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[JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance

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Are you trying to kill me? 0.o
I'm going to be dead tonight. Haha.
I'll come back to edit~! I promise!


I'm here!
That was one sweet date! *secretly hoping that Jaejoong is my boyfriend instead*
Cook for me Jae!

[JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance - Page 2 SiggieJija

Siggies credits to JenJen ^^ Me
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jija wrote:Rin~
Are you trying to kill me? 0.o
I'm going to be dead tonight. Haha.
I'll come back to edit~! I promise!


I'm here!
That was one sweet date! *secretly hoping that Jaejoong is my boyfriend instead*
Cook for me Jae!

Haha, I know~ ^^
I wouldn't mind if he cooked for me as well, as long as he watched the spice xD LOL
I'm glad you liked it ^^


JaeMin Fic: Midnight Romance [Complete]
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^ Replies to comments above ^

A/N: Here you go! The next to last part! ^^ Yes, sad to say, but the next one will be the last. Anyway, this chapter! Slight drama, Jaejoong’s father returns, like you guys knew he would >.> LOL I hope you guys like this chapter though ^^ It’s a bit longer, and the next one, there will be the long a waited smut! xD So, while you look forward to that, I hope you enjoy this chapter, and please remember to tell me what you think ^^

Midnight Romance – Part 9

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.”

-Gary Zukav

Months had passed since Changmin and Jaejoong’s first date, and they couldn’t be happier. Since then they had gone out at least twice a week, and saw each other at least five days of the week, and talked to each other on the phone the rest of the time. Jaejoong had kept his promise and cooked for Changmin whenever he asked, and more often than not even when he didn’t ask.

Their friends were very happy for them. The only complaints that they would really have would be that they were entirely too sweet together sometimes, and that when they started talking about their significant other, they could go on and on and on and on and on and…well, you get the idea.

So basically, things couldn’t be better for them. Well…except for one thing.

Jaejoong was frustrated.

Very frustrated.

Emotionally, they had progressed leaps and bounds. They had been saying ‘I love you’ to each other every day since their third date, when they had said it for the first time since starting their new relationship. Changmin had even said that he trusted Jaejoong fully last month when Jaejoong had surprised him and taken him out on a date on their six month anniversary.

If they were so happy though, what could possibly be the problem then, you might ask?

Their physical relationship, that’s what.

Jaejoong felt that he was about to go crazy. Changmin had never let things go beyond simple make-out sessions. He had finally allowed Jaejoong to kiss him anytime he wanted, not just when Changmin initiated it, two months in. Another month in saw those kisses getting more heated.

Yet anytime things threatened to go beyond that, Changmin pulled away and stopped it. Jaejoong was fine with it as first. He wanted to show Changmin that he respected his decision, and that he didn’t need to have sex with Changmin, that things were fine how they were right now.

But it was getting a bit ridiculous.

It had been just over half a year already, and Jaejoong was getting tired of using just his hand to get off. He had proven to Changmin that he truly loved him, not the sex. He knew that he had. Changmin had completely forgiven him for everything as well, said that he knew Jaejoong didn’t just want his body.

So why was he still holding out?

Jaejoong knew that Changmin wanted him just as bad. Last time they had been making out he had felt Changmin’s hardness against his leg, just like his own was pressing against Changmin’s leg. Yet Changmin had still pulled away with a smile and stopped things from going any further. And every time that Jaejoong tried to bring the subject up, Changmin had avoided it like a pro and changed the subject to something else, and it was only later, when Jaejoong was alone, that he would realize what Changmin had done.

Jaejoong kept growing more and more frustrated. He wanted to respect Changmin’s decision, but at the same time he wanted to throw Changmin down and show him what he’s been missing the past half a year.

And on top of all of this, they had another…more pressing problem.

Their parents.

Jaejoong isn’t quite sure how they had managed it, but their relationship had been kept secret from both of their parents.

And Jaejoong’s dad was starting to look for another match for his son.

Neither Jaejoong nor Changmin had discussed what they would tell their parents or even when they would tell them. But considering the information that Junsu had managed to find out and pass on to Jaejoong, they didn’t have much more time to be considering it.



Changmin threw the door to his apartment open widen and practically pounced on Jaejoong. Jaejoong caught him with open arms, chuckling as he wrapped his arms tightly around Changmin.

“I missed you to Min-ah.”

Changmin pulled back and simply grinned before pulling him into the apartment. Yoochun shouted a greeting from his place in the workroom and Jaejoong barely had time to respond before he was pulled into the bedroom and the door was closed behind them. Jaejoong grinned at Changmin and held him closer, burying his face in Changmin’s hair and inhaling his scent.

They just stood there for a few minutes, holding each other in silence. Jaejoong hadn’t had much time to spend with Changmin lately, to busy trying to keep his father at bay. His father had been hounding him more and more to make a choice between the humans that he had found, and bond with one of them. Jaejoong kept putting it off and making excuses though, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it for much longer.

“Changmin,” he pulled away, serious, making Changmin look up at him, wondering what was wrong.

“Changmin,” he started again, “we need to talk.”

Changmin’s face grew nervous.

“Those are never good words to hear in a relationship.”

Jaejoong chuckled, brushing a hand across Changmin’s cheek. Changmin closed his eyes and leaned into the touch, and Jaejoong felt his heart swell, so grateful that he had been given a second chance with Changmin.

“Why don’t you sit down love, then I’ll explain everything.”

