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[ONESHOT/G/SU] Destiny

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One Shot
Title: Destiny

Liz pulled her bag and walked towards the airport’s entrance. She breathed in the air, smiling genuinely to herself.

“I’m back! Korea, I’m home~!” She said to herself, as she took an awaiting cab at the side of the road.


“Excuse me, may I know where is the President’s office?” Liz asked the lady at the counter, as the lady looked at her from top to bottom. She gave a weird look at Liz and said, “President us currently busy. He’s attending a meeting right now. If you want to see him, please make an appointment with him.”

Liz smirked at the lady and leaned in towards the counter, so that their faces were centimeters apart.

“Just tell me in what floor his office is,” Liz smirked as the lady quickly backed off.

“The President’s office is at the 10th floor. You will immediately see his office when you reached that floor,” the lady said, as Liz smirked again and walked towards the lift, leaving the lady dumbfounded.


Liz knocked on the door with the sign “PRESIDENT” on it. She looked at her appearance while waiting for the door to be opened.

“Appa~!” Liz smiled and hugged the man who was behind the door as soon as the door was opened. The man hugged her back, tapping Liz’s back.

“Liz, my daughter. How are you, darling? Oh, Appa missed you so much. Come in,” President Park invited her daughter in, as he closed the door behind him. He led his daughter to the refreshment area.

“I’m fine Appa. But,” Liz peeked at her father’s office area when she realized that there’s someone there. “You’re currently busy, aren’t you, Appa?”

“Neh, I’m having a meeting currently. Can you please wait for me for a while? You can do whatever you wanted to here, the meeting is going to end soon. Then Appa will bring you home. Okay?” President Park said, kissing his daughter’s cheek. They both are so affectionate and close, people would be jealous to see this father and daughter.

“Okay Appa.” Liz said, as she took a magazine on the table and started reading it. She widened her eyes when she saw a familiar face in the magazine.

“Isn’t this…” Liz started to recall the memories with someone when her father’s office’s door suddenly opened. She quickly closed the magazine and stood up to greet her father’s client.

“Thank you, Mr. Park. I’m glad we can be partners.” A man said, as her father come out from the office, with someone beside him. Liz looked at them intently. ‘Why do I feel something familiar with that voice?’ Liz thought.

“Oh, no. I’m the one who is glad to be partner with you. I’m sure, this project will succeed with your help. Thank you, Mr. Kim,” Liz heard her father said, as they both stepped out from his office.

Liz widened her eyes when she saw the man who was with her father. She can’t believe it’s him. It has been a few years…

“Oh, Mr. Kim. This is my daughter. She just came back from US. Meet Liz Park. Liz, this is Mr. Kim,” President Park introduced Liz to his partner. The look at the man’s face were the same as Liz’s, he was also shocked to see her here.

“Kim Junsu,” he extended his hand towards Liz, as Liz took his hand and shake it. “Liz Park, nice to meet you.”


“Hello? Ouch!” Liz turned behind to look at whom she had just run into. She widened her eyes in shock as she saw the guy she saw at her father’s office few days ago.

“Sorry, are you hurt?” Liz quickly apologized, looking at the guy with concern.

“Nah, I’m okay. Are you hurt?” The guy asked her back, as she shook her head slowly and starts gathering her things that had fall when she collided with the guy.

Liz was about to turn away when the guy called her. She stood there, not moving.

“Liz, do you remember me?” Junsu asked her, he was standing right behind Liz right now.

At that moment, Liz started to recall all their memories together before he leaves her few years ago…


“Oppa,” Liz whined, pulling Junsu’s sleeve lightly to get his attention.

“Aish, fine. But only this time, okay?” Junsu said, as Liz nodded her head cutely. She quickly planted a light kiss on Junsu’s cheek before pulling Junsu’s arm with her.

Junsu smiled at how cute his girlfriend can be. They had become best friends since young, but they developed a new feeling towards each other during their last year of high school.

Few moments later, Junsu was watching Liz skating from the side of the lake with a smile plastered on his face. It is now winter, and even the lake turned into ice. Many people were skating on the lake, and one of them is Liz.

He looked proudly at how Liz was able to skate wonderfully, when now everyone’s attention was drawn into her. Liz was the best skater back then, she even participated in some competitions and had won the first prize in every competition she entered.

Liz was now skating towards Junsu, who was smiling proudly at his girl. Liz smiled at Junsu and throws herself into his embrace as soon as she arrived at the side of the lake, where Junsu was standing. Junsu hugged her tight, making sure that he was balanced so that they both won’t fall down.

“Oppa, how’s my performance today?” Liz asked cutely, taking off her skating shoe. Junsu helped her and make a thinking face for a while before answering her question.

“You’re marvelous, Liz. You make me proud for having such a talented girlfriend like you,” Junsu said honestly, leaned in to kiss Liz’s cheek.


“Liz, how’s your result?” Junsu asked Liz when they both were walking towards the cafeteria. They had just got their Mathematics examination result today. Junsu passed with flying colors, he had always been the best in Mathematics since he was young. While Liz?

“I failed.” Liz said sadly, as Junsu stopped suddenly and hugged Liz. “Hush, don’t worry. You can do better next time,” Junsu said although something is bothering him right now. Wasn’t Liz had always been the genius since she was young?

Liz on the other hand, smirked in Junsu’s embrace and suddenly she pushes Junsu away harshly. “Eh, what’s wrong?” Junsu asked.

“Yah oppa, I got the highest mark in class! How can you say I failed?!” Liz said, pinching Junsu’s arms playfully while giggling.

They both giggled at each other until they were both embracing each other again.

