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[NC-17][ONGOING] Shelves of Passion

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[NC-17][ONGOING] Shelves of Passion Pbucket

hello there!
This is my very first attempt to write a chaptered fic,
so please bear with my slow updates >.<
I wrote this chapter in four agonizing nights and I must say
it's not easy to write a great idea and divide it into parts.

Comments & suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Chapter 1: Insomnia

50 minutes have passed and I’m still headdesking myself, trying to squeeze out every brain cell I have left for one freakin’ ladder problem. Sometimes I just wish that I wasn’t that much of a genius that I have to climb year levels and have to take advance classes. It’s taking 50% of my “childhood” already. Plus the fact that I’m in a band and in the swimming varsity couldn’t make it any better. I’m guessing that’s 40%, so I’m left with 6% to be a normal eating, drinking and breathing person, 3% to get a girlfriend and 1% to play with myself.

This is what you get Shim Changmin for pursuing your dreams, so just live with it.
Oh cruel life.

I glanced over my shoulder and observed my roommate, Junsu, who was sleeping soundly on his own bed.

Lucky bastard. He should be suffering too like me, but his wits are better than mine. He asked our professor to be dropped from his class and promised to just take his subject next semester.

Now I wish I also did that back then when I had the opportunity.

I grabbed the tattered and worn-out teddy bear in front me and gave its neck one good strangle.
But no, Mr. Hwaiting Bear here has to nag me 24/7 to ‘try and try again, until you die’ and convinced me to continue this hell of a subject.

Damn. I really need a break.

I glanced at my wrist watch.
11:45 pm. it’s still open.

I stood up, trying to avoid the slightest noise that my chair might make and moved out of the room.

My feet walked across a never-ending hallway of closed dorm doors. I only realized that I was already outside when my eyes laid its sight on the glistening leaves of the trees under the bright full moon above me. I continued to walk until finally I found myself standing in front of a big white Greek-inspired building. Its large glass windows were glowing in faint yellow which gave me an idea that there were still people inside. I walked up the steps and placed my hands on one of the brass handles of the grand wooden two-door entrance.

My idea of a break: go to the library. I couldn’t be more boring than ever.
I released a helpless sigh and pushed it open.

Welcome to my world.

The hall was full of grandeur. The white marble below my feet was glistening like rainbow as they reflected the mix of white light from the grand chandelier above and the various colors of the books around me. Different sizes of shelves were placed around the hall like a big maze. The walls were adorned with a lot of paintings which were a mix of Classical and Romantic styles. Medium-sized statues and figures can also be found in one corner of the library.

I looked around for a bit, browsing a few books here and there from the shelves but returning them immediately. Nothing seems to interest me and I’m getting a little frustrated already.

Suddenly, I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I turned around.

For a good one minute I thought I was in heaven. The person who was now standing in front of me looked like a real angel basking in light, only without a halo and wings…and he was wearing a nametag with “Kim Jae Joong, Head Librarian” written on it.

Wait. He’s a guy? And he’s the head librarian? I never thought that there existed a head librarian in this library? I never saw him with all my visits here…so that means he only make his rounds at night? Butwhy during night time? Hmm…maybe because there are fewer students to –

“I think it is rude to stare at someone whom you don’t know well Mr. Shim Changmin.” I suddenly heard him say while I was still beneath my consciousness.

“Uhm…sorry sir. I didn’t mean to. I apologize.” I bowed in full 45 degrees in embarrassment as my eyes were on the floor. I

“No need to apologize Mr. Shim. I fully understand that you’re quite in stress right now with the final exams just around the corner. Right?” His small plump lips formed a smile that made my breathing stuck between my lungs and nasal pathways.

“Uh, sadly yes. Um. By the way, how did you know my name?” I asked him, struggling to maintain eye contact with him despite my now uneasy stature.

Damn. He has great eyes too. So deep and mysterious.

