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[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo

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1[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:41 pm

Title: Saranghae, Pabo
Genre: Romantic, Comedy
Summary: No matter how far you run, I’ll melt your frozen heart.
A/N: Inspired loosely by Itazura Na Kiss

[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Saranghaepabocopy

Chapter 1

“Changmin shii, please accept my love.” a girl confessed in the middle of the crowd.

The other students were waiting for a respond but, instead all they heard was the sound of ripping papers.

“Min, let’s go.” he said, after ripping the girl love letter into a million pieces.

The girl ran off embarrassed, as tears flooded her eyes.

With that, the 2 siblings just walked away towards their class.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Omg… Yunnie… He’s so cool.” I said, while staring at his figure disappearing from my sight.

“Joongie ah, that’s not cool, but mean. How can you be in love with someone like him?” Yunnie asked.

“Just because…” I replied while looking at him dreamily.

“Gosh… stop daydreaming will you, let’s get to class or we’re gonna be late.” Yunnie said while dragging me.

As usual the classroom is as noisy as ever, we took our seats as I continued to daydream.

“Why did Tiffany even try to confess to him? She knows that he will reject her for sure.” Yuri, a classmate said which caught my attention.

“True, after all he is the legendary Shim Changmin.” Seohyun, another classmate commented.

*Gosh, they are right. Why was I even daydreaming about him?*

I thought while sighing when I felt a nudge.

“Why are you sighing?” Yunnie said.

I just shook my head & said, “I’m going to the toilet.”

I walked towards the exit with my head slump down when I heard, “Joongie, look o…”

Before I could respond, I was already on the floor crushing my homeroom teacher.

“I’m so-rry, Choi seon-sang-nim.” I apologized, stuttering while getting up, giving him an apologetic bow right after.

“Kim Jaejoong, can’t you stay out of accidents, even for one day? Now, hurry up & get back to your seat” he said.

I just gave another bow before scurrying off to my seat.

“Joongie, stop daydreaming. You can’t even see Choi seonsangnim in front of you.” Yunnie nagged which I just sighed to, in respond.

Five hours as passed, when the bell rang indicating lunch time.

“Let’s go,Yunnie.” I said before the both of us headed towards the cafeteria.

“Joongie, go & get us a seat while I go & get our lunches.” Yunnie said before heading to the stall.

While in the mid of eating, girls started to squealed.

“Shim Changmin & Shim Minho is entering.” Someone announced.

I look at the 2 siblings entering the cafeteria while their fangirls crowd around them.

Shim Changmin & Shim Minho are the 2 legendary siblings of ‘Seoul Music Academy’.

They were both popular among their respective fans.

Shim Changmin, a 3rd year just like me is popular among the seniors while Shim Minho, a 2nd year which is popular among juniors.

Both of them are like twins, always together but their personality is totally opposite of each other.

Changmin is known as a mysterious, cold, quiet & rude while Minho is known as lively, kind, loveable & cute. They also have different music styles.

Changmin’s been known as a piano prodigy since the age of 5, while Minho is known as a genius guitarist, leading his own band. It may be a surprise that someone like me didn’t fall for Minho but Changmin instead.


(2 years ago)

“We would like to invite our freshman representative, Shim Changmin to give a speech.” The principal announced, catching everyone’s attention, especially the girls as they got excited upon hearing the name.

*Who could this Shim Changmin be? A star?*

A tall & charming man appeared in front of us, pulling me out of my thoughts. His voice was music to my ears; he looked so charming & mysterious on stage.

I felt a tug on my heart strings which indicated I was officially in love with Shim Changmin.


It’s going to be 3 years of my unrequited love, I’m so ridiculous.

I sighed while chewing on my sandwich looking at the girls gathering around the siblings.

“I already lost count, why are you sighing so much today?” Yunnie asked before sipping his juice.

“It’s already been 2 years & it’s nearing 3 soon. I’m so ridiculous.” I said before resting my head on the table.

“Gosh, just get over him then. I swear if I have to face another day with you being lovesick, I’ll go crazy.” Yunnie said before biting more of his sandwich.

“Oh… Yunnie, please don’t hate me.” I said before clinging on his arm while snuggle like a lost puppy.

“Aigoo… where does this puppy come from?” he said while ruffling my hair with a smile.

“I’ll go & get you more juice.” I said before heading to the drink stall.

(Changmin’s Pov)

After taking a seat at our usual table, the girls started to crowd around.

I just gave them a cold glare before they scatted off.

“Hyung, if you’re gonna continue to scare them off, when am I going to find a girlfriend.” Min complained.

“Whatever, I don’t care.” I replied while eyes still focused on my book.

“Hyung isn’t it just mean what you did just now?” he asked while playing with his phone.

“She should have expected it before confessing to me. “ I replied before getting up to get a drink.

I was walking slowly when a guy stumbles on someone’s legs, which caused his juice to spill on my sweater.

“Joongie/Hyung” was heard before Min appeared right beside me, while a guy appeared beside him helping him up.

“Didn’t I tell you to be careful?” the guy nagged at him.

“I’m so-rry.” he stutter giving me a bow before looking at me dreamily.

I just glared at him coldly, taking off my stained sweater & throw it to the floor before walking off.

“Is he mute or something?” I heard someone shouted from behind.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Is he mute or something?” Yunnie shouted, obviously angry.

I just nudge him indicating him to keep quiet, not wanting to attract more attention than we already had, which seemed to be the entire academy excluding the teachers.

“I’m sorry about that.” Shim Minho apologized before picking up his hyung sweater.

“It’s ok. It’s my fault.” I replied, grinning like a pabo I was.

He just smiled before exiting the cafeteria.

“At least someone has manners.” Yunnie said before dragging me to our seat.

“Yunnie ah, he looked so charming glaring at me.” I said dreamily, imagining his charming face.

A few second passed, I turned & looked around wondering why there was no respond, only to find him exiting the cafeteria.

“Yunnie, wait for me.” I shouted before chasing after him.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“Hyung” Min’s voice was heard as soon he reached the rooftop.

I looked at him panting while he took a seat beside me.

“Here” he said shoving the stained sweater in front of my face.

“I don’t want it.” I said before diverting my attention back to the sky.

“You better bring it back home or Omma will chop your head off.” He said before putting it beside me.

“Who is he?” I asked.

“Kim Jaejoong, a 3rd year in the grade C class.” he replied.

“Grade C, a class full of idiots.” I commented before getting up walking towards the exit not before picking up the sweater.

“Hyung, wait up for me.” Min said, before trailing right behind me.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Yunnie, why did you leave me?” I said while pouting.

“Why would I listen to you complementing someone so rude like him?” he answered.

“He’s not rude, he’s just shy.” I replied while grinning.

“Gosh” Yunnie said before face-palming himself,

“Kim Jaejoong, are you listening?” Lee seonsang nim’s voice boomed throughout the classroom.

I just nodded timidly, having no idea what she was talking about.

“Good, let’s listen to you play then.” She said.

“Yunnie, what was she talking about?” I asked after nudging him. He gave me an ‘I-don’t-know’ look in return.

*I’m so dead.*

I slowly walked towards the piano, pressing the keys randomly after taking a seat.

“Enough Kim Jaejoong, now go back to your seat.” She shouted which caused us to jump a little, before hurrying back my seat.

“Why can’t you guys even listen to me for a day?” she complained before walking out, leaving the class unattended.

Teachers hate to enter our class, since we never take them seriously. That’s right, my class is the worst class in this academy, but since we all came from rich families they can’t ever throw us out of the academy.

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2[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:42 pm

Chapter 2
(Jaejoong’s Pov)

A goodbye wave was given before his car sped out of my sight.

I shook my head, thinking of how many times I told Yunnie not to speed on the road.

I slowly headed towards the living room after entering my house or should I say mansion.

*Who are they?*

I quietly & quickly hid behind a wall upon seeing 2 unfamiliar figures in the living room.

*Did I enter the wrong house?*

There was no sign of my Omma.

*Maybe I entered the wrong house?*

I slowly sneaked out without being noticed.

I looked at our address that was on the gate.

*This is my house.*

I slowly sneaked in, hiding back in the same spot.

*Are they kidnappers? They must be, they look evil, smiling & chatting, my omma are nowhere to be found.*

“Jae darling, what are you doing hiding there?” Omma asked.
My attention was quickly diverted to the direction of her voice; Omma was looking at me with a puzzled expression.

I quickly ran towards her, “Omma, there’re kidnappers in the living room.” I whispered into her ear.

She just bursts out laughing upon hearing my words.

“No, silly, that’s your late Appa’s best friends since high school.” Omma explained, while ruffling my hair.

“Best friends? But how come I’ve never met them before?” I asked.

“Because you been busy hanging out with Yunnie.” Omma teased.

I pouted in response which caused her to laugh, before leading me towards our ‘guests’ not kidnappers.

*My drama addiction is getting worse.*

“Hye Bin, Min Woo.” Omma called out, making them turn.

“Omg… is this Jaejoong?” Hye Bin ajumoni said.

“Anyounghasehyo” I said before bowing, showing them respect.

“Aigoo...he’s so cute.” Hye Bin ajumoni said, before giving me a hug.

Omma just laughed at my puzzled, plus surprise expression.

The 4 of us were soon seated in living room, right after Hye Bin ajumoni dragged me to seat beside her.

“Jae darling, I have something to announce.” My Omma said, seriousness plastered on her face.

I just nodded, waiting for her to continue her words.

“I have to leave for Japan tonight for an important project there.” She started.

“How long?” I asked.

“I’m gonna be away for around 6 months.” She added.

“6 months?” I asked, sadly.

“Can’t I follow along?” I asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Jae darling, you can’t. It’s already your last year at the academy & it will be a waste if you don’t complete it” she replied.

I just nodded, slumping my head down.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be lonely. We decided to let you stay over at our place until your parents come back.” Hye Bin ajumoni comforted me.

“That’s right, darling. They have sons around your age & I’m sure you will have a lot of friends there. You can call me if you miss me.” My Omma said, trying to cheer me up.

I just nodded & give them a weak smile.
After getting our luggage in the car, all the 4 of us headed towards the airport, sending my omma off.

“Omma take care.” I said, before giving her a hug.

“Jae darling, behave alright. I will call, and check up on you daily.” Omma said, before hugging me once again.

After goodbyes, we finally headed back to Hye Bin ajumoni‘s house.

“Wow” I exclaimed, once out of their car.

Their mansion is 2 times bigger than mine. They have a limo & 2 cars in their drive way.

“Let’s go in.” Minwoo ahjjussi said.

We were greeted by a maid once the door was opened.

“Ji young, can you please ask the boys to gather in the living room?” Hye Bin ajumoni instruct after passing my luggage to her.

She bowed before scurrying off with my luggage.

The 3 of us proceeded to the living room when my eyes almost popped out seeing who’s in their living room. I started grinning, feeling a little dizzy when darkness overcame me.

“Jae,Jae” I heard Hye Bin ajumoni calling out.

I slowly opened my eyes, to be greeted with 4 pairs of worried eyes & 2 pairs of uninterested eyes.

*Am I dead? Or am I dreaming? The angel, Shim Changmin is standing right in front of me.*

“Am I dead?” I asked, still in dazed.

They burst into laughter after hearing my question.

“No, silly. You fainted just now when we arrive in the living room.” Hye Bin ajumoni replied once the laughter died down.

“Oh… Sorry.” I apologized, grinning at them.

“It’s ok; now let’s introduce you to our boys.” Min Woo ahjjushi said, once everyone settled down.

“Our older sons are: Changmin & Minho. You go to the same academy as them right?” Hye Bin ajumoni asked.

I nodded before saying to them both ‘hi’ sounding more like a whisper.

Changmin just gave me an uninterested look which caused Hye Bin ajumoni to give him death glares.

“It’s ok, Hye Bin ajumoni.” I said, trying to stop her death glares.

“Jae darling, call me Umma from now on ok.” She said, giving me pleading eyes.

I nodded hesitantly, “Hi, Jaejoong hyung.” I heard Minho’s cheerful voice, making me grin at him.

“This is our twins, Yoochun & Junsu. They are 6 years old this year.” Min Woo ahjussi ended the introductions.

“Hi” I said, but the only response came from Junsu.

“Hyung, will you play with me?” he asked, tugging my shirt after approaching me.

“Of course” I said, ruffling his hair.

“Shim Yoochun” Hye Bin ajumoni or should I call,
‘Umma’ signalled with the same death glares.

“Hi, hyung” Yoochun answered quickly, before giving me the uninterested look once again.

“If there’s nothing else, I will be in my room.” Changmin finally speaks, getting up from his seat.

“I would like to go to the bathroom.” I said, getting up right after him.

“MinMin, can you show Jae the way to the bathroom?” Umma asked or more like instructed.

I trailed him from behind after he gave Umma a nod.

*Omg… I’m living in the same house as Shim Changmin, my 2 almost 3 year crush.*

I grinned once again with that thought.

Without realising I stumbled on my foot, as he turned, falling and landing with my body & lips on top of his.

*Omg… we kissed!!*

“Get off me.” He said before pushing me off his body, getting back into standing position.
I touched my lips, that has just touches his, not believing what happened a second ago.

*We really did kiss.*

I got up slowly, while watching his unreadable expression.

“Pabo” he said, before walking away.

On the luckiest days of my life, here I was grinning at the bathroom door.

(Changmin’s Pov)

I walked away leaving that pabo, whose still busy grinning, for who knows what?

Entering my bedroom, I laid my worn out body on the bed, thinking to myself; why out of millions of peoples,
did my parent bring a pabo like him back?

“Shim Changmin” my Omma’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

“Yes.” I replied before she took a seat beside me.

“What’s with that attitude just now?” she asked.

“What? Isn’t that what I always do? Why get worked up over it?” I asked before grabbing a book.

“He’s gonna be here for 6 months, are you gonna treat him like that for 6 months then?” She asked.

I just nodded before proceeding to read my book.
“Fine but don’t regret it.” She said before leaving my room.

*Regret? Why would I regret over him?*

I just shrugged at the thought before continuing to read.


(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Jae darling, why are you blushing?” Omma asked in the mid eating.

I just shook my head, putting a piece of meat in my mouth.

*Stop blushing, Kim Jaejoong. Omg… every time I see him, the kiss replays in my mind.*

“HoHo, would you mind helping Jae unpack, some of his stuff brought earlier is still unpacked.” Umma said to Minho.

“Sure” he replied before smiling at me.

(Minho’s Pov)

*Is Jaejoong hyung blushing because of the kiss?*


Omma wanted me to accompany her, to check on Jaejoong Hyung’s bedroom.

As we walked past the corridor, we saw Jaejoong hyung stumbling like how he did in the cafeteria today.

Before we could call out, we witnessed their accidental kiss, which almost caused Omma to squeal.

“HoHo, you have to help Umma with something?” Umma whispered.


*If this help is needed to break the ice around Hyung’s heart, it’s worth it.*

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3[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:42 pm

Chapter 3

“Jaejoong ah, I love you.” Changmin whispered into his ear, causing Jaejoong to burst into tears of happiness. Under the beautiful sunset, they seal their love with a kiss.

Kring, kring…

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

My eyes shot open hearing the alarm.

“Stupid alarm, disrupting my beautiful dream” I said to nobody while blushing with the thought of the kiss.

“What is it about?” a voice asked.

“A kiss with Changmin” I answered dreamily turning towards the voice which almost caused me to die in embarrassment.

“Ahh” I screamed, stumbling on my own leg while trying to run away from the amused Minho.

*Omg… it’s so embarrassing. Someone save me now*

I end up hiding under my blanket for ‘protection’ when my escape plan failed.

“Hyung, Umma is asking if you wanna help her make breakfast.” He said after he stopped laughing at my stupid actions.

“I will be down soon.” I replied, peeking under my blanket.

“Alright, see you later.” He said, heading towards the door.

“Minho” I called out, getting out of my ‘protection’.

“Please don’t tell him” I continued, pleading him with my cutest puppy eyes after he turned his attention to me.

He just giggled before giving a nod.

(Changmin’s Pov)

Like every other morning, I headed down for breakfast after getting ready for the day.

“Morning, MinMin.” My Omma greeted while I took a seat in between Min & Chun.

A few minutes passed before everyone started to enjoy their food.

*Gosh… can that pabo stop grinning at me?*

I try ignoring him but it’s not working when he’s seated opposite of me.

“Jae hyung, is your hand alright?” Min asked while pointing at his hand full of band-aids.

That pabo just nodded before sipping more soup.

“He just had a few cuts while helping me with breakfast. Don’t worry.” Omma reassure Min.

*Pish… It seems like someone just entered the kitchen for the first time. Merely getting cuts over breakfast.*

“It’s delicious, hyung” Min commented which cause him to grin again.

*Gosh… my eyes hurt, since his grin is blinding me.*

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

It makes me feel so happy to hear Minho praise me when it’s my first time cooking breakfast. Being the only child, my Umma pampered me most of the time.

She would make sure to spare time, to have breakfast & dinner with me, no matter how busy she was thus; she was the one who always prepared the meals.

If only Changmin would praise me, I’d be ‘flying’.

“MinMin, can you please give Jae a ride every morning, since you guys are headed in the same direction.” Umma instructed once everybody was getting ready to leave for school & work for ahjusshi.

“He can ride with Min.” He responded flatly, grabbing his car key & sweater in the process.

“I’m not gonna trust HoHo to give him a ride to the academy & it would be more comfortable for Jae to ride a car then a motorcycle” Umma explained in a firm voice.

“Fine” He said before heading out of the door.

“Have a good day.” Umma said, waving us goodbye before getting on our respective vehicle.

The twins with Minwoo ahjushii, me & Changmin while Minho ‘flying’ solo.

“How was the breakfast?” I asked after a good 15 mins of awkward silence.

He kept his eyes on the road, ignoring my question.

*Maybe he still shy around me. How cute.*

I quietly giggle to myself.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“How was the breakfast?” he asked, anticipation can be seen from the corner of my eyes.

I just keep quiet, pretending his question was unheard.

A few seconds later, he started to giggle quietly.

*Just prefect, now I have a giggling fool to destroy my morning peace.*

The whole ride was in silence except for the sound of him giggling which irritates me.

“Get out of the car now.” I said in a cold tone, once I stopped a few blocks away from the academy.

From the corner of my eyes, I can see shock written on his face but he slowly got out.

“Remember; don’t let anybody know about us living together.” I warned which he timidly nodded to before I quickly dashed out of his sight, without looking at him.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

I stood there watching his car disappearing out of sight.

“He’s just not used to having me around, he will get used to it.” I convince myself, walking down the pavement with my head slumped.

“Hyung” I heard a familiar voice calling out from behind.

“Minho” I exclaimed after turning to face him.
“Come let me give you a ride.” He said while patting the empty space behind him.

“Ok, but how did you find me?” I asked, surprised to see how he always pops out of nowhere.

“I have my ways” He said before giving me a wink which cause me to chuckle.

(Yunho’s Pov)

“Gosh… where is Joongie? I’m getting sleepy.” I mumbled to myself, resting my head on the desk.

“Yah… Yunho… Let’s go.” Siwon, a classmate called out.

“Where?” I asked lazily, but instead was dragged towards the crowd at the academy entrance.

“That’s Jaejoong, right?” he asked, while I looked towards the direction he was pointing.

I quickly rub my sleepy eyes, just to make sure it wasn’t playing trick on me.
*What in the world is going on? Joongie getting off the bike, which belonged to, ‘the legendary’ Shim Minho*

“Joongie” I called out, approaching them.

“Good morning, Yunnie.” He greeted me with a big grin.

“Morning, Yunho hyung” Minho greeted me.

*How did he know my name?*

“Morning” I greeted the both of them with a smile.

“Minnie ah, this is my best friend since diapers, Jung Yunho.” Joongie introduced me.


“Cool. I’m hyung’s new beloved dongsaeng, Shim Minho.” He replied, which cause both of us to chuckle.

“Alright, see you both around.” He said before approaching the waiting Shim Changmin in the corner.

“Joongie, what’s going on?” I asked as soon as we are seated in the classroom.

“Nothing” He replied while giving me a secretive smile.

“Not fair, you promise not to keep anything from me” I said, while pouting.

*Gosh… I hope this works*

“Awww… Yunnie, you’re so cute.” He said, while pinching on my cheeks which cause me to pout more.

“Ok, fine but not here & now.” He said, sighing in defeat which I nodded happily to.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“Hyung, how can you do that to Jae hyung?” Min nagged while on the way to our classroom.

“What? Did I ever volunteer to drive him? No. So, it’s good enough that I drive him & drop him somewhere, in a walking distance.” I said, eyes focusing on my phone.

“But didn’t Omma instruct you to drive him TO THE ACADEMY not drop him somewhere else.” He replied, emphasising on his words.

“I don’t care & don’t use Omma against me. I’m not his driver.” I replied ignoring the irritated look he was throwing at me.

“Fine, I won’t say anything but if she finds out, that’s your problem.” He replied before walking away from me.

*Why must he care so much about that pabo? Does he even care what people will think or say, after seeing him arriving at the academy with that pabo? Whatever, if he doesn’t care then I don’t care. End of story.*

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“What?!!” Yunnie almost shouted, which cause me to quickly cover his mouth in response.

“What’s the use of us hiding here if you are gonna shout?” I said before sighing.

“Sorry, I was just surprised” He apologized.

“So are you planning to confess to him?” he asked.

“Of course, he would.” a familiar voice answered.