Changmin opened his eyes and pulled back, frowning slightly. He nodded though, moving over to the bed and sitting down on it, looking up at Jaejoong questioningly, biting his lip. Jaejoong had to restrain a groan at seeing Changmin sitting on the bed, hardly anything on and looking up at him like that.

‘Now is not the time Jaejoong!’

He mentally slapped himself, getting back on topic.

“It’s my father Changmin.”

Changmin’s face immediately turned sour at the mention of Jaejoong’s father. He had never met the man, but after what he had done to Jaejoong months ago, he had never really wanted to.

“What about him?”

Jaejoong almost grinned but kept it to himself. Changmin was just too cute sometimes.

“He hasn’t given up on bonding me off to some rich human family. The past few months he’s been out scouting potential families and narrowing it down. Now he’s come to me and is demanding I choose one and bond to them immediately.”

Changmin’s eyes narrowed, jaw clenching when he heard this.

“He’s been what?”

Jaejoong almost chuckled at Changmin’s reaction. He loved it when Changmin got all possessive. Jaejoong instead, moved over to the bed and sat next to Changmin, wrapping an arm around him and drawing the younger man closer. Changmin went willingly, curling into Jaejoong’s side. Jaejoong ran a hand through Changmin’s hair calmingly, humming slightly.

“You know I would never agree to bond with one of them. But Changmin, this just brings up another point. It’s been over half a year and we still haven’t told out parents about us yet. Don’t you think it’s time we did so?”

Changmin was silent. Jaejoong looked at him to see him staring down at his lap, hands linked together and resting there. Jaejoong sighed and leaned his head on Changmin's.

“You know we should Changmin. It would get my dad off of my back, and your parents deserve to know you’re in a relationship.”

Changmin sighed, scowling slightly, but he nodded.

“Damnit! I hate it when you’re right Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong chuckled, pressing a kiss to the top of Changmin’s head in response.

“Of course I’m right baby. Now, since we’ve agreed, it should be sometime soon, and the sooner the better. We could even tell them together.”

Changmin looked at Jaejoong with wide eyes.

“Are you crazy?”

Jaejoong shrugged, smirking.

“Only slightly.”

Changmin scowled and slammed the back of his hand into Jaejoong’s stomach. Jaejoong hunched over slightly, surprised at the strength behind the hit.

“Take this seriously Jae! What in the world has possessed you, making you think that it’s a good idea for both of our parents to be in the same room together, nonetheless when we tell them the truth?”

Jaejoong shrugged, looking sheepish.

“That it would just be easier?”

Changmin sighed and hit him again.


Changmin was freaking out.

“I can’t believe we’re about to do this.”

Jaejoong watched as Changmin paced in front of him, slightly amused. It was the night that they would be telling their parents they were together. They had made reservations at a high class restaurant where (they hoped) their parents would be less inclined to make a scene. To be safe though, they had rented a private room for privacy.

Their parents should have arrived ten minutes ago, and were alone, together, in the same room.

Hence, Changmin deciding that this was an appropriate time to freak out; while their parents were waiting for them, thus leaving them alone together longer.

Jaejoong sighed, deciding it was time to step in.

“Changmin, calm down, look at me.” He stepped forward and grabbed Changmin, turning him to face him. Changmin looked at him with wide eyes, and Jaejoong sighed, a fond smile appearing on his face. He brushed his hand across Changmin’s cheek and leaned in, brushing his lips lightly over Changmins.

Changmin’s eyes closed and he sighed, pressing back lightly against Jaejoong. Jaejoong chuckled and pulled back, grinning at the scowling Changmin.

“Everything will be fine Min-ah, okay? Now, unless you want them to be alone together longer, we should get in there.”

Changmin nodded, slightly shaky, but determined. Jaejoong grinned at him and clasped one of Changmin’s hands in his, tangling their fingers together, before walking over to the door and pausing in front of it. He raised the hand he had tangled with his, kissing the back of it and grinning at the blushing Changmin (who no matter how many times Jaejoong kissed the back of his hand would blush every time; thereby giving Jaejoong more incentive to do it again since it was just too cute in his opinion).


Changmin nodded and Jaejoong grinned and released their hands right before he opened the door and stepped in. Their parents instantly turned their attention to the doorway. Changmin and Jaejoong could see that they had been in the middle of a discussion (no doubt about why they had been called there together) when they had interrupted them.

Changmin’s mother stood up immediately, moving over to Changmin and hugging him in greeting. Changmin hugged her back, a little stiffly, but considering a few months ago he wouldn’t have even done that, it was a huge improvement, and you could tell how pleased his mother was by the improvement by the bright smile she threw him when she pulled back.

Changmin smiled back, slightly, before he greeted his father with a nod. Jaejoong’s father had stood up, eyes watching his son like a hawk.

“Now that we are all here, would you please tell us what this is about Jaejoong?”

Changmin’s parents stopped in surprise at Mr. Kim’s abruptness, and Jaejoong mentally sneered.

“Don’t you want to eat first, father?”

Mr. Kim’s eyes narrowed.

“Now listen here boy; I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule to come here when you asked. I could be doing more valuable things with my time, so you will answer me right this second. What is the meaning of this?”

Jaejoong really did sneer this time, and Changmin’s parents were watching the two in slightly shock.

“If you would please sit down, father, then I will get to that.”

Jaejoong’s father scowled, but he listened to Jaejoong (much to his silent shock) and sat back down. Changmin’s parents had watched the exchange in silence before looking over to Changmin once it was over. Changmin simply nodded at the table, indicating that they should sit down as well. They nodded, looking slightly worried, before sitting down as well. Jaejoong and Changmin looked at each other briefly before looking back at the table and sitting down across from their parents, who had watched the exchange with interest.

