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[ONESHOT/G/CHUN] Happily Ever After

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One Shot
Title: Happily Ever After
Author: Jija

“No, I don’t allow you to go out with him.”

“Mom, I thought you approved us?” Heemin looked at her mother with a bewildered expression on her face. She was puzzled, confused by the sudden change in behavior.

Her mom turned around and walked towards her with a stack of dirty plates. She handed it over to Heemin. “He’s a gangster.”

Heemin frowned and slowly make her way towards the kitchen after her mother. She placed the plates by the side of the sink and began scrubbing on it.

“But mom, he WAS a gangster. He’s not now.”

“Heemin, stop talking about this or I will never approve your relationship with him. You have been a bad girl, Heemin. You’re rebellious, yet you’re still 17! Why can’t you just follow what I asked you to do?” Her mom faced her with anger inside her. Heemin turned off the tap and cleaned her hand.

“But mom, I’m not rebellious! I didn’t do anything wrong, and I DO follow whatever you asked me to do!” A snicker could be heard coming from the living room. They both glanced at the direction of the sound. Her father is back. And he’s drunk, once again.

“I just don’t want you to end up living in hell like me. You know how’s your father, right? He has nothing, and keeps on changing jobs every month! I’m the one supporting this family! Do you want to live like me? Choose a better person, someone who can give you luxury and wealth!” her mother hissed, not wanting to get any attention from the sleeping drunken man in their living room. Heemin sobbed a little. She couldn’t believe her mother would think about Yoochun like that.

“But mom, Yoochun oppa’s different! He’s not like dad!” Heemin tried to persuade her mother, but nevertheless, her mother had made a decision and there’s no turning back. She’s not accepting Yoochun.

“Stop this! Go to sleep now! You’ll go to school tomorrow, as I said!” With that, her mother walked out from the kitchen, leaving Heemin alone, dealing with her feelings. She really wanted to see him badly. It has been 2 months since she last met him. She cried softly yet bitterly thinking about him. She missed him terribly.

Yet, she knows, this is going to be more complicated as time passes.


“Heemin, do you want to go to the library after school? Ri In and I are going to study there.” Boa asked Heemin during their class interval. They were by their lockers, taking the stuffs the needed for the next lesson.

Heemin looked at Boa and Ri In with a sad expression. Truthfully, she really wanted to follow them, but she knew, her mother won’t let her. She sighed.

Boa and Ri In on the other hand, realized that Heemin was not in her good shape today. She came to school with a sad and somber face, and her eyes were slightly red and puffy. They knew, she had cried once again but they don’t bother to ask her what exactly had happened. They will wait for her to tell them willingly.

“Heemin… Are you alright?” Ri In asked with a soft tone. She glanced at Boa when they saw Heemin let out another sigh.

“Park Heemin, when are you going to pay the debt? It has been a month since you last paid me, you know.” Suddenly a voice interrupted them. They knew who the owner of the voice is.

“Taeyeon, sorry, I don’t have money. My mother didn’t give my allowance for this week. I couldn’t pay you the money now, I’m so sorry,” Heemin apologized with still the same dull look on her face. Taeyeon on the other hand, was tired of waiting.

“Heemin, why do you even bother to borrow money when you know you’re not able to return it? I don’t understand people like you! Bye Boa, Ri In, I’m off to class now~” She sang, as she walked pass them with her normal ‘drama-queen’ look. Boa and Ri In glanced at her with disgust. They hated her.

“Tch, what the hell is wrong with her?” Boa snickered loudly with her hand forming a fist. Heemin held her hand when she saw that. Boa and Ri In gave her a weird look.

“Boa, let’s go to class! I will tell you two later… Alright?” Heemin asked with a tender smile on her face. Boa and Ri In nodded absentmindedly as they still looked at the drama queen at the end of the hallway, flirting with some guys older than them.


“Finally, school hour is over~! I can eat as much as I want now~!” Boa shouted happily as they were heading towards the school’s cafeteria. Ri In and Heemin giggled at her funny attitude.

“Heemin~ Boa~ Ri In~! Wait for me!” A voice could be heard from their backs, and soon enough, stood a figure in front of them, breathing hard for air.

“Yah Yeonhee, you don’t have to run you know. You got your phone right? You can just call us! Why bother to run?” Boa giggled at the still-gasping-for-air Yeonhee in front of them. Yeonhee made a face at her and tugged on Ri In’s hand.

