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[ONESHOT/MIN] You're Mine

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1 [ONESHOT/MIN] You're Mine on 2010-02-08, 6:27 am


One Shot
You’re Mine
Author: Jija
Rating: U –Hehehe-
Author’s Note: I’m not responsible for the extra mushiness and giggles of my readers as they were reading this XD.
[Suggested Music: Share The World – Tohoshinki]

The ringing of the phone woke him up from his deep slumber. He groaned lightly at the sudden sound, as he moved around on his bed, trying to find the ringing object.

The phone continued to scream as it waits for the owner to pick it up.

“Shut up! Ugh… Where did I put it?” The man groaned sleepily, still stumbling around his bed to look for his phone. He shivered lightly when he felt his exposed skin being kissed by the cold surrounding of his room.

The ringing stopped for a moment. The man sighed, but he still moved around on the bed, relaxing himself from the sudden wake up call.

He nearly jumped out of his bed when the phone ringed again. This time because the ringing came right beside his left ear.

“ARGHHH!!!” He screamed and jolted up, sitting down on the bed. “Stupid phone,” he murmured, before picking up the phone. The phone flashed for a brief moment, signaling that there’s an incoming call.

“Hello?” He mumbled sleepily at the caller as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. He looked around, trying to find the wall clock and look at the time.

“SHOOT! You should call me earlier!” He yelled when his gaze landed on the clock and at the same time when his friend said that he’s late for the meeting.


“I want to sleep! Don’t disturb me!” He murmured lowly as he tucked both his arms under his head, his head lying on the table with his blazer on the chair next to him. A girl, dressed in a cute uniform for a waitress, shook him hard in order to wake him up.

“Wake up you sleepy head! It’s Saturday for God’s sake, you should go for a jog! You lazy pig…” She pulled his arms and poked him at the stomach, causing him to groan.

“Damn that Junsu guy for waking me up for nothing! I slept late last night, okay? Can’t you people let me sleep for a while?” He said annoyingly, flashing an angry gaze at the girl. However, the girl laughed at him and slapped his arms lightly.

“What did you do last night, huh? Aside from downloading some songs and videos, what else did you do?” The girl giggled at her own questions. The guy poked her at the stomach, annoyed and mad.

“I was studying! I don’t own a goddamn brain like you, so I need to study!” He retorted, as then a voice called for the girl. They both looked at the source of the voice and found the owner of the shop standing with a wide smile there. The girl walked towards the middle aged man, leaving the guy alone, annoyed and sleepy.


“How’s you and your boyfriend?” He slurped his Coke as he watched her eating the ice cream. ‘How cute,’ he thought and smiled.

“Hmm? Jaejoong and me? Like usual.” She replied without hesitation, but he knows better. Although she looked happy and normal outside, she’s very emotional and sensitive inside.

“Nuki, when’s the last time you met him?” He asked again, causing the girl to stop eating her ice cream altogether, as she let go a deep sigh.

“I think he had another girl… Or another guy.” She giggled after she ended the sentence, as the guy groaned. ‘Stop hiding your emotions, I know everything,’ he thought angrily.

“Nuki, you can’t keep on like this. Here, you’re suffering and still loving him. There, he’s happy with someone else. That’s not fair, Nuki.” He took the fries and began munching on them. The girl, Nuki stared at his actions. ‘Pig,’ she thought as he stuffed the fries into his mouth, one after another.

“Changmin, why don’t you look for a girlfriend?” She asked out of nowhere, causing him to choke. She quickly shoved the straw of the Coke into his mouth and patted his back hard.

‘Girlfriend? Why should I have one when I’m here to protect you?’ he continued to drink the Coke as he looked at the girl in front of him.

Nuki, his best friend for the past 16 years. They were inseparable since the first time they met. Usually, Changmin is shy and not open in front of girls but it’s different when he’s with Nuki. She’s open and all bubbly; she loves to make people happy with her cute and crazy actions. She’s also a good listener and a good tutor, too.

“I don’t want one.” Changmin replied after a moment. He was already munching on the fries again by now. Nuki just stared at the food monster in front of him.

Changmin, her best friend and her other half. They shared everything together, and he’s the only guy that she dared to talk about everything. Since her parents died in a car accident 10 years ago, Changmin had been there for her. He’s the only guy that had seen her cry when her parents died. He pushed her when she had a crush on someone. He encouraged her to go for what she wants, and he knows every single thing about her.