It was Changmin’s parents that broke the slightly awkward silence that had settled upon them.

“Changmin? Will you please explain why we’re here?”

Changmin looked at Jaejoong, who looked back. Changmin’s eyes were questioning and Jaejoong nodded. Changmin nodded back, taking Jaejoong’s hand under the table as he faced his parents.

“Mother, father, I…we, have something to tell you.”

His parents blinked and Mr. Kim watched with calculating eyes.

“I…lied. When you found me again and asked if I had someone else. I did. I just…we had…broken up previously and I was feeling…angered. He had wanted to get back together, but I didn’t believe him, so I lied.”

Changmin’s parents blinked in shock, and Mr. Kim’s eyes narrowed, fury starting to spread through them.

“The truth is…I’ve been with Jaejoong this whole time. A few days after I saw you then Jae and I made up, we got back together. I…I love him. I’m sorry that I’ve kept this from you for so long. Please forgive me.”

He bowed his head and Jaejoong squeezed his hand reassuringly. Changmin’s parents were watching the duo in shock. Mr. Kim, however, exploded.


Everyone’s eyes snapped to Mr. Kim, who looked furious. His eyes were focused solely on Jaejoong though, who was glaring at him defiantly.

“You heard him father.”

Mr. Kim snarled, teeth barred in his anger.

“You lied to me boy! I find out that this whole time that whore that I thought you had ditched the Jung boy for was in fact the Shim heir? You should have told me immediately so that I could arrange a bonding between our families. Instead I’ve wasted my time looking at other families.”

Changmin’s parents were looking rather appalled, and Jaejoong was snarling.

“I’ve said, don’t all Changmin a whore. And that’s exactly why I didn’t tell you, father. The reason Changmin and I even met was because he was running away from an arranged bonding between him and Junho. I wasn’t about to let you screw things up for me and try to force Changmin into bonding with me.”

Mr. Kim’s face was almost frightening in his anger.

“Boy! You know better than to speak to me like that! Are you saying that you’re going to refuse to bond to the Shim boy as well?”

Jaejoong snarled, eyes flashing and fangs elongating slightly.

“No, I’m not saying that.”

Mr. Kim looked slightly triumphant, but Jaejoong continued.

“What I am saying is that I won’t bond to Changmin until he is ready to bond to me, and not a minute before.”

Mr. Kim looked furious again.

“Boy, I am your father, you will listen to –”

Jaejoong cut in.

“No father, I will not listen to you. I am an adult now, and I am tired of doing what you tell me to with no thought. I can make my own decisions now, and I don’t need you to make them for me. If you have a problem with that, then to damn bad.”

Mr. Kim looked like he would attack Jaejoong right then and there. Fortunately though, he appeared to get himself under control, and he straightened up, sneering.

“If that is how you feel, then I no longer have a son. Good riddance.”

With that he left the room. Everyone watched him go, eyes wide. Changmin turned his attention to Jaejoong as soon as the door slammed shut, worried. To his surprise though, Jaejoong looked…relieved. Jaejoong laughed, sounding just as happy as he looked.

“You know, I should be sad, pissed at him, but I can’t find it in myself to feel that way. He was a bastard and never a very good father anyway.”

Changmin gaped at Jaejoong slightly, before laughing as well. Jaejoong grinned down at Changmin, leaning down and grabbing one of Changmin’s hands and planting a light kiss on the back of it. Changmin blushed again and Jaejoong grinned before his eyes turned serious and he clutched Changmin’s hand tighter.

“I meant what I said Changmin. I do want to bond to you, but not before you’re ready, okay?”

Changmin smiled, squeezing Jaejoong’s hand gratefully.

“I know Jaejoong, thank you.”

Jaejoong simply smiled and leaned forward, pressing a light kiss against Changmin’s lips. Changmin smiled into the kiss, both of them pulling back when they heard a squeal. They looked over to see Changmin’s parent still watching them; Ms. Shim looked happy (and was the squealing culprit), hands clasped in front of her in happiness as she watched them. Mr. Shim was watching them with a slight grin on his face as well.

“Aaaw, you two are so cute Changmin! Ah, I wish you had told me sooner! Do you know when you’re planning on bonding? Oh! I simply must help decorate. Do you have any ideas in mind yet? What about – ”

She kept rambling on and Mr. Shim and Changmin shared a grin. Jaejoong watched the interaction, feeling his heart swell. It honestly didn’t matter to him that his father had just disowned him. He had enough money, and he already had a family, a real family. Changmin, Junsu, Junho, Yoochun, and now (he suspected) Changmin’s parents as well.

He watched as the Shim family interacted, father and son trying to get Ms. Shim to calm down and stop planning Changmin’s bonding slash wedding to Jaejoong prematurely. She just waved them off though, saying it was never too early to plan for these types of things.

And then Jaejoong realized that what he had said was completely true, in all aspects. He really would wait until Changmin was ready, and he didn’t just mean to bond. He smiled to himself again, feeling as if a weight was lifted off of his shoulders.

He was pulled into the conversation as well, when Ms. Shim turned to him and demanded to know his thoughts on the matter. He simply raised his hands, saying he wouldn’t get involved, and opening a whole other argument from Ms. Shim. The three guys simply looked at each other before laughing, Ms. Shim looking at them and huffing, arms crossed over her chest, making them laugh harder.

They spent the rest of their time there catching up and Changmin’s parents getting to know their future son-in-law better.

