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1[COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu Empty [COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu on 2010-02-11, 3:01 pm


[COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu Dejavu-1

GENRE: Drama + Romance + Angst
RATING: PG13 upwards
STARRING: Changmin/OC + Junsu
STATUS: Complete
SUMMARY: She woke up with a hole inside her memories only to be greeted by a strange man who seemed to really care for her. As she was told that the man is her husband, she decided to stay close to his side even with doubts and suspicions present in her heart. She soon finds odd images kept on flashing in front of her eyes at random times and not all of them were that nice of things to see. The faith she puts on the man soon withered as she finds a way to flee from his grasp. The only problem is, she just couldn't gather enough courage to be separated from him as the missing bittersweet memories gracefully flowed back into her veins.


Started : 02/12/2009
Ends : 10/10/10
Last updated : 10/10/2010


01 DARKNESS EYES -Main Theme-
02 Free Your Mind (Feat. Trax) -Opening Theme-
03 忘れないで
04 Hello Again -Ending Theme-
05 Get Me Some
06 言葉はいらない
07 Rising Sun (순수)


The smell of antiseptic lurked in every corner of the room. He used to hate how this smell always managed to make him feel nausea. But he had no other choice. She had been an inch away from death and he just can’t part from her even for another second. Not after he had finally find the heart to love her and whole-heartedly vowed to take care of her for the rest of their lives.

He stared at her unconscious figure with mixed feelings. It was his entire fault that this happened. To see her laying on the bed pale and bruised, he felt like hitting himself until his flesh tore open. At least that might have felt a bit less painful than what his heart is feeling at the moment.

“Milord, all entrances has been secured. I’ve also allocated our men on every floor, just as you’d wished.”

Changmin turned to look at the man at the door who was constantly looking at his feet. His facial expression did not show any fear but more to respect and honour for the man inside the room. He was waiting for more orders.

“Thank you. You’ve done a good job. Please keep guard at this door as well,” he replied with authority and concern. “You may leave.”

The man bowed a good 90 degrees and retreated towards where he came from. Changmin heard the door closed and sighed. He still had her hand in his for the last few hours, wishing that he could lend her his energy and health through the touch of their skins. His eyes focused on her face, where he could still witness wires and tubes coming in and out of her body. He cursed himself.

“Please… Come back to me,” he whispered into her hand before lightly kissing the spot.

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2[COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu Empty Re: [COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu on 2010-02-11, 3:04 pm


’Where in the hell am I?’

The female figured stirred in her bed as she started to feel sores all over her body. She tried to open her eyes but as soon as a blinding flash shot toward her, she immediately closed them again. She moaned in uneasiness but her voice was stuck and pain immediately shot across her neck area.

She tried again, and this time more slowly. Her view was blurred at the beginning, but when her eyes were used to the brightness of where she was, the white ceiling slowly came into view. She tried to identify the place which definitely wasn't her bedroom. She turned her head side-ways in pain when she noticed there's a head resting at her side and a hand was neatly wrapped around her own. She tried to move her fingers which was held tight with great difficulty.

After a hard try, the head moved at the lightest touch.

“Min Hee?” the man lifted his head and turned to face her. The sleepy look on his face quickly turn surprised, as a wide grin formed on his lips. “Oh my God, you’re awake!”

She was confused but she couldn’t help it when the man lowered himself and held her tight on her shoulders. He seemed extremely happy and relieved. A few light kisses landed on her face and lips. He had his face only centimeters away from hers, which she found it a bit disturbing.

As soon as she was used to her consciousness, she tried to speak again. She needed to tell this disgusting man to stay away from her.

“You have no idea how worried I was,” he continued mumbling stuff she couldn’t understand.

“S-st-stop…” she could only whisper.

Noticing the voice, the man stopped his actions and looked deep into her eyes instead. “Stop what, baby?”

“Y-you…” she spoke with difficulty. She could only curse the pain at the back of her head for giving her the hard time to speak properly.

The man looked confused but the happiness still lingered everywhere inside him. “Yes, what is it?” he looked hopeful and desperate for his love.

“Wh-who are y-you?” she finally stuttered under her breath.

At this few harmless words the man’s eyes widened. Did he hear her correctly?

“Who are you?” she repeated herself, afraid that she might’ve spoken too softly for the man to hear her.

“You…” he struggled to find the right words. “You don’t know who I am?” Slowly he released her from his grip and backed away a little. His eyes turned from confused to blank as he ran his fingers through his hair.

She didn’t know what to reply him. Only her weak stare followed his every move as he sat back down on the chair. The distance between them manage to calm her heart-beat. Who could’ve imagined the shock when a stranger suddenly threw himself at you and rain you with kisses and left his disgusting saliva all over your face? If she wasn’t as helpless now, he might’ve received a few good slaps and punches on that handsome face.

“You really don’t know who I am?” he repeated desperately, wishing that it was just a joke. The more she replied him with silence, the more his heart was torn and ripped. Slowly, he tried and took her hands back into his only to be refused by a slight shake as she pulled it away from him.

She was starting to feel insecure.

“What’s wrong, Min Hee?” he uttered with concern and worry. This time, he made sure he maintained a relevant distance from her. It was ridiculous but he didn’t want to give her any more reason to be afraid of him. Maybe this is one of those after-effects of a medical procedure. Maybe it will wear-out soon.

“Where am I?” she half-whispered. She was getting used to her own condition and tried to get over the pain and sores so that she can find out where she was and get ready to scream if this weird guy tries to do anything suspicious.

“This is the hospital. There’s been an accident,” he explained briefly. He figured a too detailed explanation might confuse her. “Don’t worry. You’re safe now.”

She continued to look at him trying to confirm that she hadn’t seen him before.

Suddenly the door 25 feet across the room opened revealing a man in a black suit. He bowed his head towards the seated man and walked closer. “Milord, it’s time for lunch.”

Shortly after that was spoken, another man came in bringing a tray of food to the table. As soon as they noticed that the figure on the bed was conscious and was looking back at them, they quickly bowed again.

“Welcome back, Milady,” they spoke in unison.

Seeing the view of these older men bowing down to her gave her the creeps. She couldn’t imagine seeing her aunts and uncles bowing down to her instead of her to them. It felt like they were going against nature. Suddenly she felt more than fear lurking through her blood veins. Who are these people? And more importantly, who are them to her?

“Should I get something for Milady?” one of the men asked.

“Not now. Just get the doctor and tell him that she’s finally awake.”

The men left after giving them another bow. In only took a few seconds before the doctor knocked and entered the room. He had a nurse trailing behind him with some equipments lined up on a small tray.

Min Hee was extremely glad to see a friendly figure around. She didn’t know who the doctor was, but she knew doctors won’t hurt other people. She felt more secure somehow.

“Dr. Lee,” the tall man stood up from his chair to greet the doctor. To her surprise, the doctor bowed slightly in front of this man before turning his attention towards her. This odd man just stood there like a lamp post and didn't even bother to bow back.

“How long has she been awake, Changmin-sshi?” Dr. Lee asked as he grabbed her wrist and pressed on a point while checking the count with his wrist-watch. Wasn't this doctor bothered at all by such disrespect? He is, after all, way older for the both of them.

“Just a few minutes ago,” he uttered quietly.

“Did you see how she regained consciousness?” the doctor continued his interrogation as he started to check her breathings with his stethoscope before continuing to check her tongue and eyes.

“No. I was asleep. I woke up when I felt her fingers moved.”

The doctor continued on his check-ups and kept on shooting question at this man called Changmin. After the doctor was done intruding almost every part of her body, he turned to face her and curved up a smile.

“So Min Hee-sshi, how do you feel?” Dr. Lee asked. She saw Changmin walked closer to the bed, trying to keep a close ear to what they’re saying. She felt even more disturbed.

“My head hurts,” she spoke weakly, not wanting to reveal much in front of this stalker. “I… I can’t focus on anything else, at all.”

“I see. Don’t worry, it’ll go away soon. Just make sure you take all medications on time.” Dr. Lee grinned. “Just let us know if you need anything else in particular. As of now, all you need is some rest. I’ll be back in a moment.”

The doctor was about to leave when Changmin grabbed him by the arm.

“Yes, Changmin-sshi?” he looked into his eyes kindly.

Changmin pulled the doctor further away from her before whispering, “Tell me... Is it possible for her to have some sort of amnesia?”

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3[COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu Empty Re: [COMPLETE/MIN] DeJa Vu on 2010-02-11, 3:11 pm


Changmin unwillingly left Min Hee alone in the hospital suite to have a quiet conversation with Dr. Lee inside his office at the end of the corridor.

“Please have a sit,” the doctor gestured towards the chair across the small coffee table. He made sure Changmin was comfortably seated before closing the doors behind him. He went to his desk and fetched the only file that was left on it. “I’ve feared that this will happen,” he spoke as he sat down and started flipping the document. He kept on peeking at the bottom of his glasses to get a better view of the small scribbles.

“She…” Changmin paused to recollect his thoughts. It pained him to say it out loud, but the doctor has to know in order to be able to help. “She didn’t know who I am.”

Upon those words, the doctor looked up from the document and straight into Changmin’s eyes. “Hmm, that doesn’t sound so good. Are you sure this has nothing to do with her past behaviour nor has it been part of her idea of being humorous?”

“Not at all, I’m absolutely positive…” Changmin crossed his arms on his chest as he tried to stop his heart from breaking down at the thought of losing her love in a split second.

“Well, according to our records, we did discover one particular blood clot which was very difficult to remove. It’s allocated at the outer brim of her Cerebellum, very near to her Temporal Lobe. I think that is where she consumed the hit.”

The doctor continued to review the reports as Changmin had his eyes fixed on him. He could picture the blood clot and the rough shape of a brain, but he didn’t know what it meant.

“If she is indeed suffering from amnesia, it’s only a minor case so don’t worry too much. At most, she will forget whatever happened to her in the length of one to three years from when she received that hit on her head. But that is just a random assumption,” Dr. Lee explained without looking at Changmin’s face. “This wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place actually. I think there’s another influence that has weakened her body at some point. If only she woke up much earlier, she could’ve been safe.”

“What do you mean?” Changmin seemed alerted at the doctor’s announcement.

“You see, the longer the brain was left without work especially after such incident, the higher the possibility of a memory loss. Otherwise, it might also be a possibility that there’s still another blood clot somewhere in there that we failed to notice.”

Dr. Lee suddenly paused as he noticed the signs of fury that was flashing in Changmin’s eyes. He had better things to do than to cross this dangerous man. He held his breath for a while, trying to warn himself of his next choice of words. “Amnesia is very subjective to be included in things amendable. One way is to live your life as usual and add a teaspoon of your past every now and then. It might slightly push those stuck memory back into work. Or we might have to do another surgery to remove the clot, but her possibility to survive it is less than half. So I don’t recommend another surgery, especially since she’s carrying another life inside her.”

“Another… What?”

The doctor seemed shocked at his own revelation. He was too nervous that he slipped this information long before it was supposed to be announced. He didn’t mean to keep it a secret from Changmin, but he has yet to prove that the baby was still intact after such a physical blow to the mother. But the last time he checked, the baby was perfectly safe inside her womb. Maybe he should just tell him.

“She’s two months’ pregnant. I guess the baby is very strong to have survived this accident.”

“A-are you sure?” Changmin stuttered.

“The last time I checked, yes.”

Changmin immediately turned speechless.

He spent his way back to Min Hee with mixed thoughts. He was happy and excited at the same time he was sad and devastated. He still had Dr. Lee at his side somehow.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell her kindly. She won’t misunderstand. After all, I’m a doctor. Doctors never lie,” Dr. Lee tried to calm the man in front of him.

“They just don’t tell the truth,” Changmin cut in sarcastically. “You better do this right, or else, I’ll send my people over to your house and you know what we’ll do next,” he calmly threatened.

“I understand, Changmin-sshi,” his voice shook.

Both of them re-entered the room to find a sleeping figure of Min Hee. Changmin walked closer to the bed and examined the view in front of him. How could it possibly be that she could forget him? After all, he was told that he was Min Hee’s first love. Don’t that count as something very important? Why would she let go of such a precious memory?

He hoped that everything was an illusion, a bad dream. He let his hand crawled nearer to hers before slowly taking it into his, wishing that she won’t pull it away. She had always replied to his touch with a light squeeze and a warm smile on her lips. Sometime she would even pull him down for a peck on the lips. The scene flashed across his mind the moment their skins touched. But at the moment Min Hee snatched her hand unexpectedly and painfully squatted away from him, his whole life immediately vanished.

“Stay away from me,” she hissed.

Changmin couldn’t believe that he actually saw the alarmed look in her eyes when she looked at him. His eyes crawled from her face to her abdomen, where their baby existed. How he wished he could caress her while letting her know the good news. How he wished he could rub his palm on the area where his baby is growing. Though, all his yearnings were blocked by an invisible wall which is not in his power to break.

He, Shim Changmin, was back to square one at winning the heart of Kim Min Hee.

“I think you better keep a distance from now,” Dr. Lee suggested. “Until she gets better…”

Changmin looked away, not bothering to reply. Slowly, he made his way towards the nearest sofa and threw himself on it. He felt ridiculously miserable. How could someone like him feel this way? He’s in the possession of everything else in this world; money, security, fame, respect, honour…

“I’ve looked through your medical records just now,” Changmin heard the doctor said to his wife. “I came to let you know that you are in a safe condition at the moment. Your head was hit pretty badly a few weeks ago. When we received you from the emergency room that night, I can say that you’re a disaster. We had to connect you to all kinds of medical aids just to give you a tiny chance to go on. Perhaps you really had something worth living for to survive such a blow. I should congratulate you.”

“W-what happened to me?” he heard her voice very low.

“There has been an attack at your residence that night, as I was told,” the doctor went on.

“My house? In… In Gwangju?”

“No, Min Hee-sshi. It stated in here that you live in Seoul.”

Changmin can see that the doctor is taking it slowly at explaining things to Min Hee. Rather than showering her with facts, he let her come to him for answers.

“Since when did I live in Seoul?”

“Don’t you remember, Min Hee-sshi?” Dr. Lee spoke calmly. “You’ve been living with your husband ever since you got married.”


Changmin kept a tight eye-contact on her as her facial expression replied to the doctor’s words. As he’d thought, he was no longer a part of Min Hee’s world. Now he is a complete stranger to his own wife. Only one ring remained as prove that they belonged to each other.

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Changmin pulled a chair back to the side of the bed. Min Hee went back to sleep after Dr. Lee finished talking to her. She needed to rest after being dumped with all those information. Even though it was only a teaspoon of what she used to know, he could tell that it was too much for her to digest in one day.

The man rested his elbows at her side. One hand was holding his head up while the other was greatly tempted to grab Min Hee’s hands in its own. Now that Min Hee knew who he was, he wondered if she will act differently when he attempts to touch her again. He stared at her chest as it rose and fell in a synchronised tempo. His attention then diverted from her chest to her abdomen. Changmin cursed. It was such a painful miracle…

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It opened rather slowly before the figure of the man from before came into view. He walked closer. “Milord, the Drunken Tiger’s head chief is on hold,” he kept his head low in respect while his hands were holding on to each other in front of him. “He wants to speak to you directly,” he went on in a whisper.

“I see,” Changmin replied, not bothering to look at the person he’s talking to. “Transfer him to my private line. I’ll talk to him from there.”

“As you wish, Milord…” The man bowed and left the room.

Changmin sighed and refocused his attention back on his beloved wife. She was still asleep and it had been more than 3 hours. He gave one last glance at her flawless face before he stood up and made his way back to the sofa. He didn’t want Min Hee to catch any irrelevant details of the conversation that is about to take place. Who knows she might be fake-sleeping.

“Speak.” He said sternly into his wireless headset as soon as he got comfortable. He was careful to make sure that his voice won’t cross the room. Thanks to the carpeted floor and the heavy curtains, he didn’t have to put that much effort to lessen his voice’s vibration.

“Shim Changmin-sshi,” another voice replied from the other end, very deep and hoarse. “With all due respect, our clan do not mean to interrupt. But we heard that your wife was attacked a few weeks ago. Thus, we are sending you our deepest regret and we hope on your wife’s fast recovery.”

Changmin grunted. He crossed both his arms in front of him and smirked. “Is this all you wish to tell me?”

“Actually I wanted to discuss about our peaceful treaty with the state’s authority,” the head chief didn’t wait for another second. Indeed, he wanted to speak privately to this man for a reason. “We’ve lost confidence in your west subsidiary’s ability to keep all our properties safe, so I’d like to discuss on further improvements applicable within the treaty as soon as possible.”

“NO. There’s no need for such things. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the treaty or our subsidiaries,” Changmin hissed quietly. “To bring this up in the midst of the attack, I should assume that you’ve played a part in this plot. Did you not?”

There was a brief silence on the other end of the line. There were distant sounds of papers crumbling and tapping of fingers on a wooden table.

“Don’t accuse us of such crime. You should know how well we respect your organisation.” The voice sounded to be suppressing fear.

Changmin chuckled. “Words can be misleading. And chances should be taken at its first presence. Who knows you might be one of the pawns of this ridiculous agenda.”

“I can see that your words are now bolder.”

“It has always been that way, my friend.”


Changmin looked over at the hospital bed where he could see his wife is slowly waking up. “There will be no amendments needed for the treaty. It’s either you’re in or you’re out. Let my men know,” he said finally before he ended the line.

He made his way back to Min Hee’s side. She still had her eyes closed shut when he sat down on that chair. Only a few wrinkles were visible on her forehead. Once in a while, Changmin could hear a distant moan coming from her. Is she having a bad dream?

“Changmin!!” her body stiffened momentarily in front of him before her eyes shot wide open.

His own eyes widen at the call. “Min Hee, I’m right here,” he uttered immediately while fetching her neglected hands.

“Ah, it hurts…” she mumbled as she started to loosen up. She attempted to touch her head with her hands when she realised that it was tightly grasped by larger hands, a man’s hands. Her eyes followed to the owner’s direction and multiple expressions soon appeared on her face. “What are you doing?” she uttered in alarm and awkwardness. She pulled her hands away slowly.

“Oh. Um, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to--” he released the soft hands and pulled his own back to his sides. He was suddenly lost for words.

Min Hee continued to glare at him. Somehow it made him feel very much agitated. Didn’t she just call out his name out loud?

“Did you have a bad dream?” he asked a while after, trying to brush off his ridiculous thoughts.

She looked at him suspiciously, making sure that he wasn’t one of those evil mind-readers she came across in fictions. “I guess,” she replied. “How did you know? Did I talk in my sleep?”

“Kind of…” he answered. “A name, actually. You called out a name.”

Changmin crossed his arms on his chest. He was trying hard not to feel disappointed, but his heart just continued to fall in sadness.

“I did?” she asked him back. Clearly she was unaware of her own doings let alone to remember the name that has just slipped her lips.


The room then fell into a deep silence. Only Min Hee’s eyes were doing some silent whispering as she kept on glancing back and forth from the walls to Changmin and back again. He wondered what is going on inside her mind.

“Are you really my husband?” she suddenly asked as if knowing the queries that have been playing inside Changmin’s head. She tilted her head to one side to have a better view of him, all the while clutching her hands together. Changmin didn’t know what she expects as an answer from him but he won’t bother to lie or create stories in front her. He might’ve done that before, but he had sworn to stop when he realised where his heart actually belonged to.

