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[ONESHOT/G/CHUN] I Will Always Wait For You

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Valentine’s Special

Title: I Will Always Wait For You

“I’ll be back, please wait for me…”

The word echoed in her ears for almost 10 years. She has been waiting for him since then. The first 3 days, she waited patiently at one of the swings they always played together. The following days, she waited for him at the park’s entrance. And now, after 10 years, she’s still waiting patiently for him to come back.

Hyo Rin sighed as she flipped her drawing block open. Then she took out her pencil and started drawing something. She always bring along her drawing pad everytime she came here to wait for him.

The wind blew silently, flipping the pages of Hyo Rin’s drawing block, showing the previous sketches. The first one is the portrait of a small, handsome boy. He was smiling.
Hyo Rin smiled at the portrait. The memory of her and him started to play…


“Ouch!” Hyo Rin shrieked in pain as she falls onto the ground. She landed on her left leg and it twisted in a very agony angle. She tried to move her small leg but it was too painful for her. She started crying sorrowfully.

Then she saw a hand in front of her. She looked up to see a small, handsome boy smiling at her. He was offering his hand to her. Hyo Rin was hesitant at first but she grabbed the boy’s hand after she tried to stand up on her own.

“Are you alright?” The boy asked, making Hyo Rin blushed. She was very shy towards boy, and the only boy she feels comfortable dealing with is her older brother.

After Hyo Rin didn’t answer his question, the boy took Hyo Rin on a nearby bench and gestured her to sit on it. Then he bent down to look closely at Hyo Rin’s now swollen leg. He touched it a little, making Hyo Rin winched in pain.

“You’re not alright. Where’s your parent?” The boy asked her, as she pointed to a grocery shop few meters ahead. “They’re in there. They wanted to buy something and asked me to wait here,” Hyo Rin answered straightforwardly, earning a smile from the boy. He continued to examine Hyo Rin’s leg.

“What’s your name?” the boy asked Hyo Rin, sitting down beside her. She blushed once again. “Jung Hyo Rin,” she answered, looking at the ground.

“Oh, nice to meet you. I’m Park Yoochun,” he offered his hand, which she gladly took it. “How old are you, Hyo Rin?” Yoochun asked sweetly, smiling at his new friend.

“I’m 8 years old. You?” Hyo Rin smiled as she could not believe she’s talking to a stranger boy who had just encountered her few minutes ago. This boy doesn’t make me feel awkward, he’s just like oppa, Hyo Rin thought as she played with her pink dress.

“Oh, I’m 10 years old. So I’m your oppa,” Yoochun smiled. Suddenly he jumped as he saw someone approaching. “Sorry, but I have to go now. Nice meeting you, Hyo Rin. I hope we can meet again,” Yoochun walked away with a handsome man and a really beautiful lady who Hyo Rin assumed to be his parents.

He waved at his new friend as he smiled at her. Then he turned to his parents. “Appa, Omma, can we go here again next time? I really like playing at here,” he asked his parents with his eyes sparkling with hope.

She waved at her new friend, watching him walking away with his parents. ‘He’s a very nice boy, just like Yunho oppa,’ Hyo Rin thought, and sighed deeply as she thought about her older brother.

“When is Yunho oppa coming back? I really miss him,” Hyo Rin talked to herself. She waved at her parents as she saw them walking out from the grocery shop. She wanted to run towards them but she groaned in pain as pain shot her left leg.

[End Flashback]

“Hyo Rin sshi, you’re here again today,” The lady smiled at Hyo Rin. She was the security guard who strolled around every day in the park to make sure everything is in good condition. She’s now very familiar with Hyo Rin since she always saw her sitting alone in the park.

Hyo Rin smiled at the lady in front of her. She nodded lightly as she glanced at the deserted park. Not many people had come today, she thought as she was hoping to see a familiar face, smiling at her. She sighed as she saw nobody she knew.

“Neh Hyun Il sshi. How are you? You’re not here yesterday,” Hyo Rin smiled at the lady in front of her, gesturing her to sit beside her. Hyun Il shook her head lightly as she looked around her, watching the people playing with their families.

“I was sick yesterday. Migraine. Dr. Jung said I need extra rest,” Hyun Il smiled at Hyo Rin as she waved her goodbye. “I have to go now, Hyo Rin sshi. Send my regards to Dr. Jung. Take care of your health.”

