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1[JAEMIN][ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Love Holiday Empty [JAEMIN][ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Love Holiday on 2010-05-31, 3:58 am

Title: Love Holiday
Pairing: JaeMin, Implied HoMin
Rating: R
Warnings: Slight Angst, Smut, Supernatural!AU
Summary: Changmin wants to get away, even for just one day. Can he get far enough?
A/N: Okay, so here’s another one-shot for you guys! xD Haha, it’s a JaeMin, which I hadn’t been planning, but that’s what Maso wanted so that’s what Maso gets xD LOL Anyway, it’s a bit…different from what I normally write, but it was kind of refreshing xD Different style as well, and I’m not sure I’ll use it ever again, but eh~ Had to try xD I hope you guys like it ^^ Please remember to tell me what you thought ^^

Note: This fic is going to be based off of a movie my maso told me about when we were figuring out what I was going to write. The title of the story is Roman Holiday, and this will be based on the basic/vague storyline that she told me the movie was about and that is all I have to go on and this is my take on that storyline with some changes from what she told me. I have not actually seen the movie, so any similarities are purely coincidental and unintentional, though there should be very few.

Love Holiday

Changmin stared out the window with a frown on his face, watching the way the people on the streets below him seemed so…happy. That’s not to say he wasn’t happy. He was. But sometimes…sometimes he just wished his life was…simpler.

But being the prince of the nation’s most powerful demon kingdom was hardly simple, unfortunately.

He sighed, leaning his head against the window as he gazed down at the crowded streets wistfully. He raised a hand, tracing it over the chilled glass.

‘Just one day…just one day I want to get out of here and forget my life as the prince, to spend just one day and just be…Changmin.’

Being the prince he didn’t have much freedom. His parents had been trying for years to have a child before they had him, and had had two miscarriages before him. When he had come along everyone, including his parents, had rejoiced. There had even been a three day celebration in honor of his birth.

As a result of the fact that his parents had had to try so many times to have him and had lost two children before him, his parents were a bit…overprotective. They kept him in the castle and rarely let him out, and when he was allowed out it was with no less than a full protection detail and with his identity obscured.

He doubted that anyone, except for the people in the castle, even knew what he looked like.

It wasn’t all bad though. The caste grounds were huge and walled off, so he could still go outside as long as he was inside the walls, but more often than not when he wanted to outside he was at the inner courtyard that was enclosed by the castle. He’d had plenty of people to play and interact with when he was younger, but now that he was older there weren’t as many.

Instead he spent most of his time training. All demons had certain specialties that were given to them, but being royalty he had more than a normal citizen. All demons had exceptional strength, speed, agility, hearing, sight, and smell. Beyond that whatever specialty you received depended on your blood. There were fire demons, earth demons, water demons, air demons, lightning demons and the like. Some didn’t have a specific element, but a power that they used and trained to their advantage.

When it came to the royal family they were a bit…special. They weren’t born with a certain affinity to any one thing. Instead, as they grew older they made an agreement with a certain element and became masters in using it. But that’s not to say that they were limited to that. They had pure, raw power and they could train it to any way they desired, so it was like having the best of the two choices.

Changmin, when he was younger, had chosen fire as his element of choice and had quickly mastered it, becoming one of the youngest to do so at the age of 12. He was a master of the sword, ten different fighting techniques, and no one had been able to sneak up or trick him yet, especially with his innate ability to tell when someone was lying to him or meant him harm.

And yet his parents still refused to let him outside with no less than 10 guards and watched over everything he did like a hawk. He understood and loved them, but honestly, there was only so much a guy could take!

He had figured that since he was turning 19 in two days they would finally ease up some (as 19 was the age of official adulthood in their kingdom) but they had thrown him another curveball.

Instead of freedom on his 19th birthday, he would be gaining a husband and loosing the last of his freedom he had.

Jung Yunho was not a bad guy. They had met at a few galas before and he had left a good impression on Changmin. Yunho was kind and considerate, honorable to a fault almost, and very handsome, but Changmin didn’t want his life and future to be dictated for him like this.

But he didn’t have a choice.


He sat up a bit straighter, tilting his head a little as he contemplated.

It wouldn’t be too hard to slip out for a day or so. His parents, not liking that he was upset with him over this (as he didn’t want to accept getting married to Yunho) were willing to do almost anything to please him at this point. He could easily say that he wanted to spend a night out of the castle before his birthday and impending marriage. They would likely want to send him out with the full protection detail, as always, but it would be simple enough to escape them.

