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[JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance

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Title: Midnight Romance
Pairing: JaeMin, SuHo, JunChun (JunhoxYoochun)
Rating: R
Warnings: Rough Sex, Slight Angst, Language, Vampire’s
Summary: It was supposed to be fun; it wasn’t supposed to mean anything. But it did, and they fell in love. Now, secrets will be revealed and pasts uncovered in one unraveling moment…but will it be enough in the end?
A/N: (Please ignore the lame, cheap romance novel sounding title >.>) Okay, so, this took me a while longer than anticipated >.> MinSu is my forte and I’ve never done JaeMin before so this is a first for me ^^ Anyway, this is for Reya13 for the fic exchange over at Magyk_Carousel. I really hope you like it bb ^^ Also, this was supposed to be more angsty than it turned out, and it also probably won’t be too many more parts, 3 at the most (I have most of it written already). So, like I said, I hope you guys enjoy it and please tell me what you think ^^

Thanks you to Taki at (http://artsyasiancrew.co.nr/) for the poster! ^^

[JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance 25jwg1f

Midnight Romance – Part 1

"One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter."
- James Earl Jones

He had no idea how he had gotten into the position he was in, or how and when it had started progressing so far.

Well, no, he did know how he was in the position he was currently in, to be more specific he was currently in between a wall and a vampire. What he wanted to know, was how he had let himself be pulled into these rendezvous with the vampire in front of him, and when it had started getting so serious.

He was pulled out of his musings by the vampire in front of him grinding against him and breathing his name in a sultry whisper against his ear.


Changmin shuddered against the vampire, eyes opening (when had he closed them?) and gazing into the vampires glowing red eyes.


He almost whimpered the name out, the need in him starting to flow up and overfill, making him feel as if he would die if he didn’t get the satisfaction that he (they) both craved from these late night meetings.

Jaejoong smirked at him, fangs glinting in the sparse lighting of the alleyway, tongue coming out to lick his lips. Changmin’s eyes greedily followed the movement, biting his bottom lip roughly before grinding back against Jaejoong, arms winding tighter around the man’s neck, moans falling from his lips in sinful delight. Jaejoong grinned, leaning down and licking a trail up Changmin’s exposed neck, Changmin groaning at the action and tilting his head to expose more of his neck.

“Do it!”

The command came out as more of a breathy whisper, with no heat, just breathless want behind it. Jaejoong chuckled against Changmin neck, leaving little teasing nips and licks up and down the left side of Changmin’s neck.

“So impatient tonight love. Any particular reason?”

Jaejoong’s voice came out as slightly mocking, and completely rhetorical. Both of them knew the reason why Changmin was so impatient, so eager that night.

They just wouldn’t talk of it, not together, not there.

So Changmin ignored the jibe and the slight resounding pang in his chest at the words and the tone behind them. Instead he just yanked Jaejoong closer and pulled the man up into a bruising kiss. Jaejoong immediately groaned and thrust his tongue into Changmin’s mouth and taking dominance of the kiss completely. Changmin let him, used to it by now and knowing it would be futile to fight with the older, stronger and more experienced man.

Jaejoong hastily reached down and undid their pants, letting them pool around their respective ankles before hitching Changmin up so that Changmin’s legs wrapped around his waist, Changmin clinging to him, as he was the only support he had (besides the wall against his back) that kept him from falling on his ass. Jaejoong didn’t waste any time once their pants were off, thrusting in rough and dry, to impatient to wait for lubrication (and they both secretly loved it this rough anyway, though they had never spoken the words out to the other).

Changmin gasped and tightened his arms and legs around Jaejoong as he thrust in and out of Changmin impatiently, with short, powerful thrusts. He yanked his mouth from Jaejoong’s and threw it back, hitting it against the wall behind him, but he hardly noticed, Jaejoong’s name the only clear things falling from his lips breathlessly amidst the moans and incoherent babbling he was doing. Jaejoong grinned as he returned his attention to Changmin’s sensitive neck, hands clutching Changmins hips almost desperately as he literally pounded his lover into the wall, neither caring about the dark bruises that would inevitably show up on Changmin the following morning.

It was as he felt his climax starting to approach rapidly that the teasing bites and sucks at Changmin’s neck started to get more insistent, a bit harsher, almost breaking the skin. Changmin was almost completely incoherent now from the various sensations assailing his body. He knew that he wouldn’t last much longer, that he was nearing the end as well as he could tell that Jaejoong was by the fact that Jaejoong’s pace had sped up (a feat made possible only by his vampiric heritage), brutally slamming into him now.

Changmin shuddered, tightening his hold on Jaejoong as he felt himself fall closer and closer to climax. He started to clench tightly around Jaejoong, trying to draw the other’s climax out first. Jaejoong grunted against Changmin’s neck, continuously licking on spot over and over, nibbling on it, and waiting. It wasn’t until he finally, finally, tumbled over the edge, climaxing almost violently inside Changmin that he let his canines extend fully before biting down on Changmin’s neck, blood rushing into his mouth.

Changmin threw his head back once again, a soundless yell falling from his lips as his eyes rolled back into his head from the overwhelming pleasure assailing his body, causing his climax to rip through him. He shuddered harshly in Jaejoong hold, Jaejoong tightening the hold to make sure that the man didn’t accidently fall as he drank in the very essence of Changmin’s life.

Changmin fell limp in Jaejoong hold a minute later, head lolling to the side and eyes fluttering at the euphoric sensation coursing through his veins. It wasn’t until Jaejoong had had his fill two minutes later that he retracted his fangs and licked the tiny bite-holes left behind by them, watching them slowly start to scab over. They would be healed by the time Changmin woke up, leaving no trace that a vampire had fed on him.

Jaejoong tightened his hold on Changmin, knowing the other wouldn’t be able to stand, let alone walk, just quite yet. Changmin slowly turned his head so that he was looking directly at Jaejoong, eyes half-lidded and glowing with satisfaction. Jaejoong grinned, licking the excess blood around his lips before leaning forward and pressing a kiss to Changmin nearly unresponsive lips. Changmin pressed back lightly before pulling away.

Jaejoong watched as Changmin slowly gained his strength back, his hold tightening ever so slightly around Jaejoong. Jaejoong wanted to say something, make Changmin a promise, anything really, to just not have to leave. But they both knew that whatever Jaejoong said would be a lie, that his word would not be kept, and that whether or not he wanted to leave, the fact is he would.

So Jaejoong swallowed back the words rising in his throat, pushed everything to some deep, dark corner of his mind where it would be locked away and hopefully (except not really) be forgotten.

By this time Changmin had regained enough strength that he could stand up on his own, so he unwound himself from Jaejoong, standing (slightly) steadily on his feet, Jaejoong helping him redo his pants before redoing his own. The silence between them was awkward and hesitant (heartbreaking). So many things they both wanted to say, but never saying them. They knew better.

Really, this was better for them, in the end.

Jaejoong opened his mouth to say something, what though, Changmin could only guess (hope). In the end though be bit it back, face closing off as he stepped away from Changmin. Changmin ignored the pang in his chest once again. It always ended this way, as it was always destined to from the moment they started this. But still, Changmin would hope every time (foolishly) that something would be different, that the next time would be different.

It never was.

So instead, Jaejoong just gazed at him one last time, gaze expressionless, before disappearing faster than his human eyes were capable of processing.

Changmin gazed at the spot that Jaejoong once stood (eyes sad, body broken and heart missing) before turning away and limping slowly home.


Home, of course, being a cheap two bedroom apartment that he had rented with his best friend (and cousin) ever since they had ran away from their families at the young ages of 17 and 16 (with him being 16 and his hyung being 17).

He wasn’t surprised to see said hyung waiting for him inside the door when he got home, worried look on his face and first aid box nearby (just in case; it had been needed before). His hyung sighed in relief when he walked through the door, immediately closing the door behind him and checking him over to make sure that he wasn’t hurt anywhere before dragging him to the living room and sitting him down on the couch.

Changmin just complied, already knowing what was coming. His hyung quickly came back with a big warm blanket that he wrapped around Changmin securely before going into the small kitchen and grabbing the food and drinks he had prepared before hand and brining them out and giving a drink to Changmin, setting the plate of food down in front of them on the coffee table before unwrapping the blanket around Changmin just enough to crawl in with him and bring the younger into his arms.

Changmin curled into his hyung, sipping his drink quietly. His hyung quickly brought some food to Changmin’s lips, feeding him. Changmin complied and ate, just as quite. The two rarely ever talked on these nights. He knew his hyung didn’t really approve of what Changmin did. His hyung said that he was destroying himself doing this, knowing that nothing would ever come out of it. Changmin had ignored him though. He knew the consequences when they had started this, knew that he would likely get attached (it was inevitable really)…but he had done nothing to stop it.

He really must be some kind of masochist.

His hyung broke tradition though, and spoke to him.


Changmin sighed, burrowing himself farther into his hyungs warm embrace, hands clutching the mug in his hands desperately.

“I know Yoochun-hyung. But this was the last time, I swear…you…you know what’s going to happen soon.”

Yoochun nodded, drawing his donsaeng as close as possible, running a hand through his hair. Changmin almost purred, resting his head on Yoochun’s chest, eyes falling shut. Yoochun smiled softly at the top of Changmins head before leaning down slightly and pressing a kiss to the top of Changmin’s head and reaching forward to get more food.

“Come on, eat up. You can fall asleep once I’m satisfied you’ve eaten enough.”

Changmin groaned in mock protest before opening his mouth willingly in a completely contradictory move and eating the food Yoochun presented him with. Yoochun just chuckled before feeding him more.


The next day Changmin felt much better as he walked down the streets of the city. The chilled air nipped at his skin, turning it rosy, but he hardly noticed it. He was too absorbed in his thoughts. Last night he had fallen asleep against Yoochun, and he had woken up in their shared bed. Yoochun was, of course, already up and in the home office working on his next assignment for the newspaper he worked for.

Changmin had stayed in the bed for a few more minutes, quietly. He had just stared blankly at the ceiling above him, wondering how his life had gotten so fucked up. Yoochun had, of course, come in then to get him up to eat. He always had the uncanny ability to do things like that. Changmin had left soon after. He had to work soon, and it was a good walk away.

As he walked he thought back to what he had been thinking about earlier that morning before Yoochun had interrupted them.

He and Yoochun had always been close, naturally, being family. It also helped that their families lived across the street from each other, so they grew up together. Their families though, were very well off. They were high in society circles, and knew all the right people. Unlike what you might think, they were very good parents. Both his and Yoochun’s parents always paid attention to them, but never spoiled them. They attended their school functions and ate together as a family for dinner.

They were, however, a bit overprotective.

It really wasn’t that bad, not at first. Both he and Yoochun had basically no friends because of their parent’s obsessive over protectiveness. They literally only had each other in that area. They set ridiculous curfews and freaked out over tiny scrapes; had full on meltdowns if they broke a bone.

But it was manageable. They could deal. They had each other and stayed at each other’s houses often, sharing a bed (which they had gotten used to as they got older, gathering comfort from it, which is why they still shared a bed even now). Once they passed puberty though, it had gotten almost ridiculous. They were basically confined to their houses, only being allowed to leave to go to school or to go to the others house. It was when Yoochun was 16 and Changmin was 15 that they found out the reason for this.

They had been promised at birth to complete strangers.


Neither of them had taken the news very well. Vampires were common in the world (ever since they had been exposed way back when during the Second World War) and were accepted in society now. They weren’t the bloodthirsty monsters that they had been made out to be (well…most of them weren’t). And once they had made their way into high society it wasn’t uncommon to see the wealthy human families promising their newborns to vampires for more wealth, protection, security, ect.

The vampires would normally choose the newborn themselves though. They wouldn’t just accept some random human. The humans that were promised to them eventually became their mates. They weren’t always turned, a lot of them actually stayed human, but their longevity was increased to match that of the vampire they were bound to, though it also wasn’t rare that a human asked to be turned eventually.

So, for Changmin and Yoochun to find out that they had been promised to some random vampire that they had never met (or never remembered meeting) was not something they were planning on or something they looked forward to.

So they had run away, a year later. They had managed to save up money and changed their appearance as best they could before moving across the country to get away from their families. And they never looked back, and they were happy. Changmin and Yoochun had had no problem with vampires before, but after that they had a slight aversion to them. So it was a slight mystery to Changmin just how exactly Jaejoong had managed to convince him into the little game they had had going on for a little over a year now.

Yoochun, obviously, hadn’t been thrilled upon learning, but he had kept most of his objection back once he saw how much better the young Changmin had looked. It was as if a weight had been lifted off of the young 20 year olds shoulders. He was happier, more energetic. But Yoochun had still seen the end before it came, just as Changmin and Jaejoong had. The two of them had just chosen to ignore it. And Changmin had fallen to deep. They were just supposed to have fun, be of mutual benefit to the other.

But Changmin had fallen in love with Jaejoong, someone he could never be with.

For Jaejoong had already been promised to someone else, and he was to be bonded to that person in a week’s time. Changmin stubbornly ignored the constant throb in his chest at the thought of it before pushing the thought from his mind completely.

He didn’t have time to dwell on the past (and that’s what it was, the past, and that’s where it would stay).

He had to get to work.


A/N: Well, there you go the first part. I’m a bit nervous since it’s my first JaeMin and I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing, but It’s growing on me. So I hope you enjoyed it and please remember to tell me what you think.

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JaeMin Fic: Midnight Romance [Complete]
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wah~ rin!!!
it's finally here! <3

of course i've finished this already in O! forums
and i love every bit of it, hehehe
i also hope that i could finish mine too~

i hope the shippers here would be able to
read this wonderful fanfic of yours
(despite the mature rating, haha)

[JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance Pbucket
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yceamaecy wrote:wah~ rin!!!
it's finally here! <3

of course i've finished this already in O! forums
and i love every bit of it, hehehe
i also hope that i could finish mine too~

i hope the shippers here would be able to
read this wonderful fanfic of yours
(despite the mature rating, haha)

Haha, yes, it's here xD <3

Ah~ I'm glad that you still like it bb ^^

I hope that they'll nejoy it too
(despite the rating LOL)


JaeMin Fic: Midnight Romance [Complete]
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A/N: Haha, I know I said I’d do a double update Traci, but I felt like posting this early >.> LOL, for readers of my Demon’s story, I shall update that tomorrow ^^ So look forward to it~ Now, I was kinda nervous about this part, since I’m not really sure how it might be received, but I hope you all enjoy it ^^ and please remember to tell me what you think ^^

Midnight Romance – Part 2

Him that I love, I wish to be free…even from me.”
-Anne Marrow Lindbergh

Jaejoong sighed as he made his way into his home (read; Mansion). He quickly took off his jacket and shoes, dropping them on the floor and not bothering to put them away properly.