Hyo Rin nodded lightly as she watched Hyun Il walked away. She turned her attention to the drawing block in front of her, looking at the picture of a boy and a girl holding hands.


“Yoochun oppa, wait for me!” Hyo Rin shouted, running towards Yoochun’s side. Yoochun was already by the swing’s side, waiting for her to arrive.

“Yah Hyo Rin, please walk faster next time,” Yoochun teased Hyo Rin who turns red on the spot. She glared at Yoochun.

“Yah!! You’re the one who’s RUNNING!!! You know I can’t run fast RIGHT?!” Hyo Rin shouted at Yoochun, as Yoochun playfully covered his ears with his hands.

“Fine, fine. You little girl, always want to win eh? Now let’s go to the purple dinosaur there, you said you want to play that right?” Yoochun said, pulling Hyo Rin’s hand with him. Hyo Rin followed him obediently as she glanced at their intertwined hands.

[End Flashback]

“Yoochun oppa…” Hyo Rin sighed, closing the drawing block on her lap. The reason she’s been drawing the pictures of them together is because she don’t want to forget all the special memories of them. She doesn’t want to forget the face of her first love, Yoochun.

Hyo Rin glanced up when she sensed something moving in front of her. She was so shocked to see a handsome young man, maybe few years older than her, was standing in front of her and smiling. Her eyes were already bulging out from its skull when she saw something really familiar in that person’s eyes.

“Anyeonghaseyo, can I sit here?” The guy said, pointing to the empty seat next to her. Hyo Rin nodded lightly as she continues to stare at the young man’s face.

The man touched his face lightly as he asked, “Is there anything at my face?” Hyo Rin giggled and shook her head lightly. ‘Wow, since when did I start to giggle? I only giggle when I’m playing with Yoochun oppa… could this person be-’ Hyo Rin thought.

“You’re so cute. You remind me to my childhood friend.” The guy said peacefully, looking at the environment. He closed his eyes and inhaled the fresh air of the park.

Hyo Rin looked at him intently. There’s something in this guy, which reminds her to her beloved Yoochun oppa. She stared at the guy, looking for anything that reminds her of Yoochun.

“Do you want to hear my story?” The guy asked Hyo Rin, who startled at the sudden question and blushed. She nodded her head lightly.

“You’re so cute. Okay, let’s start. She’s my childhood friend, whom I met the first time I went to this park…”

[The guy’s story]

I walked around the park and kicked an empty tin of Coke away. I stared at the park in front of me boringly as I cursed the innocent tin.

“Stupid tin…”

I was startled when I saw a little girl, few meters in front of me, falls on the ground on her left leg. I run towards the girl and offered my hands to her. I really can’t see girls crying. Appa said that boys should protect girls if they cried. I was only 10 years old by now, so I believed what Appa said to me.

The girl looked up and stared at me for a long time. She was hesitant to take my offered hands. She tried to stand up on her own but it was proved useless since she landed directly on her left leg just now. I’m sure her left leg hurt pretty bad.

After that, she took my hand harshly. I smiled at her as I asked her. “Are you alright?” and the girl blushed. She was very cute when she blushed. After few minutes waiting for her reply, I got impatient and pulled her to a nearby bench and placed her on the bench.

I bent down to check on her left leg. Gosh, it was pretty bad indeed. I thought, watching the now swollen leg. I touched it a little, and the little girl winched in pain.

I looked around us to see if there’s anyone that I can ask help from. But there’s nobody there so I turned my attention back to her.

“You’re not alright. Where’s your parents?” I asked her, and then she pointed to a grocery shop full with people few meters ahead from us. I guess her parents went there to buy something since today the grocery shop is having a jumble sale.

“They’re in there. They wanted to buy something and asked me to wait here,” the little girl spoke. I find her very cute and adorable. I smiled at her.

[End Guy’s Story]

Hyo Rin was shocked to hear that story. It was definitely the same way she met Yoochun oppa!! She stared at the young man in front of her and suddenly she realises why the young man reminds her of Yoochun.

The young man, who was now sitting beside her, is her Yoochun oppa. Her beloved Yoochun oppa. But she has to confirm it first. Who knows, maybe he heard the story from other people…

“Then you ask the girl what’s her name, right?” Hyo Rin continued for the guy. The guy was so shocked when Hyo Rin continued the story for him. He asked Hyo Rin, “Yes, exactly. How did you know?”

