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Back in Hana's house . . . .

“Hana . . . . you're sick. You should be in a hospital. You can't stay here . . . . especially not alone,” Jong Soo said with concern.

Hana smiled at Jong Soo. “It's all right . . . . I can take care of myself.”

Jong Soo looked at Hana. He was very worried about her. He was also pitying her . . . . . and her unborn child.

“I know . . . . I have no right to ask . . . . . But please understand I am very concerned about you. Can I ask . . . .why is the father of the child not taking care of you?” Jong So said as he looked straight at Hana.

Hana smiled bitterly. “Because . . . we're through . . . .We broke up more than a month now.”

“Why?” Jong Soo suddenly asked. “Does he know about your condition? About the baby?”

Hana shook her head. “ No . . . . I never told him.”

“But why?” Jong Soo asked again. He was unable to believe what he was hearing.

“Because . . . . I don't want to be a burden,” Hana replied with sadness in her eyes.

“A burden? But you're carrying his child . . . . He has a responsibility to you . . . . and especially the child,” Jong Soo said.

“A responsibility . . . . I don't want to impose on him especially when he already has someone new . . . . “ Hana said.

Jong Soo was starting to feel very angry. But when he looked at Hana . . . . everything changed.

“So he dumped you because of another girl? And I thought I was already bad . . . . with the way I've treated you. I never thought you would actually meet someone more evil than me. You sure have such bad luck in choosing guys,” Jong Soo said jokingly. He saw that Hana was already very sad. He didn't want to add more sadness . . . . so he decided to just joke about everything.

Hana smiled again bitterly. She knew that Jong Soo was somehow trying to make her feel better.

“Sorry if I've bothered you,” Hana said to Jong Soo.

“No . . . . you're not bothering me. This is the least I can do . . . after all . . . . you know . . . . the things that I've done to you,” Jong Soo replied with a smile.

“Thank you . . . .” she softly said.

“But frankly . . . . I can't believe . . . . somehow I can't seem to accept . . . . before when we were together . . . . I never ever kissed you . . . . and you . . . . you just gave yourself to this guy . . . . How long have you known him?” Jong Soo asked.

“I've known him for several months now,” Hana answered.

“Several months? Hana . . . . I'm sorry to say this but how can you be so careless as to just give yourself to someone you just barely met?”

“I fell in love with him . . . . I love him. . . . That is my only reason for giving myself to him,” Hana answered.

Jong Soo was very angry with the Hana's former boyfriend. If he was the one who had gotten Hana pregnant, he would surely take good care of her.

“Hana . . . that guy has to know about you . . . . and the bay. Just because he has a new girlfriend . . . . So what? The least he can do is provide financially for you and the baby. You can't continue working and going to school, Hana. The school doctor already said that you should be confined in a hospital. Please Hana . . . . if you don't want to do it for yourself . . . . just do it for the child's sake,” Jong Soo said with concern.

Hana shook her head again. “ No . . . I won't tell him! I don't want to tell him. I don't want to ruin his life.”

“Hana . . . . Why are you so kind? You don't want to ruin that guy's life . . . . but have you ever thought about your own life? Or about the life of the baby you're carrying right now?” Jong Soo asked continuously. He was pitying Hana but at the same time, he was also getting upset with the way Hana was thinking.

“Jong Soo . . . . there are a lot of things that you still don't know . . . about him. If I could only tell you . . . . maybe then you would be able to understand my decision,” Hana said.

“I don't care about the guy's situation. What I am concerned about is . . . . you situation. . . . your condition. Hana . . . . the doctor said you need a complete bed rest . . . . or else something bad might happen to you and your baby.”

Hana smiled. “ Thank you very much for being concerned with me. But please . . . just respect my decision. We have already broken up. I don't want to have any more connection with him.”

Jong Soo just looked at Hana. He was really feeling very sorry for her. How he wanted to help her . . . and protect her.

“So what do you plan to do now? How are you going to support yourself? You can't work anymore Hana . . . . Don't be stubborn and just follow what the doctors are saying. Please think about the child you're carrying . . . .” Jong Soo said.

“Jong Soo . . . . I can't stop working . . . and I certainly can't stop studying. We will be graduating in two months time . . . . I can't stop now,” Hana replied.

“What if something bad happens to you . . . . or to your baby? Do you think you can handle it? Are you prepared to handle the consequences of your decision?” Jong Soo asked.

Hana looked at Jong Soo. She then smiled bitterly. “I don't have any choice Jong Soo. I will have to deal with this problem on my own. And I will have to bear all the consequences of my actions . . . alone.”

“Please . . . . I want to help . . . . Let me help you . . . .” Jong Soo said.

Hana gently shook her head. “ No . . . . I won't drag you into my personal problem.”

“Hana . . . . I can provide for you and the child. I can take care of you while you're still pregnant . . . . so you don't have to work anymore,” Jong Soo suggested.

“Thank you . . . . but I can't accept what you're offering,” she gently declined.

“Let's just say . . . . I am doing this for the child . . . . and not for you. Please accept my help. I am not asking or expecting anything in return. If that is what you're afraid of,” Jong Soo said again.

“Jong Soo . . . . please just stop,” Hana uttered.

“You know I don't take no for an answer. I'll talk to Ji-Young so she can accompany you to the hospital tomorrow. Remember. . . . the doctor at school said you need to have a full medical check up. You don't need to worry about the bill. I'll take care of it,” Jong Soo said again.

“Ji-Young . . . . Ji-Young was very upset with me this morning,” Hana uttered.

Hana remembered her best friend's reaction after hearing that she was pregnant.

“Ji-Young was very upset because you didn't tell her about your situation. Somehow she never imagine that you would keep such a secret from her,” Jong Soo said.

“Frankly I was afraid of her reaction . . . . That's why I kept it a secret from her . . . . I hope she forgives me,” Hana said as sadness filled her eyes.

“Don't worry . . . . knowing Ji-Young . . . . she will probably forget all about it by tomorrow morning,” Jong Soo said with a smile.

“I hope so . . . .” Hana replied.

“Hey . . . . cheer up! Don't be so sad. . . . It will have a negative effect on your baby,” Jong Soo said as he tried to make Hana laugh.

Hana smiled. “Thank you . . . . Jong Soo.”

“Please . . . . don't thank me. I haven't done anything,” Jong Soo replied.

“I still want to thank you . . . . Thank you for being a friend . . .” she said with a smile.

“If you really want to thank . . . . don't go to work today . . . . and just rest . . . . please. I'll stay here for the night and look after you,” Jong Soo said with love in his eyes.

Hana looked at Jong Soo. She could feel she was very tired. She was also thinking that it would be better if she just stayed home and slept. Somehow she felt like her whole body ached.

“Hana . . . .”

“Okay . . . .I promise . . . . I'll rest for today. But only for today . . . . okay?” she suddenly said.

Jong Soo suddenly became very happy. At least . . . . Hana didn't have to go to work and he wouldn't be worried about her collapsing again . . . . for the time being.

He knew he needed to do something about Hana. He needed to persuade her to go and allow herself to be confined in a hospital.

She was already very weak. Jong Soo could easily tell her health was in a bad state. The school doctor had told him that Hana needed to be taken to a hospital to make sure that she doesn't collapse again. Because if it does happen again. . . . it may be fatal for both Hana and the baby.

Jong Soo looked at Hana again. He didn't want anything bad to happen to her. He still loved her. And he will do anything just to help her.

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The next day at Hana's classroom . . . .

Hana looked at Ji-Young. She was standing near a window and looking outside. Hana slowly walked up to her. She wanted to talk with her bestfriend to clear everything up.

“Ji-Young . . . .” Hana uttered while standing in front of her.

Ji-Young stared at Hana. “Hana . . .” she uttered as well.

“I'm sorry . . . . Ji- Young. Please forgive me . . . .” Hana begged.

Ji-Young suddenly smiled. “Silly girl . . . you know how much I love you right? And no mater how much I dislike the things that you've been doing . . . . I still love you and support you . . . . So I can't stay upset with you forever . . .”

Hana smiled sweetly. “Thank you.”

“I understand your reason for not telling me . . . . I was just hurt because I never expected you would actually learn how to keep a secret from me,” Ji-Young explained.

“I'm sorry . . . .”

“It's okay. . . . So did Jong Soo take good care of you last night?” Ji-Young suddenly asked.