[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Soulf
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4[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:43 pm

Chapter 4

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Minho!” the both of us exclaimed, surprised to see him here.

“You should because he’s right there.” Minnie said, pointing out at a figure, leaning on the wall behind him.

“Joongie, what are you doing?” Yunnie asked when I hid myself behind him after realising who the figure was.

*Oh shoot… did he hear our conversation?*

“Hyung” Minnie called out, trying to pull me out of my hiding, but instead I cling myself on Yunnie’s back.

“Yah... Kim Jaejoong, you’re hurting me.” Yunnie whines.

“Sorry” I muttered quickly, realising that I was grabbing hold of his hair all along.

Minnie kept pulling while I tried my best to hold onto the whining Yunnie, like my life depended on it.

“Min” he called out, after being silent all this while.

(Changmin’s Pov)

I headed towards the exit and called for Min, causing him to catch up with me in a matter of seconds.

“Kim Jaejoong, he will be the first & last person to know.” I warned with firmness in my tone, before I exited the rooftop.

“Hyung, why do you hate him so much?” Min asked once we were alone.

“Min ah, I’m not like you so if you want to like him, by all means go ahead. I don’t care.” I said, ignoring the look Min was giving me.

“Fine but don’t you regret.” He said, sounded a little pissed off before walking off.

*What’s wrong with them? First it’s Omma & now is Min.
Why would I regret?*

I just shrugged off those thoughts before heading for my next class.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Are you sure of not tagging along?” Yunnie asked while we were heading towards his car.

“It’s ok; I’m not feeling well so I’ll just rest at home.” I answered.

“Alright then, have a good rest & I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He said before waving me goodbye.

I started to walk along the pavement, enjoying the cool breeze while thinking on how I want to confess.

*Hmm… How about making him lunch…? But I’m not good at cooking.*

I sigh with that thought, I feel so useless.

“What’s with the sighing, hyung?” Minnie’s voice was heard, as he appeared with his motorcycle.

“Nothing Minnie ah” I said, shaking my head before giving a smile.

“Come, let’s go somewhere.” He said before patting the space behind him.

“Wahhh… so many flavours” I grinned at the menu like a 3 year old.

“You’re so cute, hyung.” Minnie commented before chuckling which made me blush.

“So what’s on your mind?” he asked after we both took a spoonful of our sundae.

“Well, I was wondering on how to confess? It seems to be more nerve wrecking after witnessing all his rejections”
I explained before scooping more sundae.

“Do you have any ideas in mind?” he asked after giving me an understanding nod.

“I was planning on making lunch box for him but I suck at cooking.” I reveal my thoughts.

(Minho’s Pov)

“Don’t worry about that, there is someone that can help you.” I said, before giving him a ‘You-know-who-I’m’-talking-about’ look.

He nodded his head before scooping more sundae.

“So, when’re you planning to ask Omma?” I asked.

“Ask what?” he asked back.

“On how to make lunch box” I replied, sighing.

“Oh.” he answered, still clueless.

“Hyung, you know I was talking about Omma just now, right?” I asked.

He shook his head which cause me to face palm myself.

*Why did he nod if he didn’t get what I was hinting? But I guess that’s what makes him cute.*

The rest of the time was spent on us fooling around while finishing our sundae.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Welcome back.” Omma greeted the both of us which caused us to smile in response.

“Hyung, where did you guys go?” Junsu asked, approaching us.

“On a date” Minnie replied almost causing Minwoo ahjushii to spill the coffee he was savouring while the others stared at us excluding Changmin & Yoochun who were busy reading.

“No, nothing like that, Minnie was just kidding” I said before slapping him on the arm.

“Aigoo, I thought it was real for a second.” Minwoo ahjushii commented before chuckling.

“Isn’t it better if it’s real, you guys match each other so well.” Omma commented; I blushed while Minnie just chuckled.

“Omma, can you teach me how to make a lunch box?” I asked.

“Sure but who are you making it for?” Omma asked anticipation in her tone.
“For me, his beloved dongsaeng, right?” Minnie said, before slinging his arm on my shoulder.

“I want one, too.” Junsu cheered, jumping around excitedly.

“Sure.” I said before laughing at his cuteness.

“Good luck, I hope nobody dies of food poisoning” He finally spoke before getting up & heading to his room.

“Ignore what he says, we will start tomorrow.” Omma said, smiling before heading to the kitchen.

“MinMin hyung, Jae hyung, would you play with me? Chunnie doesn’t want to play soccer with me.” Junsu asked a hint of sadness in his tone.

“Sure, let’s go.” I said before the 3 of us headed for the backyard.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“On a date” Min replied, making everyone to stare at them except me & Chun.

*Is he kidding me? On a date with a pabo like Kim Jaejoong? *

“No, nothing like that, Minnie was just kidding.” He replied before slapping Min’s arm.

*Of course, it’s a joke…*Haha… very funny… must be joke of the year.*

“Aigoo, I thought it was real for a second.” Appa commented before chuckling.

*If Min really dated him for real, I guess there must be a wire or screw loose in his brain.*

“Isn’t it better if it’s real, you guys match each other so well.” When Omma commented that pabo blushed & Min chuckled.

*Gosh… is my Omma crazy? Why would she want a pabo like that to date her son? She must have some short circuit in her brain too.*

“Omma, can you teach me how to make a lunch box?” he asked.

“Sure but who are you making it for?” Omma asked, anticipation in her tone.

“For me, his beloved dongsaeng, right?” Min said, slinging his arm on that pabo’s shoulder.

“I want one, too.” Su cheered, jumping around excitedly.

“Sure.” He replied.

*Great, first he’s invading my house, secondly, invading my peaceful morning & now invading my precious food, but luckily his not making any for me. Yes!*

“Good luck, I hope nobody dies of food poisoning.” I finally spoke before getting up & heading for my room.

“Hmmm… that pabo was must be an alien since he loves to invade so much. What is he gonna invade next, my heart? Hahaha... that’s definitely not gonna happen.” I muttered my thoughts out while listening to “With All My Heart” by
‘Tohoshinki’ in the background.

It feels so good to be away from that pabo.

“Hyung” Chun called me.

“Hey, sit here.” I said patting the empty space beside me on the bed.

“What are you doing?” he asked, smiling at me.

“Getting away from that pabo” I replied before I continued humming to the song.

“Min Hyung is so nice to him. I don’t understand why.” He said, resting his head on my chest.

“Min is nice to everybody, Chun.” I replied, while chuckling.

“That’s so true.” He replied, chuckling along.

“Where are they now? I mean Min & Su.” I asked.

“That pabo & hyung accompanied Su, to play soccer since I didn’t want to play with him earlier.” He explained. I just nod in understanding.

It has always been like this between us siblings; Chun would prefer to hang out with me since I’m more of a quiet & indoor person, these things we have in common.

Whereas Su & Min are more of the hyper & sporty type, so they tend to spend time together, but the one thing we all have in common is our love for music. Yoochun plays the piano like me where as Junsu plays the drums, I guess

I’m proud to be their hyung after all.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

After 2 weeks, things have been like a routine for me. Breakfast, awkward car ride, left a few blocks away from the academy, Minnie picking me up there, lunch with Yunnie &

sometimes Minnie, grinning at him every day, starting a conversation but having silence as a respond & also 2 weeks of training on the lunch boxes which Minnie, Omma & SuSu have proudly become my testers every day.

*Finally, the day as come.*

Looking at the clock, I quickly put on the finishing touches. I grin to myself looking at the piece I created, as I decided to cut out vegetable into alphabets

while egg was fried into a love shape, all together spelling out “I love you”.

After a boring time in class, the bell finally rang indicating lunch time. My heart started to beat faster as we approached the cafeteria where my confession will take place.

I slowly approach the table where he & Minnie were seated. Looking at my face, Minnie mouthed ‘Hwaiting’ before acting like he was busy with his phone.

“Changmin shii” I called out which caught every students attention.

“Please accept my love.” I said, trying my best not to stutter while putting the lunch box in front of him.

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5[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:44 pm

Chapter 5

(Changmin’s Pov)

Loads of gasps were heard upon his confession.

*What the hell? Why would I accept him? I’m not gay?!*

I decided to open up the lunch box, just to see what was presented inside.

*I love you? Gosh… this alien must be nuts.*

The crowd was waiting for my reply like usual.

I slowly get up with the lunch box in my hand before standing right in front of him.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

*What is he gonna say? Why is he glaring at me? Is he mad?*

Before I could open my mouth, he was already pouring out the foods.

My heart breaks seeing the food scatted on the ground.

*Why is he doing this to me?*

“I don’t need someone like you in my life.” He said in his usual cold tone before exiting the cafeteria.

There were gasps here & there, some was giving me pitying looks while others were smirking at my rejection.

“Hyung/Joongie” both of them approached me.

“Hyung, are you alright?”Minnie was the first to ask.

I tried my best to put on a smile while holding back the tears that’s threatening to fall.

“Does he look alright to you?” Yunnie say sounding pissed off, causing the guilty look to appear on Minnie’s face.

“I’m sorry, hyung.” He apologizes.

I just shook my head, “It’s not your fault & Yunnie, stop making Minnie feel guilty.”

I needed some time alone so I started to head for the exit.

(Minho’s Pov)

I was about to call out for hyung when he headed for the exit but Yunho hyung stopped me.

“Leave him alone. He hates when people see his tears because he knows it will make people worry about him.” Yunho hyung explained which I nodded in response.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

After asking to be excused from class, I headed down to Han River.

“It feels good to be here.” I muttered to myself while enjoying the sight.

‘I don’t need someone like you in my life.’

Tears that I was holding back started to fall.

*What’s wrong with me? Am I so disgusting for him?*

I cried my heart out while his words kept playing in my head like a broken record.

(Minho’s Pov)

“Hyung, didn’t you say to leave him alone?” I whispered.

“Yes but I didn’t say we can’t stalk him?” Yunho hyung explained while busy looking at the binoculars.

“We are not stalkers, hyung & hiding behind the bushes is definitely not a good hiding spot. “ I said while looking at the mosquito bites on my arms.

“Who say we are stalkers? We are just looking out for him.” He said still busy spying Jae hyung.

“But didn’t you just say ‘stalk’ a few minutes ago?” I said a bit confused.

“Omg… Joongie is sobbing really hard.” Hyung exclaimed.

“What? Let me see.” I said, trying to take the binoculars from him.

“No, why didn’t you bring your own?” he said, gripping on tightly to it.

“I don’t have one, lend it to me hyung.” I replied, trying my best to snatch from him.

After a few minutes of snatch game, I finally got the binoculars from him.

“Yunho hyung, hyung is trying to kill himself!” I exclaimed when I saw Jaejoong hyung standing at the edge.

“What? Let’s stop him.” Hyung said before we jumped out of the bushes.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

The tears finally stopped when I decided to grab some tissues from my pocket when my wallet accidentally dropped into the river, since I wasn’t standing too far from the edge.

I decided to move forward before bending down, to grab back my wallet.

“Hyung/Joongie, don’t do it!” 2 familiar voices was heard.

I quickly turn to see Yunnie & Minnie heading towards me.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked while the 2 of them were panting for air in front of me.

“Are you crazy? Why are you trying to kill yourself?” Yunnie yell at me.

“Kill myself?” I stuttered out, surprised he started yelling at me.

“The both of us saw you standing at edge. Why are you doing this, hyung?” Minnie asked.

I burst out laughing once hearing Minnie’s explanation which causes them to look at me, puzzled.

“Yah… Kim Jaejoong, what is so funny?” Yunnie asked.

“Thanks, you guys.” I said before hugging them.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“He didn’t return back to class after lunch.” Jonghyun, Minho’s classmate explained.

“Alright, thanks.” I replied plainly before walking away.

*Aish… where is he? He’s nowhere to be found, even his motorcycle is not at the academy parking lot.*

After wondering around the academy, I decided to head home.

*Maybe his home.*

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“So you are not trying to kill yourself?” Minnie asked.

I shook my head, “No, by the way how did you know I was here?”

“Yunho hyung” Minnie quickly muttered before hiding behind me.

“You betrayer” Yunnie exclaimed, trying to get hold of Minnie.

“Yah… Jung Yunho, how long have you been doing this? “I asked, holding up the binoculars.

“A few years” He replied, giving me a smile.

“Anyways, thanks guys.” I said before the 3 of us share a laugh.

“So, what are you going to do once you face him back at home?” Minnie asked.

“I guess for now, I need something to distract my attention away from him.” I said, giving them a weak smile.

“Finally, you decided to get over him.” Yunnie commented.

“I’m not going to give up; I’m going to make sure he falls in love with me.” I said determination in my voice.

“What?!” Yunnie shouted in disbelieved.

“I just need a short break, to cure the pain in my heart.” I replied which cause Yunnie to face palm himself while Minnie cheered me on.

(Minho’s Pov)

The 3 of us continued chatting while enjoying the sunset.

“Minho, Joongie fell asleep…” Hyung whispered when I realise that hyung had fallen asleep on my shoulder.

“He got a slight fever.” Hyung commented upon touching his forehead.

“He hasn’t had enough sleep this past 2 weeks just to practice cooking.” I replied, looking at him sadly.

“Well, let’s get him home.” Hyung said after sighing to my words.

I trailed hyung’s car from behind & soon we reached home.

After parking my motorcycle, hyung handed me the sleeping Jae hyung ‘bridal style’.

Once I can manage, he says goodbye before I headed to the main door.

“You guys are home.” Omma greeted us but her expression change when she saw the sleeping hyung in my arms.

“Hyung has a slight fever.” I explained which caused every attention on us except Changmin hyung.

He seems to be avoiding eye contact, maybe he knows that I’m angry at him for treating Jae hyung like that.

“Is he gonna be ok? Should we call the doctor?” Omma started to panicked.

“His gonna be ok, tonight I will look after him in my room.” I said Omma & Appa which nodded in agreement.

“Alright, take good care of him. Tell us if anything happens.” Appa said. I just nodded in response.

Before going upstairs , I turned & looked at everyone.

*I can do this. This is all for their sake.*

“Is something wrong, HoHo?” Omma asked.

“We are dating.” I said slowly.

“You mean Jaejoong & you?” Omma asked.

I nodded my head before smiling at them.

“That’s good news.” My parent & Junsu cheered.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“We are dating.” Min said.

“You mean Jaejoong & you?” Omma asked which he nodded in respond.

*What the hell is going on? Just a few hours ago, he confessed his love for me & now, he’s dating my brother?*

“That’s good news.” My parent & Junsu cheered.

*Good news, my foot. What are they thinking?*

I slowly get up; walking passed everyone before reaching in front of Min.

“It’s just slight fever, not like he’s gonna die or anything.” I commented before walking passed them, climbing up the stairs.

“Aish… what is Min thinking dating that pabo? Did he get sick because of me? No! It’s his own fault. What are they doing in Min’s room now? Why would I ever care? Shim Changmin! Stop answering your own questions!” I smacked my own head before listening to my ipod, shrugging the thoughts off.

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6[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:45 pm


Chapter 6

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

Opening my eyes slowly, I adjust to the brightness of the sunlight that shone through the window.

“Where am I?” I muttered to nobody while rubbing my eyes, after sitting up in the bed.

“Hyung, you’re awake.” Minnie suddenly appeared, half naked with a towel wrapped around him.

*Why is he half-naked in my room? But it doesn’t look like my room? Why am I just in a bathrobe? No, it can’t be!*

“Hyung, are you alright?” Minnie’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

“Did something happen last night?” I asked slowly.

“Yes” he replied, quickly.

*Omg... I lost my virginity to a dongsaeng!*

“Hyung, why are you blushing?” he asked.

“Nothing” I muttered quickly, avoiding his eyes.

“So are you still feeling sick? Your fever got worse in the mid morning.” He said, leaning on the wall.

“Sick?” I asked, almost shouted.

“You had a slight fever yesterday so I decided to take care of you last night before Omma started panicking the whole night.” He explained.

*Phew, so I was just sick.*

“Oh, I thought something else happened. Well, I’m feeling better now. Thanks.” I said before cursing myself for having such thoughts.

“So what other thoughts were you having?” Minnie’s face was suddenly in front of me, our lips are gaps apart while amusement plastered his face.

“N-nothing” I stutter while blushing.

“Breakfast is ready.” A familiar voice was heard, which cause the both of us to turn towards it.

“Good morning, hyung. We will be down soon.” Minnie simply replied before turning his attention back at me, not moving an inch away.

“Minnie, why are you looking at me like that?” I said trying to push him away but he doesn’t move at all which causes me to pout.

“Aigoo, you are so cute.” Minnie said, giving me a peck on the cheek which resulted in me blushing.

When a bang was heard, the both of us realised that Changmin had just left the room.

*Omg… did he see that? He’s gonna hate me more now.*

I groan in frustration before hiding my head under the pillow.

“Hyung, stop hiding under the pillow. Go & get your shower.” Minnie said while busy pulling me out of the bed.

“If you are not gonna get up, I’m gonna carry you to the shower.” He said once again but I didn’t move an inch.

(Changmin’s Pov)

*Why was Min half-naked when I entered? They were in such an awkward position. Were they about to kiss? Shim Changmin, stop it. Whatever they do is their business. Just keep yourself away from that pabo & your life will be back to normal.*

“MinMin” Omma called, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Yes?” I replied, quickly.

“Why are you still standing in front of HoHo’s room? Have you called them for breakfast?” she asked. I nodded in response.

“What is taking them so long then?” Omma said while grabbing the doorknob.

“HoHo ah…” her words paused with the sight that greeted us the moment she opened the door.

“Omma, what are you doing here?” Min asked while that pabo is in his arm, carried bridal style.

“Minnie, put me down~” That pabo whined while struggling.

“Stop struggling, hyung or you will fall.” Min warned him.

“Omma, is there anything wrong?” Min asked.

“No, nothing. Just wondering why you guys were taking so long.” She said before smiling at them.

“As you can see Omma, my beloved hyung didn’t want to get up & shower so I have to carry him.” Min said before chuckling which made that pabo pout.

“Aigoo… Alright, I will leave you two lovebirds but don’t take too long or the foods will get cold.” Omma said approaching me before closing the door.

“MinMin, are you alright? You look so pale.” Omma said.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” I said after giving her a nod.

*Shim Changmin, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so shocked by their intimacy? That’s how couples act. It’s a normal thing, don’t let it affect you.*

I convinced myself before splashing some water on my face, cooling myself down.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Hyung, didn’t you say yesterday that you needed to find something to distract you for a while?” Minnie asked after taking a seat beside me on the bed, as we both ready for the day.

I give him a nod before he continued, Can you be my boyfriend then?”

“What??” I shouted.

“What’s wrong?” Omma suddenly appeared, bursting the door open.

“Omma!!” the both of us exclaimed, surprised.

“I was passing by the room & I heard Jae shout. What’s wrong?” she asked after explaining.

Soon Min Woo ahjushii & the twins appeared behind Omma.

“Jae hyung is pregnant!” Minnie said.

“What??!” the other 4 including me shouted in surprise which caused Minnie to burst out laughing.

“Calm down, I was just joking. Nothing’s wrong Omma, Appa.” He replied.

I just puffed up my cheek before slapping his arm; he just loves to trick me.

“And here I thought I’m going to be a grandmother soon.” Omma said before chuckling.

“You are joking, right? About me being your boyfriend…” I asked after the others leave the room & assure them that we will be down soon.

“Well, it’s more like act as my boyfriend. Please!” Minnie pleads.

“Ok, but why?” I asked.

“Well, there’s somebody I like in school but I’m not sure, so I’m trying to make him jealous.” Minnie explained.

“Alright then dongsaeng, I will try my best to help you.” I said before grinning at him.

“Thanks, hyung. By the way, I already told the others that we are ‘dating’ so that we can practice on how to act like a ‘couple’ from home.” Minnie said.

“That’s means Changmin also knows that we are ‘dating’.” I said, slowly.

“Hyung, don’t worry about Changmin hyung. I’m sure one day he will fall in love with you.” Minnie encouraged me; I just smile back in respond.

(Minho’s Pov)

*Don’t worry hyung. I hope with this plan, Changmin hyung will realise his true feelings. Even though he always acted cold towards you, somehow the ice around his heart has started melting. It’s just the starting but I can already see the reaction.*

“Let’s go down, hyung.” I said before the both of us exited the room.

“Finally, the lovebirds come down.” Omma said while the both of us take a seat after greeting ‘good morning’.

“Omma, where’s hyung?” I asked after realising that my ‘target’ is nowhere to be found.

“He had already left, saying there’s something important.” Omma explained which I just nodded to in response.

*Who’s he lying too? I know his schedule very well. I guess he‘s trying to avoid our public display of affection.*

“Minnie, why are you laughing to yourself?” Jae hyung asked before biting his toast.

“I just remembered how funny you looked when you woke up this morning.” I said before chuckling at his pout.

“I should call you ‘Meanie’ instead of ‘Minnie’.” He said before sticking out his tongue.

“I don’t care.” I said before repeating his action which had the both of us laughing.

“Fancy calling yourself ‘hyung’ when you guys act like 6 year olds” Chun commented before getting up from his seat.

“Yah… Shim Yoochun… how dare you say that to your hyung? You are so dead when I get my hands on you.” I said, chasing after him which caused the others at the dining table to laugh.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Aigoo… he’s really turning more & more like MinMin each day.” Omma commented, sipping her tea.