“I know every single loyal reader in this library and that includes you Mr. Shim. If I remember correctly, you are our top borrower for this semester.”
“This is embarrassing.” My hand was at the back of my head as my cheeks burned.
“Don’t be. It is not common anymore for students to spend their time here in the library. They just consider the library as a big sleeping area and not a place for learning and discovery.” He replied to me as he looked at the space around us.
“I don’t think like that Mr. Kim. I discovered a lot through these walls of books. I love the library.”
“Then that makes the two of us Mr. Shim. I love the library too.” He smiled again.

Why does he have to smile at me like that?

“By the way sir, can you suggest any good book for me to borrow? I’m looking for one that could keep me awake for the next 2 hours.”
“How about…this one?” He picked a book from the shelf in front of us and handed it over to me. I accidentally brushed against his hands that I immediately pulled mine away as if I was touching fire.
“Uh. Thank you uh, sir.” I fumbled over my words.

His hands felt like satin, even softer than a woman’s.

“You’re welcome Mr. Shim. Anyway, looks like I won’t disturb you much further. I hope you enjoy the book. I shall go ahead.” I watched him walk away from me slowly. His body swayed in grace as his fingers ran across the row of books that he passed by and finally disappeared as he turned to the next aisle.

What’s with me? Why am I feeling uneasy around him?

I shook my head and looked up the shelf in front of me. I glanced at the book that he gave me.


Wha…What the hell? What’s this? Is he cracking a joke on me?

My mouth hung open in disbelief as I flipped through its pages.

He is one weird librarian. Wise, but weird.
I glanced at my wrist and saw the short hand at 1.

No holy shit! It’s 1 am already! The dorm’s going to close up any minute!

---- ---- ----

I dragged myself inside the classroom as my ears heard the bell.

“You’re right on time Mr. Shim. Congratulations. Did something happen to you that you decided not to be late today?”

My professor just couldn’t be more sarcastic than ever. Can he not be just glad that I was early for his damn boring class? I may sound cocky but I really don’t need him, or his subject. He kept on doing this because he knows I am more knowledgeable than him.

But what’s the real culprit of my early bird event?

I slumped to my seat beside the window and pulled out from my bag the book that I got- no, make that the book that the librarian gave to me. The book didn’t give me insomnia, but he did. Images of him were invading every corner of mind last night, his angelic face, his mysterious eyes, his small lips, and his slender hands. A full straight 5 hours of having your eyes wide open is not recommendable for people like me, especially when you’re fantasizing over a guy. I tried to brush off the idea by finishing my review from cover to cover, and even had time to start my pending term papers. Then I was left with nothing to do. I was even on the verge of trying to jack off if I still couldn’t sleep in the next hour. Good thing my eyes knew better than me.

What’s wrong with me?

I even couldn’t give an answer to myself.

I glanced out of the window, wishing that there’s something more interesting outside other than this four-walled torture chamber I am in. My eyes caught of a figure who was reading a book just below my window. His back was leaning on the trunk of a tree while one leg was against it too. I couldn’t see his face though because he was facing the other side, his back was facing me. I watched him as he flipped through the next page of the book. He seems very into it though. I was quite amused how his nimble fingers touched the leaf of the book, like he was touching fragile that it could break any minute.
There is something about him that makes him so…familiar.

To all students from the College of Liberal Arts, there will be a special assembly later at 5:30 pm. We will be welcoming our Dean who just came back from his two-year Doctorate in England. Please be there 30 minutes before so we could settle down immediately. Thank you.

The sounds of metals hitting against the hard wood floor invaded my senses and brought me back inside the classroom. End of first class. One down, three more to go.
I glanced back outside my window to check out (did I just say check out??) the guy but he was not there anymore.

Oh well, as if he really mattered.

I was about to walk out of the classroom when an arm suddenly slung on my arm. It was Junsu.