He grinned, eyes sparkling as he glanced out the window.

‘Here I come.’


Changmin walked down the road, a grin on his face as he felt the adrenaline from finally escaping his ‘guards’ start to die down. As he had suspected, his parents had been easy to convince, and they allowed him to come down and stay in the town for a day and night, and he was to return the morning of his birthday. His fiancée (he shuddered at the thought), Yunho (who was staying with them until after the wedding), had tried to insist on coming with him, for more protection he said. But Changmin had quickly managed to convince him that he would be fine and that he wanted to use this time to rest and relax, and having a constant reminder of upcoming events would hinder that, not help. Yunho had backed down then, a bit hurt at the statement but understanding, and Changmin had had to squash down the guilt he felt for causing that look to appear on Yunho’s face.

He would not feel sorry for the man.

His parents had booked him a room in a luxurious hotel in the town and he had waited until his guards were checking him in and making sure everything was safe before slipping out. He knew that the guards wouldn’t report him missing. They were guards that he had known his whole life and he knew that they wished he could get out and be himself for a while as well.

He had a whole 24 hours to be himself.

He grinned again, managing to hold back the ecstatic laugh that wanted to leave his lips at the thought. He walked the streets for the first time completely unguarded and unmasked, and he couldn’t feel better. As he never went into town unless he was masked before, no one knew his face, so they simply treated him like he was another common inhabitant, and that excited him.

He stopped at every stall he came across, inspecting wares and chatting with people happily. He had a constant grin on his face and it seemed to affect those around him, as they always smiled back at him, just as cheerily.

He was in the middle of contemplating just what he would do first exactly when, not looking where he was going, he ran head first into someone, sending the both of them sprawling to the ground. Changmin grunted in surprise when he hit the ground and he heard the person he hit curse sharply. Changmin immediately scrambled to his feet, and embarrassed flush crossing his face as he immediately started spewing apologies.

“Oh my god I am so sorry, so, so sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going, I should have, I know! This is my fault, I’m so sorry, are you hurt?”

The man on the ground started to laugh, cutting off Changmin as he opened his mouth to start rambling again, and Changmin stopped, eyes wide as he took a proper look at the person on the ground.

He stopped breathing.

The man on the ground was beautiful. He had bright blonde hair and striking grey eyes that were currently scrunched up and dancing with amusement. His skin was pale and flawless and he held a breathtaking smile on his face, a hand coving it up slightly as he laughed.

Changmin flushed harder, strangled incoherent sounds escaping his mouth as he tried to apologize again but failed.

‘I think I’m in love.’

The man stopped laughing slowly but continued to grin up at Changmin in amusement before holding a hand out.

“Help me up?”

Changmin nodded, a bit flustered, before reaching out and grabbing the man’s warm hand in his own and hauling him up, noticing he was a bit shorter than him. He stepped back a bit as the man brushed some dirt off of his clothes before looking up at him again and grinning.

“I’m Jaejoong.”

He held a hand out again and Changmin licked his lips as Jaejoong's melodious voice rang through the air again. He gripped Jaejoong's hand in his once more, trying to push yet another flush back.


Jaejoong chuckled lightly, grinning.

“You’re very cute, C-Chan-Changmin.”

Changmin wanted the Earth to open up beneath him and swallow him whole.


“So you’re a journalist?”

Jaejoong nodded as he took another swipe at his ice cream with his tongue. Changmin watched the path of Jaejoong’s tongue with attentive eyes, gulping a little. Jaejoong caught his eye as he glanced back up at Jaejoong’s eyes and Jaejoong grinned at him.

Changmin flushed…for the hundredth time.

Jaejoong laughed again and Changmin scowled a bit, looking away as he took another bite of his own ice cream.

After Changmin had unceremoniously bumped into Jaejoong earlier that day Changmin had insisted on making it up to Jaejoong. Jaejoong had tried to insist that it wasn’t necessary but Changmin hadn’t given up and so Jaejoong had accepted with an amused grin on his face.

Changmin had then proceeded to buy Jaejoong lunch and anything else that he wanted. Jaejoong had accepted it all with a vaguely amused expression as well as a bit of exasperation, but he had realized that nothing would change Changmin’s mind so he hadn’t tried.

During all this they had talked and Changmin had learned a lot about Jaejoong and had only felt more attraction to him as the day went on. Changmin had never had as much fun in his life as he had with Jaejoong. Jaejoong was funny and witty and had a great sense of humor. His laughter was contagious and his smile breathtaking.