“Well, he’s really different from Junsu.” I commented while looking at Minnie that’s ‘wrestling’ with his dongsaeng.

“I guess, he really admires MinMin very much since MinMin is the reason why he loves the piano.” Omma explained.

*I know how it feels to love the piano, because I once did but ‘that night’ destroyed everything.*

“Jae” Omma’s voice was heard.

“Yes” I replied quickly.

“It’s seems that you drifted away for a while there. Are you alright?” Omma asked, concern in her tone.

“I’m alright, I’m just missing Umma.” I said before smiling at her.

(Changmin’s Pov)

I was walking past Min’s room after taking my bag from my bedroom, there was Appa & the twins crowding at the door.

*What happened?*

“Jae hyung is pregnant.” I heard Min’s voice the moment I approached the door.

My mind when totally blank when I heard that statement, without realising I was already running down the stairs without waiting to hear the other’s reaction.

*How the hell did that pabo get pregnant? Did they sleep together before? Then, what was with the ‘I love you’ confession yesterday? ‘ha, it was just a lie & will always be.*

Soon my parents & the twins come down and my parents look so happy.

“I need to go now, I have something important today.” I said, before grabbing my car keys & bag.

*Why does it feel so lonely? Maybe because that pabo is not here? Shouldn’t I be happy since he’s not here to destroy my morning peace? Whatever!! Shim Changmin, stop thinking of that pabo! He means nothing to you.*

I insert my favourite CD ‘Mirotic’ by DBSK into the player, shrugging the thoughts off while keeping my eyes on the road.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Minnie” I called out the moment my eyes spotted him in the cafeteria which drew everyone attention on us.

Like Minnie told me during the ride this morning, rumours around here spread fast. Since the news of us ‘dating’ was only spread this morning, it seems that by lunch now, everyone knows about it!
I’m aware that people are giving me questioning looks due to my confession yesterday, because somehow I end up dating Changmin’s younger brother the very next day, but this person is Shim Minho so nobody dares to question me or do anything to me. That just shows how powerful the ‘Shim siblings’ are. If there’s one thing I found weird, it’d be Yunnie, since he’s not surprised by the news, but my guess is that Minnie has told him beforehand.

“Joongie, you are here?” Minnie said before giving me a quick peck which caused the girls to squeals.

I nodded before taking a seat opposite Changmin whereas Yunnie sat beside me.

“What would you like to eat, baby?” he asked.

“Anything, it’s your choice.” I replied before grinning.

“Alright, how about you, hyung?” he said directing it to Changmin.

“Anything” He said before continuing to play with his phone.

After Minnie & Yunnie left to get the food, I was left with him in an awkward silence.

“Sorry if I surprised you yesterday.” I said, trying to make a conversation with him but as usual I was ignored.

I keep grinning at myself, he looks charming even when he’s just playing with his phone.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“What would you like to eat, baby?” Min asked that pabo.

*Baby? Gosh… why do I have to seat at the same table as them..*

“Anything, it’s your choice.” He replied while grinning

*Why doesn’t his grin irritate me? I kinda miss it. Shim Changmin, what are you saying?*

“Alright, what about you, hyung?” Min asked.

“Anything” I replied, giving all my attention to my phone.

It was awkward silence after Min & that Yunho guy left to get the food.

“Sorry if I surprised you yesterday.” He said but I just ignore him.

*Surprise? You didn’t just surprise me, but you freak me out. How can I love you when I’m not into guys?*

“Baby, I’m back.” Min’s voice was heard as he appeared with 2 trays of food.

After passing me a tray, I just start eating without saying a word while Min is busy feeding that pabo.

“Baby, are you ok?” Min’s worried voice asked as I looked at that pabo.

“Minnie, I’m not feeling well. I feel like vomiting.” That pabo said.

*He is definitely pregnant. What else can explain that?*

“Let’s get you to the doctor.” Minnie said which ‘he’ just nodded.

“Hyung, I’m going.” He said before walking away with that pabo & that Yunho guy.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

After the 3 of us was excuse from class, we headed down to the nearest clinic.

“What’s wrong with hyung, doctor?” Minnie asked.

“Jaejoong shii, is just worn out. He should only take in light food, since he has merely recovered from a fever & to avoid him from feeling nauseous again. For now, he needs to have plenty of rest & also due to his condition; he’ll have to watch his steps.” The doctor explained.

“Condition??” Minnie asked out.

“Thank you, doctor.” I said quickly, preventing Minnie from asking any further.

“If people don’t know any better, they will think that you’re pregnant. I mean the vomiting, resting & watching your steps.” Yunnie commented which cause the both of us to chuckle to his words.

(Changmin’s Pov)

As I was heading for my car, I saw someone I wished to never see again in my life

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7[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:46 pm

Chapter 7

(Changmin’s Pov)

“Hyung” Min’s voice was heard; I turned my head towards the voice.

They were holding hand, both with smiles on their faces.

“Fancy bumping into you at the doorstep” Min said, I didn’t reply, busy putting the key into the keyhole instead.

“All of you guys are back.” Omma greeted the 3 of us.

“Omma, Hyung is not feeling too well, so I’m gonna accompany him upstairs.” Min said.

“Alright rest well, Jae.” Omma said before the couple moved towards the staircase.

“Omma, is he pregnant or something? It’s just that I heard it this morning.” I asked flatly, not showing my curiosity.

“No, it was just a joke HoHo made up, but I’ll be glad if he is.” She replied before grinning at the thought.

*If his not pregnant then what was up with him just now? Is he sick or something? But why would it matter to me, even if he was dying?*

Without realising I sighed in relief before heading towards the staircase.

(Hye Bin’s Pov)

*Since when has MinMin been interested in what’s going on? This is the first time he’s asked about someone else that’s not his family member, since that incident 4 years ago.
Did I just hear him sigh in relief?*

I decided to head for the kitchen, getting dinner ready while shrugging the thoughts off.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Minnie, can you promise me something?” I asked, once he’d tucked me into bed before taking a seat beside me.

“What’s it, hyung?” He asked.

“Can you please not tell Omma anything about today? I don’t want her to worry about me, since it’s not something serious.” I said seriously, looking at him.

“Alright hyung. Now, you should rest. I’ll be in my room, if you need anything just call me.” Minnie said before heading towards the door.

*Why does my body have to be so weak? I need to be stronger or I’ll make Minnie & Yunnie worried about me.*

(Changmin’s Pov)

After taking a quick shower, I decided to read some books while relaxing myself on the bed. I was taking out a book from the shelves when an album falls to the ground. Once reaching out for it, I realise it was the photo album I’d kept hidden amongst the books for the last 4 years.

*Why does it have to appear now, when I’m trying my best to forget the image of that person?*

Without realising I was already flipping through it, the memories we shared was all captured in there. The smiles on our face were so pure & sincere but at the end of it, I was the one who’s being betrayed & hurt.

Anger started boiling in me when I saw the fake smiles, feeling frustrated & irritated that I can’t forget the person that hurt my heart. I flung the album and watched it landed at the other side of the room.

“Forget everything.” I chanted to myself before putting on my headphone, listening to my iPod.


“Come on, let’s eat. Appa’s just called saying that he will be home late.” Omma announced as me & the twins gathered at the dining table.

“Omma, where’s Min hyung?” Su asked.

“I’m here.” Min’s voice was heard as he appeared with that pabo, walking down the stairs.

“Jae, are you feeling better dear?” Omma asked after he had taken a seat.

“Yes, Omma” He replied before smiling.

Our eyes meet for a moment before he quickly turned his attention to Min, but I didn’t miss the pained expression on his face.

“Baby ah, let me feed you today.” Min asked while he nodded his head timidly, probably shy.

“Aigoo… you guys are so cute.” Omma commented.

*Cute? Pish… Why must they act all mushy when I’m eating? Gosh...I feel like puking!*
Min continues feeding him while whispering into his ear.

Their laughter gets irritating, their actions irritated me & I don’t even know why?

*Don’t let it affect you.*

I reminded myself while stuffing more food into my mouth.

“Minnie, I’m full. Why don’t you eat now?” He said while grinning.

“I’m already full, just by looking at you.” Min replied while putting his hand around the pabo’s waist.

“Minnie, stop it. I’m embarrassed.” He said while blushing like crazy, which caused Min to chuckle.

*What the hell are they doing now? Who gave them the right to act like that? What am I saying?! They have every right to do that.*

I just focused my eyes on the food, not wanting to witness anymore of their intimacy.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Min pecking him on the cheek, and my anger to started boiling…

“What the hell are you guys doing?!!” I burst out causing everyone to look at me in surprise.

“What’s wrong, hyung?” Min asked, calmly.

“Stop acting like that. You guys disgust me.” I said while staring at the ‘couple’

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“What’s your problem?” Minnie asked, obviously pissed off.

“MY problem? Ask yourself! Why did you date him? He just disgusts me more the moment he becomes your boyfriend. What has he done to you? Put a spell on you?!” He shouted, anger in his tone.

*I’m disgusting in his eyes…*

My hand automatically grip on to the hem of my shirt, trying my best to fight the tears.

“Shim Changmin!! watch your words.” Omma warned.

“Listen here, Kim Jaejoong. You’re the most disgusting person in this world. You shamelessly date my dongsaeng, merely a day after confessing to ME. If you are that easy, why don’t you become a who-” but his last word was cut when Omma’s hand landed on his cheek.

The 4 of us was shocked by Omma’s action.

“Are you happy now, Kim Jaejoong?” he asked, hurt in his eyes before walking away towards his room.

*So this is what he thought of me? It hurts so much to hear that from him. *
The grip became tighter as I try to fight the ache in my heart & the tears from flowing out.

“Jae, I’m so sorry. Are you alright?” Omma apologized, concern in her tone.

“I’m ok, Omma & don’t be sorry.” I said, trying my best to put on smile.

(Changmin’s Pov)

I splashed water on my face.

*What was I thinking? Why did I lose my cool? Didn’t they act just like that during lunch? Why did it bother me so much that’s he’s dating my dongsaeng? Do I like that pabo? No… that’s nonsense. Maybe I’m just irritated by the thought of that person. Yes, that’s it. Kim Jaejoong is just like that person & one day he will hurt Min.*

After wiping my face, I took a seat on my bed.

“Hyung, what was all that about just now?” Min asked, leaning on the doorframe while looking at me.

“Why? You’re not happy that I say those words to your lover?” I replied,

“It’s not just because he’s my lover, you have no right to say that to anybody & for your information, I was the one that confessed to him.” He said, his eyes never leaving mine.

*So Min is the one that’s in love with him?*

“Why would you choose him out of the million other girls that want you?” I asked.

“Remember, you told me that I can like him for all you care, you let go of your chances. I will be glad to heal his broken heart for you.” He said, smirking.

“Go ahead for all I care, I don’t even like him.” I said, ignoring his smirk.

“Fine but don’t come & find me for help if you lose him after realising your true feelings, because you’re gonna lose him to me.” He said.

“True feeling? Whatever.” I replied, not bothering to understand his words, he just left the room after my response.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“I’m fine, Umma. I really miss you too. Of course, they treat me well. I get along fine with Changmin & Minho. All right, good night.” I lied once again, trying to control my sobs. I don’t need her to worry about me.

“Hyung” Min called me, I quickly wiped away my tears before he seated next to me.

“Minnie ah, you’re not asleep yet?” I asked, putting on a fake smile; something I’m good at.

“Sorry hyung, I overheard your conversation on the phone, but why did you lie? Why didn’t you tell her that Changmin treats you badly?” he asked.

“Minnie ah, the last thing I need now is for her to worry about me. I’m already 19 & I can deal with this kind of thing by myself.” I explained.

“I’m sorry, hyung. It’s all because of my favour.” He apologized.

“It’s not your fault alright; he already hated me from the start… it’s just that he hates me more now.” I said, laughing it off while trying to lift up Minnie’s mood.

“I love you, hyung. You’re the best.” He said before grinning.

“Minnie ah, can I rest on your chest? I’m feeling a little tired.” I said.

A nod was given before he held me in his embrace; it was good to feel that someone was there when I needed them. Without realising, tears started to flow, releasing all the pain I was holding in.

(Changmin’s Pov)

I was walking towards the staircase when I pass by that pabo’s room, to see him & Min, hugging each other.

*So much of ‘i love you’. Why do people say it so easily?*

I quickly walked away trying to calm myself down before I lose my cool again.

(Next day)

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

After a peaceful morning in school, it’s finally lunch.

“Joongie” I heard Minnie’s the moment I stepped out of class with Yunnie.

“Minnie, why are you here?” I asked after approaching him.

“I thought that you might want to have lunch on the rooftop today.” He said.

Understanding what he meant, after all I’m still not ready to face him after what happen yesterday, I agreed.

After giving a nod, the 3 of us approached the cafeteria in order to get the food first.

“Joongie wait here. We’ll go & get the food & drinks.” Minnie said before leaving me near the entrance.

“So this is the guy who confessed to Shim Changmin, but dated Shim Minho instead.” A unfamiliar figure approached me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“How can you be so shameless? The hyung rejected you so you go for the dongsaeng instead.” The person commented, a smirk on the face.

*Who is this person? *

“Back off.” Minnie’s voice was heard as he appeared beside me with Yunnie.

“Protective I see.” That person commented.

“Joongie, let’s go.” Minnie said before dragging me away from that person.

“Nice to meet you again, Shim Minho.” The voice hollered from behind.

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8[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:47 pm

Chapter 8
(Changmin’s Pov)
While sipping on my drink, my eyes were on the search for Min but he was nowhere to be found.

“Maybe they had lunch somewhere else.” I muttered to nobody before biting on my sandwich.

“Nice to meet you again, Changmin ah.” A familiar voice was heard; slowly lifting my head up, there stood Jung Jessica, the very same person that broke my heart 4 years ago.

Not wanting to entertain her, I get up from my seat before exiting the cafeteria but just to realise that she was trailing me from behind.

“What do you want?” I asked, turning around while giving her an icy cold glare.

“Changmin ah, I miss you.” She said, trying to grab hold of my hand but was unsuccessful.

“Go away & don’t appear in front of me anymore.” I said before trying to walk away but she grab on to my arm.

“Changmin ah, give me another chance. Give us another chance.” She said, pleading.

*Chance? Is she kidding me? Why would I when she crush my heart?*

“Listen, get ou-“ my words was cut when her lips was lock with mine.

*What the hell is she doing?*

“What the hell are you thinking?” I said, coldly after we break apart.

“Just thought that you might miss my kiss.” She answered, smirking before walking away leaving me disgusted by her kiss.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Minnie,who was that?” I asked the moment we reached the rooftop.

“Someone not important, hyung.” He answered & I didn’t press on for any further answer.

“Min ah, I think we forget the drinks.” Yunnie said while holding up a bag of buns & sandwiches.

“Let me go & get it.” I offered.

“Let’s go together,hyung.” Minnie said before the 2 of us headed for the cafeteria.

The moment we near a corner which located quite near to the cafeteria, I saw a familiar figure with Changmin.

*Who is she?*

I was shocked when they both share a kiss while her eyes were looking at me, I could hear my heart breaks, witnessing the scene.

Before my tears could drop, Minnie has already pulled into his embrace as I hid my tears stained face in his chest, tears continue to fall freely.

“Let’s go,hyung.” He whispered before he slowly lead me back to the rooftop.

Nobody say a word after that as I enjoy Minnie’s companionship since Yunnie left for lesson while we decided to skip.

(Changmin’s Pov)

After that disgusting kiss, I wasn’t in the mood for lessons so I decided to excuse myself & headed to the rooftop but just to find the ‘couple’ cuddle up, not even noticing my existence.

*So now Min even dare to skip lessons just to be with that pabo.*

Without realising I was already approaching them, the scene in front of me makes me lose my cool again & the strong urged to separate them is killing me.

“Hyung, skipping class?” Min asked, the moment he saw me while that pabo hide his face in Min’s chest.

I just nodded before turning my attention to clear blue sky instead of the ‘couple’.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

*Kim Jaejoong, stop crying. It’s not gonna change the fact that he hates you.*

I keep telling myself but my tears betray me as it keep falling freely the moment I saw him which cause the whole scene to replayed in my mind. Not wanting to attract his attention, I end up hiding my face in Minnie’s chest.

An hour passed & Minnie decided to make our way home while we left him behind at the rooftop.


(Changmin’s Pov)

The moment I reached home, I headed for the shower.

*Why is she back? How I’m gonna face her now? I just hate the mere sight of her.*

Shrugging the thoughts off, I quickly get showered not wanting to waste any more time since it’s already dinner time & I’m getting hungry.

After changing to a fresh set of clothes, I headed downstairs just to see that everyone has start eating. Omma is still mad at me due to yesterday incident so I decided to keep quiet before taking a seat beside Chun.

“Jae ah, you looked sicker & paler then yesterday.” Omma commented but he just replied with a weak smile.

“Baby ah, your intake is too little.” Min said, looking at him worriedly.

*What’s wrong with him? Just because of yesterday incident he has to act all weak today. This pabo is really full of lies.*

“It’s ok, Minnie ah. I don’t feel like eating.” He said, his smile was weaker then before.

“It’s not ok, come let me feed,you.” Min said before scooping some rice.

With that sight, I suddenly lose my appetites which cause me to quickly get up from my seat before heading for the stairs.

(Jaejoong’s Pov) .

“It’s not ok, come let me feed,you.” Minnie said before scooping some rice.

After crying too much, I lose my appetites but I accepted the spoonful of rice not wanting Omma & Minnie to worry about me.

Suddenly, Changmin get up from his seat before heading for the stairs.

*Am I so disgusting that he loses his appetites? Why does he disgust me so much? I want to know the truth even though it will hurt.*

“Changmin shii” I called out after getting out of my seat which cause him to stop in his track.

“Why do you hate me so much?” I asked, Omma, Minnie & the twins just keep quiet looking at the both of us.

He didn’t answer but instead continue walking.

“Why do you disgust me?” I asked once more, this time louder.

Stopping in his track once more, he turned before looking at me with anger in his eyes.

“Do you still need to ask? I think I make it clear to you that I don’t even like you yesterday. Secondly, you call yourself a music student when you don’t even bother about the piano, what the used of you studying at the academy then. You’re not even at the same level as me & you dare to confess to me. You are just sore loser, a pain in the eyes for me.” He said coldly, his eyes not leaving me.

*So I’m just a sore loser? Maybe his right..I‘m just dreaming for something that beyond my reach.*

Tears once again flooded my eyes without me realising but I still keep that smile on my face.

*Even though it feels like my heart is bleeding, I finally knows what he think of me.*

“Thanks for telling me.” I said before running out of the mansion.

“Hyung/Jae!!” I heard Omma & Minnie shouting but I just keep on running while tears just keep pouring out like rain.

(Changmin’s Pov)

My body froze & my mind went blank the moment I saw his tears.

*Tears? But his always been smiling?*

“Thanks for telling me.” He said before running out of the mansion.

I could hear Omma & Min calling out for him but my mind just went blank.

“What the hell are you thinking?” Omma shouted which cause not only me but also the other 3 to startled a little since we never seen her this angry.

“Didn’t you hurt him enough yesterday?” Omma shouted again, not waiting for my respond.

“What’s going on?” Appa’s voice was heard as he appears from the entrance.

“Hyung was being rude to Jaejoong hyung.” Su answered since Omma is too tense up to answer.

“Listen, he was the one that ask me so I answered him.” I explained myself.

“True but it doesn’t mean you have to be that rude to him.” Omma answered.

“You don’t have the right to say that to him,hyung.” Min said, obviously piss off.

“Just because he’s your lover.” I replied, getting piss off as to why my Omma & Min is defending him.

“It’s not the matter of he’s my lover or not but you don’t have the right to say that to anyone, not even to a beggar.” Min replied.

“Listen here Shim Changmin, the person name Kim Jaejoong that you looked down upon was once a famous piano prodigy just like you now.” Omma said.

*She’s joking right? Him?*

I notice that I wasn’t the only one surprise, Min & the twins were too.

“At the age of 16, he got into a car accident with his father which causes him to lose his beloved father. Being protected by his father, he survives but loses his ‘gift’. Due to the impact of the accident, he loses the ability to play. If he push himself or worn himself out, he’s nerve system will swollen up which cause him to be infected by fever easily.

Imagine, losing 2 precious things in his life in one go but that didn’t make him gave up. He keep on smiling for his Umma, being her only pillar of support & the only man of the house. He still enrol in a music academy because it’s was his late father wish to see him in one. His will & scarification is just too great for words.

That’s something that he has & you don’t, the will to live. If you have that, you won’t be the heartless Changmin right now. It’s already been 4 years but you still hold on to that pain, you acted like it was the end of the world when she left you but have you ever thought of your parents & dongsaengs that was constantly watching you change into something you wasn’t”. she ended her words, tears threatening to fall.

“Changmin ah, think about your Omma’s words.” Appa said before comforting Omma as they headed for the living room.

The words struck me like thunder, I lifelessly headed for my room.

(Minho’s Pov)

I was shocked when Omma reveal hyung’s past, who would have thought that someone who’s always smiling & happy, have such a painful past. I finally get it why he was trying to hid his condition when we went to the doctor the other day & the reason why Yunho hyung says that he don’t like people see him crying.

Suddenly my phone beep, indicating a text.

“Min ah,
Joongie, is over at my place. Come here & help me cheer him up.
Yunho hyung”

I sigh in relief knowing that hyung’s is somewhere save.