Hana frowned. “How did she know I was with Jong Soo last night?” she suddenly asked herself.

Ji-Young suddenly laughed. “I can tell you're wondering how I knew right? Jong Soo called me last night. He asked me if I could come over your house and help him look after you. I came and you were already sleeping . . . . so you didn't know. I left before 5 am so you didn't see me. . . . .Somehow now I am understanding what you said about Jong Soo. He isn't such a bad guy after all . . . .”

“I told you he was nice . . . . once you get to know him . . . .” Hana replied with a smile.

Ji-Young's expression became serious all of a sudden.

“Hana . . . . why didn't you tell him?” Ji-Young asked.

Hana didn't know what to answer.

“There's no sense in telling him . . . . since he's already involved with someone else,” she replied.

“But he has a right to know . . . .” Ji-Young uttered.

“No . . . he doesn't. All his rights to this child disappeared the moment we separated. This child is mine . . . . and mine . . . alone,” Hana said again.

Ji-Young shook her head. “Hana . . . .how will you take care of the child?”

Hana's eyes were suddenly filled with confusion. “Frankly . . . I don't know . . . But what I do know is . . . . I'll do everything just to take care of this child.”

Ji-Young stared at her best friend. She pitied her so much that her heart was aching. She suddenly embraced her friend. She wanted to comfort her . . . . and make her feel how much she loved her.

“Don't worry . . . . Hana. I'll always be by your side. I will help you take care of everything,” Ji-Young said with a sad expression on her face.

Ji-Young wasn't only pitying Hana, but mostly her unborn child. She was feeling sorry for the child because the baby will grow up without a father.

As Ji-Young and Hana were talking . . . . one of their classmates was busy watching a show on her laptop.

“Hey girls! Max is totally hot in his performance last night with Yun Hee. Come on . . . .Look!” the girl said to their other classmates.

Almost all the girls in the class all got up and started to watch the show within minutes. They were screaming . . . . everytime the camera focused on Max.

“He's so cute! I wish I could be his girlfriend,” one of the girls said.

Another girl laughed. “If you're his girlfriend . . . . then I think I can settle for being his . . . . wife.”

All the girls watching the show laughed.

“That Yun Hee is so lucky . . . . she can actually get so close to Max. I would do anything to get close to Max like that,” another one of the girls said.

“Max would never choose an ordinary girl for a girlfriend. Look at Yun Hee . . . . She's perfect for him,” another girl said.

Ji-Young suddenly became irritated with the noise. She also wasn't too fond of seeing Max. Everytime she saw him on tv. . . . her blood just boils. She wanted to slap him or better yet . . . just punch him. She hated Max for leaving Hana. And she didn't want to see him at all.

Ji-Young looked at Hana. She was looking outside the window. She was very pale. She had also learned yesterday from Jong Soo that Hana needed to be hospitalized. But she wouldn't agree. She could see the tears starting to form in Hana's eyes. She was starting to remember Max again.

Ji-Young's temper suddenly rose. She quickly walked up to the owner of the laptop.

“Can you please turn off your laptop? Or just change what you're watching,” Ji-Young said to the girl.

The girl looked at Ji-Young. “Why?” she asked.

“I don't know how to explain it. But please . . . . I'm asking you nicely . . . . Frankly . . . . I don't want to see that Max's face . . . . He's a jerk . . . . a total jerk. And I feel so sick just seeing him,” Ji-Young replied.

The owner of the laptop laughed. “Why did Max decline to have you as a girlfriend . . . . that's why you are mad at him?” the girl said jokingly.

Ji-Young didn't like the joke her classmate made.

“I'm not joking . . . . Just turn the laptop off . . . . or you'll be sorry . . . .” Ji-Young said as a threat.

Hana had already walked up to Ji-Young and the other girls.

“Ji-Young . . . . Stop it. Don't disturb them anymore. Let's just go,” Hana said as she tried to pull Ji-Young away.

The owner of the laptop laughed again. “Why should I follow you? You don't want to see Max's face? You're making me laugh. . . . All the girls in this class and the whole school would do anything just to get one small glimpse of Max . . . .”

Another girl laughed. “They're just jealous . . . . Because even if they paraded naked in front of Max . . . he wouldn't even dare look at them.”

“No . . . . no . . . . Max would surely take a look at them . . . . then he would sleep with them and then just leave them . . . .” a girl said with a laugh.

Ji-Young looked at Hana. She saw that Hana was hurt by what their classmate said. She suddenly became very angry. “That's too much . . . . Take back what you said.”

All the girls laughed again. Most of the girls in Hana's class were all jealous of Hana and Ji-Young because they were the smartest girls in school. So they always made fun of them as much as they could.

“Ji-Young. . . . just let it go!” Hana said.

“No! I am going to teach these girls how to respect others,” Ji-Young said angrily.

The owner of the laptop suddenly stood up. She went straight to Ji-Young. Then she pushed Ji-Young.

“That's what you both deserve,” the girl said with a grin.

The girl had pushed Ji-Young so hard that Ji-Young accidentally knocked Hana down as well. While Hana knocked over a chair and was obviously in pain.

“Aaaahhh. . . . .”Hana suddenly exclaimed.

“Hana . . . . are you all right?” Ji-Young asked with concern. She was hurt as well, but she didn't mind herself. She was more concerned with her friend.

Hana didn't answer she was already in so much pain. She didn't know why but her heart was beating very fast. And she was feeling very cold.

Then somebody started screaming.

“Blood! Blood! Hana's bleeding!”

Ji-Young hurriedly looked at Hana. Blood was oozing down her legs.

“Hana . . . .” Ji-Young said with fear in her eyes.

Hana looked at Ji-Young. . . . then she looked at the blood. Within seconds . . . . Hana lost consciousness. Suddenly all the girls started screaming for help. Jong Soo suddenly appeared and immediately scooped her up into his arms. Hana was already bleeding profusely. This is what the doctors have told him about. He knew she was in danger.

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Max was looking outside the van. He and the other DBSK members had just finished an interview for their upcoming album. They were on their way home to their apartment. He was very tired . . . . But it wasn't his body that was tired . . . but his heart. He had constantly been missing Hana like crazy. Everything was always reminding him of her and the times that they were together. How he wanted to see her smile at him . . . . How he wanted to hold her . . . . How he wanted to kiss her . . . . How he wanted to make love to her . . . .

Max suddenly cupped his face with his hands. He wanted to see Hana. He had been dreaming of her these past few nights. And somehow that day . . . . he was feeling very strange. He didn't know why . . . but he could tell that something was wrong.

“Hyung . . . . do you think we can go to Hana's house again tonight?” Max suddenly asked Jaejoong.

Xiah, Max, Jaejoong and Micky were suddenly shocked with what Max had asked. They didn't expect that he would actually think of going to Hana's house again. Not after he had seen Jong Soo at Hana's house.

“Why?” Jaejoong asked with a frown.

“I just want to check up on her . . . . I don't know why but I think something may be wrong with her,” Max answered.

“Max . . . . you already saw Jong Soo right? Do you still think it is still wise to hang around when you already know that Jong Soo is with her again?” Micky suddenly asked.

Max looked at Micky. He smiled bitterly. “I can't stop thinking about her. I want to make sure she is all right. Then maybe I can put my mind at rest.”

Xiah, Jaejoong, Micky and U-Know suddenly became worried about Hana as well. They knew all about Jong Soo's violent nature. They suddenly thought that maybe Jong Soo had started abusing Hana again.

“Okay . . . . we will go with you. We also want to make sure that she's safe,” U-Know suddenly said.

Max looked at U-Know in a very curious manner. He felt that the other DBSK members knew something that he didn't know.

“Hyung . . . .is there something I should know about?” Max asked the other DBSK boys.

Xiah, Jaejoong, Micky and Xiah didn't know what to answer. They didn't want to tell Max about Jong Soo. Because they knew that he would be very worried.

“Nothing,” U-Know replied.

Within minutes . . . . the DBSK boys arrived at their apartment.

They were all talking with each other when they suddenly noticed that someone was waiting for them. The DBSK boys looked curiously at the man standing outside the door of their apartment. They immediately recognized him. It was . . . . Jong Soo.

“Can we help you?” U-Know asked Jong Soo as they all approached him.

“Help me? Yeah . . . . you can certainly help me!” Jong Soo replied with rage in his eyes.