Yes, he could definitely wait. Changmin (this) was worth it after all.


A/N: There you go! They finally told their parents, and Changmin seems to have forgiven them as well ^^ Anyway, Like I said, smexing next chapter, so look forward to that ;D LOL. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the update, please remember to tell me what you think ^^


JaeMin Fic: Midnight Romance [Complete]
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I'll come back later to edit ^^


Jaejoongie sweetness.
Changminnie AWESOMENESS. *although he's a little meanie*
kekeke. I love this chapter~ [JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance - Page 2 553907
and smexy-ness next? update soon then! hahaha

[JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance - Page 2 SiggieJija

Siggies credits to JenJen ^^ Me
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jija wrote:Rin~~~
I'll come back later to edit ^^


Jaejoongie sweetness.
Changminnie AWESOMENESS. *although he's a little meanie*
kekeke. I love this chapter~ [JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance - Page 2 553907
and smexy-ness next? update soon then! hahaha

Haha yes, Jaejoong is being very sweet xD
I'm glad that you love this chapter, I hope you enjoy the final one as well ^^


JaeMin Fic: Midnight Romance [Complete]
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^ Comment Replies Above ^

A/N: Here you go, the final chapter! xD Haha, I almost thought this would never come, since it just kept getting longer on me, but here it is ^^ I’m sorry it took so long, but if you read the post in my journal before I F-Locked it, I had some things going on that I needed to focus on first, and I was starting to feel as if I was obligated to update for you guys, and wasn’t enjoying writing as much. But now that I’ve taken a much needed break, I’ve come to finish this for all you guys xD Haha, I hope you guys enjoy the final part of ‘Midnight Romance’, and please remember to tell me what you thought ^^

Midnight Romance – Part 10 (Last Part)

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”
-Mother Teresa

Changmin was, for once, not freaking out.

In fact, he was very amused.

Considering the situation, it really was rather strange that he was so very calm. It was unnatural, really. Which could be why, instead of him, Yoochun was the one freaking out.

Now Changmin could see why Yoochun enjoyed watching him so much when he freaked out about Jaejoong.

“My baby cousin is all grown up and about to be married! Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening, it’s too soon! You can’t leave me yet!”

Yoochun rounded on Changmin, whose eyes widened, before he launched himself at Changmin, clutching him and shaking him wildly, Changmin getting dizzy with the movement.

“Why are you so calm about this?!”

Changmin calmly took Yoochun’s hands from his shoulders, staring at him blankly.

“Why are you freaking out? Honestly Yoochun, I just don’t get you sometimes, I don’t know how Junho can deal with you.”

Yoochun blushed and scowled at his cousin, pushing him away slightly.

“Shut up.”

Changmin laughed, moving over to the other side of the room where his outfit was, Yoochun pouting behind him. It had been two months since Jaejoong had finally stood up to his dad and gotten disowned in return, and they were finally getting bonded. His mother had been ecstatic and had immediately taken over the preparations for it, not that they minded too much.

And that wasn’t the only good thing to happen. Apparently Junho had been taken with Yoochun since he had first seen him, and after meeting him a constantly when they all hung out together, and trying to get more information about him from everyone around him and very obviously pining after him like a desperate love struck fool (as Junsu so nicely put when talking about it), they convinced him to ask Yoochun out.

Yoochun, surprising them, refused. However, Changmin could tell that Yoochun really liked Junho, but was simply afraid. So, going to the heartbroken vampire, he convinced him to not give up and keep trying. It took a month, plenty of patience and persistence, and a few melt downs before Yoochun finally accepted Junho. Since their first date they had been nearly inseparable, much to everyone’s amusement. Yoochun’s parent’s had also been happy with the news that Yoochun and Junho were together. Yoochun had forgiven his parents much earlier than Changmin had, so they, unlike Changmin’s parents, had found out almost immediately.

Their reactions, like Yoochun, had been a bit of a surprise. They had been rather skeptical of the relationship at first, wondering if it was really such a good idea. It wasn’t until the newly formed couple had had dinner together that Yoochun’s parents had been completely fine with the relationship, blessing it after being charmed by Junho.

Still, even with all the good times and memories being made, there were dark spots.

Jaejoong’s father had come back. Only a few times, but those few times had been like hell. He hadn’t been able to accept the fact that Jaejoong had finally stood up to him and no longer needed him in his life. He had tried his hardest to break Jaejoong and Changmin up, to get Jaejoong back under his control and bonded off to someone of his choice.

Jaejoong had resisted at every turn, but still, their relationship had been strained at that time. Jaejoong’s father had even gone as far as to attempt to kidnap Jaejoong. Jaejoong had quickly put a stop to that though. During that time no one knew what had happened to Jaejoong, and Changmin had been panicking, imagining all the worst possible scenarios of what could be happening to him.

Jaejoong had been back the next day though, saying that his father wouldn’t be bothering them again. Changmin had been relieved about that, though kind of pissed off at Jaejoong for worrying him like that. Of course, it had been then that Changmin realized just how much he really did love Jaejoong, and that he never wanted to feel quite as helpless as he had at that time.

So he had told Jaejoong that he was ready.

Jaejoong had been ecstatic and had set things in motion for it right away. Everyone was happy for them, some rather smug (Junsu), and now here they were.

The day of their bonding and marriage.

Changmin smiled at the thought, almost giddy, but keeping it in.

He and Jaejoong hadn’t seen each other since the day before, something his mother had insisted on. Neither of them had liked the idea, but Changmin’s mother could be rather….persuasive, at times.