“Hyung ah,
I’ll be there. See you soon.

After replying, I offered Su to come along.

“Min hyung, can I come along? I want to apologize.” Chun suddenly said, guilty written on his face.

I nodded, understanding. After all, Chun is still a child so he will feel guilty for saying those words even though most of the time he didn’t mean it.

The 3 of us get on a taxi & headed for hyung’s place.

(Changmin’s Pov)

*Why am I feeling so guilty? I mean how great he is, it didn’t change the fact that I hate him, right? So what if I’m not as strong willed as him? But.. I may have hurt him badly.. Is her the cause of everything? ..Yes & now, she’s back..Jung Jessica, stop messing with my life.*

My thoughts are all mixed up.


(4 years ago)

I was happily heading towards our favourite place a few hours earlier, feeling excited that we are going to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.
The sight that greeted me was heartbreaking, she was in another guy embrace.

Not wanting them to realise my existence, I hide in a corner while listening to their conversation.

“Baby ah, when are you gonna break up with Changmin? I don’t want to share you with him anymore.” The guy said before they shared a kiss.

“Don’t worry, I still love you. He’s just an accessory to help me gain popularity among the rich & famous.” Sica said which cause my heart to crash.

*The time we spent together was just all a lie. She was my first love & I love her with all my heart. Never did I thought she was the one to betray me*

“Don’t worry, she all yours now.” I said, coming out of my hiding with cause the both of them to look at me, shocked.

“Chang-min” Sica stuttered.

“Goodbye ,Jessica.” I said before walking away.


The nightmare that I can never forget, the one that change me, the one that change my perception on love, for me it was just a lie when the words ‘I love you’ is being says.
Not wanting to thinking about either Kim Jaejoong or Jung Jessica, I force myself to sleep.

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9[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:48 pm

Chapter 9

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Joongie, are you feeling better?” Yunnie approach me with a cup of hot chocolate.

I nodded my head as he took a seat beside me.

It’s already been an hour since I reached Yunnie’s place but tears just seems to stop 10 mins ago.

“Here you go” he said, passing me the cup.

“Thanks.” I muttered softly because taking a sip.

“Joongie,Min is on his way here.” Yunnie informed which I just give a small smile in returned.

“How about you stay with me? I don’t want him to hurt you again.” Yunnie said, seriously

“It’s ok, Yunnie. I have promise Umma to stay with them. His parents are too good to me, I can’t repay their kindness towards me.” I

“But I don’t want to see you crying & hurt like this again. You need someone to protect you from him.” Yunnie said.

“Don’t worry, I will protect Jaejoong hyung.” A familiar voice was heard which cause the both of us to turn & be greeted with the sight of Minnie & the twins.

“You guys are here.” I exclaimed while grinning.

“Jaejoong hyung.” Su said before running towards me which cause me to smile at his cuteness.

“Are you ok,hyung?” he asked while poking on my cheek after taking a seat on my lap.

“Yes.” I replied before pinching his chubby cheeks.

“Don’t worry, hyung. I’ll borrow you Dolphine tonight so you feel much much better tomorrow.” He said which cause all of us to chuckle.

“Chun” I called out, surprise to see him since he has never been the one to get near me.

“Hyung, I’m sorry.” He apologized, walking towards to me while tears threatening to fall.

“Chun ah, don’t be sorry.” I said smiling, before pulling him for a bear hug.

“Chunnie, why don’t you borrow hyung Micky tonight?” Su suggest which cause Chun to pout.

“How about I sleep you guys tonight? I feel a whole lot better tomorrow.” I suggest which cause the twins to cheer.

“I guess, I won’t need to cheer hyung up since the twins have done it.” Minnie commented which cause me to smile at him.

After 15 minutes chatting with the twins, Yunnie have dragged them both to play some videogames which cause Su to jump around the
house while Chun groaned in annoyance.

Where else the both of us decided to enjoy the fresh air in the garden.

“Hyung, are you gonna be fine facing him once we are back home?” Minne asked after 10 minutes of peaceful silence.

“I will be, after all I’ll be staying with him for another 4 months. I’ll need to be able to face anything from him. Don’t worry.” I replied, looking at
his worried face.

“Do you still love him even after all of this happen?” He asked, seriously.

“Minnie ah, for 2 years I keep on loving him even though I never existed in his life but now he knew my existence even though he hates me, I just can’t stop loving him. At least for me, I’m notice & worth something to him even if it’s just hatred.” I said, looking at the dark sky.

“But doesn’t this love will keep hurting you?” he asked once again.

“Maybe if I change myself, he’ll love me.”I muttered out my thoughts.

“What is it,hyung?” Minnie asked.

“Nothing” I quickly replied, feeing relief that he didn’t catch my words.

(Minho’ s Pov)

*Hyung ah, you don’t know how unique you are & that itself is the one that changing Changmin hyung. You won’t need to change yourself for him to love you because he already did, it’s just that he’s too slow to realise it.*

“Jaejoong hyung” Su’s voice was heard, the both of turn to see an exhausted Yunho hyung & hyper Su.

“Joongie, can you play with Su? I’m exhausted.” Yunho hyung said which cause the both of us to chuckled.

“Seriously hyung, how can you get exhausted over videogames?” I commented while Jae hyung get up approaching the 2 of them.

“Let’s go,Su.” Jae hyung said before the 2 of them disappeared where else Yunho hyung took a seat beside me.

“Min ah, I think your plan is not working.” Hyung said.

“It’s working, hyung, Changmin hyung did get jealous but he’s in denial.” I answered.

“Then for how long we have to wait, I don’t want him to hurt Joongie again.” He said, worried his tone.

“His just too stubborn. I guess, the only way to make him realise & confess is to get our parents involved in the plan.” I suggest.

“But isn’t your Omma involved in this plan?” hyung asked.

“Yes but we need more help if we want faster results.” I explained.

“Alright, you talked with your Omma first then we discuss our plan.” Hyung suggested which cause me to nod in agreement.

An hour passed, the 4 of us decided to headed home & has promised Jae hyung sleep with the twins.

(Next day)

(Changmin’s Pov)

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night, his face keep reappearing in my mind, I wonder why do I feel guilty when usually I don’t bother if I have hurt
someone or not.

I decided to get up & be ready for the day.

The moment I reached the dining area, everybody was busy eating so I decided to slip in next to the twins & started eating.

I was busy chewing on my pancake when that pabo eyes meet mine, he just give me grin before turning his attention back to Omma, whose
was busy talking with him about who knows what.

*Why is he acting like nothing happen? Didn’t my words affect him? Gosh...he’s making me curious.*

I decided to shrug off my thoughts, wanting to finish breakfast faster & leave that cold atmosphere.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

Everyone was giving him a cold shoulder especially Omma, he quietly seat beside the twins when I decided to turn & our eyes meet.

Soon, puzzled was written on his face when I grin at him.

*Gosh...I just have to grin when I see him.*


The 4 of us were seated in the cafeteria, like usual since I don’t want to avoid him anymore.

As we were busy eating, a familiar figure approach us before taking a seat beside him.

“Hi baby, miss me?” she said while smiling sickly sweet to Changmin but I was surprise when he ignore her.

“What are you doing here?” Minnie asked, obviously annoyed.

*Why does Minnie seems to hate her?*

“Minnie ah, who is she?” I asked, curiously.

“Yes, Minho ah..Why don’t tell your lover who am I ?” she said.

“She’s just some cheap girl down the street.” Changmin answered, cutting Minnie.

*Cheap girl?*

“Yah!..Shim Changmin!” she shouted, totally piss off which cause to attract the attention of others especially Changmin’s fans.

“Since you guys are not introducing me, I’ll introduce myself. Jessica Jung, Changmin’s first love & ex-girlfriend.” She said while smirking at
me, ignoring the stares from others.

*First love? Ex-girlfriend? *

My mind when blank but soon, Changmin’s voice was heard.

“Why don’t you used a microphone, you can announce it to the whole world.” He said, full of sarcasm.

“I’ll be honour, baby.” She replied,smirking.

“Of course, also don’t forget to say that you cheated on me too.” He said out loud which cause the others to throw her disgusted look & Minnie to laugh at her.

“Minnie, that’s rude.” I remind him, slapping his arm.

“So are you gonna leave now or not?” Minnie said, after his laughter died down which cause Jessica to be seriously piss off with him.

“Fine but this is not over, Shim Changmin.” She said, before getting up.

After she leaves, we resume eating lunch like usual.

*I need to change myself so that I can be compatible with Changmin.*

“Minnie, can I hang out in your mini studio?”I asked.suddenly.

“Of course, you can have it to yourself if I’m not around, since hyung have his own personal studio & the twins share a studio.” He said, smiling.

“Thank you, Minnie ah.” I said while grinning.

(Changmin’s Pov)

*Why is he suddenly asking about studios? He must be up to something. Maybe..his gonna practice piano..but..it’s impossible..right?*

With the thoughts, I just continue eating, acting like the couple in front is invisible since I always lose my cool if I see their public display of affection & I don’t even understand why. Seriously, I’m turning into a weirdo.

( 1 week later)

I was driving back from the academy when I realise that he's always disappearing after back from the academy. At first I thought, he may just be resting in his room since recently Min have been busy with band rehearsal as there’s a competition coming up so they didn’t get to spent much time together, surprising I’m happy about that.

Gosh..I’m getting crazier. After a few days, my curiosity grows.

The moment I step into the mansion, I realised there’s only a pair of shoe which belongs to him.

*Seems that’s everyone out except him. Hmmm,,where could he be?*

Suddenly feeling the urge to find him, I headed for his bedroom but just not to find him there.

*Where could he be?*

“can I hang out in your mini studio?” his question repeated in my head.

“Min’s studio” I mutted before heading towards it.

As I open the door, I saw him at the piano.

“Kim Jaejoong.” I called out but there’s no reply or movement.

I quickly headed towards him, the moment I touched his shoulder to pat him, I can feel it as cold as ice.

“Yah..Kim Jaejoong!!” I called out, shaking him but there’s no respond.

*What am I’m going to do? He’s unconscious.*

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10[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:49 pm

Chapter 10

(Changmin’s Pov)

“Hospital” I muttered out, that was the only word that was in my blank head now.

I quickly carry him bridal style before heading to my car, once he’s properly place on the back seat, I started the engine & headed for the nearest hospital.

Upon arrived, he was straight away being push into the emergency ward & I ended up at the waiting area, completely lost.

While waiting, one by one his smile, his grin & his voice replayed in my head.

*Why do I feel so scared? Like I’m losing him? What’s wrong with me?*

“How is he, doctor?” I asked the moment the doctor appear after an hour pass.

“He’s asleep now. I already given him a shot, he will be better once he’s awake. I have also call his personal doctor since it’s better for him to check on him carefully. You can wait in his ward.” The doctor said before walking away.

I sign in relief before asking a nurse for the location of his ward.

I took a seat beside his bed, he was fast asleep.

“He looks so delicate.” I muttered to nobody.

*He looks so fragile like as if he can breaks so easily. Why did I ever hurt him? I feel so guilty for hurting him.*

Without realizing, my hand was in his & it feels warm just like a blanket that protects me from the cold.

“Who might this be?” an unfamiliar voice was heard, which caught my attention.

A doctor that looks like around my parents ‘s age greeted me the moment I turn towards the voice.

*What should I tell him? Friend?..Boyfriend?..What? No!..I must be crazy. Friend should be good enough.*

“I’m his friend.” I stutter out.

“Alright.” The doctor nodded while eyeing something.

Feeling curious, I follow his eyes direction just to find that my hand are still entangle with Jaejoong’s, quickly I let go.
“I’m Choi Sunghwan, Jaejoong’s doctor.” He introduces himself.

“I’m Shim Changmin.” I introduce myself back.

“Shim? Are you by any chance HyeBin & Minwoo’s son?” he asked which caught me by surprise.

“Yes, you know my parents?” I asked, curiously.

“Of course, let’s chat more outside.” He said before leading me out of the ward & towards a waiting area.

“Your parents, Jaejoong’s parents & me used to be classmates back then.” He started once we are seated.

“I see.” I replied.

“Are you one that sent him here since if it’s his Umma, she will properly sent him to my hospital?” he asked.

“Yes, I found him unconscious when I come back from the academy.” I explained.

“I see, you’re living with him.” He commented.

“Actually, he’s staying with me since his Umma is away for
6 months.” I explained, trying my best not to make him misunderstood stuff.

“I see. Now, about Jaejoong, do you know anything that might cause him to be in that state? Since from my experience, this have only happen once which was 3 days after his appa's death, he was forcing himself to play the piano. He was still in denial at that time but I’m glad that soon he slowly accepted the reality. “ he said.

*So he was practicing the piano. Is it because of my words? It must be. I call him a loser. Omg..what have I done?*

“I’m not sure.” I lied.

*Maybe I should apologize to him later? *

“It’s alright, then. I will just talk with him later. I’m just curious why is his condition is worse than that time.

What has he been doing?” he said, his thoughts out.

I just nodded, not knowing what else to say, soon his phone rang.

“I’ll have to go now, there’s an emergency. I’ll be back in a few hours time.” He said, after finishes talking on the phone.

I decided to head back to the ward once Sunghwan ahjushii left.

“Changmin?” I heard a familiar voice, the moment I open the door.

There he was lying lifelessly on the bed but his smile never disappears on his face.

“You’re awake.” I commented, awkwardly before get seated right beside his bed.

“Did I pass out?” he asked, innocently.

“Yes, I found you unconscious in Min’s studio.” I replied, guiltiness is slowly sipping back into me again.

He just give a weak nod before, “ I’ll like some water.” He said

Slowly pouring him some before passing him the glass carefully.

“Before I forget, your parents & the twins will be away for a week but I’m not sure to where, they just ask to pass the message when they are leaving a few minutes after I reach home.” He said, after gulping down the glass of water.

“Alright, you have your rest first, I will go & contact Min.” I said before dialing Min’s number.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

*Am I dreaming? If I’m please don’t wake me up. He is so sweet & gentle towards me. Is it because I’m sick? If it’s then I want to be sick everyday.*

With that thoughts, I just can’t help but to giggle.

(Changmin’s Pov)

I heard a familiar giggle that somehow I miss after ending the conversation with Min.

“I guess if you’re giggling like usual, then you’re feeling better.” I remarked before taking my seat back.

“Of course, just by seeing you I’m all better.” He said which cause my heart skip a beat.

*What is this? It’s been so long since this happen. The last time, it happen it’s when I fall for Jessica.
Omg...It can’t be that I have fallen in lo-. No, stop...that just crazy.*

“Shouldn’t you be saying that to Min?” I said, back in to my ‘cold’ tone in order to hide my nervousness.

There’s was no reply but instead, his pouting.

*Omg..he’s lips looks so kissable. Shim Changmin, what are you thinking?*

“Baby/Joongie” 2 familiar voices was heard, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Minnie, Yunnie” he called out in delight seeing the 2 of them.

The both of them give him a hug each which kinda make me feel left out but I just ignore that feeling.
Yunho took a seat on the bed while he lean his body on Min’s for support, sitting up while grinning at them.

“Are you feeling better now?” Yunho asked him.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

I nodded before giving him my infamous smile.

“Jaejoong ah, you awake.” Sunghwan ahjushii appear at the

“Ahjushii” I called out before he approach me & hug me.

“Are you feeling better,kiddo?” ahjushii asked.

“Yup.” I nodded happily while hoping that he won’t asked anything on why did I pass out.

“Good. Aren’t you going to introduce me to him? Since I already know Yunho & Changmin.” Ahjushii asked while looking at Minnie.

“He’s my dongsaeng, Minho & Jaejoong’s boyfriend.” Changmin beat me on answering Ahjushii’s question.

“Ah..I see. Nice to meet you, Minho.” Ahjushii greeted Minnie.

“Likewise.” Minnie replied with a polite smile.

*That’s weird. Why suddenly he declared that I’m Minnie’s boyfriend today when he has always been against our relationship. *

“So care to tell me why did you pass out?” ahjushii asked, the question I wanted to avoid.

*What should I answer now? Minnie & Yunnie is sure gonna get mad if they find out the truth.*

“Jae, the last time you pass out was because you force yourself to play the piano. Does it have anything to do with piano again?” ahjushii asked, waiting for my explanation.

*I can’t avoid him anymore. He knows me to well.*
I slowly nodded my head while looking at ahjushii, guilty written on my face.

“How long?” he asked.

“I’ve been trying for a week.” I confess.

“Jae, didn’t I tell you that you shouldn’t force yourself.

Do you want your condition to get worse?” ahjushii scolded me.

“No, I don’t want. I just miss the piano. I promise from now on I won’t touch it & please don’t tell Umma, I don’t want her to worry.” I promise ahjushii.

“Fine but from now on I gave the task to Minho since his your boyfriend, to make sure you don’t go near the piano.”
Ahjushii said before looking at Minnie.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep a look out.” Minnie promise him.

“Alright, I’ll leave you guys to chat & Jae, make sure to have plenty of rest. If everything is fine, you can be discharge tomorrow.” Ahjushii said before saying his byes.

“I’m gonna get some drinks since you guys are already here.” Changmin said before exiting with ahjushii.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“Siblings rivalry, I see.” Sunghwan ahjushii commented, tapping my shoulder before walking away.

*Sibling rivalry? Did he mean? No..it can’t be..He just misunderstanding stuff due to the hand incident. Yes,
that’s right.*

“Hyung, why are you still here?” Min appear beside me.

“I’m just thinking about something, it’s there anything you need?” I asked.

“I just thought if you could get some food too when you call, I was about to have lunch but I rush over when I heard the news.” Min explained.

“Alright, I’ll see what I can get for you.” I said before walking towards the cafeteria.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)
“Now hyung, what is about you touching the piano again?
It’s because of him,right?” Minnie asked the moment he renter the ward, making sure Changmin was earshot away.

“Minnie, can we just not talk about it? It’s just that I want to change myself, I thought I can but I can’t. So, just leave it as it is & I promise you I won’t get near any piano.” I said, convincing him.

“Alright, fine. I just don’t want you to get into any danger just because of piano.” He said before smiling at me which Yunnie nodded in agreement.

I nodded my head while continue leaning my body on Minnie’s body before asking them how was their day & random stuffs.

(Changmin’s Pov)

After getting some snacks & drinks, I headed back to the ward.

The sight that greeted me, crush my heart as he was asleep on Min’s chest.

*Why does my heart ache?*

I slowly headed towards them.

“Hyung, you’re back.” Min whispered before trying to get Jaejoong off his chest but Jaejoong just snuggle tighter.

“Here you go.” I said passing him a sandwich while getting myself & Yunho a can of drink.

*They really look good together & somehow it’s killing me.*

“Hyung, I need to go soon & I won’t be home tonight since I’m sleeping over Jonghyun’s place. I’ll be back around noon tomorrow.” He whispered.

“Do you know about Omma,Appa & the twins being away?” I asked before sipping my drink.

“Yup, they says there’s something important & they decided to bring the twins since it will be easier for 3 of us.” He explained.

I just nodded & soon, Min & Yunho decided to took their leave.

“Take good care of him for me.” Min whispered before heading for the exit with Yunho.

I decided to rest my head on the side of the bed & soon fall into deep sleep.

(Jaejoong ‘s Pov)

When my eyes slowly open, I feel something warm entangle in my hand.

I realize that my hand was entangle in Changmin’s as he was still deep asleep.

*He look so cute while asleep just like an angel.*

The thoughts once again cause me to giggle & also wake him up.

“You’re awake.” He commented before letting go of my hand once he realize it.

“They have left?” I asked which he nodded to in respond.

“I’m sorry for saying those words.” He said which caught me by surprise.

“I mean you should continue being who you are, don’t let my words a ffect you. I know after being a jerk, I don’t have the right to say this but I’m just telling you that you’re unique the way you are.” He said, nervousness in his tone.

“Thanks.” I said before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

I quickly hide under the blanket to hide my blushing face.

(Changmin’s Pov)

*Omg..did he just kiss me?*

When I turned, he was already hiding his blanket.

*Why can’t my heart stop pounding? Did I really fall for him?*

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11[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:50 pm

Chapter 11

(Changmin’s Pov)

My body felt stiff after a night sleeping on the sofa; I realized it was only 6 in the morning.

Looking at Jaejoong still fast asleep, I decided to drive back home to freshen up & get a fresh set of clothing for him, since he would need it if he’s discharged today.

Before leaving the house, I grabbed a pair of blank jeans & t-shirt from Jaejoong’s bedroom.

“Maybe I should go & get some breakfast on the way there?” I muttered to nobody while packing the clothes neatly.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

My eyes fluttered open the moment I felt the warm sunlight on my face. It’s feels fresh after getting a good night sleep, after all the fact that Changmin was there to accompany me for the night made me fall asleep faster than usual.

“How I wish Changmin was by my side every night.” I muttered dreamily, but soon realized the said person was nowhere to be found.

*Where is he?*

“Jaejoong shii, are you looking for someone?” a familiar voice from yesterday was heard as I was busy looking for Changmin.

“Sunny shii, do you know where the person that was with me yesterday is?” I asked, recognizing it was Sunny, a kind nurse I got to know yesterday.

“Ah… yes, I saw him leave around 2 hours ago.” Sunny informed.

“Oh… I see.” I replied while nodding in understanding.

“You’re lucky Jaejoong shii, to have such a caring boyfriend. He took good care of you.” Sunny commented, causing me to blush.

