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[oneshot] an angel descent from the sky

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Title: [oneshot] an angel descent from the sky

Pairing: Jaemin

Rating: pg-13

Genre: fluff, romance

Summary: Changmin missed his Jaejoong but Jaejoong was disappeared when a human child bumped on him suddenly after they confessed their love. A sequel of a kiss from the sky.

It was cold there but Changmin still did not have any courage to open his eyes. The things that happening last night was still playing in his head; the ghost festival, a child that bumping on Jaejoong, his kiss and also an image of shattered Jaejoong. Changmin touched his cold lips and there, he still could feel the warmness of Jaejoong’s lips, like that guy just kissed him a minute ago.

I love you, please live happily even I am not by your side. Promise me Changmin

Changmin sighed as Jaejoong’s voice played in his mind again. Tears were flowing even he already closed his eyes tightly. The feeling he felt towards Jaejoong overflowing again; the feeling of missing someone, like his heart would burst in any second. He missed him so much.

‘How could I live without him? Maybe I should follow him up there rather than waiting here alone,’ he thought.

Changmin bit his lips when he could not bear with the temperature there and pulled something like blanket up to cover his body. Weirdly, his ears caught the harmony melody of the birds around him, yeah, like the birds at Jaejoong’s secret place. It was so calming and relaxing.

Actually Changmin did not sure where he was at that time but as long as what he remembered, he was fainting at the ghost festival but himself denied if he still lay at the same place as before because the place he laid at that moment was not hard at all. It was comfortable even more comfortable than his bed.

Changmin opened his eyes slowly when he could not stand on that cold temperature. As he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the thing that wrapping his body. It was a large leaf, very large and enough to cover his whole body. And the place he laid was made of a dry leaves. There was nobody there so he woke up from his place and walked around just to make sure where he was.

But that place was so beautiful. The colorful flowers were blossoming, producing a nice fragment. That place was really looked like Jaejoong’s secret place. There was a waterfall, a bird sang hormonally and butterflies flew freely. But who bring me here? Nobody should know this place, except me and Jaejoong.

The strange footsteps behind him made him shock. Immediately, Changmin took a wood near to his feet and ready to attack with any possibility that will happen. It does not a matter anymore if it was hungry ghosts who want to eat him but at least he should defend himself.

“Oh…You already wake up? Good morning,” the person greeted him.

Changmin was speechless. A wood in his hand fell from his grip without he noticed it. He knew his mouth already formed an ‘O’ shape but he did not care about it. Changmin rubbed his eyes a few times to make sure he was not dreaming.

Changmin moved closer and put his eyes on the person that standing in front of him. He swallowed his saliva in pain as the image of that person was really clear on his sight.

“Is that you, Jaejoong? M-my Jaejoong?”he asked hesitantly.

Changmin’s hand already moved to touch the person in front of him but he canceled it as he afraid the same things like last night will be repeated again. Before Changmin could put his hand away, the person gripped his hand and put it on his face.

“It is me Changmin. It is me, your Jaejoong.” Jaejoong said, tried to prove that he was really Jaejoong.

Changmin let his palm on Jaejoong’s cheek. But then he shook his head.

“I-it is impossible. Am I already dead? I am in the heaven now, right?” Changmin giggled nervously.

He must be already dead or he was dreaming. But if he was dreaming he hoped he will not wake up forever. But then, Jaejoong put his palm on Changmin’s hand and put another Changmin’s palm on his other side of cheek. At that time Changmin knew he was not dreaming. He must be already dead.

“No, you’re still alive. Both of us.” Jaejoong smiled.

Changmin was startled but he still moved his hand on Jaejoong’s face. He touched everything on that beautiful face; his big eyes, his pale cheeks, his sharp nose and also his plumps lips.

Tears were flowing again but this time Jaejoong were there to wipe his tears. Jaejoong cupped his cheeks and kissed his forehead.

“shh.. I’m here now. I become a human again.” Jaejoong said, bringing Changmin to his embrace and let the latter sobbing on his shoulder.

~that night~

Jaejoong opened his eyes when he felt like there was a load on his body. He tried to look around but everything was so dark. He wondered if it was a hell but as far as he knew, there should be a fire if he was in the hell.

