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“SongSun, what’s my schedule for today?”

Changmin slightly lifted his eye-brows as he aimed the nicely cut omelette into his mouth before he started chewing it. He then looked up to meet the gaze of an aged man.

“Milord, I insist that you just stay in bed and recover. It’s dangerous if you were to go on underground missions now,” SongSun replied with a respectful bow, which earned a scoff from Changmin.

“This wound is nothing. I’ve had worse injuries before. Just tell me who I need to kill today,” he spoke indifferently.

SongSun was at lost for words. His gaze automatically diverted to Min Hee whose knees are being treated by one of the maids not far from them. His eyes shouted for help, to help him tell Changmin what was best for him at the moment. He knew Min Hee was the only one Changmin listens to. And to know that Min Hee had recovered some of her ‘feelings’, SongSun couldn’t be more grateful. He was glad that they could prevent Changmin from turning into someone much worse than who he was before in time.

Min Hee did caught SongSun’s eyes, but she wasn’t paying attention to their previous conversation. Instead, she could only smile sweetly as SongSun sighed.

“Milord, at least please allow me to consult the family doctor before we resume your daily activities. I can send our men to cover for you in the mean time. I insist. Your health is more important.”

Changmin stopped eating and glared at SongSun. “Are you really doubting my capabilities?” Changmin thought he was perfectly fine and he should get back to work. He needed to settle things faster. As long as he still can’t get a grip of the attacker, he will keep on pushing himself to get things done.

“Please,” SongSun bowed even lower. “We trust you, Milord, with all our lives. I just think that Milady would want me to restraint your movements until you’re fully healed.”

Changmin stopped eating his breakfast completely and glanced over at Min Hee, who had her confused eyes back on him. They stared at each other for a moment before Changmin turned back to SongSun and muttered, “If she would like me to restraint my movements, she can tell it to me herself. Right now I need to get things done and fast.”

There was a moment of silence within the room as everyone was caught in their own reasoning. The only sound that came then was the sound of cutleries meeting the plate and the sound of the maid applying medicine onto Min Hee’s scratches. No one knew exactly what to say without making the matter worse.

However, Min Hee did want to say something. She wanted to agree with SongSun. But she wasn’t sure if that was what Changmin would like her to do. She didn’t want to be the reason that Changmin couldn’t get his work done, whatever they were. But she was also very worried about Changmin’s condition since it had only been a few days since Changmin was shot and his wound hasn’t clot perfectly yet. If only she knew exactly what Changmin do for a living. She knew Changmin’s a clan leader of the most feared mafia group in South Korea. She also knew perfectly that they kill and fight in most of their business transactions. But she wasn’t sure if Changmin’s work does involve that kind of field work, or he just went out to negotiate verbally and sign stuff like a CEO of a company.

After a while of making sense of her own conclusions, she suddenly spoke with a firm tone, “Tell me his supposed schedules and I’ll decide if he can go or not.”

It was as if she was a completely different person. She didn’t know what came over her, but she had this sudden need to be in control. She needed to dominate during this particular situation.

She needed to take care of Changmin.

SongSun grinned at her words and Changmin quietly smiled. Changmin knew his wife was slowly coming back.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

After Changmin was done having his breakfast and SongSun had finished briefing Min Hee on what was supposed to be Changmin’s workload for the day, everyone left the bedroom except for Min Hee and Changmin. Changmin had already made himself comfortable on the soft bed while watching Min Hee who was still seated on the sofa, thinking about something.

“Yah, jagiya~” he called.

Unused to the title, Min Hee slowly turned to make sure that Changmin was talking to her. She had uncertainties in her eyes, but her frown slowly turned into a smile when Changmin patted the small spot next to him, calling for her to join him on the bed.

“Go back to sleep. You need plenty of rest,” Min Hee rejected softly and refused to move from where she was seated. The more near she was to Changmin, the less rest Changmin would get since he would constantly remind her of how much he missed the moments they were together and their chit-chat could last them the whole night if she didn’t stop him.

“But I want you beside me when I sleep,” Changmin whined.

Min Hee had her eye-brows raised. “I’ll be in the same room. Take it or leave it.”

“I want neither.”

She frowned. “Stop being a child, Shim Changmin. I’ll still be here when you wake up.”

At hearing her pronounce his full name, he couldn’t help but grin stupidly. He kept his eyes on her as she slowly stood up and went to sit at the other edge of the bed anyway. They were closer, but not close enough for him.

“I’ve missed you pampering me,” Changmin said softly. “You have no idea how worried I was when the maid told me what happened to you at the balcony. You have no idea how grateful I was that Junsu came in time to catch you and had enough strength to pull you up. Do you know how much you weight?”

Min Hee just smiled.

“If Junsu had come with me that day, I could’ve lost you for good,” he whispered, pain slowly appearing on his expressions. “Another false move and I could really lose you...”

Min Hee bit her lips softly. It was true. If Junsu went to meet the woman together with Changmin that day, no one could’ve been there in time to catch her when she had unconsciously stepped off the edge of the balcony. And her head could’ve been smashed by the stoned floor below so easily that no one would be able recognise her face anymore.

“But,” Min Hee started just as softly, “if Junsu had gone with you that day, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt like this.”

“Speak for yourself. I would’ve lost two persons that I love the most in the world. This wound is nothing compared to the pain of that.”

Min Hee could find nothing else to say at those last comments. Her hands slowly held her own abdomen as she shut her eyes and sighed. Changmin was watching her intently.

“I hate forgetting...” Min Hee spoke after a while. “How could I forget something as beautiful as this?”

Changmin sighed and held out a consoling arm, “It’s okay. Come here, baby. Let me hold you.”

Her sad eyes suddenly had a questioning look, “Wait, shouldn’t you get your rest by now? I’m sorry I’ve disturbed you,” Min Hee said hastily and stood up to walk back to the sofa.

Changmin wanted to call out to her again. But he figured Min Hee needed some time to re-figure her feelings and her life. And he realised he was just being childish at wanting most of her attention on him. Who wouldn’t? After he had nearly lost her for the rest of his life? He was just being over-protective. Is that so bad?

“Min Hee...” he decided to call out to her after all, but not to demand her to be by his side anymore. He only had a question that had been bugging him for a very long time now. “Have you, even once, recalled the night of the attack?”

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27[COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu - Page 2 Empty Re: [COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu on 2010-09-01, 5:14 am


“Have you, even once, recalled the night of the attack?”

The question had never once left her mind. Min Hee herself had always wanted to recall that night, to know exactly what had happened to her and what had caused her to forget so many wonderful things in her life. She was somehow sure that many good memories had been made between her and Changmin, and these kinds of memories shouldn’t have been easily forgotten no matter what the circumstances were.

It was unmistakeably a memory of true love.

Min Hee wanted to curse the life out of the person who had caused them such heartache. If only Changmin would allow her to get out there and find that foul person herself, she would and she would then tore that person’s skin to pieces and burn them to ashes. That was how much hatred and regret that Min Hee was cumulating inside her heart, mind and soul with each breath that she took. But of course, she was still in her right state of mind, and doing all those was too inhumane for her own conscience.

“Onnie, eat this up,” her sister-in-law’s voice was soft as she patted Min Hee’s back lightly.

Min Hee turned slightly as InKyung was facing her back, and looked at the tray of food on the coffee table with an exhausted smile. “Thanks, InKyung-ah. But I’ll wait for Changmin to wake up first. He wouldn’t want to eat alone.”

InKyung bit her lips and looked at the figure on the bed that was peacefully snoring, its chest moving up and down in constant rhythm. “But you might miss your lunch.”

“That’s alright. There’s still dinner and supper,” Min Hee assured.

“But onnie~” InKyung started to whine, which easily reminded Min Hee of her own husband’s whining. “You have to eat at regular times. It’s not good for your baby. I want my niece or nephew to be healthy and heavy when you give birth.”

Min Hee looked at InKyung with the sweetest smile for her concern and reached out to pat her head. “You worry too much. We’ll be fine. I’m not hungry, really.”

A sigh left InKyung’s lips. “Please?” she tried to push her luck again. She took the tray in her hands and laid it on Min Hee’s lap to subtly force her to eat.

“Oh alright,” Min Hee finally gave in and took the cutleries in her hands before serving small spoons of rice into her mouth and chewing them slowly. InKyung smiled gladly and watched as Min Hee ate in silence, always taking small bits of everything and end up leaving a small portion of it to the side.

“Why won’t you finish that?”

“In case Changmin wakes up for lunch.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Milady has been eating well lately,” SongSun nodded with respect at InKyung. “Ever since that day last week, she’s becoming more and more like whom she was before the attack.”

“Indeed,” InKyung agreed. Her eyes roamed around the ceiling of the basement as if searching for cracks or spiders, but deep in her mind she was fully occupied by her family’s issues. “Seems like she had seen something on that day, maybe that was why she passed out.”


The room was silent for a while as no one spoke nor moved from their spots. InKyung was admiring the frames hanging on the wall, which was full of pictures of Min Hee, with or without her brother while SongSun was waiting for further orders from InKyung.

“SongSun-ajusshi,” InKyung called his name quietly, wanting to ask him something personal that she had been keeping to herself for so long.


InKyung hesitated before turning to face SongSun completely, looking directly into his eyes. “Is it true that oppa had an identical twin?”

The question caught him completely off guard. No one was supposed to know about the abandoned twin except for him, Junsu and InKyung’s late father. Having her ask him like this must’ve mean that she too had been doing her own research. SongSun’s tongue was tied for he wasn’t sure if it was best to appear not knowing, or it would be easier to just tell the truth.

I trust you with my life, SongSun. Don’t tell anyone about him, unless when he himself comes back to the house to claim what he thinks is part of his rights. I don’t want them to fight each other for my place. But I know I can’t stop fate if that’s what was destined for them.

The distant voice of their late boss ringed clearly through his ears. He had given his words, and he was going to honour it…

“I’m not sure if I’m the right person to answer that,” SongSun replied politely, not particularly denying or admitting any facts. He just didn’t want to lie.

“Hmmph,” InKyung grunted and went to sit on Changmin’s favourite chair. “You could’ve helped make things a little bit easier you know, but it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. I’ll just figure it out another way.”