Changmin was sure he could fall in love with this man.

Jaejoong’s shoulder bumped against his and Changmin glanced over at him. Jaejoong grinned at him, looking expectant.

“So, what do you do Changminnie?”

Jaejoong had taken to calling Changmin that once he had learned that Changmin was four years younger than him and it made Changmin blush every time, this time was no exception. Jaejoong grinned again and Changmin grumbled under his breath before shrugging as he took another bite of his ice cream.

“I-I don’t really do anything. I still live with my parents. I…I mostly just train myself. I’ve been pretty protected in my life up until now.”

Jaejoong nodded, looking a bit sympathetic as he raised a hand and patted Changmin’s shoulders.

“Ah well, you deal with what you’ve been given. I myself was the youngest in a family with nine older sisters.”

Changmin coked a bit on his ice cream, shooting Jaejoong and incredulous look and Jaejoong nodded, looking amused.

“Yeah, that’s the reaction I typically get.”

Changmin shook his head, and his mouth worked faster than his brain could process the words.

“No wonder you’re so pretty.”

It took a few seconds for both of them to process the words but once Changmin had he froze, eyes wide. He immediately turned to Jaejoong to apologize to see the man holding his stomach as he doubled over, trying hard not to laugh as little gasps escaped his mouth with every breath. Changmin bit his lip, trying to hold in his own laughter, and all Jaejoong had to do was look up at him and then suddenly both of them were laughing uncontrollably.

People passing them on the street stopped and stared at them but that just made the two of them laugh harder, moving to cling to each other to try to stay up, though it just ended up working against them as it brought both of them to the ground.

It took them a few minutes to stop, and once they had they discovered their limbs tangled together and their faces inches apart. Changmin stopped breathing, eyes wide, and Jaejoong eyed him with dark eyes, a grin on his face. His breath was hitting Changmin’s face gently and Changmin shivered a little.

Jaejoong chuckled.

“You really are something Changminnie.”

Changmin bit his lip, swallowing nervously.

“I-is that good or bad?”

Jaejoong smiled softly, raising a hand and stroking it across Changmin’s cheek, his eyes searching Changmin, for what Changmin had no idea.

“Good. It’s definitely a good thing.”

Changmin blushed, but not as heavily as before, and he grinned shyly.


Jaejoong laughed before glancing around, staring at all the people staring at them.

“Come on, we should get up before someone decides to report us.”

Jaejoong untangled himself from Changmin and stood up slowly, helping Changmin as he did so. He grabbed Changmin’s hand in his own before grinning and tugging at it, walking forward, a light skip in his step.

“Come on, I want to show you something.”


“Jaejoong, what am I supposed to be –”

“Just wait!”

Changmin sighed and nodded and Jaejoong grinned, tightening his grip on Changmin’s hand. They were currently sitting on the roof of a building (Changmin had no idea which one). Daylight had started fading and a cool breeze was starting to blow through the town and Changmin was wondering why they were here.

So he tried one more time.

“It’s starting to get d-”

“Just hold on!”

Jaejoong bumped their shoulders together again and Changmin once against nodded indulgently, making Jaejoong grin at him. He looked forward again and started grinning widely, squeezing Changmin’s hand.

“Okay, look! Come on, look!”

Changmin sighed and looked forward, wondering just what Jaejoong was so excited about.

His eyes widened.

The sight in front of him was beautiful. The setting sun on the horizon with the colors bleeding into the rest of the sky was creating a beautiful picture. As the sun continued to set, the reds, pinks and purples deepening until it was black. Before the last bit of sunlight faded a bright flash went over the horizon and then it was nighttime.


Jaejoong laughed, glancing over at Changmin with bright eyes.

“I know right? Wasn’t it worth it?”

Changmin nodded and Jaejoong grinned, bumping their shoulders together once more.

“I had fun today Changmin. I really enjoyed hanging out with you.”

Changmin grinned, a light blush crossing his cheeks.

“I had fun with you too Jaejoong.”

They smiled at each other then and Changmin swallowed, eyes searching Jaejoong's. Jaejoong’s seemed to pierce him, seeing right through him and Changmin had to repress a shiver.


Jaejoong said nothing and Changmin licked his lips, slowly moving his face forward to meet Jaejoong's. Jaejoong’s eyes darkened and once Changmin’s face got to close Jaejoong raised a hand, stopping Changmin’s face, eyes hesitant now, as was his voice.


Changmin furrowed his eyes and he licked his lips again.

