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[ON-GOING]Dance Dance! (CHAPTER 3)

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[ON-GOING]Dance Dance! (CHAPTER 3) Ofyb5
I finally moved my ass and requested for a poster for this fic too :3

Poster and background by BigBangVIP from Ver-Sah-Tyle

Thank you so <3
I Love it so much, was really surprised by the beauty <3 KOMAWO
When I make a new fic (after i completed these 2) I'll absolutely request from you again :3

Dance Dance!

Hey everyone, I'm back with another fic ^^
This is my first YOU-featured fic, hope you'll like it
I re-wrote and old fic lol XD
It's about you who just moved to Korea to achieve your dream of becoming a great Fashion Designer
You suddenly one day finds out that, one of your annoying, noisy and yet hot neighbors’ is you long lost brother (Yoochun), you two are happy to find each other again
You meets one of his best friends (Jaejoong), and the two of you starts developing feelings for each other, despite his first bad impression.

But what happens when the so called brother of yours also stars getting feelings for you?

And on top of that... what happens when you discover their not so well kept secret`?


Genre: romance, drama, comedy

Character information
YOU: (Age: 19)Your a hard working girl, who's trying to get into the best Design University in whole Korea, HongIk University, meanwhile you’re working in the best known Fashion store in Seoul called "Sole Mio" your also working as a dance instructor for High school girls, your "students" adore you.
You’re a very talented girl, both in dancing, drawing but also singing. Your always bright and happy, and loves exercising

Yoochun:(Age: 21) Your long lost brother, not biological though, but the two of you together with his younger brother was really close when you were kids so your had always been like family to each other, even your parents felt the same way. He's a young and very talented singer from the best know boy band DBSK, he's a very charming and caring person.

Jaejoong:(Age: 21) one of Yoochun's best friends, the main vocal in DBSK, has a very beautiful husky voice which all girls adore, he's handsome. At first he seems like a very cold person, but that's only until you get to know him, he's very caring, and like the mother of the band, he's also very protective

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Chapter 1

“Oh Ajusshi”

You called as you entered the lobby, in your apartment, after you’d been out running, the apartment manager, looked up from his computer screen and waved back to you, as you walk towards the desk where he was standing, organizing some documents.

“SiYoung-shii your back, you sure look tired…” he said and turned around to look for your mails. “Naah not really, after running for two hours, I feel so fresh” “You should join me Ajusshi” you teased. He turned back to face you, he held two letters in he’s hand “I have to take care of the lobby in the morning” He laughed and said, he handed over the two letters to you ”Here you go, a young gentleman came by with one of the letters” “Are you dating behind my back” he teased and smirked. You just smiled and shook your head.

“You sure are a fresh girl” he said and smiling, you laughed and said thanks, you left the desk and took the elevator up to the eleventh floor.
There are only two apartments on each floor, yours were on the left side and on the right side your neighbor lives, and actually you had never seen them, though you’ve been living here for five month.

You had moved to Korea from Fairfax, Virginia, you came to Seoul to study Fashion Design, you worked at the most famous fashion store in Seoul, called “Sole Mio”, twice a week you also worked as a dance instructor at the local dance studio.

You finally reached your floor, when you were about to write the password key to your apartment door, you noticed a folded not right in front of you door, you sat down with bended knees, you took the note and read it, it was from your best friend, she had left a note telling you that she was disappointed you weren’t home when she dropped by, with a teasing smiley, when you stood up again, the elevator door opened, a young guy, around your age, came out. He was really handsome, tall and looked very manly. He had short hair with long bangs, enough to cover most of his eyes. His eyes were very beautiful and looked really warm.

*Could this ‘handsome’ guy be my neighbor?*you thought to yourself and smiled. You turned around, to say hi.
But he just looked at you, “Do you live here?” he asked cold, his eyes suddenly seemed very cold, despite the warmth you had seen in them a minute ago. You were surprised by the way he asked, of course you did, and you had lived there for five months already, why else would you be here, you stopped smiling and answered him, “Yeah I live right there…” you said and pointed at your door.