SongSun bowed at her words, indicating that she was indeed free to do as she pleased. “By the way, I think it’s best if we do not disturb his properties anymore. He had never favoured others coming into this room without his permission, except for Milady.”

InKyung suddenly smirked. “But I like the furious look on his face when he finds his things being out of place.”

SongSun bowed again and spoke, “Very well then, Lady InKyung. However, please don’t put up too much pressure into his head, he’s still recovering. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now. I still need to find Junsu before Milord asks directly for him.”

“Oh… Junsu isn’t back yet?”

The older man shook his head disappointedly. “It has been two days.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

It was very dark. It was too quiet. And there he was, hands roaming to help find his way. He knew he had to go somewhere. He knew that he had to meet someone. He could feel that his destination is very near. But yet he was stuck. He felt like there was nowhere else he could go except towards the end of this empty road. And he was alone.

Changmin cursed under his breath. He hated this feeling. He hated not knowing. And he hated betrayers.

But he had no pawns left to draw, and he felt helpless.

Finally he stopped walking and crouched down to the floor, thinking of when did his plan go wrong and which doors had he not opened. It was frustrating to even think that he, the great Shim Changmin, couldn’t figure out this simple plot.

He must’ve been too in love and it has clouded his intelligence. Wait, NO. Min Hee had absolutely nothing to do with this. She was just a victim and he was very close to fail in protecting her. It was fate that was playing with him, a punishment for what he had done to all those innocent people, including Min Hee’s father.

There was a sharp intake of breath and his eyes shot wide open.

“Changmin! What’s wrong? You’re sweating.”

The worried face that greeted him had only made his heart sank even more. Min Hee had told him that she had forgiven him, but he knew her heartbreak of that particular loss still lasts until this day.

“Your father…” Changmin huffed while Min Hee pulled back all the strands of his hair that was glued to his forehead.

“Shh… It’s only a dream,” she whispered.

Changmin’s breathings started to calm and Min Hee helped him to lean on the bed’s headrest. “He’s punishing me for what I’ve done.”

“Nonsense. If anything, he would be glad that I have someone like you to lean on. He’s guiding you.”

He stared into her sincere eyes and sighed softly. He hoped that Min Hee’s father will indeed guide him to find the attacker.

“Min Hee,” he started and searched for her hands, “I need you to allow me to go on missions. I really want to find those people quick. The less time I have, the more I will put you and our baby in danger.”


“I know I’m not fully healed yet, but it’s only a gunshot. I promise I’ll be careful.”

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“Where’s Min Hee?” Changmin asked SongSun as he looked at him through the mirror. With one hand, he brushed off the imaginary dusts on his shoulders and continued to examine his reflection for a while longer.

“Milady is at the back garden, playing with Pooka, Milord,” SongSun informed.

Changmin nodded in comprehension and fixed his hair one last time before making his way downstairs. It has been nearly two weeks since he was shot and the wound has been healing pretty well, however, it wasn’t enough to convince Min Hee that he was ready to go on missions again.

Only a few nights ago did Changmin intentionally asked for Min Hee’s permission to let him work. He knew that Min Hee wouldn’t let him and he wasn’t planning to push her. But circumstances are making him very impatient and he thought he could go crazy, so he pleaded, and she finally gave in. It hurt him to see her sad, but her reluctance did made him smile. She cared for him…

“Min Hee baby~” Changmin sang as he walked down the stone steps towards the fountain where Min Hee was sitting with a dog at her feet, wagging its tail lazily.

She looked up and smiled, but Changmin could tell that it was forced. Min Hee was beyond worried.

“You’re leaving now?” she asked softly which Changmin nodded at. “When will you be back?”

Changmin hesitated for a while, “I don’t know yet.”

The look on her face itself made his heart sank. His arms instinctively reached out for her and he hugged her closely, feeling each other’s comfortable warmness in the cold morning breeze. He wanted to take her worries away, and with that he needed to come back in one piece, unscratched.

Min Hee then slipped her arms under his unbuttoned jacket and she could feel the stiffness of the bullet-proof vest. Her hold on his waist tightened as she tried to remove all negative thoughts from her mind.

“Be safe…” she whispered.

He pulled away reluctantly and pecked her lips. “I’ll be back soon,” he said simply and walked away, a couple of black-suited men followed suit. Min Hee could tell that it still pained him to walk.

As his figure started to disappear, she sat back down at the edge of the fountain and stared at Pooka. Her vision suddenly blurred.


“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” he asked me for the umpteenth time and my reply was still the same.

“I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’ll be completely alone,” I assured softly, referring to the servants, maids and the guards at the entrances. He only looked at me as I fixed his jacket and smoothed out the wrinkles on his shoulders. “Take care of yourself, arasseo?”

He forced up a smile and held onto my hand to get my full attention. “You take care… I’m going to worry about you every second.”

“Yah, Shim Changmin. It’s only going to be a few days.”

“I know,” he spoke softly and looked directly into my eyes, reaching to my soul, “But I just have this weird feeling that something is going to go wrong.”

His reasons amused me. He had always been very smart, and to think that he could actually figure out the reasons for my hidden smile is just very exciting. But I doubt that. I wonder how he would react when I tell him that I’m pregnant with his baby. As much as I’m curious, I still had to wait for the right time. And now wouldn’t be special enough for us to celebrate this beautiful miracle. I had to wait for him to come back from Japan.

“You’re worrying too much. You have a plan to catch, now go,” I slightly pushed him towards his waiting men.

“I’ll call up InKyung to check up on you, okay. I love you,” he said and kissed me on the lips as if it was the last chance he’ll ever get to kiss me again. I gladly kissed him back.

When he was finally out of my sight, suddenly I felt strange.

That was when I wished I had insisted for him to stay.


“Milady, are you alright?”

One of the servants came up to her with a concerned look on his face. Min Hee had been pressing her palms tightly onto each side of her temples as her face pained. She grunted softly.

“I’m fine,” she said, not looking at the servant.

“I’ll get you some water,” the servant offered nonetheless and left Min Hee momentarily.

She sighed as she failed to make sense of her visions. She had this weird feeling of anger and disappointment in her mind but it was illogical to have felt them while saying goodbye to a husband that she loved so much. Why would she be angry at Changmin when she was about to tell him a very good news once he came back? Why would she be disappointed in him if all he had done is shower her with never-ending love and devotion?

It just didn’t make sense!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

He didn’t know what to do. Junsu stared at the empty wall in front of him with his right hand clutching hard to a bottle of beer. Even with as much as he had drunk, he was still as sober as ever.

“What the hell are you doing, Kim Junsu?” he asked himself mockingly. Laughter suddenly erupted and the empty room echoed with his voice. He pulled up the tip of the bottle to his mouth and sucked air. Angry, he threw the glass bottle aside and it crashed to pieces, joining many others that were crashed before it and making a loud noise that still couldn’t satisfy his furious heart.

He was furious at himself for being so stupid.

“KIM JUNSU, YOU IDIOT!!” He screamed at the wall, feeling hopeless and desperate.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Have you found Junsu yet?” Changmin asked into mid-air and pressed onto his ear-piece as he listened attentively. His face tightened at some points and sighed at others. His eyes roamed uneasily. “Nevermind, SongSun. I’ll deal with it later.”

Without even saying goodbye or thank you, Changmin disconnected the line.

“Milord, no one is inside. It looks like they’ve fled elsewhere,” one of the black-suited men informed him. “What are your orders?”

Changmin hesitated, thinking. His mind felt exhausted. First, Junsu had disappeared. And now, that b*tch that had shot him was nowhere to be found, and she had intelligently erased all traces of her existence around the premises. His lips pursed and he turned to stare at his right-hand man as of the moment, “Search the whole place again. And before I forget, she mentioned a very important name. Look up the name on the database.”

“Very well, Milord,” the man bowed and went off to inform his team. They had checked up the whole place twice actually, but Changmin’s orders must always be carried out if they didn’t want to end up fired or worse... dead.

He walked around the center of the large area, where he was shot, looking at the dried blood that blended in so well with the marble patterns. He cursed under his breath. If Mr. Hwang wasn’t outside waiting for him, he was pretty sure he would die that night. He couldn’t blame Mr. Hwang for being a few minutes late at realising he was taking too much time negotiating, but he was grateful that at least Mr. Hwang came in time before his pulse completely stopped.

Changmin still remembered that day. He hadn’t actually passed out after he was shot, but he was too much in pain to keep his eyes open and his mind focused. That was how he managed to instruct Mr. Hwang to bring him back to his home instead of the hospital. After all, his family doctor does things so much better than the ones at the hospitals. Aside from saving himself from the unwanted publicity, he could protect Min Hee. He was sure that people will want to hurt her again if they knew that he was wounded.

His mind wondered about so many things, but he only ended up frustrated.

“Damn, Kim Junsu. Where in the hell are you?!”

If only he knew that Junsu was the key that had made the attack at his house possible only months ago...

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“Kim Junsu...” the voice called, a mock present behind its sneer. “Stop being a cry baby and get your ass here. You still have a few more things to do before you will get your reward.”

“I didn’t ask for any rewards. All I want is for Min Hee not to get hurt,” Junsu’s voice was annoyed and tired. The beer was somehow starting to affect him, but not in its usual way. “Just back off... I’ll get the other things done when I’m ready.”

A chuckle echoed to his ears. “Oh, no, no... Are you forgetting something here? I’m the boss, remember?”

Junsu grunted. His fingers pinched the bridge of his nose to help ease the headache. “I haven’t turned stupid yet. And you haven’t been keeping your end of the bargain either. So at least I deserve some freedom to choose.”

Silence followed as Junsu figured that ‘he’ was contemplating.

“Fine,” the man finally decided. “I’ll let this one go on at your pace. But I expect the plan to succeed, or else, Min Hee will be as good as dead.”


However, the man called out his name before Junsu could cut the line. “Just so you know,” the man began. “It’s true that you haven’t turned stupid, but that’s only because you’re already stupid-”


He didn’t need to listen to more of them. He knew that man enjoys the pain and humiliation of others, and Junsu was sure that the bastard would be smiling triumphantly right now, rejoicing Junsu’s failure to endure his mocking. But he couldn’t care less. He was exhausted and all he wished for was that he hadn’t taken that much beer to last him a lifetime. Maybe it’s time for him to go home.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Shim Choikang is not in our database, Milord,” his men reported. “He’s not even among the Hidden Files.”

