cell phone taking pictures, Nichkhun tossed her inside followed by himself, and closed the door.

He whipped the sweat of his forehead and sighed, “Yah…” she said and pauses the continued “Why did you… now… aish” she couldn’t finish her sentence, Nichkhun just laughed at her disbelief, “you could just have led me in sooner” he said pointing at the door.

Jonghyun POV:
Jonghyun sat on the armrest on the sofa, staring out the window, the SHINee members were back at their dorm for lunch, the rest had a schedule later on except from Jonghyun, the rest stood in the kitchen and talked “Do you think something is wrong with Hyung” Taemin asked the others, Key looked over at him, “Hmm I wonder…” he then said.

The past week JongHyun had been down and his mind had been occupied with other stuff then their schedule, which had caused him to make a lot mistakes, and they didn’t know why, was it because his relationship with SeKyung had been revealed, or was it something else, because they hadn’t really hidden their relationship.

Their manager barged into their dorm, he tossed over to Jonghyun, “You need to take this serious, no more mistakes, or else I’ll have to take you off schedule for awhile” he said with an angry yet worried voice, Jonghyun kept starring out the window “Ye Hyung” he politely said.

Jonghyun’s cell phone started ringing, he picked it up and looked at the screen, it was SeKyung, he kept looking at the screen for awhile, and then picked up the call “Jonghyun-shii, wanna go out to eat today” she asked with a bright voice “Ah mainhae, SeKyung-shii, I can’t today, I have a schedule, maybe tomorrow huh” He lied, “Oh sure, I’ll text tomorrow then” she said with a warm slightly disappointed voice and hung up.

He dropped his whole body from the armrest and down into the sofa, and let his cell phone drop down on the floor, he lay there starring at the ceiling, he felt bad, both for hurting Jessy, even when he didn’t mean too and he couldn’t even tell her the truth, but also for lying to SeKyung.

Jessy POV:
After a lot more explanation, Jessy forced Nichkhun to help her paint the wall, “But I don’t have proper clothing” he complained, Jessy just smirked and handed him an apron, “There you go” she said and laughed, both of them stared painting the wall in all kinds of colors, they had a lot fun, Nichkhun had decided on teasing Jessy, so he took a brush and dipped it in the pink color, and just as she turned around, he patted the color on her nose, she stood still shocked but with cold eyes looking at Nichkhun, who started to run, she ran after him with a big brush in her hand “You get back here” she yelled and laughed as she was chasing him.

Nichkhun suddenly grabbed her from the back, and locked his arms so she couldn’t get free, while being held she tried to reach his face with her brush, and succeeded and big stripe of blue color came across his face. While both of them were having fun and painting, they hadn’t noticed the fans outside the windows, they were taking pictures and filming with their phones.

It was 6:30 PM, and both of them were still painting the wall, suddenly Jessy’s stomach started making noises, Nichkhun laughed, “Maybe we should go out and eat” he suggested pointing at her stomach, she nodded, “Let me just clean up” she said and went into the bathroom, and cleaned all the paint of her face and arms. She came back into the living room, Nichkhun stood in the corner and painted, as she came over to him, he hid it “You can’t look, not yet” he said with a soft voice, she smirked and handed him a towel, “Go wash your face, you have paint all over it” she said and laughed.

As Nichkhun went into the bathroom and clean himself, she walked upstairs, and got into some clean clothes, she wore a pair of gray washed jeans, a classic beige loose tank top, and a cool sporty cardigan in blue and white,. She came back down and Nichkhun was ready to leave, she found her wallet, phone and keys and stuffed it down into her big shoulder bag, both went out to the hallway, she took on her white and orange Nike shoes and headed out together with Nichkhun.

Nichkhun POV:
As they came out of the apartment, fans crowded up again and took pictures, Nichkhun hurried and opened the door in the passenger seat, Jessy went in and he closed the door again, he waved to the fans before getting on the other site. He looked over at Jessy who sighted, he shyly smiled, he liked the way she was dressed, stylish, feminism and slightly sporty *a very comfortable everyday look* he thought.

They reached a nice small restaurant, where there weren’t many people. The waiter led them to an empty table and took their order. While eating they were talking about the whole day, and how much they had enjoyed it *feels like a real friend* he thought, he felt like they had been friends for a long time, they were both very comfortable around each other.

After Dinner Nichkhun took Jessy home, he waved at her as she went inside, and then drove back to the dorm.

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Oh drooling, Khun.... Joongie.... My new wonderfull poster, made by the darling BigBangVIP
She made all my posters, and background
I will totally recommend her, she's amazing.

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Chapter 5
“Let the Games Begin!"

Nichkhun POV:
The door to Nichkhun’s room barged up, and in stepped his manager, Nichkhun sat up in shock, he looked at his manager, his face was furious, “MinJae hyung…” Nichkhun mumbled silently, “YAH Nichkhun-ah… Pictures of you and some girl is flooding around on the internet… do you know that?!”
Nichkhun rubbed his eyes, *that was fast* he thought, “MOO, what? How?” he acted out, fast as lightning he got out of he’s bed and streamed over to MinJae’s laptop, he’s face looked worried, but inside he wasn’t worried at all, “Oh it’s a friend of mine, back from the US” he said and looked back a MinJae, “I wonder how they’d recognize me” he said innocently, MinJae sighted, Nichkhun started reading the article.

Exclusive News; 2PM’s Nichkhun dating?!
What did you get yourself into?
2PM’s member Nichkhun (22) has been spotted together with a young blond foreign girl.