“I want to exercise~! Let’s go and eat! My stomach is asking for food since the first 2 periods! So hungry!” Yeonhee pouted as she rubbed her stomach. Heemin looked around as if looking for someone.

“Hey, looking for me?” A voice startled all of them. They turned to the source of the sound. There stood a short girl, not very short but shorter than all of them, with the black baggy jeans and the heavily illustrated black t-shirt, her short and brown hair covered with a cap, titled a little to its side, making her look more like a boy than a girl.

“Yah! Amber! Do you have to appear so sudden like that? At least make a grand entrance!” Yeonhee pouted and puffed her cheeks cutely, as Amber grinned at them and made her way towards them.

“I will make one, ONE DAY, and you will not be able to recognize me when the day comes.” Amber ruffled Yeonhee’s hair playfully, earning another pout from their cutest and youngest friend, as she turned her attention towards Heemin.

“Hey Heemin, what’s with the long face? Cheer up, girl.” She tapped Heemin’s back lightly with a smile on her face. Heemin smiled back weakly. She knows she couldn’t hide her emotions from Amber. Amber knows her too well. Too well that she knows exactly when she’s not feeling okay or is troubled.

“Are we going to stand here all day long or are we going to eat? I’m so hungry!” Yeonhee pouted and instantly, she grabbed Amber’s hand and begins to swing it forward and backward playfully, earning laughters from the others. Yeonhee is surely the mood maker, she knows exactly when to make the weirdest joke ever.

“Fine, I’m hungry too. Come on Yeonhee~ Let’s go to the cafeteria~~!!!” Boa grabbed Yeonhee’s hand and began to run, Ri In following them with a laugh as Yeonhee complained that Boa held her too tight. Whilst Amber and Heemin walked behind them, both looking at their friend’s funny behaviours.

“It’s about Yoochun again?” Amber asked out of blue, as Heemin nodded her head. “What’s wrong now? I thought your parents approved him?” Amber continued when she didn’t get any reply. At the same time, they were still walking towards the cafeteria, with Yeonhee, Boa and Ri In already wrestling over a plate of rice at the cafeteria.

Heemin let out a loud sigh, and it attracts Amber’s attention immediately. She know something is wrong somewhere. But what could it be?

“At first, I thought they approved our relationship. But last night, Yoochun oppa called my mom and asked her whether he could take me out.”

“And then?” Amber asked as Heemin looked straight in front of her. Heemin giggled when she saw that Yeonhee was pulling Boa’s hair whilst Ri In was trying to break them apart. But Amber could sense something in her giggle. It’s not as lively as always.

“She refused to let me out with him. The reason is because she thought that I might end up living a life like her’s. But you know right, Yoochun oppa had changed. He is no more a gangster, can’t she just accept that fact? And he DOES have a decent job, unlike my father.” Heemin had started to sob by now. The thought of Yoochun and her mom really makes her upset. Her fresh batch of tears flow freely on her cheeks for the nth time of the week.

“And what’s Yoochun’s reaction? I mean, after your mom declined?” They both stopped to sit on the bench under a tree as they were looking at the trio eating their hearts out. Those three will nag her about this later, Amber thought as a silent sigh escaped from her mouth.

“I don’t know, because he talked to my mom, and she hanged the phone right after she said that. I feel guilty, Amber…” Heemin said as she wiped away her tears.

They both fall into silence after that. Both not knowing what to say, and decided that it would be better for them to enjoy the quiet surrounding. They know the peacefulness will go away when the trio finished eating.

“I think you should call Yoochun and you know, explain to him? Something like that…” Amber suggested after a long moment of silence.

Heemin looked at Amber with a look on her face saying that she’s not sure about that idea. She shrugged lightly when she remembered their fight.

“Why?” Amber asked when she saw Heemin looked uncomfortable out of sudden.

“I just remembered, we had a fight two weeks ago, you remember right? The one when he said he wanted to drink because it was one of his friend’s birthday party… And we have a big fight because my mom started it… He might want to apologize to me last night, that’s why he asked my mom to let me out…”

Amber gasped lightly and suddenly, she thought of something. She knew, Heemin have to do this, no matter if her mother finds out, no matter what, she have to do this.

“Heemin, you will follow me to a place after this. You, me, and the others.” Amber said with a stern tone as she fished out her phone from her jeans and began typing on it.

“Why? Where are we going? But you know my mum won’t let…” Heemin tried to argue and bring up the topic about her mom again but Amber stopped her from doing so. She knows, if Heemin talked anything about her parents anymore, she will surely feel upset with them. And as a best friend, she wouldn’t let her best friend being upset all the time.