“Impossible. Our archive is the most complete. Who’s in charge?” Changmin’s voice boomed the empty hall as his eyes roamed the room, a hint of anger was visible but it was clear that he was trying to minimise it. He was avoiding the need to create a scene in his current condition.

“Me, Milord,” a short black-suited man with thick-rimmed glasses immediately came forward with a 10-inch portable notebook computer in his arms, not daring to make the boss wait a moment longer. His face was worried for what was to come, but he tried to maintain a straight face. “I’m in the process of hacking a few other databases on the internet. But it seemed as if this person does not exist.”

“How is this possible? He has the same surname as mine. It shouldn’t be that difficult!” Changmin’s tone was rising with each word.

“I’m doing my best, Milord…” the man hunched his shoulders a little to shield him from the blow that might land on him as his voice trailed off in terror. To his surprise, Changmin only snatched his notebook away from him and slammed it on the nearest flat surface before he began typing on the keyboard, entering codes so quickly that the man couldn’t even catch the sight of his finger-nails.


“Maybe it’s a code name, Milord.”

“Shut up.”

Changmin ignored his surroundings and continued searching and hacking using all the methods and areas that he knew. People around him could only watch as their boss was utilising his rare skills.

But even after a full hour, Changmin still couldn’t find anything. It was true. It was like Shim Choikang had never existed. Or whoever this Choikang was, he was one hell of a brain to be able to hide himself from the great Shim Changmin like this.

He immediately slide open his phone and called a number he thought he would never need.

“Prime Minister,” he began without saying hello. “We have a problem.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

It was already the next morning when Min Hee woke up from her slumber. Her eyes squinted as her body shifted under the covers to look behind her where she was expecting to find Changmin sleeping. But he wasn’t there.

Ignoring her heavy eye-lids, Min Hee lifted her body on her elbows and looked around. She wanted to confirm if Changmin really didn’t come home or if he’s already awake and gone again. No. Min Hee doubt Changmin would just go again without telling her. At least, she would expect Changmin to leave a note or a message behind. He was out all night.

She pressed her fingers around her eyes repeatedly to get them to wake. Slowly lifting the bed covers from her body, she made her way towards the bathroom to wash up.

Where are you, Shim Changmin?

Just as she finished washing her face, a distant tone rang through the room, startling Min Hee. “What the-” She quickly dried her hands and searched for the ringing phone or alarm clock, she wasn’t very sure which. Her eyes roamed as she stood in the middle of the bedroom, trying to identify the direction where the noise was coming from.

“Ahah!” she quickly ran towards the wardrobe and pulled open the doors, making the sound louder than it was before. Curious… Who would put a cellphone inside the wardrobe? And whose cellphone could it be in the first place?

“Yeoboseyo?” she spoke into the phone after flipping it open.


Upon recognising his voice, Min Hee’s lips instantly formed into a smile. She was only about to go and find out where Changmin might be, but it seemed the answer came to her willingly. “Hey…” she replied sweetly, longing and worry mixed together in her tone.

“Did you just wake up?” his voice sounded exhausted, but cheerful for her.

“Not really. How about you? Have you eaten?”

“The guys bought something. But I don’t feel like eating.”

Min Hee’s eye-brows frowned. “Yah Changmin-sshi. Don’t make me come and find you right now and force food into your mouth. You still need to take the medicines. Did you even bring some with you? Eat something and take your meds,” she began lecturing.

The other line was silent for a moment. Then a sigh came before Changmin spoke, “Ah, arasseo.”

“Hey, if you’re tired, come home and rest,” she continued, a bit more softly.

“Nahh, I just wanted to listen to your voice,” he said truthfully. “I’ve been dialling your number for ages and no one picked up the phone. Next time put it in your pockets so that I won’t have to wait that long.”

“This is my cellphone?”

“Of course. Due to some circumstances, I couldn’t tell you where I kept it while you were hospitalized.”

“Oh, okay…”

“Min Hee…” he called, attempting to change the subject. “I think I won’t be back for a few days. We had to go south. Something urgent came up.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Ajusshi, I’m back. Sorry I had something to-”

“JUNSU! Where in the God’s name have you been?! I’ve been searching for you everywhere. Don’t you ever disappear like that again!!”

Junsu was taken aback by his uncle’s concern over his small disappearance. Well, it was small in his opinion, but that was only because he didn’t realise how much he was needed in the latest operation. “I just took a stroll down at the beach and climbed some hills to ease my boredom,” Junsu smiled sheepishly at his own lie.

He spoke it so leisurely that it caused heavy wrinkles to form on SongSun’s forehead. “Child, do you know how much you could’ve helped him at this stage?” he said pertaining to Shim Changmin, shaking his head slightly in disappointment. “You should go and find him. He received some information about Shim Choikang living in a small suburb down south. He’ll need all the extra hands.”

At the mention of Shim Choikang, Junsu’s body immediately stiffen, and his fist tightened.

“What? What’s wrong, boy? Do you know Shim Choikang?”

He turned to face SongSun with pure anger in his eyes. “Who told Changmin about Shim Choikang?” he asked in alert instead of answering the question that was thrown at him.

“A female clan leader spoke that name to him a while ago. And within the last hour, his hacker received some info that might lead them to where Shim Choikang might be.”


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“You lied!” Junsu screamed into his phone as soon as the line was connected. “You said you’ll let me precede the rest of the plan at my own pace. Why the hell did you have to involve another innocent insider? As if having Changmin’s right hand man is not enough!”

An evil chuckle came through and greeted his reddening ears. “Pabo. The little innocent duck-butt now regrets his own negotiation. Tsk tsk…”

Junsu’s teeth clenched at the man’s words. “Damn you.”

“Look. I’m just trying to make things as less painful as possible. Don’t you know you were only going to torture him more? Who’s being more considerate here?”


The concerned voice of his uncle from behind him startled him to no end. “Shit!” he hissed. And without another word, Junsu disconnected the line and shove his cellphone hastily back into his slack pocket and turned. “Erm… S-Songsun ajusshi. Do you need anything?” he tried to appear as nonchalant as possible as if the situation was purely coincidental.

“Who were you talking to?”

“Er… the photos?” Junsu immediately pretended to adore the nearest painting while having one of his hands holding onto his ears as if rubbing it to appear as similar as possible to his previous position.

“Junsu, I may be old but I’m not dumb. What plan were you talking about?”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The sun was beginning to set at the end of the horizon. The breeze was getting chillier as the seconds passed by. As soon as they arrived, Changmin went out from his infamous Lamborghini, an unreadable expression set across his face.

“Yes, SongSun. We’ve just arrived at Gwangju. What’s wrong?”

Everyone waited as Changmin was speaking into mid-air and listening through his ear-piece. This time Changmin’s face got redder and redder by the time with anger. But instead of bursting his insides, Changmin just closed his eyes and inhaled sharply.

Finally, he made up his mind. He will never trust anyone else again. SongSun had just confirmed that there was indeed and insider among his clan members. And the betrayer is not just anyone among them. He had hoped that his assumptions were wrong, but SongSun sounded very convincing. If Changmin didn’t know any better, he might have accused SongSun to be that insider.

He wished SongSun would just tell him who it was.

“Thanks, SongSun. I’ll hang up now. I need to call my sister.”

At these circumstances, the only other person he trusted other than Min Hee could only be his other blood-relative. He was sure his innocent sister wouldn’t dare to do things behind his back. But if she did, then he’d deserve it.

“InKyung, where are you?” he immediately asked without replying InKyung’s greetings as she picked up her phone. “Shopping?! What more did you need to shop for?! Get home now and stay with Min Hee! … I can’t. I’m out of town. … No! I have to do this with my own hands. … That’s what you’re there for! Arghhh. … If anything happens to her, I’m going to kill you.”

His men could only watch and guess what could’ve been the rest of the conversation. As soon as Changmin was back with them, he went straight to his hacker and punched him right in the face. The poor man’s face bear shock.

“You’re fired.”

“Eh? B-but Milord-”

“Shut up and scram before I tear your skin to shreds!”

The hacker now knew that Changmin has been told about his misconduct. “Milord, please. They threatened m-”

“SCRAM!! And don’t touch me, how dare you!”

The poor man failed to listen. He kept on tugging to his sleeve and begged for forgiveness. And as a result, Changmin angrily punched him in the stomach and threw his body many feet away to the ground, pain pierced through his wound momentarily. Something of the poor man cracked, but Changmin paid absolutely no attention to it.

“Stop being his pawn and fcuk yourself. You’re not even worth my bullet,” Changmin thundered and turned to the rest of his men. “Now who else amongst you have something to confess? Better do it now while I’m still in control of myself.”

Nobody dared to move and just looked at their feet pitifully. A few of his men took secret glances at the hacker’s body, waiting for it to move or flinch from pain, but nothing happened. Their bodies shivered…

When he received no replies, he sighed disappointedly, thinking that there could still be people who refused to tell the truth. How he wished Junsu was there to back him up instead of these random semi-skilled men in front of him. Undoubtedly, they were the best of the best in their respective field, but Changmin just couldn’t trust anyone as much as before. Ironically, his trust for a childhood friend still remained intact until this second.

“Stay out here and wait for my signal. If I don’t come out in half an hour, find me,” Changmin said to the nearest man at his side and earned a nod. “You and you, come with me.”

The two men that were picked looked at each other in confusion. They weren’t the usual company that Changmin would call for since they weren’t exactly the best gun-fighter the clan has ever had. But orders remained to be orders, and they could only obey if they don’t want to be slaughtered out of the boss’s anger.

Without any other word, Changmin made a circling motion in the air with his index finger, instructing everyone else to surround the place. He then walked into the dark entrance with the other two while the others took their positions to stay guard outside.

He was hoping that this won’t be yet another trap…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Junsu, why are you still here? What part of ‘making things right again’ did I misunderstood?” SongSun voiced. Disappointment was clear in his voice. “Get over there and give him some back-up.”

“I can’t,” Junsu said facing his head to the floor. Then he lifted it back and stared at the ceiling, hands neatly inside his pockets. “Min Hee needs me.”

“She’s a married woman, Junsu. You shouldn’t think of her like that anymore.”