“Jaejoong, I…I really like you.”

Jaejoong sighed, shaking his head.

“Changmin, we just met, and you’re still underage.”

“Not in a few hours I won’t be. And…who cares?”

Jaejoong chuckled, eyes amused, and his thumb stroked across Changmin’s cheek bone as his hand moved to cup Changmin’s face.

“Changmin, you make me want to believe in true love.”

Changmin’s breath hitched and he raised a hand to cup Jaejoong’s. He bit his lip and Jaejoong’s eyes seemed to zero in on that before flicking them back up to meet Changmin’s.


Jaejoong seemed to snap then, rushing forward and crushing their lips together. Changmin squeaked a bit in surprise, eyes wide, before Jaejoong moved his lips just so against Changmin’s and Changmin gasped, eyes fluttering shut.

Jaejoong took that as an opportunity to push his tongue inside, making Changmin moan. Jaejoong pulled back with a gasp, eyes dark and wild and Changmin panted, lips slick. His tongue came out and swiped across them and Jaejoong had to visibly hold himself back. His eyes met Changmin’s and Changmin swallowed.

“Jaejoong I…please.”

Jaejoong shuddered and closed his eyes before opening them and gazing at Changmin in that piercing way before nodding and standing up. Changmin gazed up at him, wondering what he was doing when Jaejoong reached down and hauled him up against his body, arms tight around him, nudging their noses together.

“Come on then.”

His voice held a promise in it and Changmin shuddered before letting Jaejoong lead him away, anticipation rushing through his body.


Jaejoong moaned as Changmin pressed light kisses down his chest, grinding down against him. His fingers tangled in Changmin’s hair, tugging a bit, and Changmin groaned. His skin felt heated against Jaejoong’s and he knew it must be due to his fire element.

They were both tangled together on Jaejoong’s bed, bodies naked and sliding against the others. The air was hot and the lighting low and Jaejoong gasped as Changmin’s mouth closed over a nipple, sucking lightly.


Changmin bit down lightly before pulling back and staring up at Jaejoong through lowered lashes.


Jaejoong growled before wrapping himself around Changmin and flipping them over so that he was hovering over the younger man. Changmin gasped, hand’s coming up and gripping Jaejoong’s biceps. Jaejoong grinned, grinding down against him, their arousals rubbing together.

They both moaned.

“C-Changmin, h-have you ever…”

Jaejoong question trailed off as he rubbed against Changmin again and Changmin gasped, shaking his head as he tilted his head back. Jaejoong immediately attached his lips to Changmin’s heated skin, making Changmin moan again.

“N-no, I… I’ve never…”

He trailed off as Jaejoong licked up his neck and he could tell that Jaejoong was grinning from the curve of his lips against his skin.


And then Changmin felt something pressing against his entrance and jerked before moaning as he felt his entrance stretched with no actual penetration.


Jaejoong grinned against Changmin’s neck before trailing his lips upwards and attaching them to Changmin’s and speaking.


Changmin moaned and nodded, canting his hips upwards into the invisible force penetrating him, silently begging for more.

Jaejoong gave it to him.

Without any warning he positioned himself in front of Changmin’s entrance, still stretching him with his powers, and thrust inside.

“Oh god!”

Jaejoong froze inside Changmin, eyes almost crossing as he groaned, body shaking in an attempt to stay still. Changmin’s nails were digging into his back, body arched up and pressed against his own, and his eyes wide as his own body shook. Jaejoong groaned, panting deeply as Changmin insides gripped him tightly, body hot.

God he was about to embarrass himself.

“J-Jaejoong…O-oh god, move, please, please move!”

Jaejoong groaned, dropping his head into the crook of Changmin’s neck.

Dear god he really was about to embarrass himself.

He panted before doing as Changmin wanted, pulling himself out before pushing back in hard, making Changmin gasp his name out, nails scratching down Jaejoong’s back.


Jaejoong groaned again and had to reign his control in.

He really could see himself falling in love with someone like Changmin.

Jaejoong didn’t have to worry about embarrassing himself though, as a few more thrusts later Changmin came all over his stomach, tightening almost painfully around Jaejoong. Jaejoong moaned and pulled out before flipping Changmin over, spreading him out and thrusting back in again.

Changmin groaned, arching as he clawed at the sheets.

“A-Ah, Oh, oh god!”

Jaejoong gripped Changmin’s hips tightly enough to leave bruises as he thrust hard and fast inside Changmin. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer but he didn’t care, releasing himself into Changmin. Changmin moaned at the feeling.

