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[NC-17][YAOI] NO?

Warning: This is for mature readers only. Involves malexmale sex and swearing.

Author’s notes: i need break from Shelves of Passion so I guess I have to write a oneshot to at least keep the creative juices flowing.

Comments would be <3!

[NC-17][ONE-SHOT] NO? Pbucket

“In closing, we should say ‘soulfighter’, or say ‘joongshim’ couple this way…”
“Oh…no…wait, the camera is still rolling.”
“But Changminnie…”
“Not too much skinship, please.”
“I’m lonely.”
“But I don’t like being touched by men.”
“I don’t like it either.”
“Then don’t do it.”
“But I like doing it with our members.”
“But our members are men also.”
“Come on…”

“You just sit right there…”
“Where are you going?”

“and…CUT! That’s a wrap guys. We’ll continue tomorrow morning for the MinSu couple talk. Thank you for all your efforts! Good night everyone!” The staff hustled around the set and started putting down the lights and rolling the cables.

Jaejoong treaded heavily across the set and went straight to the dressing room, avoiding the eyes of anyone he would meet on the way.

“Hey Jaejoong-hyung wait up!” Changmin struggled to get past the busy bodies around him while trying his best to catch up on him.
“Jae-hyung! What’s wrong with you?”

His feet doubled its pace as his lungs heaved in unnecessary exhaustion. He stretched his legs far enough to be able to reach the dressing room door right when Jaejoong was about to turn the knob.


The door slammed right in front of his face.

He stood there, pissed and irritated at his hyung’s stubbornness. But he allowed his more rational side to just stay calm and be patient with him. He was about to knock at the door but he stopped midway. His hand grasped the door knob and turned. It was not locked.

He looked around the room. There was the clothes rack for their clothes and costumes, empty water bottles on the long tables and chairs randomly placed around the area. Just then, the sound of water gushing furiously reached his ears.


Jaejoong had his eyes on his reflection, steamed and hot from the frustration he was feeling awhile ago.

He was in a mess. He thought he was in control but his emotions are getting out of hand these days. Why now when he can’t give any more excuses for him self and for everybody else? It could’ve been easier if it happened during debut because he could easily say it was just an effect of teen puberty. But he can’t say that now, now that he is 25 and more than the legal age. For the past 7 years he kept on setting boundaries on what to feel for his members, reminding himself that they were destined together to become best friends and brothers, nothing more and nothing less. He had been successful through all those years.

Except now.

He splashed water on his face to at least keep him sane momentarily.


His hands reached out and touched the mirror in front of him. He closed his eyes as he breathed against it.

“Hyung…are you okay?”

Jaejoong immediately opened his eyes at the sound of the voice amidst the sound of flowing water. Soon he found himself looking through a pair of brown orbs staring back at him with so much concern and maybe…

He turned off the faucet and faced Changmin.

Changmin, the maknae of the group.
The youngest.
The baby.
The innocent one.

Changmin moved closer and tried to touch Jaejoong’s arm, but Jaejoong immediately pushed it away.

“No. Don’t touch me.”
“But hyung―”
“No. Not even a word.”

The younger one heaved a sigh as he dropped his hand on his side.

“Just what did I do wrong to you?! Here I am trying my best to understand you yet you push me away!”
“Trying to understand me? Are you sure that’s what you’re trying to do? If you are then you shouldn’t be asking me why I am acting this way!”

He had his face close to Changmin’s, too close that he could feel him held his breath. He studied every contour of his face, from the sweat threatening to slide on his forehead to his quivering lips.

“Hyung…I’m sorry.” He had his head down and avoided Jaejoong’s intense stare.
“You can’t say sorry to someone unless you know what you did.” He moved his face closer to him, his breath against his cheek.
“Then what did I do hyung? Tell me.” He looked up and met his eyes.
“I hate it when you call me hyung. It sickens me.”
Changmin’s eyes widened at Jaejoong’s response.
“Then I’ll stop calling you one if that’s what you want. You were never a real hyung to start with.” He pushed him away, trying his best to constrain his penting anger.
“So much for saying sorry to you, Jaejoong.”
“That makes the two of us. I never thought of you as a maknae. Never.”
“Good. Then why are we still having this conversation?” He strode past Jaejoong, ready to leave him as soon as possible, when―

“I hate you Changmin. I fucking hate you so much!”

Changmin found his fist slamming against Jaejoong’s chin and sent him down the floor.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Jaejoong?! What’s with the asshole attitude?! Are you really trying to make me hate you so badly?!” He bent down, grabbed him by his broad shoulders and slammed him against the tiled wall.

Jaejoong had his head thrown on the side, not intending to look at Changmin any sooner.

“Yes. Hate me. Detest me. Curse my fucking existence. Make me wake up to the reality that I can never be good for you.”
“Jae…” He was about to wipe off the blood from his bruised lips when Jaejoong caught his wrist.
“Please don’t touch me anymore. Please don’t make me feel that you care. You’re only making it harder for me to forget.” The glint in his eyes was pleading.
“But I do care for you Jae, even more than necessary…”
“You care for your hyungs Changmin, but you can never care for Kim Jaejoong.”
“I can.”

Jaejoong went still as he felt soft lips on his. He had his eyes closed, afraid that that if he opened them it will only be just a dream. He trembled when soft, wet flesh massaged his pursed lips, asking to gain access. Both were lost in the sensation. Their tongues sliding and turning inside each other’s mouths, trying explore as much as they can with one breath. And when they were out of it, they separated and looked at each other’s flushed faces.