“I’m texting your mom right now that you will go to library with me and some other friends to study. I know she would let. So, just go and grab something to eat now and we’re going sharp at 2pm. Got it?” Amber kept her phone back into her jeans’ pocket and pulled Heemin up after she stands up. She began pulling Heemin towards the cafeteria.

“But Amber!!” Heemin tried to stop her, but nothing can stop Amber right now. She’s determined to solve this problem.


“Yoochun oppa, I’m so sorry about the other day…” Heemin averted her gaze from Yoochun’s strong and powerful ones. The others, Amber, Ri In, Yeonhee and Boa were talking and eating under the large tree with a table and chairs as they looked at the couple talking at another set of table.

“Heemin, look at me. Please,” Yoochun said as he titled her face slightly so that she would be looking at his face, and gaze lovingly at her beautiful yet sad face. Her condition like this really breaks his heart, how he wished her mother would never do this to them, how he wished her mother would at least give her some space of her own, how he wished her mother would accept him… He doesn’t want this to happen to his beloved. Her finals is near, and yet, she’s stressed about this matter.

He knew about her family. In fact, they’re cousins. And they’re in love. His mother had been taking care of her since she was 1 year old until she was 6, and they grow up together. Those times, he treated her like a little sister. Protecting her from the bullies around their neighborhood, played around with her and even taught her how to talk and read simple letters. Yes, he was 10 years older than her, but that doesn’t count when you’re in love. He didn’t know when the brotherly feeling changed into something else, he had fallen for her before he even knew about it. He felt sad when he saw the photo of her ex kissing her, hugging her, holding her tenderly. How he wished he could rip that man’s hand apart from her, how he wished he’s the one caressing her, holding her, kissing her…

It all came true when she broke up with her ex. And two months after that, he told her. She asked him to give her some time, and he willingly gave her the time until she can finally accept his love. Lucky for him, he didn’t have to wait for that long. She agreed a week after that, and they officially went out for their first date on the next week.

A week after that, he told his mother about their relationship. She’s happy, she was too happy that she even contacted her sisters to inform about this. They were very happy because I had finally fallen in love. And the lucky girl is even the girl my mom loved the most. She was so happy at the thought Heemin and I would get married and live together. I feel happy because my mom had accepted us. But at her side, it was a totally different story.

“You once said that you wanted me to change right?” Yoochun asked with a tender tone as he stroked her cheeks lightly, she blushes almost immediately to his touches. He smiled.

“Yes…” Heemin replied, feeling her body system went weak by his tender touch. She loved this feeling. She felt safe.

“Does that come from the bottom of your heart or it comes from your mom?”

Heemin looked into Yoochun’s eyes. “Why?”

“Because, I want the confirmation. You said that or your mom said that?”

Heemin looked down once again. “My mom…”

“Hey Heemin, look at me, don’t look at the grass. Is the grass more handsome than me?” Yoochun joked, tried to lighten the atmosphere a little. He succeeded when Heemin shook her head and let out a giggle.

“Am I going to get married to you or your mom? Obviously, I can’t change exactly like what your mom wants me to. But if you want me to change, I’ll change because of you. Because I love you. Not because of someone else. Got it?” Yoochun looked into her eyes, his gaze was full of love and emotion.

“But Yoochun oppa, you know my mom, right? She won’t listen to me anymore… I didn’t get her trust anymore… Whilst dad? He couldn’t even be bothered about me. He even use my insurance money, oppa! How dare him! All he wants is money, so that he could gamble and drink again. He even changed his work EVERY month, oppa, and what did he contribute to the family? Nonsense stuffs, oppa! He bought nuggets when he knew that we don’t eat nuggets, and he bought instant noodles. The phone bills? The electric bills? The water bills? My mom worked hard to pay those, oppa! And now she’s saying that I’m rebellious. I didn’t do anything, oppa. I didn’t go clubbing, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t hangout with those bitches, what did I do to be called rebellious? I can’t stand this anymore oppa… She wanted me to get excellent results for my finals but look at how she’s treating me right now? She even took my phone, my laptop and my broadband away! How can I stand with this anymore oppa…” Heemin let out all her emotions, her anger, her sadness, everything. She have to let them out, she have been keeping it all inside for too long already.