“Yah! You better be putting your stuff up properly Kim Jaejoong!”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened as he heard his best friends voice ring out from his living room, his head popping out of the doorway, red eyes narrowed at him, not long after.

“Junsu! What are you doing here?”

Junsu stepped into the hallway, glaring and hands on hips.

“I came to see my best friend and figure out why he was being so emo and ignoring me. Now, put your shit up properly.”

Jaejoong just blinked as Junsu walked back into the living room after that before he smirked and leaned down to put his shoes away properly, his jacket following soon after.

“Lies. You just came to see Yunho, admit it.”

He walked into the living room to see said duo snuggling together on the couch, Junsu sticking his tongue out at him while Yunho and Junsu’s older twin brother, Junho, laughed at him. Jaejoong laughed as well before sitting down across from the couple, Junho beside him.

“You know, Yunho is supposed to be promised to me, and if it weren’t for the fact that I have absolutely no interest in him romantically, I would be kicking your ass right now.”

Junsu just smirked at him before curling closer around said human.

“Yeah, well at least you have that human you’ve been seeing. What’s his name again? You never said.”

Jaejoong fell silent at that, face becoming blank as he turned to look off to the side. Everyone sighed at that, knowing what was coming.

“Jae, please tell me you didn’t.”

Jaejoong turned an icy glare on his best friend, who wasn’t affected.

“Jae! Come on! It’s obvious you love the guy, don’t break it off! Besides, it’s not like you were planning on really being bonded to Yunho anyway, that’s why the two of use finally got together, and you were planning on finding someone else to bond with. Why throw that away?”

Jaejoong just sighed, dragging a hand over his face.

“Su, it’s not that simple. You got lucky, the guy you were to bond with ran away. Father would kill me if I broke the deal with Yunho’s family, especially for a regular human. He would never approve of him.”

Junsu just sighed; this was an argument they had had many times before.

“That may be, but you’d never know if you didn’t try. Besides, Yunho’s family would understand, you know they would. You don’t have to listen to your father anymore, you know you don’t.”

Jaejoong just shook his head, standing up.

“I’m tired; I’m going to go to bed. I’ll see you later.”

And with that he was gone in the blink of an eye, the others looking at each other sadly, but knowing that there was nothing that they could do.

“I should go. I’m meeting my parent’s and some family friends for lunch. You know them; their kids were the ones you guys were originally promised to.”

Junsu and Junho nodded. Both of them had originally been promised to a pair of cousins from the Shim and Park families, but they had both run away about five to six years ago and never heard from since. Their families had searched all over but hadn’t been able to find them. Junsu had been quite disappointed when he had found out. He had been looking forward to meeting the person promised to him (As they had run away the night before they were to be introduced) but had understood. If he had had a choice in whom his bonded would be it wouldn’t be a complete stranger either. He was lucky that not long after that he had met Yunho, Jaejoong’s promised, and that Jaejoong had made it clear to them that he had no intentions on following through with his father’s plan at the time, therefore allowing the two to be together.

“Well, we won’t keep you then. Enjoy yourself and tell us all about it when you get back.”

Yunho nodded at Junho and Junsu before getting out of Junsu’s hold on him and leaning down to give the vampire a quick kiss before leaving.

Junsu and Junho watched him go before looking at each other worriedly.

“Do you think we should war- ?”

Junho shook his head, and Junsu sighed but nodded.

“Well, this will be interesting.”


Changmin sighed as he brought another order back to the kitchen. He was tired, and his feet hurt, and he had only been working for a few hours. However, it was lunch time, and the restaurant he worked at was extremely popular locally so he was very busy.

“Changmin! You have some people in the VIP room! Move quickly, and remember-!”

“I know, be polite and don’t ruin the restaurant’s image. Don’t worry.”

The manager just glared at him and pointed to the private room. Changmin held in his smirk and another sarcastic comment, instead walking toward the room and pulling out his note-pad and pen as he opened the door, bowing.

“Hello, my name is Changmin and I will be your waiter today, how may I – ”

He was cut off, however, by some gasps and a chocked voice calling his name in disbelief.


He glanced up sharply, praying that the voice he was hearing wasn’t actually the same one he thought it was. His prayers weren’t answered, however, when his wide eyes met those of his parents, his aunt and uncles and the Jung family. He quickly backed out of the room; his parent’s yelling his name and the sound of scrapping chairs following him. He quickly ran out the restaurant, yelling a passing ‘I quit!’ to the manager before he made it out the door and started running down the street.

‘Crap! Just what I needed! What the hell are they doing here anyway?’


Changmin raced into his apartment in a rush, slightly panicking.

“Yoochun! Yoochun, we have a problem!”

Yoochun raced out of his workroom, a concerned look on his face as he raced over to Changmin.

“What? What’s wrong Min?”

Changmin leaned over, trying to catch his breath for a second. It was cold out and he had run all the way from the restaurant to here, a good 15 minute walk. His lungs were on fire and he felt like he would collapse.

“A-at the r-restaurant! P-parent’s, there!”

Yoochun looked at in horror. Changmin looked up at him with panicked eyes.

“Hyung, we gotta leave! I-We can’t let them find us! They’ll probably be here any minute!”

Yoochun nodded, gulping and running a hand through his hair.

“O-okay. J-just, calm down some Min. First, pack us some clothes, and make sure to pack light. Take any essential items you want, but be quick about it. We’ll need to get down to the car and get out of here in the next five minutes.”

Changmin nodded, racing to the bedroom to pack their clothes, hearing Yoochun run to the workroom. He made sure to only pack essential items, only clothes and toiletries. They didn’t have much that they cherished here, but the few things they did have he made sure to pack as well. It was as he was in the living room grabbing a few last things that he heard it. Their apartment had a view of the street below and he looked out the window to see their family getting out of a black car with bodyguards getting out of the cars in front and behind the car. He panicked.

“Yoochun, they’re here!”

Yoochun ran out of the workroom and looked out the window before cursing.

“Okay, take what you already have, we’ll use the fire escape into the alleyway and hopefully we can sneak around to the car.”

Changmin nodded and they made their way to the bedroom, Yoochun propping up the window to get to the fire escape underneath. They both quickly made their way out and down, racing to the garage.

“Quick, the keys!”

Yoochun fumbled with them before inserting them in the door lock and turning –

“Well hello boys.”

Changmin and Yoochun froze before turning around to see their parents and their bodyguards surrounding them.

“Well crap.”


Changmin and Yoochun were locked in a bedroom, their families downstairs discussing them. They were huddled together on the bed, Changmin in Yoochun’s arms, scowls on their faces.

“They DO realize that we’re both adults now and no longer have any power over what we do?”

Yoochun sighed and ran a hand through Changmin’s hair.

“That may be, but we were running from them. They do at least deserve to know where we were.”

Changmin didn’t say anything to that, just sighed and closed his eyes. They stayed that way for a few minutes, silent, before the door unlocking disturbed the silence. They both turned to look, wondering who would be coming through the door. It was with a sigh of relief that the door opened to reveal Yunho instead of one of their parents. Yunho smiled grimly at them before closing and locking the door behind him and moving to sit on the edge of the bed. The three of them just stared at each other in silence for a few minutes before Yunho launched himself at the duo, both having opened their arms to catch him.

They three of them laughed as they embraced each other, jabbing each other in the gut and making a mess of the blankets on the bed. When they were too tired to move anymore they just collapsed on the bed, limbs tangled together. Their heavy panting was the only sound in the room, their hearts slowing back to a normal rhythm.

“Where were you two? What happened? You just left with no explanation and no one could find you.”

Changmin and Yoochun bit their lips, guilt starting to creep in.

“We…Yunho-hyung, we just…didn’t want our futures to be decided for us without our say. We didn’t want to be bound to complete strangers and our parents were becoming ridiculously overprotective. So we left. And we survived, and we’re adults now. We no longer have to abide by their decisions for us legally. There’s no contract for us to break, we can do what we want.”

Yunho nodded, agreeing with them.

“You know, Changmin, the guy you were supposed to be bound to, Junho, he isn’t a bad guy. Neither is Junsu Yoochun.”

Both cousins heard the slight difference in tone at the second sentence and they looked at each other before looking back at the blushing Yunho who was very determinedly not looking at either one of them.

“You’re fucking Junsu, aren’t you?”

Yunho’s eyes widened and he started spluttering, face turning a deeper shade of red. Yoochun and Changmin cracked up amused.

“Damn Hyung, you sure move fast!”

He just pouted and hit both of them.

“I don’t know why I’m friends with you, you’re both so mean to me.”

They just laughed, the three of them feeling light. Yunho was glad that they obviously didn’t have any interest in the brothers, but still.

“You know, they’re going to inform the both of them. They’re going to try to push you guys to go along with it.”

Changmin snorted.

“They can try but they won’t get anywhere. Besides, you’re already happily with Junsu; we wouldn’t want to try to take that from you. Though, it’s curious, you aren’t promised to him, it’s obvious that no one knows you two are together, and you’re promised to someone else, I know that. So what does he have to say about all this?”

Yunho laughed.

“He’s fine with it; he even pushed the two of us together. Though…”

Yunho bit his lip and the cousins looked at him curiously.

“He…he was going to find someone else to bond with, a way to get out of it, but…he…well, he found someone, but, he broke it off with them. He’s obviously in love with the guy but he’s being stupid. So I don’t know what to do, we don’t know what to do. The two of us are supposed to be bound soon, next week in fact, but he just –”

He was cut off by Changmin’s sharp gasp, causing both Yunho and Yoochun to look over at the younger man to see him looking pale, eyes wide and hands shaking.

Changmin, on the other hand, had no idea what to feel. Jaejoong….that sounded too much like Jaejoong and him for comfort. He felt his heart twist in pain, feeling as if a large, hot iron spike had been driven through his heart thinking about it.

“Changmin? Changmin-ah, are you okay?”

Changmin ignored their questions, sitting up and untangling himself from the mound of limbs sprawled across the bed.

“Yunho…what…what’s this guy’s name? The guy that you say is in love with someone but broke it off anyway.”

Yunho glanced at Changmin, confused, before looking over to Yoochun to see the other starting to look comprehensive, eyes widening in something akin to horror.

“It’s Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong. Why?”

Changmin felt as if the ground had fallen out from underneath him.


A/N: Gah! There you go, people who wanted to know who everyone was promised to ^^ Haha, now you know! Ah~ I’m so nervous, I hope you guys liked it, please tell me what you think ^^


JaeMin Fic: Midnight Romance [Complete]
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Hey rin~ ^_^ (can i call u that? since i saw maecy calling u that~ XD)
I've read the first part the other day and I simply love it! <3 I didn't manage to leave u a proper comment last time because I'm having problems connecting to the internet as u might already know~ XD I saved the page when I read them.

Anyways, I'm really glad that ur part of this forum because ur writing is simply admirable~ =) It's hard to find a good fic sometimes.. so i'm glad~ :D

I haven't read the second part yet~ Going to right now~ Hope I have time to edit this post with comments for the 2nd part~ hehee

But yeahh, just stopped by to let u know that~ ^_^ Keep on the good work!!!


OMG!!! I simply loved the update!!!!! XDDD
Now I cant wait for the next part! Palli Palli update!!!
And i'm purposely pressuring you.. hahah! just kidding~ =)
Gosh i really want to know how they will resolve this.. ^_^

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Finally I had the time to reply here.
I saw this fic here a few days ago, and I read it, but I don't really have time to comment T_T
sorry again.
Gosh, I can't stop reading it!
Make sure you update fast ne~~!!!
Will look forward to the next update!~


BTW, sex scene was HAWT! XD

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nukimiaka wrote:Hey rin~ ^_^ (can i call u that? since i saw maecy calling u that~ XD)
I've read the first part the other day and I simply love it! <3 I didn't manage to leave u a proper comment last time because I'm having problems connecting to the internet as u might already know~ XD I saved the page when I read them.

Anyways, I'm really glad that ur part of this forum because ur writing is simply admirable~ =) It's hard to find a good fic sometimes.. so i'm glad~ :D

I haven't read the second part yet~ Going to right now~ Hope I have time to edit this post with comments for the 2nd part~ hehee

But yeahh, just stopped by to let u know that~ ^_^ Keep on the good work!!!


OMG!!! I simply loved the update!!!!! XDDD
Now I cant wait for the next part! Palli Palli update!!!
And i'm purposely pressuring you.. hahah! just kidding~ =)
Gosh i really want to know how they will resolve this.. ^_^

Haha, yes, you can call me that ^^

Haha, thank you, I'm glad that you like my writing ^^

You will find out how they resolve things soon enough~ LOL


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jija wrote:Gyaa!!
Finally I had the time to reply here.
I saw this fic here a few days ago, and I read it, but I don't really have time to comment T_T
sorry again.
Gosh, I can't stop reading it!
Make sure you update fast ne~~!!!
Will look forward to the next update!~


BTW, sex scene was HAWT! XD

Haha, that's okay, you replied now ^^

LOL, thank you, I'm glad that you liked it ^^

And LOL, I'm glad you liked the sex scene Haha


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A/N: Next part a day late, sorry >.< but I released a double update! This and Demon’s! *is proud xD*Anyway, I hope you like it~ Smexing in this, but it’s pretty brief and not my best >.> I’ll make it up to you guys in the final part though xD (maybe >.> LOL) Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy, and please tell me what you think (and remember to go vote on my poll! Just go to the tags and press poll and there you are xD)

Midnight Romance – Part 3

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”
-Albert Einstein

Changmin felt as if the ground had fallen out from underneath him.

He could remember how it all started, down to the exact day and time, what he was wearing; where he was…he could remember how he wasn’t exactly…receptive at first as well. He would laugh whenever he thought back to that day and how he had been.


