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[ONESHOT/JAE] Forgotten Memory

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1[ONESHOT/JAE] Forgotten Memory Empty [ONESHOT/JAE] Forgotten Memory on 2010-02-08, 6:41 am


One Shot
Title: Forgotten Memory
OST: Forgotten Season by Jaejoong [MIROTIC]

I stared at the most beautiful creature I’ve ever met on Earth who is sitting in front of me. He was currently eating his ice cream happily, like a 3 year old child eating his ice cream happily. He grinned at me everytime our gaze met; he’s really enjoying the ice cream.

“Yah~ Why are you staring at oppa?” He whines playfully, still smiling while eating his ice cream. Mine was already finished long time ago, since I eat very fast and I’m very thirsty just now.

“Nothing. I’m just so lucky to meet a very handsome guy like oppa. You’re not just handsome; you’re also sweet, cute, childish, naughty, happy-go-lucky…” I trailed off, remembering every single verb in the dictionary to describe him. He smiled at me; slowly he leaned forward to peck my cheek. My cheek turned light pink constantly.

“Aww~ You’re so cute. But why you’re acting like this so sudden?” He asked me, while finishing the last scoop of his ice cream. He is now licking the spoon, licking it clean from any excess ice cream. He looked so adorable doing that, and that makes me fly to another world, of me and him, playing happily…

“Yo~ earth to Eunri!” A voice, who turned to be him, wakes me up from my daydream. I looked at him with a happy gaze, I don’t know why but suddenly, something ticks in me. I can sense that something bad is going to happen soon, either to me, or to him. I stared at his face, looking shocked at the sudden feeling of emptiness. That of course makes the guy in front of me worried about me.

“Eunri?” His voice was full of concern, and his face tells the same. He looked at me, wondering what had just happened to me or what am I thinking about. He looked so concerned, that only makes me fall for him more and more each and every day.

“Aniya~ Just thought of something. Don’t worry oppa, I’m perfectly fine,” I smiled at him, hoping that his wariness would vanish soon and hoping that the genuine smile of his will come back. He quickly smiled at me and pecked my cheek once again, making me blush like crazy. He just laughed, amused at my reaction although he had done that so many times already.

“Really? Then, let’s go and eat again! I really wanted to eat the cake from the shop across your dance studio. Let’s go!” He didn’t even give me time to object, now he was pulling my hand, running towards the cake shop he mentioned. It’s not that I wanted to object, anyway…

“Oppa! Jaejoong oppa! Slow down a bit!” I said, but my legs refused to stop. It was like being pulled by something, and that ‘something’ turned to be Jaejoong and his charms. I shook my head, I was thinking about him too much.

We’re now already standing at the roadside, waiting for the traffic light. He looked at me with his mesmerizing eyes that make me fall for him the first time I set my eyes on him. You can call it love at first sight, because it does happen to both of us. He was practicing his dance moves while I was going to register for my ballerina class. That’s when I saw him, his perfect moves, and the way his body moves along with the beat, just looking at him already made my heart pounding like crazy.

Before I even realizes, the traffic light had already turned red, and the people around us already walked to the other side of the road. While Jaejoong, he was looking at me, observing me with those eyes. I blushed when I realized the distance between our faces.

“Erhm… Oppa? What are you looking at?” I asked, playfully pushing his face away from mine. Oh god! I swear I can feel my face burned right now.

“I was looking at you. What are you thinking about?” He asked, stroking my face lightly with his godlike soft fingers. I looked at him as I saw him staring lovingly at me, and yet we’re still standing at the side of the road, and the traffic light had already turned green by now.

“I was… thinking about… the first time we met.” I admitted, saying those words softly, as I wondered if he still remembers that moment.

“Hmm… how did we meet?” He asked, I can saw a playful grin on his face. I playfully touched his head, if he got any fever or not.

“Are you sick oppa? I thought you’re the one who keeps on repeating the scene?” I said, and indeed it’s true. Everytime we went out together, just looking at the scenery, he will recalls all the memories of both of us, how we met, his most unforgettable moment with me, the time he loved me the most…

“Aish~ I was just playing with you…” He pouted, and I always find it cute. With his large eyes, like a cute puppy, no, it’s even cuter than that, and the cute pout, he made my heart flutter with love and happiness.

“Oppa, I’m sorry…” I said, as he was already walking forward, leaving me behind. We were too engrossed in our conversation that we didn’t realize that the traffic light had already changed its colour a few times. I jogged slowly behind him, as suddenly, I heard a sound.