“We look like a couple?” I asked just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

“Of course! The way he looked at you was full of love. Wait a minute, don’t tell me, you’re guys are not a couple?” She looked at me curiously; I nodded at her in response.

“I’m sure one day you guys will get together. Trust me; I’m good at predicting stuff.” She said proudly before we both shared a laugh.

“Well before I forget, I’m here to inform that you can be discharged today. So just have someone sign the release form & you can leave before or after lunch.” Sunny informed.

“Alright, thanks.” I replied. Soon the door was heard being slid open which caused the both of us to turn towards it.

“Changmin!” I called out happily as he smiled back awkwardly.

“Jaejoong shii, I’ll take my leave then, since your company is back.” Sunny said, smiling at Changmin before heading for the door.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“It’s there anything wrong?” I asked while approaching him, curious why the nurse from yesterday was there.

“No. she was just here to inform me that I can be discharged today; I might need you to sign the release forms for me.” He said, smiling sweetly.

“Alright, I’ll get that done later. Here, I brought you breakfast along the way here.” I said before slowly laying out the food on the table.

“Thank you. This is my favourite. How did you know?” He said before grinning at me, once again my heart skipped a beat.

“I called Min & asked him about it. I just wanted to buy something that would increase your appetite.” I explained, trying my best not to meet his eyes since I was blushing & I don’t even know why!?

(Jaejoong’s Pov).

While I was busy scooping the soup, I noticed he was blushing.

*Omg, he’s blushing. He looks so cute!*

“Ouch, it’s hot.” I shouted out, soon to realize that a scoop of soup spilled on my clothes while I was busy staring at him.

“Are you alright?” he asked getting panicky, while reaching out for some tissue to help me wipe the stain.

“Yah, I'm-. Thank you.” I said while busy wiping the stain, as I move my head up, our eyes meets.

Without the both of us realizing, we were merely a few inches apart.

*Omg… what’s happening? My heart feels like its jumping out.*

(Changmin’s Pov)

I was too busy cleaning to realize that we are so close that our lips almost met.

*His eyes are so beautiful & enchanting. How did I not notice this before?!*

“Sorry” I muttered softly before backing away, realizing that I was staring into his eyes the whole time, with my heart pumping like it never did before, not even when I used to be with Jessica.

There was an awkward silence between us before I decided to break it.

“I’m...gonna...go...&...sign...the...form.” I stuttered out before heading out, not waiting for a reply.

*Gosh… when isn’t gonna stop pumping so fast…*

I slowly headed towards the nurse station.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“I’m...gonna...go...&...sign...the... form.” He said before literally running out.

*He sounds scared, do I look scary? Omg… it must be..*

I ended up sighing at my own thought before stuffing the food in my mouth.

“I don’t look cute anymore.” I muttered in between munching.

(Changmin’s Pov)

After getting all the paper work done, I was heading back to the ward when my phone rang.

“Yeobosaeyo, Min” I answered after seeing the familiar number flash on the screen.

“Hyung, how’s Joongie today?” he asked.

I cringed at the word ‘Joongie’, it feels weird that somehow I’d forgotten that he is my dongsaeng’s boyfriend.

“It’s only been a day, pabo. How can you forget?” I scolded myself.

“Hyung, are you there?” Min asked.

“Sorry Min, I spaced out a little. He’s doing much better, he’ll being discharged today.” I informed.

“That’s good to hear. By the way hyung, sadly I won’t be home for lunch since I woke up late & we still need the time to practice so I’ll probably be home after or before dinner.” He informed.

“Got it, take good care. See you later tonight.” I said, somehow feeling relieved that Min would not be around.

“Alright, see you later & take good care of Joongie.” He said before ending the call.

Upon reaching, I took a peek inside to witness him indulge in the breakfast.

*Why does he love to pout so much? He’s even pouting while eating.*

“Why are you pouting?” I asked, slowly tip-toeing, as I approached him.

“Don’t look at me, I look horrible, right?” He said before trying to hide his face with his spoon.

*Of course not, you’re beauty is enchanting.*

“No, you look good & healthy. Well, you should finish up soon & get ready to go home.” I said before taking a seat.

(Minho’s Pov)

“What did he say?” Yunho hyung asked the moment my conversation with hyung ended.

“Jae hyung is getting much better & he’s being discharged today.” I said, smiling at how caring his voice sounded.

“He’s really changed hasn’t he? I see him in different light now. I guess, we won’t need to go on with our plan, right? Since soon, I can see the two getting together.” Yunho hyung commented.

“I don’t think so, there’s still something holding him back.” I commented which caused Yunho hyung to give me a curious look.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“What are you still doing in there? The mirror is gonna crack any moment now.” Changmin commented before sighing.

“Sorry.” I said before pouting.

“Whatever, let’s go.” He said before trailing behind me as we headed for his car.

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12[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-06-09, 7:54 pm

Chapter 12

(Changmin's Pov)

“What would you like for lunch?” I asked while my eyes still focused on the road.

“You're gonna cook for me?” he asked, excitement in his voice.

I let out a small chuckle before nodding.

“Did you just chuckle?” Jaejoong asked before staring at me while surprise written on his.

“Yes, now stop staring at me like I'm some kind of an alien. What do you want to eat?” I asked again but this time looking at him with a small smile before focusing back on the road.

“Hmm..I want to eat kimchi chigae ,eggrolls, omelet rice..hmm.. chicken por” Jaejoong's said his menu but I cut his words before he could finish.

“Wait a minute, I'm asking for a dish, not a whole menu.” I exclaimed & as usual, he pouted to my words.

“He better stop pouting or I'm just gonna kiss that kissable lips.” I muttered my thoughts out loud when a gasp was heard.

“Kiss?” He stammered out, looking at me completely shocked.

*Shit, why did I say that?*

I completely ignore him while cursing myself under my breathe, eyes sticking on the road.

Half an hour ride of silence after that embarrassing moment, we finally reached to the nearest supermaket from home.

“Wah..there's so many candies.” Jaejoong's squeal in happiness, the moment we pass the sweets & titbits section.

“How old are you again? Still loving lolipops?” I asked, as he was busy grabbing a bottle full of chupa chups & a few more candy bar.

“I'm 19 & they are yummy.” he commented happily before skipping away towards the vegetable section.

“Be careful, you just recovered.” I nagged out loud before chasing after him with the trolly.

(Jaejoong's Pov)

“I'm 19 & they are yummy.” I said, before skipping away while giggling at the thought of Changmin cooking for me.

“Be careful, you just recovered.” He called out before getting busy, catching up with me.

“Changmin ah, how about this tomato?” I said, picking out a nice green one after 3 tries.

“This is not ripe too, you should remember, pick the bright orange ones.” he commented before, focusing back on picking.

“This is hard.” I complained before putting down the green tomato gently.

“Aigoo, how hard can it be? See” he said before showing me a bag full of ripe tomatoes.

“Wah...” I exclaimed, grinning at him.

“Aigoo..so cute. Let's go” he said, after giving me a pinch on my cheek which immediately caused me to blush.

*Did he just say I'm cute?*

I can't stop giggling at myself at that thought before someone interrupted my thoughts.

“Who we have here?” a familiar female voice was heard.

“Jessica” I stutter out, surprised to see her here.

“So, today your boyfriend it's not here to protect you?” She said, while smirking.

“What do you want, Jessica?” I asked while my eyes were still busy looking for Changmin but he was nowhere to be seen.

“That's simple, all I want is Changmin. So, get out of my way.” Jessica said.

“But I'm not with Changmin, I'm with Minho.” I said, not understanding why does this have to do with Changmin when I'm supposedly dating Minho. It was suppose to be the person Minho like, that should be the one hating me not Jessica.

“You're an irritating.” She said but before I could respond, a tomato was on my face.

Gaps was heard from shoppers around us.

“You're freaking ugly. Get out of Changmin & the Shim's life!” She shouted which cause to attract more attention from others.

(Changmin's Pov)

I was busy checking on the ingredients needed in between the shelves when I heard commotion at the vegetable section, feeling curious I decided to head back there.

The sight shocked me, Jessica & Jaejoong was facing each other while Jaejoong's as something that look like tomato on his hair.

“What on earth happen here?” I asked out, which caught the 2 of them by surprise.

“Baby ah, please don't be angry. I'm doing this for us.” Jessica said in her sickly sweet voice while trying to cling on my arm but I avoided it before approaching Jaejoong.

“Are you alright?” I asked, before wiping him with my handkerchief.

He just give me a weak nod, his eyes not meeting Jessica’s.

“What have you done to him?” I asked, trying to calm myself down before I exploded since anger is already boiling in me.

“Baby ah, how can you protect him? How can you leave me for him?” Jessica said before sobbing which earns more gaps from others.

“What nonsense are you sprouting?” I asked, Jaejoong was standing behind me while watching our interaction.

“Nonsense? Baby ah, how could you leave me when I'm pregnant with your child?” She sobs before falling to the ground, which cause others to give me dirty looks.

Accusation was heard around us as I saw Jessica small smirk of victory.

“I'm very sorry, Baby. Here's some apology gifts.” I said, before grabbing 2 cartons of orange juice nearby & pour them on her at once.

More gaps was heard as I can see the shock look on Jaejoong.

“Shim Changmin, what are you doing?” She shouted angrily has she was now drenched with orange juice.

“Jung Jessica, remember stay away from him or me & if you wanna act, you should go somewhere else because I don't have time to entertain you” I said before grabbing Jaejoong & the trolly, heading for the cashier.

“Don't worry, the orange juices & tomato is my treat.” I said, pausing for a while before continuing my tracks.

“Shim Changmin!!!” Jessica shouted in frustration as I just smile in victory.

After paying for the items, I quickly dragged Jaejoong & drive quickly home, not wanting him to feel uncomfortable with the stains.

(Jaejoong's Pov)

“You should go & take a shower while I get lunch ready.” Changmin said, the moment we entered the mansion.

“Alright.” I said before skipping happily towards the stairs.

*He stood up for me. I can’t believe what had happen just now. I’m totally falling in love with him all over again.*

I smile to myself before continuing my shower.

(Changmin’s Pov)

After a good half an hour, all the foods were done. I decided to bring the foods upstairs so that he can enjoy it before taking his medicine.

“Jaejoong” I called out, knocking at his door with a tray in my other hand.

“Yes” his voice was soon heard, as he appear half-naked when the door open.

*Omg..he looked gorgeous…Kissable lips..Milky white skin..Yah..Stop..Shim Changmin, you sound like a pervet.*

“Changmin” he called out, I realized that I was staring at him the whole time.

“Sorry.. I brought you lunch.” I said, trying my best not to stutter before showing him the tray.

“Wah..they smell good. Come in. Wait a second while I get my shirt on.” He said before walking towards the toilet, leaving me at his door.

I slowly walked in, putting the tray nicely on the coffee table that’s located at the corner of the room with a loveseat.

“Let’s eat” he said, appearing out of the bathroom 5 mins later.

He give me a sweet smile before patting the empty space beside him.

“Yummy~~” He said before indulging himself in the foods which cause me to smile at his actions before eating mine.

“Can you cook for me breakfast to tomorrow?” he asked, grinning at me with smudges on his lips.

I just nodded before chuckling at his cuteness.

“You’re a messy cat.” I said before wiping the smudges with a tissue that I grab nearby.

My eyes were stuck on his lips.

*Shim Changmin, stop staring at his lips.*

Without realizing, my body move on it’s own which cause us to be a few inch away from each other

“Did Minnie call today?” He suddenly asked, pulling away from me & resumed eating.

“Who?” I asked as my mind is still in daze.

“Minnie” he said, looking at me weirdly.

*Who the hell is Minnie?..Oops, how can I forget it’s Minho.*

“Yup, he did. He will be home later.” I said, feeling a little disappointed that Jaejoong spoil the moment by asking about Min.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

*Why he keeps staring at me? Omg..I’m gonna blush. Retreat..now*

“Did Minnie call today?” I asked, pulling away before stuffing more of the delicious foods in my mouth.

He looked zone out before asking me’who’.

“Minnie” I said, looking at him weirdly.

“Yup, he did. He will be home later.” He replied, looking disappointed.

*Did he want to kiss me just now? Oh no, I make him angry.*

I just keep quiet after that not wanting to provoke him any more than this.

After finishing lunch, Changmin passed me some of my tablets.

“You should get some sleep.” He said while carrying the tray, heading for the door.

“Ermm..can you accompany me until I fall asleep?” I asked, looking at him hopefully before climbing on to my bed.

“Alright” he said, putting down the tray back on to the coffee table before approaching me & took a seat on the bed, by my side.

(Minho’s Pov)

“I’m home.” I announced but there’s were no reply.

“Where are they? Asleep?” I muttered to myself, looking at the clock.

*It’s only 8pm. They can’t be asleep, right?*

I slowly climb up the stair & headed for Jae hyung’s room, when I slowly peek in the sight that greeted me make me smile.

They both of them were asleep with Changmin hyung hugging Jae hyung from behind.

*They look good together even though they are sleeping.*

“Min,you are back.” Changmin hyung stirred up, slowly getting out of Jae hyung’s bed.

“Yup, why are you sleeping here?” I asked, ‘jealously’.

“I guess I fall asleep, it’s nothing.” He answered quickly before approaching me at the door.

“Oh..I see. Well, let me give Joongie a goodnight kiss first.” I said before approaching hyung's bed, Changmin hyung's eyes follow my every step.

“Goodnight,baby.” I whisper before kissing hyung's forehead, I noticed Changmin hyung looking at me with full of jealousy on his face.

*He's definitely jealous. When is he gonna admit it?*

“Well, I guess I go & get some shower first before having dinner.” I said, walking towards him.

“Alright, I go & heat up the food for you.” He said before walking away.

I just smile before slowly closing Jae hyung's bedroom door.

(Next day)

(Jaejoong's Pov)

The sound of my alarm woke me up, it's 8 in the morning. I stretch my body, feeling good & fresh after for quite sometime. Slowly getting out of bed I headed for the shower before heading downstairs.

“Good morning” I greeted Changmin, whose was busy stirring at the stove.

“Good morning” he replied, give me a smile before focusing back to cooking.

“What're you cooking?” I asked, standing by his side while admiring his side profile.

“Seaweed soup. We can eat it with some rice & the leftover kimchee from yesterday.” He said before tasting some on a spoon.

“Can I taste some?” I asked, grinning at him.

He slowly scoop some & feed me.

*Am I dreaming? Changmin, he's feeding me.*

“Does it taste ok?” He asked, anticipating my reply which I just smile & give thumbs up.

(Minho's Pov)

I was slowly climbing downstairs when I saw Hyung feeding my 'boyfriend' which cause me to grin at myself.

*They look so cute. Just like lovers*

“Good morning, hyung.” I decided to enter the kitchen after Jae hyung give him a thumb up.

He turned looking disappointed before giving me a soft reply.

“Minnie,I miss you.” Jae hyung said, running towards me before giving me a hug which cause me to chuckle.

*How cuter can he get? We don't even need to act because he's naturally 'pampered' & childish around me.*

“Morning,baby. I miss you too.' I replied, hugging tighter before the both us headed for the dinning table.

Jae hyung get excited asking me how was rehearsal & stuff.

(Changmin's Pov)

“Good morning, hyung.” Min's familiar voice was heard.

*Just great..he have to ruin my time with Jaejoong..*

I just turned, before giving him a soft 'morning' before Jaejoong goes running towards him, saying he miss him & give him a big hug.

*So all this while Min is in his mind? Of course, what are you thinking..Shim Changmin.. Minho is his boyfriend. You're nothing*

I just sigh before focusing back on the soup, I could hear Min's reply but I just blocked their voices from my mind before the 2 of them disappearing to the dinning area.

After 10 min, making sure everything readies, I headed for the dinning area with half of the plates which was help by Min to bring the others.

The 3 of us seated & started eating quietly before Min decided to broke the silence.

“I miss hyung's cooking. This is delicious as always.” he said, complementing me with a smile while Jaejoong nodding to his words.

I just smile before stuffing more food, while the lovers were in their own world, chatting & laughing about stuff.

*For the 1st time Shim Changmin, you're an outcast.*

“Hyung” Min called out which caught my attention.

I looked at him before he continued, “ Just informing that I might be home later or around yesterday timing. I hope you can keep my baby company.” he said, smiling while holding on to Jaejoong's hand.

“Sure, no problem.” I said before giving him a smile.

After Minho left, we decide to watch a movie as soon we were seated side by side with a bowl of popcorn in between.

We were both indulge in the movie & without realizing, I was grabbing hold of Jaejoong's hand that I thought was popcorn.

When I realize, Jaejoong was already blushing at our skinship.

I just give an apologetic smile before focusing back to the movie which was extremely hard since Jaejoong was giggling beside me.

(Jaejoong's Pov)

*Omg..He hold my hand for the 1st time.*

I giggle at the thought, that I used to daydream about but actually come true today.

(3 hours later)

“I'm home” Minnie's voice was heard.

Changmin & me were still in living watching random game show after the movie ended since we have nothing much to do.

“We're here.” I called out, soon I saw him appoarching us.

“Minnie, why you're back so early?” I asked, as soon as he took a seat beside me while Changmin was seating on the floor.

“I got a call from Umma an hour ago saying that she need me home if I'm not since they already on their way back here.” Minnie explained.

“But I thought they will be away for a week?” Changmin asked, confusion written on his face.

“I'm not sure either.” Minnie answered, shrugging his shoulder.

(An hour later)

(Changmin's Pov)

“Kids, we are home.” Umma voice was head as the 3 of us when to greet them.

After luggage was brought in & stuff, Appa & Umma settle down at the living room with the 3 of us where else the twins was sent away to have some rest.

“I'm sure the 3 of us are surprise to way we are back early,right?” Umma started which cause the 3 of us to nod.

“Well, we have some good news & I'm excited to tell you guys.” she continued.

“What is it, Umma?” Min asked, curiously.

“Well, we just back from visiting Jaejoong's umma & we decided to...” she paused, causing suspense for the 3 of us.

“To?” I asked, getting really curious.

“We decided to get Jae & HoHo married.” she announced, happily.

This is the latest chapter, how was it? Do leave me your thoughts~~~


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13[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-08-04, 1:18 pm

I've read this in your livejournal and I love it!!
Everything is so sweet, tho I had hoped a little more drama could happen on the wedding day~ hahaha!
But overall its so sweet! Please update here until the last chapter~ ^_^

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14[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-08-05, 6:34 pm

nukimiaka wrote:I've read this in your livejournal and I love it!!
Everything is so sweet, tho I had hoped a little more drama could happen on the wedding day~ hahaha!
But overall its so sweet! Please update here until the last chapter~ ^_^

Thank you for reading it~~~ Glad you enjoy it ^^
Hahaha..I wanted more drama during the wedding but I just can't wait to get them together...
Alright,I'll...I didn't update here because I thought nobody was reading since there's no respond...hehehe

Thank you once again, hope you'll enjoy my other work too ^^

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15[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-09-23, 6:36 pm

Chapter 13

(Jaejoong's Pov)

“We decided to get Jae & HoHo married.” Umma announced, happily.

*What? They're joking, right? It can't be?*

Before I could open my mouth, darkness overcomes me.

(Changmin's Pov)

“Jae” the other 3 was busy calling out for the unconscious Jaejoong beside me. I wanted to call out,but his name was stuck in my throat.

I was too shocked to even move my head, has if I was struck by lighting.

“MinMin, what're you doing there, seating like a stone? Go & grab a glass of water.” Omma instructed but my body didn't move at all.

“It's ok, I go & get it.” Appa said when he didn't see any respond from me.

*What's wrong with me? Why can't my body react like how I wanted it too? To call out for Jaejoong & hold the unconscious him in my embrace like the other day. Is it the fact that he's my dongsaeng's future wife that's 'stopping' my action.*

“Omma, I think it's better to bring him upstairs.” Min said before slowly lifting him up in bridal style, heading for the stairs.

*Just a few days ago, he was in embrace but now I realize that he belongs in someone else embrace, my dongsaeng's... Min, he was right after all. The moment I realize I love him, his already gonna soon walk down the aisle & be by my dongsaeng's side forever.*

“MinMin dear, are you alright?” Omma's voice pull me out of my thoughts.

“Huh?” I question with a puzzle expression.

“You zone out after the announcement. Are you shocked?” she said before taking a seat beside.

I just nodded before looking straight at her.

“Omma, what's with the sudden decision?” I asked which cause her to chuckle.

“It's not sudden, dear. We've always wanted Jaejoong as our son-in–law. Eventhough, he was originally pair up with you since his Umma & me had the both of you the same year with only a month apart. We promise to marry our first child but still I'm glad even though you & him doesn't end up together, he still did end up with HoHo.” she explained which cause to be surprise since I have never expected this.

*Why does everything about Jaejoong,surprise me? I was given the chance but I miss it. I can't just take my dongsaeng's love away from him even though that's what I wanted to do but I can't or I'll make Min lose trust & hope in love like how Jessica did to me back then. What am I go to do? Fight for my happiness or witness my dongsaeng's happiness.*

“MinMin, are you listening? You zone out again.” Omma's voice again that pull me out of my daze.

“I'm sorry, Omma but what is it again?” I asked with apologetic expression.

“Well as I was saying, your appa & me it's gonna get some rest & we're having a guest over for dinner so informed me an hour before dinner so that I get the foods & table ready. We've 5 hours until dinner, so get some rest & check up on HoHo & Jae for me.” Omma said which quickly nodded before she & appa headed upstairs.