Changmin sighed, nursing the drink in his hands with hardly any thought as he glanced around. The music in the club was obnoxious and loud and strobe lights were flashing blindingly. He closed his eyes, trying to fight off the impending headache. He remembered why he hated this club, yet he kept coming back, like some kind of masochist. As bad as the club was, it was the best one in the city. He came to forget himself, to feel normal.

He re-opened his eyes, feeling someone sit next to him in his booth. He turned to see who it was, and was immediately captured by a pair of glowing red eyes.


He grimaced in disgust, moving to stand. Ever since he and his cousin had found out about their imminent bonding to a pair of vampires against their will, they had both developed a slight…contempt for them, you could say. He wanted nothing to do with them, period. However, a hand on his wrist stopped him from going any farther. He turned back to the vampire, glaring and yanking on his wrist, though the action did no good. While the man was smaller than him and might have looked weaker, vampires were much stronger than humans.

“Let go of me.”

His voice came out in a near growl, his eyes heated as he glared at the man who simply smirked at him.

“I am simply curious as to why you got up to leave in such a hurry. I only wanted to talk…do you…have a problem, with vampires?” the man’s eyes glinted in a strange way, his lips curved in such a way that his fangs were barely visible (which Changmin knew to be deliberate, since vampire’s fangs were retractable).

He scowled, yanking on his wrist once again, even though he knew it would amount to nothing.

“Whether I do or don’t have a problem with vampires is none of your business, now let. Me. Go.”

The vampire stood then, moving closer to Changmin, eyes locked on his. Changmin sucked in a deep breath through his nose, unable to look away (and a traitorous part of his mind whispered that he didn’t want to, for though the man was a vampire, he was undoubtedly handsome). The man moved so that he was barely an inch away, black hair barely brushing against Changmin’s face.

Changmin had to remind himself to breath.

“Dance with me.” The man offered.

Changmin snorted, snapping out of his daze. “You have got to be kidding. I don’t like vampires, why do you think that I would make an exception for you?”

The man quirked an eyebrow and shrugged, a smirk playing across his lips.

“Well, I never asked you to like me. I simply asked for a dance. You don’t have to like me to do that, now do you?”

Changmin glared, but found no fault in the logic. He scowled, knowing on his inner cheek before huffing and looking away.

“Fine, one dance, and one dance only. After that, leave me alone.”

The man grinned, fangs glinting off of the lights before he took his hand off of Changmin’s wrist and instead gripped Changmins hand. Changmin scowled, but didn’t protest as he let the vampire lead them into the packed throng of sweaty, dancing bodies, moving to the beat of the music thumping through the club speakers. The man dragged them almost to the middle, where there was hardly any space between anyone. The man turned and pushed himself against Changmin, settling his hands over Changmin’s hips and gripping them tightly. Changmin gasped as the man started to move against him, smirk still firmly on his lips. Changmin scowled as the man appeared amused at his tenseness.

Changmin hated that smug, smirking face. So he decided to make it vanish.

He grabbed the man and brought him so that they were flush against each other, his hands settled low on the vampires hips, almost gripping his ass. The man gasped, visibly surprised by the change, before he grinned (fangs now retracted), red eyes flashing at the obvious challenge in Changmin’s eyes.

They moved against each other erotically, eyes locked, hands gripping and going under clothing, sliding on sweat-slickened skin as they tried to find a purchase. Lust ran through them and clouded their senses. Changmin felt his arousal swelling and pressing against his pants painfully hard, feeling the man’s own arousal slide against his own. He bit his lip, trying to remind himself that this was a vampire and that he didn’t like vampires, therefore, he shouldn’t be getting turned on by a vampire.

Then the man rolled against him and did something and Changmin felt his resolve failing, eyes fluttering as he moaned. He felt the man’s lips against his neck, mouthing the skin at the crook of his neck. His head fell back and his mind went blank as they continued to move together and he felt the man grinning against his neck, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Hmm, you look so…delicious right now.” The man groaned and Changmin felt himself shivering. The man smirked again and nipped at Changmin’s ear before pulling back, and Changmin groaned at the heated look in the man’s eyes.

“What is your name?” Changmin was surprised at how his voice came out, husky and rough at the same time. The man licked his lips, fangs once again glinting in the light.

“Isn’t it customary to give your name first, when asking for someone else’s?”

Changmin smirked, leaning in and breathing against the man’s ear as he whispered his name. “Changmin, my name is Changmin.”

The man grinned before leaning forward and nipping at Changmin’s lips, speaking his name against them, almost purring. “No last name? No matter, I’m Kim Jaejoong. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Changmin shivered again before the man pulled back completely and Changmin had to keep himself from whimpering at the loss. Jaejoong only grinned wider before twining his hand with Changmins and pulling him through the crowd again. Changmin stumbled along at the unexpected action. Jaejoong didn’t stop though, only pushed through the crowd.

They finally made it past the crowd of dancing bodies. Changmin was vaguely wondering where they were going, but his pressing arousal had the majority of his attention at the moment, so he barely cared. It was when they were suddenly outside that he realized where Jaejoong had taken them.

“The alley behind the club? You’re a very romantic vampire, aren’t you?”

Jaejoong simply ignored the sarcasm and pushed him up against the brick wall roughly before pushing his lips on Changmins. Changmin groaned against Jaejoong’s mouth, pushing against him and fighting for dominance. Jaejoong growled, hands slipping underneath his shirt and pressing against his hips hard enough to bruise. Changmin scowled and pushed his hips against Jaejoong and threw his weight against him, pushing him back and pinning him against the wall.

Jaejoong pushed back and they battled for dominance with their bodies as well as their mouths. They bit at each other, nails scratching against skin as their hands tried to find purchase. It wasn’t until Jaejoong had Changmin against the wall with Changmin’s legs around his waist and biting into his neck (without fangs) that Changmin gave up the fight. Jaejoong grinned, lessening the pressure on Changmin’s neck and licking the spot to sooth it. Changmin shivered and let his head fall against the wall, grinding his hips and arousal down onto Jaejoong’s.

Jaejoong ripped his mouth away from Changmin neck and fumbled with Changmin’s pants, groaning when he couldn’t un-do them.

“Dammit, how do you do this?”

Changmin chuckled, swiftly undoing the buttons and zipper and angling his hips so that Jaejoong could push them down and settle between Changmin’s parted thighs, his own pants already undone and pushed to his ankles (and Changmin wondered just when he had done that).

“I’m going to take you raw, I hope that’s okay.”

The tone in Jaejoong’s voice suggested that it didn’t really matter to him whether it was or not. So Changmin just groaned and pulled Jaejoong into another bruising kiss, and Jaejoong got the message. With barely another thought he pushed in roughly and started thrusting right away, barely giving Changmin time to adjust. Changmin screamed against Jaejoong’s lips, before he thrusted his hips down as best as possible to meet Jaejoong’s thrusts.

Neither of them lasted long, the stimulation and expectation leading up to the moment too much for them. Jaejoong climaxed violently inside Changmin and a moment later Changmin came across their stomachs. They panted and Jaejoong leaned against Changmin, head nestled in Changmin’s neck, biting it lightly, while Changmin rested his whole weight against the wall and Jaejoong. Jaejoong bit him a bit harder and Changmin groaned before pushing Jaejoong’s head away as best as he could in his exhausted state.

“Keep your damn fangs away from me blood.”

Jaejoong chuckled before pulling back and kissing him, almost gently.

“Of course Changmin.”

He pulled out then, and both of them groaned at the loss. Jaejoong let Changmin down gently, steadying him when he wobbled. He helped Changmin pull up his pants and re-do them, ignoring the hands that were constantly slapping at his, trying to make him stop.

“You, are probably the most stubborn human I have ever met. Honestly, just let me help you, okay?”

Changmin huffed, turning his head away as he let Jaejoong finish up.

“There you go. Your welcome.”

Changmin just glared, mumbling out a ‘thank you’ as he turned to walk away.

“Hey, wait!”

Changmin stopped and turned, eyes narrowed. Jaejoong was looking at him, almost nervously.

“Will you be back soon?”

Changmin blinked, not sure if he heard right.

“You want to see me again?”

Jaejoong nodded, smirk suddenly back in place.

“Why not? Best fuck I’ve had in a long time, and I know you enjoyed it too. Come on, we can help each other out.”

Changmin scowled, glaring at him.

“Like hell! Once is enough for me. Stay away from me for now on, got it?”

Jaejoong blinked, and in the next second he was right in front of Changmin, trapping him in his arms and licking a broad stripe up his neck. Changmin shivered, surprised and slightly aroused at Jaejoong’s sudden actions.

“Don’t lie to yourself Changmin. I know you want me, and I want you to. So why not have fun? No strings. Just give in Changmin.”

Changmin shuddered at the husky voice right beside his ear, weakly pushing at Jaejoong.

“Get away.”

His voice came out weak though, and Jaejoong pulled back and grinned at him, licking his lips before pushing them lightly against Changmin’s and speaking between teasing presses of lips.

“Just give in Changmin. Stop fighting. Just a little fun, mutual satisfaction. Come on Changmin, I know you want this, I can feel it.”

Changmin moaned lightly, and decided, to hell with it. He might as well live a little.


Jaejoong grinned against his lips before pressing them harder against Changmin’s and leaving him breathless.

“Mhmm, perfect. I’ll see you next week then, okay?”

Changmin nodded, dazed, and in the next second Jaejoong was gone. Changmin stumbled a bit, blinking. He hadn’t expected for Jaejoong to leave that quickly. No matter though. He ran a hand through his hair and thought about what he had just agreed to.

‘Yoochun…is going to kill me when he finds out.’

On that happy thought, he turned around and limped his way back into the club.



Changmin turned to Yoochun, seeing the look on his face he scoffed.

“Please, don’t Yoochun. He made his choice already, now he has to live with it.”

Yunho was still confused, but an understanding light started to appear.

“Wait a second…you’re the guy that Jaejoong is in love with?”

Changmin just looked away and he felt someone’s hand entwining with his own and squeezing it. He squeezed back while Yunho just looked more confused.

“But, how? Why? You guys –”

Changmin gave him a look and Yunho shut up, looking down. They simply sat in silence for a while, not really knowing what to say. The mood was somber in the room, the air heavy. They were interrupted, however, by a knock on the door before it was unlocked and the door opened. They sat up on the bed and turned to stare at the people in the doorway.

It was their parents.

They were stone faced, seeming unsurprised that Yunho was even in the room.

“If you would come downstairs, we would like to talk to you now. And you have some people to meet.”

They left then, leaving the three men behind suddenly nervous.

“It’s going to be Junsu and Junho, won’t it?”

Yunho nodded, and Changmin got up from the bed, the other two glancing at him curiously. He looked at them, an almost sad smile on his face.

“Well, we can’t keep them waiting, can we?”

With that he walked out of the room, barely paying attention to the rapid footsteps of his cousin and best friend trying to catch up to him.

It was time for him to face what he had done.


A/N: There you go ^^ Anyway, I hope you liked it, and there are maybe 2 parts left now ^^ Remember, go vote in the poll, and please tell me what you thought ^^


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An update!
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Ulala~ I've read the latest chapter.
After so hard... tsk~
Yunho was so adorable~~ HOSU!!!! [JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance 553907
I'm looking forward to their meeting!!! XD
Please update soon!
I'm getting addicted to your story now :P

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for some reason
i'm still getting excited with this fic of yours ^^
i'll never get tired of it, i swear!

and that latest chapter update is one of the
most interesting chapters in the whole series ^^

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An update!
I will definitely come back to edit this post :P
just wait for my comment! >.<


Ulala~ I've read the latest chapter.
After so hard... tsk~
Yunho was so adorable~~ HOSU!!!!
I'm looking forward to their meeting!!! XD
Please update soon!
I'm getting addicted to your story now :P

Haha, yes, they did xD
And I'm glad you like the HoSu, I had fun writing them xD LOL
And here you go, and update~ ;D
Haha, I'm glad that you like it ^^

for some reason
i'm still getting excited with this fic of yours ^^
i'll never get tired of it, i swear!

and that latest chapter update is one of the
most interesting chapters in the whole series ^^

Haha, thank you, I'm glad that you can still like it ^^

You think it is? xD LOL


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A/N: Here you go, a day late! Sorry about that >.> LOL, I almost didn’t post this up tonight since I’m so tired, but I figured I had made you guys wait long enough xD Anyway, this chapter is kinda drama filled, and I have the feeling some of you may hate me for parts of it (you’ll know when you read it) and the ending xD LOL, anyway, I think this will most likely be two more parts, so It’ll be ending next week ^^ Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and please remember to tell me what you think so that I can improve ^^

Midnight Romance – Part 4

It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride.”

With that he walked out of the room, barely paying attention to the rapid footsteps of his cousin and best friend trying to catch up to him.

It was time for him to face what he had done.

Changmin entered the formal living room to be met with the sight of two un-familiar vampires looking at him from beside his parents, Yoochun’s parents and Yunho’s parents. He heard Yoochun and Yunho enter the room behind him as he stared at the duo, trying to figure out which one was Junsu (Yoochun’s promised) and which one was Junho (his promised). It wasn’t until he saw the shorter vampire’s red eyes slide past him momentarily to look at Yunho (affection running through his gaze, before it went blank and was averted) that he figured out which was which.

Yoochun came up to stand beside him while Yunho went past them and greeted his parent’s and Junsu and Junho (Junsu and Yunho’s eyes lingering on each other a bit longer than necessary) before taking a seat next to his mother. Their parent’s stared at them with blank faces before nodding at the loveseat in front of them.

“Yoochun, Changmin, take a seat.”

They did, slightly hesitant, and eyes lingering on the two vampires seated next to their parents. Yoochun’s mother noticed their stares and she quickly cleared her throat, capturing their attention. They turned their eyes to her and she quirked an eyebrow.

“I see you’re curious about our guests. Changmin, Yoochun, I would like to introduce you to Kim Junho and his younger twin brother, Junsu. Yoochun, you are promised to Junsu, Changmin, you are promised to Junho.”

Changmin’s jaw clenched and Yoochun pursed his lips together. It was Changmin that spoke, however, voicing both of their thoughts.

“With all due respect, I am not bonding with Junho-ssi. And I’m sure that Yoochun shares my sentiments towards Junsu-ssi.”

Their parents looked enraged, and Changmin could see Junsu, Junho, and Yunho holding themselves back from laughing. This time though, it was Changmin’s father who spoke, shooting up out of his seat, face red and eyes narrowed.