The younger man sighed softly as his eyes scattered indecisively. “I’m not. Don’t worry ajusshi. I’m only carrying out my duty to protect my best friend’s wife.”

“And why am I not convinced?”

SongSun was long aware of his nephew’s affection for one of Changmin’s female prisoner a few years back. Junsu had come clean in front of him, stating that he couldn’t bear to see her cry upon Changmin’s abuse every day. How his heart was more drawn to her each day, especially at seeing how she remained strong in order to survive. And every time there were tears in her eyes, he simply felt like he needed to protect her.

Though, that was up until Changmin started to understand what his own urges to abuse her meant…

And as a supportive friend, Junsu was the one that had encouraged Changmin to confess to her, even before Changmin himself knew that he was in love with his own prisoner.

*FLASHBACK*- {refer to chapter 17}

“That was her last wish, for the mother of your children to not having the same fate as she had, Shim Changmin. Your mother knows you’re strong. You could break that law easily if you wanted to,” Junsu continued on, confident that Changmin’s heart was starting to soften.

“Shut up… I said SHUT UP!” Changmin thundered a moment after as he lifted himself into a sitting position and gradually fisting his hair out of frustration.

Junsu stared at the behaviour of the man in front of him. “Changmin-ah, just admit it. You love the girl…”


He had chosen friendship over love. He didn’t know what has changed since then. Perhaps there was regret somewhere in between. Because when he thought it over, he had just picked his love over friendship this time. And he had chosen to protect Min Hee rather than Changmin from Shim Choikang…

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As soon as the door was opened, Changmin and his two accompanies were greeted by a very sophisticatedly designed hall. The interior was totally the opposite of the exterior. Changmin had expected to step into yet another dungeon-looking mafia hive, but instead everything here looks so… modern.

“Sir, may I help you?” a girl in suits came up to him with an organizer in her arms. She pushed her spectacles back into place and looked at Changmin expectantly for his reply.

“I’m looking for a guy named Shim Choikang.”

The girl instantly smile and gestured for the three of them to follow her. “Follow me, please. Master Choikang has been waiting for your arrival.”

Changmin followed the girl without any questions and his two men tailed right behind him. However, each step he took as he went deeper into the building felt so wrong. He felt like he should’ve been somewhere else…

But where is the harm in checking through all the possibilities? Everything should be alright. Right?

“Master Choikang will be meeting you inside that room,” the girl announced all too politely, a hidden smirk behind her smile. Changmin noticed this, of course, and he instantly put his guard up. He put a hand on his stomach to subtly make sure that he had his bullet-proof vest on. He had promised Min Hee to come back to her unharmed, and that is what he’s going to make sure of.

He nodded at the girl before she started to walk away. Changmin scanned his surroundings. He took note of the positions of the security cameras, the locations of picture frames and the material the house was made of. If he was to get out of this place alive, he needed to know where to go and how. As he recalled the maze he was lead through on his way here, he signalled one of his men to enter the room first to have the first check on the coordinates.

“Who are you? Where’s that other Shim?” Changmin heard a voice as soon as the man was fully inside the room. He accepted his cue and walked inside right after, eyes instantly connected to another man’s sitting on a lounge chair in the middle of the room. “There you are! Welcome! We’ve been waiting for you!” his hands clapped.


“Yes, my friend. Shim Choikang and I. We have been waiting for you.”

Changmin stared at the only other man present in the room aside from his own party. “What do you mean? Where’s Choikang.”

“Oh, God bless you. You look exactly like him!” the man said with pure adoration, perfectly ignoring Changmin’s questions. “No wonder the girl got tricked so easily.”

“What girl?” he suddenly felt his insides burning.

“Settle down Shim. I know she’s now safe with your friend at your home in Seoul. No need to worry. What should be your concern now is how to get out of here.”

An evil chuckle then echoed and a soft click was heard from the door. Changmin turned instantly and saw that more men had entered the room silently and he was yet again, trapped.

Changmin smirked at their effort to corner him. “It seems like you’re so eager to die. And I didn’t even get to know your name yet.”

“Ahhh… Forgive my rudeness. I thought you knew,” the man laughed mockingly. “So that hacker is as stupid as the side-kick? Interesting… I’m Micky.”

“Where’s Choikang?” Changmin demanded, ignoring the hand offered to him. His eyes pierced through Micky’s head. “Give him to me and I’ll leave. We don’t have to fight this through,” he tried to negotiate, his face firm and serious.

“I could give him to you, if only he’s here,” a chuckle followed his next words. “He’s been in Seoul for the past three years, planning on and carrying out his revenge. Master Choikang has never returned here since then. Seems like you have some miscalculations there, Milord. Wouldn’t you just love a shout of April Fool right about now?” Micky chuckled even louder.

Changmin’s eyes bulged in anger and surprise. He was played right under his nose. And to think that things just slipped through easily without him knowing it, he must’ve been very distracted. This Shim Choikang was indeed a man of his own games.

“What does he want with me?” Changmin asked boldly, deciding to just cut to the chase.

“One thing and one thing only, Shim. He wants your happiness.”

There was a tight eye-battle between Changmin and Micky. Changmin’s men stood on guard on each of his side, eyeing every man inside the room while roughly calculating everyone’s strength. They were ready to pounce if only Changmin gave them the word.

Whereas Changmin didn’t understand the inputs he had just received. Why would a stranger threaten his happiness like this? What does it have to do with getting revenge? Was Shim Choikang one of a family member of the people he used to torture and abuse mercilessly? Now that Changmin was becoming more lenient, he decided that it’s time to take action on revenge?

“Why does he need me to be here then?” Changmin asked after he figured out the possible reason Shim Choikang had lead him far away from where he was. “Why didn’t he just attack me back in Seoul? I’m sure he had plenty of chances to screw my ‘happiness’ there.”

“He did, of course. But he’s just like you. He loves to see his prey die painfully slowly.”

“You bastards!”

“Calm down, Shim. Let’s not take the fun out of this,” Micky winked. “Master Choikang only wishes us to exhaust you so that you won’t have enough energy left to protect your pretty household when you get back. You won’t die just yet. And as obedient right-hand man, we’re only going to honour his wish.”

Micky and the rest of his men began folding their sleeves and smirked as they prepared their fighting stance. Changmin cursed under his breath at the thought of what Shim Choikang might be doing right this second. He prayed hard that Min Hee will stay safe until he returned, which he will make sure in one piece, and soon.

“Men don’t need toys to win a fight. Let’s fight like a true man, shall we?” Micky challenged and discarded all weapons he had. “Losers shall surrender.”

Changmin looked around and counted. Ten men in total, though there might be more coming. He rolled up his sleeve and discarded his own weapons as well, including his bullet-proof vest. The sooner he gets this over with, the faster he can return to his wife to protect her at her side.

“Fine. Let’s play.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


The sound felt like thunder in Junsu’s ears. His guard instantly went up and he rushed to where he thought the sound might be coming from: the kitchen.

“What was that?” Junsu asked at no one as his eyes roamed around the almost-empty room and landed on a figure crouching on the floor facing away from him.

“Min Hee?” She was the only one in the room.

She turned to face the familiar voice that had just called out to her. Her face terrified. “Junsu, I saw something,” she uttered under her breath, voice quivering. “Someone was at the window… with a gun pointed at me.”

Junsu’s eyes immediately scanned the view outside the window with terror. Though, it was still as peaceful as how he remembered it to be. There were no signs of intruders at all since the flower bushes were still kept in place. Was Min Hee imagining things?

“Please, don’t… Please…” Min Hee continued to mumble to herself, rocking her body back and forth while suppressing her tears. Seems like the nightmare of her past life was starting to get to her.

A maid suddenly passed him by with a dustpan in her hands. She was about to walk over to Min Hee to clean up the glasses that were shattered when Junsu snatched her by the arm. “Find InKyung and tell her to come here.”

“But,” the maid signalled at the mess she was about to clean up, but Junsu shushed her and took the dustpan from her grip. The maid finally bowed at Junsu and scurried to find Changmin’s sister who had arrived home just an hour ago.

While waiting for InKyung to appear, Junsu walked closer to where Min Hee was at and put the dustpan on the floor. He gathered up the bigger pieces of the shattered glass before brushing some dust off on his pants and looked at Min Hee pitifully. She was silently crying. He wouldn’t blame her. After everything she’d gone through, she was bound to act this way at the slightest threat. Junsu believed that Min Hee was imagining things, but he knew that it might be true still. After all, Shim Choikang was blood-related to the great Shim Changmin. Not just any blood-relation at that. They were twins, with the same brain and the same strength capacity…

It could just be true that Shim Choikang was already inside this premises right at this second. And he had succeeded in his attempt to scare the wife of his ultimate prey.

Junsu cursed under his breath. His fist tightened as he made another promise to protect Min Hee from any harm. And he silently prayed that Changmin will be able to fend for himself wherever he was at the moment. After all, Changmin has more than a dozen men to shield him if he was attacked.

Thus, let the war begin…

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“Milady! Follow me! Hurry!!!”

One of the maids waved for me to come with her. Her voice was kept in stern whispers as her eyes worried and alerted for fear that someone might discover us. We must keep our coordinates unknown. I tip-toed quickly towards her and took the hand that she offered. Once in a while, I glanced back to see if we were followed. My heart was thumping hard, deafening my ears.

Distant crashing sounds were heard echoing through the hallways. I silently followed the maid towards an exit and tried hard not to think about how far the intruders had come within the house. We needed to escape and hide, and fast.

As keen as I was to stay strong, the tears just couldn’t stop from flowing. My heart was beating wildly, thinking of all the possibilities which mostly end up with me leaving this complicated world. Will I be able to escape from their grasps alive? Will I ever see Changmin again? Will he ever get to know that he’s a soon-to-be father?

My free hand immediately reached for my tummy. My heart ached painfully at the thought that my life would not last the night…

“AHHHHH!” The maid suddenly screamed out of surprise as we hastily turned a corner. I immediately looked up... and saw him.


Without thinking any further, I ran towards him and hid my face in his chest. My arms wrapped tightly around him, asking for his protection. “Changmin, I’m so scared! Who are these people? How did they get into the house?”

I was beyond glad that he was there. It totally slipped my mind that Changmin had departed for Japan just this morning. The maid just stood there with her head lowered, perhaps thinking that Changmin had taken an emergency flight back home.