“Yes,” thus he replied simply.

“Really?” she stressed the word this time just to make sure. Her eyes were full of suspicion. “How should I believe that this is not some sort of a conspiracy?”

Changmin thought for a while. This might be the most crucial stage of explanation and he couldn’t afford to lose her trust. After all, she had been the target of his enemies. He needed to keep her very close to his side at all times from now on. And having her have the slightest doubt in him is a very bad idea.

“No words from me will be a good enough proof for you,” he spoke after a while. “I wanted to use that ring on your finger as proof, but maybe you’ll just end up accusing me of putting it on you while you’re asleep.” He sighed heavily.

Min Hee held up her left hand to witness her ring finger which was holding firmly to a neatly carved piece of metal. The body was made of pure platinum and it was expensively decorated with clear diamonds which sent a marvellous watery effect to the eyes. It was surprisingly the exact shape of the ring she had ever dreamed of when she was a little girl. Somehow it made her heart skipped a few beats.

She turned her attention back at him. “How long have we been married then?”

“Almost a year now,” he answered and paused. “We’re supposed to celebrate our first anniversary next month.”

Min Hee was suddenly speechless. Seeing the sad expression on Changmin’s handsome face made her heart crumbled. She could guess how awful he’s feeling as the words came out from his mouth. And most of it was because of her. “I’m sorry,” she uttered quietly. “I was told that I’ve lost a part of my memory which had you in it. I’m sorry that I can’t remember anything.”

The man smiled bitterly. “You have nothing to be sorry for. I deserved this as a punishment for the bad things that I’ve done to you. Instead, I’m the one who should ask for your forgiveness.”

His eyes gazed lovingly at her direction, hoping that he could win a little smile from her lips. If he were given the permission, he would’ve liked to scoot closer to her and caress her soft hair while looking deeply into her hazel eyes and whisper lovers’ dialogues to her ears. But he had to restrain himself. He should not act too fast when she had only started to show signs of acceptance. He held himself instead, capturing the warmness of his own arms around his body while longing for hers.

He could tell she was still afraid to accept the whole truth.

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It has been another few weeks from when she woke up from her long sleep. Never once did Changmin leave Min Hee’s side and he stayed at the hospital as if it was his second home. As she was slowly recovering, she often took little walks outside the room and she can see lots of people with identical black suits at every corner. She wondered if all these people are connected to the man who claims himself as her husband or if the hospital just wished to provide their patients with an extreme measure of security. What amused her more is that the whole floor was emptied. There were many ward rooms and a few doctors’ private stations, but all of them were empty except for Dr. Lee’s office. She wanted to travel further but her wish was firmly and politely declined by the men in black suits stationed at the elevators and emergency stairs. Thus, she had no choice but to return to her waiting husband back in her room.

She had always intended to ask what Changmin did for a living, but she thought the question was a bit rude so she just left it unanswered and continued to make assumptions based on his daily activities. After all, Changmin rarely leaves the room and he always sat at the sofa either talking to his mobile or is engulfed in his notebook. She could guess that this man did not work for another and people are easily scared of him even if they’ve known him for a long time. Sometimes it scared her when the thought of this man being the bad guy occurred. If he’s dangerous, maybe it’ll be better if she stayed away.

Furthermore, she often wondered what Min Hee was like before she lost her memory. Did she love him back? Did she know what he did to support his family financially? Was she content of her life with him? Only God knows how eager she was to revisit her so-called new home in Seoul. Perhaps she’ll be able to relocate the missing puzzles of her memory and have answers to those questions. And perhaps she’ll find a solid proof that Shim Changmin is indeed her lawful wedded husband.

“Are you ready?” a deep voice called out, cutting her day dreams and wild thoughts short. She glanced upwards to meet the soft eyes of Changmin. She looked over at the end of the bed to find her bags missing. “I had SongSun bring it to the car,” Changmin spoke as he followed her gaze. “They’re waiting for us.”

Min Hee nodded nervously as she took the hand offered by him. Her toes reached for the carpeted floors as she lifted herself from the side of the bed with the help of Changmin’s strong support. She couldn’t remember how long she sat there and how much ridiculous conclusions she had come up with.

She had to admit, she was also scared to go home.

The moment both of them were out on the corridor, a group of several suited men was already waiting for them. They quickly bowed in respect at her and Changmin. The corners were now empty and there were regular citizens on the floor at last. Min Hee felt awkward and held tight to Changmin’s hands, as he had instructed her late last night. She couldn’t understand at all the need of being escorted to the Ground floor and having all these big men to create a circle around them as they walked. She felt like being dragged in a cage and worse, towards her doom. Being a clueless person with a hole in her memory, she was pretty much vulnerable of being a victim of a gang-murder or something. She shouldn’t have let this man do whatever, but she couldn’t help but put her trust in him as the warmth from his hands wrapped her own. She had to have faith.

“We’ll take the smaller ride,” she heard Changmin spoke to one of the men when they were inside the elevator. Min Hee could only stare at them blankly, not having a clue what ‘the smaller ride’ could mean. The suited man then pressed three fingers on his right ear where there seemed to be an ear-phone and he talked in whispers into an invisible microphone. He gave a nod to the wall before resuming to his earlier pose. These were starting to freak her out. She held onto Changmin’s hand even tighter.

As they reached the ground floor, she could see the huge lobby which was full of sick people and their families over the men’s shoulders. She couldn’t believe that this place was actually accessible to other humans other than Changmin, herself and these black suited men. It has always seemed quiet and lonely where she was and she had thought this was a deserted hospital. Why won’t the suited men allow her to go to other floors where she could at least find some new friends to talk to?

“Min Hee?” Changmin’s deep voice woke her up from her day trance.

She looked up and smiled awkwardly at him. She had just noticed that she was standing at the elevator’s door, pretty much blocking everyone’s way, while everyone was looking strangely at her direction. “Ah, I’m really sorry,” she uttered quietly, feeling embarrassed. She quickly fastened her pace along with Changmin as the ‘bodyguards’ were starting to drag them to their ‘smaller ride’ just outside the lobby. People were surprisingly fighting their way towards them as soon as they reached the heart of the lobby. Perhaps they’ve just recognised who had come out of the elevator. Some were shouting curses at them and some were wailing begs to be saved. These were odd remarks to be heard side by side.

She wondered, who is this man?

“Hurry, get in,” he ordered her, making way for her to jump into the car first while he followed closely behind. The passenger’s door closed shut right after and the black suited men scattered to nowhere in sight after making sure both of them were securely inside the vehicle. It only took seconds before the car started to sway left and right due to pushes by these crazy impulsive people.

“Drive.” Changmin’s tone was firm and stern. All he was thinking at the moment was to get his wife safely back to their house without a single scratch on her skin.

“Has it always been like that?” she asked as the car drove its way out of the hospital’s main entrance, trying to slow down her adrenaline. She just noticed a few cars were following them from behind as well as huge motorcycles leading the way up front. Only now did she realise what ‘the smaller ride’ meant. Changmin had wanted them to be inside one of the escort car instead of the limousine which was two cars behind them. She wondered if she should be grateful or not.

“Not really. It has always been milder at hospitals.”

Min Hee gave Changmin a shocked glare. “What do you mean ‘milder at hospitals’? Should I expect worse out there?” Her heart was clearly beating fast, being scared of what was to come. She felt her hands being held tighter.

“Your hands are cold,” Changmin said as he rubbed it softly. “You shouldn’t be scared. As long as I’m here, I’ll keep you safe.” He leaned in to give her a peck on her head. He smiled at her reassuringly before resuming his sight-seeing through the car window.

“Begin the shuffle of positions,” Changmin suddenly called out to the driver in front. His eyes were still roaming through the trees and up to the blue sky as he spoke. Min Hee heard mumbles from the driver as the car started to slow down in the middle of the free-way. A few pairs of the motorcycle did the same while the remaining ones maintained the same acceleration. Two black cars passed them on either sides and slipped in between them and the motorcycles. The limousine is now directly behind them while the other motorcycles were now at the very back of the line. Min Hee had her mouth opened wide. “Excellent,” Changmin remarked with a calm grin.

“What was that for?” Min Hee asked as her voice started to shake.

“Oh, that is what I call extra protection,” he beamed at her. “One can never be too careful, don’t you agree?”

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All the while he was inside the car, he can’t help but to think over her reactions as they were rushing through the crowd inside the hospital lobby not too long ago. He could understand her shock and uneasiness. But as soon as he realised the stiffness and trauma from those beautiful hazel eyes, his heart was unknowingly splashed with a bucket of ice-cold water. Or worse, it was drowned and pulled down to the base until he couldn’t even reach the surface. Seeing her so lost could really kill him. Yes, perhaps this is what they want. But no, he will never give it to them so easily.

Once in a while, he took a peek at the girl sitting beside him. She was restless. He wasn’t sure if it was due to her nervousness or that she is actually afraid of whom he is. She still hasn’t asked him that most important question. And he did not intend to give her the answer until she was ready to hear it. Until then, he will make sure that she stays as close to him as possible. Even his bodyguards were lacking his trust. To him, this is no more a scene to place such things in each other, except of course between him and her.

Changmin unconsciously extended one of his arms around her shoulders. He felt the distance between them was threatening. As how she would react to his touch, she flinched as soon as his hand gripped on her right shoulder cap. She gave him another one of those alarming stares but soon it loosened up and turned instead into an awkward smile. Perhaps she had just recalled that this man is her husband and that he can touch her whenever and wherever he wants.

“We’ll be arriving soon…” he announced as he pulled her closer, close enough for him to catch the scent of her silky hair. It wasn’t her usual scent, but it was enough to delight the spirits inside him.

He could tell that she was anxious. She kept on looking far ahead for signs of houses but what came into view were trees and more trees. They were currently making their way through thin forests and deserted roads. When she heard his announcement, he could tell that she was about to cry.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Where are they taking me?

It’s true she still wasn’t able to trust him fully. Even when his hands were neatly wrapped around hers or when he was holding her close to his chest that allows her to listen to his warming heart-beat, she could only see him as a stranger who was willing/forced to help her. Either he was the good or the bad stranger, she couldn’t tell. But from the looks of the place they were approaching, she could sense something bad is coming.

She kept a close watch at the roads they were taking. Maybe she might need the notes when escaping from wherever he’s taking her. It wasn’t very hard to memorise since most of them were straight roads and it goes on for miles before the next turn. And she was pretty good at her own sense of direction, thank God.

Suddenly, up front, she caught a very familiar sight of stone-builds. Out of nowhere, a strange feeling surfaced from inside her as the back of her head started to prickle.


”Who are you people and where are you taking me?” I swear I’ve screamed at the top of my lungs. But these bastards seemed to have their ears plugged and those dirty ignorant faces just boiled my insides. “I said let me go!”

“Ah… Shut up, B*tch!” a skin-tearing slap landed square on my face. I could feel it burn on my cheeks for a while. Damn these idiots!

“Let me go, let me go, let me go!!!” I continued to struggle in their firm grips. Ughh, those disgusting hands…

Another slap was visible coming my way, but as it neared in a flash of a second, the person up front quickly shouted. “Stop abusing her skin, Taka! You wouldn’t want him to be disappointed with his price, now, do we?” And the hand paused in mid-space.

“Ughhhh…” the guy who was about to slap me smirked and retreated his hand unwillingly. “I’ll resume this once he’s bored with you, B*tch.” His face was full of vengeance.

Finding no way out of the highly guarded vehicle, I could only look out for signature posts outside. That man who was now gritting his teeth held onto my arms even tighter. If he had super strength, I’m sure my arm could’ve been crushed to dust! And his partner sitting on the other side of me were no different. Those fierce, vengeance seeking eyes were like a hawk’s, waiting for its prey to make a false move.

This is definitely not the place I wish to die.

“Look,” I tried speaking with a calmer and softer tone, hoping to create a friendlier atmosphere. “I just need to know one thing. And it’s not that I can do anything after you tell me the answer anyway,” I told them, matter-of-factly, hoping to get some attention.


With gritted teeth, I decided to push my way through. “I only need to know who you are taking me to, alright. Why is it so hard to tell me? It’s not like all of you are having the brain size of a pea!” I practically screamed at them. Perhaps a little insult will win me an answer.

Or worse… Death.

“Why can’t you just shut your mouth?” one of the men grunted. “Can someone please cover it for the sake of our eardrums? She’s driving me crazy.” His husky tone was thin and dangerous. He hadn’t spoken at all since she was slammed violently into the car minutes ago and he was indeed driving the car like crazy at the moment.

“The tapes won’t work,” I protested arrogantly before the Taka man could reach for one. “I’ll moan my lungs out if I have to until I have some answers.”

Taka looked at me annoyingly.

“Who are you taking me to?” I pushed again, looking straight at those disgusting eyes to show them that I’m not afraid. It seems like he has no choice but to submit to my request if all of them wants to have some peace of mind.

“You’ve heard of Shim Changmin?”

My forehead wrinkled as I tried to recall. This is when I notice a pretty set of stone-builds right before the car turned to a corner. Maybe I’ve heard of this person somewhere, but the sight that followed managed to shut me up. This is definitely something you might not see every day.

“He’s taking you in,” the man continued. “As his unfortunate little playmate.”


Min Hee could hear a distant chuckle.

“We’re here,” a voice called from beside her, snapping her back to reality. “Welcome home, baby.”

She couldn’t find a word to reply him. Despite what he’d said, she didn’t feel welcomed at all. She could still feel his firm grip on her shoulders but the violent heart-beat gave her a hard time to focus. She couldn’t even think straight.

What was that she just saw flashing through her mind? Is that a memory or just a mere imagination? Was she that anxious that she’s starting to see things that shouldn’t be seen?

But if it was her memory, shouldn’t she be really scared?

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“Let them carry your bags. They get paid for it,” Changmin said as he guided her along the stone steps by her shoulders. All the while, a beautifully carved smile was hanging on to his lips. Indeed, he was grateful to have her back at his place.

Min Hee glanced at the suited man who was now carrying her bags. It wasn’t many but she was sure that both of them were considerably heavy. She felt bad letting him carry all of it by himself but Changmin strictly pulled her away from doing that simple chore. She could only watch that man trailed behind them, keeping up with their pace.

“Min Hee, you’re trembling,” Changmin uttered suddenly. He stopped at the spot and turned to face Min Hee. “Are you feeling alright?” he asked, looking deep inside her eyes with his own concerned ones. He brought one hand to her forehead and down back again, convinced that she’s not having any fever.

“I… I’m fine…” she stuttered, her eyes scattered nervously. She couldn’t possibly tell him what she just saw, right?

“Are you sure? I can get the doctor if you’re feeling unwell,” he half-insisted.

“No. I’m fine. Really.”

Changmin gave her a suspicious look. With one eye bigger than the other, he extended one hand towards her. “Come. Let’s get inside. It’ll be a lot warmer.”

Min Hee stared at his hands like how a little girl would look at a candy offered by a stranger. She carefully took his hands and he immediately wrapped it safely before pulling her gently towards the huge double doors. She just noticed his hand wasn’t as soft but she felt safer being held by it. He might be a stranger to her still and she was aware that she should be careful from this moment on especially that she might be heading towards a trap right this second. But there is also a part of her telling that this is the only man that could keep her safe from harm.

She was confused.

“Welcome home, Milord, Milady…” a huge, fierce-looking man bowed as he held the door open for them to get in. Min Hee’s eyes bulged the moment she noticed what the man was carrying. This has definitely told her that she wasn’t imagining things. Those images inside her head could only be real!

“Come, Min Hee,” Changmin called out before she could ask anything.

As obedient as a pet, Min Hee followed his pull inside, towards a very big hall. She practically had her mouth wide-open as she scanned over the high ceiling as it came into view. For a moment, she totally forgot that she was supposed to be scared and cautious. The view in front of her was totally breath-taking and very beautiful, especially the majestic chandelier up above which was totally magnificent. The interior designer must’ve been a heck of a person.

The door closed behind them, blocking the way of the cold breeze outside. Changmin did say that it’s going to be a lot warmer in here. But her chills weren’t getting any better.

“Do you like it?” his voice came again.

Min Hee glanced to her left to meet his soft gaze. He had that genuine smile on him still. She could feel him clutching his hand tighter around her fingers, waiting for her answer. “Yes,” she whispered. “It’s beautiful.”

Changmin seemed contented. “I thought you would. I like it too. I should’ve listened to you earlier, though. Maybe you could appreciate this better if you still remembered.” He had a mixture of happiness and sadness in his expression. Min Hee couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“What do you mean, ‘I could appreciate this better’?” she questioned him, looking away. Her eyes were now roaming at the large vase with white lilies on the huge round table in the middle of the room. Behind them was the marble staircase which leads to the second floor, she guessed. To the sides, a few sets of similar luxurious sofas were visible between the high poles. And tall vases decorated the poles which lined up the way towards the marble staircase. It was definitely one of those views you might see from the filthy-rich-villain’s house on Hollywood movies. She could only hope that this man is not one of those villains that would try and hurt her. If only God could send he a sign of assurance.

“Because you designed all of it,” he answered after a while. “Before you wer--”


The bark startled her. Her gaze then roamed the floors to search for anything hairy with four paws and a wiggling tail.

“Oh, it’s Pooka,” Changmin told her after being cut off on his previous dialogue. “He missed you so much, you know.”

“Pooka? Who’s Pooka?” Min Hee asked, thinking that Pooka is a very weird name for the thing she had in mind.

“He’s your puppy,” Changmin uttered as he lowered his body and stretched his arms forward to an indeed running dog. “Who told you to get in here? You’re not supposed to be here,” Changmin mumbled cutely, perhaps to the dog.

However, instead of aiming for Changmin, the Pooka dog ran straight towards Min Hee and stood on its twos and leaned its other two paws on her waist. She immediately turned to stone due to shock. She didn’t hate dogs, but this dog seemed to really know her and that freaked her out. It kept on sticking out his tongue and looked cutely and longingly at her.

“See. I told you he misses you.” Changmin stood up and ruffled the Pooka dog’s head. “Naughty boy…”

She couldn’t think of anything else to do and ruffled the dog’s head just like what Changmin did in the hope that the dog will go away. “G-good boy…” she stuttered.

“You’d usually hug him like a real person,” Changmin hinted when he saw her uneasiness. “He’ll lick your ear and only then he’ll get off of you.”

Min Hee stared at Changmin and the Pooka dog in turns. Is this her so-called definite sign? Will this prove that she really is who Changmin said she is, that she is his wife and they’ve lived together for almost a year now? He couldn’t possibly make the dog do these on purpose, could he?

Slowly, she lowered her body and took the dog in her arms. It’s like the dog was too used to hugging people that it’s actually hugging her back as it placed its two front paws on each of her shoulders and snuggled its head to one side of her head. What a smart doggie… And yes, the lick followed afterwards, and the dog finally hopped off.

“ROFF!” it barked again, showing that he was excited to meet her. Its tail wiggled furiously.

“Yes, Pooka. She misses you too. Now get out of the house. You’re supposed to stay outside,” Changmin tried to shoo the dog away. But amazingly, it wouldn’t budge an inch but kept looking hopefully in Min Hee’s direction. “Ah, now he decides not to listen to me,” Changmin complained and had his arms crossed. “Tell him to go outside, Min Hee.”