“Changmin-ah! How in the world did you wake up early awhile ago? That’s a new one!” He happily teased me as we made our way to our next class.
“Please don’t ask. It’s just makes my head feel lighter. And for your information, I didn’t sleep. I just took a nap.”
“Oh really? Well anyway, don’t forget that we have band practice later at 8 o’clock over at Yoochun’s. Don’t be late.” He said as he walked past the door of our next class.
“Where are you going? We still have CS 150.”
“I’m cutting. I’m meeting my twin in the airport. I have to fetch him or he’ll get lost for sure. See you later!” He waved goodbye as I watched him walk away from me.
“I’ll take notes for you then.”

Damn. This day is long. I looked up to the high ceiling of the auditorium that I am now. After four excruciating classes and even barely getting through them in one piece, now I have to suffer this too?

The auditorium was slowly filling up with students and faculty. Every row and box was fully occupied.

Honestly, I haven’t seen the Dean yet. I was only a transferee 2 years ago and didn’t care much about prominent people. Now I’m going to see him the first time and for some reason, I’m feeling nervous.

But I don’t know why.

A professor stood in front and spoke quite long on the introduction. I was about to doze off when-

Without further ado, may we call on our most beloved Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Mr. Kim Jae Joong!

What the hell?! Is this another joke of his? He is that head librarian from last night! And now he promoted himself to Dean of the college?? Since when did he do this? Overnight?

I stared at his standing figure on stage as my mind still couldn’t register what was happening. He was now doing his own speech but I couldn’t hear them properly anymore. My senses were now numb. What my ears could only receive where the words, SHIM CHANGMIN. IN. THE. DEAN’S. OFFICE. LATER.

Wait. Am I being called in his room? Scratch that. I mean, the Dean’s office? What did I do now?

---- ---- ----

My fist knocked nervously against the wooden door which held the label, “Dean” on it.

“Come in Mr. Shim.”

I walked in slowly, avoiding making a fuss around myself.

“And please lock the door behind you.”

I saw him sitting on the desk as his hands were carelessly unbuttoning the first few buttons of his polo. I glanced around the room and saw his coat thrown on one side.

What’s happening here?

Just then, he began to walk towards me, not averting his eyes on mine. I moved back slowly with each forward step he took, only to realize that I’m trapped between the locked door and him. It was only now that I was able to look at his features in detail: beautiful face, broad shoulders, slim waist and firm legs. He is beautiful. He is handsome. He is damn attractive. My heart rate raised a few notches as I absorbed everything that was happening in front of me. The angel I once knew became the most sinful devil I have ever seen, and he's going to take me alive.

“Was the book effective Mr. Shim? Didn’t get that much sleep I presume?” He touched my face and I knew I was on fire.
“Um. Yes. I was dozing off every now and then.” For some strange reason, I allowed my arms to wrap around his waist.
“I saw you awhile ago by the window looking really sleepy. Looks like you need one good long sleep. Shall I help you with that?” I felt his fingers on my clothed chest. My lungs heaved in uneasiness.
“I have a little secret to share with you Shim Changmin… I lust for you.” He breathed against my now reddening ear, and as I heard those words I didn’t resist him anymore.

Our lips were crushing against each other as our hands were trying to explore every unknown territory of each other’s bodies. Tongues were wrestling for domination. We didn’t even know who started it, but we have no plans of ending immediately. I sucked on his tongue in delight and extracted a moan from him. He took revenge by inserting his hand inside my pants and cupping my aching balls. I tried to muffle my scream by sucking into his neck, leaving red blotches on it. He rubbed inside me like crazy. I can feel his fingers flicking that slit of my cock which made my head throw back and just indulge in the sensation.