He was brought, almost violently, out of his thoughts when a body landed on his back, clinging to him and almost sending him straight to the ground.

“Oh my god, Changminnie! You’re finally getting married to Jaejoong! I’m so happy for you!”

Changmin chuckled, recognizing the voice. He pried their hands off of him, turning around and raising an eyebrow at his hyung.

“I think you’re possibly more excited than I am Junsu-hyung, and I’m the one actually getting married.”

Junsu laughed, hugging him again.

“Can’t I just be happy that my idiotic best friend finally got his head out of his ass and got back together with you, and now you’re finally getting married and getting bonded?”

Changmin chuckled, hugging him back and nodding hello to Yunho, who was standing next to Junsu and watching the scene with amusement. Changmin could see that Yoochun and Junho were already greeting each other, quite…enthusiastically. Changmin snorted, releasing Junsu and shaking his head.

Junsu looked back, seeing what had caused that, and snorted himself.

“Shameless those two are.”

Changmin grinned, agreeing, picking up a spare brush and throwing it at the couple, hitting Junho in the middle of his back. Junho jerked back, turning around and looking at Changmin surprised. Changmin just smirked, and Junho had the grace to look embarrassed, while Yoochun just looked annoyed.

“Break it up you two; you’ll have plenty of time for that later.”

Yoochun just grumbled and everyone laughed.

“Why are you guys here anyway? I figured you’d be with Jaejoong.”

Junsu shook his head, waving his hand whimsically and sitting down on a spinning stool.

“We were, but then he started to freak out and we decided to leave him alone to cool down and realize how stupid he was being. It’ll probably take a while, knowing him, so we have plenty of time.”

Changmin laughed, and Yoochun rolled his eyes.

“Figures. The one day Changmin should be freaking out he doesn’t, and the one day when Jaejoong shouldn’t be freaking out, he does. You two are so weird.”

Changmin just smirked again, and everyone laughed.

“Well, It’s getting close to the time I need to be out there, so I should get ready. That means you guys need to leave, and you need to go calm down Jaejoong.”

Junsu pouted before sighing dramatically, dragging Yunho out with him.

“I see how it is Minnie-yah. I’ll go where I’m wanted, good day.”

Junho just shook his head, grabbing Yoochun and dragging him out as well.

“We’ll see you outside then Changmin.”

Changmin nodded, waiting until everyone was completely gone before dropping down on the couch in the room, staring at the white tux that his mother had insisted he wear for the wedding. He took in a deep breath, dropping his head back against the couch and closing his eyes. He didn’t know how long he stayed like that, but a touch on his arm brought him out of it, and he sat up to see his mother sitting next to him, smiling softly.

“Are you okay Changmin?”

Changmin nodded, and she smiled again, drawing him in for a hug.

“I’m so proud of you, and I love you so much Changmin, you know that, right?”

Changmin wound his arms tight around her, nodding and burying his face in her hair.

“I know mom, I love you too.”

She pulled back, tears in her eyes as she looked at him, brushing the fringe of his hair away from his eyes.

“You’ve grown up so much. You’re not my little boy anymore. I was so stupid, trying to control your future the way I did. I missed so much, was so blind. I’m so happy that you’ve found someone like Jaejoong though. I wish you all the happiness in the world, and know that I’ll always be here for you.”

Changmin nodded, feeling himself tear up a bit.

“Thank you mom.”

She smiled and brushed a hand over his face before drawing him into another hug.

“Now come on, you have a wedding to get ready for.”

She pulled back, smiling, and Changmin laughed, feeling lighter.

She got him up, handing him his tux before moving over to the vanity that was in the room, a multitude of things spread across it.

“Now hurry up and get dressed so that I can do your hair, maybe a bit of make-up as well.”

Changmin started to protest, but seeing the look on his mom’s face, he knew he would lose. So he simply nodded, grabbing the tux and moving behind the screen set up on the other side of the room to change into it.

“What do you think about a little eye-liner honey?”

Changmin sighed, slipping the pants on and buttoning them up.

“If you think so mom.”

He heard her huff as he shrugged on the dress shirt, the tie following shortly after.

“I’m doing this for you, you know. I’m sure you’ll be thankful for it later tonight.”


Changmin looked at her from behind the screen, face red and utterly embarrassed. She merely giggled, waving a hand in his direction.

“Oh don’t be so embarrassed about it son, I know it’s only natur-”


She laughed at that, stopping, while Changmin finished putting the tux on, face completely red in embarrassment. When he stepped out from behind the screen his face was still slightly red, and his mother chuckled before going over and grabbing his hand, dragging him over to the vanity and sitting him down on the same stool that Junsu had been using.

“Now, be quite and let me work. You’ll love it, I promise, and I can guarantee Jaejoong won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.”

Changmin nodded, face reddening some again, and his mother smirked before getting to work.


Changmin hated it when his mother was right.

Then she’d have something to hold over him, for who knows how long.

She had gone with her initial plan of the eye-liner, even giving him some lip gloss as well. Changmin had hated it, wanting to take it off immediately, but she hadn’t let him, saying Jaejoong wouldn’t be able to keep his hands, or eyes, off of him that night.

She was, of course, right.

All through the wedding and the reception Jaejoong had kept his eyes, and at least one hand, on him at all times. Changmin had seen his mother smirking smugly to herself, and had mentally resigned himself to what was to come.