You looked back at him, he was surprised that he didn’t know, he quickly apologized to you, “I’m really sorry... I…” He said but stopped in the middle of the sentence, “You? What?” you asked, he looked down the floor “well… ehm… I thought, that you … were a…. stalker…” He said silently while throwing his hands in every direction possible, you were about to crack up by laughing, but you kept it inside *who does he think he is, some kind of famouse flower boy?* you thought to yourself, he bowed his head in another apology, you nodded and smirked, then you left into your apartment.

You went straight into the living room and left the letters on the table, and went to bathroom to take a shower. After you were done you took on a huge t-shirt and some boxers, slipped your feet’s into some big fluffy slippers, while drying your hair, you went out on the balcony, you stood there and looked down on the city, there were a lot of people on the streets.

You were about to turn around and walk inside again, when to your surprise your weird neighbor stood on the other balcony, he looked at you, smiled and waved, you felt your cheeks heating up from embarrassments, you took your towel over your head and started drying your hair again as you walk back inside. You went over to the sofa, turned on the television and laid down, only a few minutes passed before you had fallen asleep.

At the time you woke up, it was already 6:30 pm, your realized how late you were, you had classes in 30 minutes, you jumped up from the sofa, ran into your bedroom and found your gym bag, you ran back to the living room to get your wallet and phone and went out of the apartment and locked the door.

While you were waiting for the elevator to reach your floor, your neighbors’ door opened, the guy from earlier entered the hallway, but this time he wasn’t alone, with him came another guy out. He was about the same height as the other one, they almost had the same haircut, there were only a tiny difference, his eyes were also warm, but they weren’t twins they didn’t look alike in any other way.
You didn’t say anything and kept looked back at the elevator door, the elevator finally reached the floor, you went inside and the two guys followed behind you.

The three of you reached the floor, you headed to the exit, just as you passed the manager he called your name, you looked back to him “SiYoung-shii… the post office just came by with a packet for you” he said and pointed at a big brown box, “I’ll pick it up from work, K” you said while making an OK sign, he nodded and waved, you smiled, waved back and left for work. Your neighbors’ were now walking in front of you.

You walked behind them all the way to the studio, and to your surprise they went inside the studio too *what are they doing here?* you thought. You went straight to the locker room and changed, then went into the gym, your students were practicing different routines, you got the girls to huddle up on the floor and started checking who had come, you saw that one were missing, “Have anyone seen MinJung?” you asked, the girls pointed out the hallway “I saw her in the hallway, just a minute ago, unnie” one of the girls stated, you nodded and went out, and there she stood talking… with your neighbors’.

“MinJung-ah” you called and waved as a sign to come inside “We’re ready to start” you said and smiled, she bowed, gave a hug to the one of the guys and came, “mainhae” she said and smiled “Is it okay if they come in and watch, oppa promised me he would come and look once, so he and his friend came by today, please” she begged, you looked at her smiling “of course, if they don’t disturb the class” you answered and pattered her head, she went back to the hallway, and pulled the two guys inside the gym, all the other girls started whispering and giggling, “Please, be quite girls” you said, and then there were silence.

You had given the girls an assignment for today, you looked around the class, then you asked MinJung to come up and show hers to the class, a huge smile appeared on her face when you asked her, she come up to the middle of the room, “Did you bring your own music?” you asked, she nodded and handed you a CD, you went over to the CD-play, placed the CD in it and pushed start, the song started playing. The music was really good, great beats and cute voices, you had heard that song the other day in the radio. MinJung started dancing, she was great as always, but she also got a lot of help from her brother, most of the girls were jealous on her, you guessed it was because her brother was so good looking.