“Oh… Pooka, go outside,” she spoke awkwardly and pointed her index finger to the nearest window.

“ROFF ROFF!” it shouted happily and ran to where it came from, the kitchen.

So the dog preferred to listen to her. Does this mean that this man was telling the truth all the time? That she truly belonged with him and it was never a conspiracy or anything of the sort?

Suddenly, instead of feeling relieved, she felt her heart dropped and her chest heavy. A hoarse voice started to echo inside her head.

’As his unfortunate little playmate…’

What could this mean?

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Changmin slumped himself onto the chair inside his private office which was at the basement of his house. It has been a more than a month since he last sat on his favourite chair and just freely roam his eyes all over the dark ceiling, thinking of which pawns to draw next. He slightly pushed the tiled floors with his toes so that the chair turned in a circular motion. There were just too many things going on inside his head. It was starting to give him a headache.

“Min Hee…” his lips slowly whispered as he thought of her who might have fallen asleep in their room upstairs. He had to admit that he still had this uneasy feeling even when he had brought her safely back home. After all, the last attack happened in this very house. He had no idea how those bastards managed to break through their last security system and have prefect knowledge of the exact layout of his house. But this has forced Changmin to shuffle around, fire and recruit his employees and also tighten the security around the premises. Luckily, their secret trap doors remained a secret. At least he can tell Min Hee which way to go in case of emergency, considering that she already forgot about all these.

What bothered him the most is that he still couldn’t get to the bottom of this. Everyone related to this house has been interrogated during the past month yet no useful evidence was found. It fired up his rage as the thought of an insider being among them crossed his mind. If ever he gets his hands on that ungrateful peasant, he would make sure that they suffer a living death.

Unconsciously, his fingers balled up to a fist and his hand started to redden.

“Milord, did you ask for me?” suddenly Changmin heard footsteps approaching his mahogany desk. He turned the chair around to meet the eyes of the speaker, who looked rather exhausted. But still, the approaching man bowed down in respect of the other man.

Changmin nodded as affirmation and took a few short breaths to brush away his building anger.

“SongSun… Yes, I did. Sit down,” Changmin motioned him to take the empty sit in front of him. He scooted closer to his desk and brought his hands together, resting his elbows on the table. His face wore cautious.

SongSun did as he was told and raised his head to look at his boss in the eyes. “Is there anything wrong, Milord?”

Changmin examined those wrinkled eyes with mixed thoughts. “Why would there be something wrong?” he replied, leaning back in his seat and placed his elbows on either sides of the arm-rest. Only one thing crossed his mind as he looked into SongSun’s dark brown eyes: Will this man ever betray his trust?

“It’s rare that you summon me at this time of night, Milord,” SongSun replied. “Surely, something must’ve been bothering you for quite some time.”

Indeed, SongSun had been working for the Shim family ever since he was a teenager, and that was forty years ago. He did not raise Changmin, but seeing him grow up with his own eyes taught him everything he should know about this young man. For him to be called upon by Changmin at 3 in the morning is something out of the ordinary.

Silence greeted them for a moment before they heard Changmin’s heavy sigh. “I just don’t know if what I’m doing is enough to keep both of them safe. I can’t shake this worried feeling off my chest and it’s driving me crazy.” Changmin shook his head a few times before he stopped and looked down at his intertwined fingers.

Clearly, Changmin didn’t summon the man for his job, but rather he needed some fatherly company. SongSun was in fact the only person close enough for Changmin to call a father after his own passed away a few years ago, a death which still remains a mystery to all of them. But SongSun had never complained. He was forever glad to be able to hold such an important position inside this young man’s heart.

“I understand,” SongSun spoke calmly. “That feeling is unavoidable when you love her so much. But in my opinion, this is not the time to worry about external attacks, Milord. You should be more concerned about Milady, about which part of her memory that might return to her first.”

Changmin’s heartbeat abruptly stopped. As much as he was worried about people harming her and their unborn baby, he couldn’t deny that he was even more anxious about her regaining back her memory. He wouldn’t care less if everything comes back to her all at once. But if it comes back in small portions like how Dr. Lee has suspected, he should pray hard that she won’t misunderstand.

Now that he’s thought of it, he didn’t even know when Min Hee’s time-line actually stopped. Not once has she mentioned about her parents, nor has she spoken anything about her past life. She has been very quiet and was always wondering off to space even as he was right beside her. Sometimes he could see her eyes bulged suddenly or her mouth flew wide-open and she often talked to herself in corners when they were still at the hospital. It was like she’s seen Hell and came back to Earth only to be haunted by the Devil. And the worst part of all, she never talked to him about it.

“I just wished that she could at least discuss her feelings with me,” Changmin whispered to himself, loud enough for both men to hear. “So no matter which part of her memory returns first, I’ll be there to explain it to her.”

“Maybe she’s not ready to fully trust you yet, Milord. After all, that is how she was when you first met her.”

Changmin sighed hard. “But I can’t even sleep, worrying about all these when I can’t even approach her on my own bed to help clear my mind. This is so frustrating.” He had his fist tightened again.

“Patience, Milord…” SongSun voiced. “Remember, she loves to be treated with patience…”

With that last few words, Changmin held his breath and sighed softly. “Yes. I know.”

Changmin watched SongSun’s back as he retreated from the room a minute later. He should go to bed too but he couldn’t find himself to sleep without Min Hee at his side. But for him to barge into their bedroom and sneak into bed with her is just too risky. He didn’t want her to have any reason not to feel comfortable around him after tonight.

In the end, he stood up from his favourite chair and made his way towards the spare bedroom on the first floor. He laid down on the soft mattress for what seemed like hours but he was still wide awake, looking at the moon-lit ceiling while reminiscing all the best memories of him and her. How he wished all of these will end very soon…

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“Good morning, Milady.”

As soon as she stepped out of the bathroom, the soft voice greeted her. She quickly lifted up her head to find an eager smiling face, before a sudden jolt went up through her spine as she realised a female stranger is currently inside the bedroom.

“Who are you?” the question slipped her lips before she could even make sense of the situation. Her eyes darted towards the glass of milk the girl was holding, thinking if it was brought for her. She grunted softly as she started to lose her balance again.

“Are you feeling alright?” The girl didn’t bother to answer her but continued to trail Min Hee’s steps as she made her way towards the king-sized bed. Min Hee immediately released herself onto it and sent the mattress bouncing softly after receiving her weight. She can’t find a way to stop feeling light and dizzy. And to have this stranger with her in this condition wasn’t helping her at all.

“Min Hee Onnie!” the girl screamed to her surprise. “You should be more careful. Don’t just throw yourself like that!” The girl rushed to her side after putting down the glass of milk on the nearest table and assist Min Hee to lay down more comfortably. The girl’s concerned face confused her. “Oppa will kill me if something bad happens to you.”

Min Hee continued to stare at the girl. The pout on the girl’s face was too cute for Min Hee to judge her as a bad person. Maybe she’s only here to help her.

“Who are you?” Min Hee repeated her previous question. “And what are you doing in this room?”

The girl stared back at her with the pout which soon turned into a sweet smile. “I want you to drink this first before we start,” she spoke instead. The girl then fetched the glass of milk from the table and quickly sat back on the edge of the bed, handing the glass gladly to Min Hee.

Min Hee elbowed herself up and took the glass from the girl’s hand and stared at it for a while, hesitating.

“Don’t worry. It’s clean. Oppa wants you to drink some when you wake up. It helps with the dizziness,” The girl explained with yet another convincing smile.

Slowly, Min Hee brought the brim of the glass close to her lips. She tilted the base upwards and took a few sips of the white liquid. It was cold and refreshing. The cool trail that flowed towards her stomach soothed her wild thoughts and brought a genuine smile onto her lips. The lingering taste of milk on her tongue demanded for more and she gladly obliged by finishing the whole glass in just a few gulps. But as soon as the glass was fully emptied, everything was back to how it was before.

She didn’t think that the girl was telling the truth now. She could still feel her head spinning lightly and her stomach was still fighting the urge to release its contents. “I feel like throwing up again,” she uttered quietly, shoving the glass back to the girl’s hands and half-cover her mouth with one hand.

“But Onnie, you finished the whole glass!” the girl cheered excitedly. “Don’t worry, Onnie. This will take effect soon. All you have to do is drink a glass of milk every morning and before going to bed. Oppa’s orders,” she continued with a happy smile. The girl didn’t even pay attention to the wrinkles on Min Hee’s forehead and the awkwardness of Min Hee’s actions.

“Why do you keep calling me like that?” Min Hee said, putting down her hand and gulping her own saliva to hold down the urge to vomit. Carefully she scooted backwards towards the bed’s headrest, being more assured of her safety by the distance between them.

The girl simply smiled. “Because you are my brother’s wife.”

Min Hee felt her heartbeat stopped abruptly.

“Shocked?” The girl giggled. “Well, it’s not your fault. It’s not like you let go of those memories purposely, right?”

The girl scooted closer towards the awkward Min Hee and slipped her hands inside hers. “For whatever happens, I’ll always be here for you, Onnie. And you know my brother will too, every step of the way. So don’t be afraid, okay?”

Min Hee couldn’t find any words to reply. Instead, she squeezed the smaller hands to show that she understood her. She was still feeling insecure at the fact that she had a hole inside her memories but the encouraging smile and the gentle caress of the girl in front of her descended just a little bit more faith to keep her trusting them. She felt a smile appeared on her lips.

“What should I call you then?”

“Well, I’ve never fancied a pet-name so you didn’t give me one. You called me by my name, InKyung~” the girl smiled widely.

“InKyung?” Min Hee mouthed, feeling that she’d heard the name before. She gazed upwards to meet the girl’s eyes to confirm her doubts. As her mind started working, the back of her head started to prickle again.


“Yah!! Oppa, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!!” a pretty teenage girl shouted at us after she burst through the door looking furious.

“InKyung-ah, how many times do I have to warn you to stay away from my private businesses? Get out, NOW!!” the tall man ordered just as furiously, his hand still clutching tightly on my right arm. I could see purple shades everywhere on my skin by now, a result of this wild man’s abuse. Tears wouldn’t stop showering my flushed cheeks as I sat there quietly, gathering new breaths and trying to bear with the sores and pains all over my body.

“Stop it, oppa! This is wrong! She’s a woman, for God’s sake. Have pity on her. She has done nothing wrong!” the girl started to cry, but her voice remained firm. “Stop hurting her…”

“Shut up and leave. She is mine to do as I please,” the man spoke with arrogance and annoyance and pushed me to the side with such force that caused my head to hit the stone walls hard. He then approached the girl and shoved her out of the door. “Get out of my face, InKyung-ah, before I decide on something even worse,” he hissed and gritted his teeth before slamming the door and locked it. He turned around and stood there for a moment, now grinning to himself. Loud thuds could be heard from the other side of the door, but he paid no attention to it what-so-ever.

“How dare you scratch your dirty nails on my skin, b*tch!” his face immediately turned back sour and he rushed towards me while struggling to undo his belts as fast as he can. His face was red from anger and he carelessly rolled the belt around his fingers and formed a fist before I felt all of it hit my stomach and through. I swear I felt my insides crushed and destroyed as I coughed up blood right after.

This man just wouldn’t stop, would he?

I couldn’t find myself to speak anymore nor do I have the energy left to lift my eye-lids. Slowly, the world became a blur as I felt myself being lifted away.


“Onnie? Onnie?? Are you alright?” InKyung shook Min Hee’s shoulders lightly. “Do you want to throw up?”

Min Hee held tight to her stomach as if she had just been punched hard on the spot. And soon, the urge to vomit surfaced more than ever and she quickly ran towards the bathroom and locked the doors. Only a distant puking sound could be heard as InKyung waited patiently on the other side.

“Onnie, maybe we should call the family doctor to check you up,” InKyung called out, replied by a small grunt from the inside.

A smile immediately appeared on InKyung’s lips. “It’s about time that you know about the baby inside your stomach, Onnie…” she whispered quietly.

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“Are you deaf or just plain stupid?!” Changmin barked at the shorter man. “I clearly stated that it will be a simple meet up. Why the hell did you tell them to wait at the abandoned warehouse? Who do you think I am, Idiot!”

The trembling figure dares not to say a word. With his head faced to the floor and cold sweats dripping from his temples, he hastily shook his head in fear. He caught the sound of Changmin’s heavy breathing and he could guess what would come next. When someone makes the boss furious, they could only wish that Min Hee will suddenly barge into the room to rescue them all. After all, that’s the only living thing that could soften Changmin’s anger in a heart-beat and makes him forget about his reddening fists.

“Get out of my sight!!” Changmin added quickly before losing control, landing his fist hard on the table instead. Any harder, and the table could be cut into half. His fiery eyes followed the man’s back as he walked out of the room.

“Milord, he’s new. You should know he’s still trying to familiarise with your orders…” a man suddenly appeared beside Changmin and leaned down to whisper to his ears. “I would say that you should give him another chance.”

“And who are you to tell me this?” Changmin turned his chair around and was ready to choke the man to death. He was surprised that another man was brave enough to defend the idiot he just scared away. “Do you have any idea what they will think? Are you not alert about the people who attacked this house a month ago?” Changmin’s eyes focused directly into the man’s pure black eyes, as if he was staring at his stupid brain instead.

Changmin unconsciously left his chair and the other man quickly took a few steps backwards. “I… I’m sorry Milord…” his voice shook. The sight of the taller man towering him immediately killed his trail of thoughts.

Two explosions in a row… Not good

“Another absurd word from you, and I shall lock you up with the hungry wolves,” Changmin hissed between his teeth. He then grabbed the man by his collar and brought him close to his face. “Do you hear me?”

“Y-Yes…” he mumbled nervously.

“Changmin-ah! Are you planning on killing someone today?” a squeaky voice suddenly came out of nowhere, its happy tone totally out-of-place. “You should’ve called me! I would’ve been a great side-kick, you know.” The door then clicked behind the newcomer, his eyes darted towards the scene at the other end of the room. Everyone stared at him like an alien just descended from Planet 51.

Changmin turned and released his grip causing the man to lose balance and hit his butt on the tiled floor hard. “Junsu-yah…” he grunted and sat back on his favourite chair. Even he could feel the change in atmosphere at the newcomer’s presence. It’s about time, or he could’ve actually killed the man.

“I heard you’re going to the warehouse this evening. Mind having me around?” Junsu chuckled, purposely ignoring the troubled look on Changmin’s face. “It’s been a month since I kicked some bad ass. My legs are itching for some action.”

“No actions today, Junsu,” Changmin sighed while waving for his men to leave. “It’s just false communication.” He then brought fingers to his temples and leaned his head towards the table, anchored by his elbow.

“Awhhh~” Junsu pouted in disappointment and brought both his hands to his hips.

But the pout soon turned into a smile, followed by the high-pitched laughter which has always annoyed Changmin up to the brim of his conscience.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I’ll cover up for you at the warehouse, my friend,” Junsu announced, letting out his remaining giggles. “The man you chased out told me what happened. So just lose the long face, okay? You look ugly.”

“That is not what’s bothering me,” Changmin revealed instead. “These mistakes… I can tell people are starting to lose trust in us.”

“What makes you think that? I made a lot of mistakes but you still trusted me,” Junsu pointed out confidently. But as a thought crossed his mind, he rolled his eyes to one side in suspicion, “Or have you been sweet-talking to make me feel good?”

Changmin eyed him annoyingly. “Yah, are you stupid too?”

“Eh?” Junsu was caught off guard. He was clearly expecting a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. “Yah! What kind of answer is that question?”

“Ah, shut up,” Changmin grunted and slammed his right palm on the table. “Just start preparing you verbal weapons. Watchful eyes are all over us now. I don’t want any more mistakes after this.”

“So you agree to let me meet them in your place?” Hope was evident in Junsu’s eyes. It was rare for Changmin to allow him to go on a mission on his own since he always tend to attract more trouble rather than solving the one he’s supposed to.

“Only if you wear your bullet-proof vest this time. I wouldn’t want my side-kick dying on me next,” Changmin shrugged.

“Oh! So you do love me?” Junsu’s eyes slowly turned sparkly.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Why would I love a man when I have Min Hee?”

“Oh! Speaking of Min Hee…” Junsu came closer and leaned at the side of Changmin’s mahogany desk, throwing the last topic surprisingly easily away from his head. “I saw Dr. Kim walked out of the house just now. Isn’t the one attending to your wife named Dr. Lee?”




“Your sister is here?”

“She’s letting Min Hee know that she’s pregnant!”

Junsu was startled. “Is… that bad?” Junsu’s eyes followed as Changmin jumped out of his chair and headed for the door, leaving the shorter man confused.

“It’s not the right time yet! Aish, I shouldn’t have allowed her to help me…” Changmin’s voice could be heard in a distance.

“And you shouldn’t have told her that Min Hee’s pregnant in the first place…” Junsu muttered and occupied the now-empty chair, dragging it around the room with his toes.

Changmin was no longer anywhere in sight.

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The sound of footsteps echoed faintly through the damp alley. Drizzles of rain were still visible, indicating that it will stop pouring soon. Changmin took one step at a time, careful not to disturb the small puddles of water. He constantly held his head up and maintained a serious expression.

With a few of his man tailing behind him, he calmly made his way towards the back entrance of a private café. A slender woman was evident to be waiting for their arrival. With a piece of cigarette hanging loosely between her index and middle finger, she puffed a new set of smoke before turning completely towards her guests and bowed slightly in respect. She gestured for everyone to follow her as she led the way.

The group of men trailed her steps along the dimly lit hallway until they came to a halt in front of the tinted glass doors. One of the doors suddenly slid open, revealing yet another doll-like hostess, now exiting the supposed meeting room. Unconsciously, she sent her usual hopeful looks towards Changmin before she scooted away in her heavy kimono, too excited to pay her usual gesture of respect towards her superiors. A smirk came to his face as he put both his hands inside his pockets. He knew her intentions perfectly, yet his heart was already taken. That girl could only remain dreaming for the rest of her life, and he didn’t feel bad for her at all.

Changmin’s attention then diverted to the supposed hostess who is now gracefully opening the door to the private room for them.

“There you are!” A hoarse voice immediately shouted from the other end of the room. Being surrounded by the best hostesses of the café, only the man’s head and his spread-out legs were visible in between the curved bodies. “I have to cancel a damn lot of gun-fight appointments tonight just to get my ass here, worrying that the great Shim Changmin might still want to cut my head off.” He quickly shooed the beautiful women out of his face.”If I didn’t know you any better, I’d thought you’ve gone mad.”

“And perhaps I have,” Changmin replied sarcastically.

Every single one of his men positioned themselves at their usual posts around the room as all the hostesses exited the room in frowns. Two men remained at the door as it was closed behind them while the others occupied each dark corner available. Only one man stayed by his side, the one man he trusted the most, Kim Junsu.

The seated man chuckled. “If you have, then I should assume that your wife is dead.”

“How dare you!” Junsu quickly lunged himself forward to have a piece of the man’s dirty flesh. No one should ever insult his best friend like that. Though, the man seemed to be unreachable as a few arms were locked all over his upper body, preventing him to get any closer.

Changmin remained his cool expressions where he stood. “Should you care?” he shot back, ignoring Junsu’s incident, eyes never leaving the other man’s.