“Listen here Changmin, you have been promised to Junho since you were just a baby, and I will not have you ruining our family name and disgracing us by refusing to bond with him. You will do it, and that is final.”

Changmin’s eyes narrowed in return, fists clenching. Junsu and Junho glanced at each other significantly before turning back in time to see Changmin shaking Yoochun’s attempt at placating him and standing up to meet his father’s rage, towering over the man. His father’s eyes widened in obvious surprise, taking a step back while Changmin too one forward, eyes laced with red hot fury and voice as cold as ice.

“Listen here father,” the word spat from his mouth as disrespectfully as possible, “in case you haven’t noticed, I am an adult now, as is Yoochun-hyung. We will be making our own decisions, and there is nothing you can do to make us bond with Junho-ssi and Junsu-ssi. There is no binding contract that would force us into it, just your word. I’m sorry to say that you are too late to force us into this.”

Their parent’s gaped at them, unable to believe what they were hearing. Yunho’s parents seemed kind of awkward and unsure what to do in this situation. Though there was also obvious relief on their faces, probably glad that their son wasn’t as defiant as Yoochun and Changmin.

That view was about to be changed.

As Changmin and Yoochun’s parents seemed to getting charged up again to start yelling at the two, Junho decided to speak up.

“If I may say something?”

Everyone turned to Junho, who looked as calm as ever. Changmin and Yoochun’s parents looked at each other before nodding and turning to Junho, slightly hopeful looks on their faces. Junho smiled politely at them before continuing.

“If they do not wish to bond with us, then they do not have to. I and my brother would prefer not to force them into anything. We bot believe that something like this cannot be decided for someone, and that everyone should choose on their own. To be honest, my brother had already found another that he wishes to bond with in the time that Changmin-ssi and Yoochun-ssi were missing.”

Yoochun’s parent’s looked horrified that Junsu had found another, and Changmin’s parents looked pale. Changmin shot Junho a grateful look and Junho smiled back at him. Yoochun’s mother took that time to speak up, voice slightly shaky.

“Junsu-ssi, is that true? You would prefer to be bonded to someone else?”

Junsu turned an apologetic smile towards Yoochun’s mother before nodding his head.

“Yes Ms. Park, I am sorry for not informing you of this earlier. Yoochun-ssi had run away and it didn’t look like he was coming back, and I decided I would rather not wait. I am now happily in a relationship and very much in love. Once again, I am very sorry M. Park.”

Ms. Park burst into tears right then and there, much too some peoples surprise. Mr. Park hurried to comfort her, wrapping his arms around her and holding her to him. Junsu really did seem apologetic as he watched the sight, frowning slightly. But then he glanced over at Yunho to see him looking at him lovingly and he felt a small smile instantly come over his face, unable to feel anymore regret.

Unfortunately for them, Ms. Jung, in the act of trying to decide whether to make an excuse to leave or stay to comfort Ms. Park had looked to her son for assistance on the answer and had caught the silent exchange. Her eyes narrowed, lips pursed as she thought about the possible reasons that her son, already promised and due to be bound to another in a week’s time, was looking at Yoochun’s (previous) promised in such a manner.

She did not like any of the possibilities.

“Yunho,” she stared, catching the attention of everyone in the room. Ms. Park stopped crying as well, looking to her friend in confusion, but Ms. Jung continued, wanting to confirm the suspicions she now had. Yunho, on the other hand, could see the look on his mother’s face, and was not looking forward to the question.

“Yunho,” she spoke again, “why are you looking at Junsu-ssi in such a manner?”

Yunho froze in place, wide eyed. He looked over at Changmin and Yoochun to see them just as wide eyed as him, before looking over to his lover to see him clenching his jaw. They locked eyes once more, everyone watching this time as they did.

Junsu nodded.

Yunho nodded back before taking a deep breath and looking at his mother decisively.

“Mother, father, I have something I need to tell you.”

Their eyes narrowed as Junsu moved to join Yunho, standing behind him and placing his hands on Yunho’s shoulders comfortingly. Yunho raised his right hand and placed it over Junsu’s left, squeezing the fingers under his own, Junsu picking up where he left off.

“Ms. Jung, Mr. Jung, your son and I are in love, and I intend to bond with him next week instead of Jaejoong.”

Everyone apart from Yoochun and Changmin were shocked, and Yunho’s parents were now just as furious as Yoochun and Changmin’s. It was Yunho’s mother who exploded first.

“Yunho! What the hell were you thinking? Do you realize how this will reflect upon our family? Does Jaejoong-ssi know about this?”

An unexpected voice came from behind Yoochun and Changmin.

“Yes, I do, and I have no problem with it.”

Changmin stiffened in his seat at the familiar voice. He felt someone grab his hand and thread their fingers through his before squeezing, and he squeezed back, recognizing the grasp and glad for his cousin’s silent support.

Jaejoong moved further into the room, very deliberately not looking at Changmin or in his general vicinity. Yunho’s parents stood up in surprise, and Yunho looked at him, confused. Junsu, on the other hand, just smiled at his best friend.

“Hey Jae, you’re right on time.”

Jaejoong’s lips quirked a little as he looked at his best friend before he turned to Yunho’s still shocked parents and inclined his head a little apologetically to them.

“I am very sorry for not informing you before Ms. Jung, Mr. Jung, but I am not in love with your son. He and Junsu have been together for some time now and I have no wish to break them apart. Junsu is my best friend and Yunho is like a brother. I wish only to see them happy, and they are happy together. I am calling off my bonding to Yunho so that he may instead bond with Junsu.”

Yunho’s parents gaped at Jaejoong, shocked.

“B-but…y-you –”

Jaejoong simply smiled at them politely, expecting their reaction. It was much better (and more manageable) than what he would have to deal with once his father found out. But that would come later.

“I really am very sorry Ms. Jung. But I too have someone else I would rather be bonded to.”

Changmin narrowed his eyes at Jaejoong at that statement, squeezing Yoochun’s hand so hard that Yoochun felt as if the circulation had been cut off to his hand. He winced as the pressure increased, but only swallowed down any protests and squeezed the hand back reassuringly as the scene in front of them unfolded.

Changmin’s mom spoke up then, voice slightly hysterical.

“You don’t happen to have anyone you would rather be bound to as well, do you Junho-ssi?”

Junho once again smiled at her politely before shaking his head. Ms. Shim’s almost palpable relief was obvious, though it was cut off by Junho’s next words.

“No Ms. Shim, I do not. But I am sorry to inform you that I do not wish to bond to Changmin-ssi. He very obviously does not wish to bond with me, and as I have stated, I would prefer not to force him into anything.”

Ms. Shim seemed to deflate them, the fight leaving her as she collapsed back on the couch and buried her face in her hands. Mr. Shim just stared at the scene in front of him almost uncomprehendingly. Yoochun bit his lip and glanced over at Changmin to see him glaring down at his lap, his other hand fisted so tightly that his nails were digging into the skin of his palm and almost breaking the skin. He glanced over at Jaejoong to see him still not staring at Changmin, and felt his eyes narrow at the audacity of the vampire in front of him.

First, he breaks things off with Changmin because he was getting bonded, then he goes and breaks said bonding off, saying that he has someone else in mind instead. He grit his teeth together, wishing he could beat the crap out of the vampire for making his dongsaeng go through the emotional roller coaster that he was on, but knew that the vampire was to strong.

So he settled on glaring instead.

“Yoochun, you don’t have anything to tell us too, do you?” Ms. Park’s voice came out slightly pleading, begging her son not to give them another shock as well. Yoochun looked to his mother to see her pale and shaking, eyes wide and begging. He sighed mentally, sorry that this was what it had come to, before shaking his head in the negative.

“No, there’s no one.”

Ms. Park seemed to collapse inwardly in relief, a sigh escaping her as she held a hand over her chest, eyes closed. Mr. Park also seemed to relax as well at that, not ready for any more surprises that day. He needed to watch his blood pressure, and all of this was going to give him a heart attack.

Changmin’s parents came back to themselves then, looking at their son as well, and wondering the same.


Changmin looked at his parent’s to see them looking at him apprehensively, and he already knew the question before they asked it.

“Do you have anyone Changmin?”

He was very aware of the fact that everyone in the room was staring at him. He could feel their stares piercing him from every direction. He felt Yoochun squeeze his hands in comfort as he stayed silent, looking at his parents. He moved his gaze from them to Yoochun’s parents (looking on in curiosity), to Yunho, Junsu and Junho (who were looking at him calmly, though wondering if he would tell the truth or lie) before his gaze finally stopped on Jaejoong, who was looking at him anxiously, the look in his eyes imploring and apologetic, asking for forgiveness and another chance.

He wasn’t about to get one.

Changmin clenched his jaw slightly before answering, voice cold, and eyes never looking away from Jaejoong’s.

“No, I have no one. I am not currently in any relationships or attached in any way.”

Hurt flashed through Jaejoong’s eyes at the statement, but Changmin kept looking at him with icy eyes, before sliding them over to his parent’s, who looked relived.

He had been telling the truth, technically. He and Jaejoong were no longer together; Jaejoong had made that painfully clear when they met up the last time. Jaejoong had made his choice and now he would have to live with it. He slid his eyes to Yoochun’s then, to find his hyung looking at him sadly, but encouragingly. He squeezed their joined hands one more time before releasing them and standing up.

Every eye in the room was once again on him. He smiled at them blandly before inclining his head to Junho. Junho nodded back, eyes knowing, and Changmin winced inwardly. He had made up his mind though, and it would not be changed easily.

“If you would excuse me, it’s getting late, and I would like to go back home. ”

He cut off the protests to his statement before they even started, raising a hand and glaring at his parents as Yoochun moved to stand up next to him.

“I’m an adult now, and I have a place of my own now. You both now know where Yoochun-hyung and I live now; you can visit if you wish, but I will not be moving back in with you guys and I am sure Yoochun-hyung agrees with me.”

Yoochun nodded, and their parents sighed, resigned to the fact that their sons had grown up and could take care of themselves now, and that they no longer had any control over them anymore.

“Fine, but will you two at least stay the night?” Changmin’s mother was pleading and Yoochun’s mother joined in. Changmin and Yoochun looked at each other before sighing and turning back to their parents and nodding.

“Fine, but just tonight, okay? We are going back home tomorrow.” Yoochun spoke, and their parent’s nodded happily. Accommodations for the night already obvious, Changmin turned to leave, intent on going back to the room he had been locked in earlier and falling on the bed to go to sleep.

He was interrupted, however.

“Changmin-ssi, may I talk to you privately for a moment?”

He froze in place at the voice, looking over his shoulder to see Jaejoong looking at him almost pleadingly. He could tell that Yoochun and Yunho were watching him closely for his answer. He blinked, eyes and face blank, before sighing and nodding.

“Fine. Follow me though. Yoochun-hyung, would you please wait?”

Yoochun nodded, face worried, and Changmin walked back upstairs, painfully aware of the way Jaejoong’s eyes lingered on his form as he walked behind him. He didn’t turn to look at him though, instead staring intently ahead. They quickly reached the room, Changmin entering and holding the door open and closing it behind Jaejoong once he had entered. He turned around, only to find that Jaejoong was right behind him. He gasped, stepping back, and Jaejoong moved forward to trap him between his arms against the door.

They stared into each other’s eyes silently, and Changmin felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He hadn’t been expecting Jaejoong to do this. Jaejoong locked his lips and slowly started to lean in, eyes never breaking contact with Changmins.

Changmin gulped, mind racing. What was he going to do?


A/N: There you go! Haha, I seem to almost always end things with a cliffhanger, sorry about that xD Anyway, action next chapter! Though I won’t say what type ;D LOL, look forward to it ^^ Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, and please remember to tell me what you thought ^^


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Woot woot!!
First to comment, Hahas
Anyway, BRB to edit!!!!


I've read it!! GAWD. Changmin >.< I know you're a grown up man~ No need to mention that~~ Aww Aww~
I love how Yunho and Junsu so... courageous *is that the right word?* telling their families about their relationship [JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance 553907

Nge~ Update soon please!

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jija wrote:Woot woot!!
First to comment, Hahas
Anyway, BRB to edit!!!!


I've read it!! GAWD. Changmin >.< I know you're a grown up man~ No need to mention that~~ Aww Aww~
I love how Yunho and Junsu so... courageous *is that the right word?* telling their families about their relationship [JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance 553907

Nge~ Update soon please!

xD Yes, you are once again first to comment LOL

Yeah, I guess courageous could work >.> LOL
I'm glad that you liked everything ^^
Here is the update I hope you like it as well~


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^ replies to comments above ^

A/N: Here you go! Another update of Midnight Romance alongside another update of Demon in My Dream ^^ It’s a bit longer than normal, and I really hope you guys like this chapter ^^ There’s a bit of action in here, and hopefully some of your opinions will change this chapter >.> I was actually surprised at how many of you guys seemed to take Jaejoong’s side and wanted Changmin to take him back no questions. I’m just gonna say, not gonna happen xD Haha, anyway, once again, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter, and please tell me what you think ^^

Midnight Romance – Part 5

You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.”

They stared into each other’s eyes silently, and Changmin felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He hadn’t been expecting Jaejoong to do this. Jaejoong locked his lips and slowly started to lean in, eyes never breaking contact with Changmins.

Changmin gulped, mind racing. What was he going to do?

Jaejoong’s lips were less than an inch from his when Changmin seemed to regain use of his muscles, and he roughly pushed Jaejoong away. Jaejoong stumbled back in surprise and Changmin glared at him. Jaejoong blinked at frowned sadly.

“Changmin-ah –”

Changmin cut him off, voice as cold as downstairs.

“You have no right to be so familiar with me Jaejoong-ssi. Now what did you want to talk to me about? Because if all you wanted to do was try to kiss me, you might as well leave now.”

Hurt flashed through Jaejoong’s eyes and Changmin’s heart started to beat faster, wanting to comfort him, but he pushed those thoughts and feeling away.

“Changmin…-ssi, I…why didn’t you ever say you were the Shim heir?”

Changmin snorted, moving away from the door and Jaejoong, walking across the room to instead sit on the windowsill, facing Jaejoong with a blank face.