The two hour of practicing had passed, you said bye to all the girls, but MinJung didn’t leave right away, she stood in the hallway talking with her brother and his friend. You got your stuff packed, on your way out you heard MinJung call you, you turned around, she came running over to you, “Unnie… ehm... thanks unnie” she shyly said, “Your welcome” you nodded and said, “Your brother must be really proud of you” You said and smiled, she nodded several times and smiled, she gave you a hug and went back to the two others, you left the studio, you had decided to run home, to get some more exercises. While running you heard someone call out “Miss”, you automatically turned around to see who called, your two neighbors’ were walking towards you, you waited for them to reach you. MinJung’s brother looked at you, “I’m sorry” he said “I never got to introduce myself” he smiled and reached out his hand “My name is Kim JaeJoong” he said, you took his hand as a gesture “I’m ~~~~ Park but call me Park SiYoung” you said, he started smiling even wider. *wow* you thought, what a gorgeous smile, now he actually seem nice, you couldn’t stop smiling, there were a long silence, his friend then broke the silence “I’m Park YooChun” he said with a flirty smile, you nodded and smiled, “you live in the apartment, next to us right?” he asked, you just nodded, “for how long…?” he then asked, “for around 5 months by now” you answered, they both started to apologies, because they haven’t noticed that someone actually lived there, and that they often played loud music, you just laughed and told them it didn’t matter, you weren’t home most of the time because of work.

The three of you walked back to the apartment together. Back at the lobby the manager called for you again, you realized that you had almost forgotten your packet, you ran over to him “Ah yeah, my packet” you stated and laughed, he just smiled and handed you the packet, you blushed *how could I forgot* you took the packet, and went over to JaeJoong and YooChun who were still waiting for you. YooChun smiled “let me take this” he said, smiled and tool the packet from you, he started shaking it softly “What’s in it” he asked”, you looked at the packet, and shook your head “Who’s it from?” you asked, he looked at the description, his eyes winded up “From Park YooHwan… To ~~~~ Park, that’s weird” he said, you looked up at him questioning, he looked back at you “Well, my brother’s name…” he was interrupted by JaeJoong, “Hey guys, don’t forgot me… huh I feel lonely” he said and pouted, you all started laughing


Finally first chapter is up ^^

Hope you like it

Please comment :3

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Chapter 2

Days had passed.

*BUZZ* you woke up by the loud noise of the doorbell ringing, you rubbed your eyes, and looked over at your clock by your bed, it was only 2AM, *who can it be at this time?!* you thought to your-self, you got out of the bed, and took on your morning coat and slippers, and left the bedroom.
You reached the hallway and opened the door, you were shocked, in your doorway stood YooChun, he looked at you, “Mainhae, SiYoung-shii, I… I can’t sleep… can I come in?” he asked you with pleading eyes. You looked questioningly at him, “Yeah… Sure, come inside” you said, and showed him the way in, he entered the hallway, you closed and looked the door behind you, and went with him into the living room, “Do you want a cup of tea?” You asked him, he went over to the sofa and sat down, he looked back at you and nodded “Yeah… Thanks SiYoung-shii” he said, you nodded and went into the kitchen.

You wondered what could be wrong with him, he didn’t seem very happy, you were done making the tea, and went back into the living room, YooChun sad with his head buried in his hands, the same instants as you entered the room, he called out your name, “SiYoung-shii…” he said, still with his head in his hands, you slowly went over to him, placed the tea on the table by the sofa, you sat down on your knees, in front of him, and placed on hand on his knee, “What’s wrong…?” you asked hesitant, he looked down at you, it was clearly written in his eyes, that something was bothering him. He shook his head “It’s… ah… I’m sure it’s nothing” he said, paused and then continued “I’m sorry for bothering you with me troubles, SiYoung-shii” he laid a hand on your shoulder, you could see and feel how much it was trembling, you couldn’t help to think what was wrong, and what was bothering him, even though he said it was nothing you didn’t really believe him.

You looked up at him, you could see how hard he was trying to smile, “Shall we watch a movie?” he asked so suddenly, even though you were really tired and had to work later, you still agreed.
You found a movie and started it, minutes passed and suddenly you had fallen asleep.
Suddenly you woke up, the television was still on, and YooChun had fallen asleep right beside you, the clock was already 4:30AM and you were exhausted, you turned off the television, you went into your bedroom and found a blanket and went back into the living room, you covered YooChun with the blanket you found, and turned all the lights off and went back into your bedroom, and went to sleep, only seconds passed and you were in a deep sleep.