“Unh…faster...Sir Kim…”
He gave my cock one long squeeze which made me bite into his neck.
“No formalities Changmin, you can just call me Jaejoong, or better yet, just Jae.” He said as he pulled away from my mouth and started to trace wet kisses on my chest.
“Jae…please... harder.” I manage to say in between pants.
I didn’t hear him reply. Instead, I felt his mouth taking me all in.
“Oh. god. Unh…” I pushed against his face as I watched my cock appear and disappear in his mouth. He sucked me longer and harder, not missing a beat from the rhythm that he made for himself. I grabbed his head and forcefully pulled him into me.
“I’m…gonna…ah…ah!” I squirted my seed into his mouth. He backed off a bit and allowed some of my fluids to splash on his face.
“Lick me clean Min.”
I willingly obliged. I sucked on his face and tasted myself. My mouth landed on his lips and we started another kissing spree. My hands roamed down to his waist and started to unbuckle his belt, but his hands suddenly gripped them.
“Not now. We shall save some for later in the library.” He said as he gave my lips one last kiss.
“Um. Oh. Ok.” The disappointment couldn’t be hidden in my face.

“Now for the real reason why I called you in my office is that-“
“What? So there’s really a reason?” I asked dumbfoundedly as I watched him remove his cum-stained clothes and took a fresh set from his drawer.
“Inter-U’s coming soon and I want you to be ready. For that I will be your personal trainer.”

Does the blowjob that we did awhile ago part of that training??

“You will train under me every after class hours in the library at 10 o'clock in the evening. Any questions?”
“What kind of training exactly?”
He raised an eyebrow on me.
“I’m your Dean for nothing. I’ll give you 100 items of problem solving every day. If you don’t attend them, points will be definitely deducted from your overall performance.”
“In between fucking?? I mean, in between intimacy?”
“That would be a real challenge right?”
I hang my mouth open in disbelief.

Oh sure. I found my new found indulgence and torture at the same time. Having the Dean in between your cock and graduation rites is not a joke. How long will I last? Well at least I can’t call going to the library “boring” anymore.
Welcome to my world.

-end of Chapter 1-

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[NC-17][ONGOING] Shelves of Passion Pbucket
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[NC-17][ONGOING] Shelves of Passion Pbucket

Chapter 2: Punishment

I didn’t know how in the world I ended up inside my dorm room. All I can remember was I was inside the Dean’s office having a blowjob of my life, and the next thing I knew, I was being briefed regarding some training I have to undergo for Inter-U under his so-called “supervision”. And now I am inside my room all cleaned up and refreshed like nothing happened.

Did he drug me? Or am I that really sleepy that I sleepwalked back here?

I tried to excavate the innermost cavity of my mind but all I got were the images of the earlier events. The sensations were still raw against my skin. I can still feel him gnawing my cock. I closed my eyes, trying to remember each stroke and lick. I can feel myself harden again. I slowly moved my hand south and touched myself there. My lips pursed themselves to prevent my moan from coming out.


Yah! Changmin! Why didn’t you attend our practice awhile ago? Open up this door now if you don’t want me to catch you all naked and playing with yourself!”

I quickly got up from my bed and swung the door open.

“You might want to be discreet with what you are saying…” I acted as though I just came from sleep.
“You are not going to win best actor, I swear to god.” Junsu eyed me from head to toe before looking around our room.
“Wait… are you really busy? That’s quite a stack of thick books. Are you chosen for the Inter-U again?”
I turned around and saw three towering stacks of textbooks beside my bed.

Where did all that come from?

“You could’ve said you’re doing something really important this afternoon… Now I feel guilty of hollering on the hallway about you being naked and masturbating…”
“Wh-what?? You really shouted on the hallway?” My eyes widened as if they were to pop.
Junsu’s shoulders shook as he laughed.
“As if that matters. We are all men here anyway. Wait…are you?”

I thought my heart was about to explode when I heard his question. I swallowed hard before I was able to extricate from my voice box the phrase “Of course”. I was really thankful that his back was turned and he didn’t see my sweaty hands fidgeting.