“You are Jong Soo right?” Xiah suddenly asked.

“So you guys know me huh?” Jong Soo asked sarcastically.

“What do you want?” Jaejoong asked with a serious face.

“I don't want to talk to you guys . . . . I want to talk to him . . . .” Jong Soo said as he looked straight at Max..

Max stared at Jong Soo. He could see the anger and hate in his eyes. He was very confused why Jong Soo was angry with him.

“Why do you want to talk to me?” Max asked.

Jong Soo walked up to Max.

“You want to know why I want to talk to you?”

“Yes,” Max replied.

“Well . . . . frankly I don't want to talk to you . . . . But I want to . . . . beat you,” and with those words. . . . Jong Soo suddenly punched Max straight in the face. He punched him hard . . .twice. He was very mad with Max. He wanted to make him feel the pain that Hana was going through right at that exact moment.

Max immediately fell down after being hit by Jong Soo. The other DBSK members were all surprised by what happened. They hurriedly helped Max to stand up.

“What's wrong with you?” U-Know asked angrily.

“Do you want us to call the police?” Xiah asked.

“Sure . . . . call the police. I will gladly go to jail . . . . but not before I rearrange your friend's handsome face,” Jong Soo answered with a smile.

The other DBSK boys were starting to get emotional as well.

“Why do you want to hurt Max?” Micky asked.

“Why? You guys want to know why?” Jong Soo asked. He couldn't believe that these boys were even asking him that kind of question.

“While you friend is happily playing around with his new girlfriend . . . Hana is left feeling very miserable in a corner,” Jong Soo answered.

“Jong Soo . . . . I . . . . I never meant to hurt her,” Max said.

“What are you saying? You never meant to hurt her? I wish I could hurt you very badly . . . . but I can't do that because I know if I hurt you . . . . I will be hurting Hana as well. Do you know while you're having fun . . . . Hana was suffering because of you?” Jong Soo asked again.

“I . . . I know . . . and I'm sorry,” Max uttered.

“Do you even know where she is now?” Jong Soo asked as he suddenly leaned against a wall. He was feeling very weak after remembering where Hana was . . . . and what condition she was in. Jong Soo wanted to cry for Hana. He pitied her and her baby.

Max saw Jong Soo's reaction as he mentioned about where Hana was. He suddenly became very worried.

“What's wrong? Where is Hana?” Max worriedly asked.

Jong Soo looked at Max. The anger in his eyes were already replaced with sadness.

Xiah, Jaejoong, U-Know and Micky became alarmed as well. They instantly knew that something bad had happened to Hana. And it was the main reason why Jong Soo wanted to hurt Max.

“Please . . . tell me what's wrong with Hana . . . . Where is she?” Max asked Jong Soo again.

Jong Soo stared at Max. He didn't know if he should tell Max the truth. He knew Hana doesn't want to see Max anymore. . . . . and she didn't want him to know about her being pregnant. Jong Soo sighed. He had been very impulsive again. Now he didn't know what to do next.

Max saw the hesitation in Jong Soo's face. He immediately went up to him. . . . face to face.

“Please tell me . . . . I want to know . . . . where is Hana? . . . . Please,” Max begged.

Jong Soo looked straight into Max's eyes. He saw love and concern in his eyes. Somehow this convinced him to finally tell him the truth.

“Hana . . . . Hana is in the . . . . hospital right now,” Jong Soo finally told Max.

“What?” Max asked with shock.

“What happened to her? Why is she in the hospital?” Jaejoong also asked.

Jong Soo looked at the other DBSK members. He could tell they were all concerned with Hana.

“Please . . . . we want to know what happened to her . . . .” Micky said.

“Please tell us,” Xiah uttered.

Jong Soo sighed. “Please forgive me Hana . . . . But I think they've got to know . . . especially Max. He has a right to know . . . . about you and the child,” he suddenly thought to himself.

“Jong Soo . . . .” U-Know uttered.

“We all want to know what happened to Hana,” Max said.

“Hana . . . Hana . . . .she's in the hospital right now. . . I'll just bring all of you to where she is now . . . . Then maybe . . . . I can finally tell you what's wrong with her,” Jong Soo answered.

“I'll get the van,” Micky told everyone and then he hurriedly left.

Max was feeling very nervous and weak. He didn't know what was wrong with Hana. His heart was pounding and beating very fast.

Several minutes later . . . . Jong Soo and the DBSK boys were already on their way to the hospital.

Max thought if he could only fly . . . . he would certainly fly to where Hana was . . . . so he could be with her. Max suddenly became afraid . . . . afraid of what he might find in the hospital.

“Please God . . . . Help Hana . . . . Please don't take her away from me . . . . Please I love her . . . . Please give me one more chance . . . . “ Max uttered as tears started to fill his eyes.

Jaejoong who was sitting beside him suddenly squeezed his hand, as a sign of support for him.

Max then looked at Jaejoong. He tried to smile.

Once they all arrived at the hospital. They hurriedly followed Jong Soo to where Hana was.

They were still in a distance . . . . when Jong Soo suddenly noticed someone was outside Hana's room. It was Ji-Young . . . . and she was crying uncontrollably. Fear suddenly crept into his heart. He quickly ran to Ji-Young.

The DBSK boys all ran after Jong Soo. They already knew something was totally wrong.

“Ji-Young . . . . Ji-Young . . . . what's wrong?” Jong Soo asked nervously.

Ji-Young looked up at Jong Soo. . . . her eyes were overflowing with tears.

“Jong Soo . . . . Hana . . . . Hana” Ji-Young started to say but then she started to cry again.

All the DBSK boys' hearts were suddenly filled with fear.

“Where's Hana? What's happening to her?” Max asked with a trembling voice.

After Max had spoken . . . . it was only then that Ji-Young noticed the DBSK boys. Once she saw Max . . . . anger suddenly filled her whole being. She hurriedly went up to Max and slapped him hard on the face.

“How dare you show your face here! This is all your fault! You shouldn't have started a relationship with Hana . . . . if you couldn't be man enough to take care of her afterwards,” Ji-Young said angrily as tears still continued to flow from her eyes.

Jong Soo tried to stop Ji-Young. “Ji-Young . . . . I brought them here . . . . I still think he has a right to know.”

“Right? Right? What right does he have? Because of him Hana's still unconscious . . . . still bleeding . . . . . Because of him . . . . the baby might die!” Ji-Young shouted. She was already very emotional and hysterical.

“Baby?” Max suddenly uttered. He was very confused.

The other DBSK members were all shocked as well by what they heard.

Ji-Young looked at Max. Then she smiled bitterly. She remembered Max didn't know about Hana being pregnant.

“Hana's pregnant . . . . Max. She's 3 months pregnant with . . . . your child!” Ji-Young finally said. She thought that it was time Max knew about the baby.

Max felt very weak and his mind was rewinding what he had just found out. Hana was carrying their child . . . his child.

Max was about to say something when someone came out of Hana's room.

It was a doctor and as Max and the others looked at the doctor's expression . . . . fear suddenly entered their hearts.

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As soon as Max saw the doctor . . . . he hurriedly walked up to her and asked about Hana.

“Doctor . . . . how is she? . . . . and the baby?” Max asked nervously. He was very scared of what the doctor might answer.

The doctor slowly shook her head. “Are you the father of the child?” she asked.

“Yes . . . .” Max replied.

“Why didn't you take care of her better? . . . . . I'm sorry to say this . . . . but both the mother and the child are in danger. The girl was already in a poor health condition even before she became pregnant. Her heart is in a weak state ever since she was a child. I had already advised her to stop working and schooling, so nothing like this would happen. Now I can see she didn't follow my instructions because she's in a worse state right now. As for the child . . . . there is a big possibility that the child might be aborted if the girl's bleeding still doesn't stop by tonight. . . . If they can both manage to survive by tonight . . . .then I can finally guarantee that they will be out of danger by tomorrow. So let's all hope and pray. . . . for both of them to hold on . . . .and I do hope they can make it through the night,” the doctor said.

Max felt like the world suddenly closed down on him. He felt so sick. He wanted to just hit himself over and over again. Ji-Young was right. This was all his fault. Now he knew he truly deserved Jong Soo hitting him and Ji-Young slapping him. He was a total jerk. Max kept on blaming himself over and over again.