“Lolli lolli lollipop Oh neon naui lollipop
Lolli lolli lollipop oh lolli pop pop”

“Ah… what is this.... “ you said to yourself while rubbing your eyes, the music came from the kitchen *I must have forgotten to turn it off yesterday* you thought to yourself, you got out of the bed, you hurried and found your cloth for work, and pulled it all on, you wore a pair of cool slim jeans with worn pieces around the jeans and a classic white top and found your brand new Jacket you had designed yourself, it was a beige coat with creases on the bottom, you found your army looking pumps in the closet, and left the bedroom. You went into the kitchen to turn off the radio, and there you saw YooChun, you realized that you had forgotten all about him, “Good Morning” He said with a broad smile, he was all busy cooking breakfast, you looked over at him and bowed your head “where you going?” he asked, “Work” You just replied, you were still surprised, he walked over to you, grabbed you shoulders and pushed you forward “Well you can’t leave without having breakfast” he ordered, and you sat down by the table.

The both of you now sat by the table enjoying the breakfast, when suddenly the doorbell rang a couple of times, you rose from the table and went out to the hallway and opened the door, JaeJoong stood outside the door the one moment he would stare your door and the next moment the elevator door, “Hey, JaeJoong, what’s the matter?” you asked, he turned around to face you, “Have you seen YooChun..?” he asked and continued “He disappeared last night… and he hasn’t come back yet” he then said with worry in his voice, you smiled with your warm eyes ”Yeah, I have… he’s inside, come in” you said, JaeJoong looked straight into the hallway, the both of you went into the kitchen where YooChun was still sitting quietly and eating.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN…?” JaeJoong suddenly yelled and hit his hand into the table, “WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR YOU… DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED WE WERE!?” he kept on yelling, his usual warm eyes now turned really cold, and you could see the anger and worries in his eyes, it frightened you.
YooChun was shocked by JaeJoong’s action, almost scared, he looked over at you and found you just as frightened as himself, he looked back at JaeJoong and then down the table “I couldn’t sleep… so I came here…” he said sounding all innocent.
“Why didn’t you say so… you made us worry as hell…” JaeJoong complained, “Mianhae… Hyung… you were all exhausted and in such a deep sleep, I couldn’t bring myself to wake you guys up, I’m really sorry Hyung” YooChun apologized, “Aish… It’s okay, just don’t do it again, without leaving a note” JaeJoong commanded and sat down by the table, YooChun just nodded silly, and then there were a long silence in the kitchen, then suddenly “Wait… Did you sleep here then…!?” he asked, but before YooChun could even open his mouth to answer, you answered “Yeah, well he fell asleep on the sofa, while we were watching a movie” you said, JaeJoong looked at you, “Really, why didn’t you wake me up, I also wanted to watch a movie” JaeJoong complained sounding all cute, the three of you started laughing, just a minute ago JaeJoong was really angry, but now his kind hearted heart took over the anger, and now he were more jealous at him then mad at him.

Suddenly your phone started to ring, you picked up the phone, it was your boss from the clothing store, she called to see if you were able to come in earlier because one of the other girls were sick, and they were really busy, you agreed and told her, you would be right there and hung up. “Guys, I need to leave now, they called from work, they need me, the other girl called in sick, and they are really busy” You said to the guys YooChun wasn’t done eating, and JaeJoong had just taken some breakfast too, they looked up at you with pleading eyes “Just stay and finish eating, but remember to close the door probably, see you guys later” you said and smiled, they nodded, you bowed your head and left.
Hours had passed, and you were exhausted, it was pay-day today and the shop could really feel that, you have had so many customers, and so many you had to help with styling tips and much more, it had really been a though day, but you loved your job and you loved fashion so it didn’t matter much. “I’ll see you on Wednesday then” your boss said and smiled “and once again thank you so much for coming in so early”, you bowed “don’t worry, I was planning on meeting early, but then my neighbor had made breakfast, and wouldn’t let me leave until I had eaten” you answered the two of you laughed, you said your final goodbye and left the shop.
You came outside the store the rain was pouring down, you realized you had forgotten your umbrella, you sat at the bench, with a hoodie covering his face, and an umbrella covering for the rain, you stood still for awhile just looking at him, it seemed like he had sat there for a long time, you shook you head and took your jacket over your head, to cover from the pouring rain, and started to run back home, you were about to pass the bench, when suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed your arm, “Did you plan on just leaving me here” a familiar voice said to you, you took a step back to take a closer look at his, but the hoodie covered to much so you lifted it a bit, to your surprise it was YooChun, “You’ve been waiting for me?” you asked and pointed at yourself, he nodded “I figured that you had forgotten your umbrella, so I came by” he then said, a smile spread on your lips, YooChun rose from the bench and held the umbrella over you so you wouldn’t get wet, you took your jacket back on, and the two of you walked back home.