Sometimes Nuki wonder, what is she without Changmin? Who is she without Changmin? Changmin’s her everything. She’s grateful to have Changmin by her side.

“Why not? You’re already 19 years old; you should find yourself a girlfriend to take care of you.” Nuki said although there’s a tingling feeling in her as she said that.

Changmin keep on eating the fries until everything had finished. Nuki just stared at her best friend with a bewildered look on her face.

“Well, I have you to take care of me, why should I look for other girls?” Changmin replied with a wink, as Nuki slapped his arms hard. She did feel her heart fluttered when he said that.

“Well, I can’t be with you after 20 years. I’m going to get married to some other person and the same goes to you.” Changmin’s heart dropped at those words. He felt sad at the thought of them being separated. He doesn’t want to be separated from Nuki.

“I don’t want you to go.” Changmin mumbled softly, but Nuki still could catch it. They stared at each other for a brief moment in silence.


Giggles could be heard as he walked towards his class. He ignored them though, he’s always like that. He had no idea how popular he was until Nuki told him that he was nominated as one of the handsome and good looking guys in the college.

He smiled when he thought about his best friend. Nuki, where is she now? He wondered. He took out his phone to call her, but the smile fades away when he remembered that Nuki had a date with Jaejoong today.

‘I’ll be happy if she’s happy,’ Changmin tried to cheer himself up at the thought of Nuki being happy because of some other guy. Truthfully, he wanted to be the only one who could make her happy. He wants to be the reason why she’s smiling.

Without him realizing, the friendly feeling he had for her had turned into something else.


“Nuki, what does it means when we want to be the only person to make someone smile?” Changmin asked out of nowhere as they were both studying at the park in their college. Nuki giggled at his words.

“That means, you’re in love with that person! Aww, my Changmin is falling for someone! Tell me, who’s the unlucky girl?” Nuki laughed as she slapped Changmin’s arms lightly. Truthfully, she’s sad. Sad because he’s falling for someone she doesn’t know. Truthfully, she’s worried. Will he leave her for that girl? Truthfully, she felt heartbroken. She doesn’t even know why.

‘Unlucky huh?’ Changmin thought grimly. He took her pencil and began swinging it in between his fingers, playing with it. “That unlucky person… She’s someone close to me. You know her too,” Changmin grinned. Nuki titled her head cutely, thinking. Changmin felt his heartbeat increased at the sight of Nuki, being so cute in front of him.

“Someone close to you? Other than me, I’ve never seen you close to some other girl. Ooh~ You’re seeing her behind my back ey?” Nuki poked Changmin’s arms for a few times, as she grinned at him. She doesn’t even know why is she feeling so sad about it but she keep on the happy smile on her face.

“Well, if you really want to know that person, I’ll show her to you one day.” Changmin placed down the pen and closed his books. Nuki was puzzled at his sudden actions. “Where are you going?” She asked.

“I want to surprise the girl I love,” Changmin smiled with a hint of happiness. Nuki felt her heart sank as he said that. Her face immediately turned sour and sad. Changmin of course, noticed that.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. Nuki quickly shook her head and placed her hands on her stomach. “Suddenly had a weird feeling here,” She smiled, the smile felt so fake, she thought.

“Go and eat then! Ah~ Why don’t you eat with Jaejoong? I have to go now. See you around!” Changmin pinched her cheeks with a wide grin on his face and walked away. Nuki felt really sad.

‘I don’t even have the heart to tell him that I’ve broken up with Jaejoong…’ Nuki thought sadly as she began packing her things. There’s no use studying alone and feeling down, after all Changmin, the mood maker is not there anymore.


Nuki walked silently back home. It has been a week since the last time she met Changmin. He was busy, that’s what he said everytime she called him. She was also still feeling down, not because of the break up, but because she hadn’t meet Changmin for a week. She felt… Different.

‘Am I falling for my best friend?’ she thought as she walked pass the playground. It was so quiet and scary as she was walking alone at night.

She suddenly realized her cold and silent surrounding. Feeling a little scared, she began to walk faster. Her heartbeat increased as she could sense some movement behind her and the sound of footsteps.