“Well…” the man wore a silent mock on his face. “Not as much as I should care about my unprotected territories. Why not you sit down, Milord. Then we can talk it through like how we’re supposed to, rather than pointing guns at each other at your favourite warehouse playground.”

Changmin grunted silently at the man’s smirks. How he wished he could fist the man’s face and send his teeth flying across the room. It wasn’t difficult to see that the man he’s facing was trying to break through his authority walls. After the successful break-in at his highly guarded house a month ago, everyone takes it as a loophole to bring the powerful Shim clan six feet under. If someone could do it, they thought everyone else can too.

However, Changmin will never let that happen. Putting his guards up every second, he was being careful not to blow up unnecessarily. He should appear whole and strong to keep his family safe, even when this man’s bold words were constantly poking at the brims of his patience. He must continue being in control.

“Is there a problem with your gambling clubs?” Changmin replied calmly, taking a seat on the blood-red sofa across the man and crossed his legs. He took a glance at Junsu’s direction as he was released from hostage.

“Yes. In case you haven’t notice, you are the problem, Changmin-sshi.”

Immediately, Changmin knew where this conversation is headed. With the man refused to address him as what everyone should, Changmin knew that the man no longer see him in great respect. And with that, he assumed the man has lost his trust in Changmin’s credibility to keep his territories safe. In fact, many of his clients are too, he supposed, but some of them are just too small to speak out.

“So you wish to terminate the contract?” Changmin asked.

And I want my money back,” the man added self-consciously.

“Terminate, yes. Money back, no!” Junsu interrupted with his hands crossed. “It’s clearly stated in the general agreement. Instead, you have to pay the termination fees, idiot.”

“Now, now, now… Look who’s talking,” the man chuckled. “You know, you should really keep your mouth shut and just be grateful that we decided to let you live when we saw you came alone at the stupid warehouse this evening, my little friend.”

“I won’t die that easily,” Junsu spoke proudly, crossing his arms in front of him.

“Just shut up, Junsu,” Changmin instructed annoyingly.

“Oh okay…” he replied immediately and took a few steps backwards, throwing his arms to his back like a soldier obeying orders.

“Your reason, please?” Changmin continued, looking at the man carefully in the eyes.

“As I’ve said, the reason is Y.O.U.”

Changmin released a lung-full breath before standing up, looking at all his men in turns. “Then, perhaps this could change your mind.” He slowly pulled up his fists and signalled for his men to follow his lead.

A clear smile appeared on Junsu’s face as he warmed up his fingers behind his back. At last, some actions to release his tight muscles are coming his way. Too bad, Changmin doesn’t allow the use of fire power inside his favourite café. But that’s so much better than no action at all…

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It was way past midnight when Changmin arrived at his residence, half-covered in blood and bruises. Everything was finally settled when the arrogant men kneeled down in front of him at last, begging for reconsideration upon his rude manners. Changmin wasn’t the stone hearted man anymore and he gladly granted the man a second chance.

Not a single man walked out of the room unscratched. Though, nobody died, but some did pass out and broken a few bones. Changmin was glad the meeting at the warehouse wasn’t carried out when clearly it was a mistake. He could be sure many would die of severe gunshots otherwise. And he could’ve been one of that many. Only when situation has turned completely severe will Changmin set up a meeting at the warehouse, a place where their opponents should expect death. And everyone already knew that, except for that new boy he was pissed at.

Changmin slowly made his way towards his bedroom to clean up, totally forgetting that he might disturb the sleeping Min Hee in the middle of the night. He pushed the door open slowly and went straight towards the bathroom without switching on any lights, acting like it was one of his usual routines.

“Who’s that?” a female voice suddenly shot through his ears, making him freeze on the spot.

“Oh shit.” He breathed.

There was a click sound and the bed lamp shone dimly across the room, partly exposing his figure to the sleepy girl sitting on the bed who was clutching one end of the bed covers close to her chest.

“C-changmin… sshi?” her voice was hesitant as her sleepy eyes were trying hard to focus. Slowly, her grip on the fabric loosened and she began to get out of bed. He wasn’t sure if she was getting ready to run away or if she was being curious and wanted to have a closer look. But for whatever happens, he must not let her see the blood on him. Even though it wasn’t his blood, he didn’t want to risk being the cause of Min Hee’s nightmare. The formal tone she just used was enough to tear his heart apart. He couldn’t bare seeing Min Hee running away from him next.

“I… I was just on my way getting my spare razor blade in the bathroom,” Changmin lied.

“At 3 in the morning?”

Min Hee was getting even closer to him by the minute. He was grateful that the light was highly dimmed, but any closer and Min Hee would see what he didn’t want her to see.

“Stop!” Changmin held up one of his cleaner hands in front of him desperately, making Min Hee stopped in her tracks. “You should just go back to bed. I’ll be quick,” he insisted.

The girl seemed puzzled, but she obeyed nonetheless. After all, that man standing in front of her was the father of the baby she was carrying. Out of all the men in the world, even as unsecure as she felt, she knew she should trust this man. At least until she finds a solid reason not to.

A sigh left Changmin’s lips as he witnessed Min Hee getting herself tucked safely under the bed covers once again. He then made his way towards the bathroom and quickly gathered all his medical needs from the sink cabinet and tip-toed back towards the bedroom door. He will be mending his wounds on his own that night.

“What’s that awful smell? Is that blood on your shirt?” she whispered curiously, loud enough for him to hear.

“Blood? Um, no this is just ketchup.”

Changmin knew he had to get out of the room now or he will surely get caught. He really didn’t want her to see him in that condition. If her memories came back in the supposed part-by-part ascending chronology reckoned by Dr. Lee, seeing the bloody husband now will surely scare her away.

“Are you hurt?” the doubtful Min Hee spoke as she was about to rush her way towards Changmin again.

“No! No. Not at all, I’m fine. You shouldn’t think too much and get back to sleep. You must be really tired,” he said a moment after and immediately exited the room.

Just as the door clicked behind him, a rush of heat suddenly showered his body as the scenes from this afternoon replayed in front of his eyes.


”Open the door, InKyung. I need to see her,” Changmin half-barked.

“She refused to see anyone, oppa. Just leave her alone for now. Don’t scare her more than you did before.”

Changmin saw the serious look on his sister’s face. “God damn it, why did you have to let her know about the baby now?” He was trying hard not to land a slap on those red cheeks.

“That’s not the point, oppa. The point is she should know what’s happening inside her body so that she can take good care of it.”

“Yah! That is why I let you be my second pair of eyes! You will be the one to help her do those when she’s totally clueless! Damn you!”

“Oppa!!” InKyung shot back at him. “Can you stop making matters worse and just listen to me? Everything is going to be alright! She will take some time to think about it but when she has sorted out her thoughts and conclusions, she should be able to accept you better. Trust me.”

“You’re totally ruining everything, InKyung-ah…” Changmin grunted hard.

“Oppa, girls don’t like being lied to. And dragging this longer will only make it harder to mend later.”

“And whose words do you think I should trust better, the doctor’s or my idiot sister’s?” Changmin shot angrily. “Dr. Lee strictly advised to wait until she’s emotionally stable. Now look what you’ve done! If she decides to stop seeing my face once and for all, I swear I’ll kill you. And I wouldn’t care less about you being my stupid-god-damned sister!”

With that, Changmin turned and started to walk away.

“But she already knew you guys are married! Having a baby is only normal in a married life!!” InKyung insisted, feeling bad that she didn’t know her brother’s half of the story the same time she felt disappointed at the lack of her brother’s trust in her.

Grunting hard, Changmin turned back to face his sister. Shoving his index finger forward, he tilted InKyung’s chin upwards harshly to face him in the eye. “Are you really that stupid?” he hissed. “Do you not know who I am? What I do for a living? And who I associate with?” he paused and let out a painful chuckle. “Wouldn’t it scare her when she knew mafias like me
share partners like sharing a public toilet? Wouldn’t she doubt that I have never shared her with anyone else knowing how high in position I’m at? Wouldn’t she think I might take her for granted on my mission to expand my influences? Wouldn’t she!!?”

“O-Oppa…” InKyung stuttered. “She’s just… confused. I don’t think she’ll ever doubt your love for her.” She tried to back away but her chin was held tightly that Changmin’s fingernails might scratch her skin if she moved.

Changmin took a glimpse of his bedroom door behind InKyung before he released her chin as harshly as he took them. “Whatever,” he sighed heavily and stomped away, clearly pissed.


Just now, Min Hee talked to him like nothing happened. Does this means that Min Hee have finally accepted him as her husband along with the baby’s existence between them?

A strand of hope lingered inside his veins. How he wanted to barge into the room and ask her then and there. But as the odd smell of blood on him re-entered his lungs, he shook the thought off vigorously and quickly made his way towards the spare bedroom to clean up.

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“Make sure she drinks the whole glass after she finishes her breakfast, okay?” Min Hee heard Changmin’s voice coming from the end of the corridor heading towards the stairs.

She closed the bedroom door behind her, careful not to make a sound and stood there for a moment to listen to the rest of the conversation. She could see two figures standing in front of each other a few meters away from her. It seemed to her that Changmin was ready to descend the stairs before he met his sister in the middle, who was apparently holding a tray of food in her hands. Could that possibly be her breakfast?

“Yes, oppa. I know. You’ve reminded me a thousandth time,” InKyung giggled softly. “Stop worrying too much. I know how to take good care of my future niece.” InKyung assured and was about to take a step forward when Changmin suddenly stopped her midway by spreading his arms in front of her. “Aish! Oppa, I could’ve slipped!”

“How did you know it’s a girl?” Changmin asked, ignoring his sister’s angry face as she made sure the tray was stable again.

“Well, I don’t. It’s a guess, duhh…” InKyung pushed him away with her hips after getting a playful smack on the head and started to turn to the corridor where Min Hee stood at. Min Hee quickly hid behind a vase of flowers nearby. “Just get to work and come home early. And don’t get too bloody this time,” she heard InKyung say.

“I can’t promise you that,” Changmin replied in a composed tone, now pretending to fix his black tie and was ready to go down the stairs.

InKyung stopped in her tracks and faced Changmin once more, hands still holding the tray. She seemed concerned and very worried. “Why not?” she asked.

“Well, something really bad came up. I think it’ll only get worse. Just keep an eye on Min Hee for me, okay?”

“Oh. Okay,” Min Hee heard InKyung sigh. “But really, don’t get killed!” she managed to call out before Changmin was totally out of ears’ reach, turned and started walking forward. “Eh? Onnie, you’re awake,” InKyung said as soon as she noticed Min Hee at the bedroom door, trying not to get caught eavesdropping.

“Ah, yes,” Min Hee replied awkwardly, twitching her fingers behind her back. “I was just heading for the kitchen to get some breakfast,” she lied.

“Oh. Well, I got your breakfast right here. Do you still want to go downstairs?” InKyung asked, showing Min Hee the tray in her hands. She actually caught Min Hee’s nervous smile but she decided to let it slip. Too much anxiety is not really good for the baby.

“No, that’s fine,” Min Hee replied while re-opening the bedroom door wide for the both of them before closing it again. “I’ll have them here,” she patted the coffee table as she sat herself on the sofa.

Nodding, InKyung landed the tray on the coffee table and sat down next to her sister-in-law. “Oppa wants you to finish everything.” She smiled.

“Oh, arasseo.” Min Hee extended her arm and took the shining fork in her hands. She scanned her breakfast for a moment before choosing the first thing she would like to have a taste. In front of her, a nicely decorated american breakfast proudly evaporated the fresh scent of fried eggs, bacon and baked beans. Everything was arranged beautifully, making the dish smile at her. She smiled back and gladly landed her fork across the delicious-looking white eggs to cut it smaller and brought it to her mouth. “Mmm…”

“You like it?” InKyung asked, which Min Hee replied to with a simple nod.

“Not having morning sicknesses anymore?” InKyung added, her face curious.

Min Hee looked at her momentarily before shaking her head side-ways. “Not so much.”

“I told you the milk was good for you!” InKyung grinned excitedly as she hopped slightly on the sofa causing it to bounce an inch, feeling glad. Min Hee couldn’t help but smile in agreement and got back to finishing her food.

Both of them sat there as Min Hee ate her breakfast slowly with InKyung watching her. Min Hee had to admit that it was somewhat disturbing to have a person staring at you while you eat. But she knew this was all Changmin’s doings. She didn’t know why he was being overprotective over unnecessary things such as this, though she trusts that he has his reasons when he instructed InKyung to keep an eye on her.

Besides, what was all that about not getting too bloody or getting killed this time? Was it their usual morning jokes between siblings? Are they referring to getting mocked or getting fired? Or did they actually mean it, literally? Then, is it a really dangerous thing he’s mingling with that he didn’t want her to get involved in? Does InKyung know about it?

“Hey, InKyung-ah,” Min Hee started, putting the fork down. “Changmin already know that I’m pregnant with his child, right?”

“Of course! That is why he sent this secretary,” InKyung pointed at herself with a proud smile, “to help take good care of you.”

“Why didn’t he do all these himself?” Min Hee said as she referred to watching her eat and made sure she drank a lot of milk every day particularly. “Is he really that busy?”

Maybe it was a difficult fact to tell. InKyung did not answer as soon as she ought to. She seemed hesitant and even stole a few uncomfortable glances towards Min Hee. “Being busy is not the actual reason he sent me in his place,” she muttered at last. “Though, I don’t think I’m in the right place to tell you that. It’s complicated.”

“How complicated?” Min Hee asked eagerly.


The room fell silent after that last word from InKyung. Min Hee gulped the last drops of milk from the glass before placing them back on the tray. She sat there for a while, thinking of the best ways to ask her next questions.

“Tell me,” Min Hee then started again. “What actually happened a month ago?”

“I don’t know,” InKyung answered earnestly. “I was in Europe that week, having fun with my friends. I received a call from oppa one night telling that you’ve been submitted to a hospital after a violent attack at the house and you remembered nothing of him. I know nothing else.”

“He has enemies?”

“Lots of them. That is why he really needed to keep you safe from the public.”

“He’s not a bad person, is he?” Min Hee asked, half worried that the question was too blunt or offensive. But it wasn’t as bad as how much she was anxious for the answer.

Again, InKyung was being reluctant, adding the suspense for Min Hee.

“Well,” InKyung finally replied with an assuring smile. “Not anymore…”

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“Let’s go.”

Checking his reflection in the mirror one last time, Changmin then turned towards the double doors where there were two large men holding them open for him. He gave them a nod acknowledging their hard work and quickly made his way towards his jet black Lamborghini Gallardo parked beside the fountain in front of the house. Kim Junsu was right behind him.

“Wait! Are you actually serious about turning to the authorities?” Junsu argued breathlessly, trying to catch up with Changmin’s fast pace. He swore Changmin’s legs weren’t made for humans.

“I’ve told you, this is just for safety measures. It’s no big thing,” Changmin retorted calmly, ending the argument. His hands were now opening the car door on the driver’s side and he gracefully slid inside before pulling it back, closing it securely. Soon enough, both of them were already riding the elegant vehicle across the empty free-way.

As Changmin climbed on the speed meter, Junsu ducked beside Changmin in terror as he witnessed the world outside zoomed away behind them, making him grip fast on the leather seat for dear life.

“I always hated it when you drive. Can you please slow down?” Junsu begged between his chattering teeth.

“I can’t,” Changmin replied coolly. “I’m anxious.”

“God, I could literally feel my butt getting smaller,” Junsu’s voice was evidently scared.

Changmin’s eye-brows crooked. “What does your butt has anything to do with my driving?”

“EVERYTHING!” Junsu exclaimed desperately as he was on the verge of tears.

“Aish. Can you stop being such a sissy?” Changmin mumbled in annoyance and slowed his Lamborghini to an acceptable acceleration. “There’s nothing fun in driving a sports car at this turtle speed,” he sighed.

“Yah! Be grateful that I just saved you from a potentially brutal car accident! You wouldn’t want Min Hee to be claiming your body by parts, do you?”

“Whatever… We’re here,” Changmin announced as he pulled to the side in front of a very big Victorian Mansion. “Pfft, it’s only the size of my guest house and they’re already calling it a mansion,” Changmin commented in irritation as his eyes left the stone plate stating the name of the building.

Both of the gorgeous men got out of the car and they walked side by side towards the entrance of the so-called mansion. Right at the door, two men who looked a bit less like security guards stopped them in their tracks.

“Do you have an appointment?” one of the men asked sternly.

Looking down at the arm holding him back, Changmin chuckled and inserted his hands inside his pocket in one sleek move. He stared the man down with his eagle eyes as if daring him to punch him in the face.

“The Great Shim Changmin does not need an appointment. Now move aside,” Junsu barked and brought his arms across his chest. Mimicking Changmin’s gaze to the other men, he confidently waited for them to make way.

“Tch, the US President himself needs to make an appointment to meet the Prime Minister. What makes you think we’ll allow you to get in just like that?” the man who where holding Changmin chuckled back at them.

“How dare you put your hands on me, peasant,” Changmin hissed angrily after that brief silence.

Moving a lot faster than lightning, Changmin caught the man’s arms in his hands and pulled it around harshly to a ridiculous angle, which sent the man to cry a very painful moan. Changmin’s lips flashed a satisfied smile.

“That’s right!” Junsu stated bravely, more towards the other surprised man. “Now bow down to us!” he added with what was supposed to be a high-pitched evil laugh. But of course, no man in the right state of mind would obey that childish tone.

“Let us in and I’ll spare you family’s lives,” Changmin whispered to the man’s ears, totally ignoring the scene right behind him. “And trust me, that would only be the beginning of your sorrowful life.”

“Argh, fine. Push them through,” the man ordered his partner as he himself was still trying to survive the broken arm Changmin had given him.

“Wise decision,” Changmin snickered and fixed his suite before walking through the oak doors.

Right at the bottom of the stairs which immediately welcomed them as they got inside, they caught the sight of a women sitting behind a small table with a dozen telephone lined up in front of her. Changmin made his way towards her with his hands returning into his slack pockets. The female secretary did not notice them at first, not after Junsu cleared his throat, quite seductively.

The women looked up and her jaw immediately dropped. “Oh my God, it’s Shim Changmin! And his awesome side-kick, Kim Junsu!” An excited high squeal erupted, causing an echo across the empty hall. She quickly stood up, bringing her post-it pad with a pen and rushed over to her Batman and Robin. She totally forgot her brain back at her working desk.

A grin willingly appeared on Junsu’s face. He was about to extend his hands to receive the pen before Changmin stretched his arms forward making the girl stop, his face bored.

“Do you wish to die too?” Changmin asked the girl, annoyed. “Where’s the Prime Minister?”

“Oh!” the secretary finally snapped out of her own embarrassing fantasy. “Erm… He’s been waiting for you,” she answered and got back to her desk, fetching up one of the receivers and pushed a button on one of the telephones. Clumsily, she fixed her skirt and brushed away the strands of hair in front of her red face while whispering a few words to the person on the other end of the line. “Right, follow me please,” she uttered a moment after and led them to the heart of the tiny mansion.

When they finally arrived at the private office of the Prime Minister, the fan-girl secretary excused herself and returned to her desk, still with a tomato head.

“Your men blocked my way,” Changmin’s voice was even more irritated as he sat himself on the sofa without being invited. “Fire them or I will.” Changmin meant shooting the man right between the eyes on his part.