Yesterday, fans of both 2PM and Nichkhun, spotted Nichkhun in Seoul, outside of the young foreign girl’s apartment, shortly after they spotted him, he went inside together with the, yet unknown, girl. The fans have uploaded hundreds of pictures of them enjoying time together, in the apartment painting the walls, the pictures were taken outside of the apartment, which was possibly because of the huge windows.

Hours later, they were seen leaving the apartment together, in Nichkhun’s car.
Later on some other fans spotted them at a small cozy restaurant, they’d probably hopped for privacy, but as being a hot Idol in the Korean music industry, he should have known that they don’t have much privacy.

Shortly after the pictures started circulating on the internet, it’s now a trending topic on tweeter, and many other community sites.

Netizence commented “First JongHyun, now Nichkhun?! Doesn’t this world have any mercy?”, “They look happy together, I wish it was me in there with him” and at least “Stupid girl, you don’t know which trouble you brought upon yourself!!

As you can see, the fans have very different opinions on this scandal.

Now fans are wondering;
Are these two dating?
And are they living together?

Fans want to know, so Nichkhun, please tell us, what’s your relationship with this girl?

Stay tuned for updates on this exclusive news.


“The fans are making rumors of you to dating, and even living together, that’s going to make trouble for you, and the rest of the members, we need to fix this… and fast” MinJae stated, Nichkhun nodded, he really liked the way the scandal had started.

JongHyun POV:
“HYUNG HYUNG” Taemin screamed as he ran into the living room, where the rest of SHINee sat, JongHyun sat in the sofa starring out the window, “What’s wrong?” Onew asked curios, Taemin tried to catch his breath “Exclusive news, Nichkhun Hyung is in trouble, he was spotted with a girl yesterday, and not just any girl, but a blond foreign girl… It’s all over the internet now, their fans are going crazy, especially after JongHyun revealed his relationship with SeKyung noona” Taemin told them, he had jumped of fright, when he had turned his head, JongHyun stood right beside him, starring at him “AH HYUNG, you scarred me” he said and breathed hard, “What are you talking about? What girl?” JongHyun asked without even apologizing for scaring Taemin.

JongHyun left the living room, went into his bedroom, and found his laptop, he started looking for the article, suddenly it was right there before his eyes, he started reading it, but just as he saw the pictures, it felt like someone stuck a knife into his heart, it was painful, it was truly painful to watch her, his true love with someone else, and not just anyone else but his hyung and fellow Idol.
He found his phone and started dialing Jessy’s number, he called the number, “This number is no longer in use” was what came from the phone, JongHyun looked down, “She changed her number” he mumbled to himself.

He rose from the bed again, he took on his jacket, a huge scarf covering his face, and a cap, and then he left the dorm, without telling the others. He went over to Jessy’s apartment, in hope for her to be home.
Just as he was about to cross the street to Jessy’s apartment, she arrived out of nowhere, she hurried inside, suddenly a lot of girls appeared by her door screaming and yelling, *How am I going to get in now* he thought to himself, then he remembered he was able to enter from the back, he hurried around the apartment building, as he reached her windows, he saw her, she sat in the sofa, with a cup of tea and her favorite fashion magazine, as usual, she always did that when she got home from work, still she didn’t seem to be affected by the whole scandal.

He slowly made his ways to the window and knocked.

Jessy POV:
She finally came home; she had had a busy day at work, and the fans of Nichkhun had been troublesome and annoying, but she knew what she had gone into before she did so. She made a cup tea and sat in the sofa, picked up her favorite magazine, she sat back relaxing while reading, she could still here the fans outside *wish they would leave soon, it’s starting to get noisy, and my neighbors’ are just going to complain* she thought annoyingly to herself.

Suddenly she heard a knock on the window, she hesitated a bit before she went over to look, she was wondering if it was some of his fans that had made their way to the back, but as she pulled the curtains aside she froze, it was JongHyun. For a moment she stood still starring at him with cold empty eyes, then she slowly opened the opened the door to the yard, JongHyun slowly made his way inside, but she stopped him just as he reached the door, “What are you doing here? What do you want?” she asked him, her face was still cold.

“I… I have a request to you. Though I know I don’t have the right too” he said silently
“Good, you know”
he looked down “I’m sorry to have hurt you” he continued, she just looked away
“Jessy, I beg, tell the medias the truth, that your only friends, or just make something up, they won’t let you go if not, especially not the fans” he begged her
“What if we’re not just friends?” JongHyun was shocked
“What… What do you mean? You not really dating are you?” His voice was getting anxious
She smirked “If we are, so what, and if aren’t, still so what, my business is not your business”, he looked down again, unable to speak.

The phone started ringing, she looked back inside, “Sorry I have to take that, and also please just stay away, we have nothing to do with each other anymore, so don’t come to my home, okay!” that was her last words for him, she closed and locked the door again, hurried to the table and picked up the phone. “Yoboseyo?”
“Ah Jessy-shii” the voice on the other site of the phone said “It’s me Nichkhun”
“Oh Nichkhun-shii, what’s the matter?” she asked delightfully
“Did you see the news?” he asked curiously, “A great start, ha ha, they already think we live together, I told you it was easy” he said and laughed, she agreed with him.
After they had been talking about their day for some time Nichkhun suddenly changed subject “This was only the beginning” he said with a light voice “Now we’ll move to the first stage, starting out with revealing our relationship as friends only”.

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