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[SN] 100417 100414 TV LIFE No.9

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1[SN] 100417 100414 TV LIFE No.9 Empty [SN] 100417 100414 TV LIFE No.9 on 2010-04-17, 1:36 pm

[SN] 100417 100414 TV LIFE No.9 Beeryuibkk1

Report from the set full of harmony

It seems like a real drinking party!

This is the scene where the 5 got together, the “emotion”.
After proposing the toast Jaejoong-kun shows off his good drinking! When the cut was called Eita said to Jaejoong “You drank well~!” and Ueno Juri said “Are you okay?”. Also in a different cut they were playing a soccer game and having fun. After battling seriously Juri-chan who was in a good mood and said “it was fun~” while checking the scene.
All the staffs seemed to be relaxed watching them.

(JJ playing rock paper scissors)
It seems fun even playing rock paper scissors~)

(JJ playing soccer game)
JaeJoong-kun seems to be good at playing the soccer game

(JJ coughing)
JaeJoong-kun who choked from chugging the beer.

SP message from cast
We got the newest message from the shining, attractive casts!

Courage from the hard working Doctor

I like the character of Doctor how he is always positive even when he is having trouble and how he is living life with all his strength. Doctor meets friends through twitter and is given hope and brightness. With that he overcomes his work and family problems. Also I hope the drama will give courage to people who watch him overcome the problems.

[SN] 100417 100414 TV LIFE No.9 Beeryuibkk2

Each carries their own worries
The character tells about their feelings within 140 character “twitter”. Check out their worries that relates to the story.

Doctor: I came to Japan to become a new me. But I can’t make friends and my work isn’t going well either. My grades won’t go up and my boss attacks me. Also the doctor I go to for work calls me and uses me. Even if its painful I have a reason why I can’t go back to Korea.
Only if my smart little sister can become a doctor…

Here’s the Point: To Doctors passion Linda…?

Doctor whose grades won’t go up for not being able to sale the medical equipments. He had no choice left and begged Linda who is a doctors son to use their equipment. Linda who saw that decides to do something for Doctor. They become friends…?

source: TV LIFE No.9
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

[SN] 100417 100414 TV LIFE No.9 Siggy1
[SN] 100417 100414 TV LIFE No.9 Minnie11
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