“Please, Changmin-sshi. The existence of our peace treaty does not allow you any rights to interfere with the government’s procedure,” the Prime Minister spoke calmly. “I only forgot to tell the new guys about your special exception, and I apologise. At least the guards at the gates didn’t block your vehicle from entering my premises, am I right?”

Changmin chuckled. “Then perhaps I should’ve been more grateful for your great hospitality,” he uttered in sarcasm.

The Prime Minister obviously received the hint but he ignored them as how he usually did. Instead, he sat up straight and looked at Changmin right in the eye before deciding to bring up the topic he had been waiting to discuss.

“So tell me, Changmin-sshi. I heard one of your biggest clients, which is also the seventh most wanted group of assassin on our list, requested for the protection-contract termination after the attack at your premises,” he returned the pen he was holding safely back to its holder. “Does this mean chaos is heading our way again?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Everything is totally under control,” Changmin sneered. “And I’ll leave it at that, mind you. I’m only here to make you hand to me the original copy of the government’s list of all the mafia that has ever existed in Korea and its associates. And I want all other copies to be destroyed.”

The Prime Minister shrugged, feeling defeated that Changmin wouldn’t let him dig into the matter. And he wasn’t that stupid to push his way through when clearly this dangerous man wouldn’t allow it. He had to compromise a lot to be on Changmin’s good side.

“I can’t. That’s classified.”

“Or… you can sit on your high chair and worry about your deteriorating economy for the rest of your life. And being able to do nothing but watch the mafias making puppets out of the authorities in the next five years after knowing that these little actions could’ve saved the whole country.”

Holding his disappointment between his gritting teeth, he knew there was no other way he could refuse the man if he wanted Shim Changmin to continue becoming his ally. “Argh, fine! Just don’t forget, you’re still at the top of our most wanted list,” he simply warned and shooed them away after handing the documents related. Truth be said, the Prime Minister was actually waiting for another opportunity to tie down the Shim Clan under a more thorough government’s surveillance. But clearly, Changmin was able to read between his lines and sleekly escaped before he even got to the point.

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It was nearly noon and Min Hee was still lying in bed thinking of what she had talked about with InKyung during breakfast. So far, all she knew about Shim Changmin was that he is unconditionally over-protective, has lots of unknown enemies around him and was once a bad guy which has now turned towards the good side. That is, if ‘Not anymore…’ meant that way.

Either ways, Min Hee wasn’t sure if she was ready to fully accept the existence of this man in her life as how they said it should be: a husband. Even after InKyung confesses that Changmin has changed, the fact that he was once the bad guy didn’t help to assure her safety at all. Seeing that he still have enemies who might be seeking revenge after him, it could be a great threat to her and her baby. And it wouldn’t be a surprise if Changmin suddenly decided to return to the dark side somehow, who knows? Besides, she has been holding on to the mysterious images of a man who looked an awfully lot like Changmin beating her up to pulps. If her eyes weren’t deceiving her, then why would Changmin hit the women he claimed to love so dearly?

But no matter whom the father once was and what he has done, Min Hee will always cherish the existence of the miracle growing inside her womb. She has vowed to take care of it until the day it will finally see the world and also the days after that, until it has finally grown up to become a great asset to the society. That is all she wished to be able to do as of now, despite the hole inside her memory and the uncertainty of her connections to Shim Changmin.

Min Hee let out a sigh and diverted her gaze towards the door. She can’t deny the boredom she’s feeling for sitting at one place for hours. Maybe she should take a walk around the house. Even though it is a very big house and she might get lost sooner or later, she suddenly felt the urge to find something that could trigger any of her hiding memories. If she has indeed lived in the house for years, for sure there would be a lot of things she needed reminding of. She needed to find those clues.

And with that, she got out of bed and left the bed-covers crumpled. She made way towards the door and scanned the hallway before stepping out of the room and closed the door quietly behind her. It wasn’t necessary for her to tip-toe around the house like a thief considering that the house was sort of half-hers and the floors were carpeted through the middle, but she can’t help from being cautious from bumping into InKyung. She wanted to tour the house alone. She needed to find the missing pieces on her own and InKyung will only get in the way.

“Excuse me,” Min Hee turned towards one of the maids who were diligently dusting the paintings along the walls just outside the bedroom.

“Yes, Milady?”

“Have you seen InKyung?”

“Lady InKyung? She’s taking her usual afternoon nap in her room, if I’m not mistaken. Can I do anything for you?” asked the sweet girl, not more than 20 years of age.

“Um, if she asks for me, tell her I’ll be somewhere around the house and please don’t come and find me.”

“I will do just that, Milady.” The girl bowed.

Min Hee gave the girl a simple smile and walked away, leaving the girl to continue her chores.

She made her way towards the main marble stairs and descended towards the living room 15 feet below. The view of what she saw when she first arrived a few days ago met her hazel eyes once again. Nothing changed at all, except perhaps, the area is much cleaner now. Not that it was anything close to dusty back then, but everything sparkled even more today. Maybe the maids have been working extra hours. Or maybe, it’s simply because she has started to accept this place as her home.

Min Hee walked in between the set of sofas slowly, extending her arms side-ways to touch its leather by the tip of her fingers, savouring the softness yet firmness of wealth it holds. From one set to another, her feet just found its way to explore the large area. Apart from the obvious furniture, she couldn’t help but be fascinated at seeing the entire twelve coffees table across the living room had the same, identical, fresh blood-red roses on top of it, giving the air of passion and boldness in the atmosphere. She had only noticed the large vase in the middle of the room that previous day. She should have known that it was only an appetizer to trigger her delights in the art of interior designing. Not that she remembered being a professional, but she has always loved to accessorise her room and, in this case, her house.

Yes, Changmin did mention that she was the one who designed the living room’s layout. And after seeing the roses, she knew Changmin was telling the truth. It has always been her childhood wish to scent her house with fresh flowers of her likings, and that includes blood-red roses as her most favourite. And she must’ve told him that. That is why the house had this light frail of freshness in the air wherever she went, and she had just realised it.

She scanned the area and tried to find something else she could consider as what they called déjà vu, but there was none. The flowers could’ve been one of them, she thought. But since Changmin has open-handedly mentioned it to her, the flash of light she hoped to arrive didn’t come at all.

Min Hee continued her so-called investigation around the house by disturbing the cooks in the kitchen, more hardworking maids in the library and the dining room, and nearly sent a heart attack to the poor old gardener through one of the guest rooms’ windows. Out of all these places, only one other room managed to spark her interest. This is the room where she has found a considerable amount of pictures in beautiful frames lining up the desks and walls. All of them were pictures of her, sometimes alone and sometimes with him, sometimes smiling and sometimes pouting, and all of them told her that both she and Changmin were once in love. And to wrap it all, she caught the picture taken on her wedding day, where Changmin was holding her from the back and lightly planted a shy kiss on her neck as their fingers intertwined in front of her slim waist. Both of them had happy smiles on their faces.

She guessed that this might be Changmin private office, considering the overall looks of it.

She walked closer towards the mahogany desk and sat on the high chair behind it and turned it around with her toes. Somehow, she had a really comfortable feeling being inside this room. She smiled and closed her eyes, thinking of what could possibly be the cause of this sudden warmness in her heart. Shouldn’t she be surprised or scared that Changmin behaved like a stalker with all those pictures of her? Shouldn’t she be scrambling through some of the documents on the table and find out what he did for a living for real? Instead, the room managed to make her feel full and whole again. As if she didn’t need to worry about anything anymore. And that she was undoubtedly protected and loved… and married.

And because of that, she has totally forgotten that she had lost a part of her memory.

The room told her that she had once returned the affection Changmin had for her, and her heart immediately felt contented. And she felt like that is all that matters.

Unwillingly, Min Hee left the room at the basement and went back upstairs feeling relieved and somehow happy. Even though she did not encounter any déjà vu as she had hoped, she already had this funny but pleasent feeling to savour until tonight, when she will see Changmin getting back from work, no matter how late he comes in, and tell him about it. The smile never left her face. Finally, she could feel the invisible connection…

She was meaning to return to her bedroom when she saw the door next to her bedroom’s was slightly opened and she decided to check it out. Upon pushing the door wider, a large bed immediately came into view, and Min Hee’s feet was stoned to the ground, her jaws wide open.


“LET ME GO YOU BASTARD!” I screamed at the very top of my lungs that my head felt like exploding. Though, no matter how hard I screamed, the man wouldn’t budge at all and kept on forcing himself on me.

Could this really be the end of me?

“Please, don’t do this to me…” A tear dropped down the corner of my puffy eyes and down to my ears. I couldn’t remember the last time I had stopped crying. I thought he was finally knocked by humanity the moment he let me out of that awful room to stay at a much more decent place with proper lodgings. But I was very much mistaken. He does pay lesser violent visits after I was transferred to this spare bedroom, but he was still the monster much worse than nightmare. Maybe he will never change…

“Shut up,” he hissed carelessly as he gathered some breath, holding tightly on my wrists on top of my head and continued sliding his tongue all over my neck as if licking a lollipop. I wonder why he hasn’t bit on his tongue yet even with this wild struggling coming from me.

Then I felt his lips returned to mine and he forced a French kiss on me. I couldn’t do anything but moaned in protest. His grip was too strong, and so were the lock of his lips and the weight of his body, pinning me down. At one point, he fixed his posture on the bed on top of me, and I swear I could feel the bulge from his trousers.

God, he was totally going to rape me.

“C-Chang… Changmin. Please…” I begged hoarsely, my strength was starting to fail me. My struggles were fainter, and so was my consciousness. My arms limped beside me when all the energy has left my body. It was only a matter of seconds before the blur will turn into a complete darkness. And right before I was completely unconscious, I felt him loosening his grip and backed away, his face bear shock.


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“Wait, what’s the list for again?” Junsu stepped into the car and quickly tucked on the seat-belt, recalling the need for safety precautions.

Changmin looked at his surroundings cautiously before getting into the car as well, hastily starting the engine. He didn’t know why his stomach was lurching. “I don’t want them to get involved in the searching of the culprit who tore my house down,” he uttered with calm. “I’m going to end this game.”

“Eh? When was your house torn down? The last time I checked it’s still in a good shape,” Junsu appeared to be in shock a moment after, remembering the shape of Changmin’s house when he left it this morning. But before he received any replies, the view that met before his eyes stopped his heartbeat momentarily.

“Yah, watch out!” They were only a few inches behind an old car before Changmin managed to slip beside it at the devil’s speed, earning a deep relieved sigh from Junsu.

A grunt left Changmin’s lips and he has forgotten about Junsu’s question. Junsu had been lecturing about his speed for the longest time but he wasn’t going to give in this time. Somehow, somewhere deep inside his heart, he could sense that something was terribly wrong. But he couldn’t figure out what it is. And when he’s anxious, this is what he will do to calm himself.

But it seemed like it’s not working this time. Perhaps, maybe he should go even faster…

“Yah! Do you happen to have a death-wish or something? You’ve never drove this fast before!” Junsu’s skin was pale and cold, his hands were gripping very tightly to the leather seats. Instead of slowing down, the guy beside him decided to press on. “I still haven’t told Xiahky that I love him today!” Cold sweats were seen dripping from his temples.

“Aargh… Shut up, Junsu. I’m trying to focus here.”

Junsu stole a frightened glance towards Changmin and immediately saw his wrinkled forehead and a disturbed expression. He realised that Changmin wasn’t being himself. And situations like this have always meant bad news for everyone else.

“Hey, what’s up with you?” he half-croaked it out. “Want to talk about it, instead of driving me towards my death-bed?”

“Nothing’s up.” Changmin quickly replied. “Just shut up.”

So there was a brief silence where both of them were caught in their own thoughts as Junsu decided to obey. Changmin was trying to figure out why he has such a hunch when Junsu was trying his best not to pee in his pants. Both of them stared to their front before Junsu noticed that they weren’t going back to Changmin’s place.

“Where are you taking me?” Junsu tried to ignore the zooming trees beside him. At least, he thought they were trees before it stretched itself sideways and turned to a white-ish blur towards one end.

Changmin didn’t answer him immediately. As if making sure he’s making the right decision, he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. “The Drunken Tiger’s place,” he mumbled.

After a few more turns they finally arrived in front of a very shabby place. At first sight, it almost looked like an abandoned mental hospital. But this wasn’t the first time both of them had been here, and the looks did not deceive them anymore. It was clear that this was the method chosen by this organisation to keep their profile low among the public, like when the Shim clan chose to hide within the thin forests.

“Junsu, you can get out of the car now…”

Inside the car, Junsu was still holding tightly to the sides of his seat and refused to lift his head. His eyes closed shut even when everything around him was already stationary. Changmin shook his head in disapproval and pursed his lips. He made his way towards Junsu’s door and opened it for him.

“AAAH!” Junsu suddenly shrieked and shielded himself from an imaginary threat that has intruded his side of the car. “Close the door! Close the door! I don’t want to die!”

“Die my ASS. GET OUT!” Changmin smacked Junsu hard at the back of his head and dragged him out by the arms. “Seriously, have you ever considered stopping calling yourself my side-kick? Now I find it very intimidating!”

Changmin let go of his hand and turned to face the awed Junsu who had just lost his voice.

“What? Surprised that you’re still alive?” Changmin uttered sarcastically. “Well, do whatever. I’m busy so I’m going inside now. You can stay out here and enjoy the fresh air if you want. Or you can call a cab and go home if you’re so afraid to ride with me.”

Upon hearing the complete change of tone in Changmin’s voice, Junsu was finally awakened from his useless trance.

“Yah! Are you sick? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I told you, nothing is wrong with me! Now get out of my face if you don’t wish to be here.”


“How dare you slap my face!” Changmin roared and dived towards Junsu to punch him in return. Junsu skilfully dodged his hit and pulled up his own fists in front of him in case he needed to protect himself from Changmin’s madness. He didn’t mean to hurt his bestfriend. But Changmin asked for it, so he’s more than glad to comply. He only needed to knock in some senses back into Changmin. That’s all.

“I’m not that stupid, Changmin-ah. I’ve known you ever since we were in diapers. The last time you behaved this way, we received that call saying Min Hee was badly injured a few hours later,” Junsu said. “If it rang any emotional bells in your head, maybe you should check on Min Hee right this instant.”

“Yah! What are you two doing out there? Get out of this property!”

Both Changmin and Junsu quickly turned to the shouting man with their fists still clutching tightly at their sides. Changmin knew that man as one of The Drunken Tiger’s undercover spies. He looked as if he were out on a day-mission when he caught them standing on ‘their’ pavement.

Changmin looked at Junsu briefly like he had just remembered something very important. But instead of pulling out his cellphone to call home, he turned to the other man properly, gaining a gasp from the man’s lips, and made his way closer.

“Milord, I’m sorry I did not recognise you,” he bowed down countless times. “I… Um, my contact lens dropped just a few minutes ago,” the man bowed hastily and pretended to search around.

“Quit playing. I came to see the Head Chief. Bring me to him right away. I don’t have all day.”

“Y-Yes, Milord…” the man nervously ushered them to follow him.

Once they walked through the old double doors, all three of them entered the elevator and went underground. Nobody talked, but Junsu kept a very close watch on Changmin all the time. He was sure that something was bothering him. And he was curious as to why Changmin did not do as he was advised, that is to check up on his wife. But then again, he remembered that Changmin had InKyung to watch her this time. And he wasn’t that far away from his house in case he received any emergency calls. Unlike the other day, when Changmin was out on an abroad mission…

So Changmin had everything sorted out already, he realised. Everything… Except the plan to search for Min Hee’s attacker.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Well, well, well… If it’s not the great Shim Changmin stepping down from his royal altar just to pay this lowly peasant a humble visit,” the Drunken Tiger’s head chief referred to himself with a smirk.

“Shut up, Hwang,” Changmin hissed the man’s surname. “Be grateful I didn’t kill you the other day. Don’t you dare test my patience.”

“Awhh… You don’t have to put it that way, Milord. I’ve always known you’re a gentle-man,” Mr. Hwang meant it literally, chuckling under his breath. “Mind you, that will be the last time I’ll ever beg anyone for my life,” he said with his index finger pointing forward, threatening.

Now it was Changmin’s turn to smirk. “You’re just too self-centered that you don’t want all this wealth and power to belong to anyone else other than yourself, so you couldn’t risk your life. And you’re still that son-of-a-b*tch who was too stupid to ask for the protection-contract termination. Tell me, who talked you into such ridiculous ideas?”

“Psh…” Mr. Hwaing shook his head, a smirk still on his lips. “Why would there be anyone convincing me to do anything? People should be listening to me, not the other way round.”

“Speak or I’ll cut your throat when you’re deep asleep tonight,” Changmin threatened.

There was a brief silence, the type where you could hear a pin drop. The blood from Mr. Hwang’s face slowly faded. He gulped the remaining saliva that was in the way of his speech.

“I… I told you we weren’t assured of the capability of your subsidiaries to continue protecting our illegal activities from the government’s eyes. After that attack at your headquarters, we figured that you will no longer be No. 1 on the government’s list, and that you’re--”

“I said SPEAK!!”

“Itwasanevilplotsetupbyanotherclan,” Mr. Hwang mumbled incoherently. He had to admit, Changmin’s anger was his utmost weakness, and acting superior a while earlier was only an act to keep his face in front of his men. Now, his palms has turned sweaty and slippery, his eyes landed on everything else except for Changmin.

“What? Say that again?” Junsu interfered, taking a step closer.

“I can’t tell you which,” Mr. Hwang spoke with caution, both to calm Changmin’s anger and to avoid his neck being slaughtered tonight. “But they poisoned us with cash and told us that if we started it, the others shall follow and soon your clan will be out of business. And they’ll help us take over your throne in the underworld.”

Changmin was digesting every word spoken by the Head Chief. His eyes bear suspicion. “And what do they ask in return?”


“Hmph…” Changmin smirked. “The typical Hwang. You’re so stupid that you believed they’ll help you become ‘King of The Underworld’ without no conditions?”

Mr. Hwang looked sharp into Changmin’s eyes, trying to tell him that he wouldn’t dare to say any word of lies in front of him. And to assure that he was still a human being after all, a man.

“Who wouldn’t fall for the seductive persuasion of a woman?” he revealed.

Changmin’s eyes bulged after realising that his opponent might be a woman, a whore of the underworld, a possible fact which haven’t crossed his wildest imaginations at all before. This fact has burnt his insides and he was determined to keep on hunting ‘her’ down and tie her behind bars for her attempt of taking Min Hee away from him.

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Her eyes slowly flickered open. Her head felt heavy as it dropped back down to the pillow when she attempted to lift it up. She brought her hands to press on either side of the temples to help reduce the unfamiliar feeling. She blinked hard a few times and shook her head lightly before turning lazily to her right, trying to find a more comfortable position on the soft bed. Somehow her mind felt empty and out of place.

She brought her wrist closer to her face to check the time. It was way passed lunch time and dinner should be ready soon. Weird. She didn’t remember having any lunch yet. And her stomach was rumbling naughtily as if it hasn’t been fed in the longest time. She tried to remember…

Min Hee’s body jolted upwards suddenly. An unexpected creepy feeling crawled through her insides, sending cold shivers to her skin.