Hyo Rin smiled happily as the guy answered her. Yay! I’ve found my Yoochun oppa!! Hyo Rin thought happily as she tried to control her joyfulness.

“The girl’s name is Jung Hyo Rin, am I right?” Hyo Rin asked the guy, who was already shocked when he learns that the girl knows exactly his childhood friend’s name. ‘Could it be…’ the guy thought.

“Hyo Rin?” The guy said, almost whispering. Hyo Rin nodded frantically, still smiling like an idiot at her Yoochun oppa. “You’re Yoochun right?” Hyo Rin asked happily, but soon her expression changed.

“Yes, I’m Yoochun. Oh, Hyo Rin! You don’t know how much I missed you!” Yoochun exclaimed happily, trying to hug his beloved little Hyo Rin. His Hyo Rin had grown up and became a very pretty young lady, Yoochun thought happily. He looked worriedly at Hyo Rin as he saw her expression darkened. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you here?!” Hyo Rin asked, clutching the drawing block in her hands. The drawing block almost crumpled. Yoochun saw that and quickly grabbed the drawing block from Hyo Rin’s hand.

“Hey, what are you doing? Give it back to me!!” Hyo Rin shouted, trying to get back her precious drawing block from Yoochun. Yoochun held the drawing block up high in his head.

“Nah, I know you’re mad at me Hyo Rin for making you wait for me for such a long time. But let me explain first. Please, Hyo Rin?” Yoochun pleaded with his eyes sparkling with joyfulness. Hyo Rin can’t resist that cute look of her beloved Yoochun oppa and sighed. She sat back on the bench and crossed her arms casually at her chest.

Yoochun smiled when he saw Hyo Rin sat back and gazed at the beautiful panorama in front of her. He quickly took his seat beside her and started flipping the drawing block in his hand open. The first picture that he saw makes him shocked.

“Hyo Rin, is this oppa?” Yoochun asked cutely, looking at Hyo Rin’s slightly blushing cheeks. He smiled and pinched that cute face. “It’s so beautiful. Oppa likes it Hyo Rin,” Yoochun said, just to make Hyo Rin blush harder.

“Are you telling me why you went away and only come back after… 10 years?” Hyo Rin asked casually, but her voice sounded full of hope. Yoochun smiled and flipped the next page.

“It’s so nice, Hyo Rin! When did you draw this?” Yoochun smirked, trying to piss his little Hyo Rin. Hyo Rin rolled her eyes and snapped at Yoochun. “Are you telling me or not?!”

Yoochun laughed and closed the drawing block in his hand. “Okay, okay, I’ll stop playing. Do you remember the day I told you that I’ll be going away?” Yoochun asked as Hyo Rin nodded lightly.


“Hyo Rin, oppa have to go somewhere,” Yoochun said as a matter of fact at Hyo Rin. Hyo Rin looked at Yoochun questioningly as she tries to say something but nothing comes out from her mouth.

Finally, after few minutes staring session, Hyo Rin managed to get back her sense and started bombarding Yoochun with questions.

“Where are you going? You dare to leave me here alone? When are you going? How long will it be?”

“Yah Hyo Rin, relax… I don’t have time to explain, I’ll contact you later kayh? Oppa loves you; please wait for me Hyo Rin!” Yoochun shouted, running away from Hyo Rin and leaving her dumbfounded.

[End Flashback]

“You didn’t even contact me!!! You promised to contact me!!” Hyo Rin shouted, punching Yoochun’s chest lightly. Yoochun shoved her hands away from his chest and hold it tight against his own hand.

“You’re still the same. Impatient little girl,” Yoochun teased Hyo Rin as he tightened his hold around Hyo Rin’s small hand. Hyo Rin blushed at the thought of her beloved Yoochun oppa holding her hands. Her heartbeat started to pump continuously and at a faster rate.

“My Appa was promoted to be an Assistant Manager at the States. We were only confirmed about it the night before we met for the last time, here in this park. That’s why I can’t explain to you that time because I was rushing to pack all my stuffs and our flight is in that night itself, hence I was so busy. Then, after I arrived there, I tried to contact you but I’ve just realized that I don’t even know your home address, how am I going to send letters to you? I wondered if you have an e-mail account, if you have I can send e-mail to you but I didn’t know about it also. That’s why I can’t contact you for the last 10 years. I’m sorry Hyo Rin, but I really wanted to contact you that time,” Yoochun said, playing with Hyo Rin’s thumb.