“Can I see her?” Max asked the doctor with a trembling voice.

The doctor nodded. “Yes . . . but she's still unconscious.”

“It's all right. I just want to see her. . . .” Max replied.

Max and the others slowly entered Hana's room. Max didn't know what to expect once he entered the room. He knew he wouldn't like what he was going to see.

Once inside the room . . . . . Max's heart suddenly stopped beating. Somehow he felt like couldn't breathe. He stood silent . . . . and staring at Hana.

The other DBSK members also couldn't believe what they were seeing. Their hearts were all breaking as well. They couldn't believe the Hana they have all grown to love and care about was now lying in a hospital bed . . . .unconscious and fighting for her life.

Max slowly approached Hana. His heart was pounding. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Somehow he kept on telling himself that it was all just a dream . . . . and that he would wake up any moment.

But seconds passed . . . . minutes passed . . . . Max was still looking at Hana . . . .lying unconscious on the hospital bed. Max felt like he was dying over and over again. The pain was too unbearable.

Slowly Max sat down beside Hana's bed. Then he gently took Hana's hand and kissed it. Afterwards, he held Hana's hand between his two hands. Then he started to cry.

Ji-Young, Jong Soo and the other DBSK boys all felt the pain that Max was feeling as they all watched him cry beside Hana.

U-Know suddenly left the room . . . followed by the others. They knew Max needed some time alone with Hana.

Max's heart was aching as he stared at Hana. She was very pale and she had also lost some weight. Then his gaze focused at Hana's slightly enlarged abdomen. Slowly he touched it . . . . caressed it.

Again Max cried uncontrollably.

“Hana . . . .why? Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me you're pregnant? Hana . . . . I'm sorry. Please forgive me . . . . Can you please give me another chance? . . . Please don't leave me . . . . I don't think I can ever live without you . . . . I know I had been unfair and had done so many hurtful things to you . . . . I'm sorry,” Max uttered as he kissed Hana's hand again. Then he gently held Hana's hand close to his cheek.

“Do you know how much I miss having your hand caress my face. I still remember how much you love pinching my cheeks,” Max somehow laughed.

“I missed you Hana. I missed you so much. . . . . I know I should explain a lot of things to you . . . . but I never got the chance . . . . When I first met Yun Hee . . . . I knew I was instantly attracted to her. She was very attractive . . . . glamorous . . . . expressive . . . . . I was a fool . . . . I mistook that attraction as love. I thought I had fallen in love with her . . . . I thought I loved her. But I guess I was wrong . . . . totally wrong,” Max said as tears continued to flow from his eyes.

“I knew during the times when I was rehearsing with Yun Hee . . . . I was already taking you for granted . . . . But being so kind . . . . you didn't even complain . . . . not even once. As time passed, and I spent more and more time with Yun Hee and less and less time with you. That's when I thought I was already in love with her,” Max uttered as he gently squeezed Hana's hand.

“I'm sorry . . . . I hurt you. When I broke up with you . . . my heart was breaking also. But I guess I was too stupid to even realize what my own heart was telling me . . . . After I've broken up with you . . . . it was only then I realized my mistake . . . . Even if I was with Yun Hee . . . .it was you I was thinking about. I suddenly realized . . . I wasn't in love with Yun Hee . . . but I was in love with you . . . . I am still . . . in love with you.”

Max looked at Hana. Then slowly and gently he kissed her on the lips. As Max lovingly stared at Hana's face up close, his tears kept on falling. Lovingly . . . he then caressed Hana's face with his hand.

“Hana . . . . please wake up! Please give me another chance . . . . a chance to make it up to you . . . . and to our baby . . . . I love you Hana . . . . Can you hear me? I love you . . . . I don't want to lose you.”

Again Max touched Hana's abdomen.

“Baby . . . . I'm sorry . . . . Your father has been very . . . . very bad to your mother. Are you angry with me as well? Please forgive me . . . I know I have made you and your mother suffer a lot. Please believe me . . . . I didn't know . . . . about you. If I had only known . . . . then this would have never happened . . . . Baby . . . please hold on . . . . Please try to fight . . . . Don't let go of your mother . . . . I want both of you to fight and try to live . . . . I don't want to lose either one of you . . . . I don't think I can live with out you . . . . both of you. So please try to hold on.”

Max suddenly stopped talking . . . . somehow he felt a warm feeling as his hand rested on Hana's abdomen. “Is my baby trying to tell me something?” he asked himself.

Max suddenly smiled. He then started to gently caress Hana's abdomen again.

“Baby . . . . please don't go okay?. . . . I promise if you give me another chance. . . I'll surely make it up to you and your mother. I will give you everything you need . . . . I promise I'll be the best father . . . . I promise I won't ever let you down again . . . . Please don't leave me . . .” Max said as his tears continued to flow.

Max felt his heart and his mind was going to explode. He was feeling so many emotions. . . . mixed emotions he couldn't control.

“Hana . . . . please don't leave me . . . . I love you. . . . I love you . . . . I can't live without you . . . . Please open your eyes and look at me . . . . How I missed the way you would look at me with love in your eyes . . . . Do you know how much I have missed you? Ever since we broke up I have constantly been online just waiting for you to be online as well. How I missed chatting with you on the computer and talking with you on the phone . . . . How I missed eating those delicious foods you always cook for me . . . . How I missed watching movies while you're sitting beside me . . . . How I missed holding you in my arms . . . How I missed kissing your sweet lips . . . . How I missed making love to you . . . . How I missed everything about you . . . .You're the only who taught me how to love . . . . Please . . . I don't want you to be the one to also teach me how to forget and to let go . . . . I will never learn how to forget you . . . . My life will never be the same without you. I just want you to know . . . .If by chance . . . . you choose to let go . . . . I promise I will follow you. I don't think I can live without you. So it would be better for me to die so I can still be with you. That is how much I love you,” Max had finally said everything in his heart. He held Hana's hand tighter as his tears kept on falling one by one.

“I will be here by your side and I will hold your hand until you finally wake up. I will never let go . . . . Hana . . . . I will never let go . . . . .”

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Hana slowly opened her eyes . . . . there was a very blinding light in front of her. She was very drawn to it. She wanted to get closer . . . . but as she was about to take a step forward . . . .she suddenly realized something was holding her back . . . . She looked at the small hand that was holding her hand.

The little girl's face was very beautiful. When she gazed up at her, she suddenly felt a chill. The little girl smiled at her. Then she pointed to the opposite direction away from the light.

Hana looked at the direction that the little girl was pointing to. It was a dark and long tunnel. Hana somehow didn't want to go back. She wanted to go straight into the light. But the little girl wouldn't let go of her hand. She was constantly shaking her head as if saying no.

Hana stared at the tunnel. As she was looking . . . . she somehow noticed that someone was at the end of the tunnel. The figure was somehow familiar . . . but she couldn't figure out who it was. She then stared at the child holding her hand.

The little girl was about 5 years old, with long black hair and a very beautiful face. Her facial features somehow reminded him of someone . . . but she couldn't remember who it was.

The little girl smiled again . . . . Then she slowly started to pull Hana away from the light. Hana wanted to stop the little girl. But there was something about the child that keeps her from saying no to her. Somehow she felt a very familiar feeling towards her. She wanted the close feeling she was making her feel as she held her hand. There was a very warm feeling emanating from her hand.

“Who are you? Why are you stopping me?” Hana asked the little girl.

The little girl smiled again. Somehow Hana's heart just kept on pounding whenever she smiled. She just pointed to the direction of the tunnel. Hana suddenly became afraid. She didn't want to go back to the tunnel.

The little girl sensed her hesitation.

“Please come back with me . . . . I want to live . . . . I can't live without you . . . He can't live without you . . . .” the little girl finally said.

Hana looked at the little girl . . . . she was very confused.

“Who . . . . can't live without me?” Hana asked.

The little girl pointed to the tunnel again.

“He is . . . . the man waiting for you at the end of the tunnel,” the child replied.

Hana stared at the tunnel . . . . there really was someone waiting at the end of it.

“Who?” Hana asked again.

“He's already suffered so much . . . . Please don't make him suffer anymore. I can't bear to see him cry anymore. It is breaking my heart,” the little girl said.

Hana saw the child's expression and pitied her.

“I . . . . I don't want to go back! I am afraid . . . .” Hana said.