“C-Chang… Changmin. Please…” I begged hoarsely, my strength was starting to fail me. My struggles were fainter, and so was my consciousness. My arms limped beside me when all the energy has left my body. It was only a matter of seconds before the blur will turn into a complete darkness. And right before I was completely unconscious, I felt him loosening his grip and backed away, his face bear shock.


She hoped that she didn’t have to believe. Half of her wanted the figure to be just another man who looked a lot like Changmin and nothing more. She needed something to convince her that the man who’s currently taking care of her is a good man. A decent husband…

But the memory crashed all her hopes and effortlessly proved that the monster was indeed the Shim Changmin she knew. She was, again, confused.

She recalled what happened a bit earlier, when she was roaming around the basement. There was a room full of captures from her past, a room that has somehow resurfaced a tinge of hope and love from deep within her heart. The safest room she ever felt being in.

With these two particular memories side by side, she was torn between her needs and desire. Bittersweet. How she longed for all her memories to come back so that she can fill the hole in between and make sense of the broken puzzle.

Min Hee’s eyes roamed carelessly around the room. She felt so lost and undecided. Slowly, she pulled herself away from the bed-covers and sat at the edge of the bed. She ran her slender fingers through her hair to smoothen it out. She sighed, trying to convince her heart the she was strong and that everything will be fine. She tried to remind herself that InKyung told her Changmin has changed. She’ll keep on to that word. Lots of bad people changed and enjoyed being good for the rest of their lives. Changmin couldn’t be much worse than those bank robbers, road gangsters and violent rapists, right?

After she was done convincing her heart and inhaled a good amount of oxygen into her lungs, she left the bed and made way towards the bathroom to wash her face. She closed the door behind her and went to look at the sink’s mirror. There stood a pretty girl in her early 20s, face pale and sad. Her long eye-lashes shadowed her eyes, adding to the gloomy expression. She stared blankly at the reflection before she noticed something at the walls behind her.

She turned around curiously and went closer to examine the odd gap between the tiles. She didn’t know that her bathroom walls could split into two. She put her little finger inside the gap, ready to pull in back in case the walls decided to squeeze that bit of flesh because of her intrusion. Nothing happened. She pushed the finger deeper. This didn’t look like a wall crack at all. The insides were smooth and were made of metal, telling her that it was purposely built. But for what?

She pulled her finger back and searched for something that could pull the wall open. Bingo! She found a few metal bars on the said wall that tried pulling it towards her. It wouldn’t budge. She pushed it instead. The wall stayed, mocking at her stupidity. Though, she was sure that there might be a secret passage-way behind this wall. She wasn’t going to give up. She thought about it for a while.

Her eye-brows raised as a little light bulb appeared on top of her head. She slid the door to the left, hard. A sudden cold air brushed her face as the wall opened and revealed a huge room Min Hee never knew existed.

“Min Hee Onnie? Where are you?” The bathroom door suddenly opened and revealed the concerned face of InKyung. “Onnie, why didn’t you tell me that you’ve woken up? Dinn--”

The room immediately fell silent and the blood left InKyung’s face completely when she realised that Min Hee has finally discovered the forbidden place: Changmin’s hidden arsenal.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Where is she?” Changmin suddenly stormed into the living room with his hands struggling to loosen the neck-tie which was starting to choke him. His face was fierce and worried. His feet were taking fast steps across the room and he rushed up the marble staircase, two steps at a time. He doesn’t care about anything else now, except for his Min Hee to be alright and safe. He wanted to make sure that his hunch earlier wasn’t the same as the one he had months ago.

“Oppa!” InKyung tried to catch up to Changmin. The magazine that she was pretending to read left forgotten on the coffee table, right next to the blood-red roses. Her heart was anxious this whole time. She wasn’t sure how to let him know, but she knew perfectly that Min Hee wouldn’t want to be disturbed particularly at the moment, if not at all. But Changmin’s pace was too fast for her to catch up to.

“Oppa, stop,” InKyung breathed between her pants. “Now is-- not the right-- TIME,” she exhaled an amount of air from her lungs within that last word.

“Why not?” Changmin stopped right in front of the bedroom door and turned slightly to face the breathless InKyung, his face suspicious. His right hand was already clutching firmly on the doorknob, slowly turning it clockwise.

“Onnie is not feeling well!” InKyung reasoned awkwardly. “She’s resting. You should come back lat--”


Totally taken aback, InKyung had no other reasons to stop him as Changmin furiously turned the doorknob with all his might. He immediately sensed something horrible is coming his way. All he wanted to do is to see with his own eyes that Min Hee is doing fine, just as how he had left her this morning. But the way InKyung was behaving made Changmin thought of all the possible bad things that might’ve happened to his beloved, including the possibility of Min Hee trying to commit suicide…

“ARGH, WHY IS THIS DAMN DOOR LOCKED!! Min Hee? Min Hee-ah…” Changmin knocked on the door softly a few times. “Min Hee… open the door, baby. It’s me.”


“Min Hee?” Changmin kept on knocking, this time a bit louder. “Baby, open the door, please.”

Changmin then positioned his left ear on the wooden door to catch any sounds that could be coming from inside the room. He has never allowed any doors to be locked inside the house unless when he feels the need. And seeing that Min Hee had locked the door without his consent, he knew that something was definitely wrong.

And to his surprise, he could hear a distant ruffling and a light sobbing from the quiet room…

He shut his eyes tight for a moment and turned to face his sister, his eyes narrowed and subtly fired. He tried his best to keep the calm that he has left.

“What have you done? I told you to take care of my wife while I’m gone. She was fine last night, even this morning. But why in the HELL is she crying NOW?!” Changmin pointed harshly towards the door, his expression mixed with hundreds of emotion, with angry being the most obvious.

InKyung stood trembling on her cold feet. It was never a good thing when Changmin turned as sour as this. And this unfavourable condition would only worsen.

“She was perfectly fine last night!!” Changmin repeated, bursting whatever has been kept inside his chest. He recalled the sight of his own bloody self being approached by the concerned Min Hee last night, a sight he hadn’t been able to witness for a long time after the attack. If it wasn’t for the evidence of his violent fights on his shirt and skin, he would’ve gladly accepted her caress with an open arm, even if it would be a bit awkward. How he longed for her care and touches. How he longed for her to be reachable…

“Onnie, she…” InKyung uttered, hoping to delay as much as she can, “Erm, she… She couldn’t accept who you are.” InKyung risked meeting Changmin’s eyes while her heartbeat drummed wildly against her rib-cage. A part of her was thoroughly afraid that Changmin would return into something as horrible as his past. But a part of her was also aware that Changmin is the most fragile whenever it comes to Min Hee. She knew how devastated and heartbroken he could be, and she couldn’t bear to see that, again.

Changmin seemed stunned. He tried to convince himself that he had misheard his sister. He wanted to believe that he still had the chance to recapture the heart of his wife in one way or the other. He wished that he could fire a threat or a scold towards his sister for not doing a good job, but the scene from more than a year ago stopped him from being childish. Min Hee was bound to find out sooner or later anyway. And he figured that InKyung wouldn’t have single-handedly breathed out bad things about him to Min Hee. He trusted his sister…

“How did she found out?” Changmin was clenching his fists, his eyes starting to cool down.

“You left the arsenal unsealed, oppa. She saw everything. She is now at the same condition she was in when she was first brought here, terrified and revengeful,” InKyung spoke carefully. Her heart sank deeply as she saw the face in front of her turned emotionless, as if all the life has left his body. “Oppa, don’t worry,” she tried to consult him. “I’ll make her feel better again. I’ll help her remember all the good things, I promise!”

“Shut up, InKyung. Leave me alone…”

Changmin stood there, face blank with fists still clenching. He waited for InKyung to leave him alone before bringing both his hands to his head and grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling on it harshly. Not bothering about the pain that might come, he allowed his body to drop to the ground motionlessly. He slowly brought one knee up as he leaned to the door, loosening both his arms to his sides afterwards. He smacked his own head backwards to the door a few times, regretting.

“Min Hee… Come back to me, please!” he uttered desperately. Even as much as he wanted Min Hee to find out who he was naturally, he knew that Min Hee was bound behave like this once it happens. He had put up a lot of hope that Min Hee would be guided back towards him if he distanced himself for a while. But all it has done was repeating the painful past.

He never knew his eyes could produce those pearly tears…

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“I don’t need a f*cking wife!” Changmin barked as he shot a death glare towards his bestfriend. He couldn’t believe what had just been said by his most trusted man. It’s not like Junsu doesn’t know the laws written on the mafia’s ‘guidebook’. Not that they actually had the book and had it published worldwide, but it’s like a known law, passed down to heirs of each mafia’s generation.

Mafias do not believe in a whole life’s commitment. Everything has always been a job. A mere job. Once the job is done, they will move on. It’s as simple as that. The same goes with women. No woman will last longer than a week in a mafia’s arms. And as their personal preferences changes, so will their women… Unless it’s under special circumstances, the mafia might decide to keep her as a concubine, along with his other favourites.

“How long are you going to keep hiding behind the ‘ancient’ law? Wake up, Changmin-ah! It’s already the millennia!” Junsu insisted angrily. “Besides, your mother would be very happy in heaven when she witnesses her son having a normal life she had always hoped for.”

“Stop talking about that slut…” Changmin quickly hissed. Grumpily, he laid himself on the couch, covering his eyes with one arm. A heavy sigh left his throat.

“She’s your mother for God’s sake! Have some respect!” Junsu felt his blood starting to boil. It may be true that Changmin’s mother wasn’t married to his father even as she gave birth to InKyung. But it allows no reason for Changmin to degrade such a wonderful woman who had sacrificed her whole life for the man she loved. The woman, whose heart was torn to pieces every time she saw a different woman coming out of the ‘guest’ room at dawn every other day…

Changmin laid motionless, pretending not to listen.

“That was her last wish, for the mother of your children to not having the same fate as she had, Shim Changmin. Your mother knows you’re strong. You could break that law easily if you wanted to,” Junsu continued on, confident that Changmin’s heart was starting to soften.

“Shut up… I said SHUT UP!” Changmin thundered a moment after as he lifted himself into a sitting position and gradually fisting his hair out of frustration.

Junsu stared at the behaviour of the man in front of him. “Changmin-ah, just admit it. You love the girl…”


“Junsu-yah… Is there something bothering you?” a man appeared from behind him and touched his left shoulder lightly. Junsu lifted his chin to be greeted by a concerned face of his uncle. Junsu turned his sour face to a smile.

“Nothing. I was just reminiscing,” Junsu answered truthfully. Politely, he gestured for his uncle to have a seat next to him. He pulled his cup of tea closer to his lips and took a sip. “By the way, how’s Changmin doing, SongSun-ajusshi?”

Songsun sighed. He brought both his palms to cover his face for a while before letting them go and inhaled a good amount of air into his lungs. “He still wouldn’t budge from the door. He’s not doing anything else either.”

“That man always does stupid things,” Junsu grunted, bringing his palm to the bottom of his chin, elbow resting on the table.

“I’m very worried,” SongSun continued. “He has gone through a lot of changes since Min Hee appeared in his life. But nothing could ever compare to this. He’s becoming even more fragile by the day to stay as the leader of this clan. Help him, Junsu…”

The younger man stared at his uncle for a while before nodding his head softly and focused his stare into nothingness. “That is what I’ve been doing.”

“This is my entire fault,” SongSun mentally smacked himself.

Nothing more needs to be said. Junsu immediately knew exactly what his uncle was thinking right at that moment. It was about Changmin’s twin brother…

“That was a long time ago, ajusshi. And besides, his father requested it. Even if you didn’t allow it, he’d still want you to throw that poor child away.”

Another sigh left the older man’s chest. There was once a saying that forbids the separation of identical twins since birth. It shall make each of the twins incomplete, and bad karma will land upon them until they're reunited. In this case, Changmin never knew his twin brother ever existed. And SongSun thinks this is the reason why Changmin is having so much trouble in his life.

“I wonder if he’s still alive…”

Junsu’s eyes bulged at the words. If he was still drinking the tea, he would’ve spat it out. Suddenly his whole body became conscious of his surroundings and started to react to the tiniest movements in the room.

He musn’t get caught.

He cleared his throat a little before excusing himself, saying that Changmin had given him an errand for the night. SongSun, being oblivious of Junsu’s strange acts, only nodded and reminded his nephew to be careful. Junsu slipped away from the room quickly. But instead of heading out of the house which is where the errands should take place, he brought his feet towards the upper floor. His eyes were itching to witness the scene of Changmin’s pitiful state, breaking down in front of his own bedroom door like the end of his life was nearing.

He did feel guilty. But jealousy and regret has clouded all his senses and also the fact that Changmin was his best childhood friend.

His fists were held tight as he hid behind the dark corner. Who would guess that the closest man to Changmin was actually the one who was hiding the most secrets from him? Yes, Junsu had his own secrets. A secret against the man who trusted him the most; A secret that was tearing the Shim Clan down; A secret, that he thought could fix the life of the one he loved…

So there he stood; watching as Changmin stayed stationary, eyes looking through the walls, face flushed and disappointed. It broke his heart to see Changmin like that, but it also meant that he was one step closer towards his goal. Min Hee was more important.

The feelings he had at the moment was complicated, but he knew he had to finish what he started. He needed to keep his end of the bargain. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Junsu continued observing the man. He wondered why Changmin hasn’t gone and fetched the spare keys and barge through the door instead of stupidly crying his heart out on the other side of the wall. He had done it a lot of times before anyway, when he was still the frightening predator. The times when Changmin was still in denial of his own true feelings and himself…

Suddenly, Junsu chuckled. Maybe love does have the capabilities outside of the world. Yes, love does change a person to an unimaginable extent. Just look at the view in front of him. And at himself.

From a distance, Junsu heard soft footsteps coming nearer.

“Oppa, you have to eat,” InKyung’s voice was heard. Junsu’s sudden strong heartbeat started to get slower and back to normal when he realised the person was coming from the other side. It wouldn’t seem nice if someone caught him spying on his own boss.

“If Min Hee’s not eating, I’m not eating.”

“Yah! Stop acting like a child. Get up! Dinner is getting cold,” InKyung pinched Changmin’s shirt and pulled at it softly.

“I’m not eating! And I’m not hungry!!”

“Min Hee wouldn’t like it if she knew you weren’t eating,” InKyung threatened. She was pushing his shoulders lightly by now.

“DAMN YOU, LEAVE ME ALONE!” Changmin suddenly stood up and swiftly pulled out his gun. He pointed it steadily at InKyung’s forehead, his face was beyond fury.

The action stunned InKyung as she started to back away, both hands up in the air.

Even Junsu’s toes were pinned to the floor. It has been more than a year since he last saw this scene right in front of his eyes. It looks like Changmin was slowly turning into his old self, which is exactly what Junsu wanted in order for the plan to progress. But… is this really what he himself would wish for?

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She kept on staring into nothingness for the past 5 hours. Nothing seemed to spark her interest. Or perhaps, her mind has already stopped working.

It was 5 hours earlier that she has received a clear answer to her questions. It was 5 hours ago that she has witnessed the proof to her doubts. It has been 5 hours… that she lost her trust in the guy named Shim Changmin in just a split second.

It wasn’t her memory that has returned to her. It was a fact.

Inside the arsenal, as what the name naturally indicates, the room was full of weapons she would usually see in action movies. They were all sorts of guns, bombs, rifles, and many other spy devices lined up from the floor to the ceiling. And she could’ve thought she might be inside Men In Black’s film setting. But that wasn’t quite the reason for her to lose the trust that she had claimed to have finally found. It may have contributed to it in some way though. But the main thing that has left her stunned at the doorway of the secret room was a symbol that she could easily relate to the disappearance of her father.

And the symbol belongs to none other than the mafia clan which has won her most hatred: The Shim Clan.

Somehow, she felt like this same plot has happened somewhere before in her lifetime. But every time she tried to recall something, a sharp pain would immediately consume her. And she gave up after she suddenly thought about what the pain could do to the poor baby that she’s carrying.

The baby…

Her hand immediately caresses the slight bulge that is already visible near her stomach. The area was firmer than previously and feeling it with her skin sent her a feeling that is very hard to describe.

Min Hee immediately thought about the father. And her tears started to fall again without warning. She didn’t know why it was falling, and she didn’t know why she was hiding. But she felt like it was the right thing to do.

Yes. Perhaps she was scared…

She hated the man, she felt sad and scared being around him, and she feels like staying away was the most appropriate thing to do. Or was it because it has happened to her before?

Shim Changmin was the head of the Shim Clan. She remembered that now. And she always knew that her father had some sort of connection with this mafia clan. A good connection, in fact. It was only recently that bad things started to happen to her family. Her father didn’t return home for an amount of days and when he does, he would be covered in blood. She remembered being concerned about her father and asked him why. But all he answered her was: “I’m sorry…”

And that was when her life seemed to be played in a fast forward motion. And it was all blurred. She figured that it was the parts that were affected by her amnesia.

She laid her back on the walls as she curled herself into a ball, careful not to put too much pressure to the baby. She laid her head on her knees in helplessness as she wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. She already knew that there was a whole inside her memory, but she had only realised that her heart was somehow broken too.

She didn’t understand. She kept on telling herself that Shim Changmin has changed and that he is now a good man, he’s her husband and the father to the child inside her womb, he’s very much in love with her and protects her with every bits of his bone but… he’s also killed her father and has took advantage of her.

She eyed the platinum ring that she threw away a few hours ago. It is now laying comfortably at the other end of the room, far away from her reach and her anger. How could she allow herself to marry such a horrible man?

Without her consent, she smacked the back of her head harshly in the hope that the memories will come back.

“Min Hee-ah…” a sudden soft purr stopped her in mid-action. It was Changmin’s voice.

Her blood immediately started to boil at the thought of Changmin throwing away her father to an unknown place to rot and die. She felt terrified and her body shivered as the flashes of déjà vu made its way back to her attention. But at the far end of her heart, she could feel the longing and the need to fetch the ring from the other end of the room and return it back to her ring finger. She have no idea how a voice could give her such an impact.

She must be crazy.

Her eyes darted to the back of the bedroom door, where she figured Changmin might be at the moment. Her eyes suddenly watered again.

“Min Hee-ah. Please don’t hurt yourself anymore…” she heard him say. “Why didn’t you talk to me and tell me how you felt ever since you were discharged from the hospital? Why do you keep going further away from me every time I allowed more space between us? You knew I will always be here for you, but why do keep on hurting yourself?”

Is he talking to her? And why does he sound so tired?

“Can you please…” she heard him inhale a lung-full of breath, “open this door, baby. And let me explain everything to you. Please…”

At the thought of him coming near her, her body immediately shivered. She was traumatized.

“Kim Min Hee… Why are you doing this to me?” his voice continued after a while of silence. “Have I not proved the love that I have for you? Or was it not enough?” His voice started to shake.

A few scratches were heard from the door. She figured Changmin was channelling his frustration to the wooden door instead of other people, for once…

“I’m running out of idea of how to win you back…” his voice was getting desperate. “Please don’t make things harder than it already is. I can’t afford to lose you again.”

Min Hee slowly stood up and made her way towards the door. All the while, she kept on picturing the heart-breaking scene that might be happening on the other side of the bedroom door. Her steps were vague and she couldn’t see clearly due to the amount of tears she had been producing. All she did was followed his voice.