Half way home YooChun suddenly stopped and looked at you “SiYoung-shii… can I ask you something?” He asked, you nodded while pushing him softly in the back, as a sign to keep on walking, you wanted to go home fast because of the rain, “It’s about the packet you got a few days ago… from that guy YooHwan, who is he?” he asked with big curiosity and stopped up again, this time you turned around to face him, “Ah Ricky, Micky’s younger brother? The two of them are my childhood friends, actually they were more like my brothers” you said with a smile “They always looked out for me, I think one of the reasons was because the three of us were all foreigners in another country”. “Ricky” YooChun mumbled to himself and looked down, “Where did you move to?” he asked, “To the US, we lived in Fairfax, Virginia, I moved there the year before them, and had no friends, but then they came, Ricky and I attended the same class, and it didn’t take long for the three of us to be like family” you said and laughed slightly, he just stood still and nodded.

“Why are you so curios? Did you think it was my boyfriend?” You asked him teasing, he just shook his head, then looked at you “~~~~, don’t you recognize me?” he suddenly said, his word shocked you, you didn’t understand what he meant, he grabbed your hand and looked straight into your eyes “~~~~ I’m Ricky’s brother… Micky… Micky YooChun” he said, “Micky…?” you stuttered, he let go of your hand and reached down his pocket and took up his wallet, he opened the wallet and held out a little, old picture, he showed it to you “See ~~~~, it’s you, Ricky and me, back then, when we were on camping with both our parents” he said, your eyes were filled with tears, but you held them back, or at least tried to, you could see his whole body shivering, you saw a tear slide down his cheek, he took your hand again and pulled you closer to him, then he let go of the umbrella and the rain poured down on the two of you, but it didn’t matter, he pulled you into his arms, and hugged you tightly, you could feel his tears sliding down your neck, even though it was raining heavily, you couldn’t hold your tears back anymore, and let go of them.

You had finally met your brother again, the only one beside Ricky you really trusted, and there were no way to put words on your emotion, you were so happy to have finally met him again.


puuh finally done XD
Hope you like it keke ~~

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Updated with a poster, made by BigBangVIP from Ver-Sah-Tyle

Do you like it?
I do, I LOVE IT [ON-GOING]Dance Dance! (CHAPTER 3) 553907
keke ~~~~

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Chapter 3

Despite the heavy rain, the two of you stayed in that position for some time, without noticing, a car was passing by but suddenly the driver hit the brakes, a short man in a suit and hat stepped out of the car, and walked over in your direction, while the driver was covering him with an umbrella. The two of you first noticed him, when he was right in front of you, when YooChun saw the man, he suddenly bowed his head very politely, you too bowed your head in respect, but the man just glanced at you, then looked back at YooChun.

The first thought that came to your mind, when you saw the man close-up, was mafia, you looked over at YooChun, he looked scared, you took a step backwards, “Let’s talk another place” YooChun said, your heart fell, the man nodded and began walking back to the car, YooChun turned around to face you, “Sorry ~~~~-ah, I need to go now, take the umbrella so you won’t get wet” He said with a smile, but his eyes said something different, he bowed his head and left you with the umbrella, walked over to the car and got in, the car speeded of, and in seconds it was out of sight. You stood still in the rain, your heart was pounding in fright of what was going to happen, wondering who that man was and what business he had with YooChun. As your heart kept beating worried, you sighted and went back home.