“Anyway, since you’ll be busy the following weeks, I’ll ask Chun if you could just take home the song pieces and we will just call you out for rehearsals. You’re still up for it?”
“No problem. I just need to fix my schedule. That’s all I need to do and I’ll be back in track. Good thing varsity training is during weekends.”
“Just do it Changmin-ah!” Junsu’s high-pitched voice echoed across the room and bounced against the thin walls of the dorm.
“Umm…that sounded kinky.”
We stood like ice for a few seconds before exploding in laughter.

“But seriously, I really wish you luck. What you’re doing is not easy. I salute you.”
“Yeah I know. Bow to me.”
“In your dreams.” Junsu walked over to his closest and rummaged inside.
“I have to leave again. I just came by to get my things.”
“Soccer practice?”
“Yeah! Coach told me I’ll be goalie this time!” His enthusiasm never fails me.
“Anyway, good luck again! Don’t forget to study hard and –“
“Play harder.” I finished his sentence for him.
He did his famous D smile and finally disappeared behind the door.

I’m alone again.

I glanced at the wall clock and read 47 minutes before 8.

I kinda wished that it’s already 10. But the hell, at least I have time to study. I walked over the unbelievable stack of books and saw a note on top of it.

We’ll be dealing with history later. Be there by 10 or else.

Such a man with a few words… but a lot to offer though.

My hands got the first book from one of the stacks and started to do my favorite thing in the world: studying.

---- ---- ----

Last time I checked, it was just 30 minutes past nine. But as I glanced again on the clock, it was already four minutes before ten o’clock!

OH SHIT! I’m late already! First night of training and I’m late!

I got my things and dashed out of the room. My lungs heaved like crazy when I reached the library doors. My hands rested on the handle and pushed on it. It didn’t budge.

It’s locked? He locked me out?

I checked my watch and it was just six minutes after ten.

Is he that strict with time?

My back slid against the doors and I sat on the floor below my feet. It was quiet around the building. Too quiet actually. I browsed through the few books that I brought and reviewed myself. Dark ages, the Bubonic plague, the French revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte, Trojan war, Helen of Troy, Ziggurats, Great Wall, the second world war. The words and phrases just wouldn’t run out in my mind. For me studying is just child’s play. You can slap me now.

“Studying time is over.” A shadow casted over my sitting position.

I looked up to see my intruder. It was him.

“Why are you late?” He looked at me with his half-hooded eyes.
“Overstudied.” I knew that reason does not work with him so I won’t waste my words anymore.
He slowly knelt before me and locked my knees between his.
“I can see that. So what do you think will happen now?” His face was so close to mine that I could smell dark chocolate from his mouth.
“Get punished?”
“Right. And I’ll do exactly that…” He moved his lips to mine and licked me lightly. His tongue touching my lower lip like icing. They were soft and luscious. He kept on licking me but not actually kissing my lips.

Then nothing.

He got up and left me motionless as he opened the door and walked inside.

“You’re still going to answer the 100 items I prepared for you, Changmin. After that, you can leave.”

Just like that?

He handed me the questionnaire without even looking at me. I allowed myself to sit on one of the study desks and glanced on the paper.

Wow. He’s serious when he said 100 items. They’re all identification too and are date-specific.
Geek mode.

When I glanced back at him he was already sitting on the opposite side of the desk and was reading a book. He wasn’t even paying attention to me. Not that I’m demanding but is he really going to ignore me the whole night? But there something different with him. Something that I can’t fully comprehend.

Just then, he ran his slender hands along his jaw line, slow and lingering on his skin. That simple motion made my jaw hang open a bit. He put down the book and his eyes met mine. That smouldering look caught me.

“You know my idea of punishment…is this.” He shifted one of his knees up on the chair he was sitting on and brought one of his hands under the table. Slowly he threw his head to one side while keeping his eyes on mine.

“Mmh…” He moaned.
“You know what my hand is doing now Changmin? They’re cupping my balls. It’s shaking them like crazy. Ngh… and I’m getting really hard with each shake.”

I shifted my body to a more comfortable position. I can feel the tiny blood vessels of my member increasing in flow rate as I witness him masturbate. He elicited another moan.