“You don't have to be afraid. I will be with you until the very end,” the child said again.

“Who are you?” Hana asked the little girl. She still couldn't figure out who she was.

“I don't have a name yet . . . I can only have a name, once you head back into the tunnel and continue with your life,” the child replied.

Hana's mind was spinning. She couldn't understand what the child was telling her.

“I don't want to go back . . . . “ Hana said again.

The little girl started to cry. Hana knelt down infront of the little girl and started to wipe away her tears.

“Why are you crying? Please don't cry . . . .” Hana said. She didn't know why but seeing the little girl cry was breaking her heart.

The little girl looked at Hana with tears in her eyes. “I want to live . . . . Can you please give me a chance to live? I want to be able to experience how to love and be loved . . . . Please I want to experience life with you.”

Hana stared straight into the child's eyes. At that instant . . . . she saw Max . . . . She was seeing Max in the child's eyes.

All of a sudden memories started flashing in her mind. . . . Then she remembered the night she gave herself to Max.

“How could I forget Max?” she asked herself.

Hana then looked at the little girl closely. Now she understood everything. She gently caressed the little girl's face. She then lovingly kissed the little girl's cheeks.

One by one . . . . Hana's tears started to fall.

“I'm sorry . . . . I never meant to forget you . . . . Now I know who you are . . . . Don't cry . . . . I'm going back now. Don't let go okay . . . . Let's go back . . . together. . . “ Hana said to the little girl.

The child suddenly smiled and reached out for Hana's hand again . . . . This time Hana gave her hand to the child without any hesitation. And slowly they started to turn their backs on the glowing light.

Hand in hand . . . they both walked back into the long and dark tunnel. Hana wasn't afraid anymore . . . She wasn't alone . . . . Her baby was beside her. They walked . . . . . until finally . . . they reached the end of the tunnel.

And at the end of the tunnel . . . . a familiar face greeted them . . . . It was Max.

Hana slowly opened her eyes. Then she started to look around.

“It was just a dream . . . .” she told herself.

Nervously she started to feel her abdomen. Somehow she could tell her baby was still safe. She sighed with relief.

Then her attention focused on the side of her bed. Someone was sleeping with his head bent down on the bed. Hana could easily tell who it was. It was the same familiar figure that waited for her at the end of the tunnel.

She then noticed that Max was holding her hand as she slept. Hana smiled. Gently . . . she touched Max's head.

As soon as her hand touched Max's head. He immediately woke up.

“Hana . . . . you're awake!” Max uttered with joy written all over his face.

Hana continued to just stare at Max. She couldn't believe he was really beside her . . . . with concern and love in his eyes. Hana wanted to cry . . . . She had missed him so much.

Max saw Hana's reaction as she saw him. He immediately embraced her. He wanted to make her feel how much he had missed her . . . . and how much he still loved her.

“Hana . . . . I thought I had really lost you. I'm sorry . . . . I'm sorry for all the wrong things that I've done. Please forgive me. . . . Please give me one more chance to make it up to you. I don't think I can ever live without you . . . . I promise . . . . I will never leave you again,” Max said as he embraced Hana tighter. He was so scared that Hana was going to push him away. He wanted to hold her in his arms forever.

“Max . . . .” Hana was finally able to utter. “What about Yun Hee?”

“I've already broken up with her . . . after I realized it was you . . . . who I truly loved.”

“Max. . . .”

Max stared at Hana's eyes. “I'm sorry . . . . Do you think you can ever learn to forgive this very stupid guy in front of you?”

Hana smiled. “Yes . . . you're very stupid . . . but I still love you anyway . . .”

As soon as Max heard Hana say that she still loved him. His heart started rejoicing. He couldn't explain the joy he was feeling. He wanted to shout . . . to scream . . . He wanted to show everyone how happy he was.

Max embraced Hana again.

“Thank you . . . . Thank you . . . . for giving me another chance,” Max said happily.

Hana also couldn't explain the happiness she was feeling at that moment.

“Is this another dream? Is Max really beside me now . . . holding me? If this is only a dream . . . .Then I never want to wake up . . . .” Hana thought to herself as she returned Max's embrace.

“Hana . . . .I'm sorry . . . .” Max started to say again.

“Please stop Max. How many times do you have to say you're sorry? Once is enough for me. I don't care about what happened in the past . . . . and the things you have done. . . . What I care about is now . . . . Please . . . . just tell me you still love me . . . . and I know everything will be all right.”

Max could feel the love emanating from Hana's heart and soul. He knew he was very lucky to have found someone like her. At that moment . . . . he promised himself no matter what happens . . . . he will never ever let her go.

Max stared at Hana . . . their eyes met . . . .They both could see through each other's souls. They both knew they were meant to be together. And they knew how much they loved each other.

“Hana . . . .I love you . . . . I love you with all my heart.”

Max slowly covered Hana's lips with his tender kiss. They both have longed for each other. Their kiss was full of love and passion that they both had set aside for a very long time.

The time had finally come for them to finally be true to themselves and try to find the love that they both had lost.

“I love you . . . . Max . . . .” Hana uttered as Max held her in his arms again.

Max smiled. “I love you too . . . . you and our baby . . . “

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Hana and Max were still in each other's arms when Jong Soo, Ji-Young and the other DBSK members entered the room. All of them smiled as they saw Max holding Hana in his arms.

“Sorry . . . . but can we disturb you two lovers?” Micky asked with a big grin on his face.

Hana and Max finally released each other from their embrace. Hana looked at all her friends. She smiled sweetly at them. She was obviously very happy.

Ji-Young quickly ran to Hana . . . . then she hugged her.

“Hana . . . . do you know how worried we were about you? Please don't scare me like that again . . . . you know how much I love you . . . .”

Hana gave her best friend a very sweet smile. She was truly very lucky to have her.

“Sorry . . . . if I made you worry . . . . Promise, it won't happen again,” Hana said to Ji-Young.

Ji-Young just nodded. She was very glad to see that Hana had finally regained consciousness.

“Hana . . .” Jong Soo uttered.

Hana then focused her attention on Jong Soo. She was very grateful for all the help he had given her.

“I'm sorry . . . . but I am the one who told Max about you and the baby . . .” Jong Soo confessed.

“And I was the one who told Jong Soo who the baby's father was . . .” Ji-Young confessed also.

“It's okay . . . . I know you did it because you cared about me. So you don't have to say sorry . . . In fact . . . . I think I should say . . . . thank you . . . . to both of you . . . for taking care of me,” Hana said with a smile.

“She's right . . . We both should say thank you to the two of you. Because if you haven't done what you did . . . . then we would still be missing each other,” Max said.

“We will do anything just to help Hana. Always remember that okay?” Ji-Young told Max.

“Yes . . . thank you again . . .” Hana uttered with a smile.

“Oh! I just love happy endings! “ Xiah exclaimed.

All the other DBSK boys laughed with what Xiah said.

“Maybe now . . . . we can finally all smile . . . Hana's already regained consciousness and the baby's safe too. What more can we ask for?” Max uttered happily.

“My baby . . . . How is my baby?” Hana started to ask. She suddenly remembered her dream. The little girl's face was still fresh in her mind.

Max gently held her hand. “The baby's fine . . . The doctors had already told us that the baby's already safe since last night. Frankly . . . you were the one who gave us a bigger scare. The doctors couldn't even tell us when you were going to wake up. All they could say to us was if you didn't regain consciousness by this day . . . . you might end up being comatose or worse . . . you might die . . . Do you know how scared I was?”

“Sorry if I made all of you worried . . . . I promise . . . it won't happen again,” Hana said.

Max then smiled. “Of course . . . . it will never happen again because I will make sure that from now on . . . you are well taken care of . . . And from now on . . . you're supposed to follow all the doctor's orders . . . .”

“Yes, I know . . . I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to our baby girl,” Hana replied sweetly.

“Baby girl? How can you know it's a girl? It's only 3 months?” Ji-Young asked.

Hana laughed. “How am I going to tell these guys about my dream? Should I even tell them about it? I know they will just laugh at me and say it was just a dream . . .” she thought to herself.

“Hana . . .” Ji-Young uttered.

“How do I know it is a girl? Well . . . . let's say I just know it. . . . call it a mother's intuition,” Hana said with a laugh.

“Well . . . .whether it is a boy or a girl . . . . It doesn't matter . . . . We will still love the baby with all of our hearts . . . .” Max uttered.