You arrived home, still thinking about YooChun, he hadn’t arrived home yet. The rest of the day you kept wandering around your apartment, checking every tenth minute if he had gotten back. The hours passed, you feel asleep on the couch, while watching television.

“Who’s the girl you were with?” the man in the suit said harsh, he and YooChun sat in a dull office in some big building, YooChun looked down “It’s no one” he said, he didn’t want anyone to know about you, he had just gotten you back, he didn’t want to cause you any trouble, and there were still thinks he needed to tell you, about himself and the four other guys he lived with, “No one?!” he asked with a sight “yah Park YooChun, you don’t just hug no one” he said with an angry voice, YooChun kept starring down, sillent, “Unwilling to answer…. Fine, I’ll find out sooner or later!” he stated. The man let YooChun leave, “Make sure he get’s right back to apartment” he ordered the driver, the driver and YooChun headed down to the car, then the driver drove him back to the apartment.

They arrived back at the apartment, YooChun got out of the car, bowed and went inside.
He stood in front of the elevator, the door opened, he accidently bumped into someone, he looked at the person, it was you, you had just woken up, and wanted to go down to see if he had gotten back, you shook your head and looked up at him with your tired eyes “~~~~-ah, what are you doing up this late, it’s already 3am” he said like a real brother would have said, you just stared at him smiling “Oh… your back” you said with a happy yet sleepy voice, he laid his hands on your shoulders, turned your around and lightly pushed you back into the elevator. The elevator reached your floor, he pushed the buttons on the doors password lock, and entered your apartment, he tucked you into bed, closed the door and left back to his own apartment. He sat down on his bed, looking out the window, after a while he laid down on the bed pulling the duvet over him, “How am I going to tell her” he said to himself, *if I don’t tell her, then how can a protect her* he then thought to himself right before falling asleep.

A couple of days had passed, and you hadn’t seen YooChun for awhile neither had you seen JaeJoong or the other guys, you kept wondering where they had gone, you felt all lonely, *how could he just disappear, I just got him back* you thought to yourself.
You decided to take a run at the park, to get your mind of them, you went into your bedroom and found your tracksuit, it was a pair of white shorts with red stripes, a red top and a white cardigan, on the bottom of the closet you found your running shoes, you took on the cloth, wrapped the cardigan around your waist and took on the shoes and went back into the living room, you found you iPod touch and the iPod armband you pulled it onto your arm, plugged the earphones in and took them in your ears. You left the apartment, and started running towards the park.

You had been running around the park for awhile when you suddenly bumped into someone, you took out your earphones and hurried to apologize and bowed your head “Don’t worry, I was wandering around in my own thoughts too” a familiar voice said, you looked up at the person, his face was covered with a cap and sunglasses, he shortly took of his sunglasses, “Oh.. JaeJoong-ah” You said and bowed, he nodded and smiled, the two of you sat down on a bench, “Where have you guys been? I haven’t seen you for days” you said, “Ah... Sorry we had important work” he said, you just nodded, he looked around the park “Want something to drink?” he asked “My treat” you nodded, the two of you went to the nearest café, it was a small cozy café in a small side street.

JaeJoong found a table in the corner of the cozy café, he had to make sure no one would recognize him, especial when you didn’t know anything about them, “What do you want” he asked with a sweet voice “hmm…” you mumbled while placing on finger on you bottom lip, and one on the menu card, you led your finger scroll down the menu, and suddenly stopped “I’d like a mocha coffee” you softly said and smiled, JaeJoong ordered and the waiter left to fulfill your orders.
Shortly after the waiter came back with your drinks, you pulled of your iPod armband and placed it on the table, you began to sip to your mocha, you and JaeJoong sat at the café for a while talking about everything from heaven to earth.


Sorry it took so long TT___TT
Also sorry that this is rather short compared to my other chaps, but i have decided to write less these days, so I might be able to uodate my fics more often ^^

Hope you like it :)
comment :3 [ON-GOING]Dance Dance! (CHAPTER 3) 553907

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