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[ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover

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1[ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover Empty [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover on 2010-02-15, 3:25 pm


[NC-17/R][Jaejoong/Changmin][one-shot] Choosey Lover

by: yceamaecy@cassph.info (that's still me, haha)
disclaimer: I do not own Jaejoong and Changmin (or the rest of DBSK).
Although I really wish they are mine. They are from their rightful owner (SM Ent).

hope you guys like it!
comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated ^^;;


[ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover Pbucket

“Hyung, where are you?”
A tall figure was helplessly trying to feel his immediate environment through his arms and hands. While a smaller one was cautiously walking towards him, avoiding the slightest noise with each step until he reached a fair distance in front of him.
Suddenly, a bright spark of light illuminated the room that reflected against two pairs of eyes. When the brightness settled, the tall one released a sigh.
“Better?” Jaejoong asked as he held the candle in front of the maknae, his perfect whites flashing against its flame.
“Why did it take you so long to light a candle?” Changmin raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t tell me you used a matchstick when you actually have a lighter in your pocket, your right pocket to be exact.” Changmin was returned with a hanging jaw and a questioning stare.
“How in the world did you come up with that kind of assumption?”
“It’s a known fact to me hyung. You’ve been smoking behind our backs lately and it’s beginning to increase in frequency. The most recent, if I’m not mistaken, is just before this unlikely electricity outage came up.” He said to a dumbfounded Jaejoong as his hands slowly held on Jaejoong’s hips and pulled him closer. His nimble fingers began to trace along Jaejoong’s slim waist. Jaejoong’s breathing got stuck somehow in the middle when he realized what Changmin was doing to him. He was about to push him and the heat away when Changmin stepped back.
“See? Oh, and it’s pink too.” Changmin said as he twirled the lighter on his fingers.
“aish…fine. You caught me.” He surrendered to him as he allowed himself to fall to the nearest couch.
“Don’t tell the others about this, please? Especially to Junsu, he’ll nag nonstop about it.” He pleaded.
“What’s wrong hyung? You can tell me.” Changmin asked as he stood over him and handed back the lighter. Jaejoong looked up to him and met his eyes.
“I’m tired.”
“Oh. Umm…so maybe we can just continue this heart-to-heart talk tomorrow if you want…―“
“Min.” Jaejoong shot at him.
“Okay, sorry, my bad. Look, I know what you mean and everybody’s tired too, including me, but we can’t just stop even if we want to. You know that.”
Jaejoong released a sigh.
“Let’s go out. Now. I need to unwind… Nothing productive is going to happen to us here anyway because we have a black out.” His feet were making irregular beats on the hardwood floor.
He didn’t hear Changmin reply. Instead, he felt the maknae’s warm breath against the nape of his neck.
“Then why don’t we make this night productive…”
“You know…make the most of the dark.” With that he bit Jaejoong’s pierced ear.
“Tempting, but I’m thinking of something better.” his lips formed a smirk.
“Let’s go to a club.”
“Huh? Club? Night club? You know I don’t do clubbing.”
“Let’s just go. I’ll drive.” With that he grabbed Changmin’s hand and dashed outside the apartment.

The scene was busy with the usual nocturnal people: the socialites, the nightlife hardcores and the dance floor stars.

“I thought you didn’t want attention?” Changmin asked as he glanced at Jaejoong who was driving so slowly amidst the crowd of club goers. The pristine white Audi R8 was literally blinding anyone who caught a sight of it.
“Yeah. Why?” Jaejoong nodded as he finally shifted the gear to “P”. He turned the key and the motor died faintly.
“Then why the R8? Don’t you know that it’s shouting ‘HELLO WORLD I’M A CELEBRITY’ in everybody’s faces?” He stepped out of the car as Jaejoong opened his door for him.
“You know I can’t leave my baby at home all alone.” He replied to him and gave him a wink.
“Flattery doesn’t work on a car hyung.”
“Your genius phrases really amuse me. How about making use of that tonight?” He gave his car one last check and finally locked it with a beep.
“Looks like you’re up to something naughty again.”
“From what I know I am not the only one who is naughty here.” He tucked some hair behind his right ear and revealed its glowing redness. “You’re the culprit here Changmin.”
“Well, you have to blame yourself Jae…for being such a hot turn on.” He moved closer to his small-framed body and pulled him close, his breath against the sensitive ear. Jaejoong turned his head and looked at him intensely.
“Before we can get to that, here’s a deal. You get inside that club, pick up a girl, make her so crazy for you that she’ll give everything you asked, and then dump her in the end.”
“Easy. Is that all?”
“Love your confidence but here’s the catch: you have to dump her in front of me.”
Changmin was amused at the realization that Jaejoong was asking him to do these things to make him feel needed. He replied at him with a smirk.
“So this is your idea of unwinding huh?”
“Something like that. Then you’ll have me all for yourself…” He gave him a lip bite as a final tease.