The wedding itself had been brief, neither of them particularly religious, so they had gone with the simplest, shortest one they could find. It had been held outside, on the grounds of the Shim’s mansion. It had been slightly overcast, and during the ceremony itself it had drizzled lightly for a few minutes, but no one had minded.

Later his mother had said it was good luck for the couple if it rained on their wedding day, and Changmin had pointed out that it hadn’t technically rained, only for his mother to glare and smack him.

He had shut up after that.

Though their families were well known and had many connections, the ceremony was small, reserved for only family and close friends. The reception was held inside the mansion, where there had been music, dancing, food and everyone just having a good time. It had lasted for a few hours, but eventually Jaejoong had announced that he and Changmin were leaving.

Many had jeered and whistled at them, causing Changmin to scowl and glare, and someone had even shouted out, ‘Remember, safe sex is the best sex!’, much to Changmin’s embarrassment and everyone else’s amusement. Jaejoong had simply smirked before dragging Changmin out of the mansion and to the car that had been prepared for them.

It was time to get bonded.

The bonding was something that was always done privately, since the essential part of the bond manifesting itself was created curing sexual intercourse.

“Changmin? We’re here.”

Changmin snapped out of his thoughts and glanced over to see his husband (he mentally fangirl-ed at that fact) looking at him in concern.

“Are you okay Changmin? Because we don’t have to do this tonight, we can wai-”

Changmin put a hand over Jaejoong’s lips, stopping him from talking, a smirk on his face.

“I’m fine Jaejoong, I was just thinking. I’m ready, I promise.”

Jaejoong nodded, pressing a kiss to the finger against his lips before getting out of the car, Changmin getting out soon after. They were at their new home. Jaejoong had had it built without telling him, as a wedding gift, and had presented it to him the day it was finished, two days before their wedding. All the furniture and their belonging’s had been brought in already, and all that waited was for them to settle in.

Changmin looked at the house in front of him in wonder, again not really believing that it was now theirs. He had been so surprised at the gift, and it had taken Jaejoong a while to convince him that it really was theirs. Changmin would have jumped him right then and there when he had realized that Jaejoong wasn’t lying to him, but they had decided to wait until they bonded to finally have sex again, so he had managed to restrain himself…barely.

Now though…

Jaejoong quickly ushered them inside, and Changmin laughed at Jaejoong’s eagerness.

“You’re certainly in a hurry I see. Any particular reason why?”

Changmin’s tone and eyes were teasing, and Jaejoong smirked, taking off his shoes and placing them on the shoe rack, watching as Changmin did the same.

“Yeah, there’s this thing I need to do, very important.”

Changmin smirked, moving further into the house, taking his suit jacket off as he moved and draping it over the banister of the staircase and loosening his tie.

“Well, if it’s so important you better get to it. Wouldn’t want to miss it.”

Jaejoong smirked before launching himself at Changmin, suit jacket already off as well. Changmin dodged, running up the stairs. Jaejoong gave chase, the both of them moving up the stairs in record time and running through the hall, into the bedroom. Changmin launched himself into the room, turning around to close the door, only to be met with a smirking Jaejoong. Changmin’s eyes widened and he launched himself over to the bed, quickly getting on the other side and putting it between him and Jaejoong.

They stared at each other, both daring the other to move first. Jaejoong took the initiative, launching himself across the bed, grabbing onto the back of Changmin’s shirt as he darted away. The fabric gave under the tension, ripping off of Changmin and leaving his shirt hanging off of him in scraps.

Jaejoong licked his lips and Changmin quirked a brow.

“You’re lucky that this isn’t a rental.”

Jaejoong simply shrugged, launching at Changmin again, who darted out of the way. They continued that way for a short time, until Jaejoong finally managed to trip Changmin onto the bed, pinning him down to the mattress.

By this time Changmin was more or less naked, his tie having come off not to long after the shirt, and his pants being ripped by Jaejoong as well, shortly after that. All he had on now were his socks and his boxers, which Jaejoong quickly divested him off, grinning down at his now fully naked husband, licking his lips and feeling lust rush through him.

It had really been far too long.

He leaned down and pressed a bruising kiss to Changmin’s lips, hands touching as much skin as he could, trying to re-map Changmin’s body with them. Changmin groaned, pressing up against him, arms winding around his neck as he kissed back feverishly.

His hands found their way under Jaejoong’s shirt to his back, scratching at it and making Jaejoong arch into the touch. Jaejoong, unlike Changmin, was still almost fully clothed, at least compared to Changmin. Jaejoong still had on his pants and shirt, everything else having been lost at some point. The buttons on shirt had been torn free during the struggle, letting his shirt hang open.

So Changmin simply slid it off of Jaejoong, glad that they wouldn’t have to break their kiss to get it off. Jaejoong did, unfortunately, have to take his hands off of Changmin to remove it though, but he made up for it by instead breaking the kiss and trailing his lips down Changmin’s body, taking the same path as his hands did.

Changmin moaned, hands flying to the back of Jaejoong’s head and pressing his body up against Jaejoong’s teasing mouth. Jaejoong grinned, biting down around a nipple, breaking the skin and lapping at the blood that pooled in the wound. Changmin arched up, eyes wide and mouth open in a soundless scream. Jaejoong grinned, feeling Changmin’s arousal press against his stomach before he moved lower, lips teasing around but not touching the place Changmin wanted them the most.

Changmin whined, hips jerking up slightly, and Jaejoong held them down, placing teasing kisses across the bend of Changmin’s thighs. Changmin whined again, pressing against Jaejoong’s hold, and Jaejoong took pity on his husband, leaning up and engulfing the tip of Changmin’s arousal with his mouth.