Yoochun stroked her hair lightly as he looked at her crying face. She’s so sensitive that she turn red easily. But he loved her for that. She’s an understanding person, and she doesn’t like to complain to other people about her problems. She’s more matured than his other friends at the same age as his, and he adored her for being like that. She completed him.

“And wasn’t able to meet you last night, I was so sad… I know, you wanted to apologize for the stupid fight we had earlier, I know, and I’m sorry that my mom talked like that to you… I’m sorry, and I missed you terribly… I miss you so much, oppa…” Heemin’s last words made it. Yoochun pulled her into his embrace, hugging her tightly, stroking her back tenderly, and apologizing to her.

“Heemin, I’m so sorry… Its okay, about last night, its fine… As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. And I’m extremely upset right now because you keep on crying, because of me, because of us… I’m so sorry, Heemin…” Yoochun keep on apologizing to the crying girl in his arms, he held her tight, not wanting to let her go.

He vowed, no matter what happened, even of the hell gate break loose, he’s not going to let his love of his life go. He will never ever let someone, or something, break them apart.


“Mom, can’t you do something about this? Her parents doesn’t want her anymore! Her mother will fly back to Australia after her finals! And that means, she would be living with uncle! I don’t want that! I don’t trust uncle!” Yoochun groaned at the thought of Heemin living alone, under one roof with her father, who always came home late, being drunk… Only God knows what might have happened to her if that comes true.

“Yoochun, wait! I’m thinking of something! Oh! Why don’t we let her to stay here? You will be staying near your workplace, so I would be left alone for the whole time, but with Heemin here, she could keep me company! Isn’t that great?” his mother smiled widely at the thought of having her favourite niece staying with her… It’s just unbearable joyfulness.

“Okay! I would tell her now!” Yoochun took his keys and his phone before heading towards the door with a big smile on his handsome face. “Bye Mom!”

“Careful when driving, Yoochun!”


“Come on, Heemin, pick up the bloody phone…” Yoochun muttered to himself as he waited for his call to be picked up. But just as his other tries, she didn’t pick up her phone. He began to get worried.

Then it struck him. He pushed some buttons and placed the phone near his ear. “Hello, Mom? Did Heemin called you or something?”

”No, I thought you’re going to meet her? Don’t call her, her mother took her phone away, remember?”

Yoochun smacked his head at his own forgetfulness. How could he be so forgetful?

”Oh, thanks Mom!”

He jumped into his brand new red car and drifted to her house.


“No! Mom! Stop it! Owww!!! Stop it!!! MOM!!!” Voices could be heard from the inside of the house. Yoochun stared at the door. Whose voice could it be?

The sound of something hitting something could be heard. And it could make anyone’s breath stopped. Another cry of pain could be heard.

Wait, Heemin?!

Yoochun began to knock frantically on the door. “Heemin!! Open the door! It’s oppa!! Heemin!!!!”

“OPPA!!! Help!!! No!!! Mom! Stop it!!! Owww!!! Mom!!!! Oppa!!!” He was sure that’s Heemin’s voice. But what happened?

He banged on the door, harder this time. “Somebody, JUST OPEN THE F*CKING DOOR!!!!!”

“Nooo!!! Stop it!!! ARGHHH!!!!”

Those screams of pain made his heart felt like it was being ripped apart. He began to kick the door. Yes, he’s going to kick it down. He used all his strength to kick the door open. After a few trials, the door collapses, revealing a very shocking scene.

Heemin, lying on the floor, weak and broken, as blood oozed out from different parts of her body.

Her mother, standing next to her, with a bat on her hands, covered with blood.

Her father was constantly hitting her with the umbrella which used to be next to the door.

And to his horror, Heemin’s screams had turned into faded gasps. He stormed into the house like a madman, looking at Heemin in that state had somehow wakened up the inner beast in him. The gangster’s instinct to kill.

“STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAID, STOP IT YOU BASTARD!!!!” Yoochun rushed forward as fast as the lightning speed, as he pushed Heemin’s dad away and blocked the bat coming towards his body using his hands. He felt his hand throb a little, it has been years since he last fought.

Heemin’s father fall on the floor with a loud thud, along with the bat her mom was holding earlier. She had rushed towards the kitchen to grab something. Something that shined and is sharp. Something that can kill. A knife. A butcher knife, to be exact.

“YAH YOOCHUN! GET AWAY! DON’T DISTURB ME! I NEED TO TEACH THIS BITCH A LESSON! SHE NEED TO OBEY HER PARENT’S ORDER!!!! MOVE ASIDE BEFORE I HIT YOU TOO!!!!” Heemin’s father had somehow got on his feet once again and pushed Yoochun away from the weak Heemin. Yoochun pushed him aside back.