“Let go of me, b!tch,” his calm voice was hoarse and unforgivable.

My body immediately reacted to his cold tone and stiffened. “C-Changmin?” I looked up and stared into his eyes as I let go of him, sensing the familiar vibe of insecurity and terror from my past starting to flow in my veins. My eyes were still blurry from the tears as more flowed down my cheeks. But I’m very sure that the man in front of me is my husband. I won’t ever mistake him with anyone else on Earth! Unless if there can be two Shim Changmins on the planet.

I silently prayed that I had misheard the man that I’ve given all my heart to.

“Finally, it’s time that you know where my heart truly lies,” the man smirked. He immediately pulled out a gun and instantly shot the innocent maid that had tried to save me right between her eyes. I couldn’t suppress my scream as I watched her body fell to the floor lifelessly.

“What in the hell are you doing?” I shouted at him. “What has she done wrong? How could you kill an innocent soul?!!”


My face was forced to tilt to one side as I froze, looking at the darkened walls. I could feel the heat was quickly making its way towards my left cheek and I slowly cupped it with my left hand. I was too scared to look at him in the eye, afraid of his fury. He had never abuse my body like this ever since the day he confessed his hidden affections to me.

I was confused…

This couldn’t be happening. Changmin has changed to become an honourable man. I have witnessed it with my own eyes. I’ve seen how much love he had for me and how much he was willing to make things right. And I gave up my life to return as much love and trust as I can back to him. He had never failed me since, which only made my love for him grow even more and now it has turned into a genuine feeling.

But what’s this now? How could he act like all those times had never happened? How could he let himself turn back to how he was before, to before he even met me…?

“These ‘intruders’ are my new recruit, my special team. Their first trial mission is to get rid of you because unfortunately, I’m getting tired of playing this marriage game. But seemed like none of them will succeed this mission now that I’ve caught you,” he said nonchalantly. “So since you’re a no-one to me now, don’t expect me to listen to your useless lectures ever again. You can go to hell.”

My heart was brutally stabbed and ripped apart at the thought that Changmin had been treating our marriage as a game. And those harsh words... No. I must’ve heard him wrong again. What is wrong with me?!

Slowly I pulled my hand away from my burning cheek and looked up at him. “W-What do you mean? What are you trying to say?” I asked quietly, dreading his answer, hoping that he had been joking.

“How stupid could you be? I thought your father was stupid enough. It looks like you inherited too much of your father’s stupid genes,” he laughed mockingly. “This has long been an experiment, a new game I created for my own pleasure, peasant. You have to admit that I have great acting skills, right? What? Did you expect I could change that easily? Did you expect I’d let this clan fall down for a stupid reason: that I’ve settled down with one woman? I won’t let that happen. Tradition remains a tradition. I’m calling back all my whores. So you can get lost now.”

No words… Definitely I can’t find any more words to say. Changmin lied to me. He’s such a great manipulator for making me fall into his trap like this. How could I be so stupid as to give him a chance? How could I let myself rely upon him for protection? Min Hee, you’re so stupid! How could have not seen it coming? His false affection, his false worries, his false smiles...

The great Shim Changmin is a great liar after all...

I felt like I should just die right there. He’s not worth my pain and sadness. Min Hee, it’s time for you to forget about him… for good.

“What are you still doing here? Are you waiting for a farewell gift, as a token of your failed marriage?” he chuckled. “Fine then. Feel this! And take it to your grave!”

And before I could react due to shock and breakdown, he smacked the back of his gun to the side of my head, hard. And I remembered nothing more.


Min Hee took a sharp intake of breath as she regained her consciousness. InKyung was at her side, holding her hands tightly, her face worried.

“Oh my God, Onnie! You scared me! You look so pale and you wouldn’t wake up,” InKyung was starting to cry. “Please don’t ever do that again,” she pleaded softly. She squeezed Min Hee’s hands a repeatedly, not caring that her hands was turning sweaty.

“Uh... Where are we?” she asked as she helped herself to get into a comfortable sitting position. They were both on the floor somehow. Min Hee couldn’t remember where she was at before she passed out. She recalled that she went to the kitchen to fetch some water to wet her throat, and that was when... “Where are we?!” she asked more, voice alerted.

“It’s oppa’s private office. Junsu ordered us to stay here. He said he sensed something and he’s investigating it now,” InKyung explained quietly as if afraid that someone might hear them all the way from the basement. “Unnie, I have a bad feeling about this.”

Min Hee massaged the back of her head which was pounding hard. The more she tries to concentrate, the more it felt like her brain is going to burst. She hissed.

“Where is oppa when we need him?”

At the mention of Changmin’s being, Min Hee’s brain started to stir again, and her vision blurred badly. “Ugh...” Her hands soon found its way to squeeze her head, and she squeezed it hard hoping to ease the annoying sore.

“Onnie, are you okay? Does your head hurt?” the younger asked worriedly. “Onnie please don’t push yourself to remember...” she added softly right after. A consoling hand patted her back and brought Min Hee closer for a hug.

Min Hee shook her head. “Not only there, but here too...” she spoke gently as her face pained, her left hand landed on her chest where her heart was supposed to be.

Yes, she remembered the night of the attack at last. How intense her blood had driven all over her body, how terrified she was and mostly, how disappointed she had been when she it was revealed that Changmin had lied to her for the whole two years that she’d known him. How stupid she was to believe the words of a great mafia. She had silently prayed that she was killed that night so that she wouldn’t have to face the painful heartbreak. But it seemed that fate had more in store for her, and instead she was granted her second wish, which is to take Shim Changmin out of her life forever.

How mistaken she was... The love that she had for him was too strong that it came back to her eventually, even without her memories. No matter how much anger, hatred and disappointment was present, it was a useless effort to part from a soulmate. Changmin kept on finding his way towards her and he just wouldn’t stop.

The man she met that night was certainly not Shim Changmin.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A loud beeping sound floated across the room, blended among the noises of pain and courage. Changmin immediately turned his head towards the direction of the sound before quickly ducking his upper body to avoid a side punch and a flying kick.

He huffed. This is certainly going to take forever. Choikang has planned everything carefully. Even when all his men had stormed in for back up, there still wasn’t enough fists to fight and they seemed to be losing the for the first time. What else has Shim Choikang discovered about his family and strategies?

“Aahhh... Master Choikang has finally arrived at your exotic Mansion, Milord,” Micky announce in utter satisfaction. “It will be sooner that he’ll capture your precious bride and kill her. You’re definitely going down and Master Choikang can finally retrieve his rightful throne once again!”

Changmin's eyes bulged instantly.

Not again...

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“SongSun, prepare our men. He’s here,” Junsu instructed with authority, not bothering that the old man is his elderly. When it comes to duty, SongSun is just another comrade in battle. And he really didn’t have the time to be polite in this.

The older man nodded and scurried away while Junsu continued on preparing himself and checking that his weapons were fully loaded. He should have known better. Shim Choikang was a great manipulator and once again he was tricked right under his nose. Come to think of it, it was a good thing that he decided to escape for a little while a few days ago even though it’s the most useless thing he’s ever done being under Changmin’s command. If he was anywhere in Changmin’s sight at the time when Changmin decided to head to Gwangju, Junsu won’t be here to be the better back upfor Changmin, which is to protect Kim Min Hee because Changmin will undoubtedly drag him together. He would’ve been fooled too and who knows what Shim Choikang had planned to stall them from returning to headquarters when he plans to attack.

Junsu’s teeth screeched as they gritted with each other. He realised that he had miscalculated some of his steps. He knew that Choikang was a dangerous man, especially since he also came from the Shim bloodline. He knew that there was a huge risk when he accepted the deal to hand Changmin over to him in exchange for Min Hee’s safety. For that, Junsu thought that he had prepared well, always looking out for anything that is out of the ordinary and also anything out of their agreement. Though, he didn’t expect a Plan C.

“MILORD!” Junsu heard SongSun screamed out of nowhere.

He immediately rushed out of the arsenal and ran towards where he thought the voice had come from. And true enough, there Changmin was, blooded and bruised, all alone.

“Changmin! What happened?” Junsu came over to him just as Changmin was starting to lose balance and fell to the floor, sticking the marble with some of his own blood. Before Junsu could hold out an arm to help him, Changmin stopped him and began to push himself to stand again. Truthfully, he was worn out and exhausted, just how Choikang had wanted, but he had to stay strong because he had come back alone for a reason.

“Where’s my wife?” he thundered with somehow a pained voice.

~One thing and one thing only, Shim. He wants your happiness.~

“She’s safe for now, Milord,” Junsu addressed him, feeling that Changmin’s mind was already set to battle just like his. And at these times, they don’t use nicknames anymore.

“Bring me to her. And take action as soon as I give you the signal. I’ve scanned their positions. We’ll have to use the back-up plan. And always let yourself open for alternative actions. This man is unpredictable. Tell everyone to not hesitate to go off-plan when they need to. Protect our family at all costs!” Changmin muttered breathlessly.

Junsu’s face dropped a little at the word ‘our family’. Maybe because that term totally slipped his mind when he agreed to help Shim Choikang get to Changmin. Although he didn’t know what Choikang was up to and that all he wanted was to protect the girl that he had great affections for, he still said yes, in the hope that the great Shim Changmin will find a way to fend for himself like he always did. Oh... How wrong he was.

But that doesn’t matter now. He was ready to set things right again. He will bring victory to this fight, and make up to Changmin for what he had cost him, especially Min Hee’s memories of him. No matter what it takes, his best friend deserved better than this.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Oh my God! Not again!” InKyung whine disappointedly as SongSun dragged Changmin into his private office, laying him on the couch that wasn’t occupied by both InKyung and Min Hee. She hurriedly made her way over to examine him.

Though, Changmin didn’t pay the slightest attention to his sister. His eyes were fixed on his wife, who seemed to be a bit off compared to when he left her that morning. “Baby...” he whispered, calling out for her, but she didn’t budge one bit.

InKyung who was watching thought it was very weird to see that Min Hee wasn’t replying let alone to acknowledge Changmin’s presence in the room. Didn’t her brother and sister-in-law made up with each other just a few days back?