They entered the club separately. Jaejoong went straight to the bar while Changmin headed to the dance floor. Jaejoong sat and signaled the bartender for a Martini as he enjoyed the sounds and sights around him. The club was quite full but he didn’t have any difficulty spotting the maknae among the sea of intoxicated people.
“You are one hell of a tall guy Changmin, tall and long.”

Changmin sauntered the dance floor and glanced around for the perfect prey despite all the eyes on him from head to toe. His gaze stopped on a certain girl who was being forced by her girl friends to dance with them.
“She’s cute, but timid. She’s wonderful.” He took that as a signal to himself to already make a move.

Jaejoong was watching Changmin from afar as he approached one of the girls on the floor.
“She’s cute.” He said to himself as he observed the scene before him. He saw him flashing that charming smile as he introduced himself to her, while one hand was unconsciously running against the exposed female skin. He took a sip of his Martini while still keeping an eye on the floor.

“Naughty as ever huh Min?” He chuckled and took another sip. Changmin was now holding the girl’s hand and pulling him to the dance floor. As if right on cue, the mood toned down and slow music was playing. They started dancing.

Changmin held the girl by the waist and pulled her closer than normal. The girl was only able to stare at his eyes as he controlled their movements. He ran his fingers along the girl’s jaw line, caressing it like it was something fragile.
“Don’t worry, I’ll guide you… I will be your personal dance instructor” His voice was so greasy against the girl’s ear that made her melt right there. He roamed his hands on her back and pulled her against his chest. They swayed with the slow beat of the music, hip against hip. She was drowning in his stare and in his touch. Before she knew it, he was already kissing her neck and her body wasn’t protesting against it. She was so into him.
Changmin could sense the girl’s submission to him and thought that he might just take this to the next level. He ran his hand against the girl’s legs and moved it up slowly up to her thigh. She released a moan from her half-opened lips, which Changmin immediately caught with his own.
“I bet Jae’s burning with jealousy now.” He thought to himself as he continued kissing the girl, his waist moving against her.

Jaejoong gulped the remaining Martini as he witnessed the intensity of the sight before him.
“Who told him to make out in front of me?” He stood up and walked straight to the dance floor, not leaving his gaze on them.

Changmin saw Jaejoong moving towards them. He could see the green-eyed monster in the glint in his eyes. Changmin couldn’t hide the smirk that is forming in his lips.
“Perfect timing hyung.” He said as they broke from the kiss.
“Hmm?” the girl was still dazed from the heat.
Jaejoong didn’t utter a word to the maknae. Instead, he pulled him and their lips met.
“You owe me this.” He whispered as he nibbled on his lower lip.
He was about to pull away when Changmin grabbed his waist and crushed his lips on his.
“I want more.” His mouth gaining confidence as Jaejoong welcomed his tongue whole-heartedly. They only pulled away when they were out of breath. The girl was already nowhere in sight while eyes were staring at them in confusion.
“What? Never seen two hot guys make out before?” Jaejoong glared at them.
People then looked away and acted as if nothing happened. Changmin only laughed at his primadonna aura.

They moved across the dance floor with ease. It was as if people were purposely moving out of their way and avoiding Jaejoong’s glare as they passed by.
“I told you that was easy.” Changmin said as he touched his lips with his fingers, still lingering with the aftertaste of Jaejoong’s kiss.
“And here I thought she would want a threesome.” Jaejoong suddenly blurted out while making their way out of the club.
“Yeah right. You’re just jealous of what I did to her.”
“Shut up. That was not what we had planned.” He walked a little ahead of Changmin as they reached the parking lot.
“I was so close of hearing her pleading for me… I would have wanted to hear that.” Changmin continued to tease him as their feet stopped before their parking space.
“You know… I rather hear you pleading for me…” He suddenly faced Changmin and caught the younger one’s lips off guard. Changmin who was at first startled by his attack, returned the favor by pushing the older man down on top of the hood of the car without separating from their kiss.
“You might be the one pleading for me Jae…” He said when they finally broke off. Jaejoong wrapped his arms around Changmin’s neck and pulled him to his lying form. Changmin licked the skin under him. His tongue was tracing thin strips along his neck down to his exposed chest due to his plunging v-neck.

Jaejoong slowly closed his eyes and just allowed the sensation drown him. His hands were snaking behind Changmin’s broad back, feeling every curve of his muscles. The younger one’s tongue skills were excellent on his heaving chest as his nipples became so pert and hard. His mouth continued to release silent mewls as he felt Changmin’s hands brushing against his hardening member through his pants.

Changmin slowly unbuckled his belt, his hands making its way inside his pants. Jaejoong released a throaty moan as his warm hands rubbed him.
“Unh…Min-ah…” He bucked his hips towards Changmin’s hands while his arms were spread wide, trying to hold on for control while pleasure engulfed him.
“Aah! god.” He gasped as he felt Changmin’s tongue licking the tip of his penis through the cotton cloth of his brief. The feeling was incredible. The texture of the cloth was rubbing against him as Changmin continued to suck him. Precum was already coming through the cloth, and Changmin was sucking it more vigorously as if to drain him in an instant.