“You were the first person who has actually taught me about life. You are my life, Min Hee. If you keep on with this, I might just lose myself again and die.”

“Stop.” Min Hee’s voice cracked. She placed one of her palms on the door and kept herself from falling down.

“Min Hee? Min Hee!”

She could hear him getting up from the floor. He was clearly excited to have heard her voice. Though, she dared not to talk again…

“Min Hee, please. Open this door. I swear I won’t do anything to you. Just let me explain everything,” he uttered eagerly. “Just this once, Min Hee. Please…”

Min Hee kept her tongue tied. She was afraid of the consequences of having him in the same room. Yet she didn’t have the heart to just leave him sitting on the floor all night, mumbling his sorrows and disappointment over and over again.

“Baby, why are you being quiet again? Talk to me, baby…”

“Stop calling me baby,” she suddenly thundered which earned her a complete silence from the other side. “Stop calling me baby…” she repeated more slowly, this time earning herself a painful tug in her heart.

“Of course,” Changmin muttered unwillingly.

“And please, go away…”

There was no reply from the other side, nor did she hear footsteps leaving. She didn’t know that Changmin could be so stubborn. And that small fact somehow made her smile.

That night, she fell asleep on the carpet. She faced the door all the time, thinking that she was being cautious. But all the while, it was her small heart that longed to see Changmin close to her side.

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“Just throw this away or feed it to the dog,” InKyung muttered to one of the maids. Her face was sour and her eyes were narrowed. The expression sent shock to the maid in charge who dared not to question why. They knew something bad has happened because the cheerful InKyung is now as gloomy as a stormy night.

InKyung was frustrated. She was pissed. And she was sad.

She tried to convince her only brother to eat yet she had a gun pointed at her instead. Changmin had never pointed a gun at her direction before. She was family. And this could only mean that his limit is coming very near. If Min Hee doesn’t wake up soon, the whole clan will return to its previous condition, which partly means that Changmin will start torturing people according to his likes again.

InKyung thought Min Hee had already put a stop to that, which she was forever grateful for.

InKyung sat at the dining table with a pouting face, looking into the walls, searching for something that could solve the problems that are disturbing the peace in her family. She wanted to help her brother to gain his deserved happiness and she wanted Min Hee to have all of her memory back. It was hurting so much to see two of her most loved person aching physically and emotionally. How she wanted things to get back to the day Min Hee and her brother just got married. But that was clearly too much to ask.

She then turned her attention out of the window where she could see the wind was blowing the small branches of the trees, making them dance in a subtle melody. Just as she was about to be engulfed within the beauty of nature, the scene of a gun pointing at her came back out of nowhere. She cursed.

Should she just break into the bedroom and talk to Min Hee when Changmin is not around?

If Min Hee’s memories are returning in the chronological manner, perhaps some events should be forced to repeat… And she knew just which she should try.


“Hey! How did you get in here?” Min Hee’s voice sounded alarmed. She took a few steps backwards each time the intruder takes a step forward. “Stay where you are!”

“Onnie, I just came to talk,” InKyung said as she put forward her empty hands. “I’m not a bad person. I won’t do anything bad to you.”

“I said STAY WHERE YOU ARE!” Min Hee felt threatened as she can feel the wall is getting closer behind her.

“Okay okay! I will!” InKyung uttered quickly as she stopped in her tracks. “But I really need to tell you something.”

Min Hee remained the look of suspicion on her face and fixed her position. She blinked her eyes a few times to let the words sink before hastily nodded her head and ushered for InKyung to make it quick.

“Please give my brother a chance,” InKyung began before Min Hee changes her mind. “I know he has started things on the wrong foot, but he truly cares for you. And all he wanted was to spend more time with you.”

Min Hee chuckled. “He wants to spend more time with me? Hehh… Then what was he doing all these while, coming in and out of this room as he pleases, and always finds the slightest opportunity to touch me in bed? Isn’t that enough spending time with me?”

“Please don’t misunderstand--”

“How could I not misunderstand?” Min Hee immediately cut in. Her voiced raised and her insides were starting to burn. “First he took me in and tortured me physically every day until I can’t even lift a limb. Second, he shuts me inside the dungeon for months and only gave me leftovers to feast on. Then, when I thought humanity has finally struck him, he attempts to touch me every single day!”

“He was just--”

“And now you’re asking me to give him a chance? Go to hell!”

InKyung stared at the enraged female in front of her. There was clearly revenge and hatred in the girl’s eyes. She knew that what her brother has done to this girl was beyond forgiveness. But she understands her brother. She grew up with him and she could read most of what plays in his mind.

And she perfectly knew that her brother has fallen for this girl so hard…

“Time’s up. Now GET OUT!” Min Hee shouted. Both her hands were ready for action is case InKyung decided to use her fists her to get her to surrender.

“He loves you!” InKyung desperately added.

Awkward silence immediately conquered the room. Clearly the three words weren’t the easiest to understand for Min Hee. As a matter of fact, at the moment, it didn’t make sense to her at all.

“Please… I’ve never seen him behaving this way before. It hurts me to see him so lost, yet I’m not the one who can help him find his way.”

Min Hee looked into InKyung’s eyes, still with anger and hatred.

“Tch… Love you say. He doesn’t even know what a family means.” Min Hee pulled the nearest object she could find and threw it towards InKyung with all her might. “Don’t you dare give me that load of crap!”

“But that’s the point, Onnie!” InKyung was still trying to utilise her opportunity. “He has changed because of you. And he doesn’t know how to cope with that change.”

“I’m not your Onnie. Stop calling me like that.”

“But I want you to be my Onnie. I want you to be the one to save my brother from himself. Or…” InKyung’s stare moved downwards to her feet as her voice were dimmed. “Is that too much to ask?”

InKyung inhaled an amount of air before pulling up her chin and forced a sudden smile. She remained quiet for a moment before facing Min Hee again.

“Well, that is all I came to say,” InKyung said, her expressions turned cheerful. “See you later then, Onnie!” She gave Min Hee a small wave and lightly skipped out of the room as if nothing has happened. But to Min Hee, it felt like events from a hundred of years have just passed by all at once and there were too much things to comprehend in just one day.

Once InKyung was outside the spare bedroom, she leaned her back against the wall, shut both her eyes tight and crossed her fingers. She really hoped that Min Hee will decide to give Changmin a chance to love her. Just one chance, nothing more…


InKyung knew what she has said back then wasn’t the best set of words, but it managed to get Min Hee to reconsider nonetheless. She knew Min Hee has put a lot of faith into her decision. And InKyung can tell that her sister-in-law has never regretted it, for she and Changmin have led a very happy married life a year later.

If only she can make that happen again…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A few soft knocks were heard from the locked door. The constant disturbance forced Min Hee to open her sleepy eyes only to find herself laying on the carpet, hugging herself tightly into a ball. She looked side-ways and lazily released the grip on herself as she tried to comprehend the situation she was in. She remembered crying herself to sleep last night. But she couldn’t remember why…

A pain immediately struck the back of her head as she lifted herself from the floor, causing her to fall back again.

“Damn this headache…” she muttered as she brought the back of her hand to her forehead. It was burning.

Min Hee sighed and rolled to her side with her eyes closed. She remained in the position as her mind started to resurface since her deep slumber. What exactly happened last night?

Soft knocks could be heard again from the door, causing Min Hee to open her eyes in reluctance.

“Onnie, I have something to talk to you,” she heard a familiar voice utter.


“I’m not your Onnie. Stop calling me like that.”


“Arghh…” Min Hee cried. “It’s happening again. What does it mean?” she mumbled under her breath in frustration.

Pushing herself upwards, she massaged her temples with one hand while holding herself in balance with the other. It was starting to annoy her whenever a déjà vu decides to appear before her. What annoys her more is the fact that the flashes that she experienced totally contradicts with the reality that she is currently living. Perhaps, it was time for her to link the occurrences and make sense of what her past might be.

Would that be possible?

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“What the hell are you doing standing here? Didn’t I give you work to do?”

Junsu’s heart skipped a few beats as he turned around carefully, cursing away for not taking off earlier when he had the chance. Now, he was caught right-handed spying on his boss. As if standing in front of a deadly prey, Junsu ducked his head even lower than possible and shut his eyes tight, not daring to guess what might be playing inside angry-Changmin’s mind right now.

Expecting a harsh tug on his collar or a tight punch in the face, Junsu was left shocked when all he heard were a heavy sigh and footsteps walking away. He opened his eyes slowly only to see Changmin’s backside around the corner, leaving him.

That man is Changmin, right?

“Yah, where are you going?”

The sudden concern that flushed through Junsu’s body immediately pushed away the fear of what has just happened. Changmin wasn’t behaving like himself and that has never meant good news. Getting a punch or two right now would’ve been better than receiving news of some unlucky man found dead in some dark-alley a few days later. It was too unprofessional and it could risk the clan’s reputation even more.

Though, Changmin ignored him and kept on walking towards the main entrance of the house.

“Yah! It’s after midnight, where in the hell are you going?” Junsu barked desperately, trying to catch up to the man.

“Fcuk off…” Changmin growled annoyingly. He grabbed the coat handed by one of the guards harshly and made his way towards his Lamborghini.

“Changmin, STOP!”

“I said FCUK OFF!” Changmin turned around suddenly with his firing eyes shot straight into Junsu’s, causing Junsu to take a few steps back in shock. “Mind your own business and leave me to mind for my own!”

Before Junsu could open his mouth to protest, Changmin’s Lamborghini was already gone, leaving only dust flying behind.


Junsu could guess what has caused Changmin to behave that way and he understood that it was partly his fault. Though, he could do nothing to help. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt, especially Min Hee…

Turning back towards the house, he stuffed his fists into his pockets and grunted. “Stupid man.”

The guards at the door bowed at him as he re-entered the building. It looks like his errand for tonight will be cancelled since the man of the house is not around to protect his woman. Now, it will be his job to keep an eye on the house, even when he knew that it’ll be perfectly safe for tonight…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Hey kid!”

The moment the youth turned around, a huge fist landed square on his left cheek and a satisfied laughter erupted from the attacker.

“You idiot!” The youth barked angrily while nursing his injured cheek with his left hand. “Are you crazy?”

After giving the attacker his middle finger, the youth ran off and never looked back again. A stupid grin appeared on the attacker’s lips.

“Yah! At least hit me back!” he giggled.

He wasn’t drunk. But he has completely lost his conscience. All he wanted now was for someone to hit him until he can no longer move any limbs. He wanted someone to badly hurt him and make him suffer. He wanted to replace his heartache with physical pain. At least, unlike his heartache, he knew where to find its cure…

But it was clearly too much to ask for. Thus, his hands slowly crawled its way towards the gun inside his jacket. If no one dared to hurt him, then he should just hurt himself.

Death did not scare him at all. Slowly, he brought the gun to his head and pointed it towards his brain. This can definitely solve his heartache problems in a blink of an eye. Once he pulls the trigger, no Junsu nor Min Hee can affect his life ever again, for he will be dead… And free…

Min Hee…

The thought of Min Hee suddenly made him pause in his actions. How could fate be so cruel to him? When he was once a carefree lad who cares nothing about other people, fate sent Min Hee to him and made him fall in love. But when he has finally settled down and broke countless traditions of the mafias because of her, fate carelessly took Min Hee away from him. And to make things worse, fate was on its way to take his baby away from him too.

His grip on the trigger loosened as the images of a young child flashed across his mind. Suddenly it occurred to him, even if Min Hee no longer wanted him, the baby still needs him. He wanted to be the pillar that the both of them can rely on, even from afar. He still wanted to see his baby grow up and become someone much better than him.

His gun dropped to the ground and clattered hopelessly. He let out a very deep sigh of frustration.

“Shim Changmin…” a voice suddenly appeared from behind him causing him to jump slightly. “You wouldn’t want to lose any of your favourite toy collections now, do you?”

Changmin turned and found himself standing before the last man he could ever wish to meet on the streets.

“Mr. Hwang…”

Seeing that his opponent is now kneeling down to fetch the gun, Changmin’s eyes immediately bulged in alert.

The kneeled man chuckled. “Stop making yourself look pathetic. I don’t remember even once seeing the great Shim Changmin feeling so inferior.”

Changmin just watched in silence as Mr Hwang handed him his gun back. Somehow he’s having trouble making sense of all the things laid in front of him. And Mr Hwang’s action just added to his confusion.

“I’m not here to pick a fight,” Mr Hwang confessed. “Even though I could guess that you’re in need of some beating at the moment, but I only came to warn you.”

Almost immediately, Changmin’s conscience resurfaced as the thought of Min Hee’s safety automatically flashed across his mind.

“About what?”

Mr Hwang let out a soft chuckle at seeing the sudden change of the lights in Changmin’s eyes.

“Being over-protective now, are we?”

Feeling that his insides were starting to boil again, Changmin snatched his gun from Mr Hwang’s hands in one swift move and pointed it back at him. “Stop beating around the bush,” he added in a hiss.

“Alright, alright!”

It has always been his weakness whenever he sees Changmin behaving this way. He figured that he could never surpass Changmin’s authority in the Underground. In fact, he doesn’t think that other clan leaders can too. And that is why he has decided to appear in Changmin’s good books from now on.

“I’m not supposed to let you know. But they will attack your house again in a few days to finish off what they’ve started. But I don’t exactly know when.”

“How did you come to know this?”

“I was supposed to be taking part in the plan as what has happened previously.”

“And you’re not this time?”

Mr Hwang shook his head and remained eye-contact with the fearful mafia leader in front of him. “I can see what you’re actually capable of and I’ve decided to help you. And besides, I’m through with getting involved with personal matters. It is so unprofessional.”

Changmin nodded briefly and pulled away the gun from Mr Hwang’s head.

“Then bring me to this woman you talked about,” Changmin uttered. “It is time for me to end this useless war.”

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“Onnie, you need to eat something. It’s not good for the baby if you keep on shutting yourself in there and refuse to let us give you something to eat.”

Min Hee was then seated on the sofa, curling herself into a ball and staring deep into the carpet. She kept herself in silence as she digested all the words that were spoken to her from the other side of the wall. She didn’t feel the need to respond.

She couldn’t possibly let all these people get near to her, right? After killing her father, it is not impossible that they might be after her next. And all the good deeds that they have been showing since she woke up at the hospital must’ve been a scheme to get on her good side before slowly killing her inside and out. It is, in fact, what mafia clans were known to do best at.

“I know that your stomach is growling badly, Onnie. Stop being so stubborn and open this door. I won’t do anything to you. I just want you to eat while I explain to you some things. You need to hear it.”

Yeah, right…

But Min Hee was in fact very hungry. If only she had the bravery to expose herself to her family’s enemy just to have another meal. Or if only she could figure out how to escape from this highly guarded place, she could hunt for food herself. Her left hand crawled towards her stomach and she caressed it slowly.

“You’re giving me no choice, Onnie. I’m going to use the spare key now if you won’t open this door soon,” InKyung threatened. The sound of juggling keys echoed through the walls.

Upon those words, Min Hee’s eyes immediately bulged as all her blood seemed to have drained out of her body.

“No…” she whispered unknowingly. “No, no. Leave me alone. I’ve had enough. Leave me alone.”

With both her arms covering her head, she chanted those words as she rocked herself back and forth on the sofa. Her body started to tremble as her conscience were starting to fail her. She felt as if a lifetime of fear had suddenly come back to her and she was all alone to fight on her own.

And within seconds, she could see straps of unknown memories flying across her mind.

She saw a man.

Holding her hands tight…
Shielding her…

She thought the man looked an awful lot like Shim Changmin.

But as soon as the image came, it was gone again, leaving Min Hee as clueless and terrified as before. The trauma from her past had no trouble at getting back to her...

“Onnie, I don’t mean to go against your wishes. But oppa will kill me if he knows you--”


And before anyone could utter another word, Min Hee stood up from the sofa and dashed towards the balcony out of reflex.


With the bedroom door now stood ajar, InKyung could only witness her sister-in-law who was now at the edge of the balcony, calculating if she should jump a good 15 feet to land on the rock-hard terrace below.

This couldn’t possibly be happening…

Min Hee stared at the ground below as she could feel how hard her heart was beating. Inside her mind, all she could think of is how to escape. She no longer cared about other things including her life and the life inside her. She already had her left feet ready to step forward when an invisible flash crossed her mind again.


“Why are you doing this? Why aren’t you as rebellious as before?”

Why aren’t I being rebellious? Why? Isn’t this what you want? Why are you asking me why? I thought silently. I continued to look at him as more questions formed inside my mind.

He stood up from the edge of the bed after his failed attempt to forcefully kiss me on the lips again. He looked… bothered. Not because of me fighting against it, but because I let him do as he pleases.

A few days ago, I remembered InKyung told me about Changmin’s hidden feelings. It’s not that I don’t believe her, but it’s not that I believed her either. But I’ve decided. I have nothing else to live for in this life now that I no longer have a family. If he wants this, maybe I should just give it to him. I have nothing to lose.

“Stop looking at me like that and tell me why,” he demanded when he received no reply.

“No. You tell me why,” I shot back nervously.

He seemed shocked to hear the answer. Up until this point, everyone knows that no one dares to defy the great Shim Changmin. If it wasn’t for the anger I felt after knowing that he killed my father, I wouldn’t dare to go against him either. But no matter how brave I tried to be, the most that I’ve done was to keep quiet, ignore and endure, but never to surrender. Though, I don’t think this could go on any longer, now that I was told of his changing heart. I’ll show him that he can no longer be the boss of everything.

“How dare you,” he stepped forward furiously, fist forming beside him.

I tried my best to remain composed and looked at him right in the eye. All the while, my heart was beating rapidly in fear of his uncertain actions. “Yes. Hit me! Hit me like you always do and never leave room for mercy. HIT ME!”

He immediately paused in his steps, eyes bulged and unbelieving. He was lost for words. And trust me, he wasn’t the only one. I can’t believe that I’ve just challenged the most feared man in the whole of South Korea!

“Is this what you call love? Is this how you show that you care? You hit people?” I went on, standing up and faced him. Bravery was starting to overpower me.

“What do you mean?” his voice hoarse.

He came closer as I backed a little. “Ask yourself.”

He had his eyes stared directly into mine, making me nervous and I waited for a painful blow to make contact with my body. But none came…

After what seemed like ages of a gazing game, he grunted in annoyance and looked away. “I don’t understand.”

“Are you stupid?” I asked boldly.

Changmin has really changed. Ever since he released me from the hell-hole due to reasons only known to him, he had never hit me anymore. Instead, he made odd attempts to be intimate with me in unforgiving ways. I swore I thought he had really gone crazy. But now… he’s not lifting a finger even as I purposely invited his fury. What's happening to him?

“Maybe I am.”

His answer caught me off guard. I looked at him as he slumped onto the sofa a few feet away from me, hand fisting a good amount of his jet-black hair. I couldn’t find a word to utter and continued to observe his odd actions and replies.

“Can I just…” he began as he suddenly stood up again and marched his way slowly towards me. I felt alarmed and quickly shielded myself with my hands. I tried to step backwards but I was already cornered. Then, the strangest thing happened as he grabbed my hands softly and put them back at my sides before lifting my chin to look at his eyes. “Can I just try this, once?”

He looked into each of my eyes and down at my lips a few times. You could never guess how creepy it was to have a guy hold on to your chin so lovingly like this, and he wasn’t just any guy at that. And since it was the first time he had ever politely asked for something from me, I didn’t know what to reply.