(Jaejoong's Pov)

I slowly blinked my blurred eyes a few times before I realize that I was staring at the ceiling.

“Hyung, you're awake.” Minnie's voice was heard from the side before he appear in front which I gave a weak smile.

“Are you feeling alright, now? You just pass out after the announcement.” He said before taking a seat beside me on the bed after getting me up in a seating position, resting my weak body on the headboard for support.

*Announcement? Isn't that just a dream?*

“It's not a dream.” I asked, softly before looking at expression while waiting for him to laugh & say it's joke, just like how he always tease me.

Sadly, the serious expression stay on his face before giving me a nod.

“It's not, hyung. We're really getting married. I'm sorry, hyung. It's all because of my stupid act plan.” Minnie said before hanging his head low, embarrassed to look at me.

“Minnie, don't blamed yourself. I'm sure we can discuss things over.” I said before giving his hand a squeeze of encouragement.

“Thanks hyung. Actually I need to confess something.” Minnie paused which makes my curiosity grows.

“Actually, the person I like rejected me a few days ago.” he confess while trying to put on a fake smile, holding back his tears.

“Minnie” I coed before pulling him into a tight hug. I knows how he feels like to be rejected and it hurts.

“I'm ok, hyung. Don't worry. “ he whispered into my ears, pulling away a little before wipping his tears with a weak smile on my face.

“Maybe we should get marry after all. Since we're both being rejected by the person we love.” I commented before trying to laugh it off but I failed.

“No, hyung. You've to fight for your love, you should ask Changmin hyung about his true feelings towards you & confess that we're never together, it was just apart of my stupid act.” Minnie encourage.

“Minnie ah, his feelings won't change in just a few months. He may treated me better but that doesn't mean he loves me I may look oblivious & dense but I'm aware of my surrounding. It's just that I prefer to be this way, being positive even if the person hurts me.” I commented before sighing.

“But hyung, it won't hurt if you to try, right? Maybe who knows, your dream will come true. I don't mind being the one to stop the wedding, after all we get into this mess because of my plan. Just get your feelings sorted out with Changmin hyung then we'll decide on our next move, ok?” Minnie said, smiling at me.

“Thanks, Minnie.” I said before pulling him into another tight embrace, enjoying the warmth, we decided to stay that way a few more minutes.

(Changmin's Pov)

After being in daze a couple of minutes in the living room, I decided to check up on Jaejoong before heading to my room.

The sight that greeted me makes my shattered heart ache, they were enjoying being in each other embrace.

“Hyung” Min called out, after pulling away upon realizing my appearance at the door.

“I'm just here to check if Jaejoong already awake & since he already is, I'm gonna go to my room now.” I said coldly without realizing before slowly exiting, closing the door behind me.

*It may sound impossible if I say I learn to trust love back again in just a few days but a person did makes it possible, a person name Kim Jaejoong. The person that makes me realize that the word 'love' isn't as simple as it seems. You do love that someone but most importantly you need that someone in order to live because they're the one that'll be by your side for eternally. How I value love before was nothing compare to the love Jaejoong has for his loved one & that's what he teaches me. To loved & be loved*

(Jaejoong's Pov)

“Hyung, maybe you should talk to Changmin hyung now since you've the opportunity. The earlier the better.” Minnie encourage a few minutes after Changmin left

“Maybe tomorrow, Minnie ah. I need to get my feelings sorted out before talking to him.” I said before, smiling at him.

*Once again the coldness is back, does the last few days was only a dream?*


“SuSu, stop it. We can't start eating before the guest arrive.” Umma reminded Su before getting a pout as a respond.

“Who is it anyway,Umma?” Minnie asked, full of curiousity towards our mystery guest since Umma been avoiding to the answer the question.

“You'll see.” was her only reply before smiling at us.

Soon the doorbell was heard, Umma disappear to open the door before reappearing with someone familiar.

“Sooyoung” I called out, happily before running towards her for a hug.

“Jae, it's been a while.” she said before giving me a bear hug.

“Yup, it's nearly been 3 years since I last saw you.” I replied while grinning.

“Everyone meet Choi Sooyoung, Sunghwan ahjushii's daughter.” Umma introduced.

“You mean Jaejoong's doctor?” Changmin asked, slowly.

“Yes & Changmin, she's your fiancee.” Umma happily announced.

*What? Sooyoung & Changmin? No, I can't let that happen.*

(Changmin's Pov)

*Umma is joking, right? How can a girl I just met today be my fiancee?*

“What? Fiancee?” I asked, demanding some explanation.

“Yes, we decided to hold your wedding the same day with Jae & HoHo's. Since her appa like you so much & you're not interested to find your own partner, we decided to match make the 2 of you together.” Umma explained with a big grin.

“But I barely know her?” I rebutted but Umma just laugh.

“That's silly. You can learn to get to know her in this 1 week.” she said before asking us all to settle down with cause this Sooyoung person to have the seat beside mine.

“1 week?” I asked, curious about her words.

“Oh..yes..I forget to tell you guys, the wedding will be in a week time.” she said happily before start eating.

“What?” the 4 of us exclaimed at the same time.

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16[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-09-23, 6:39 pm

Chapter 14

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

*In a week? No...There’s no way...I’ve to talk to Changmin soon.*

With that thought, I turn to look at Changmin’s expression; there’s was just pure shock on his face.

“Omma, isn’t it too fast? They have just met.” Minnie said, voicing out my thoughts while pointing at Sooyoung & Changmin.

“Nope, they can learn more about each other after marriage. It’s better to fall in love after marriage anyway.” Omma answered, grinning at us before scooping more food.

Minnie looks at me, helplessly. He admitted defeat, after all nothing can change Umma’s mind after she decided on something, not even her husband.

(Changmin’s Pov)

*One week? Is Omma crazy? I don’t even like her & not to mention, I barely know her. I must confess to Jaejoong soon.*
I was about to rebut but Min beat me to it.

After hearing his question, I was expecting a good reply but nothing, things still stay the same.

I sigh softly before stuffing more food into my mouth.

“How about we hang out in the backyard after this?” Min suddenly suggested.

*That’s a good idea. At least I can clear my mind by looking at the night sky.*

I nodded first before followed by Jaejoong & that Sooyoung.

About 20 minutes passed, we’ve completed eating dinner & clearing up.

Omma, Appa & the twins headed to the living room, wanting to enjoy a game show together.

As the 4 of us headed for the backyard, taking a seat each on a bench upon arriving.

“Sooyoung ah, when did you come back? I didn’t hear any news from your Appa?” Jaejoong started the conversation.

“Around a week ago, I wanted to surprise you so therefore I told Appa not to inform you.” that Sooyoung explained.

“Ahh..I see. Well, you sure surprise me just now.” Jaejoong said before chuckling.

“I’m sure, I did. I mean, I was surprise to find myself engage to a Shim’s son & appearing here 2 days later.” She explained once again.
Jaejoong just nodded to her words while smiling.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“So Jae, you didn’t tell me about him?” Sooyoung said pointing towards Minnie.

“Oh..we just started going out recently.” I said, trying my best not to stutter.

*I wanted to tell her that we’re not together but how come the words didn’t come out.*

“Ah.. I see..Minho ah, you better take good care of my best friend or you’re dead.” Sooyoung warned jokingly which cause us to laugh except Changmin.

Senescing the awkward atmosphere, I decided to volunteer to grab some drinks, wanting to get away from the heavy atmosphere.

“I’m gonna go & grab some drinks & snacks.” I said before getting up.

“I’m going with him.” Changmin suddenly said before dragging me towards the kitchen.

“Are you seriously gonna get married to Min?” Changmin suddenly asked, the moment we reached the kitchen.

“Why are you jealous?” I asked, hints of jealously were on his face the moment he mention ‘Min’.

“Are you crazy? Why would I be jealous?” Changmin asked, laughing off awkwardly.

“Then why are you bothered? Unless, you’ve fallen for me?” I asked, trying my luck.

“Doesn’t mean I’m nicer to you than usual, I’ve fallen for you. I’m just feeling guilty for making you sick.” His words, breaks my hopeful heart.

*So all this while it’s not love but guilty. If that it’s, I don’t need that anymore from him.*

“Thanks for clearing that up, Changmin shii.” I said before running away heading towards the stairs & my room.

(Changmin’s Pov)

*What’s wrong with me? Why did I say those words? Didn’t I suppose to confess to him?”
Changmin sigh before cursing himself under his breath.

(Minho’s Pov)

After the 2 hyung left, Sooyoung noona approach me.

“Min, are you sure he change? He’s still the same as before from my eyes.” Sooyoung noona commented, looking at Changmin hyung’s back view.

“Don’t worry, he changed.” I said, assuring her.

While we were in random conversation, Changmin hyung appear but all alone.

“Where’s Joongie, hyung?” I asked, while observing hyung’s frustrated expression.

*Did something happen?*

“He’s feeling tired, so he has already headed up.” Changmin hyung said, bitter was on his face.

“Alright then, I’ll check up on him. You guys enjoy yourself.” I said, giving a small smile before excusing myself.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“I guess, I better get home.” that Sooyoung said, a few minutes after Min left.

“Whatever. I don’t care.” I said coldly, not bothering to even look at her.

“Jerk..As usual” she said coolly before passing in front of me.

“What did you say?” I asked, anger boiling upon her remarked.

“Jerk..You have always been one.” She said while smirking at me.

“Yea..right....hearing that from someone that’s desperately wanting to be my wife.” I remarked, sarcastically.

“For your info mister, your mom was the one that gladly wanted me has a daughter-in-law. I don’t even have the desire to be near a jerk like
you. If a person really did fall for you, the person is either just plain crazy or strong & patience enough to face you because you’re just a plain heartless jerk.” She ended her words with a smirk, knowing that I was speechless to rebut.

For the first time Shim Changmin lose to the battle of words, because deep down I know that every words she say was true.

“Goodnight baby.” She said mockingly, giving a small wave before walking away, leaving me stoned in the backyard.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Hyung” Minnie’s voice was heard, the moment the door click open.

“Minnie ah.” I called out, wiping the tears that stained my face.

The moment I reached my room, my emotion & tears took over me.

“Did something happen at the kitchen, hyung?” Minnie asked the moment he took a seat beside me.

“Minnie ah, he didn’t fall for me. All these times, he was nice, it’s because his guilty for making me sick the other day.” I whispered, choking on my own words during the process.

“Don’t cry, hyung.” Minnie commented before pulling me in his embrace, like usual.

“Maybe I should give up on him after all, Minnie ah. I’ve already been hurt too much, I don’t want to cry because of him again.” I whispered my words on to his chest.

“Don’t say that, hyung. He might say that unintentionally or out of anger. His mind is still clouded with the marriage news & such. You know how’s Omma is doing things, everything is too fast. You should try to talk to him again tomorrow, he should be in a better state of mind by then. There’s too much shocked for him today.” Minnie encourage me with his words.

I just nodded before looking at him, giving a weak smile.

“Don’t worry, your dongsaeng still loves you.” Minnie said happily before giving me a bear hug.

“I love you too, Minnie ah.” I said while chuckling at his cuteness.

“Let’s sleep together. I’m lonely sleeping alone.” I said before he nodded to my words.

It feels good to have someone to accompany my lonely nights in bed.

(Changmin’s Pov)

After spending some time zoning out, I was woke up by the cool breeze that make me shudder.

*I should apologize about before. I didn’t mean it to be that way.*

With that thought, I headed for Jaejoong’s room.

Upon arriving in front of the door, I decided to knock but the words that’s seem to be Jaejoong’s stop me.

“I love you too, Minnie ah.” Jaejoong’s tone was full of happiness.

*He loves Min, afterall. There’s no more me in his heart.*

“Let’s sleep together. I’m lonely sleeping alone.” His voice was heard once again before the sound of the switch was heard.

*The one he wants in his bed is Min. The one he wants in his life is Min, my dongsaeng.*

With a shattered heart, I headed towards my room.

That night I was sleepless, his words repeated in my mind like a broken record.

*Maybe this is what I deserve for being a jerk, a broken heart.*

(Next day)

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Baby ah, I think you should go with hyung today. You’ve been sneezing throughout the night, you might down with flu. It’s not good for you to be expose to the cold wind if you ride with me.” Minnie said in the mid of eating breakfast.

“Sure.” I said, giving a weak smile.

After crying too much yesterday, I lose my appetite.

“Aww..you guys are already sleeping together..that’s so sweet.” Umma remarked grinning at us which cause me to blush a little.

“Baby ah.. why’re you blushing?” Minnie asked, poking my cheeks but I just shake my head before biting more of the toast.

“Hyung, I hope you don’t mind giving Joongie a lift.” Minnie said, smiling at Changmin.

“Sure.” He replied, looking everywhere except me.

Finally, the both of us are in the car, the atmosphere was awkward & silence.

During the whole ride, nobody speaks a word & upon arriving, I just muttered a soft ‘thank you’ before exiting his car.

(Minho’s Pov)

I slowly drive my bike, enjoying the morning fresh air with the thought of Jae hyung on the car ride with hyung.

*I hope they talked or something.*

20 minutes later, I arrived at the academy parking lot & after parking, I headed for the corridor but then I heard a familiar voice.


“That Shim Changmin gonna paid for it during lunch. I’m gonna make sure, he can’t show he’s face in public anymore.” Jessica ranted to her best friend, Hyoyeon.

*What’s going on? I better call for some help.*

“Yeobosaeyo, Noona...” I speak out; the moment the call was answered.


(Jaejoong’s Pov)

Lessons was boring especially without Yunnie around since he was sick, when the bell rang, I slowly headed for the exit just be greeted with Minnie & Changmin like usual.

“Baby ah, me & hyung, I will go & get the foods.” Minnie said before disappearing into the crowd with Changmin.

“Nice see you again, freak.” Jessica’s familiar voice was heard, she was standing beside the table with a smirk on her face.

“What do you want?” I asked lazily, not in the mood to deal with these kind of situation.

“This is what I want.” She said before pouring the 2 bottle of water that was in her hold on me, causing the others to gaps at the sight.

“How does it feel?” she asked, smirking with satisfaction.

“Who we have here?” a familiar voice was heard from the side.

“Sooyoung.” I sutter out, surprise to see her here.

“Hey Jae, sorry I’m late for lunch.” She said before passing me some tissues.

“Who are you?” Jessica asked, the smirk never leaves her face.

“Jaejoong, Sooyoung” Minnie & Changmin’s voice was heard as they appeared with the trays of foods.

“Omg..Joongie, are you ok?” Minnie said, worriedly before wiping my face with his own handkerchief.

“What do you want this time?” Changmin’s cold voice was heard.

“Baby ah, do you know this person?” Sooyoung asked before clinging herself on Changmin & give a peck soon after.

(Changmin’s Pov)

Sooyoung suddenly cling on me & whispered ‘work with me’ before resuming smirking at Jessica.

“Who is she?” Jessica shouted, demanding an answer.

“She’s my fiancée.” I answered.

“Fiancee? It’s just an act, right?” Jessica said before calming herself down.

“I’m sorry but it seems that our wedding invitation didn’t arrive to you yet.” Sooyoung said before passing her a white envelope.

After reading the content, the look on Jessica was in pure shock.

“You’re seriously marrying this bitch?” Jessica asked, in disbelief.

“Yes, bitch. As you can see you’re dealing with a bitch, so better get out of my way or your face will end up like this.” Sooyoung said while
tearing the invitation slowly into million pieces, emphasizing her words.

“Let’s go, guys.” She said after smirking at the speechless Jessica.

The 4 us headed out of the cafeteria with Jessica scream of frustration as a background sound.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Jae, you’re alright, right?” Sooyoung asked, the moment we reach the rooftop.

“I’m fine.” I said, assuring her with a smile.

“Wow..noona..Are you always that fierce?” Minnie exclaimed, in amazement.

“Nah..it’s just when I needed too.” Sooyoung explained, smiling at us both before turning towards Changmin.

“You own me one.” She said before turning back at us.

“Whatever.” I heard Changmin muttered softly, looking at the sky.

“Gosh..I’m hungry now after using my energy on that idiot.” Sooyoung exclaimed before rubbing her tummy.

“Let’s go & get some food, noona. Hyung can accompany Joongie here.” Minnie suggested, which I hesitantly nodded in agreement.

“Actually, I’ve something to tell you.” I started, breaking the silence that surrounded us the moment Minnie & Sooyoung left.

(Changmin’s Pov)

*No..I’m not gonna listen to him confessing his feeling for Minho.*

“Wait, before you say anything listen to me first.” I said, looking straight into his eyes before he gave me a nod.

“I’m sorry about my words yesterday, I didn’t mean it in a bad away. It’s just that you’re going to be a part of our family & I decided to learn & accept you.” I explained, waiting for his respond.

“So you’re happy for us?” he asked.

*No...my heart is breaking but what can I do if your heart doesn’t belong to me.*

“Yes.” I lied, keeping a straight face.

“I’m glad to hear that. Can I ask you one thing?” He asked, before I gave a nod.

“What am I to you?” He asked, seriousness was plaster on his face while tension is in the air.

*You’re everything to me, without you I’m incomplete because you’re my other half.*

“You’re a future brother-in-law.” I lied once again.

*I can’t destroy your happiness with Min.*

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

It feels like my heart drop onto the floor & being stamp over, the moment he say ‘yes’.

*Is he that happy? That I’m no longer apart of his life but his dongsaeng instead. I’m just a nuisance to him afterall.*

I decided to ask him the question that I desired to ask all along.

“What am I to you?” I asked, my heart was pumping so hard.

“You’re a future brother-in-law.” H e said, with no expression on his face.

*I can’t read his expression at all. Maybe I should give up, after all. I already got my answer & it’s hurt me to the core. As if I’m being stab
again & again on the same wound.*

“That’s a relief. I’m just about to talk to you due to the fact as to accept our relationship. I’m glad to hear that.” I lied before putting on a fake


Unaware to them both, Sooyoung & Minho was listening to their conversation behind the metal door.

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17[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-09-23, 6:40 pm

Chapter 15

(Minho’ s Pov)

“Noona, we should get in there before things get more awkward.” I whispered the moment their conversation ended, which Noona nodded quickly in agreement.

“We’re back.” I announced like normal, the moment the metal door swung open.

Each of them was seated at the end of the bench, eyes were everywhere expect on each other.

“Baby, are you hungry?” I asked, trying to gain Jae hyung’s attention since he seemed zoned out, but there was no reply.

“You want some?” Noona offered some of the buns we brought to Changmin hyung, but as expected, there’s was no reply.

“What should we do now?” I whispered into Noona’s ears, the both of us seated in between the 2 of them.

“I got an idea.” Noona whispered back after some thinking.

“Let’s go. We’re going to the wedding gallery” Noona suddenly announced loudly, which seems to work since the both of them turned & looked at us with a questioning look.

“Wedding gallery?” The both of them question at the same time.

The both of us nodded while smiling at the success of gaining their attention.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

Minnie & Sooyoung grinned at me while nodding their head.

*Wedding gallery? I’m seriously getting married to Minnie? *

“Let’s go baby.” Minnie grabbed hold of my hand before getting up, trailing Sooyoung & Changmin that was in the lead.

A 30 minute ride in Changmin’s car, we finally reached the wedding gallery.

“Can I help you?” A store helper greeted us, the moment the 4 of us step into the gallery.

“We’re under Mrs Shim’s reservation.” Sooyoung informed.

“Mrs Shim? Ah…yes… We’ve been expecting your visit, please do step in.” She said before leading us to a more private area.

“Mrs Shim instructed that you all will pick your own wedding gowns & tuxedos. As for the wedding invitation; Mrs Shim had picked a few choices. You will just need to make the final pick.” She said before leading us to the sections.

“These are all the latest collection from the end of last year to this year. Please have a good look. The wedding gowns are to your right & the tuxedos are to your left. If you need any assistance, please call out for me. I’m SooJin, at your service.” She ended her words with a smile, before making a move to give us some space & comfort.

“Baby, let’s go & have a look.” Minnie said before we both approached the stand.

A white tuxedo simply attracted me with its shiny black vest on the inside.

“Minnie, does this look ok?” I asked, pulling out the tuxedo.

“It looks good, you should go & tried it on.” Minnie said, encouraging me with a smile.

I nodded before heading for the changing room, along the way I realised that Changmin was nowhere to be found.

I just shrugged off the thought of him before quickening my pace.

(Changmin’s Pov)

The moment I saw them busy choosing a tuxedo, my blood was boiling & I wanted to get out of there fast, so I decided to quickly grab the first black tuxedo catching my attention the moment I saw it, & headed for the changing room.

After staying in there for 10 minutes, I came out to be greeted with the sight of Min still choosing his tuxedo while that Sooyoung was seated on the sofa nearby.

“You look good. Let’s go with this one” Sooyoung commented while smiling.

“Hyung, you look awesome.” Min commented as Sooyoung’s comment seemed to turn his attention towards me.

“Alright then, we’ll go with this.” I said giving them an awkward smile before heading back to the changing room.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

After a quick change, I stepped out of the changing room earning ‘wows’ from both Sooyoung & Minnie.

They also both shared a laugh which puzzled me, but I ignore the curiosity.

“You look stunning Jae.” Sooyoung remarked, grinning at me causing me to blush.

“Thank you.” I muttered softly.

“You look gorgeous, Joongie.” Minnie commented, poking me on the cheek the moment he approached me.