Jaejoong was getting crazier by the second, added the fact that Changmin was purposely making wet and sloppy sounds with his sucking which made it even more unbearable for him to control his nearing orgasm.
“Ah...ah…ahh…mmmhh…” Jaejoong’s moans echoed as he cummed right into Changmin’s waiting mouth. Jaejoong was still a bit dizzy from the orgasm when he tasted himself through Changmin’s mouth. His tongue taking advantage of the situation as it plunged deep in Changmin’s throat, testing his gag reflex. Changmin elicited a deep moan in response. He sucked on his tongue until his own taste made him drunk.
Their mouths were wrestling for domination as they unshed each other’s clothing. Now it’s only skin against skin.

Their bodies were shimmering in sweat as the dim lights of the parking lot hit them. Their aching members rubbing on each other as they grind on top of the car, their legs locked on not allowing any space between them get in the way. Jaejoong moved his hands behind and inserted a finger inside Changmin.
“Unh…ah.” His face distorted a little at the sudden intrusion, but he was able to get used to it after Jaejoong moved it in and out a few times. Then he inserted a second finger.
“Aa-ah!” He yelped in pain.
“I’m sorry Min…” He kissed the maknae’s face tenderly as his fingers continued to fuck him.
Changmin only pushed a little harder against Jaejoong’s fingers in response.
“Just do it now…” He demanded.
“Impatient aren’t we?”
Jaejoong’s thrusts were rougher and deeper with every push of his fingers. The younger one could only whimper softly to control the weird sensations pooling inside him.

“Hyung…please…take me…” Changmin whispered in between his ragged pants. Jaejoong willingly obliged. He removed his fingers from Changmin’s hole and got up and turned him over. The younger one had his arms on top of the hood to balance his body. Jaejoong positioned his cock right before the Changmin’s entrance and rammed himself to the hilt inside him.
“Unh! fuck Jae…”
“fuck you too.” He continued to shove himself inside his hole, grunting with every push. Changmin was murmuring incoherent words as Jaejoong’s member continued to drive himself in and out of him.
“Harder Jae dammit…” He said as he moved his hips backward to meet Jaejoong’s thrusts.
The moans were getting louder and louder as Jaejoong entered him repetitively, their energies not wavering and their rhythm not missing a beat. Changmin can already feel himself tense up inside as Jaejoong’s cock hit his prostrate.
“Jae…I’m…near… Don’t stop…”

The heat, mixed with different emotions was overpowering the both of them. Jaejoong could feel Changmin’s inner muscles massaging him in every inch. It was driving him mad. He grabbed Changmin’s member upfront and pumped it in time with their thrusts. Everything that was happening was too much already for the maknae. With a deep groan he spilled his seed on Jaejoong’s palms.
“Anhh… oh…god.” His muscles squeezed involuntarily Jaejoong’s cock inside him which made the latter release himself in him.
“Min-ah… I love you.” He grabbed his waist tightly as he cummed inside him. Changmin released any remaining sounds from his throat as he felt Jaejoong’s fluids running inside him. Jaejoong fell on Changmin’s back as he gave him his last few drops. Their alternating pants echoed across the parking lot.

“Damn…that was good.” Jaejoong was finally able to utter something after a few minutes of trying to regain their breaths. He carefully removed himself inside Changmin and lay down beside him on the hood.

Changmin didn’t respond. Instead, he kissed his hyung lovingly on the lips. Jaejoong smiled back in response.

“C’mon let’s go. Let’s hit another club.”
“What?” Jaejoong blinked at the suggestion of the maknae.
“This time, you’ll be the one who’s going to pick up a girl and dump her in front of me.”


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2[ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover Empty Re: [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover on 2010-02-18, 4:41 am



Those emoticons expresses what I think now.

GAWD. Two stories I've read so far, and both stories had them having sex either on CAR or MOTORBIKE.

Weird, but HOT!~~ HAHAHA [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover 389928

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3[ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover Empty Re: [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover on 2010-02-18, 5:06 pm


yeah, i like to situate things in the oddest places coz it makes it more interesting ^^

unconventional would mean unforgettable, in this case, the sex they had is definitely something not to forget about, hahaha

[ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover Pbucket
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4[ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover Empty Re: [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover on 2010-02-18, 9:39 pm


LOL!! HAHAHA. Crazy ideas. [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover 389928

But it's cool [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover 389928 LOL.

I'm underaged, but you don't want to think how much rated fanfics i've read all these times [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover 389928

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5[ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover Empty Re: [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover on 2010-03-04, 12:19 pm

Once again, I loved it just as much the second time around bb! xD
Great job~


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6[ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover Empty Re: [ONE-SHOT][YAOI] Choosey Lover on 2010-03-08, 10:27 am


Cerinity wrote:Woot~!
Once again, I loved it just as much the second time around bb! xD
Great job~
i'm glad that you still like this,
hehehe. i also enjoyed, very much enjoyed actually,
writing this fic too~ hehehe.

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