Slowly, his face inched closer to mine as I can feel his subtle breath on my skin. The finger he had on my chin lifted away as the hand moved to hold onto the nape of my neck instead. He rubbed it softly on my skin when his face stopped mid-way for a moment, and he used his other hand to touch my lips, drawing it with his fingers lightly. I couldn’t see his eyes anymore for he was too close. And I could feel my cheeks were turning hot.

“You want to know a secret?” he whispered. The warmness of his breath touched my senses. “I think I’m in love with you after all.”

And as soon as the confession came, his lips quickly crushed onto mine in the most subtle manner. It was nothing like what he used to do. It wasn’t forced nor was it harsh. It wasn’t even his mind speaking, but I can feel that it was from his heart. Odd wasn’t it? And as much as I wanted to protect my pride, I can’t help but to enjoy his sudden change…

That touch of his lips told me... that he really meant it when he said he loved me.


“Changmin…” the name unconsciously left Min Hee’s lips as she felt herself fall towards oblivion. A drop of tear fell from her eyes as she finally remembered her first real kiss with the one man that she ever loved.

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“It won’t be a good idea if I come with you,” Mr Hwang said as he inserted his hands swiftly into his pockets. “I prefer to keep a distance from now on.”

Changmin nodded. “It doesn’t matter. I’m capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much.”

And with that, Changmin strode towards the building while Mr Hwang went back inside his car and waited.

It was already the next morning when they decided that it’s time to confront the woman that they thought has brought so much trouble in Changmin’s life. Changmin stayed outdoors all night and talked through some stuff with Mr Hwang in order to help him distinguish other relevant parties that could be involved in the plot. He had to admit that it wasn’t easy. There were just too much possibilities of people wearing masks, thus he had to be extra cautious. In the end, they still couldn’t come up with rational reasons and possible culprits. It seemed like some puzzles were still missing.

The morning breeze passed him by, sending the edge of his thin jacket to dance along the nature’s melody. He proceeded up the stone steps and towards the double doors that were nearly covered up by ivy. Unlike his own home, nobody attended to the security of the main entrance. He wondered, was this place too unworthy for such protection? Or were the owners too confident of the capability of the modern technology. A chuckle left Changmin’s throat as he pushed the double doors open wide.

“At last…” A voice immediately echoed through the big hall as Changmin entered. “I’ve been expecting you.”

Changmin calmed his heartbeat at the sudden ‘friendly’ welcome. After a few more echoes of footsteps, the speaker finally came into view. Changmin stood at the center of the hall, ensuring that he had enough space for flexibility of movement in case someone jumps onto him without prior notice. He then lifted up his eyes to observe the speaker from head to toe.

It was the woman, he assumed. Her characteristics matched Mr Hwang’s description perfectly.

Absolutely no one else was in sight as the woman approached closer. Suddenly, Changmin regretted for not bringing Junsu along or at least called up for back up from the headquarters. He mentally smacked himself for letting his emotions and ego to take over him during this crucial stage. He knew it will be even more dangerous if his opponent doesn’t show intentions of possible violence in order to solve any upcoming misunderstandings. In short, when they’re alone, worse things will happen.

She took more steps towards the stoned Changmin as both of them had their eyes locked in each other’s.

“So what brings you here, Milord?”

Changmin stared intently at the woman, trying to mix and match the puzzles inside his head while the evidence is right in front of him.

“What do you want from me?” he asked straight-forwardly. His face was fierce and unforgiving.

The woman laughed instead which very much annoyed Changmin’s sensitive ear-drums. “You should know the answer to that already,” she replied with a chuckle. But then she recalled, “Opps! I forgot. You have absolutely no idea about him, right? Of course you wouldn’t know. Sorry, my bad...”

The arrogant tone that she had was constantly poking at Changmin’s thin patience.

“Don’t you dare play with me, woman,” Changmin threatened. He was ready for any psychological war that might come his way. He’d been through this many times before with a much worthier opponent. Facing this annoying woman should be much easier.

“I’m not the one who’s toying with your petty life, Milord. Forgive me, but I have much better things to do than to destroy you and your precious ‘love’,” she uttered sarcastically, with the end of her lips curled to form a grimaced smile.

Changmin observed the woman who was now circling him, checking out every inch of his body.

“Exactly the same,” she muttered approvingly. A satisfied grin formed on her pretty face. When she was standing in front of Changmin again, she stopped and turned to meet his eyes.

“Tell me, who’s toying with my life then?” Changmin fisted his hands, trying to calm his angry nerves.

“You really want to know?”

“I said don’t play with me, you stupid woman!”

“Oh, come on. Play nice, will you?” she pouted and crossed her arms in front of her. “I’m nowhere near stupid and you should know that.” Then she giggled out of nowhere. “I’m not allowed to tell you exactly,” she said with a seducing smile. “But I can tell you that there are conditions that you must fulfil for him to let you go.”


She nodded. “Oh, you do know him alright.”

Changmin paused to calculate her un-poetic riddle. So it’s a ‘he’ all along? And this woman is just another middle person, just like Mr Hwang? And what does she mean that Changmin knew him? He had searched through the list and studied past behaviours of other clans but none of the clues matched the culprit of the attack at his house months ago. And now, he was warned that another attack will commence, but there’s still no ‘he’ in the picture.

“What are the conditions?” he asked bravely afterwards. Feeling that he will do anything it takes to protect Min Hee and his unborn baby.

The woman chuckled again, this time a bit bitterly. “You must divorce Kim Min Hee.”

“NO!” He didn’t need time to think about it, nor did he have to think at all to come up with such a firm decision. “Not in any of my lifetime, ever!”

“Then she shall die.” The woman’s eyes grew challenging and sharp, the kind that tells you that it’s the end either way, no matter what you choose to decide. “And so will you…”

She came closer, too close that it became very awkward. Being too occupied with his worried thoughts of Min Hee, Changmin didn’t realise that his lips was already connected with the woman’s.

But before he could object and shove her away, a deafening sound echoed through the walls as an excruciating pain immediately shot through his abdomen. She left his lips and threw the pistol far away across the floor with an accomplished smile on her face.

“There were two things I’ve always wanted to do,” she began. “The first is to taste the lips of the other Shim Clan’s heir, which is not so bad if I might add. The second is to kill the heir that has stolen the Shim Clan’s rightful throne. Goodbye, Shim Changmin.”

The confusion of her words had only worsened the dizziness in his head. Unable to support his body, his knees buckled and dropped itself on the floor. A hand tried to cover the wound in his stomach, but the blood kept on oozing furiously. Changmin’s mouth left agape as he tried to find a word of help. But all he could think of was the name Kim Min Hee…

“You should know that I’m very much in love with Shim Choikang. For him, I’m willing to do anything, even when he won’t even lift an eye for me. And now that my task is fulfilled, he--”

Before Changmin could comprehend the rest of her revelations, he found himself heavily drifted towards oblivion. A pool of blood formed all around him, wetting the surface of his skin and drenched his expensive outfit. He fought to stay awake to at least make it to the car to inform Mr Hwang, but the woman smacked his head violently and he passed out.

He was sure that if he still had Min Hee’s love at the moment, he could’ve been able to at least lift a fist at that bastard woman. The uncertainties of the rest of his life has made him unfocused and nearly cost his life. If only there was someone to fetch him from inside the hall to attend to his heavy wound and bring him home to the side of the one he loved the most. He needs nothing else…

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Min Hee felt a forceful tug at her heart before her eyes suddenly shot wide open. Her breathing was hard and uneven. It was the most awful nightmare that she ever had. Clutching her heart tightly in one palm, her eyes scattered around the room in search of a face that she missed so much. Slowly, she pulled herself up from the bed. There was no one around.

Without warning, a trail of tears flow down her cheeks as she brought the other palm to her heart and held it tight. Suddenly, it felt like it was being ripped apart. She didn’t understand why.

Desperate for company, she tried to get off the bed when she suddenly felt pain on her knees. She swiftly removed the heavy comforter from herself to examine the source of pain. A frown formed on her forehead as she tried to remember what could’ve caused those scratches. Leaving the spot of where she thought her heart might be, she brought both her hands to caress her knees instead which were heavily swollen. Only then that she notice that her arm muscles were sore and her hips were bruised.

Bringing her arm to wrap around herself, all she could think of at the moment is Shim Changmin. She needed him by her side now, to protect her from the fear that is slowly taking over her.

She wiped away the tears that were still falling and encouraged herself to stand up.

“Min Hee…” a man’s voice called out to her from the door. She turned her head around to find the concerned face of her friend, Kim Junsu.

She wanted to greet him, but she can’t seem to find her voice. Instead she tried to smile, which turn out to be bitter. Maybe it’s because of the dried tears effects down her cheeks.

Junsu came closer to help her get up since she had trouble to straighten her knees at first. “T-thanks…” she mumbled softly, her body was slightly trembling. “What happened to me?”

The man at her side was hesitant and looked away for a moment before sighing and turned back to Min Hee. “Please don’t do it ever again. Did you know how scared I was? Did you know that you could’ve died?” he answered instead, his voice was slightly angered.

Min Hee stared at Junsu with wide eyes. “That wasn’t a dream?”

Junsu looked at her in slight amusement as he knew Min Hee had always been able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Having her doubt the incident when the evidence is clearly visible on her body is very unusual. Could this mean…

“Junsu, it wasn’t a dream?” Min Hee repeated her question when she figured that Junsu was spacing out. “Locking the door, running towards the balcony and jumping off… all that wasn’t a dream?”

The man shook his head slowly, feeling a bit uncertain at the way Min Hee was behaving.

“Then why am I still here? My body should hit the ground hard and I should have died!”

The sudden change of tone in her voice surprised him. “Calm down, Milady…” he uttered softly.

Slowly, Min Hee started to realise the actual situation she was in then. When Junsu called her by the title she hasn’t heard in a long time, Min Hee was finally knocked back to reality. Suddenly she felt scared. She wasn’t scared of the people around her anymore, but she was scared that what has happened after the attack has sent her farther away from the man she loved.

“Where’s Changmin?” she immediately asked.

The question startled Junsu. “Do you… remember? Everything?” he asked instead after realising the worried expression on Min Hee’s face instead of the fear that she usually had for the man.

“No…” she answered simply, much to Junsu’s relief. “Just the part where I’ve been denying his love all these while when it was clear where my heart had belong to.”

Upon hearing that, Junsu’s heart sank down to the core of the Earth.

“Where is he? I need to find him. I need to tell him that I’m sorry and--”

“He's been in an accident.” Junsu immediately cut in. His face grimaced. He tried as he might not to look into Min Hee’s eyes anymore because he knew that all he will see is the love that she had for Shim Changmin, and not for himself.

“Ac… Accident? What happened? Junsu, tell me what happened! How’s Changmin? Where is he?”

Junsu turned his head side-ways and gulped painfully. He couldn’t believe that his plan didn’t work after all. The love that Min Hee had for his rival is just too strong that it came back to her even without her past memories being present at the same time. He had only one hope left, but he didn’t know if he was brave enough to put it into action. For now, his heart was telling him to let her go. Let her be reunited with her husband no matter how painful the thought of seeing them together was to him… He just couldn't bare to see her so sad and worried.

“He’s in the room next door, resting. He was shot by one of the people involve with the attack. He lost a lot of blood and has been unconscious since two days ago.”

“Wait. Why isn’t he at the hospital?”

“He didn’t want other people to know. He didn’t want any more people to hurt you if they knew…”

At that, tears started to stream down her face once again. “Pabo…” She immediately made her way towards the room Junsu mentioned, stepping forward carefully to not worsen the pain on her knees.

Junsu stood there, feet nailed to the ground. He wanted to go after her and assist her in walking, but his heart won’t allow him to. Not when she’s walking towards that other man.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The room was bright with sunlight yet it was cool and comfortable. Min Hee opened the door wider and stepped inside, only to be greeted by the lifeless body of Shim Changmin on the bed. She couldn’t be sure if he was breathing, but she could see that his chest was moving in a faint rhythm and his skin was unusually pale. She could feel the familiar tug at her heart…

She made her way closer after closing the door behind her. Every step that she took was hesitant. Her heart was beating irregularly while her mind was reminiscing the moments between her and him. It took her forever to finally sit down at the side of the bed where Changmin was resting. Out of instinct, Min Hee held out a hand and touched the side of his face softly, feeling the unusual coldness that it emits.

“Changmin-ah… What has happened to you?” she whispered. “You’re much stronger than this. Don’t you dare leave me. Never leave me…”

Tears continued to stream down her cheeks. At the thought of Changmin being unable to cope with his body, Min Hee stiffened and tightened her grip on the bed-sheet. She will never accept the fact if Changmin was dead. She simply couldn’t.

“Baby, please come back to me. Open your eyes, please.”

She took his lifeless hand in hers and brought it to her cheeks, imagining the moments when Changmin will console her when she feels sad and down, imagining the warmness that would always sooth her being, and imagining the loving smile that Changmin would present to her and make her heart flutter.

“I love you…”

His little finger finally twitched.

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The sudden move surprised Min Hee to no end. A mixture of feelings rose within her as if a bolt of lightning has just shot the middle of her heart, awakening her senses. A drop of tear escaped the brim of her eyes. She didn’t want to open her eyes, afraid that what she might see is not what she had hoped for, afraid that it was only her imagination.

Then she felt a finger caressing her skin faintly. Her eyes slowly opened, her gaze blurred due to the cumulating liquid in her eyes. She wiped it away carelessly with her other hand and tried to focus at the face she had missed so much.

“Changmin? Baby?” she called out softly, half-expectant and half-scared. The man still had his eyes closed, but his forehead was twitching, just like his fingers. Min Hee instinctively intertwined their hands and scooted closer to him, lowering her upper body to hover above him. She fought herself not to cry anymore. She didn’t want him to see her tears. She caressed his hair softly, giving him some encouragement.

“Hmm…” a low grunt left his throat as he opened his eyes.

Another set of emotions immediately appeared inside her, making her feel like crying and laughing all at the same time. His eyes roamed around for a moment, registering the situation, before it landed on her face, and her awaiting eyes…

“Min Hee…” he whispered painfully. Then his eyes landed on their intertwined hands and he tried to look above his forehead to see the hand that has been caressing his hair ever so lovingly. He sighed with a faint smile and closed his eyes momentarily to savour the moment, a moment he had longed for.

“I’m dead, aren’t I,” he spoke through the silence. He sighed and turned his head to the side.

His statement shocked her. “What are you talking about?” her voice sad. She put one palm on the left side of his chest carefully, afraid that she might hurt him. “Your heart is beating just fine.”

Changmin turned his head to face her again. He had a questioning look on his face, almost unbelievable. Unconsciously, he attempted to sit and lifted his body, only to be stopped by the piercing pain around his abdomen. He was instantly assured that all these weren’t a dream. The sight of his wife caressing him lovingly is definitely not an illusion. But it just didn’t make sense to him.

“Careful!” Min Hee cried, putting a hand on his shoulder before he moved any further.

Changmin, on the other hand, pushed away the blanket that was covering his body. His movement was weak, but he was determined to find out what’s wrong. “Oh, yeah… I was shot. How could I forget,” he muttered sarcastically as soon as he saw the heavy bandage around his stomach with a patch of red visible on the pure white cloth before releasing himself back on the bed again. “What is wrong with me?” he said more to himself.

“They say you’ve been unconscious for two days,” Min Hee started while fixing the blanket on Changmin to prevent him from getting cold. “I think I was too.”

Changmin’s attention was diverted back to the worried face of his wife. His face mirrored her expression. “What happened to you?” His eyes roamed all part of her body and immediately noticed the scratches on her knees and light bruises on her arms.

“I…” Min Hee stuttered. She didn’t dare to look into his eyes when she admits it. Changmin could go crazy if he knew what happened to her. But if she lied, he would know it anyways and it might turn out worse. “I attempted to jump from the balcony--”


“Changmin, shhhh… I’m alright now,” she lowered herself and brought her face closer to his and her index finger landed on top of his lips before Changmin can jump up from the bed. The touch of their foreheads could only make Changmin wonder even more. Still, a moment of silence is all it takes for Changmin to regain his composure.

“You… You’re not afraid of me anymore?” he whispered to her face which was only inches above his. They could almost feel the subtle warmness of each other’s breath on their skins.

Min Hee removed her finger slowly. A tiny smile crept on her face and she shook her head slightly, keeping the contact of their foreheads.

Soon, she could feel a hand moved from her back, upwards to her shoulders and it landed softly on the nape of her neck. All the while, Changmin kept his eye contact upon hers to make sure that she was sincere. And when he was convinced, a smile appeared on his lips and he pulled her face closer to him and planted a kiss square on her lips. Her response was all he needs to prove that she loves him still. Oh, how he missed the touch so much.

“You’ve remembered everything?” Changmin asked as their lips parted, still smiling. The barrier between them was finally crushed, and Changmin couldn’t be more glad. His Min Hee has returned…


Who could guess that one harmless word could disperse all the hopes that have just been built up a from few moments ago? Changmin’s smile disappeared. “What do you mean no? Then, how--”


Changmin’s eye bulge at the sudden initiative. “What’s that f--”


“Min Hee… Stop,” he spoke while pushing her away slightly.

“Oh, I-I’m sorry…” she uttered and lifted herself away from Changmin after realising what she was doing. “I didn’t mean to. Something inside me… I don’t know. I just… wanted to kiss you. I’m sorry.”

Seeing her looking awkward and insecure, Changmin knew that something was still wrong with her. If she had remembered everything, nothing from him could’ve stopped her from showing her affection when she wants to. It seemed like their memories together were still unreachable for her. But at least, her feelings for him had returned completely. Maybe that is the best for now. He knew he should be grateful.

He then pulled Min Hee closer to him and placed her carefully above him, his hand circled her waist and her head buried in his neck while she was still in the sitting position. “It doesn’t matter. Don’t apologise for something like that. I’ve always been yours to do whatever you want.” He stroked her back lovingly, in rhythm with their breathings to console her.

“I love you…” Min Hee whispered into his neck. “That is all that I remember. I’m sorry.”

Changmin smiled. “Your love is all I need,” and he planted another kiss on her shoulders.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A few hours passed as they remained by each other’s side. Min Hee was now asleep on the bed beside Changmin, who on the other hand was still wide awake. Once in a while, Min Hee snuggled closer to Changmin when the cold wind blew through the opened window. With one hand, Changmin pulled the blanket higher for her.

He wanted to lay on his sides to admire the view of his sleeping wife beside him, but the pain on his abdomen that refused to subside prevented him. Instead, his eyes roamed around her face, to her neck, all the way down to her abdomen area. He smiled at the thought of the being that is growing inside her. Extending his left arm, Changmin attempted to caress her bulging stomach, which he had never done before. His heartbeat went wild as soon as he felt the hardened area near her stomach. That was his child…

Upon the touch, Min Hee stirred and blinked a few times, trying to get use to the light. Feeling a hand on her, her gaze diverted downwards where she saw Changmin’s hand rubbing her skin. She smiled and placed her own hand on top of his, who was startled at the sudden touch.

No words were needed to describe the moment. Both of them could only smile in happiness and contentment. If only they knew what fate has in store for them. Getting over one obstacle do not always mean happily ever after…

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