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1REQUESTING RULES Empty REQUESTING RULES on 2010-02-12, 2:27 am


High Admin
High Admin
Here are some rules you should follow before starting requsting ^^

1. Only request fics for ONLY you
- Do not request already finished fics by other authers from other sites.
- It's not for the Writers Devision to read other fics, to find what your looking for.

2. Use this code for your requests
[b]Desired Title : [/b]
[b]Number of chapters : [/b]
[b]Main Character : [/b]
[b]List of other characters : [/b]
[b]Outline of the story : [/b]
[b]Point of view of the story : [/b]

3. Be specific
- with what you want so that it would be easier for them
- If you want any specific event to take place in the fic, you can also write that, in the form

4. Only one thread for each Story Constributers
- Select your thread as STICKY

5. If you don't have a request for a specific Story Constributer
- Make a new thread
- Don't select that as STICKY

6. be patient
- It might take a few days to work on your request

7. Label you topics
- [LOVE] for love stories
- [HORROR] for horror
- [ACTION] for action
- [COUPLE] for couples ex. JaeMin, JaeChun so on
- [MYSTERY] for mysterious events
- [COMEDY] for comedy

8. Thread title
- Don't use the title for your fic as the title of the thread
- Write a short reason, or what it's for
[COMEDY]As a gift for a friend
- When someone has accepted your request, add [IN PROGRESS] to the title
[IN PROGRESS][COMEDY]As a gift for a friend

9. Credits
- remember to credit their work, cause they put alot of work in it

10. No plagarisme
- If the outline is similar to some other fics, try to make it as original as possible

Read & obey the rules

To the requester, please make sure you inform a MOD to lock the
topic in the thread after your requests have been fulfilled. Thanks :3

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