“Because it didn’t matter. I had run away from that life and I never planned on going back. They had promised me and Yoochun-hyung off to some strange random vampire’s and we had no say in the matter. So we chose to take the option away from them and we ran away. I never wanted anything to do with vampire after that, but you’re a stubborn ass and wouldn’t leave me alone, and that’s it.”

Jaejoong clenched his teeth, moving forward, but a sharp look from Changmin kept him where he was.

“So that’s why you didn’t like me at first?”

Changmin laughed, and it was a bitter sound, making Jaejoong flinch just hearing it.

“Hated you at first? I still don’t like you Jaejoong-ssi, why do you think that has changed?”

Jaejoong inhaled sharply, eyes narrowing.

“Don’t lie to me Changmin. I know I wasn’t the only one feeling the way I was. You can’t hide that from me. I know you love me, so why are you pushing me away now?”

Changmin glared at him, chuckling sarcastically.

“Why am I pushing you away now? Who pushed who away Jaejoong? You never gave any indication of ever having any sort of feelings for me except finding me a convenient fuck buddy. Remember your words? ‘Just a little fun, mutual satisfaction. No strings.’ And you proved that when you left me without thoughts of what I would feel or how it would affect me. You only cared that you were getting bonded soon. You hadn’t even bothered to tell me you were getting bonded until our 6th meeting. You made it seem like it was something you were never going through, you even said that they had someone else as well, and then suddenly you up and say that you’re going through with it and you leave me in the dust?”

Jaejoong winced and Changmin caught it, smirking viciously.

“Oh, now you feel remorse. Don’t think that you can come in here and say that you’ve called the bonding off, and that you’ve suddenly had a change of heart and you’re now willing to admit that you love me.”

Jaejoong was suddenly in front of Changmin in a blink of an eye, red eyes furious.

“You are the most stubborn and infuriating human I have ever met! Why can’t you just accept my apology and let things go back to the way they were? I love you Changmin, I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to say it and to call off the bonding, but I do love you and I did call it off, for you.”

Changmin shivered and Jaejoong’s eyes darkened before he leaned forward, arms entrapping Changmin once again and claiming his lips in a rough kiss. Changmin groaned, hands coming up and landing on Jaejoong's shoulders, trying to push him away. Jaejoong was stronger though; tongue invading Changmin’s mouth when he groaned and kissing him passionately.

Changmin’s shoves became weaker and weaker as he tried to fight against Jaejoong, soon finding his arms trying to pull Jaejoong closer instead of push him away, his mouth opening wider and welcoming the invasion of Jaejoong’s tongue, his own wrestling with it for dominance. Jaejoong grinned against Changmin’s lips at his victory, arms no longer entrapping but simply holding Changmin’s form against his own firmly.

He moved backwards, pulling Changmin with him. Changmin groaned again against Jaejoong’s mouth, feeling Jaejoong turn them around before the back of his knees hit the bed and he collapsed backwards, Jaejoong still firmly attached to him. He groaned again as Jaejoong’s full weight was settled on top of him, but Jaejoong quickly raised himself off of Changmin with his arms, sliding to his knees to straddle the younger man beneath him.

Their clothes had started to stick to their skin from the sweat their bodies were producing. Changmin shifted uncomfortably and wretched his mouth from Jaejoong’s, gasping and arching his head back. Jaejoong’s grinned and ground their hips together, drawing another moan from Changmin’s mouth. He leaned down and attached his mouth firmly to Changmin’s neck, abusing it thoroughly.

Changmin moaned again, eyes rolling into the back of his head as he bucked his hips up, trying to get more friction between their clothed arousals as they rubbed together. Jaejoong smirked and let his fangs extend, dancing them across Changmin’s neck, scrapping them across the sensitive skin over the veins. Changmin leaned his head to the side, the pleasure and lust clouding his mind and judgment. He pulled Jaejoong's head closer to his neck, silently begging.

How could Jaejoong refuse him?

He opened his mouth a little wider and quickly bit down, feeling the hot rush of Changmin’s life force flooding his mouth and overwhelming his senses with its scent and taste. Changmin almost yelled in pleasure, eyes rolling back once again as he bucked up harder against Jaejoong. Jaejoong's closed his eyes as he fed slowly, taking only small amounts with each suck so that the experience would last a bit longer.

As he did this he reached down and swiftly unzipped Changmin’s pants, pushing his hand inside them and grabbing Changmin’s hard erection. Changmin yelled his name hoarsely and Jaejoong savored the sound of his name falling from Changmin’s lips and infused with such pleasure, want, and satisfaction.

It was almost as satisfying as the blood he was currently consuming.

Changmin bucked up into Jaejoong’s hand, eyes closed from the overwhelming pleasure he was feeling. Changmin was sure he wouldn’t last much longer. And like in most things, he was right.

Everything was too much for him. Jaejoong’s was teasing his erection expertly, knowing just how to work him. A few more jerks and one last suck on Changmin's neck had Changmin coming all over Jaejoong’s hand and inside his boxers.

Jaejoong stroked Changmin through his orgasm; retracting his fangs from Changmin’s neck and feeling them retreat back into his gums. He grinned, licking up the remaining blood on his lips and around the wound on Changmin’s neck before licking at it lightly and watching as the wound started to scab over.

He sat up on top of Changmin, watching as Changmin lay there completely lax and drained. He most likely wouldn’t get most of his energy back for another few minutes. Jaejoong finally pulled his come covered hand out of Changmin’s boxers and held it in front of him. He waited until Changmin’s dulled eyes focused blearily on him before smirking and cleaning his hand with his mouth, licking up all the left over come.

Changmin groaned, head falling to the side at the sight, and Jaejoong grinned in accomplishment. Changmin closed his eyes, slowly feeling his strength coming back to him, as well as his mind. He cursed himself inwardly for giving in to Jaejoong again, when he had sworn that the last time would be the last.


Jaejoong grinned down at his lover, leaning closer and placing light kisses all along Changmin’s jaw line. It was the first time they had ever done anything on a bed of any mind; most of their encounters taking place in back alleys, rooftops or bathrooms. He rather liked it and was looking forward to their next encou-

“Get out Jaejoong-ssi.”

His thought process froze and he stopped kissing the side of Changmin’s face, pulling back and looking at Changmin with wide eyes.

That had not been the response he had been expecting.


Changmin moved his head to face Jaejoong, glare firmly in place.

“You heard me. Get out. You obviously aren’t sincere when the first chance you get you decide to get into my pants instead of trying to convince me of your sincerity. You say you love me and you want to be with me, yet you go and do something like this. You obviously aren’t sincere, so get out.”

Jaejoong started to realize just how much he had screwed things up with Changmin. He heart ached, and if it had been beating he was sure it would have stopped.


“No. Get out Jaejoong-ssi, now.”

Changmin turned his face from Jaejoong and Jaejoong’s face showed his hurt, but he complied with Changmin’s wishes. He limbed off of Changmin slowly and back to the door. Changmin never once looked at him, and he felt his heart ache once again. When he reached the door he opened it slowly, looking back at Changmin once more.

He still wasn’t looking at him.

Jaejoong sighed, wishing he had done things different so that things between them would be better.

“Okay, goodbye Changmin. I do love you.”

With that he left the room, closing the door firmly behind him and feeling as if his heart was breaking once it had closed all the way. He walked down the hallway, almost running into Changmin's cousin on his way down the stairs.

Yoochun glared at Jaejoong, hating the man who had hurt his dongsaeng. Jaejoong didn’t do anything though, simply looked away and continued on past Yoochun. Yoochun continued up the stairs and made his way to the room he and Changmin would be using that night. He slowly opened the door, looking at the bed cautiously.

That’s when he heard the sobs.

His eyes widened and he stepped into the room and shut the door behind him and locked it before rushing to the bed and climbing on top of it and settling down beside Changmin.


Changmin sobbed again and turned from his curled up position in the middle of the bed to face Yoochun. Yoochun saw the scabs on Changmin’s neck and saw that his fly was open and lips bruised. He quickly put together what happened and felt his dislike towards the vampire named Jaejoong increase. His eyes softened as he looked at his cousin, his family, and the state he was in. He quickly redid Changmin’s pants before pulling the younger into his arms. Changmin collapsed against his hyung, clinging to him tightly for support.

Yoochun shushed him gently, rubbing soothing circles onto Changmin’s back with one hand while the other ran through Changmin’s hair slowly.

“Ssssh, it’s okay Changmin, I promise everything will be fine, sssssh, ssssh now, it’s okay.”

He just kept repeating the same things over and over until Changmin finally fell asleep in his arms. He glanced down at his dongsaeng, seeing just how close he was to breaking, and cursed Jaejoong once again for putting him through this.

He maneuvered Changmin into a more comfortable hold for him before moving down and laying on the bed with Changmin still in his arms. He rested his head on top of Changmin’s, which was resting on top of his chest. He pulled the blankest up over them, placing a soft kiss on the crown of Changmin’s head and tightening his hold slightly before closing his eyes.

Jaejoong had hurt Changmin, his family. He would not be forgiven easily, and if he was serious about wanting to get back into Changmin’s good graces he would have to work for it. And Yoochun would make sure that Changmin was no longer alone with Jaejoong from today onward either. He did not want another repeat of tonight. Changmin was fragile enough as it was, and he feared another encounter like this would break him, and nothing would be able to put him back together again.


Jaejoong left the Shim household with a heavy heart. He had finally realized just what he had put Changmin through, how much he must have hurt him, and he felt awful. He didn’t blame the younger for not wanting to forgive him. The whole time he had only been thinking about his feelings, how things would be for him. Even when he had finally decided that he would defy his father (something he had never done before) to be with Changmin, it had been because of his own happiness that he had decided that; he hadn’t thought about Changmin once again.

He was a selfish asshole.

He knew that Junsu, Yunho and Junho were worried about him when he had come back downstairs silent and subdued. He had left right then and there without a word, knowing that if he had waited for them that they would want to talk to him about what had happened with Changmin.

He didn’t feel like talking however.

So he quickly made his way back to his own home. When he got there he left the lights off and instead made his way to his private living room, the fire flaring up instantly once he entered and the only source of light in the whole house. He moved into the room and sat down in front of the fire. He stared into it, contemplating why he had done things the way he had.

He knew it would only be a matter of time before word got back to his father that he had broken the arrangement to bond with Yunho. His father would be furious, but Junsu was right. He had long passed the age where he had to listen to what his father told him. But he had been born into a time where that didn’t matter, and no matter what age you were you listened to your father and did as told. It was something he had grown up with and had lived with for centuries, and it was a hard habit to break, even in this modern day and age where as soon as a child reached their majority they were no longer compelled to listen to what their parents told them.

He had a sudden craving for alcohol and knew it would probably help calm his nerves. Alcohol didn’t have the power to inebriate vampires as it did humans, but it was still a great way to relieve a little stress.

He got up and made his way over to the mini-bar he had, pouting himself a glass of brandy. He drank it slowly, resuming his place back in front of the fireplace. As the heat generated from the flames started to penetrate his clothes, warming him (even if only on the surface) he watched the flames dance and thought about what, exactly, he would say to explain to his father why he had done what he had done.

‘Oh, well, you see father, for the past half a year I had a human fuck buddy on the side. It was only supposed to be fun, it wasn’t supposed to mean anything, you know, a way to distract myself. But I fell in love with him and I decided to break it off, but Yunho already has Junsu and I can’t force Junsu and Yunho apart because I was being selfish, so I broke it off, only to find out that the same human I love was originally supposed to be bonded with Junho, only he broke his agreement as well. I then tried to get back with him only to get him off and get kicked out.’

Oh yeah, that would go over splendidly with his father.

He sighed and downed the last of the brandy in one huge gulp; throwing the glass into the fireplace and watching it shatter to bits before falling into the fire and slowly melting. He started to laugh at how pathetic he was, only for the laughter to turn into sobs. He sat there, hunched over, and hands over his face as he sobbed into them.

God he was such a pathetic fuck up.

He drew in a shuddering breath a few minutes later, licking his dry lips as he stared determinedly into the fire in front of him.

Changmin had said that he hadn’t proven he was sincere in his feelings. That he didn’t really love him and only loved his body (well, he hadn’t exactly said that last part, but it was implied…vaguely).

And if Changmin didn’t believe that Jaejoong was serious, that Jaejoong was in fact in love with him, then Jaejoong was going to prove him wrong. He was going to show Changmin that he was serious and that he wanted to be with him, and not just in him.

He wouldn’t give up until he had Changmin back in his arms.

And this time he wouldn’t give him up, no matter what. It was for good this time.


Junsu gazed down at the sleeping human in his lap affectionately. He stroked a hand through Yunho’s hair, delighting in the way Yunho leaned into the touch and curled closer to the vampire’s body. Junho chuckled from his place across from his twin and his twin’s lover. Junsu glanced up at him and smirked. Junho grinned back and settled back into the armchair.

They had left the Shim household shortly after Jaejoong, apologizing for their friend’s behavior before heading to their own home. Yunho had tagged along since he practically lived with them already anyway, spending the majority of his free time there with Junsu.

Not that either of them were complaining.

Junsu glanced back down at Yunho lovingly, leaning down to press a kiss to Yunho's forehead before sitting back straight and leaning back against the loveseat. Everything was silent between them before Junsu decided to break it.

“Do you think they’ll be able to get through this?”

Junho sighed, pursing his lips.

“It’s hard to say Su. They’re both rather stubborn people after all. However, Jaejoong is obviously very in love with Changmin and will do anything to get him back. I think as long as he doesn’t screw up again and do things Changmin’s way, yes, they’ll get through this.”

Junsu nodded, accepting the answer. He knew first hand just how stubborn Jaejoong could get, but he also knew firsthand how stupid Jaejoong could be sometimes. He didn’t always make the best choices for himself and those he cared about, and Junsu could only hope that this time, for both himself and Changmin, he managed to make the right choices and not screw up.