Hana nodded. She would surely love the child she's carrying with all of her heart. She will never forget her dream . . . the dream wherein her baby helped her to choose between life and death.

She knew if her baby hadn't showed up in her dream . . . she would have ended going into the light. And she also knew that once she entered that light . . . there was no turning back.

Hana was very grateful to all of her friends . . . and especially her baby . . . for giving her another chance at life and love.

She promised herself that she would surely make her second chance all worth it. She wasn't going to let it go to waste.

Hana smiled sweetly as she stared at her friends and finally at Max. From now on, she would no longer miss Max . . . because he will always be beside her . . . . taking care of her . . . . and loving her.

Days passed . . . . Hana was finally well enough to go home. From the hospital, they all went straight to the DBSK boys' apartment to have a little celebration for Hana's discharge from the hospital.

Once they arrived at the apartment. Hana was surprised by how much Jong Soo, Ji-Young and the DBSK boys have prepared for her. There were gifts waiting for her in the living room . . . . and there were many different kinds of foods already arranged in the dining room. Hana was very touched by everyone's gestures.

As they were all eating in the dining room . . . . .

“Thank you everyone . . . . Thank you for the gifts and the food . . . . and everything you've done for me,” Hana said to her friends.

Everyone smiled back at Hana. They were all glad that she liked the things that they had prepared for her.

“We're glad you liked it . . . . . We really want you to be happy . . .” Ji-Young said.

Jong Soo suddenly looked at Max. Ha had been wanting to talk to him about something . . . . something had been bothering him.

“Max . . . . can I ask you something?” Jong Soo asked.

Max looked at Jong Soo. “What?” he asked.

“But what do you plan to do now?” Hana certainly can't stay in her house all alone anymore . . . .” Jong Soo answered.

Max smiled. “I have already thought about that . . . . Just give me some time to have everything straightened out.”

“Max . . . . you don't have to worry about me. I can still stay in my house,” Hana said with a smile.

“I've already arranged for someone to stay with you in your house for the time being. . . . while I'm still arranging everything. As for your work . . . . I don't want you to work anymore. I've already talked with the owner of the store where you worked and I've told her that you're pregnant. And that is the reason why you can't work anymore. She was very nice and she even said that you should visit her whenever you have the time . . . I can tell she also cares a lot for you . . .” Max said with a smile.

Hana nodded. “Yes . . . she's been like a mother to me for the past five years that I've worked for her. I will surely miss her.”

“You can always visit her . . . . but I remember I don't want you to work anymore,” Max reminded Hana.

Jaejoong suddenly laughed. “Our little boy has suddenly grown up . . . . He's the one doing the reminding now.”

Micky also laughed as well. “Yes . . . he certainly needs to grow up . . . . He's going to be a father soon . . . .”

“I wonder when I will be able to have my own baby?” Xiah suddenly asked himself out loud.

Everyone burst out laughing. They didn't expect Xiah to say such a thing. They all couldn't imagine him having a baby of his own.

“Hey . . . . why are you all laughing? I'm not kidding. . . .I want to be a father too!” Xiah said with a big grin on his face.

“You want to be a father?” Jaejoong asked.

“Find yourself a woman first . . . .” Micky suddenly shouted with a laugh.

Hana suddenly remembered something . . . .

“Max . . . . how about school? Can I still go to school?” Hana asked.

Max smiled. “I know how important your schooling is to you . . . . So I've talked with your doctor. And she said . . . . you can still go to school provided you don't over work or over stress yourself with school work. And I've also arranged for car to drive you to and from school. The doctor said you can't travel alone . . . . And you're not allowed to go on long walks . . . . understand?”

Hana just nodded. She was very relieved that she can still go to school and finish it.

“Thank you . . . . Max,” Hana uttered.

“I said I would take care of you . . . . and that is what I am going to do . . . . Just give me some time to fix everything. Just trust me okay?” Max said to Hana.

Hana nodded and then just stared at Max. She was very happy. She never imagined she would have someone like him in her life. At that very moment . . . . she already considered herself to be the most luckiest girl in the whole world . . . . for she ahd finally found the most wonderful man a girl could ever dream of.

Hana immediately returned to school the following day.

The whole classroom was busy and noisy as usual . . . . but everyone became silent as soon as Hana entered the room. Everyone's gaze focused on her.

Hana felt very conscious. She didn't expect that she would get everyone's attention.

Then suddenly . . . . the girl who had pushed her before stood up. She slowly approached Hana.

Hana suddenly became alarmed. She immediately started to move back as the girl got closer to her.

The girl smiled. “Look . . . . I'm not going to hurt you . . . I just wanted to apologize for what I have done to you . . . . Frankly, I don't know what I would have done if something bad had happened to you and to your baby . . . . I'm sorry . . . . Can you forgive me?”

Hana smiled back at the girl and nodded. “It's okay . . . . It was an accident. . . . Let's just forget about it . . . .”

The girl smiled. “Friends?” she then offered her hand to Hana.

Hana smiled back. “Yes . . . friends,” and she took the girl's hand as a sign of their new friendship.

Hana was feeling very happy. Everything was already perfect for her. She couldn't wish for anything more.

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A week passed . . . . .

Hana was busy reading a book in her class room. They were waiting for their last professor to arrive. She was already very tired . . . . and she wanted to go home already.

“It's already our last subject . . . . Why is our professor not here yet? . . . . I want to go home already . . . .” Hana moaned as she placed down the book she was reading. No matter how she read the book over and over again . . . . nothing was registering in his mind.

Ji-Young who was sitting next to Hana, laughed. “Just a few minutes more . . . . and if he's not here yet . . . . we can all finally go home,” she said to Hana.

Suddenly . . . . they heard girls screaming outside their room.

“What's that? What's happening?” Hana asked nervously.

“I don't know,” Ji-Young replied. “Maybe some girls just started screaming because they saw the whole basketball team practicing again . . . .” she replied again with a laugh.

The screams and shouts of the girls suddenly became closer and closer to their room.

Then suddenly . . . . .Max entered their room . . . .He was carrying a bouquet of red roses . . . . followed by Jaejoong, U-Know, Micky and Xiah.

Everyone in the room was shocked. Some of the girls even wanted to faint.

“DBSK? What are they doing here?” a girl asked.

“Oh my God! It's DBSK!” some of the girls exclaimed.

“DBSK . . . . I can't believe it . . . . They are actually here . . . .” another girl exclaimed.

Max smiled sweetly at Hana. He slowly approached her. Hana then stood up from her seat as Max gave the bouquet of flowers to her.

As Max gave the flowers to Hana . . . . all the girls who saw it unexpectedly screamed. Every one of the girls were totally shocked by what they saw. They had no idea that Hana knew Max personally. And based on what they could see . . . . Hana and Max weren't just friends.

The DBSK boys smiled. Max took Hana's hand and all of them started to sing.

My Little Princess

I suppose this feeling in my heart would be love.
Although I try to hide it, a smile appears on my lips.

It hasn't been even a day but I begin to miss you again.
What should I do? My heart has caught a deep illness.

Now I will not have a lazy appearance anymore.
I want to show you just my good points.

Up there, high in the sky, I want to fly
to tell the world that I love you.

Deep in the night sky, girl
I will become a star to protect you. You're my love.

Those words "lets break up", those words "be happy",
Lets never say those to each other..

Like now, please be by my side.
I pray that you understand my lacking heart.

Lean against my manly appearance..
I want to become a man that best suits me.

Please give me approval to go be inside your
heart always.

If you are like me, than there won't be any pain,
Because now I will protect you. for you.

My little princess everyday I'm going to show you love that
I've hid until now.

For forever, without a changing heart girl
I'm going to love you more than myself. You're my love.

The girls who were hearing and seeing Hana being serenaded by the famous Dong Bang Shin Ki were all feeling very jealous. How they wished they too could be serenaded by the boys.