“Min Hee...” Changmin called out again, only to have her sigh into her knees and turned away from him. She was avoiding him again. Was she mad at him for not keeping his promise to be safe? He shooed SongSun away to help Junsu and pushed InKyung aside to crawl over to his wife. “Baby, I’m sorry.”

He didn’t know what made him apologise. But it just came out of him. His hand reached out to touch her shoulders, and it stiffened momentarily, before she loosened it again and sighed, still not looking at him. Changmin felt desperate for her attention and turned to InKyung for help. He couldn’t afford to have his wife act like this when his mortal enemy is just upstairs, waiting for the right time to prance.

“Maybe she’s not feeling well, oppa. Onnie fainted just a while ago,” InKyung revealed truthfully. She too was desperate to see some interaction between the two.

Changmin’s eyes bulged at her response. “Did someone check up on her?”

InKyung’s head shook from side to side.

“Baby, tell me what’s wrong. How are you feeling now?” he asked and forcefully pulled her to face him. Her face was annoyed and angry for a moment until she saw the blood and bruise all over him. She winced underneath and her body was tempted to care for him, but the thought of the memory that she saw earlier stabbed on her heart once again. And she cursed helplessly, holding herself from submitting to the false affection once again.

“Aren’t you done playing your tricks on me yet?”

Her indifferent reply totally caught him off guard. And that wasn’t all. Her intense stare, it told him that he had done something unforgivable. Though, he had no idea what. He thought that she had already forgiven him for the things he had done to her in the past. No matter how cruel it was on her, she was too kind-hearted to have forgiven him without any conditions. He thought they were already over that matter for good when she agreed to accept his hand in marriage.

His clueless look pissed her off even more. “Don’t think that I will forget! You said them right onto my face that night! You’re tired of me! You’re tired of this marriage game! You wanted to return to your whores! You wanted to get things back to how it was before I even existed in front of your eyes! You said you’re ready to divorce me at any time!! You said them and hit me hard! How dare you act like that towards me now like none of those happened!! You liar!!!”

InKyung gasped.

Changmin’s eyes bulged.

And the front door crashed.

“Onnie!!” InKyung was the first to recover from her state of surprise and rushed to hug Min Hee, pushing Changmin as far away as possible. She spoke hushed words to console her and stroked Min Hee’s back as Min Hee cried hard. Min Hee did nothing to push her away. She knew InKyung could do her no harm.

“I’ve never said any of that. I swear... I love you, Min Hee. More than you’ll ever know. I want you by my side, forever. Why would anyone say anything like that if they’re in love? It was never a game. Never. And I don’t think I’ll ever divorce you even if you begged me for it. Min Hee, please don’t push me away again...” Changmin continued to mutter more to himself as his eyes scattered all over the room, never focusing and mind wandering. Suddenly all his cuts and bruised felt like hell. He winced at the feel and fell back to the couch.

His mind was all over the place. Why would she have such memories of him, memories that he didn’t remember making with her. Where did it come from?

~Oh, God bless you. You look exactly like him!~

No... It can’t be. Min Hee’s already met Shim Choikang? Was Choikang the one who had manipulated her, taking the advantage of their similar looks? How similar could it be anyway? There couldn’t possibly be two persons looking indistinguishably the same in this small world, could it? Unless they were twins, right?


The sound of intrusion was finally very near to where they were at. Changmin’s head immediately snapped back to reality. This is not the time to think through all these confusion. His task now was to protect Min Hee and all his other happiness away from Shim Choikang. He painfully stood up and walked over to Min Hee slowly, a hand reached out to her but not quite touching her skin, and he outlined her features in mid-air before pulling it back to his heart. “I’ll be back to settle this. Wait for me, jagiya.” Then he forced his way to his small arsenal at the back of the bookshelf, taking what was the most important things with him before storming out of the room with only one mission in mind: Kill Shim Choikang.

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“Onnie? Onnie, tell me what’s wrong,” InKyung continue to whisper to Min Hee’s ears as she hugged her sister-in-law closely. “Why are you saying things like that all of a sudden?”

No replies were heard. Min Hee’s shoulders continued to hunch and shiver. She hadn’t stop crying.

“Onnie, please don’t cry. I’m here for you,” InKyung continued to console her, but it only made Min Hee cry louder. “Please Onnie, we must keep silent. They must not know that we’re down here. Please...”

“I...” Min Hee tried to speak, only to end up choking on her own tears. But she fought it. She needed to get this out of her chest, no matter what the current situation was. She was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. “I l-love your brother, b-but I d-don’t unders-stand...”

With each memory that came back to her, no matter how much it has answered most of her questions, her trauma will always get the best of her. She was starting to go crazy. Literally. If only she can find the last missing piece to the puzzle. Or maybe… just maybe... death is a better answer for her.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Changmin limped silently down the halls of his home. His weapon was clutched tightly between his fingers, his conscious alerted. Gunshots were heard fired in random intervals and cries of pain could be heard echoing through the walls. He was now very near to the battlefield.

He glanced at where he came from momentarily, gulping down his worry. Yes, he had made sure that the entrance to his private office was tightly closed and protected. He had even informed InKyung about hidden exits out of the house in case they needed them, in case he won’t be able to come back alive to save them.

“Where’s your damn boss?” Changmin suddenly heard Junsu’s distinctive shout. “The sooner he appears the sooner we can get this over with!” His attention was then brought back to his destination as he continued moving forward, dragging his feet. A hiss escaped his lips each time the cuts on his body were disturbed by his movements. He put a hand on his stomach momentarily to help his breathings calm. But the memory of how Min Hee acted in front of him earlier wasn’t helping him one bit.

“Shit,” he mumbled between gritted teeth.

Oh! Hello there, Milord. I didn’t know that you’ll be at home.”

Changmin gasped and quickly turned. Out of reflex, his gun was immediately pointed towards where the voice came from. However, the shock of the sudden intrusion wasn’t as terrifying as the shock of meeting another him in an extremely close proximity. Who... ?

Is this... Shim Choikang?

“Please, Milord. Forgive me. I didn’t mean to scare you, honestly. I am Shim Choikang, pleased to meet you,” the man smirked, not wasting his time beating around the bushes at all. Though, his actions totally contradicted his words, for he was now pointing a revolver right on Changmin’s nose.

“You... You’re Choikang?”

The man chuckled and lowered his revolver only an inch away. “I thought you’ve at least figured this one out by now. Really, that woman is a corruption to our world.” He tsk-ed and shook his head side-ways, mocking a disappointment.

Changmin didn’t understand any of his words, or maybe he chose not to. And in seconds, the revolver was pointed back at him, now right between his eye-brows.

“Let’s go to the heart of the battle now, shall we? There are plenty of audiences who came just to watch you die.”

Then, Changmin was forcefully dragged towards where he presumed the others were at. No words could come out of him. He was just too amazed to see his own clone in real life. But silence doesn’t mean that Shim Changmin’s mind has shut down its operations. In fact, Changmin’s consciences were just too busy linking various events at an enormous speed that left his mouth agape and body unresponsive.

“Hey people! Look at what I found!” Choikang shouted across the hall as he dragged and pushed Changmin to the center of the hall, one of the parts that connect the living room to the rest of the house. “A stray dog that had lost its way.”

The gun-fight instantly paused.

Another hiss escaped Changmin’s lips as he pried away from Choikang’s grip on his blood-stained shirt. Slightly stumbling on his feet, Changmin pointed his gun back towards Choikang’s direction. His other hand clutching the surface of his previous gun-wound on his stomach which seemed to have its stitches tore open and bleeding. While focusing his attention on Choikang, Changmin could still catch the sight of several lifeless bodies lying scattered on the marble floor of his home which some of them were his men.

“You…” Changmin muttered as he took a few steps closer towards Choikang. He could feel that many guns were pointed at him from various directions. “You caused all these. You son of a bitch…” he continued to limp over.

Choikang chuckled leisurely, still securing the hold he had on his own weapon. “You really are something, Shim. I thought I’ve already told Micky to knock you out. Though, it’s still a pleasant surprise to see that you could join our little gathering here. But you have to know something before we get on to business. We are the sons of the same bitch.”

The surprise in Changmin’s eyes couldn’t be hidden any longer. Same physical appearance, same level of intelligence and similar attitude… It can’t be… He immediately side-glanced at his surroundings to find SongSun. Somehow he knew that only that old man could provide him with answers. SongSun must know something. But sadly, he was nowhere to be found.

“That stupid old man knows nothing about me,” Choikang answered for him as if he knew what was playing in Changmin’s mind. “He hadn’t seen me since I was a baby, which was also when I had been thrown out deliberately by this ungrateful family. You want answers? Ask him.”

No words could come out from Changmin’s lips. He only looked over at the direction pointed by Choikang and was immediately greeted by a guilty look on his best friend’s face. Everyone else was still on their stand-by position with their weapons at the ready even as the conversation commences, but Junsu was already standing out of his hidden spot, his arms in a surrendering position.

“Milord, don’t listen to his words. He’s poisoning you.”

“Yeah,” Choikang agreed. “Just like how he betrayed you. Thanks to him, I finally get to have a glimpse of a place that could’ve been my home.”

“Shut it, Choikang. You’ve done enough damage already,” Junsu spoke bitterly.

“I can speak as I please, you ass. Besides, how dare you back out of the plan at its most crucial stage? You’re such an ungrateful brat.”

The hold on his weapon loosened as Changmin turned to look at Junsu who was on the 1st floor. His facial expression slightly begging for Junsu to tell him that things aren’t what he thought it was. But his face immediately fell as Junsu gave him the perfect answer by turning away from his gaze.

The compressed anger from inside him was immediately brought to the surface as he pointed his gun towards the roof and released a few shots out of pure disappointment.

“Damn you, asshole! I trusted you with my life. I even trusted the life of my wife on your hands! Bastard!!” Changmin shouted. “All these while you were the one I’ve ever wished to kill, yet I’ve given you all the priority and privileges of being my best friend!”

Choikang chuckled his satisfaction.

“And you!” Changmin said as he turned to face Choikang, gun pointed directly at him with a more determined look on Changmin’s face. His eyes showed that he won’t regret to kill. “WHO ARE YOU?!”