Suddenly, her mother lounged forward, towards Yoochun’s direction, and she was aiming to stab him with the knife. Yoochun didn’t see it coming, of course as he was too busy to keep Heemin’s father away from her.

Her mother was getting nearer. Heemin saw that and widened her eyes in horror. She tried to scream Yoochun’s name but failed since she was already too weak, and she had lost a large amount of blood.

Just at the moment before the knife hit Yoochun, something- or to be exact, somebody pushed Yoochun away to safety. That person kicked the knife away and it was flung across the messy living room.

Yoochun widened his eyes when he saw a familiar figure entering the house with an amazing speed like his and pushed him to safe. That was all he knew before he found himself nest to Heemin, looking at the shocked lady and someone re-positioning herself. It was Amber.

Immediately after that, a group of men, a group of policemen to be exact entered the house and arrested Heemin’s parents. Yeonhee, Ri In and Boa came in crying afterwards. They cried even harder when they saw Heemin’s blood and her weak condition.


They all were in an ambulance, going to the hospital. Heemin’s condition had worsened. According to the paramedics, she had lost too much of blood and she might not make it if they arrived to hospital in more than 5 minutes. Throughout the whole journey, Yeonhee cried and hugged Amber, whilst Ri In and Boa hugged each other and cried bitterly. He was holding onto Heemin’s hand all the time, and he could feel her hands are getting colder as time passes.

“Oppa…” Heemin opened her tired eyes to look at the handsome face of her lover. She smiled when she finally saw his face. The face that she missed to see.

“Heemin, are you alright? Please stay strong, we’re going to arrive soon!” Yoochun tightened his hold on her hands as he said that. Heemin smiled at the warmth radiated from their touch.

“Oppa… I miss you so much…”

“Listen Heemin, after your finals, you’re going to stay with my family, got it? No matter what happened, you’re going to stay there and continue your studies next year, okay? So, you must stay strong…” Yoochun’s last words slowly fade away as he felt the urge to cry.

“Oppa… Will we get married? I want to… Get married to you…” Her voice becoming softer and even softer as she tried to talk.

Yoochun’s tears finally couldn’t be held back anymore after she said that. He choked on his tears as he laughed.

“Of course, I love you so much! We will get married, and have lots of childrens…” He smiled as he stroked her face tenderly. She smiled too but her smile was fading away too…


“Promise. I’ll be waiting for you. No matter how long it will be, my heart will always be for you. I am yours…”

Apart from her best friend’s sobbing, those were the last words Heemin could hear before she lose her consciousness…


[5 years later…]

“Yah! Yoochun oppa! Give her to me! You go and take care of your wife!” Yeonhee pulled on Yoochun’s shirt as she tried to reach the cute little girl from her father’s embrace. Yoochun however was reluctant at the thought of his daughter being with the girls. They sure are adorable, but they could be rough at times too…

As if reading his thoughts, Heemin interrupted. “Yoochun oppa, they’re not going to eat her, you know that…” All of them laughed at her statement, which caused Yoochun to blush. As if she understands, the toddler laughed along cutely, making all of them burst into laughter once again.

“Yoochun oppa~ Give her to me! Unfair! Boa and Ri In got to play with her twin, why can’t I? I want to play with her~” Yeonhee pouted sadly as Boa stuck out her tongue playfully at her.

“AAhhh~~ Baby, come here to Uncle Junsu~~” Junsu, Ri In’s boyfriend a.k.a Yoochun’s ex gang member, played with Yoochun’s eldest daughter, older than the one he was holding. The girl giggled as she stepped forward, one step at a time, and when she reached Junsu, she pinched his cheeks hard while she laughed at his cute face. The others laughed at Junsu’s funny facial expression.

“Aww… Pity Uncle Junsu… Come here, play with Uncle Changmin…” Changmin, Boa’s boyfriend pick the girl up and began to spin her around. The baby giggled when he does that.

“Yoochun oppa, what’s her name again? And how old is she??” Boa asked when Changmin finally let the baby girl down. Changmin whacked her head playfully.

“Yah, why do I have such a forgetful girlfriend like you? It’s Park Minhye, and she’s 3 years old! Do you remember what her younger twin’s name is then?” Changmin hugged Minhye and hand her over to Heemin as she started to cry.