I turned my head towards my side to look at the source of the sound. I didn’t even realize where we are, and guess where are we right now? We’re standing in the middle of the road, and the traffic light is still green. And yet, there’s a car coming towards our direction with a very fast speed, and it was honking at us…

I looked at Jaejoong in front of me, as I saw at the corner of my eye, how near the car was to us. Jaejoong quickly pulled my hand towards him, but something happened. My legs refused to move. I was so shocked, I couldn’t even move a muscle.

I don’t know what happened to me, until suddenly something ticks in me. The feeling that I was having few moments ago is in me, right now. The feeling of emptiness, loneliness… That’s when I saw Jaejoong running towards me to pull me away from the road and the coming car.

These happened very slowly, as I stared at Jaejoong, and the new feeling rising in me. I took a step forward, just to make sure that I’m safe from the car. But then, I forgot, we forgot, we totally forgot about it, that the road is a two way road. That means…

“OPPA!!!!!!” I screamed in horror as I saw another car coming at a very fast speed towards Jaejoong who was halfway walking towards me. Me, wasting no more time, rushed forward and pushed Jaejoong away for safety. Then I feel a sharp pain, as if something hit me, and at this moment, I know that the car had hit me. I slowly collapse to the road, as my vision started to blur, and finally I was covered in complete darkness. From far, I can hear Jaejoong’s voice, calling for me, screaming my name…


I opened my eyes slowly. It was so bright that I have to squint my eyes. I did that for a few times until my cornea adjusted with the amount of light entering my eyes.

I looked at my surrounding. I was lying in the bed, in an unfamiliar room, filled with the smell of… WAIT. Isn’t that the smell of hospital?

I then looked at the person who was sleeping, I guess, beside my bed. That person, he or she, have a dark chocolate hair, and that person smells very comfortable. Like I was used to the smell. But then, did I know this person?

I tried to sit on the bed without waking this person up but I failed. I groaned in pain as my left hand was stinging like crazy. I looked at it and then only I realized that my left hand is bandaged, along with my right leg. Wow, what a good pairing. But then, I felt some movement at the side of my bed, as I saw this person sleeping slowly wakes up.

“Eunri?” He said, looking at me with disbelieving eyes. I looked at him with a blank stare, honestly, who is this guy? But sure he looked so handsome and… beautiful?

Wait, didn’t he just said my name just now? That means he knows me, right? But why I can’t remember a single thing about knowing this person right here?

“Wait here, Eunri. I will call your parents and the doctor.” He said, and with that, he quickly stood up and rushed towards the door, leaving me alone.

Then few seconds later, the door was opened abruptly, as a few people barged in. I shifted my gaze towards the door, as I saw my mother crying, my father’s face was red and some people in uniforms whom I guessed might be the doctor and nurses. They were so happy to see me.

“Mom? Dad?” I croaked, as my mother come running towards me and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back although I was feeling a little bit pain at my left arm.

“Eunri my darling, are you okay honey? I was so shocked when Jaejoong called me saying that you’re hit by a car…” She sniffed, as she broke the hug slowly, looking at me.

“Mom, what happened to me? You said I was hit by a car? And who is Jaejoong?” I dumbly asked, as my parents face changed, along with the guy who was sleeping beside me just now. “And who is he?” I asked, pointing at the guy.

“You can’t remember him, darling?” My father asked, as he slowly walked towards me. What? Am I supposed to know him?

“No,” I replied confidently, very sure of my answer. The guy was shocked at my answer, the same goes to my parents. They looked at each other and then they looked at me with sympathetic gaze. What’s with that gaze?

“I think, your daughter is experiencing insomnia. And some part of her brain is badly damaged due to the collision. It seems that the badly damaged part is already shut down and hence, she can’t remember the things that had happened to her for a period of time,” the doctor explained without being told, as I was trying hard to understand the situation right now. Hey, I’m the one who is sick right? You should tell what had happened to me…

“Eunri, what can you remember?” My father asks, as I tried to recall my last memory. But I can’t. I really cannot remember anything that can lead me to this accident like they said. I shook my head slowly.

++ [Jaejoong POV]

I was so shocked when Eunri can’t remember me. I mean, I’m her boyfriend and she can’t remember a single thing about our relationship?!

I slowly take a few steps forward and stood next to her bed. She looked at me with those large, round, glassy eyes that used to sparkle with joy and love. Now they were replaced with a very confusing gaze.

“Eunri, do you know who am I? I asked her softly, as she shook her head once again.

[End of Jaejoong POV]


“Hyung, stop drinking. You’re already drank 7 bottles of beer!” Changmin said, as he tried to grab the 7th bottle of beer Jaejoong was holding right now, but failed miserably. Jaejoong is too strong for him, even when he was drunk like crazy.