Hyo Rin sighed after she heard Yoochun’s explanation. He’s true; we barely know each other that time. I didn’t even know his house number, how he could know my house address by then?

“After I’ve graduated from my high school at the States, my Appa gave me a plane ticket. He says I can go anywhere I want because I got good results for my end of year examination. So I decided to fly back here, to see if you’re still waiting for me. Honestly Hyo Rin, I didn’t expect you to still wait for me. You could have met someone better than me, you know,” Yoochun said, there’s a glimpse of sadness in his voice.

“I waited for you because you’re the one whom I loved the most. You’re the first guy who had entered my heart. I knew we barely know each other but I have a strong feeling that you’re meant for me. And I always have a particular dream of me meeting you in this park. That’s why I some here every day and waited patiently for the day to come,” Hyo Rin said.

“And the day has come,” Yoochun completed her sentence for her, as he hugged Hyo Rin. “You don’t know Hyo Rin… I also love you. The first time I saw you, I know that you’re made for me, just for me. That’s why I come back now, to see my first love.” Yoochun said, breaking the hug.

“Yoochun oppa…” Hyo Rin whispered, as Yoochun leaned forward slowly.

“I love you Hyo Rin…” Yoochun said, smiling very sweetly at Hyo Rin as his face was now inches away from Hyo Rin’s.

“I love you too oppa…” Hyo Rin said, right before Yoochun’s lips crashed onto hers. They kissed passionately, under the big tree, on a bench at the memorable park, on the February 14th, 2006.

Few years later…

Yoochun kissed Hyo Rin passionately under the same tree, on the 14th February 2009. As they were savouring their kiss, something pulled Hyo Rin’s shirt lightly. They broke the kiss as Yoochun glanced playfully at the little creature.

“Yoohwan, you’re stealing Appa’s romantic moment with Omma,” Yoochun pouted at his son, as Hyo Rin carefully picked up her beloved son and hugged him.

“Appa, Yoorin wants to eat ice cream,” Another tugging. Yoochun looked down to find his beloved little princess staring blankly at him. He hugged Yoorin and kissed her cheeks many times.

“Appaaaa, Yoorin wants the ice cream!!” Yoorin shouted, shoving her father’s face away from hers. Hyo Rin smiled at her husband and her daughter’s funny action.

“Appa, Yoohwan wants ice cream too!” Yoohwan who was in Hyo Rin’s embrace struggled to get to his father. Hyo Rin placed her beloved son on the ground and soon enough, Yoohwan runs towards Yoochun’s side and was arguing with his twin sister.

“Appa, Yoorin wants the ice cream!”

“Appa, Yoohwan wants the ice cream!”

“Appa will buy for me first because I ask Appa first!”

“No! Appa will buy for me first!”

“No!! Me!”


Yoochun groaned at the sight of his beloved little prince and princess arguing. He kissed both of them at the cheek and pinched their puffy cheeks.

“Appa will buy for both of you. Is that fine with both of you?” Yoochun said, smiling at his twin son and daughter. They nodded frantically at their father.

Yoochun walked towards the ice cream booth to get ice cream for his son and daughter as they stayed with Hyo Rin under the big tree. Yoohwan rubbed Hyo Rin’s stomach lightly.

“Omma, is this my little brother or my little sister?” He asked cutely, placing his ears on her stomach. Yoorin pushed her twin away as she copied his action earlier.

“Omma, it’s a girl. Yoorin know it’s a girl,” Yoorin said confidently at her mother who was smiling at her. Then Yoohwan pulled Yoorin’s hand away from his mother’s stomach.

“No! It is going to be a boy!!” Yoohwan shouted at his twin.

“No! It’s a girl!”

“A boy!”

“A girl!!!”

“Yoorin, Yoohwan, what’s wrong?” Yoochun asked with two chocolate ice creams in his hand. The kids yelped happily as they jumped to Yoochun and took their ice cream away.

“Don’t go so far!” Yoochun shouted at his twins, which they ignored as usual. He took his seat next to his beloved wife and start stroking her big stomach.

“Hey baby, how are you?” Yoochun asked at Hyo Rin’s stomach as he rubbed it lightly. Hyo Rin laughed at her husband’s silliness and smacked his hand playfully.

Yoochun pouted at his beloved wife. Soon enough, they were kissing once again, under the big tree, on the February 14th, 2009.


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