“Let me think for a while… Ah! Park Minjung, come here to Aunt Boa~ Geez, I sounded so old…” Boa took out a mirror and began to examine her face, to see if there’s any wrinkles on it. Changmin grabbed the mirror from her and hugged her, sliding his hands on her waist. “You’re still the same Boa I know, even though you’re wearing thick glasses, even though you’re bald, even though you have wrinkles all over your face, my love for you won’t fade… So stop worrying about that, okay?” Changmin said, making all of them go ‘Oohh~’ and ‘Aahh~~~’.

“Yoochun oppa, give Minjung to me please? Pretty pretty please??” Yeonhee pouted at flashes her cutest look that nobody could ever resist, well of course except for the cold-blooded Amber. She never falls for the pout or the cute faces made by Yeonhee.

“Yah, Lee Yeonhee, your pout and cute gaze are only meant for me! Not some other guys! Got it?” Yunho, her fiancée stepped forward in front of her with a stern gaze on his face. Yeonhee looked at him with an apologetic look. “I only want to play with Minjung… But Yoochun oppa doesn’t want to give her to me…”

“Hey, where’s Amber and Jaejoong?” Ri In suddenly asked, as all of them began to look for those two.

Suddenly, Yunho pointed at the two people sitting as close as ever at one of the tables under the tree, far from them. Immediately, all of them know they’re Amber and Jaejoong, the new couple. It feels so weird looking at the tomboy Amber acting so cheesy around Jaejoong, right? But wrong. Amber always, I repeat, ALWAYS bully Jaejoong. Yet they’re the sweetest couple ever.

“Yeonhee, you can play with Shinwoo~” Yunho said as he looked around, looking for the little boy he meant. Yeonhee shook her head in annoyance as she whacked his head hard.

“He’s sleeping! You already forgotten about that? You’re that old, is it?” She joked, as Yunho pouted and rubbed his head playfully. Then he leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Yeonhee’s lips. Junsu and Yoochun immediately covered Minjung and Minhye’s eyes from looking at the scene in front of them.

“Yah! Have some mercy on my kids! They’re still small kids, got that? They’re not perverted old man and woman like you!!” Yoochun joked as he walked towards Heemin who was sitting on the mattress, caressing Shinwoo’s face lightly as she watched him sleeping. Minhye was already lying down next to him, drinking her milk as her eyes closed. Minjung quickly jumped towards Minhye and lied down beside her twin, as then Heemin gave Minjung her bottle.

Yoochun smiled when his kids fall asleep next to each other. Minjung and Minhye, the twins looked exactly alike, except for the fact that Minhye resembles Heemin more whilst Minjung looked more like him. While Shinwoo, their second child was a mixture of both. He had his father’s handsome yet cute face and he have her mother’s attitudes. Yoochun looked at his wife who was now stroking the twin’s head. He felt blessed looking at them, so lovely. Heemin felt a gaze on her and turned to look at Yoochun’s dreamy face, smiling to himself.

“Yoochun oppa~ Come here…” Heemin motioned Yoochun to come closer, as she couldn’t move around too much that she’s now pregnant to another twin, 6 months old. Yoochun scooted towards her and stroked her belly lovingly.

“How are my babies? Are you guys being naughty again, hurting your mommy?” He said to his kids inside the belly, as Heemin smiled to the fullest looking at her husband being so sweet and loving.

It have been 5 years since that incident, her parents were sent to jail as she was fighting for her life in the hospital, struggling to keep on living. A year later, she continued her studies. Two years later, she got married to Yoochun and Minjung and Minhye were produced. A year after that, Shinwoo came, unexpected. And now, they’re waiting for their 3rd child, twins once again.

“Yoochun… I love you…” Heemin said as Yoochun laid his head on her lap. She stroked his hair softly.

“I love you too…” They smiled to the fullest. This is like a fairytale. They never thought they would be living so happily like this, with their childrens and friends always there for them.

This is their fairytale, and let’s wish that they will live happily ever after.

[The End]


1st daughter, older twin: Park Minhye
2nd daughter, younger twin: Park Minjung
Son: Park Shinwoo

Thanks to Heemin unnie for the names~ Isn’t this a happy ending?? Hehe~ I used 6 hours to type this story out~! Do comment! At least leave something, I accept critics too~ Comments are better than foods~ I love you all~~ And actually, this is based on a true story… Experienced by one of my best friends, it’s just that I changed the ending and some parts in the middle to make it not too heart breaking. Actually, reality is harsher that this, right? ^^

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