“Minnie, stop it.” I said, slapping his finger away while still blushing at his comment.

“I’m going to change back now.” I said before quickly heading back to the changing rooms.

It took me about 5 minutes to change back, before stepping out of the changing room; Sooyoung was nowhere in sight while the brothers were seated on the sofa, the sight of them made me feel horrible. His words repeated in my head by the mere sight of him.

“Baby ah, you’re done.” Minnie remarked, the moment he noticed my presence.

“Minnie, can we go visit Yunnie? I’m worried about him.” I suggested softly after giving him a nod.

“But baby, I don’t have my bike with me. Let’s just have hyung to drive us there later, alright?” Minnie remarked, looking at me with a ‘please’ look.

*I can’t stand being near him any longer, it feels like I’m going to crumple down & I don’t want him to witness it. The pain is just too unbearable.*

“Please Minnie? We can just take a cab there. I’m really worried about him since he lives alone. Nobody is there to look out for him.” I said, almost pleading.

“Alright then, let’s go. We’ll see you at home hyung`.” Minnie said before grabbing hold of my hand, getting up & quickly headed for the exit.

“Thanks, Minnie.” I whispered, the moment we stepped out of the gallery.

“Let’s go, hyung.” He whispered, before gripping my hand tighter as a form of comfort.

(Changmin’s Pov)

*It’s better this way. He’s happy with Min & I’m just gonna try & accept Sooyoung.*

“Where’s the other 2?” Sooyoung’s voice pulled me out of my daze.

“They’ve already left. They need to go somewhere.” I said, before studying her look in the wedding gown.

“How do I look?” she asked after nodding to my words.

“You look fine.” I said, faking a smile.

“Alright then, we’ll just go with this then.” She said smiling back, soon disappearing back into the changing room.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Yunnie, I missed you!” I jumped on him, the moment his door swing open.

“I missed you too Joongie, but what are you doing here?” He asked while patting my back, but I didn’t reply because my tears were already pouring out from the moment I was in Yunnie’s embrace.

“He was worried about you.” Minnie replied on my behalf.

“Joongie, why are you crying?” Yunnie asked; pulling away to have a look at my tears stained face.

“It’s nothing. I’m just being emotional.” I said before quickly wiping my tears & forcing out a smile.

“Come, let’s go in.” He said before leading me towards the sofa with Minnie trailing us from behind.

“So, are you feeling much better Yunnie?” I asked, once I was seated.

“I guess. The cold seems to get worse during night time; it must be the weather.” He replied while smiling at me.

“That’s good to hear, just take care of yourself during night time.” I said returning his smile.

“Yunnie ah, I’ve decided to marry Minnie.” I announced after the few minutes of silence.

“What?!” the both of them shouted in shock.

“Hyung, didn’t you say you wanted to stop this wedding?” Minnie asked, shocked in his face.

“Are you sure Joongie?” Yunnie asked, after calming himself down.

“Yes, I’m sure. Minnie ah, it’s about time I give up on Changmin. After all, I’m just a future brother-in-law for him, nothing more. If you don’t want to marry me, it’s ok. I don’t mind, I can just tell Umma that I broke up with you.” I said, bitterly while trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall again.

“Hyung, don’t say that. Of course I don’t mind marrying you, even if it’s not out of love.” Minnie said, immediately pulling me into his embrace; for the 2nd time today, I let my tears flow freely.

“Minnie, can I stay over here for 2 or 3 days? I’m not ready to face him yet.” I asked, sobbing through my words.

“Alright hyung” he said, while wiping my tears.

I stayed in his embrace, feeling secure & soon sleep took over me.

(Minho’s Pov)

“Yunho hyung, hyung has fallen asleep.” I whispered.

“Follow me.” He said getting up and heading towards a door, which I assume is his bedroom.

I carried hyung in bridal style, before slowly laying him on the comfy bed, pulling the covers for him before the 2 of us exited out of the room.

“Min, did something happen before you guys came here?” Yunho hyung asked, the moment we were seated back on the sofa.

Sighing, I started telling him about their conversation on the rooftop before this.

“You’re saying that Changmin is ok with you guys getting married? He even says that to Joongie?” Yunho hyung commented the moment I ended my words.

“I know, but somehow his words are not convincing to my ears. I’m his dongsaeng, hyung. I can see through his words & I have a feeling he’s lying, but I don’t know what triggered him to do so.” I said, before sighing.

“Seriously, I don’t know how your hyung’s mind works. If he really loves Joongie, he should fight for him & nothing should stop him.” Yunho hyung remarked, looking exhausted.

“It’s really up to him now, hyung. He has to decide before it’s too late.” I said before getting up from my seat.

“Where’re you going?” Yunho hyung asked.

“I’m gonna quickly go home to get some clothing for Jae hyung & me. You don’t mind me staying over too, right? I just need to give my Hyung some space; maybe then he’ll think more clearly.” I said, while giving him a tired smile.

“Sure. Just don’t rush, alright.” Yunho hyung said as he walked me to the front door before waving bye.

Flagging the taxi that appears, the moment I step out of Yunho’s hyung apartment.

“Don’t worry, I’won’t.” I said to Yunho hyung, before getting into the taxi.

(Changmin’s Pov)

I decided to drop Sooyoung off before heading back home after we exited the gallery.

“Omma, I’m back.” I announced, only to be greeted with Omma & twins focused on watching some show in the living room.

“You’re back. Where’s your dongsaeng & Jae?” she asked, noticing my presence.

“I’m not sure. They went somewhere.” I said, lazily before taking a seat beside Omma.

“Ah...those lovebirds are so sweet. They go everywhere together.” Omma commented dreamily before focusing back to the TV show.

I just nodded, not bothering to comment anything.

“Omma, I’m back.” Min’s voice boomed from the door before approaching us in the living room.

“Where’s Jae, Hoho?” Omma asked, as curious as me.

“About that, we decided to spend some time accompanying Yunho hyung, since he has not been well recently. Joongie is worried about him so he decided to accompany him for a few days before the wedding. I decided to join them too.” He explained.

“Ah... I see… Do you guys have a place to sleep? I mean Yunho lives alone, right?” Omma asked, worry in her tone.

“Don’t worry, Omma. Hyung has one spare room; I can share it with Joongie.” He said convincing Omma.

“Awww... you guys are sharing a room, but make sure you guys don’t do anything naughty alright?” She teased which cause Min to blush.

“Omma~” Min whined in embarrassment, which caused Omma to chuckle.

“Alright, but you guys haven’t even picked the design for the wedding invitation yet, right?” Omma asked.

“It’s alright; we’ll just leave it up to Hyung & Noona to pick.” He said before getting up.

“Where’re you going?” I asked, seeing him in a rush.

“I’m going to go & pack our stuff. I need to go back there before Joongie wakes up to find me not there. He’ll nag about not bringing him along to get his stuff.” He said before smiling, heading for the stairs soon after.

15 minutes passed, and Min appeared with 2 small duffle bags in his hold.

“Omma, I’m going. We’ll be back 2 days before the wedding.” He announced before waving at us.
“Alright, I’ll see the both of you in 3 days time. Take care.” Omma said before waving back.

“Omma, I’m going to have my shower.” I said while getting up, right after Min left.

I slowly climbed up the stairs, feeling exhausted from dealing with my own feeling.

*Did I make the right choice?*

(Next day)

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

The sunlight burns my skin; I slowly started to stir while rubbing my sleepy eyes.

*Where am I?*

I looked around my surrounding & realized that I was in Yunnie’s bedroom. Suddenly, I remembered that I’d fallen asleep in Minnie’s embrace yesterday & with the thoughts of finding them, I got up & slowly exited the room.

“Joongie, you’re awake.” Yunnie’s voice was heard from the kitchen as I was busy tip-toeing.

I gave him a grin & slowly headed towards him, before taking a seat at the dining table.

“Where’s Minnie?” I asked, since he was nowhere in sight.

“He already left for the academy.” He replied before pointing at the clock.

I just realized it was half past 8 in the morning, that’s mean I’m already late for class & I started to panic.

“Don’t panic, Joongie. He’ll just inform the teacher that you’re sick.” Yunnie said before passing me a cup of hot chocolate.

“Thank you.” I muttered while calming myself down.

“Joongie ah, were you serious about yesterday?” Yunnie asked before taking a bite of his pancake.

“Yunnie, do you think I’m being unfair towards Minnie? I mean he’s still young & he should be able to love freely. Even though, he told me recently that his crush rejected him.” I asked without answering his question. Yunnie’s reply was him choking on his pancake, upon hearing my last line of words.

“Are you ok?” I asked, worriedly while rubbing soothing circle on his back after passing him a glass of water.

“Rejected? Did he tell you who the person was?” he asked, bitterly after nodding to my question.

I just shook my head before sipping on my hot chocolate.

(Changmin’s Pov)

I woke up with a gloomy mood, walking around like a zombie while getting ready for class. I grabbed a piece of toast on the way out before saying ‘bye’ to my parents & the twins.

As I entered the parking lot, I was greeted by the sight of Min parking his bike, but he was all alone.

“Morning, Min.” I approached him, after I safely parked my car.

“Morning, hyung.” He replied, smiling.

“You’re all alone today?” I asked, hiding my curiosity.

“Yup, Joongie was probably too tired after what happened last night, so I let him sleep in.” He said before started walking.

*What happened? Why is Jaejoong tired? Omg... don’t tell me… No, it can’t be.*

“Hyung, hurry up or we’ll be late for class.” Min’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

“Coming…” I replied back, before quickening my pace towards him.

My mind totally wondered off during classes, I’d been wondering since morning which caused me to be totally distracted. At last I ended up feeling frustrated at myself, since class already finished, but Min’s words still repeat in my mind.

Since class had ended, I headed to the car park & saw a familiar figure waiting beside it.

“Sooyoung, what’re you doing here?!” I asked, surprised to see her here.

“Your Omma called saying that we still need to pick the wedding invitations. I decided to wait for you here, since I know that your classes were about to end.” She explained, smiling at me.

“Let’s go then.” I said, forcing a smile back at her.

Half an hour was spent on our drive there & picking the invitations.

“Do you want to go & grab some drinks? I need to talk to you.” Sooyoung suggested after we exited the gallery.

I just nodded before we hopped back into my car, a 5 minutes drive lead us to a cafe near by the gallery.

“So what do you want to talk about?” I asked, after our orders arrived.
“Do you like Jae?” She asked which caught me off guard.

“What?” I asked making sure my ears wasn’t playing tricks on me.

“Ooops… Let me rephrase the question. Do you love Jae?” She asked, staring intensely at me.

“What’s this nonsense?” I said before awkwardly laughing it off.

“You can lie to me, but not to your heart.” She said before sipping on her smoothie, coolly.

I don’t know what to reply, I can’t lie to my heart after all.

“What are you gonna do if I admit I love him?” I asked.

“Nothing; but isn’t it more of what are YOU going to do rather than me?” she exclaimed, emphasizing her words.

“What can I do? Sometimes I’m confused about my own feelings. Do I really love him or is he just someone that fills up the emptiness inside me? ” I said, while sighing in frustration.

“Let me just ask you one question. Do you love him or do you need him?” Sooyoung asked which caused me to be more confused.

“Isn’t it the same?” I remarked.

“It’s not. If a person says, I love you...it’s something that you can say to the people that walk in & out of your life, but when a person says, ‘I need you’...it means that without that person you can’t live. The phrase ‘I love you’ is something we valued by ourselves, the more you value it, the more it means.” She said, looking at me seriously.

“If you were me, which one would you pick? Love or Need?” I asked, trying to understand things further.

“I would rather choose need, because when a person says that he needed me, I know that I’m important to him. He needs me in his life.” She replied, while sipping more.

“So you don’t believe in love?” I asked.

“I didn’t say that. It’s just that sometimes love can destroy you, but it doesn’t mean love is a bad thing. Of course, love will hurt & make you cry buckets, but remember there’s always a sweet & happy side to it. As long you chose the right one, things will be like how you want it to be. You can just love anyone, but you’ll need only one person & that person is the one that completes you.” She ended her words before getting up from her seat.

“Where’re you going?” I asked, surprise by her movement.

“I’m heading home, & Changmin, think about what I’ve just said. I’m sure you can find that answer in you. Don’t lose him when he’s right there in front of you.” She said before heading out of the cafe.

*Why is everything so confusing? How do I really feel towards him? I’m not sure. Shim Changmin… you’re such an epic fail.*

[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Soulf
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18[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-09-23, 6:41 pm

Chapter 16

(Changmin’s Pov)

“MinMin, aren’t you gonna join us for dinner?” Umma’s worried voice called to me when I passed by the dining hall.

“I’m not hungry.” I replied, weakly before climbing up the stairs.

It’d already been 3 days since the day when Sooyoung talked to me & tomorrow he’ll be home to prepare for the wedding.

The days I spent without him was lifeless; I was just like a zombie walking around without a soul.

The past 3 days, I faced reality & realized that I do love him & most importantly, I do NEED him.
The reason I didn’t trust love before was because of Jessica, due to the fact that ‘I love you’ means nothing to her, but then I realize how a pabo I was all this while. Even if it meant nothing to her… to me ‘I love you’ means, the 3 important words you could say to your loved ones. How silly I was, not sticking to my own belief, just because of her lies.

Like how Sooyoung mentioned, I need him, because he completes me as a person; someone that brings out the real me. I turned cold because I know if I’m soft hearted, people will hurt me just like how Jessica did. I hated when he came around, because I knew he’ll change me into the old me & I’m just gonna be hurt again.

I wanted to hate him for making my emotions boil or trigger with his every intimacy with Min, but I couldn’t because I know jealousy is only there when you love someone. I tried to deny my feelings but I couldn’t. In the end I realize, the one that’s been hurting me was myself after all. So much of protecting myself all this years; I end up hurting myself.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

It’s already been 3 days since I’ve been at Yunnie’s house & I miss him a lot. I didn’t turn up for classes, because I didn’t want my emotions to stir up again once I saw him. It’s been tiring enough for me dealing with the thoughts of letting go & forgetting him, what’s more I need to face him if I turn up for academy.

Did we really not have a chance to fall in love like every other couple? I guess not, because I never owned a place in his heart, not even a tiny bit. I know if I tell Minnie & Yunnie that somehow I’m still hoping for him to take me away during the wedding, they’ll laugh at me.

Sometimes I just hope a miracle could happen.

“Hyung, dinner is ready. Let’s eat.” Minnie’s voice was heard from the door.

“I’m not hungry, Minnie. I’m going to have an early night, alright?” I said before giving him a soft smile.

“Alright, sleep tight.” Minnie said before disappearing behind the close door.

(Minho’s Pov)

“Where’s Joongie? He’s not eating again?” Yunho hyung asked, the moment he saw me alone.

“Yup, he says he’s gonna have an early night.” I said, taking a seat at the dining table.

“Aish..I’m worried about him.” Yunho hyung commented before we started eating.

“Don’t worry, I’ll persuade him to eat more tomorrow. Let’s just let him rest, after all we’re going back tomorrow. He needs the energy to face Changmin hyung.” I said before slurping more noodle.

Yunho hyung just nodded in understanding before slurping more noodle.

“So Min, can I ask you something?” Hyung asked, a few minutes later.

“Sure.” I replied, waiting for his question.

“Did you get rejected recently? Joongie told me.” He quickly added in after ending the question.

This made me nod, before turning my attention back to the noodle.

“It was Kim Jonghyun, your best friend, right?” Yunho hyung asked which caught me off guard &

“H-ow?” I stutter out, my brain froze.

“I overheard the conversation at the rooftop when I woke up from napping there. I’m sorry for not telling you earlier.” He said, apologetically.

“It’s ok, hyung. Either way, I have expected that he’ll reject me since he has someone else in mind. I just wanted to let my feeling known to him.” I said, bitterly.

“At least, you’re brave enough to let your feeling be known. It shows that you are mature with your experiences.” He said before giving an encouraging squeeze on my shoulder.

“That’s all thanks to Jae hyung, he teaches me to be a better person.” I said before sharing a chuckle with hyung.

“I guess he did, after all you can always find someone else that deserves you more than him. Trust your hyung.” He said before winking at me.

“Maybe I’ve already did…” I whispered under my breath.

“What did you say? Yunho hyung asked.

“Nothing…the noodles are good.” I said before quickly slurping more.

(Next day)

( Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Hyung, you’re up!” Minnie’s lively voice greeted, upon exiting the bedroom.

I gave a big smile before joining the 2 of them in the kitchen.

“Minnie, aren’t you going to your classes today?” I asked, noticing it was already pass the time for classes.

“Nope, we’re going back today, right? I decided to accompany you, since Omma told me a few minutes ago when I called her that Changmin hyung is at home too, he skipped classes today too. He has not been feeling well the last past 2 days.” Minnie informed.

I stop munching on my cereals that I had upon seating.

*He’s sick. Will he be alright?*

“Minnie, let’s head home after this. I’m worried about him.” I said, whispering the last line.

“Sure, hyung.” He replied while grinning which caused me to smile back before I continued munching on my cereal.

An hour passed, before the both of us were done with breakfast and getting ready for the day.

“Alright hyung, we should get going.” Minnie announced, standing beside me with the 2 small duffle bags in his hold, refusing to let me carry 1 of them.

“I’m going, Yunnie. Hope to see you perfectly well soon. Take good care of yourself, especially at night.” I said before giving him a tight hug.

“I will, Joongie. Take care too & don’t think too much. I’ll see you at the wedding.” Yunnie said, parting away before pinching my cheeks which caused me to pout.

“Min, take good care of my pouting prince” He said, giving Minnie a bear hug after they both chuckled at my reaction.

“Bye” both of us shouted before getting in the taxi.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“MinMin, are you feeling better?” Omma asked while in the mid of breakfast.

“Not really, Omma. I don’t feel like going to classes today so I’ll be skipping.” I said before stuffing more pancakes in my mouth.

“Alright then, it’s up to you. Do you want me to call Sooyoung, so you won’t be bored.” Omma suggested.

*It’s a good idea. After all, she’s been a great help for me. I’m gonna apologize for my past actions & ask for her help.*

“Sure, I’ll be bored anyway. It’s better to have company.” I said causing Omma to look a bit shocked, but it quickly changed into a smile.

I was surprised when 30 minutes later Sooyoung appeared behind Omma, after Omma returned from getting the door.

“Would you like to have some breakfast, dear?” Omma offered, the moment she took a seat beside me.

“It’s ok; I had already had breakfast at home.” She politely declined before turning to smile at me.

“Omma, I’m done. We’re going to be in my room. Just call us if you need anything.” I informed after returning her smile.

“Wow… cool room!.” She exclaimed upon entering it, approaching my small keyboard.

“I thought you had a personal studio.” She remarked while playing with it.

“I do, it’s located at the further right of the corridor. I had one here in case I’m feeling lazy to practice there.” I said before clearing some books off my bed to make some space of her to seat.

“Take a seat.” I said, patting the empty space beside me.

“Thanks, so have you be thinking about what I said?” she asked; I slowly nodded.

“So… Which one? Love or Need?” she asked once again, anticipation in her voice.

“Both, because I LOVE you & I really DO NEED you until the extent that I don’t care if you don’t love me, as long you’re around me & visible to my eyes, I’m content enough.” I said without realizing that the one in front of me was not Jaejoong but Sooyoung.

“I’m sorry.” I muttered quickly before turning away in embarrassment.

“Don’t be. I’m touched by it. I’m sure he’ll be happy if he heard all this words.” She said before smiling at me.

“Thanks for your encouragement & I’m very sorry about my past actions.” I said, smiling sincerely at her.

“It’s not a big deal. I’ve always remembered you as a sweet & lively person when we were younger, so I know you’re not a jerk.” She said surprising me.

“We’ve known each other from young?” I asked, curiously.

“Not really. I saw you a few times on some of the events that Appa brought me to, after that we move when I was 11 which cause my Appa to lose contact with your parents but luckily we were re-connected with the help of Jaejoong’s umma.” She explained as I nodded in understanding.

“Any way, let’s be friends like how our parents are.” I said, giving out my hand.

“Sure.” She said before shaking it with a grin.

(Jaejoong’ s Pov)

“We’re home.” Minnie announced, the moment we step into the mansion.

“I’m here.” Umma’s voice was heard from the living room, causing the both of us to head there.

“You guys are back, so how’s Yunho? Is he feeling better?” Umma asked, after we both took a seat beside her.

“He’s feeling much better now.” I said, grinning at her like usual.

“It’s good to hear that. Now, come & give me a hug. I missed you.” She said, opening her arm wide, waiting for me.

I just smiled before getting up & hugging her.

“Great, now you have Joongie, you don’t miss me.” Minnie exclaimed, jealously while pouting.

“Now, see who’s jealous of his own future ‘wife’.” She teased before pinching his cheek, causing me to chuckle.

“So, Umma, I heard that Changmin is not feeling well.” I spoke, after getting seated back.

“Ah… yes… He’s in his room if you want to see him.” She informed.

“I’m going too~” Minnie exclaimed.

“Aish... you have to stay here for a while, I need your help. You can’t even let go of him for a while. Lovebirds” She commented causing Minnie to pout again & this time Umma pinch his nose.

“I’m going upstairs now, see you later.” I said, chuckling at Minnie’s sulky expression before climbing up the stairs.

As soon as I was about to knock Changmin’s door, I heard his voice, which caused me to inch closer to the door.