“Liz, I love you.” Junsu suddenly said, making Liz blush with happiness. She looked up to look at Junsu’s face and said, “I love you too oppa,” before they kissed each other passionately.

[End Flashback]

“Liz, how are you?” Junsu asked, as Liz who was sitting on front of him played with her straw. It was obvious that they both are in an awkward situation.

“I’m fine. How are you oppa?” Liz asked Junsu back, who nodded lightly at her question.

“I’m always fine. I heard you went to US after we… break up?” Junsu hesitated to say the last word. Liz stopped playing with her straw when the word ‘break up’ catches her attention.

“Neh. Appa sends me to study there. How’s life?” Liz asked, looking into Junsu’s eyes. Then something catches her attention. The ring on Junsu’s finger.

“I’m doing fine, thank you. After I get married to Ri In, we’re both busy with work. Now’s that Ri In is pregnant with our first child, I have to take a very good care of her,” Junsu’s reply make Liz sad. ‘He’s already married with someone else?’ Liz thought sadly.

“Oh, sorry that I wasn’t able to attend your wedding. When did you get married to her?” Liz asked although her heart shattered into pieces.

“Nevermind, Hyunjoong hyung and Hyebin noona came to my wedding 2 years ago. They told me that you’re busy studying,” Junsu said. ‘Is she still waiting for me all these times?’ Junsu thought.

“Oh, I see. Where did you meet her?” Liz asked, she really wanted to know how fast his heart changes.

“I met her at my work place. Before this, I worked with your father. But then, I resigned after I get married to Ri In. I collaborate with Ri In’s father and help him to manage his company. That’s where I work now,” Junsu replied, he looked into Liz’s eyes and saw that she was about to cry. “Liz, are you okay?” Junsu asked, he was filled with concern.

“I’m fine, oppa. Don’t worry. I’m happy right now that you’re happy with your wife and soon to born child,” Liz said, wiping the tears that had already formed beside her eyes. She couldn’t understand why she has to cry. Is it because her love already changes his heart?

“Liz, are you still… waiting for me all these times?” Junsu asked her, as he watched her wipe her tears away. Looking at Liz crying breaks his heart into pieces too. Well, they were both madly in love with each other before Liz’s father send her to US and officially wanted him to break up with his daughter.

“Oppa, to be honest, I’ve never once forget about you when I was at US. I always thinking of you. But now, since you’re already married to someone else…” Liz’s voice trailed off, as she smiled at him and at the same time, tears strolling out from her eyes.

“Liz…” Junsu said, as he looked at the sad Liz in front of him. Honestly, he was sad too. His heart shattered into pieces when he heard that Liz was sent to US the night when they decided to celebrate their 3rd anniversary.

“Oppa, don’t worry. I’m happy when you’re happy, oppa. I will try to forget about you, since now you’re already someone else’s…” Liz said with the smile that only breaks Junsu’s heart.

“Liz, come with me.” Junsu said as he grabbed Liz’s hand and run towards his car.


They were both standing in front of a mansion at the side of a hill. Liz was looking at the house with admiration. She had always wanted a house at the side of the hill, live happily with her husband there along with their childrens. She had always told Junsu that and Junsu had promised to her that he will build a house especially for her to stay when they get married.

“Oppa… whose house is this?” Liz asked as she started walking towards the house. Junsu followed her slowly, looking at how cute Liz can be. She was looking at the house with sparkling eyes, the look that she always have on her face when she’s excited about something. Junsu had missed looking at that very special expression when Liz was not there with him.

“This is… yours,” Junsu said softly, but Liz can still hear it since it was so quiet and there were only both of them there. Liz looked at Junsu’s face with a shocked expression, only making Junsu fall for her more than ever.

“Mine? How could that be?” Liz asked, tilting her head to the side, making her look cuter.

“Yes, of course it can. Because…” Junsu said, pulling Liz closer to him before he kissed Liz’s forehead. “Because all the things that I’ve told you just now are all lies.” Junsu continued, waiting for Liz’s reaction.

Liz was stunned. She couldn’t believe her ears. She looked at Junsu’s face and saw Junsu nodded at her. Her sight started to blur when she realized she was crying. Crying because of extreme happiness. The next moment she was already in Junsu’s embrace, she was sobbing madly and was punching Junsu’s chest lightly.

“You lied to me! How can you lie to me?!” Liz said between her sobs.

“Liz, I love you. I love you so much that I can’t stop thinking of you. Everytime I thought about you, I remembered your dream about having a house at the side of the hill. So I build this house for you. It is the safest place to stay in, as I already make sure that everything had been checked so that you can live here comfortably. Do you like it?” Junsu asked, pushing Liz away to look at her reaction.

“I love it, oppa.” That was all Liz managed to say before Junsu’s lips met her own lips. They kissed passionately for a moment that they forgot to breathe. They were so into the kiss, the kiss that they longed all these times. The kiss revealed everything, how they missed each other, how they loved each other, how they longed to have each other…

After a few moments, they broke away from the kiss, resting their forehead on each other. They smiled at each other.

“Liz, will you marry me?” Junsu asked after a moment of silence. Liz can’t hide her feelings anymore. She loved him too much that she’s scared if she loses him anymore.

“We’re destined for each other, oppa. Of course I would marry you,” Liz said before kissing Junsu once again.


Wah~~~ At last!!! I managed to finish this one shot. After a long hiatus~ now I’m back! I will try to write more happy one shots, since I already written so many sad, heart breaking one shots that makes me cry while reading it T~T lol… anyways, do comment. Like I always said, comments are better than foods .

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