A/N: There you go! I hope you guys don’t hate me >.> LOL I’m bad with ending’s and I always seem to leave them at cliffhangers, but I didn’t this time! Aren’t you proud of me? xD Haha, anyway, I hope that explains a few things and I hope that you guys enjoyed it ^^ Please remember to tell me what you thought ^^


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Nge~~ Sorry dear! I only ha time to read the first part [raping xD] since it's already 1am here.
I'll come back and read, I PROMISE!!!
And.. i pity both changmin and jaejoong.. changmin loves him too? Please.. say that.. T____________T
JaeJae already in love with minnie~
And I love the family bond between Yoochun and Changmin.. I would die to have a bro like that ^^

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jija wrote:Nge~~ Sorry dear! I only ha time to read the first part [raping xD] since it's already 1am here.
I'll come back and read, I PROMISE!!!
And.. i pity both changmin and jaejoong.. changmin loves him too? Please.. say that.. T____________T
JaeJae already in love with minnie~
And I love the family bond between Yoochun and Changmin.. I would die to have a bro like that ^^

Haha, it's okay, as long as you were able to finish~
Ah~ yes, their situation :/ Well, I'm not gonna say anything, wait to find out ;D LOL
Yes, I love the bond between YooMin too, I wish I had a brother like that too >.< *sighs*


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^ replies to comments above ^

A/N: Here’s the next part along with the next chapter of Demon’s! I actually wrote this one pretty quickly, it was rather surprising ^^ It was the first time I have written a chapter so fast, so If there are many mistakes please inform me so that I can fix them ^^ And You know what else? I’ve noticed that with the exception of the first few chapters of ‘Demon in My Dream’ all of the stuff I write has been in the middle of the night/early morning >.> I am such an insomniac xD LOL, anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter and please tell me what you think ^^

Midnight Romance – Part 6

“You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul.”
-Julie de Lespinasse

The next day Changmin and Yoochun rode back to their apartment in silence. When they had woken up it had been an unspoken agreement between them to not talk about what had happened the night previous. They had stayed in the house long enough to eat breakfast and for their parent’s to offer up one of their cars for them to use. They had accepted and gotten out of there as soon as Yoochun had the keys in hand.

“So what are you going to do?”

Changmin glanced over at Yoochun, who kept his eyes on the road and showed no sign that he had spoken. Changmin shifted his eyes back to the road in front of him, feigning ignorance.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

He heard Yoochun scoff before speaking again.

“Playing stupid doesn’t become you Min-ah. You know what I mean, what are you going to do about Jaejoong?”

He spat the vampires name out like it was poison and Changmin winced slightly, biting his lip.

“I’m not going to do anything hyung. He made his choice already and now he needs to learn to live with it.”

“He’s already shown that he’s not giving up on you though. So what are you going to do? Will you accept him back?”

Changmin scoffed himself at that, turning his eyes to outside the window.

“All he wants is my body. He says he loves me, and then at the first chance he’s given of proving that, he tries to get in my pants instead. So no, I won’t accept him back.”

Yoochun bit his lip, glad that his dongsaeng wasn’t getting back together with Jaejoong, but still, he could tell that Changmin loved Jaejoong deeply, no matter what he was saying. Changmin wasn’t happy, he was miserable, and Yoochun hated seeing him this way. But he also knew that Jaejoong was in the wrong for acting as he had. He wasn’t feeling sympathetically towards him, but he had obviously made Changmin happy.

‘But he’s also making him miserable.’ A part of him reminded. He scowled at that, hating circular logic. Jaejoong was what had made Changmin happy, but he was also making him miserable at the same time for the same reasons that he had made him happy.

And he still wasn’t convinced that Jaejoong was completely sincere.

But he wanted Changmin happy.

“What if he proves himself though?”

Changmin was silent at that, and Yoochun glanced over at Changmin to see him staring intently out the window. He quirked an eyebrow at the intensity of the stare, glad that he wasn’t the window.


He prodded slightly, and Changmin jerked back in his seat, turning to look at Yoochun and scowling slightly.

“What makes you think that he would try to do something like that hyung?”

Yoochun shrugged, moving his eyes back to the road.

“It was just a hypothetical question Changmin. You’ve said before that he’s stubborn and won’t stop until he gets what he wants. That’s how he got you in the first place. All I’m saying is, what if he is sincere and tried to prove it. What will you do then? Will you accept him back?”

Changmin fell silent again and he sighed, glancing back out the window.

“I…Hyung, I love him. He’s a complete and utter selfish and stubborn bastard, but I still love him. If he manages to prove himself, then I…would consider taking him back. Maybe. But he’d have to prove that he actually means what he says this time and that he won’t just suddenly change his mind again and decide that he wants someone else instead. He’s broken promises before hyung, and I just don’t trust him to not do it again. Not yet.”

Yoochun nodded, and kept silent. He knew that Jaejoong had a lot of work to do if he wanted to prove to Changmin that he was in fact trustworthy and deserved a second chance. Changmin wasn’t one for second chances. You screw up the first time and you’re done. That’s why Changmin had kept his distance from their parents. They had already screwed up in Changmin’s mind.

The fact that Changmin might be considering giving Jaejoong a second chance was a miracle to Yoochun, and showed him just how much Changmin really must love him. He hoped that Jaejoong would realize just how badly he had screwed up and treasure this second chance and use it wisely.

Because if he screwed this up, he wouldn’t be getting another one.


Jaejoong was awoken abruptly by a hand slamming itself down on his head and forcing him out of the armchair he had fallen asleep in the night before. He jolted awake before he hit the ground and managed to brace his hands against the floor before using the momentum to flip himself up and over onto his feet. He turned around as soon as he was on his feet, coming face to face with his father.

And he looked pissed.

Jaejoong paled (or would have if he could have) and gulped slightly. He was sure if his heart had been beating it would have stopped, along with his ability to breathe.

“Kim Jaejoong, what the hell do you think you are doing?”

Jaejoong took an involuntary step backwards, his father’s sharp eyes following the movement and scowling.

“What are you referring to father? I have done many things.”

His father snarled, hand coming out to whack Jaejoong sharply on the head.

“Don’t get smart boy. You know exactly what I mean! You broke the bonding with the Jung’s son, and it’s less than a week away! Do you realize how this will reflect upon me? And what’s this nonsense they told me about you having someone else? Who?”

Jaejoong froze at that, not knowing how to respond, though glad that his father obviously hadn’t been told the identity of the ‘someone else’. Option one, he could tell his father the truth, but once he found out that Changmin was really the Shim heir though, he would probably go out and try to force a bonding between them.

The second option would be to leave that part out, but if he left that part out, his father would be even more pissed at him for sleeping with a commoner as his, in what would most likely be his father’s words, ‘an on the side whore’ and beat the crap out of him.

And Jaejoong knew that the first option was automatically out because telling his father the truth about Changmin’s identity and having him try to force a bonding between them (as the Shim’s were more powerful than the Jung’s, even if only just) would only make Changmin hate him more and exacerbate the situation between them instead of help.

So he settled for the second option, regardless of the fact that his father would most likely make him bed-ridden for the next few days from the beating he would receive as punishment.

He could see his father’s eyes getting darker as he continued telling his father an edited version of the events. By the time he had ended his father’s eyes were completely black in anger and his face was as cold as his voice when he spoke.

“You broke up the bonding between yourself and the Jung heir, for a simple, filthy, commoner whore?”

Jaejoong felt himself snarl involuntarily at his father calling Changmin a whore. He knew that that was how he would most likely react, but that didn’t make actually hearing Changmin being called a whore by his father any easier to hear.

“He is not a whore father! I would appreciate it if you would refrain from calling him such.”

Jaejoong’s father snarled and he leapt forward, hands encircling Jaejoong’s neck.

Jaejoong couldn’t remember much of what came next, only a sense of overwhelming pain and then just…nothing. He figured he had probably blacked out from the pain, and he was slightly thankful for the small act of mercy.

The next thing he was aware of was waking up to a steady ticking sound. His eyes fluttered open to be met with an off-white ceiling. He blinked again before turning his head to the side and being met with the sight of Junsu staring at him with a blank expression. Jaejoong drew in a sharp breath from the shock, turning his head back forward before turning it to the side again, expression slightly annoyed.

“Dammit Su, you scared the shit out of me!”

Junsu’s expression didn’t change, though it seemed to get more sarcastic, if that was possible.

“Oh, I scared the shit out of you? I see. You scared the shit out of me when you didn’t answer your phone to warn you about your father being on his way. So I go to your house instead to find you lying broken and beaten and bloody on the ground in front of the fireplace. Do you realize how scared I was hyung? You’ve been unconscious for two days!”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened in surprise at that.


Junsu nodded, expression suddenly one of worry.

“Hyung, you were so still. I was so afraid. He could have killed you. Why didn’t you lie to him or something? You know how he is.”

Jaejoong suddenly realized just how worried for him Junsu had been. Junsu never called him hyung anymore. He only did it if he was being very serious or he was very worried and scared.

“I’m sorry Junsu, I should have been more careful. To be honest though, I did lie…kind-of.”

Junsu looked confused so Jaejoong explained what he had done. Once he was done Junsu looked at him as if he was crazy.

Jaejoong felt that he probably was.

“What the hell? Hyung! Did Changmin rejecting you rattle your brain that much? That was practically suicide! You really are lucky to be alive right now, I hope you realize that.”

Jaejoong nodded and settled back in the bed. That was when he realized that he definitely wasn’t in his house and that there was medical equipment surrounding him. He blinked as he looked at it before looking at Junsu with a quirked brow.

“You took me to a hospital?”

Jaejoong was sure that if vampires had the ability to blush that Junsu would have right then.

“W-well, what did you expect hyung? You were unconscious and beaten up and I don’t know any basic first aid, so I brought you to nearest hospital that treats vampires.”

Jaejoong scrunched his face up in concentration as he thought, trying to think of the closes vampire hospital near him.

“But…the closest one is almost 50 miles away Su! You drove me all the way here?”

Junsu nodded, almost timid, and Jaejoong sighed, chuckling.

“You didn’t have to do that Su, you know I would have been fine. But thank you.”

Junsu frowned at that but nodded. Before he could speak though, Jaejoong cut him off.

“Do Junho and Yunho know?”

Junsu looked annoyed at the change in subject, but he allowed it, answering Jaejoong's question.

“Yes, I called them yesterday once I realized how late it had gotten. Yunho was worried and would have come to visit, but he has a family thing.”

Junsu waved his hand in a whimsical motion, indicating he didn’t know and didn’t care to know the details, and Jaejoong laughed, waiting for him to continue.

“As for Junho, he did come to visit, briefly. He had to leave soon after though. He said he’ll come by again later. Now, don’t think I’m letting you off that easily. Why did you lie to your dad like that Jaejoong?”

Jaejoong sighed and puffed his cheeks up in annoyance. He had been hoping that Junsu would let it go.

“I…I couldn’t tell father who Changmin really was. He would have gone out right then and tried to arrange a bonding and force the two of us into it. And then Changmin would hate me even more and have more of a reason not to give me another chance. I couldn’t have that, so I chose to tell him an…edited version of events and didn’t mention Changmin’s lineage.”

Junsu frowned but nodded. He could understand Jaejoong's reasoning and even respected it, but that didn’t mean he had to like it.

“Jae, that was incredibly stupid of you. You really are lucky to be alive right now. You knew how he’d react to that, yet you still told him? I know you didn’t want Changmin to be pissed at you any more than he already was, but did you think about how he’d take the news that you let yourself have the shit beat out of you willingly for him?”

Jaejoong clenched his jaw and looked away from Junsu at that.

“You aren’t going to tell him what happened to me Su.”

Junsu opened his mouth to argue but Jaejoong looked back at Junsu then and pinned him with a glare.

“You won’t tell Changmin Junsu. He doesn’t need to know. I’ll be fine in a day or two and I can get out of here and try to win him back again, but he doesn’t need to know about this, got it?”

Junsu’s jaw clenched but he nodded in agreement. Jaejoong sighed in relief and turned his gaze back to the ceiling, suddenly feeling rather sleepy.

“You’re feeling sleepy because of the sedatives. You’ll probably be out again for another few hours. I’m actually surprised that you woke up at all yet, but you've always been rather stubborn.”

Jaejoong chuckled but didn’t deny the statement; already feeling the sedatives kicking back into gear again and making him drift in and out of consciousness.

“Shut up Su. And remember, don’t you dare tell Changmin.”

His words came out rather slurred, but Junsu understood them nonetheless.

“Of course not Jae, I won’t tell him a thing,” he watched as Jaejoong finally succumbed to the drug and smirked to himself, drawing his cell phone out of his pockets and speed dialing his brother before putting the phone to his ear, “but that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.”


Junho stood in front of the apartment and looked back down at the address written down on his hand. He looked back up and confirmed the address for the third time before sighing and stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“This is the place.”

He made his way quickly inside and up to their floor. He mentally cursed Junsu again for making him do this. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the cousins; it was just that he wasn’t as sociable around people as Junsu and this visit would be really awkward for him. He knocked on the door, hearing movement inside before footsteps came towards the door. They paused in front of it for a second and Junho presumed that it was to look at who was at the door through the peep hole. He waited a few seconds before the door was jerked open and a surprised Yoochun was standing on the other side, looking at him with wide eyes.

“Junho-ssi? What are you doing here?”

Junho smiled pleasantly at the human before motioning inside.

“May I come inside first?”

Yoochun blinked before nodding quickly and stepping aside and motioning him in. Junho smiled again and stepped inside, looking around the small apartment with interest. It was small, yes, but he could see that the two cousins had made it into a home for themselves. It was very welcoming and Junho instantly felt at ease inside the apartment.

“Would you like something Junho-ssi?”

Junho turned to Yoochun and shook his head, smiling again.

“No, I’m fine. Actually, I need to speak with Changmin-ssi, is he in?”

Yoochun shook his head, looking more confused.

“No, he went out to get some groceries; he should be back soon though. Please, sit down.”

He motioned to the couch and Junho accepted, sitting down silently while Yoochun sat down on the other side. The silence between them was rather awkward and Yoochun kept shifting positions. Junho glanced over to him and see him staring down at his lap, face scrunched up in thought. Junho wanted to chuckle at the sight.

‘He’s actually rather attractive…’

Before the thought process could continue he heard keys in the lock. Both he and Yoochun looked up, Yoochun jumping up to help his cousin with the door and groceries.

“Ah, about time hyung! Seriously, why did you have so much on the list anyway?”

Changmin stepped into the apartment then, not seeing Junho at first. It wasn’t until Yoochun shushed him and motioned over that Changmin shut up and looked up to see Junho staring at him. He blushed, eyes widening in surprise, and Junho chuckled slightly.

“Changmin-ssi, it’s nice to see you again. If you don’t mind though, I need to talk to you about something.”