“Aah… I’m stroking myself now. My fingers running slowly, torturously along my hardening shaft. I can feel my veins protrude against the raw flesh… Can you feel them too Changmin-ah? Oh I’m sorry, I guess you can’t. Because you’re busy answering that damned questionnaire I gave you.”

Shit. He is torturing me.

His eyes were now half-closed as he continued to pleasure himself in front of me. His mouth was opened and gasping for air as his body shook from his erratic motions. Sweat started to form on his forehead and enough to slide down the sides of his face. His chest heaved in every second. I could feel the heat permeating from his body as it spreads like wild flame across the room.

I wiped the drool forming at the corner of my mouth as I continued to witness his exhibition. My pants were beginning to tighten with every moan I hear from him. I couldn’t take this any longer.


I dropped the pen I was holding and stood up.
“Na-uh. Sit.”
“And what makes you think I’ll follow you?” I don’t know where I pulled out my courage to talk to him like that. Perhaps the situation was already calling for it.
“Your graduation rites are on the line here Shim Changmin.”
“The hell I care. As if you’re going to really sabotage my grades. Everyone knows I’m a genius.”
“Are you daring me?”

With that I went under the table and shoved my face in between his legs. He released a throaty moan in response. I sucked on his balls while playing with his cock with my hand.

“Nghh… Changmin-ah… you’re going to get what you deserve…” I felt him thrust himself against my hand. My thumb finger rubbed on the tip while the rest were massaging the skin. I moved my hands in vengeance.
“Aaah! Unhh! Shit…”
I felt my hands beginning to become wet as I increased the pressure and speed of my hand. The chair he was sitting on was making irregular beats against the marble as he bounced up and down against my hand.
“Am I going to stop now Jae? I should think about my graduation rites right?” I asked him without stopping my hands from stroking him.
He didn’t answer me but I felt his hips moving harder against my hand.
“Do that and I’ll drop you from the college.”
My lips carved a smile as I squeezed him from base to tip.
“Oh god that felt good! Do that again!”
“Are you still going to punish me?” I moved my hands again.
“Mmh… a punishment you wouldn’t resist experiencing.”
“Like now?”
“Much better than this. Move your hand.” He fucked himself against my hand a few times, his motion becoming harder and tighter against me.
“I’m going to come. Now suck me long and hard.”
My mouth formed an “o” and took his whole length in. I moved my tongue against it and throated him.
“Aanh! Ah! Shit!” He poured out all his fluids inside my mouth and I swallowed them all. He grasped my head and pulled me closer. I continued to suck him until he’s spent.

He panted for a good five minutes before his breathing became regular. I got out under the table and stared at his current state. The lower half of his body glistened from sweat and cum. His mouth was still opened and breathing for air. It was a sight that was to die for.
“Is that all for tonight?” I asked.
“You haven’t finished your test yet.”
“Can I just take them home? I’ll just give it to you tomorrow in your office.”
He ran his hands along his shaft and stroked it gently.
“Lunch time tomorrow. That will be my deadline.”
“No problem. I’ll cram it tonight.” I turned around and walked to the door, but I felt a hand gripped my shoulder and spun me around.
“Who told you we’re finished?” He looked at me with those eyes again.
“But you said-“
“I didn’t say anything. I just said your deadline is lunch time tomorrow.” He moved against me and touched his still hard member against my clothed one. I groaned from the contact.
“See? You’re still hard and waiting.” He encircled his arms around me and pulled me to his body. I can only bite my lips to prevent another moan from coming out of my mouth.
He tugged on my pants and unbuckled my belt. In seconds he was already kneeling down and licking me from tip to bottom. Ragged breathings echoed across the empty library as he continued to suck me hungrily. Then I felt something inserted in my hole.
“Aanh…” My head threw back as I felt that sensation again. It was burning against the thin walls of my crack. He inserted it repetitively, with every push of his finger it delved in deeper into me.
“Unh… fuck it.” I moved back towards his finger.
“Tell me Min, what do you want me to do?”
“Ngh. Fuck. Me. Hard.” I panted in between breaths.
“Do you think you deserve it?” He inserted a second finger and I writhed in agony as my inner muscles tensed up.
“Ah! Shit Jae…you’re fucking teasing me.”
“That’s the point. I don’t think you deserve to get fucked right now. First night and your late remember?” He stopped moving his hands against me. I groaned in protest.
“Fuck yourself Min. Fuck my hands and mouth.”
His demands were strong and fierce, and I couldn’t help myself but follow him. He has this unknown authority with the use of his voice.
I moved my hips back and forth. The feeling was glorious. I jerked my body wildly without him moving a meter. He just knelt in front of me, his mouth and fingers locking me in between. I was literally fucking myself and he was merely a medium. I did not stop until I came long and hard.