Whatever They Say

(Micky)Girl, don"t listen to what they say,
They can"t stand to see together. Come on Listen

(Hero) Baby Girl, You are my lucky one
Out of all the many people, you and I are the most similar to each other
(Xiah) But everyone wants us to break up
Oh, If this is realty, then don't believe in destiny

*(All) Whatever they say, don"t listen girl
All they're doing is being envious of us
I just hope you will believe in whatever I tell you
Whatever they say, I don"t care, I love you
(Hero) I can't lose you, its so hard

(Uno) Baby, I don't know what to say
I just have to tell you that my heart will never change
(Micky) People just want us to compromise with the world
(Hero) If that will make me lose you, then I will go against the world

*(All) Whatever they say, don"t listen girl
All they're doing is being envious of us
I just hope you will believe in whatever I tell you
Whatever they say, I don"t care, I love you
(Xiah) I can't lose you, its so hard

(Max) I wanted to let you go just for your benefit
But the love and trust you've shown me gives me courage

*(All) Whatever they say, don"t listen girl
All they're doing is being envious of us
I just hope you will believe in whatever I tell you
Whatever they say, I don"t care, I love you
(Xiah) I can't lose you, its so hard

*(All) Whatever they say, don"t listen girl
All they're doing is being envious of us
They are different from us so they will never understand us
Whatever they say, I don"t care, I love you

(Xiah) I can't lose you
(Micky) Baby girl, you are my lucky one

Will you be my girlfriend?

The girls in and outside the classroom were all feeling goosebumps as they listened to the boys sing. The DBSK boys' voices were pure harmony. The boys were like angels singing. As for the girls . . . .they couldn't believe that they could actually see and hear the boys sing live. They considered themselves very lucky.


When I want to cry, even if I cry, it’s because it’s good
Please don’t strain yourself

When my tears dry, a laugh appears
Look, I’m already laughing

Because the place that hesitates has a future
I want to find the courage that isn’t shown in your acting

Everyday and night with you
Because I will tightly keep holding your small hand
Everyday Every night Everywhere
I keep feeling this connection to confirm it
Now this story Begin

Are your pupils turning to another place to avoid
But, I like it

Even if we are apart, the thing we can divide and share
Yes, if we have our memories

Now again I can’t say bye
Because shaking time is only empty

Everyday and night with you
I’m unable to take care of the slight fever that won’t cool
Everyday Every night Everywhere
Two people’s feelings grow more and more
Now you and I Begin

Truthfully I too am the same
(Baby I need your love need your touch
Oh Baby I need your love need your touch baby)
I am fearing the darkness of night
(you tell me now)
But still, I am not alone

Everyday and night with you
Because I will tightly keep holding your small, trembling hand
Everyday Every night Everywhere
I keep feeling this connection to confirm it
Now this story Begin

Everyday and night with you
I’m unable to take care of the slight fever that won’t cool
Everyday Every night Everywhere
Two people’s destiny carefully move out more and more
Now only two people Begin

The girls watching everything that was happening couldn't stop themselves from sighing. The DBSK boys were all so handsome and gorgeous that they couldn't stop themselves from looking at them. They also wondered why Hana was being serenaded by the boys.

Forever Love

Shining right before our eyes, the glittering sunset
Inside my chest, a profound love like nothing I have ever felt before
If I say to myself that I’m fine on my own, I’m telling a lie

I’ve been passing time like this, but from now on, you’re the only one I’ll never part from
Time and time again I'll send it to you, what you’re looking for
All your hesitation will melt away, let’s live and Forever Love

With shadows inching closer on a steep path, the feel of your clasped hand
It seemed like that gently, tenderly erased the pain

What kind of a future are you painting? The image of your young self
Finding the first star of the evening Now, I’ll give it to you

Time and time again I’ll sing for you, my precious one
The single most undeniable treasure in this world, believe in love

You're the only love forever

No matter when
I’m confident that I’ll protect you forever
The thorns stuck deep within your heart
If they’re pulled out, I’ll hold you close
An endless dream

Time and time again I’ll grant it for you, everything that you wish for
The single most undeniable brilliance in this world, believe in love
Time and time again I’ll give it to you, what you’re looking for
All your hesitation will melt away and let’s live, together

You're the only love forever

After the DBSK boys sang the last song . . . . Max suddenly took Hana's hand and slowly gave her a small box.

Hana looked at Max. “What is this?” she asked.

“Open it . . . . and you'll see . . . . .” Max replied with a smile.

Hana nervously opened the small box in her hand . . . . it was a ring . . . . Hana looked at Max again. She wanted to ask him again.

He had suddenly came up to her . . . . face to face. He was smiling happily. Hana looked straight into Max's eyes.

“Will you marry me?” Max asked Hana as both of them stared at each other's eyes.

Hana couldn't believe what she was hearing. Max was actually asking her to marry him. It was like a dream . . . . a dream she didn't want to wake up from.

“Hana . . . . will you marry me?” Max asked again.

Hana smiled. There was no doubt in her mind about the answer. “Yes!”

Jong Soo, Ji-Young and the other DBSK boys suddenly cheered and happily clapped their hands. They were all very happy for both Hana and Max.

As Hana answered yes . . . . all the girls screamed. Every girl and boy in and outside the room were quite surprised by what happened. They never expected Max would propose to Hana. Some of the girls outside the room after hearing Max proposed. . . had suddenly fainted adding more confusion to the already growing commotion outside Hana's classroom.

“Max you didn't have to propose in school . . . .” Hana whispered to Max. She looked at everyone staring at them and at the DBSK boys.

Max smiled. “I did it because I want to . . . .”

“Max . . .why?” she uttered.

“I want to show everyone how much I love you. . . . And besides what's the use of hiding it . . . . when it's going to come out anyway. I told you I would take care of everything. Well now . . . . I already have . . . .I've already talked with our manager and even our record company's president. There is no reason to hide anymore. I love you . . . . and I want the whole world to know it,” Max answered.

Hana saw love in Max's eyes. She was truly blessed. She had Max in her life.

“Come on . . . . I think we should leave. The crowd is already growing outside,” Micky said to Max and the others.

Hana looked at the crowd watching outside their room. . . . then she looked at Max.

“How are you guys going to get out now?” she asked.

“Don't worry . . . . we've already planned for everything . . . .” Jaejoong said with a smile.

U-Know suddenly called someone on his phone. And within minutes . . . . several men were already taking control of the students outside the room.

“They say we can go now . . . .” U-Know said to the others.

“Hana . . . . come on,” Max said as he gently held her hand as they all went out of the room.

“Bye . . . .” Hana said to Jong Soo and Ji-Young. Her two friends just waved and smiled.

The DBSK boys protected Hana as they all went out. Hana was surrounded by the boys. Max, Micky and Xiah were all behind Hana, while Jaejoong and U-Know were in front. The DBSK boys tried to block the fans as they suddenly started crowding in. They were very concerned about Hana's safety. They didn't care much about themselves just as long as Hana was all right.

Minutes passed . . . . . Hana and the DBSK boys were already in their van. As they were resting . . . . Xiah started to laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” Jaejoong asked.

“I just thought about what a large scene we made today. I am already imagining our manager's reaction the moment he learns about it,” Xiah replied.

U-Know nodded. “I think we're all going to be tied to our apartment for a very long time,” he said with a laugh.

Hana looked at Max. She was hearing what the other DBSK members were saying.

“I'm sorry . . . . you shouldn't have come to my school in the first place. Now look what it has brought you,” Hana said to Max with sadness in her eyes.

The other DBSK boys heard what Hana had said to Max.

“Hana . . . . don't be like that. It's no problem really . . . . We will gladly do it all over again just for you . . . That's how much we love you . . . and Max,” Micky said to Hana with a smile.

Hana stared at the DBSK boys. She was truly very fortunate to have their love and support.

“Where are we supposed to go now?” Xiah suddenly asked.

“To the apartment of course . . . . I'm already starving,” Max replied.

Everyone started to laugh. Jaejoong threw a towel at Max's face.

“Max . . . . you've just proposed to the girl you love . . . . and you're still thinking about food?” Jaejoong asked as if unable to believe.

“Well . . . . I just ate a small amount of food . . . . since I was nervous about the proposal . . . . But since it's over now . . . . it seems my stomach suddenly remembered it's not full yet . . . .” Max answered with a big grin.

Micky laughed. “I hope the baby doesn't take after him . . . .”

“Yes . . . . especially if it's a girl,” Jaejoong said. Then he looked at Max with a strange expression on his face. “I can't seem to imagine a girl having his weird appetite for food . . . .” then he suddenly burst out laughing too.

Months passed . . . .

Hana and Max were already married. They had also moved into their very own house which Max had bought. Hana was almost nine months pregnant already.