Changmin nodded blankly and Yoochun took the groceries silently and brought them to the kitchen to put away. Changmin took a seat on the other end of the couch, looking at Junho worriedly.

“Did something happen?”

Junho nodded.

“It’s Jaejoong, he’s been hospitalized.”

And for the second time in two days Changmin felt like the ground was falling out from underneath him.


A/N: Don’t’ kill me for hurting Jae! *hides from Jae fans* Once again, it was important to the plot! xD LOL. Anyway, this looks like once again it’s going to be longer than I had hoped for >.> I hope that it will be over at 10 parts, but I honestly can’t be sure *facedesks* Anyway! I hope you enjoyed this part and please remember to tell me what you thought ^^


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OMGSUN!!! Jaejoong, are you alright?
It's kinda hard for me now, because I'm currently reading so many stories at one moment, this story is Jaejoong as the good guy, another story JAejoong is the bad guy. OMG haha I don't know how my brain going to work.
Anyway T_____T Please update soon~~~~ WAAAA haha

[JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance SiggieJija

Siggies credits to JenJen ^^ Me
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jija wrote:OMGSUN!!! Jaejoong, are you alright?
It's kinda hard for me now, because I'm currently reading so many stories at one moment, this story is Jaejoong as the good guy, another story JAejoong is the bad guy. OMG haha I don't know how my brain going to work.
Anyway T_____T Please update soon~~~~ WAAAA haha

Haha, you'll find out~
Ah, yeah >.>
I did that unintentionally in another story of mine >.> LOL but I fixed it! kind of >.> Haha
It can get confusing at some points I'm sure ^^
Ah~ here is your update dear, I hope you like it~ ^^


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^ replies to comments above ^

A/N: Here you go! Another double update! ^^ I think this is definitely going to end in the next two/three chapters >.> LOL, hopefully. Anyway, this is the chapter I think most of you have been waiting for >.> I hope you like it ^ ^ I almost didn’t get it out today, but I made myself stay up to finish it, though I am exhausted and will probably practically hibernate once I get this up and just go to sleep >.< I have been lacking sleep lately, but I love writing and I love my readers so I had to get this up ^^ Anyway, I hope you enjoy, please tell me what you think ^^

Midnight Romance – Part 7
“To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

“Did something happen?”

Junho nodded.

“It’s Jaejoong, he’s been hospitalized.”

And for the second time in two days Changmin felt like the ground was falling out from underneath him.


Junho smiled sympathetically, nodding sadly.

“He’s been hospitalized Changmin-ssi. He almost died.”

Changmin was glad that he was already sitting; if he hadn’t been he was sure he would have collapsed. He swallowed, his mouth feeling dry and feeling sick to his stomach. He drew in a deep breath, trying to relax, before looking Junho in the eyes.

“W-why, I mean how…what happened?”

His voice was a bit desperate, and Junho almost pitied him. He could tell that Changmin still loved Jaejoong very much and the shock of the sudden news that Jaejoong had almost died was almost overwhelming, considering what had happened.

He almost wished he didn’t have to tell him the next part, but he knew he had to.

“It was his father Changmin-ssi. He wasn’t happy with Jaejoong for breaking off the agreement with the Jung’s to bond with Yunho for someone else.”

Changmin gulped, feeling weaker suddenly.

“H-his father did it?”

Junho nodded, smiling sympathetically at Changmin.

“Yes. He wouldn’t have told you, but his father is very…controlling. He didn’t change with the times, preferring the old traditions. He raised Jaejoong very strictly and Jaejoong has always followed everything his father without question. Even when he didn’t want to he did, he’s never known any other way. And whenever he did something his father didn’t like, or he failed in something, his father would beat him, severely. Jaejoong's beating probably wouldn’t have been too bad if he had simply broken things off, but since it was for…someone else it was worse. Jaejoong’s father had arranged the bond with the Jung’s himself and expected Jaejoong to follow through. Jaejoong’s never disobeyed him before like this, so his father was probably even more pissed than normal.”

Changmin’s hands shook slightly and he clasped them tightly together to stop them. This…explained a few things to him about Jaejoong.

But why hadn’t Jaejoong just told him himself.

He clenched his jaw, feeling anger towards Jaejoong for keeping this from him, but it disappeared when he realized that he really had no right to the information in the first place. Their relationship had never been a proper relationship, they had never really told the other anything about themselves, and it was a relationship based solely on pleasure.

Why would Jaejoong have told him?

“I…that is…does Jaejoong’ father…”

Changmin trailed off, unable to finish the question. Junho shook his head though, guessing what Changmin was wondering.

“No, Jaejoong’s father has no idea who you are. That’s something else…Jaejoong lied to his father for you. He’s never lied to his father before, and when his father finds out he’s been deceived, and he will, the beating Jaejoong gets will probably kill him this time.”

Changmin glanced up at Junho sharply, eyes narrowed at that information.

“He…lied to his father for me?”

Junho nodded and Changmin’s jaw clenched.

“He lied because of me, and that’s why he was beaten?”

Junho nodded again, and Changmin’s eyes went flat.

“Take me to him.”

Junho opened his mouth, wanting to say that that probably wasn’t the best idea, but Changmin shut him up with a vicious glare. Junho shut his mouth instantly and Changmin stood up, already heading to the front door. Yoochun peeked out of the kitchen where he had been listening in, and glanced at Junho with wide eyes. Junho looked at him and sighed before following Changmin out. Yoochun glanced around, making his decision in a split second and following the two out, locking the door to their apartment behind him.


Junho lead Changmin and Yoochun down the white corridor to Jaejoong’s room, mentally hoping that this would turn out well. He paused outside the room when they reached it, listening to what was going on inside and trying to figure out if Jaejoong was up yet. If he wasn’t maybe he could pursued Changmin to leave.

He was out of luck though, Jaejoong was awake.

He sighed, looking back at the stony faced Changmin and the worried looking Yoochun before shaking his head and opening the door for them. Junsu and Jaejoong looked up as Junho opened the door, Jaejoong smiling and about to great him, before he froze as a distinct scent floated to him. His eyes widened in shock before he turned his glare to Junsu, who only smiled at him innocently, shrugging and throwing his hands up and trying to convey that it wasn’t his fault.

Jaejoong’s scathing reply was cut off by Changmin entering the room and walking straight to his bed. He gulped, seeing how furious Changmin’s eyes were before he stopped by Jaejoong’s bed, looking down on him.

Jaejoong waited silently as Changmin looked at him, not saying a word. He vaguely realized that Junsu had left the room, leaving him and Changmin alone. He mentally scowled, vowing to get back at Junsu later.

A sharp slap to his cheek brought him out of his musing however.

A hand came up to cradle the injured cheek, wide eyes turning up to look at Changmin. Changmin’s jaw was clenched and he was glaring at Jaejoong.

“You’re an idiot, you know that right?”

Jaejoong sighed and nodded, He had totally deserved that.

“Seriously Jaejoong, what the hell? Why did you go and lie to your father for me? Why would you do that?”

“Because I love you.”

It was silent between them after that, but Changmin didn’t lose his glare.

“…You are such an idiot. You seriously think I would want you to get beat up for me? Seriously Jaejoong! What did you even tell him? Why didn’t you tell him the truth?”

Jaejoong lowered his hand from his cheek and clenched the blanket covering him between his fingers as he tried to come up with a proper answer.

“Well? I’m waiting.”

Jaejoong sighed and ran a hand over his face. He might as well just get it over with.

“I lied about who you were Changmin. If I had mentioned that you were the Shim heir he would have gone right out and found a way to force us to bond, and I didn’t want him to do that to you. I knew you would hate that, and hate me more. So I told him your last name was Kim and lied that you were a commoner. He was pissed. If I had broken the agreement for another wealthy family that he could use to his advantage then he wouldn’t be as pissed. But no, I told him it was for a commoner, and he was absolutely furious. It was worth it though, I…I didn’t want him to hurt you.”

It was silent after his confession and he was almost afraid to look at Changmin. But he had to know, so he glanced up from the corner of his eyes. It…wasn’t as bad as he had feared. Changmin was watching him blankly, no emotion on his face.

Jaejoong hoped that that was a good thing.


He called his name hesitantly, not wanting the human to be madder at him if that was the case. Changmin eyes locked on his, face still expressionless.

“Why? Don’t you ever think about your actions Jaejoong? Did you not think about how this would affect me? To find out that you’re in the hospital, almost dead, because of me? Why Jaejoong? Why do you keep doing this to me?”

Jaejoong’s eyes softened at Changmin’s voice. It was shaking with emotion, and Jaejoong felt his heart clench at the thought of once again hurting Changmin, as unintentional as it had been.

“I’m so sorry Min-ah.” Jaejoong winced slightly as the nickname slipped out, but Changmin showed no reaction to it, so Jaejoong continued cautiously.

“I just…I love you Changmin, I don’t know how I can make that any clearer. I’m sorry that I keep putting you through this though. I hate myself for the fact that I keep hurting you. I just…I want to prove to you that I really do love you. I want a second chance Changmin; please…let me love you.”

Changmin stared at him, eyes flashing so many different emotions that it was hard for Jaejoong to catch them all.






Jaejoong’s breath seemed to catch at the last emotion, and he wanted to hope that Changmin would agree, that he still loved him, but he couldn’t get his hopes up.


Jaejoong focused his attention on Changmin the moment he spoke, and Changmin seemed to struggle with his words.

“I…I just can’t trust you after what you’ve done…but I…I still love you, I can’t…I can’t deny that. I want to give you a second chance, to let you prove yourself this time, but I…I don’t want to risk it. I…I won’t be able to handle another disappointment from you Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong gazed at Changmin sadly, realizing just how badly he really had screwed up with the young human. His trust had been broken by Jaejoong, and it would take a while to get it back…if Changmin decided to give him the chance that is.

Jaejoong wasn’t about to let this chance pass him by however. He had the chance to get Changmin back; he just had to grasp it.

“Changmin…” he reached forward slowly, his intentions clear. When Changmin didn’t pull his hand away Jaejoong felt that small spark of hope grow brighter as he grasped Changmin’s hands in his own, staring into Changmin’s eyes intently. He tried to convey all his emotions through his eyes, wanting to make sure that Changmin could see his sincerity.

“Changmin, I love you. I will do anything to prove that to you and get your trust back. I just…I want to be with you again Changmin. Please…give me another chance to prove it to you.”

Jaejoong implored Changmin with his eyes. Changmin searched his eyes, trying to make sure that what Jaejoong was saying was the truth. He didn’t want to be hurt by Jaejoong again. He didn’t want to be disappointed again.

But all he could see in Jaejoong’s eyes was love and honesty. Jaejoong meant what he said. Changmin’s heart seemed to miss a few beats once he realized this. Jaejoong was serious, he loved Changmin and he wanted to prove it, and he would do anything.

The only question was, was Changmin willing to take the risk?

He drew in a shaky breath, hoping he was making the right decision by doing what he was about to do. He squeezed Jaejoong’s hands, feeling his own shake slightly. Jaejoong simply held his hands firmer, preventing them from shaking. Changmin continued to gaze into Jaejoong’s eyes, coming to a choice.


Jaejoong’s eyes widened, and he stopped breathing. Was he hearing right? He swallowed, searching Changmin’s eyes. Changmin’s face was determined, as were his eyes, but Jaejoong could still see a hint of disbelief lingering. He smiled softly thought, determined to banish the negative thoughts and prove to Changmin that he was serious. He knew it would take work, and patience, but he was willing to do the work and to wait.

He let out a sigh of relief finally, squeezing Changmin's hands and bringing them up to his lips and kissing the back softly, eyes not leaving Changmins. Changmin flushed softly at the unexpected and romantic action. Jaejoong smiled gently and squeezed the hands again, lowering them back down.

“Thank you Changmin-ah. I promise, I won’t screw up this time.”

Changmin nodded hesitantly, still hoping that he had made the right decision.

“I…have some conditions though.”

Jaejoong nodded immediately, willing to do anything, as he had said.

“Name them, anything.”

Changmin chuckled at Jaejoong’s eager tone, having a feeling that Jaejoong wouldn’t be quite so eager after he finished.

“You’re not allowed to kiss me or do anything sexual, and that includes innuendoes. You can hold my hand or hug me, but nothing beyond that, unless I initiate it, and we’ll stop if I think we’re going to far. You need to be more open to me, and I’ll be more open to you. No more hiding things, no more secrets. No lying either. You need to tell me the truth from now on, no matter what.”

Jaejoong nodded, accepting the terms immediately. There wasn’t much, and what Changmin had said had been reasonable. The only thing he wished was different was the no kissing rule, but he realized he would have to earn that right back, and he was fine with that, as long as he did eventually get to kiss Changmin again.

“That’s reasonable.”

Changmin smiled, biting his lip. Jaejoong raised a hand and stroked it across Changmin's cheek.

“I promise, I really won’t mess up this time. I’ll make it up to you. As soon as I get out of here I’ll even take you on a proper date.”

Changmin looked happy at the idea and Jaejoong was glad for that. He was about to speak again when the door opened and three people tumbled in.

“Hyung! Did you beg for forgiveness yet?”

Jaejoong turned a glare on the intruders, who paused near the door way and took in the situation, assessing that they had interrupted something.


Jaejoong huffed and Changmin chuckled. Yoochun took in Changmin’s hands in Jaejoong’s, the way that they had been looking at each other and how much happier Changmin seemed. He was happy for his donsaeng, glad that they had gotten back together and Changmin was happier for it. He glared slightly at Jaejoong though, catching his eyes and making his threat obvious.

He wouldn’t allow for Jaejoong to hurt Changmin again. If he messed this chance up then Yoochun would make sure that Jaejoong paid for hurting Changmin. Jaejoong seemed to get the message and he nodded, showing his acceptance. Yoochun nodded right back before turning his attention back to Changmin.

“Min-ah, it’s getting rather late. We need to go now if we want to get back home before midnight.”

Changmin nodded, and Jaejoong looked disappointed.

“Can you come back tomorrow?”

Changmin shook his head regretfully.

“Sorry, I got another job to make up for the one I quit, and I start tomorrow, I can’t miss it. You can come see me when you get discharged from here though.”

Jaejoong smiled and raised Changmin’s hand to press another light kiss to the back of it, watching Changmin to make sure that it was okay. When Changmin did nothing he grinned and rested the hand back in his lap, happy that he would be able to at least do that.