“He’s your twin brother,” a mature voice rang through the silent hall. Changmin didn’t bother to look. He knew SongSun had just arrived at the scene. “The late master had ordered to get rid of him at a very early age so that there won’t be any struggle for power when both of you grow up. The late master didn’t wish for either of you to be dead in the process, so he decided to separate you two, and keeping the older between you to resume the family’s tradition. But it seemed that it’s a useless effort now…”

“Yeah, that was very stupid of daddy,” Choikang snickered.

“You don’t have to do this, boy. We are family. You can always return to us.”

“Wait!” Changmin immediately cut in. “How would I know that he’s telling the truth? Looking the same doesn’t always mean that we’re twins!”

“But he is, Milord. No one in this world would dare to pose as a family to the powerful Shim clan like this.”

There was a painful silence that followed SongSun’s words. Changmin was angry and disappointed. He didn’t care as much if the assassin that has been disturbing the peace and quiet of his married life is his own twin, but he was greatly disturbed by the fact that Junsu had been part of that plan to screw his life.

He had a lot to comprehend in one day, and a lot more decisions to make within moments. He glared at SongSun, Junsu and Choikang in turns, tyring to make a wise decision that will best fit the future of his family and the Shim clan.

“Fine,” Changmin muttered at last, guns lowered and breathings steadied. “I don’t have much strength left anyways. What do you want from me, Choikang? Do you want to return to the family? With open arms, please do,” he added sarcastically.

Choikang sneered and shook his head side-ways. “No Milord. I’d love to have even more than that. I want to destroy you.”

And with that, a muffled cry could be heard in a distance, getting clearer as the second passed by. Changmin’s eyes bulged as he began to recognise the voice. He looked at Choikang in utter disbelief.

“I hope you don’t mind me starting with the most precious possession your heart has ever held on to.”

The smirk on Choikang’s lips was the death of Changmin’s consciences.

“Min Hee…”

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“How did you...?”

Choikang smirked and pointed at his own head. “Our brains can work wonders, haven’t you noticed? Now, bring her to me. I’d like to do it using my own hands.”

“You stay away from her!” Changmin then charged towards the people who were dragging his wife with all the strength that he had left. All the pain on his body meant nothing to him now. He had to save her.

“Tch... After everything that she’s done to the family, you’re still defending her?”

“She’s done nothing wrong!”

“Nothing? Nothing? Wake up, brother! She killed everything! She destroyed our family! She’s the outsider who brings shame to the clan. We must get rid of her!”

“I’m not your brother,” Changmin hissed and snatched Min Hee’s arms away from those people. But to his surprise, Min Hee snatched it back and ran a distance away from all of them. Changmin looked puzzled. Even Choikang’s men were confused.

“Who are you people?” she whispered in between her cries. “Who are you? I don’t know you. I don’t know you...” she chanted continuously and finally knelt down, holding herself. Her eyes looked at nothing in particular. She was blank.

“Aww, honey,” Choikang cooed. “Don’t you remember me? I know we’ve only met once. But aren’t I as handsome as your hubby? You can’t possibly have forgotten me.”

Slowly, Min Hee lifted her eyes to look at Choikang. Then she turned towards the hopeful Changmin who still had his arms wide open for her. But she gave no signs of recognition to either of them, and silently cried again.

“It seemed like I did hit her really hard that night.” Choikang pretended to be thinking. “She lost her memories, right? Oh I’m so sorry, but I think now she’s losing her mind too,” he chuckled.

However, Changmin paid no attention to his words and continued to wait for Min Hee to say something more. He went closer. But with every step he took, it felt like he’s only pushing her further away. He can’t let it be like this. He can’t let Choikang win!

“Can you just drop that act, Shim Changmin? It’s pathetic. Now move away so that I can have a clear shot,” Choikang said and pointed his revolver at Min Hee’s direction. He was aiming for her brain.

Being the stubborn lord that he is, Changmin remained his stand. “If you want to kill her, you’ll have to kill me too.”

Choikang lowered the revolver by a few inches and stared into his twin’s eyes. The people around them watched and held their breaths. Junsu knew Choikang’s intentions and he definitely won’t let it happen. Not again and not ever...

“Well,” Choikang began and repositioned his aim. “If that’s what you wish.”




And everyone else gasped.

“Damn you, Choikang! You really have no humanity left in you, do you?” Junsu barked within all the sounds of panic. All attention were diverted towards him who was now surprisingly standing in between Changmin and Choikang, clutching his bleeding shoulders hard. “Are you really aiming for revenge, or do you just want power? You think I don’t know. It was you who killed the late master!”

Choikang pretended to gasp, while SongSun’s eyes bulged.

“Child, tell me you didn’t.” SongSun took a few steps forward. “Boy, tell me it’s not true. It was an accident.”

“Sorry old man, but I did kill him.” And evil laugh erupted and the hall echoed miserably. “I wanted to come home, but daddy won’t let me. So I killed him. End of story. What’s left in my way now is him and her. And now, you too,” Choikang said and pointed at Junsu calmly.

“You...” Junsu started. But before he could finish his words, his body collapsed to the floor.

“Junsu!” the once speechless Changmin was now crouched on the floor, holding the fainting body of his best friend. “Junsu, stay with me!”

“Wow, look at that. Friendship,” Choikang muttered mockingly. “Well, let’s continue on with business, shall we? Min Hee. Say goodbye to your hubby, honey... I’m afraid that it’s time for you to go.”

There was nothing to block his bullet now. The girl will definitely die tonight. And so will the democracy between the mafia clans and the authorities, as well as the love that Changmin has worked hard to get.

“NO!!!” was all Changmin could scream for as another loud bang echoed through the halls. Everyone around him suddenly pulled up their weapons and they started pointing at each other. It looks like the gun fight was about to commence again. Changmin turned and saw Min Hee shielding herself, however unharmed. He gulped his relief and clutched tighter to Junsu’s body. His breathings were starting to get uneven. Once he turned back to face his rival, all the air left him as he saw Choikang coughing blood.

It was weird, but he felt something.

“Don’t anyone dare to start shooting at other people again!” InKyung’s voice suddenly boomed. She was standing behind one of the pillars, holding a gun in her trembling hands with cold sweats trickling down her face. She witnessed Choikang’s body fell lifelessly, and cried.

However, no one seemed to listen to her command and the gun-fight resumed. Everyone immediately took cover and quite a few shots missed Changmin by a few centimetres. Choikang must have had loyal followers and was determined to have him dead. Changmin quickly turned to Min Hee and saw her looking pleadingly at him.

“What are you looking at? RUN!” he commanded her while he himself struggled to get Junsu to stand up.

“Milord, hand him over to me,” SongSun appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Junsu’s body from Changmin. “Both of you should go now. I'll take care of his wounds. Let them settle the rest.”

Changmin immediately nodded and pulled Min Hee along as he ran away from the hall and away from being the target. He was confident that his men will end this completely. After all, his sister had just killed his twin. The person in command was there no more. And he could care less of what will happen to Choikang’s body.

Choikang is dead. His twin is really dead. So this is how it feels like...

As he ran away from the scene, bullets kept on missing him by inches. He pulled Min Hee closer to him and shielded her from being the next target. Both of them ran towards his black Lamborghini and Changmin took off at an enormous speed as soon as they were inside, sending dusts to fly and create the perfect cover from the shooters.

He hoped that SongSun managed to get Junsu to someplace safe and give him an immediate treatment before it’s too late. No matter what Junsu had done to him, he had willingly taken a bullet in his place. They’re considered even now.

Changmin let out a sigh as he continued to speed along the free-way. He turned to look at Min Hee who was quiet beside him. Her hand was placed carefully above her abdomen as silent tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

“Tell me everything. Tell me everything that happened that night,” Changmin spoke and put his free hand above hers. This caught her attention and her red eyes stared back into his for a moment before he turned his attention back to the road and she gulped the remaining tears from flowing.

She stared forward. “I thought it was you. I didn’t know. That night, I really thought that it was you...”

He held her hand tighter and sighed. “So you’re confident that it’s really me now?”

Min Hee gasped and pulled her hand away. “I... I don’t know.” She turned her head away and bit her lips hard. “Honestly I don’t know. But, you weren’t the one who tried to kill me...”

Both of them continued with a momentary silence. Changmin was in deep thinking, and Min Hee was trying hard to stop her tears. The two of them were figuring out ways to prove that Changmin is indeed who he claimed he was. And Changmin was the first to come up with a plan.

He checked the back-view mirror to make sure that he wasn’t being followed anymore.

“If you trust me, give me your hand,” he requested and held out his palm for her to hold.

“Why should I?” she asked in slight suspicion.

“I’m more at ease that way. And besides, it’ll decrease the chances of us getting into a car accident by a lot.”

He didn’t have to explain further as Min Hee then calmly placed her palm on his. Changmin wasted no time in linking their fingers together.

The journey took a good few hours and Min Hee had already fallen asleep by the time Changmin was nearing his destination. The sun was setting as Changmin turned at the junction. As soon as he parked the car, he shook Min Hee’s shoulder lightly to wake her up.

He was almost sure this plan will erase all her doubts of who he really is. Shim Changmin would be the only person to know about her past, and what he has done to it. And deciding to come here was also because they needed a place to stay while waiting for things to calm down back in Seoul.

Changmin had just brought Min Hee back to her old home, a place which had started it all.

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Min Hee’s eyes slowly opened to be greeted by the view that she hadn’t seen in the longest time. Flashes of memories started to replay in front of her, and her heart finally longed to see her father again. She bit her lips and turned to see Changmin who was trying to get out of the car. Without warning, Changmin stumbled forwards and his body fell to the ground and his hands clutched tightly around his aching body.

“Changmin!” Min Hee shouted in alarm. She quickly released the seatbelt and rushed out of the car. She turned around the front of the car and caught the sight of her husband hissing in pain on the other side. “Changmin, are you alright?” She sat next to him and pulled his upper body onto her lap, her arms held tightly on the precious figure.

“I forgot about the pain,” Changmin chuckled. “Ah, it hurts so much.”

She slowly lifted his bloody shirt and saw flesh almost immediately. “Baby, you need to go to the hospital.”

There was silence as Changmin stared at Min Hee is amusement.

“What? You’re losing blood. And there might be possible infections. Let’s call an ambulance.”

“Min Hee, don’t,” he spoke tiredly. “People will find us. It’s not safe. You can take care of me. You always have...”