Jaejoong didn’t stop though, continuing his motions. Neither of them cared though, loosing themselves in the other with wild abandon. It wasn’t until close to midnight that both of them collapsed on the bed, tangled together. Their hair was matted to their skulls, their skin slick with sweat and the smell of sex heavy in the air.

Changmin and Jaejoong panted heavily and Changmin groaned before curling up close to Jaejoong, ignoring the come staining and drying on his body.


Jaejoong nodded, wrapping his arms tightly around Changmin and pulling him close, kissing the top of his head.


Changmin grinned, sated, and leaned his head against Jaejoong’s shoulder, eyes drooping and sleep making him say things he never meant to.

“I…you know, I think I could fall in love with someone like you Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong tightened his grip again, resting his head on top of Changmin as he answered, voice soft.

“Me too Changmin.”

Changmin bit his lip, trying to keep the overwhelming sadness he felt welling up back.

“What…what if I told you that I was expected to do something…to be someone that I wasn’t…that I’m not sure I’m ready to be yet? That the reason we met was because I was running, even if only for a day to get away from that obligation.”

Jaejoong was silent and Changmin bit his lips harder, hiding his chest in Jaejoong’s chest. When Jaejoong didn’t answer for a while Changmin figured that Jaejoong was never going to answer, and was therefore surprised when Jaejoong broke the silence a minute later, voice soft.

“Then I would say that we’re all born with obligations and roles that we may not want to fulfill, but we were put in that position for a reason. Even if you don’t want to do it, if it’s something you should do, you should do it. It would be the right thing.”

Changmin absorbed his words and felt tears gather in his eyes as he nodded.

He had been afraid of that.

Jaejoong’s arms tightened around him, as if feeling Changmin’s silent distress, and he glanced over at the clock he had on his nightstand, and noticed that it was just after midnight.

“Happy birthday.”

Changmin let the tears fall, and Jaejoong held him in his arms until he fell asleep.


The next morning Changmin woke up before Jaejoong. The sun was streaming into the room through the window, disrupting him. He moaned a bit before his eyes fluttered open. He inhaled, the scent of stale come and musty sheets filling his senses. He wrinkled his nose before glancing up and looking directly into Jaejoong’s angelic sleeping face.

He bit his lip, raising a hand and gently tracing it over Jaejoong’s features, careful not to wake the man up.

“I really could have loved you, you know.”

But he couldn’t let himself. He was to be married soon and he had a duty to his family and to his kingdom. He couldn’t throw all that away for something that was so fragile and unpredictable.

He carefully made his way out of bed, wincing a bit at the burn in his backside before quickly gathering his clothes and dressing. He tried to clean himself up as best he could but he figured he’d just have to wait until he got back to the hotel before doing the rest.

He quickly made his way to the door, glancing back and hesitating. He frowned, chewing on his inner cheek before making his way back to the bed and leaning down, stealing one last kiss from the sleeping man and quickly leaving the room, a single tear falling, unnoticed to him as he left the room and closed the door behind him.

He would never return.

Not even a minute after Changmin had left Jaejoong woke, groggy and eyes blurry. He yawned, sitting up in the bed and rubbing at his eye as he gazed around the room in confusion.


But the boy was gone. He frowned, feeling a pang in his heart, but he couldn’t identify the emotion. He sighed, realizing that it was probably for the best as he raised a hand to his face, resting it on his lips in remembrance.

“I really could have loved you Changmin.”

He simply sighed again before throwing the bed sheet off of him and getting up off the bed, ignoring his own nakedness as he walked to the window and opened it, letting the fresh air in to get rid of some of the smell. He gazed out at the rising sun and smiled sadly.

New day, new start.

He just had to keep moving forward.


When Changmin had gotten back to the hotel none of the guards had mentioned the obvious, and had instead let him do as he wanted before escorting him back to the castle as soon as possible, as per the Queen’s orders.

As soon as he had walked inside the main hall his parents swept up to him, grabbing him into a hug and asking him how his day had been. He answered with a smile and a shrug, saying it was fine. Yunho stepped up to him next then, dressed in the royal outfit of his kingdom and grabbed his hand, placing a kiss on the back of it in greeting before smiling at him.

“I hope you had a wonderful day Changmin-ah.”

Changmin smiled at Yunho, nodding as he absently fingered his hip, tightening his grip around Yunho’s hand (as Yunho had yet to let go of it).

“It was…amazing.”