Changmin moaned, hands tightening in Jaejoong’s hair as he tried to thrust up into Jaejoong’s mouth. Jaejoong held him down though, teasingly sucking at the tip before placing kisses down the side, licking back up it and taking a bit more inside his mouth. He continued to do this; teasing Changmin and making him writhe on the bed for him, until he had completely engulfed Changmin in his mouth.

Changmin was moaning his name loudly, and it was the hottest things Jaejoong had ever heard. He hummed around Changmin’s arousal, letting it slide of his mouth slowly until he was only sucking the tip again. Changmin tried to thrust back into his mouth, but Jaejoong held his hips down and crawled up the bed to lean over Changmin, kissing him fiercely.

Changmin clutched at him, before using Jaejoong’s momentary distraction to flip them so that he was on top, straddling Jaejoong. Jaejoong looked up at him in surprise, and Changmin smirked before leaning down and kissing at Jaejoong’s neck, grinding down against Jaejoong’s arousal still trapped in his pants. He trailed his lips down Jaejoong’s chest; making sure to keep his eyes locked on Jaejoong’s the whole time.

Jaejoong licked his lips, eyes heated as he watched, wondering what Changmin would do next. Changmin reached the edge of Jaejoong’s pants, and instead of using his hands, he used his teeth to undo the button and zipper, pulling it down slowly and making sure to press against Jaejoong’s arousal as he did so.

Jaejoong groaned at the slight, eyes half-lidded and full of lust. Changmin only smirked before using his teeth to slowly slide Jaejoong’s pants and underwear off of him, Jaejoong’s head falling back, eyes closed and another moan falling from his lips from the visual of Changmin using his mouth to divest him of his clothes. Changmin crawled back up Jaejoong’s body when he was done, grinding their naked arousals against each other, both of them moaning at the sensation.

“C-Changmin, fuck! H-hold on!”

Jaejoong reached over to the bedside table, grabbing something from inside it and handing it to Changmin, who glanced at the tube in confusion, until he realized what it was. He laughed.

“Aw~ how sweet.”

He held the tube of lube up next to his face, grinning, and Jaejoong smacked one of his thighs, also grinning.

“I figured we’d actually do this properly, being married and all.”

Changmin snorted, uncapping the lube and using it to cover Jaejoong’s arousal before throwing the tube to the other side of the room, positioning himself. He had waited too long already. Jaejoong stopped him before he lowered himself though, looking slightly concerned.

“It’s been a while Min-ah, are you sure you don’t want me to-”

Changmin cut him off by kissing him, licking across Jaejoong’s lips so that his mouth opened, allowing their tongues to tangle together, Jaejoong sufficiently distracted from his train of thought. Changmin used this opportunity to lower himself down onto Jaejoong’s arousal.

He ripped his mouth away from Jaejoong’s and threw his head back, moaning Jaejoong’s names loudly as he sat down all the way. Jaejoong’s hands immediately went to Changmin’s hips, gripping them tightly as he buried his face in Changmin’s neck, panting at the feeling of being inside Changmin again after so long. Changmin shuddered in Jaejoong’s lap, biting his lip and forcing himself to relax.

After so long it was almost painful, but he ignored that, instead trying to focus on something else. Jaejoong did that for him when he thrust up into Changmin sharply, biting down on Changmin’s neck lightly as he did so. Changmin gasped, hands grabbing Jaejoong’s back, trying to find purchase there.

Jaejoong smirked into Changmin’s neck before thrusting up again and again, eyes closed from the sensations. Changmin was moaning and writhing against him, Jaejoong’s name falling from his lips like a prayer. Jaejoong lay back on the bed, so that Changmin was above him, hands still on his hips while Changmin’s hands went to Jaejoong’s chest to balance himself, mouth open and eyes half-lidded.

Jaejoong licked his lips again, thrusting up once again and watching as Changmin let his head roll, moaning.

“Ride me baby.”

Changmin nodded, hands splayed flat against Jaejoong’s chest, before he lifted himself up and dropped back down again. He dug his hands into Jaejoong’s chest as he repeated the action over and over, riding Jaejoong hard and fast. Jaejoong thrust up as well, hands gripping Changmin hard enough to bruise, mouth hanging open and eyes blown with lust as he watched Changmin fuck himself on his cock.

It was too much.

He quickly switched their positions, Changmin gasping and hands grabbing at Jaejoong’s shoulders. Jaejoong laughed breathlessly before thrusting his hips forward sharply, driving himself into Changmin harder and faster than before. Changmin threw his head back, yelling Jaejoong’s name as his prostate was hit with the new angle, and Jaejoong continued to thrust at that angle, head buried in Changmin’s neck once again, fangs slightly extended and scraping against Changmin’s neck.

Changmin arched up, eyes rolling into the back of his head from all the sensations assailing him. Jaejoong knew that they wouldn’t last much longer, so he extended his fangs all the way before biting Changmin, almost sighing as Changmin’s blood rushed into his mouth, having missed the addicting taste.

Changmin yelled then, incoherent, pushing back against Jaejoong’s thrusts harder, hand flying to his own neglected arousal and stroking it. Jaejoong sucked, feeling Changmin’s life force leaving him as he sucked it out. He thrust a few more times, knowing that it would be over soon, hand joining Changmin’s on his arousal, tugging at it roughly.