“I LOVE you & I really DO NEED you until to the extent that I don’t care if you don’t love me but as long you’re around me & visible to my eyes, I’m content enough.” Changmin’s voice was full of sincerity.

*Who is he confessing too?*

“Don’t be. I’m touched by it...” Sooyoung’s voice was heard after a slight pause.

*He loves Sooyoung. My best friend*

Their next words were blocked out; the thoughts keep repeating & haunting me as I walked
thoughtlessly without realizing towards my own room.

“Joongie, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at hyung’s room?” Minnie asked as he approached me.

Not wanting to burden him with anymore of my feelings, I quickly replied while making a neutral expression.

“I decided to wait for you here. I’m sure it’s gonna be awkward so I decided to wait.” I quickly reasoned which cause him to nod in understanding.

“Alright, let’s go.” He said before I grabbed hold of his hand for some courage & support.

“Come in, it’s not locked.” His voice was heard after a few knocks.

“Oh… Noona, you’re here too!!” Minnie exclaimed in surprise after the door swing open.

“Hey guys. Jae, I missed you~” Sooyoung said before jumping on me for a hug which I awkwardly returned.

“So hyung, are you feeling much better? Omma informed us, you’re not feeling well.” Minnie asked on my behalf after I gave a signal.

“Much better, I guess having someone to talk to, isn’t bad after all.” He said happily before giving Sooyoung a knowing look.

“True, I guess the 2 of us bonded when you guys weren’t around.”Sooyoung commented, supporting his answer.

“That’s good to hear.” I said quickly before turning, facing Minnie.

“Minnie, I don’t feel good. Can you accompany me? I want to rest.”I said, giving him my best puppy eyes.

“We’re going first. The 2 of you have a great time.” Minnie said giving a smile before the both of us exit the room.

*Changmin ah, I wish you & Sooyoung happiness. From now on, I don’t exist in your life anymore. You will just know me as a brother-in-law, nothing more or less. It’s best if we avoid each other now because I need to heal my shattered heart before facing you as your dongsaeng‘s ‘wife’ for the rest of my life.*

(Changmin’s Pov)

Since, their return yesterday, Jaejoong has been avoiding me & always sticking by Min side when I’m around. Giving me absolutely NO chance of confessing my feelings, at all! Tomorrow will be the day that changes both of our life.

*Maybe it’s fated that my feelings will forever remain unknown. I guess I’ll just have to love him from far. Jaejoong ah, I wish you happiness tomorrow.*

(Wedding day)

The church was flooded with guests & people from the media; after all, the families were well known in the business industry.
The wedding decoration were simple, with white ribbons & lilies but nonetheless a grand one.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“MinMin, you & Sooyoung are first in line before the boys.” Omma informed before I slowly headed for the alter, waiting for my bride while eyes were all on me.
Soon, Sooyoung beautifully appeared in the wedding gown of her choice with her Appa by her side.

“We’re gathered here today to witness the beautiful love of these two people...” The priest started, after the both of us were facing him.

“…Do you Shim Changmin take Choi Sooyoung as your lawful wedded wife?” The priest asked.

I wanted to say ‘I do’ but the words were stuck in my throat.
*Come on, Changmin… you’ve practiced this in front of the mirror over a hundred times. Say it...Why can’t say it? Why does it feel so wrong?*

“Changmin” Sooyoung’s voice pulls me out of my hazy mind.

“Go, find your love.” She whispered before walking away but I manage to stop her.

“What are you saying?” I asked in confusion while all eyes are on us.

“There, look over there.” She said pointing at the door that was used as her entrance a few minutes ago, before walking away.

I just stared at door & soon it opened to reveal the most beautiful man on earth, Kim Jaejoong.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Minnie, where’re we going? It’s not our turn yet, right?” I asked as he was leading me towards the door.

“Trust me, hyung.” Was only thing he said before opening the door, revealing a charming, but stunned Changmin at the altar.

Soon, he led me towards Changmin, just like how the Appa’s would walk their daughters down the aisle.

“Be happy, hyung.” He said before walking away, leaving me beside the stunned Changmin.

“What is going on?” I asked Changmin but there was no reply, he was just staring at me.

“Is this a joke or something? Because it’s not funny” I said before walking away.

“Wait, Jaejoong.” I heard him speak, before he grabbed on to my arms.

“What?” I asked softly, not turning to facing him.

“I’m…” he started, but paused his words.

I was about to open my mouth when Minnie decided to cut me.

“If you guys are gonna take some time to decide, can I get married first?” He asked before quickly leading Sooyoung towards the altar which surprised the both of us even more.

“Sooyoung & Minho?” the both of us said in nuisances.

The both of them made their vows & sealed their love with a kiss in front of us.

“Hyungs, it’s you guys turn.” Minnie approached us after their moment was over.

Understanding the situation better, Changmin held out his hand & I took it before the both of us headed for alter.

“Do you Shim Changmin take Kim Jaejoong as your lawful wedded husband?” the priest asked.

“Yes, I do.” He said while looking at me which caused me to slightly blush.

“Do you Kim Jaejoong take Shim Changmin as your lawful wedded husband?” the priest asked, others was anticipating my answer.

“I do.” I answered while blushing even more when I heard the crowds behind cheer in happiness.

“You may now kiss the groom.” The priest said before smiling at us.

I blushed hard when he was staring right into my eyes; soon his lips were on mine. It felt like heaven, so sweet & gentle.

“I love you, without you I don’t exist.” He whispered into my ears after our first official kiss.

(Changmin’s Pov)

I was clueless, shocked, stunned or any emotions you can name, but then I saw what was actually going on. My family wanted me to understand what true love is & with that, they did this. It may seems mean causing our feeling to be hurt during the process, but they made me understand one thing. Don’t start regretting when you lose it when you didn’t even treasure it from the start.

Many people are like that, including me, but luckily I have Jaejoong & my family that are always waiting for me.

I turned to look at my now lawful wedded husband, the smile on his face was pure happiness. I know my true love is right beside me.

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19[COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo Empty Re: [COMPLETE/JAEMIN] Saranghae, Pabo on 2010-09-23, 6:43 pm

Chapter 17

(4 months later)

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Chagiya, give me a kiss~” I pouted while giving my best puppy eyes, waiting for my husband to give me a kiss.

“Baby ah, we’re in public; let’s just wait until we reach home, alright?” Changminnie persuaded me, hugging my waist tighter.

“But today is graduation day, you promised to reward me with a kiss.” I said, pouting while hanging my head low in disappointment.

“Hyung, what did you do to make him sulk like that?” Minnie’s voice was heard, as he appeared with Sooyoung.

“He’s not giving me a kiss, like how he promised to.” I complained like a 3 year old, not getting any candies.

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing.” Changminnie said with a guilty & unsure face.

“Hyung, it’s already been 4 months. The last kiss in public was the wedding itself. You can’t get embarrassed every time, right?” Minnie said, before squeezing his shoulder as a form of encouragement.

“I’m going.” I said angrily before stomping away from them, but than a hand gripped onto my arm, stopping me in my track.

I just kept quiet knowing it’s my chagiya just from his touch.

“Sorry I kept you waiting.” He said, staring straight into my eyes after spinning me around to face him.

I was about to answer, but his lips were on mine before I had a chance too.

*I’m in heaven once again & an angel is kissing me.*

I melted in his kiss, staring right into his dreamy eyes.

“Baby, are you ok?” Changminnie’s voice pulled me out of my daze, I just giggled before blushing at the thought of him
kissing me in public.

“Finally, he did it.” The both of us heard, Minnie, Sooyoung & Yunnie in the background.

*Since when Yunnie is there?*

“Yunnie, where did you go after the ceremony?” I asked walking towards them 3, hand-in-hand with Changminnie.

“I saw her.” He answered while fidgeting.

“Who?” I asked, wondering what was making him nervous & uneasy.

Before Yunnie could answer me, a familiar voice was heard.

“Sooyoung, what are you doing here?!” she asked before shock was plastered on her face at the sight of me & Yunnie.

“Y-yunho” she stuttered out before looking at us, as we stared at her.

“Seul Gi ah… you know him?!” Sooyoung asked her, pulling her out of her shock.

“Yes. He was my first love.” She answered bitterly, looking at Yunnie.

“What?!” the others exclaimed in shock, excluding me.

“Yunnie ah, maybe you guys should have a chat & talk things out?” I suggested, getting a nod of agreement from the others.

“Alright then, see you all later.” Yunnie said after giving me a bear hug before waving bye to others; soon the two of them disappeared.

“Sooyoung ah, how do you know Seul Gi?” I asked.

“She was my classmate back in Paris, we studied fashion together.” Sooyoung explained, earning a nod from me.

“I think I understand why she left Yunnie, it’s because her parent force her study there.” I said earning curious looks from them.

“So you’re telling me that Yunho was waiting for her all along?” Changminnie asked.

“Yes, but he didn’t know the reason why Seul Gi left. She came to me a few years ago before she left, saying that her omma really wanted her to be a designer & she wanted me to look after Yunnie while she was away.” I explained, so they understood the situation.

“Let’s just hope everything goes well with them.” Minnie said smiling.

“We should go home too. I’m sure Omma, Appa & the twins are waiting for us to celebrate.” Changmin said, before saying
goodbye to our respective classmates.

An hour drive, and the 4 of us reached back home with a big smile plastered on each face.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“We’re home.” We announced upon entering the mansion.

“You’re all home. Come let me give my babies a hug each!” Omma exclaimed before pulling each of us into a hug.

“Congratulations on graduating the both of you~” Omma said, both of our hands are in her hold, as her eyes became teary.

“Don’t cry, Omma.” I said, wiping her tears away before the both of us pulled her into a hug.

“Don’t worry; I’m just a bit emotional today.” She said, laughing it off.

“How about you guys go & get some rest? We’ll all gather here again during dinner; we’re having a bbq in the backyard tonight” Appa announced, which caused the twins who were in the background to cheer in happiness.

The 4 of us nodded before climbing up the stairs, heading to our respective rooms.

“Baby ah, I’m going to shower, alright?” I said the moment we reached our room, stealing a peck from his cheek before disappearing into the bathroom.

After a good 20 minutes in the shower, I was greeted with the sight of Jae on the phone, rolling on the bed.

“Hyungie, I miss you too~” I heard Jae’s voice clearly as I was approaching our bed.

*Hyungie? Who is that?*

“Why didn’t you turn up? I was waiting for you” I heard his voice once again; Jae not noticing my presence.

*Turn up? Waiting? What is going on?*

“Alright, promise me. See you soon. Bye, I love you.” He said cheerfully, ending it with a chuckle.

*I love you? Who on earth was that?*

“Oh… Chagiya, you’re done. It’s my turn now!!” He exclaimed happily, noticing my presence a few minutes after ending
the call.

He quickly gets up from our bed after putting his phone aside before skipping to the bathroom.

I slowly tip-toe towards his phone, browsing through his call list the moment I grabbed hold of it.

I was surprised to see the last received call was from, ‘Hyungie ♥’.

“Who the hell is this Hyungie guy? I’m gonna find out.” I muttered under my breath, controlling my anger & jealousy before putting his phone back to the way it was.

(Jaejoong’s Pov)

“Chagiya, what are you doing?” I asked, surprised to see him on our bed, focusing on his laptop.

“What are you doing?” I asked once again, this time louder as I approach the bed & took a seat beside him.

Again, my question was ignored, which puzzled me.

I decided to take a peek at what he was watching & pouted.

“Chagiya, why are you watching this again? You’re even ignoring me because of this Hero.” I whined while clinging on his arm, trying to get his attention.

“Stop distracting me. It’s his solo part soon.” He said, eyes still focused on the performance by his favourite group, Dong Bang Shin Ki.

“Fine, go ahead & love that Hero more than me. I HATE you!!” I said before stomping off to the loveseat, grabbing a magazine in the process.

(Changmin’s Pov)

“Fine, go ahead & love that Hero more than me. I HATE you!!” He said before stomping off, heading for the loveseat.

*He’s always gets pissed off when it comes to Hero.*

“Fine, you can go & love your Hyungie more.” I said mockingly before turning my attention back to the laptop screen.

“What? Hyungie?!” He exclaimed, turning his attention from the magazine back to me.

“Yes, your beloved Hyungie.” I replied, before concentrating back on the performance.

“Chagiya, are you jealous over Hyungie?” He asked walking back to me back again, poking my cheek for attention.

“What if I am?” I said, grumpily before pouting.

“Aigoo, you’re so cute.” He cooed which puzzled me.

He just chuckled seeing my confuse expression.

“Chagiya, Hyungie is my cousin. His name is Kim Hyun Joong, he’s living in the State with his family. You haven’t seen him before, because he was not presence during our wedding. Since he’s a doctor, he didn’t manage to get leave for our wedding. He called today to congratulate me on graduating, that’s all.” He explained before snuggling closer to me.

“So, he’s your cousin? Are you guys very close?” I asked, understanding the situation.

“Yes, we’re very close indeed, but he left for the States when I was 12. We’re still in contact & sometimes he’ll come down to visit. So, don’t get jealous over him.” He said before pinching my nose.

“Alright, I’m sorry for doubting your love, baby.” I apologized before pecking his pouty lips.

“So, you love me more than that Hero?” He said, pointing to the screen.

“No” I said, turning back to the screen.

“I hate you.” He said, trying to get up, but I managed to stop him in time, causing him to stumble on our bed.

“I love you too.” I whispered before snuggling closer causing him to blush.

As I got closer to kiss him, a familiar voice boomed through our bedroom wall, spoiling our moment.

“Just great; spoiling our moment again” I commented, irritated.

“Come, let’s go & see.” Jae said as the both of us slowly got up & headed for the door.

( Jaejoong’s Pov)

“What’s wrong, Sooyoung?” I asked, approaching the angry Sooyoung the moment I stepped out of our room.

“Go & ask him!” She said, pointing at the guilty looking Minnie.

“What did you do, Min?” Changminnie asked.

“I accidentally flushed our wedding ring” Minnie confessed, showing his ring less finger. Changminnie burst out laughing, but he stopped when both of them gave him a death glare.

“I told him countless of time not to leave his ring on when he’s in the toilet.” Sooyoung said before sighing.
“I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t intend to do that. Let’s get a replica of it tomorrow, alright?” Minnie apologized, pleading Sooyoung for forgiveness.

“Sooyoung ah, just forgive him, alright? He didn’t mean it. You know how much he treasures the ring, right? Just as much as you” I said, persuading the cooling down Sooyoung.

“Fine, but promise me that this is not gonna happen again.” Sooyoung said before giving Minnie a weak smile.

“Thank you honey ah.” Minnie exclaimed before pulling her into a hug.

“Alright, problem solved. Let’s go, baby.” Changminnie called out which cause me to chuckle.


“Chagiya, are you thirsty?” I asked, after spending about half an hour admiring my husband side profile.

“Yes, baby ah. I’m sweating so much.” He said smiling at me before focusing back on his task, which was grilling the meat now.

Hearing his reply, I quickly headed for the refreshment table where the others were seated, grabbing a cup of fruit punch & a tissue along the way.

“Here you go.” I said passing the glass as he took it with a smile.

After giving a smile back in return, I used the tissue I grabbed earlier to wipe his sweat away.

“Oh… the 2 of you are so loving~” Umma cooed, approaching us.

“U-umma” I stuttered before blushing at her words, making both of them laugh.

“How about the 2 of you go & hang out with the others? I’ll take over your task with your Appa. Go & grab a bite or something. I’m sure Jae is hungry, since he has been accompanying you.” Umma said before shooing us away.

“Have a bite.” Changminnie said, feeding me in front of the other couple & the twins causing me to blush.

The rest of the night was spent chatting with the others & having a great time as we bonded.

“Goodnight, hyungs.” Minnie & Sooyoung waved goodnight before entering their room, which we followed suit soon after.

We were snuggling up in bed after a change into pyjamas.

“Chagiya, do you ever regret marrying me?” I asked snuggling closer, resting my head on his chest.

“Of course not; you’re the most wonderful thing that happened in my life.” He answered before giving me a passionate kiss, & soon the kiss turned into something more.

The rest of the night was spent, as the two of us made passionate love.

(6 months later)

(Nobody’s Pov)

“Where’s my peach juice?” Jaejoong whined before stuffing more popcorn into his mouth.

“Yah, Shim Minho, where’s my cookies?” Sooyoung’s voice boomed soon after, before munching on her chips.

“Coming…!” the Shim’s brother shouted back before running towards their respective ‘wife’.

“Here’s your juice, baby ah.” Changmin said, passing it to Jaejoong.

Jaejoong quickly balance it on his bulging stomach before happily sipping it from the straw.

On the other side of the living room, Minho was trying his best to convince Sooyoung that the cookies were not burnt.

“Why are these cookies burnt? How can you treat me like this?!” Sooyoung argued, putting the plate of cookies away.

“Honey ah, the cookies are not burnt.” Minho persuaded, grabbing hold of his wife’s hand.

“Don’t touch me. You don’t love me!” Sooyoung exclaimed, pulling her hand out of Minho’s hold.

“Hyung, help!” Minho called out before the 2 brothers gathered at the farther corner of the living room.

“What’s up now?” Changmin asked in irritation.

“She says my cookies are burnt.” Minho explained which caused Changmin to laugh, but he stopped when Minho gave him
an ‘it’s-not-funny’ look.

“What? You can’t blame her. It looks unappetizing.” Changmin snorted.

“You’re not helping, hyung.” Minho said before sighing.

“Fine, what do you usually do to fix stuff?” Changmin asked which got Minho thinking.

“Redo stuff.” Minho answered shortly after.

“Good. Go & bake a fresh batch then.” Changmin said before walking away, leaving his dongsaeng dumbfounded.

“What was I thinking asking help from him?” Minho muttered irritably before heading for the kitchen.

“Omg… Jae, what happened?!” Changmin exclaimed, seeing the huge stain on the couch.

“I spilt it…” Jaejoong said while pouting with innocent eyes.

“I’m so dead! Omma’s gonna kill me.” Changmin groaned before running to get a wet cloth from the kitchen.

After spending a good 15 minutes scrubbing the stain away, Changmin finally sighed in relief when the stain was gone.

“Baby ah, you should be careful. Don’t spill any more juice, alright?” Changmin said, looking at his sulking ‘wife’.

He didn’t get any reply but soon sobs was heard.

“Oh... no” Minho exclaimed, appearing from the kitchen with his new batch of cookies.

“Baby ah, don’t cry!”Changmin started to panic, turning towards his dongsaeng for help.

“I’m busy, right now.” Minho mouthed before approaching his wife, trying his luck on pacifying her once again.

“Baby ah, don’t cry. I didn’t mean to scold you.” Changmin said, quickly taking a seat beside Jaejoong before grabbing hold of his hand.

“Don’t touch me. I hate you.” Jaejoong exclaimed, pushing Changmin’s hand away while sobbing away.

“Baby ah, don’t cry. Please... I’ll buy you more peach juice.” Changmin plead, trying his luck.

“Really?!” Jaejoong turned, eyes shining with a grin on his face.

“Yes.” Changmin answered, sighing in relief before pecking his ‘wife’s’ cheek.

“Can I have more now?” Jaejoong asked, shoving his favourite glass in front of his husband’s face soon after.

Changmin quickly got up & headed for the kitchen with the glass.

“So, how was it?” Changmin asked, bumming into his dongsaeng in the kitchen.

“All good, she loves them” Minho replied while busy putting on more cookies.

“That’s good. It’s definitely not easy having a 6 months pregnant man & a 4 months pregnant women living in one house.” Changmin said before laughing at the thought.

“Definitely not” Minho replied in agreement.

“Juice/Cookies!!” Jaejoong & Sooyoung’s voice boomed from the living room, cutting the 2 brother’s chat short.

“Coming…” they answered before quickly running towards the living room.

(2 years later)

“I’m home.” Changmin announced, opening their apartment door.

Not long after Jaejoong gave birth to their little angel, they moved out to live in their very own apartment.

“Appa!” the 2 year old MinJoo squealed in delight, running into her appa’s embrace.

“Did Appa’s little angel behave today?” Changmin asked, giving his daughter a peck on her cheek.
MinJoo just nodded before giggling.

“That’s good. Now, where’s Umma?” Changmin asked, putting his bag away before carrying his daughter.

“There.” She replied before cutely & innocently pointing towards the kitchen.

Changmin just chuckled at her cuteness before heading towards the kitchen.

“Baby, miss me?” Changmin whispered into Jaejoong’s ear while hugging his ‘wife’s waist with his free hand.

“Of course, I did.” Jaejoong replied stealing a peck from Changmin’s cheek before he continued stirring the stew.

“Mmmm… that smells nice just like you.” Changmin exclaimed which caused Jaejoong to blush.

“I’m sure it will taste good too. It’s ready, let’s eat.” Jaejoong said while switching off the stove.

“I’m sure you will taste nice tonight too~” Changmin whispered, which made Jaejoong hit his arm in embarrassment.

“Let’s get ready to eat, angel.” Changmin said, putting his daughter down carefully on one of the chairs.

Jaejoong chuckled seeing the cuteness of both his husband & daughter.

A family built by 2 different people, with different personalities & beliefs.

Love breaks all boundaries because it doesn’t matter who you are.

As long as that one person completes you inside, and out, you’ll know they are the one.

True love will come knocking at your doorstep when the time is right.

Just remember in order to be loved, you need to love first.

That was the last chapter~~Hope u all enjoy..Do leave me comments..hehehe

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