“She couldn’t remember me….” Jaejoong’s voice trailed off, as he slowly leaned his head on Changmin’s wide shoulder, his eyes still closed.

“Hyung, stop hurting yourself like this…” Changmin said softly, as he pitied his hyung right now. He used to be a happy guy, who likes to tease and joke with others. Now he had changed after the accident.

“She couldn’t remember me… I’m her boyfriend… Why can’t she remember me?” Jaejoong asked, his voice was shaking, and Changmin could sense that he was about to cry again.


[Eunri’s POV]

Jaejoong visited me again today. Mom and Dad already told me about my relationship with him before I got into the accident, and right now I was thinking about that.

“Jaejoong?” I said softly, just to get his attention. He looked at me with a soft gaze, but I can see that his eyes were crying.


“Are we in love before I got into the accident?” I asked him, wanting to know. Of course, I wouldn’t just believe what people said 100 percent.

He was like taken aback by my question. He took some time before answering me.

“Do you want me to tell you how we fall in love with each other?” He suddenly said, as I can see that his face were full of hope. I liked that reaction from him, as I nodded softly and his face quickly lightened up with joyfulness.

[End of Eunri’s POV]


Jaejoong told every single thing about their first meet, not missing any important parts. Then he told her about their sweet memories, how they always hang out together and how he always calls her before she goes to sleep every night. He also told her the exact thing that happened before the accident.


[Eunri’s POV]

I was alone in my room right now, Jaejoong had already gone home after he gave me a peck at the cheek. I touched my cheek absent-mindedly, the feeling of his soft lips is still lingering there. My heart feels hot, it was like on fire, and this new feeling rising in me is confusing me.

Am I falling in love with him already? After what he told me, I think we’re the mushiest couple before the accident.

As I was thinking about him, suddenly I feel a sharp pain at my head, as my gaze started to blur. I lied down on the bed, but the headache and pain ain’t going away. In fact it was getting worse.

At this moment, something started to play in my mind, like a broken record. I remembered walking with Jaejoong, I remembered eating ice cream with him, and then I remembered something very important that makes me remembers everything about me. I remember pushing him for safety, as a car was speeding towards me, I loved Jaejoong so much that I risked my life just for him…

[End of Eunri’s POV]


[Jaejoong’s POV]

I visited her again today. The doctor informed me that Eunri can go home today, so I volunteered myself to send Eunri home. Her parents don’t mind, in fact they really wanted Eunri to remember about me again. Her parents love me so much like their own son, since my parents and her parents were best friends before my parents died in an accident that killed them along with my 7 other siblings.

I smiled at her as I packed her stuff for her. She was ready in her casual clothes, no longer in her hospital gown. She looked cute sitting on the bed, her hair tied into two cute ponytails thanks to the kind nurse as she stared at me doing all the jobs. I don’t want her to do anything, she is still weak and needs help.


I was so shocked to hear her calling me like that. It has been a long time since she called me ‘oppa’. I really missed the way she calls me…

I turned to look at her and smiled warmly. “Yes Eunri?”

She was blushing! I can see her blushing! She was smiling genuinely at herself, the smile that I always saw before the accident. And heck, I even saw the twinkle in her eyes.

“Oppa~ saranghae,” She said, and with that, she buried her face into the pillow.

What did she just said? She loved me? Did she gain her memories back?

I jumped towards the bed, ignoring the bag that contains her stuff and sit down in front of her, admiring her.

“Eunri… Did you gain your memories back?” I asked softly, slowly removing the pillow from hiding her beautiful face from me. Come on, I want to see that beautiful face smiling at me again…

She smiled at me. Just perfect, the way she smiled at me. Just like always, full of joy and happiness. She nodded her head cutely before burying her head on my chest.

I can’t believe this!!!! Eunri finally got her memories back!!!

“Eunri, look at oppa.” I said, as I lifted her face slowly so that she was facing me right now, eye to eye, face to face.

I stared into her eyes. What I found is just the same like what I always found in her eyes. Love. At this moment I know the angels are singing happily because of this miracle.

“I love you,” and with that, I kissed her softly, brushing my lips on her soft ones. I missed her taste, I missed the way she always kisses me.

The soft kiss turned passionate with time, and soon, we broke the kiss, as we needed oxygen to breathe. She rested her forehead on mine, I can feel her breathe on my skin.

“I love you too. Thanks for waiting for me and didn’t give up on me, oppa. Yeongwonhi saranghae~” She said and kissed me after that. I smiled into the kiss and kissed her back, rejoicing with happiness.

[The End]

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