Changmin came between them with a cry, tightening around Jaejoong almost painfully. Jaejoong thrust a few more times before cumming deeply inside Changmin. He quickly bit down on his own wrist, tearing it away from his mouth, blood pouring down it, before offering it to Changmin. Changmin licked at the wound weakly, before clamping his mouth around it and sucking. Jaejoong watched him carefully, pulling his wrist away when he knew it would be enough. He leaned down, pressing a kiss against Changmin’s lips, hand over Changmin’s heart and whispering the ceremonial words against Changmin’s mouth.

He felt the bond spring into place with a gasp, knowing that Changmin felt it as well by the way that he stiffened against him. He pulled back, gazing down at Changmin with soft eyes, while Changmin looked up at him weakly.

“W-was that-?”

Jaejoong nodded, and Changmin smiled sleepily, arms wrapping around Jaejoong and pulling him down against him. Jaejoong chuckled, curling around his exhausted lover, whispering against his ear.

“Thank you so much for giving me another chance Changmin.”

Changmin chuckled, rolling over and looking at Jaejoong gently.

“Thank you for not wasting it and showing me you deserved it.”

Jaejoong smiled, placing a light kiss against Changmin’s lips.

“You were worth it Changmin.”

“Damn straight.”

Jaejoong laughed, pulling Changmin closer and leaning down to drag the blanket up and over their bodies.

“Go to sleep now Changmin. We’ll probably be bombarded by nosy friends and family tomorrow.”

Changmin chuckled, cuddling closer to Jaejoong and closing his eyes.

“They just don’t know the meaning of privacy, do they?”

Jaejoong shook his head, smirking, before dropping a kiss on the top of Changmin’s head.

“No, they don’t. Now sleep.”

Changmin nodded, already slipping into the world of dreams, though he managed to get one last things out before he did.

“I love you Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong smiled, holding him tighter.

“I love you too Changmin.”

With that they both fell asleep; sated, happy, and finally together.


A/N: There you go, the ending ^^ I can’t believe I wrote that ending though, It’s pretty mushy, but then again, the past few chapter have been, so what’s a little more, huh? xD LOL, Anyway, sorry for summarizing a lot, but otherwise this would have gotten really long >.> Also, I hope you enjoy the smut scene, I personally think it’s my worst one yet, but I guess that’s up to you to decide xD LOL Anyway, thank you so much to all of you who have been with me since the beginning of this, and especially you Reya, I hope you enjoyed it since this was all for you bb ^^

See you in my next fic~


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gosh~! I was listening to MIROTIC as I was reading the part you know. HAWTTT~~~~ *drools* hahaha...

Ending already TT.TT This story is awesome~~~ I hope you will write more~ I obviously love your stories~
Kekekeke. How the bonding was formed, anyway?

[JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance - Page 2 SiggieJija

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jija wrote:I.L.I.S.T.E.N.E.D.T.O.T.H.E.W.R.O.N.G.S.O.N.G.

gosh~! I was listening to MIROTIC as I was reading the part you know. HAWTTT~~~~ *drools* hahaha...

Ending already TT.TT This story is awesome~~~ I hope you will write more~ I obviously love your stories~
Kekekeke. How the bonding was formed, anyway?

Haha, that's the perfect song to listen to xD LOL

Yes, the ending, but I'm glad that you liked it ^^ I have two more chaptered stories I'm working on, but they are MinSu, so I can post them here as well if you think you'll read them or you can read them on my LJ and comment there ^^ Anonymous commenting is allowed and you don't need an account ^^

As for the bond, the words, the drinking of the blood, the sex all those things helped form the bond. There are a few more things in play as well but I didn't put them down because I just didn't feel like it and it's inconsequential xD LOL


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Cerinity wrote:

Haha, that's the perfect song to listen to xD LOL

Yes, the ending, but I'm glad that you liked it ^^ I have two more chaptered stories I'm working on, but they are MinSu, so I can post them here as well if you think you'll read them or you can read them on my LJ and comment there ^^ Anonymous commenting is allowed and you don't need an account ^^

As for the bond, the words, the drinking of the blood, the sex all those things helped form the bond. There are a few more things in play as well but I didn't put them down because I just didn't feel like it and it's inconsequential xD LOL

Hurm, better post them here since I don't really go on LJ *the last time I log in my LJ was like last month HAHA*

Words? the one Jaejoong said after they had *ehem*hotsex*ehem*? :P oh~~~ Then changmin sucked on Jaejoong's blood as well.. Ah~~ I got it now ^V^

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jija wrote:
Cerinity wrote:

Haha, that's the perfect song to listen to xD LOL

Yes, the ending, but I'm glad that you liked it ^^ I have two more chaptered stories I'm working on, but they are MinSu, so I can post them here as well if you think you'll read them or you can read them on my LJ and comment there ^^ Anonymous commenting is allowed and you don't need an account ^^

As for the bond, the words, the drinking of the blood, the sex all those things helped form the bond. There are a few more things in play as well but I didn't put them down because I just didn't feel like it and it's inconsequential xD LOL

Hurm, better post them here since I don't really go on LJ *the last time I log in my LJ was like last month HAHA*

Words? the one Jaejoong said after they had *ehem*hotsex*ehem*? :P oh~~~ Then changmin sucked on Jaejoong's blood as well.. Ah~~ I got it now ^V^

Haha, okay, I'll post them here then, in Word Wonders xD

And yes, those words xD LOL I'm glad you liked it ^^


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Woot woot~
I'll be waiting for it~ [JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance - Page 2 553907
and thanks. Because I read your story and my moody-ness went away. Haha.

[JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance - Page 2 SiggieJija

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