Yunho smiled in genuine happiness and Changmin smiled back.

“That is wonderful. Would you mind telling him about it?”

He came close then, wrapping an arm around Changmin’s waist, though loosely, waiting to see if Changmin would object.

He didn’t.

He nodded at Yunho, leaning against him a bit as Yunho led them down the hall towards the gardens in the back, his parents watching with a proud smile.

Yunho might not be Jaejoong, but he could accept that. Yunho was a wonderful man in his own right, and though Changmin didn’t think he’d ever love him the way he felt he’d have been able to love Jaejoong, the only thing that mattered was that he’d be able to love him.

It might not be the happily ever after he had wished for as a child but it was what he had been given and he would cherish that and keep the memories of his day with Jaejoong locked away in his heart so he would never forget.

But he would move on. In the end that was all he could do.

He just had to keep moving forward.


A day later Changmin’s wedding was announced and for the first time his face was shown to the public as he stood next to his fiancée, both of them smiling at the cheering crowds gathered before them. Jung Yunho was the prince of the neighboring kingdom and this marriage and alliance had been a long time coming and something that would be very prosperous for both kingdoms.

Jaejoong stood in the crowd and gazed up at the couple and felt an almost bitter smile come upon his lips as he gazed at what could have been.

Now Changmin’s question to him made sense.

He laughed a little, biting his lip as he accepted that now Changmin was something that was lost to him forever. He felt another pang in his chest but this time he pushed it away, closing his eyes before re-opening them, face set and determined.

This was what he had been dealt and he had to deal with it.

He gave them one last look, smiling sadly before turning and walking away.

Changmin, up above, glanced over the crowd as he stood next to Yunho. As his gaze moved he thought he caught a flash of blonde and locked in on it, only to see Jaejoong walking back through the crowd, away from him.

He bit his lip, feeling something start to well up within him, but then Yunho tightened his grip around Changmin’s waist, moving his head over to whisper against Changmin’s ear.

“Are you alright?”

Changmin glanced at Yunho, who watched him in concern, before glancing back over at the area Jaejoong used to be.

He was gone.

He sighed before strengthening himself, remembering that this was what had been given to him and he had chosen to accept that. He turned back to Yunho, a small smile on his face as he nodded, pressing a chaste kiss to Yunho’s cheek and sending the crowd below them screaming loudly again.

“I’m fine Yunho.”

Yunho smiled at him before squeezing his arm around Changmin again and turning back to the crowd, Changmin following not long after.

Just keep moving forward.


A/N: There you go, the end ^^ I know, not a happy ending, but I kind of wanted to write a not so happy one (though I prefer happy ones) and maso wanted a not so happy ending too so…there we go xD LOL I won’t be making a habit of it though, don’t worry~ But anyway, there you go, the ending. I hope you guys liked it ^^ Please remember to tell me what you thought~


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it's reality in an AU, it's really sad but
great fic nonetheless :)

[JAEMIN][ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Love Holiday Pbucket
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Omona! This is one veryyyy long one shot! I'll brb dear.


Ohmygawd. This is awesome!
The life of a prince~ At last Changmin gotta leave Jaejoong.. tsk tsk...
Yunhooo! You should be with me and let JaeMin have a happy ending!! [JAEMIN][ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Love Holiday 389928

Great story buddy!

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the ending is super sad!
made me teary-eyed!!

"just keep moving forward"
that somewhat left an impression on me.....

i liked the fic!! :OK: :CLAP:
unnie(?), thx 4 sharing!!

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it's reality in an AU, it's really sad but
great fic nonetheless :)

Thank you dear >.<

Omona! This is one veryyyy long one shot! I'll brb dear.


Ohmygawd. This is awesome!
The life of a prince~ At last Changmin gotta leave Jaejoong.. tsk tsk...
Yunhooo! You should be with me and let JaeMin have a happy ending!!

Great story buddy!

Haha, thank you ^^
And yes, at least he had him for a short while~
I'm glad you liked it~

the ending is super sad!
made me teary-eyed!!

"just keep moving forward"
that somewhat left an impression on me.....

i liked the fic!!
unnie(?), thx 4 sharing!!

I'm sorry dear, but I'm glad you liked it and that it left an impression, I hope a good one ^^

And haha yes, I'm you're unnie ^^ You're welcome dear, I'm glad you liked it ^^


JaeMin Fic: Midnight Romance [Complete]
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of course it was a good impression!!
keep writing more fabulous fics!!
i'm going to become ur fangirl!! LOL

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