“Let’s get inside. I don’t think the house has locks anymore.”

Sighing, Min Hee helped Changmin get up on his feet. With an armed wrapped around her shoulders, she carried him towards the house with great difficulty.

After she has helped him lay down on the couch, she took no time to reminisce and straight away went to the all too familiar kitchen to search for items that could help her fix Changmin. This house has been empty for years now. Except for the accumulating dust, everything else was still pretty much the same. She thought Changmin had demolished this house to build his own property when he took her away. Though, it looks like he’s not that bad of a person at all. The house is the only remaining thing she has left of her father.

After she was done gathering the first aid kit and some other helpful stuff, she went back to the living room to find a groaning Changmin.

“I can’t believe you were able to drive for hours like that,” Min Hee uttered with a frown. “You should’ve at least told me.”

“There was no time. I needed to get you to someplace safe especially since you haven’t been acting like yourself.”

Min Hee began uncapping bottles and fetching cotton balls from the white box. She didn’t reply and kept on listening to what Changmin had to say while acting indifferent.

“One day you appeared out of nowhere and kissed me. But on the next, you were yelling at me and acted like you didn’t know me. I was so worried and everything else didn’t make sense. Min Hee,” he called out to her softly as she was cleaning the blood on his skin. “Tell me exactly what happened that night, please. What has made you, us, become like this?”

She pulled a warm towel and dabbed them on his dirty skin. She was hesitant to tell the story, but he needed to know. And thus she exposed every detail about that fateful night up until what she had remembered. By the time she was done, he was already cleaned and resting in her arms. All his cuts had been attended to. He looked very exhausted, but he nodded away to show that he was still listening.

“I’m glad nothing happened to the baby,” he whispered. “And thank you for coming back to me.” He stretched out an arm to caress her face. She snuggled deeper into it as a single tear dropped.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you. I was confused and scared. I had no idea that you had a twin.”

Changmin shook his head side-to-side. “It doesn’t matter because me neither. SongSun’s right though. He has to be or he wouldn’t dare to announce it. I had no idea what father was thinking, separating us at birth.”

“He must’ve wanted to protect you and the family. Choikang is more violent than you. Your father has made a wise decision, but Choikang’s too cunning for his own good.”

“Min Hee-ah... Let’s not talk about him anymore. He’s already gone.”

“Is he? He might’ve faked it for all we know.”

Changmin had this knowing look on his face. “I felt it. It seems that the things they’ve been saying about the invisible connection between twins are true. I can feel it. He’s really gone.”

She stared into his eyes a moment longer, as if trying to make sure that the person that is in her arms at the moment was in fact her husband, the exact man that she had vowed to take care of for the rest of her life and not another look-alike. She didn’t want to make the same mistake again.

“It’s really me, jagiya,” he spoke as if he knew what was playing inside her mind. And to confirm his statement, he pulled the back of her neck and planted a soft kiss on her trembling lips. Both of their eyes were closed even as they parted and they remained the close proximity until Changmin started dozing off.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Changmin was the first to wake up the next morning, and the first thing he saw was the beautiful sleeping figure of his wife. He grinned stupidly and tried to lift himself off of Min Hee’s lap. It must’ve been very uncomfortable for her. A painful hiss escaped him every time he moved a muscle. But he felt that it was his turn to lend Min Hee his lap.

“MMhmmm...” her lips mumbled as her head tilted to the other side. Her eyes were still tightly closed. Changmin looked at her intently and waited for her body to stir awake. Her sleepy eyes met his a few moments later.

“Had a good sleep? Did you dream about me?” was Changmin’s first few questions for her.

She looked at him in puzzlement, which caused him to laugh. But he quickly doubled over when the pain hit his senses again.

“Aren’t you feeling any better? Maybe we really should go to the hospital.”

Min Hee was about to stand up when Changmin grabbed her wrist and pinned her to the couch. “I told you, it’s dangerous. As long as you’re here, I’ll be fine.”

Her forehead wrinkled and her eye-brows met. But she knew he wouldn’t change his mind whenever it concerns her safety. “Why did you bring me here?” she asked suddenly. “Why does this place still exist?”

Changmin fixed his sitting position to get more comfortable and stared at the floor. “It’s the only thing left from your father. I couldn’t take this one away from you too.”

“Thank you,” she replied sincerely after pondering over her reply for a moment.

Then his eyes lifted to look at hers, his expression were hopeful. “So... Have you remembered everything?”

It was another sudden question, but Min Hee took it in positively anyway. She slowly shook her head. “I’m sorry. Most of it has come back, but some parts are still missing. I mean, I still can’t make sense of how we could end up together like this when we’re both from a very different world.”

He chuckled. His features were soft as he looked at her. “Would you like me to tell you all over again, how I fell in love with you?”

Her face suddenly flushed in deep red. And he took it as a ‘yes’.

“I had this weird dream about the same girl every night after that day I first saw you in this very house. It was the day I was supposed to threaten your father after he failed to pay me back a very large amount of money. I thought I had gone mad at the sight of you, so I took you in after we took care of your father.” He paused for a moment when he saw the pain on her face. “I wish I wasn’t who I was back then. I didn’t know what the feeling meant, and that made me furious. So I thought abusing you would make it go away. But it only made everything worse. You entered my dream even more frequently and I started to feel the pain of regret. Junsu was the one who pointed it out to me. It took me a whole year to accept my own feelings and at that time, you’ve already despised me to your bones.”

Min Hee kept her eye-contact on Changmin. Slowly, the familiar feelings were returning to her, stronger than ever. And in the end, flashes of her past came flooding in, filling the empty spaces within her memory. Tears started to gather in her eyes.

Changmin went on with his version of the story, only to be stopped by her.

“That’s enough...”

She remembered everything now. All the love and the pain, she remembered all of them. And her arms were immediately wrapped around Changmin’s neck as she snuggled her face into it, taking in his scent to calm her fast-beating heart.

“Min Hee, can I ask you one thing?” he started after she seemed more composed. Both his palms were still leisurely resting on her back. “How did they find you? The room was number coded, and the entrance was well-hidden. How did they get in?”

“InKyung,” she whispered. “It was her plan. She used me as bait to cover herself. She’s almost too determined to kill him. I guess the mafia blood inside of her took over.”


“Shh... It doesn’t matter anymore now we’re safe.”

And they continued being in each other’s embrace for a little while longer.

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37[COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu - Page 2 Empty Re: [COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu on 2010-10-11, 3:34 am


Months have passed and everything has subsided. Since Choikang’s death was announced, the authorities have become more alert of people of the underground whom is now deemed to act unpredictably. The Prime Minister is still in close contact with Shim Changmin too. It looks like Changmin’s existence in helping to maintain the stability between these two worlds is of high importance even though the main threat has already been executed. However, due to his decision to keep a low profile until his wife gives birth, Changmin was unable to return to Seoul and join in any missions.

He simply refused to.

“Aren’t you tired just staring at them like that?” suddenly came her soft voice from behind him. He smiled contently and tore his gaze away from his little angels to greet his wife. His thoughts had been dragged way off track.

“Good morning, jagiya~” he sang and made his way back to her side. “Did you sleep well?”

She nodded a few times and smiled more widely as his kiss landed on her forehead. “How are the twins?”

“They’ve been asleep while you were.”

Min Hee nodded. She then tried to lift herself up from the bed before Changmin screamed his protest at her.

“Changmin, I’m fine. It’s tiring to just lay down all day.”

He frowned and surrendered. He then sat beside her with one of his long legs dangling at the side of the hospital bed and his right arm wrapped securely around her shoulders. He could never guess when he will ever stop worrying about her, Min Hee, the mother of his new-born son and daughter.

Suddenly the door to her hospital suite cracked open.

“Milord... Milady...” a man came in and bowed respectfully.

“Kim Junsu!” Changmin exclaimed with a smile. “What are you doing here?” His grip on Min Hee’s shoulders loosened as his attention was turned towards his best friend.

Despite what Junsu had done to him and his family, Changmin couldn’t find the heart to destroy him. It was true that he was terribly mad at him, way beyond what he himself had imagined. Though, the bullet that Junsu had taken on his behalf was enough to stop him from doing any more than scream out his fury. The bullet could’ve hit him right in the heart, and he could’ve died. He owed Junsu his life.

He was glad to receive the phone call from SongSun a few days after the incident, stating that Junsu’s condition was stable, and InKyung had yet again disappeared overseas. Perhaps, his sister had her own shocks to calm. These meant that situation is Seoul was getting better, however still unsafe for Changmin and Min Hee to return. Choikang did nurture some seriously loyal followers, and Junsu swore to take out all of them once he gets better.

“I came to personally congratulate both of you for the birth of your twins. And also to let you know that it is now safe to return to Seoul.” Junsu still maintained his formal posture.

“Come on, Junsu-yah. Why are you acting like a stranger all of a sudden?” Changmin stood up from the bed and walked towards him.

“My apologies, Milord,” he bowed again, making Changmin stop in his steps in confusion. “If it wasn’t because of me, both of the twins could’ve been healthier. I really don’t deserve your kindest treatments.” Junsu met eyes with Min Hee for a while before he bowed in apology, yet again.

It was true. Simply due to one of Junsu’s lack of judgement to help Choikang destroy Changmin in return of Min Hee’s safety, he had nearly cost other people their lives. And evidently at the moment, that decision is also the reason why one of Changmin’s twins is suffering from heart problems and minor infections.

Due to excessive emotional trauma and mental instability during the first and second trimester of her pregnancy, there is a possibility for one of the babies to have to suffer from a lifetime’s illness due to inconsistent cell development and lack of essential nutrients.

Changmin softened at the thought. He didn’t mind it as much anymore. He did draw a tantrum when he was first told about it. But he realised soon after that he pretty much deserved it, after all that he’s done to Min Hee and her family. At least he was happy at the news that Min Hee was carrying twins.

And besides, after everything that he had went through, he had learned to accept fate. And he was ready to become a better father for his children.

“Come back to Seoul soon,” Junsu invited. “Everyone is waiting for you.”

- the end -

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Thanks so much to those who have read this story.
Please don't be shy to comment. Let me know if you've enjoyed it! It makes all the difference for me. ;)

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nice fic :D

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