“I can because I love you Jae. I love you not as a brother or a best friend. I love you because you are Kim Jaejoong, as simple as that.” His words were as smooth as his touch on his face. He cupped them and stared at his now watery eyes, threatening to shed tears any moment. Changmin saw them and kissed them away. He allowed his fingers entwine between wet hair strands as he closed in for another kiss, deeper and slower this time.

“Min…” Jaejoong moaned his name as he became sensitive to a roaming hand underneath his clothes. He arched his back, pushing his body against Changmin’s, wanting more of his touch.

Changmin licked the remaining blood at the corner of his mouth before he continued tracing his neck down to his collar bone with his tongue. Even he himself was trembling when he felt Jaejoong’s raw flesh underneath his fingertips. He traced the obvious ridges of his abs, the valley between his chest muscles until he ended up with a nipple. He rolled them between his fingertips, gaining a desperate moan from Jaejoong’s mouth. His other hand started to get busy with the belt buckle as he kept him pinned against the wall with his waist against the smaller one.
Jaejoong’s breathing hitched when he felt incredible wet friction inside his pants. He looked down and realized that they were long gone already and instead, saw Changmin licking his cock through his briefs. The obvious bulge was getting larger with each lick.

“Oh god…it feels good…” He grabbed Changmin’s head, encouraging him to do more with his mouth and tongue. But he felt his cock abandoned immediately. He was about to utter a complaint when a sharp sensation ran throughout his now-exposed semi-hard length.

“Oh shit! Ah…”

He groaned with each suck. If it weren’t for strong arms holding his waist his knees could’ve been on the floor right now. He started to buck his hips involuntarily against his mouth, getting closer to that wondrous feeling. He watched Changmin’s mouth fully taking in and out his cock with no trouble. The view of Changmin on his knees for him was getting him more turned on.
“Min, please… harder…I need to get there…” He pleaded between the beat of his pants.

Changmin looked up as he continued his ministrations on Jaejoong’ cock. Jaejoong was in a state of desperation. He could clearly see it in his eyes. With no seconds wasted, he pumped it hard with his mouth, sucking it furiously. He could feel it tense up inside his mouth. He’s close, close enough to break. He stopped when he tasted precum at the end of his tongue.

“Min, don’t stop…”
“Turn over.”

Changmin suddenly stood up, gripped Jaejoong’s shoulders and turned him over to face the wall. Jaejoong grunted as he felt the cold tile touch his sensitive member, draining his remaining energy instantly. And when he thought he couldn’t get any weaker, he felt something wet and small inserted in his crack. He looked over and saw Changmin tonguing him. His knees definitely gave up right there, making him bend down and forcing his ass closer to Changmin’s moving muscle.

“Damn Min… deeper! Deeper! I can’t get enough of it!” He swayed his hips outward, trying to make it go deeper into him, but he knew it wasn’t enough.

Swirling his tongue and moving it inside out, Changmin was able to explore his limited space easily. He grabbed Jaejoong’s waist and slammed it against his face and tongue, bringing it touch that elusive part and brought Jaejoong screaming for more. At the same time, the bulge in his pants was also screaming for attention. It was aching badly against his tight pants. With a swift movement, he completely removed his pants and briefs and slammed himself against Jaejoong’s waiting ass.

“Oh god! Aaah!”

He held Jaejoong still as his cock slid fully inside him.

“I love you Jaejoong.” He whispered lovingly in his ear.

He moved his hips out, and slammed in again with twice the force.

“I love you.”
“I love you.”
“I love you.”

He delved in deeper with each second. Their pants echoed loudly as the tiles of the bathroom became an amplifier to their sounds of passion and love. Jaejoong was trembling wildly as he brought up his arms to his back and felt for Changmin’s neck to hold on to.

“Ch..Changmin…I…I’m…” He cringed as he felt his body pushed harder against the wall. His abandoned cock was getting pounded hardly against the cold tile in front of him. He was getting there. So close. So close.


He felt as if he experienced heaven and hell mashed up in one infinite dimension. He held Changmin’s neck tightly, like he was holding on for his life, marking him with his nails. He pressed back his hips as far as he could against Changmin’s hip, craving for that experience to prolong as long as he like. His inner muscles wrapped itself on Changmin’s cock and hugging it as tight as possible.


The warm liquid flowed inside him furiously as Changmin continued to push against Jaejoong over the edge. He didn’t stop until he couldn’t feel his body move anymore. His weight came over Jaejoong’s body stifly, thanking silently for the wall they were against to keep them up. Changmin pulled himself out, extracting one last moan from Jaejoong’s lips. His lungs struggled to recover as he leaned gently on Jaejoong’s shoulders.

“I love you, my Kim Jaejoong.”
“I love you, my Shim Changmin.”


[NC-17][ONE-SHOT] NO? Pbucket
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Erk. I need to mop the floor [NC-17][ONE-SHOT] NO? 389928
That was HAWT!
Your one shot wakes me up.

[NC-17][ONE-SHOT] NO? SiggieJija

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jija wrote:Nosebleed~
Erk. I need to mop the floor [NC-17][ONE-SHOT] NO? 389928
That was HAWT!
Your one shot wakes me up.
*helps you mop the floor*
thanks for commenting jija!

nothing weird with the setting...haha.
but there's a bit of angst midway ^^

[NC-17][ONE-SHOT] NO? Pbucket
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