She was busy cooking when . . . . Max suddenly embraced her from behind. He had just come home straight from the airport. Max and the other DBSK boys had to stay in Japan for a week to do some interviews and photo shoots for their new upcoming album.

“Max . . . .what are you doing?” Hana asked with a laugh.

“I missed you . . . .” Max uttered.

Hana laughed again. “You only went to Japan for a week . . .”

“Well . . . I still missed you . . . .” Max said as he hugged Hana.

“Well . . . okay . . . . I missed you too . . . .” Hana said with a laugh.

“I told you . . . .I'm not hungry. You're not supposed to get tired . . . . Come on . . . Stop cooking. Let's just go back to bed . . . . and rest . . . .” Max said.

“I've been resting all the time . . . ever since I graduated from college. Sometimes a little work here and there is good for me,” Hana replied.

“But I don't want you getting tired . . .” Max said lovingly.

Hana laughed. “Oh . . . . Max! You're spoiling me too much. . . .”

“I love you . . . . That's why I'm spoiling you,” Max answered with a smile.

Max suddenly turned off the stove. And gently pulled Hana away from the kitchen and into their bedroom.

As soon as they entered their room . . . . Max immediately kissed Hana. He had missed her so much that he wanted to kiss her and hold her. His kiss was very passionate . . . full of longing. His kiss was already starting to deepen . . . . when the doorbell rang.

Max didn't want to be disturbed. Both he and Hana just kept on kissing each other and tried to ignore the door bell ringing. They have both missed each other very much.

The doorbell continuously rang . . . . until Max couldn't take it anymore. He suddenly released Hana's lips. And still mumbling . . . . he hurriedly went to see who was at the door. Hana had also followed him to see who was at the door.

As soon as Max opened the door . . . . his mother suddenly entered the house . . . . followed by Jaejoong, Xiah, Micky and U-Know.

“Why did you take so long to open the door?” Max's mother asked him suspiciously.

Max just looked at his mother . . . . and then at the other DBSK boys.

“Mother . . . . what are you doing here?” Max asked suddenly.

“You naughty boy. . . . You told me you were going to arrive tomorrow,” Mrs. Shim said to Max.

The other DBSK boys were all trying hard not to laugh, as Mrs. Shim glared at Max.

“I hope you weren't doing anything out of the ordinary . . . . with your wife while I was gone. I only left her for a few hours . . . . and now I find her alone with you . . . . I told you . . . keep your hands off your wife while she's pregnant.”

The other DBSK boys couldn't stop themselves anymore. They were already laughing so hard in one corner of the house . . . . while Hana was blushing as she heard what Max's mother was saying.

“Mother . . . . I wasn't doing anything to her . . . . And even if I was . . . there's nothing wrong with it . . . .She's already my wife,” Max said with a big grin on his face.

“See . . . I knew it! That's why it took you so long to open the door,” Mrs. Shim exclaimed. She then started pinching Max. “You're really very naughty. How many times do I have to remind you . . . . your wife is having a very delicate pregnancy. So keep your hands to yourself and leave her alone. I don't want anything bad to happen to Hana and to the baby.”

Max smiled. He was very happy that his mother was very concerned for both Hana and their baby. He suddenly embraced his mother.

“Mother . . . . I wasn't doing anything really. She was just cooking . . .” Max said to his mother.

“Cooking? Max! How could you let your wife cook? You know she's not supposed to do anything tiring . . . .” Mrs. Shim said as she started to glare at his son.

Hana and the other DBSK boys were already laughing as they continued to watch Max being continuously pinched and glared at by his mother.

After having dinner . . . . Hana and the DBSK boys all decided to watch a movie together.

“So you guys are staying here for the night?” Max asked the other DBSK members.

Micky laughed. “Your mother doesn't want you to be alone with Hana . . . . even for one second. That's why she asked us to stay here, while she went out for a few hours.”

“It seems your mother doesn't trust you being around Hana . . . . “ Xiah added. He had a very big grin on his face.

Max was starting to have a headache. His mother was truly being protective of Hana. He couldn't even kiss her . . . . whenever his mother was around.

“Max . . . .Keep your hands off your wife!” Micky said as he imitated Mrs. Shim.

Xiah, Jaejoong and U-Know suddenly burst out laughing as Micky tried to imitate Mrs. Shim.

“Hyung . . . .” Max uttered.

Hana was just silent and was trying hard not to laugh. She knew Max was already being made fun of by the other DBSK boys. She didn't want to add herself too.

As Max and the other continued to talk and tease each other . . . . Hana suddenly felt a sharp pain originating from her abdomen. At first, she didn't mind the pain . . . . but as time passed . . . . the pain increased.

Max had already noticed the strange reaction on Hana's face . . . . as she silently tried to bear the pain.

“What's wrong?” Max asked Hana.

“I . . . . I think it's time . . . . Max . . . .” Hana said.

Max and the other DBSK boys started to panic. All of them suddenly became pale with fright.

“It's time?” Xiah asked again.

“What do we do Mrs. Shim isn't here yet?” Micky suddenly asked.

“Let's just bring her to the hospital . . . .” U-Know said.

“Max . . . . get her things . . . .” Jaejoong said to Max.

“Things? What things?” Max asked nervously. His mind had totally gone blank.

“Hana's bag . . . . her things . . . . the baby's things . . . . It's supposed to be in a bag,” Jaejoong replied as he cupped his face in disbelief.

“Oh. . . . I'll look for it . . .” max said as he hurriedly went to their bedroom.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh! . . . . .” Hana started to cry out.

“Max!” Xiah shouted.

“Hurry!” Micky shouted as well.

Hours passed . . . .

Max and the other DBSK boys were waiting patiently outside the delivery room.

All of them were very worried and anxious. Mrs. Shim who was with them couldn't help but smile as she watched the boys restlessly walk back and forth.

“Can all of you sit down? Why is it that all of you look like you're the ones delivering the baby?”

“We're just worried . . . . While we were on our way here . . . . She was obviously in so much pain . . . .” Xiah said with concern in his eyes.

“Will she be all right? Will the baby be all right?” Micky started to ask.

Mrs. Shim smiled. “Don't worry . . . . . everything will be all right. . . . you'll see.”

“Mother . . . . why is it taking so long?” Max asked worriedly.

“Don't worry . . .” Mrs. Shim said as she gently embraced her son. She knew how much Max loved Hana.

While they were talking . . . . a doctor suddenly came out of the delivery room.

Max immediately went up to the doctor and asked. “Doctor . . . . How is my wife . . . . and my baby?”

The doctor smiled. “They are both fine . . . . Congratulations . . . . you have a healthy baby girl.”

As soon as the other DBSK boys heard the good news . . . . they suddenly cheered and started laughing. They all congratulated Max. They were all very happy for both Max and Hana.

Another year passed . . . .

“Max . . . . hurry up . . . .” Jaejoong said.

“Okay boys . . . . be ready to be on stage in one minute . . . .”

“Okay . . . . Five . . . . Four . . . . Three . . . . Two . . . .One . . . . Go!”

“Good luck!”

The DBSK boys entered the stage with smiles on their faces. They have all gone through some minor problems due to Max's sudden marriage . . . . But they all have supported him without any condition . . . .And they overcame the problems with each other's help. They were a group . . . . They were Dong Bang Shin Ki . . . . They were as one. No matter what problems lie ahead . . . . . They all knew that they were always going to be by each other's side . . . . . through thick and thin . . . . through happiness and sadness . . . . They were always going to be together . . . . forever.

Max looked at the crowd. He suddenly smiled as he saw Hana wave at him. She was carrying their daughter, Hwa-Young. The little girl started to wave as well. Max's heart was filled with joy as he stared at the two inspirations in his life. He couldn't explain the joy he was feeling. His life had never been the same ever since he met Hana. And he couldn't even imagine his life without her . . . . and their daughter.

Max smiled sweetly at Hana while he sang. He promised himself that he would do everything to make her happy. She had given her so much love and happiness . . . . Sometimes he kept on wondering if he truly deserved it. She has made him a better man . . . . a good husband . . . . and a good father. Everyday . . . . he thanked God for giving her to him. . . . . She was his first love . . . . his whole life. . . . and he was never going to let her go. They will continue to love each other until the day they both grew old . . . . And he knew he will continue to love her until the end of time.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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