I crept inside the room and avoided every obstacle that came my way: a soccer ball, a duck plushie, porn magazines and scattered clothes. Junsu was sound asleep, probably because of his soccer practice. I walked past his bed and collapsed on mine. I was wasted. I looked up on the ceiling and stared at it. My eyes started to feel heavy as my view began to blur. I slept like I never wanted to wake up again.

---- ---- ----

Our nights continued on like that. Senseless fucking and no obligations. He was the one who always decides on what was going to happen every night and I just follow him with no questions. I was not in the position of questioning what he wants. He is my superior and I’m just a student. But I loved the feeling of being manipulated under him. He might be just using me, worse, he might be just toying with me, but if I would admit it also, I was also playing him. I’m making him believe that he owns me, that he is obliged to fuck me every night. To the point that he never wanted to leave my ass and just stay there for the rest of his life. It’s a win-win situation. We were just using each other to satisfy our pleasures for raw sex and we both knew about it.

But what was weird about him is that his morning aura is totally the opposite. His face was gentle and carefree. He greeted every student that passed by him, even me when I’m in my student mode. He liked to smile a lot too whenever he was given the chance. Later on I found out that he plays the piano well when I caught him inside the music room, but he never knew that I knew about it. It seems that every day that passed by I would find out something new about him. Something that made me more interested in him, which makes me wonder if he knew anything about me too. If he was curious enough to know about me under this skin he hungered for every night. Not until this event happened.

“Are you available tomorrow?” He asked me while we were cleaning up each other inside his bathtub. Our conversations were never as casual as this compared to our first night together.
“For sex?”
“No. For lunch.”
I laughed.
“Are you asking me for a date?”
“No. I’m merely asking you if you are available for lunch tomorrow.”
“Yeah, but that’s called a date in layman’s term.”
“It’s not a date for me.”
“If I have to answer your question, my answer is no. I have an exam the following week and I have to study.”
“You’ve been studying all your life. Why don’t you do something different?”
“Wait. Is that coming from the mouth of a Dean? How about our nights of fucking? That is something different right?”
“Other than that stupid.”
“Don’t call me stupid. I’m a genius.”
“Since you’re a genius, why don’t you just drop studying for a while and eat with me.”
“You know, that phrase didn’t come out right.”
“I know.” He bit his lip and licked them afterwards.
“Fine. Where to?”
“I still don’t know. Wherever my car takes us. Just meet me tomorrow in front of the library at eleven o’clock.”
“Okay then.”
“Oh, and I’ll be the one who will approach you. You might not recognize me.”
“Are you messing with me? How can I not recognize you? I’ve seen you naked from top to bottom a million times already.”
“Trust me, you won’t.”

So I guess my graduation rites' not in the line now. After all that fucking?? He wouldn't dare touch my credentials for college grad or else...I would so fuck him. Hey, I'd like that. After 5 nights I think I deserve to top next time.
But what's this? He is inviting me to lunch? That's new.

-end of Chapter 2-

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