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][TRANS] 100411 Lee Yeon Hee - Guides Changmin

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[TRANS] 100411 Lee Yeon Hee - Guides Changmin's Acting

Giving Changmin tips and guidance in acting, time unconsciously passes by

Main actress of the soon-to-be-released television drama "Paradise Meadow", Lee Yeon Hee (22), has not only been mentoring same aged co-star, TVXQ member Choikang Changmin, in terms of acting, but also in film-television terminology, among others.

Lee Yeon Hee recently accepted an interview from Sports Seoul. She laughingly said, "because Changmin and I are in the same company (SM Entertainment), we have a closer relationship. As this is his first acting experience, I give him acting tips on the side to help him out. Honestly, I don't have enough expertise to guide him right?" She also expressed, "Changmin has a great level of passion so I also thoroughly prepared. The weren't many difficulties during the filming process and we co-operated pleasantly."

"Paradise Meadow" is a youthful romance drama based in Jeju Island and talks about young adults' career and love life. In the drama, Lee Yeon Hee acts as a character who doesn't care about her parent's' opposition and riskily gets married. She is a bright and strong newly-wed bride that fights against the many challenges that come her way. After a long period of time since the ending of MBC's "East Of Eden" in March last year and finally appearing again in this drama, she stated, "this is different from my other dramas because the protagonist is more bold and stylish. In terms of how it will be presented on television, I'm very curious to see how fans will react."

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Source: [withTVXQ+Sportsseoul]
Translation Credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net


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