“I’ll make sure to come see you as soon as I get out.”

Changmin nodded, reluctantly pulling his hand from Jaejoong’s and hesitating before leaning forward and pressing a quick kiss against Jaejoong’s cheek. He was out the door before Jaejoong realized what had happened, but once he did he grinned goofily. Junsu snorted at him, rolling his eyes before saying goodbye to his hyung as Junho left with Yoochun and Changmin before sitting down in the chair next to the bed.

“I see you and Changmin patched things up. About damn time.”

Jaejoong glared at Junsu, who simply grinned at him, before falling back down on the bed and grinning again.

‘Getting the shit beat out of me had an upside after all.’

He couldn’t wait until he could see Changmin again. He would make sure that this time, he would do things right. He wasn’t willing to risk losing Changmin a second time around. He had been given a second chance, and he wasn’t about to waste it.


A/N: There you go! xD Haha, I bet a lot of you are happy now that they’re finally together now. Though, Jaejoong still has to prove himself to Min, so it’s kind of more a courtship >.> LOL. Anyway, I hope you liked it, please remember to tell me what you think so that I can improve~ ^^


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Aww~ That's so sweet!
Although Changmin did gave some conditions [JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance 389928
I know why~ Because he need to make sure~ None of them would be hurt before... things get complicated?
What am I babbling?
haha :P
Cute updaTE~~~~ Changmin kissed Jae's cheek!! >.<

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jija wrote:Aww~ That's so sweet!
Although Changmin did gave some conditions [JAEMIN][COMPLETE][YAOI] Midnight Romance 389928
I know why~ Because he need to make sure~ None of them would be hurt before... things get complicated?
What am I babbling?
haha :P
Cute updaTE~~~~ Changmin kissed Jae's cheek!! >.<

Haha, yes ^^
Changmin had to have conditions, he can't risk Jaejoong doing the same thing again ;D LOL
I'm glad you liked it ^^
I hope you like the update as well~


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^ replies to comments above ^

A/N: Here’s the next chapter! I’m so glad that you guys all seem to love this story so far ^^ I hope you enjoy this chapter as well, though I don’t think it’s my best one >.> Anyway, the Date! Finally xD Haha. You’ll finally get to see if Jae will follow the rules and if it all goes well~ Anyway, I hope you like it and please remember to tell me what you think ^^

Midnight Romance – Part 8

“Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are.”


Changmin wasn’t freaking out at all.


“Hyung, what am I going to wear?”

Okay, so maybe he was freaking out a little.

But it was understandable, really. Anyone would be freaking out in his position (at least, that’s what he told himself to feel better).

It had been two days, and Jaejoong had finally gotten discharged from the hospital. Jaejoong had immediately contacted him to say that he was out, and if Changmin was able, he would take him out on their first date the very next day. Changmin had, of course, accepted, glad that he had the day off. He had gone to sleep that night, completely fine and looking forward to the next day.

Until said next day.

He had woken up, ate breakfast, and watched some TV, before realizing; He had a date with Jaejoong today.

A date.

With Jaejoong.


He had promptly started to freak out.

Yoochun watched as Changmin ran around trying to get ready in amusement. He was actually quite surprised that Changmin was freaking out like he was. He guessed it was understandable though. Jaejoong and Changmin had never had a conventional relationship. It had been purely physical between them, emotions other than lust and pleasure had had no place in what they did. The fact that they were going on a date (a first date) was something new to the both of them.

He watched as Changmin raced past him, clothes in hand, in their bedroom one more time before taking pity on his cousin.

“Changmin, Changmin, stop!”

Changmin froze in place, head turning to look at him. Yoochun chuckled before walking forward and taking the clothes out of Changmin’s hands and placing them on the bed. He then placed his own hands on Changmin’s shoulders, shaking him slightly before staring him dead in the eyes.

“Changmin, calm down. Breathe in, and then out, in, and out. Yes, like that.” Changmin was following his hyungs instructions and breathing slowly, calming himself down.

“Good, now are you calm?” Changmin nodded and Yoochun continued.

“Good, now, I know you’re freaking out because it’s your first date with Jaejoong, but stop. It’s Jaejoong. The vampire who is so obviously infatuated with you that it makes him stupid. He isn’t going to care what you wear. I’m sure you could wear sweats and a plain white shirt and he’d still think you would look amazing. Okay? So stop freaking out and changing outfits, you look fine.”

Changmin took in another deep breath, nodding shakily.

“Yeah, yeah your right. Of course. Thanks hyung.”

Yoochun just watched amusedly as Changmin then proceeded to fidget and smooth out imaginary wrinkles, checking himself in the mirror to make sure that everything was perfect and nothing out of place.

‘I hope Jaejoong isn’t freaking out as well. Someone needs to be calm.’


“Oh my god Junsu what am I going to do?!”

Junsu watched in amusement as Jaejoong paced in front of him, biting his lips nervously and body tense. Jaejoong had been freaking out since early that morning. Well, to be more specific, he had been freaking out since early that morning when he, Yunho and Junho had stopped by to wish him luck on his first date with Changmin.

Junsu had the feeling that he had been freaking out for much longer.


Jaejoong continued to pace, muttering wildly under his breath. Junsu sighed, and Yunho muffled a laugh in Junsu’s arm.


He was still pacing. Junho was hiding his grin under his hand, and Yunho was having a harder time controlling his laughter.

Junsu sighed. Why did it always have to be him?


Still pacing. Junsus scowled slightly, getting annoyed now.


The pacing finally stopped. Jaejoong jerked to a stop and turned to look at Junsu with wide eyes.


Junsu sighed.

“You need to stop freaking out Jaejoong. It’ll be fine.”

Jaejoong gaped, eyes wide.

“How are you so calm about this? Do you realize how important this is? It’s our first date! I can’t mess this up! What if he realizes that he could do better? That I’m not worth it? Oh god, what am I going to do?”

And so the return of the pacing. Junsu sighed, frustrated, before getting up (much to Yunho’s annoyance) and going over to Jaejoong. He gripped his shoulders tightly, shaking them, before looking him straight in the eye.

“Jaejoong, if you don’t calm down, I’m going to smack you. Changmin loves you. Just the fact that you’re taking him on an actual date will be enough for him. He knows you love him, so stop worrying, okay? You’ll do fine.”

Jaejoong nodded, breathing in shakily.

“Yeah, yeah you’re right. Sorry for freaking out on you Junsu thanks.”

Junsus smiled, lightly slapping Jaejoong’s arm as he stepped away.

“No problem. Now, we’re going to leave, since you’ve finally stopped freaking out. I’ll call you later to find out how it goes, okay?”

Jaejoong nodded, taking another deep breath.

“Okay, right. I’ll…talk to you later then.”

Junsus smiled before walking back to the couch and helping Yunho up, pulling him close. Junho stood up as well, the three of them saying one last goodbye before leaving. Jaejoong stood in place after they had left, biting his lip nervously before collapsing back on the couch that Junsu and Yunho had vacated.

‘God I am so screwed.’


Changmin yanked the door open the second the bell rang, silently cursing himself for looking so eager. He took one look out the door, and all those thoughts vanished.

Jaejoong was standing outside his door, looking as perfect as the first time Changmin saw him. In fact, he realized, Jaejoong was wearing the same outfit.

He blinked.

“Are you…?”

Jaejoong nodded, looking sheepish.

“Yeah, I, ah…thought it would be appropriate.”

Changmin chuckled, eyes going mismatched as he smiled.

“How sweet. And here I was thinking you had no idea how to be romantic.”

Jaejoong pretended to look offended, putting a hand over his heart in fake despair.

“Your words cut deep love. Let me show you how romantic I can be.”

Changmin outright laughed at that, and Jaejoong smiled at seeing Changmin so happy.

Maybe he wouldn’t do to bad after all.

“Come on Changmin, we have a date I believe.”

Changmin snorted, reaching forward and allowing Jaejoong to take his hand and pull him from the apartment.

“Oh, you’re leaving now Changmin-ah?”

They stopped and turned back to see Yoochun leaning in the doorway, smiling. Changmin nodded and Yoochun’s grin grew before he stood up straight and waved.

“Have fun. And remember, no funny business, got it?”

He smirked and Changmin blushed, though before Changmin would retaliate Yoochun had closed the door, the lock sliding into place audibly.


Jaejoong chuckled at Changmin’s embarrassed, scowling face, and tugged him a bit closer with their clasped hands, before raising them and planting a light kiss on the back of Changmins. Changmin blushed again and Jaejoong’s grin widened.

“Just ignore him; you can get back at him later. For now though, we have a date to get started.”

Changmin nodded and Jaejoong smiled again before tugging him forward and guiding him down the stairs and out of the building.


It was still relatively early in day, and the both of them had already had lunch, so they decided to start the date simple, and just went to the park and walked around. They stopped near the lake in the middle of the park, sitting down on one of the benches. Jaejoong had his arm curled around Changmin and Changmin laid his head on Jaejoong’s shoulder. Jaejoong grinned and tightened his arm around Changmin.



Changmin hummed slightly from his position. The date so far was simple, just going for a walk in the park, but he still loved it. They weren’t having sex and were just…together.

“Tell me more about yourself. We don’t really know much about each other, do we?”

Changmin laughed, hiding it behind his hand, eyes filled with amusement.

“No, no we don’t know much about each other. What do you want to know?”

Jaejoong shrugged, admiring Changmin’s laughter and how happy he looked.

“Anything, everything. Tell me whatever you want.”

Changmin grinned.

“Okay. Hmmm, well, you already know about Yoochun. He’s my cousin, but he’s also my best friend. We pretty much only had each other growing up. Out parents were pretty protective and limited who we were exposed to. That’s why we’re so close. When we moved out here we struggled a little at first. We had money saved up, but not many places were willing to hire a kid. Things got better though. And now here we are.”

Jaejoong nodded, pulling Changmin closer still.

“Well, now you don’t just have Yoochun. Now you have me, and Junsu and Yunho and Junho as well.”

Changmin smiled up at him, nodding.

“And now I have you guys as well.”

They talked about pretty much anything and everything for the next two hours, enjoying their time together, just talking. They got to know each other better, sharing everything, whether it was important or not.

“Are you getting hungry Changmin?”

Changmin paused, realizing that it was around six in the evening now and he was getting hungry.

“Yes, I am actually. Dinner now?”

Jaejoong smiled and stood up, taking Changmin with him.

“Yes, dinner. Come on, I have a surprise for you.”

Changmin blinked, wondering what it could be, but he followed Jaejoong willingly. They walked out of the park and back to Changmin’s apartment, where Jaejoong’s car was. Jaejoong held the door open for Changmin, who climbed in with an amused expression. Jaejoong got in soon after that, starting the car and driving to who knew where. Jaejoong ended up driving to outside the city, into a suburb and stopping in front of a small, homey looking restaurant. Changmin blinked, looking around and noticing the lack of other people around. Jaejoong was at his door the next second and opening it for him, so he took off his seat belt and climbed out, still not seeing anyone, or any signs of life from inside the restaurant.

“Jaejoong? Where are we? And why is no one else here?”

Jaejoong just smiled before taking Changmin’s hand and guiding him inside the restaurant. All the lights were on and everything was working, it was just…empty.

Changmin continued to look confused as Jaejoong guided him to a table near the back, the area around it clear of any other tables. It was the only table in the whole place that was done up. There was a rose in a glass on the edge, sitting next to it were two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Jaejoong guided Changmin up to the table and pulled his chair out for him. Changmin quirked and eyebrow again before sitting down and letting Jaejoong push him forward.

While Jaejoong was pouring them both a glass of wine Changmin looked around. The place wasn’t small, but it wasn’t big either. It was tastefully decorated and gave of a very welcoming feeling.

“Jaejoong, why are we here? Alone?”

Jaejoong smiled as he handed Changmin a wine glass, Changmin accepting gracefully, but still looking at Jaejoong expectantly.

“This place belongs to some friends of mine, and they’ve agreed to loan it to me for out date tonight. For dinner, I cooked our meal.”

Changmin blinked in shock.

“You can cook?”

Jaejoong chuckled, nodding and setting his own wine glass down.

“Yes, I can, and pretty well, or so I’m told.” He smirked and Changmin grinned.

“That’s…unexpected…but in a good way.”

Jaejoong smiled before clapping his hands together.

“Well I hope you enjoy it. I planned this earlier and stopped by to make most of it. All I have to do is add a few things and then heat it up. I’ll be right back.”

Changmin nodded and Jaejoong disappeared into the kitchen. It took him around maybe ten minutes, but when he came back he had two covered plates in hand, grin still in place. He set one down in front of Changmin before placing the other in front of his own spot and taking the lids off. Changmin inhaled the delicious scent, looking down to see a meal that made his mouth water.

“I hope you enjoy it.”

Changmin grinned up at Jaejoong, ready to dig in.

“It looks delicious Jaejoong, thank you.”

Jaejoong just waved a hand, slightly embarrassed.

“It’s not much. Anyway, eat up before it gets cold.”

Changmin just smiled before digging in and finding out that it was as good as it looked.


Jaejoong and Changmin stood in front of Changmin’s door, looking at each other. Changmin shuffled nervously, not quite knowing what to do.

“I…had a really good time today Jaejoong. And thank you for the wonderful dinner, I loved it.”

Jaejoong simply smiled, shaking his head.

“I had a good time too. And don’t mention it, I enjoy cooking. It’s not something that many people know though. But I’ll cook for you whenever you want.”

Changmin grinned happily, holding back his blush.

“That…would be nice. Thank you again Jaejoong, I’m really glad I gave you a second chance.”

And before Jaejoong could comprehend what had happened, Changmin had leaned forward and pressed a quick, light kiss to Jaejoong’s cheek before hurrying into his apartment. Jaejoong stood there, stunned and with a goofy smile on his face for a minute before he was able to move again.

He chuckled, hand rising to cover his cheek.


With that he turned around and left, smile not leaving his face for the rest of the night.


A/N: There you are! ^^ I hope you liked it~ I actually had a bit of trouble with the date, all I knew was that I wanted Jae too cook for Changmin for dinner >.> But I enjoyed writing the beginning the most ;D LOL. Anyway, once again I hope you like it, and please tell me what you thought ^^


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