Slowly, the place his stood filled with the light. He did not sure where does it come but at least he could see his surrounding with that light. But nothing helped him much as it was only an empty room with white background.

“Jaejoong, my son…,” a voice that he really knew called him. It was the jungle’s spirit voice.

“You promised me that you will never close to that human anymore and now you already break the curse on you.”

“The curse?”

That voice sighed.

“Yeah, but I cannot put the blame on you for that.” He continued.

“I’m sorry for not telling you the truth. But it is for your own advantage. You will not disappear if the person touches you like I told you before but you will change into your real state again. I did not tell you that because I’m afraid those people will hurt you again.”

Jaejoong listened to him silently.

“Human was the worst creature. They will do anything for their own benefit. They almost killed you 200 years ago. They are a cruel creature. And you, you’re so kind and too innocent to live in their world.” The voice said.

“But changmin is not like that. I know him.” Jaejoong tried to defend Changmin.

He sighed again.

“But I think I can believe that Changmin guy.”

“So, I can be with him again?” Jaejoong asked.

“Yes, and I already put everything in normal back. You will have your own identity same like when you were a human before but with little upgrade. I hope you will enjoy your new life. Good bye son.”

The voice suddenly gone and everything went blank again. Jaejoong opened his eyes when he felt he laid on the hard surface. He never felt it before as he was only in the form of soul. His body was aching. He looked around.

The surrounding was dark but his eyes still able to see the object in front of him. Jaejoong woke up from his place but then he felt cold temperature wrapping his body. There was nothing on his body. He blushed suddenly, he did not sure why but he felt shame of himself.

Jaejoong walked around to find something to cover himself before he found Changmin’s body not far from his place.

“Min…” Jaejoong called him.

At first he was hesitated to touch that guy but then, he remembered that he was a human, not the spirit anymore. He moved his hand and touched Changmin’s face with his finger. Changmin still did not move.

So he moved his fingers to Changmin’s nose before trailed down to his lips. It was the lips he kissed before. He wanted to kiss those lips again, so he lowered down his head until his lips met Changmin’s. But then immediately he lifted up his head as he felt very blushing now.

It was a weird feeling. A feeling between to kiss someone he love and kissed someone he love was totally different. And a feeling of kissing Changmin in spirit state and human were also different. Jaejoong held his cheek. He felt hot in sudden. But then he remembered he still needed to find something to cover his body.

Changmin’s backpack…

Yeah, Changmin put it under the bridge before they went to the festival as he did not return to his house yet. Changmin headed straight to his place when he arrived from Seoul and spent a time with him until night.

Jaejoong put Changmin’s clothes on his body. It was quit big to him as Changmin was taller than him. Changmin still did not wake up. So, Jaejoong carried him to their secret place and let Changmin rest there.

“Thank god. I really thought that I lost you forever.” Changmin said, looking deeply into Jaejoong’s eyes. They were holding each other hand and on their way back to Changmin’s home, his mother house.

Jaejoong smiled.

“Now I’m free to touch you. I want to touch you here, here, here and here.” the latter said before hugged him and laid a kiss on Changmin’s forehead, cheeks, nose and lips.

“Stop doing that, people are watching us.” Changmin’s squealed. It felt very tickle. But he loved it.

“I’ll stick with you forever.” Jaejoong said.

“And I’ll never let you leave me again forever.” Changmin replied, interlocking their fingers’ together.

“Oh, Changmin-ah. Why don’t you tell me that you’re home today?” his mother suddenly appeared in front of his house’s gate. The middle age lady hugged him.

“Oh, Jaejoong, you’re here also? Come in.”

“y-you know him mom?”

p/s-sorry for horrible writing and enjoy reading <3<3<3 [oneshot] an angel descent from the sky 992781

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check another jaemin fic on my lj

[oneshot] an angel descent from the sky 526703

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ommo!! hahahahah you know him?? o///o

poor min!! he almost commit suicide. *tears*

thanks god he come to life again and now he will spend all of his time for the one he loves!!

Love it!!

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