Turning at a corner, she saw an old man walking down the street with a bottle in his hands. Judging by the way he walked, he’s drunk. ‘OMG! What should I do?’ Nuki thought. She looked back, it was so dark. She turned around. The old man seems to not notice her. ‘If I walk pass him quickly, he won’t be able to notice me!’ she thought. What a brilliant idea! She quickly walked, body shaking from fear, heart beating at a fast rate, hands clutching at her sling bag, footsteps heavier than usual.

As she was few more steps from the old man, suddenly the old man turned around. He looked at her and smiled.

Nuki nearly jumped at that moment because of shock and fear. Tears were already forming, she was already sweating.

At this time, her head formed a word. ‘Changmin,’ she thought.

Slowly, the old man walked towards her with a sinister grin. She couldn’t move somehow. She tried to move her legs but she couldn’t.

Before she could even realize anything, the old man was already in front of her, grinning. He smelled like alcohol, she thought.

The old man slowly touched her arms. She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t find her voice. What is happening? She couldn’t even move!

The old man was already touching her all over. She came back to her senses when she felt herself being trapped against the wall beside her. She began struggling.

“Let me go! Let me go! Don’t touch me!” She yelped and struggled hard, but the old man was much more stronger than her. He trapped her hands on top of her head and began kissing her neck.

“Let me go! STOP! STOPPP!!!!” She cried helplessly, as suddenly the memories of Jaejoong trying to rape her came into her mind. She began to cry, as she closed her eyes.

“No!! Let me go!! Stop touching me!! Stop!!! Stop!! Let me go!!! Don’t do this to me!!!” She struggled, she tried to kick the old man away but she couldn’t.

Suddenly, the old man’s grasp on her hands loosened. She felt free suddenly, the old man somehow moved away from her. When she heard the sound of something hitting something, she winched in fear.

“Changmin… Help me…” She muttered as a few fresh tears trail down her cheeks. She shivered in fear, slowly her body dropped to the ground. She wrapped her arms around her knees and hugged herself. “Changmin…” She sobbed even harder.


Changmin was walking back to his house when he suddenly thought of Nuki. It has been a week since he last saw her, as he was busy preparing for the surprise for his ‘girl’. Changmin grinned to himself. He quickly jogged towards the way to Nuki’s house. They only lived a few blocks apart, but still, he wants to meet her now.

His eyes nearly jumped out of the socket when he saw Nuki was pinned to the wall by some unknown guy. Feeling the rage slowly building up in him, he dashed forward and pulled the guy away. He could see Nuki shivering as he glanced at her. He didn’t see the punch coming. Suddenly, he felt himself on the ground, as the old man tried to move towards Nuki.

Changmin stood up and flung himself towards the old man, trapping him on the ground. He began punching him, he let go of his anger on the guy for touching Nuki. He felt bad for not being able to protect Nuki.

He stopped when he heard Nuki’s sobs. He looked at her, crouching on the ground, softly sobbing. Her state tore his heart. He slowly crawled towards her.

“Nuki…” He voiced, slowly moving towards her. Nuki was still sobbing, her body shaking with fear. Changmin immediately felt bad. He felt bad looking at her current condition.

Nuki slowly lifted her head up. Her eyes widened as she saw Changmin. “Changmin…” She said softly. Her hands moved forward, trying to touch him. She was still shivering in fear.

“Changmin, is that you?” She asked again. Changmin felt tears seeping through his eyes observing her current condition. His precious Nuki… “Yes, it’s me. Nuki, I’m here. I’m sorry…” He apologized, but stopped when suddenly Nuki leaped forward, hugging him tight. She sobbed harder in his embrace.

“Changmin, Changmin! You’re here! I’m so scared… Changmin…” She sobbed even harder, she was shaking badly now. Changmin felt bad, really bad feeling Nuki shivered in his embrace. “Hush, Nuki, I’m here. Don’t worry, I’m right here, no one will harm you…”

“Changmin… I’m so scared… He tried to rape me… Changmin… He…” Nuki sobbed even harder as she trembled even more. She became uncontrollable. “He… Changmin… He tried to rape me… We broke up…” Nuki’s statement shocked him. Break up? He was about to ask something when he felt something hit his head hard. He became dizzy almost immediately.

“Changmin! Changmin, wake up!!! Changmin!!!!” Nuki screamed when she felt Changmin’s weight on her. She was back to her senses when she saw something came and hit Changmin’s head.

“CHANGMIN!!!!!” Nuki screamed when she saw a lot of blood oozing out, flowing down on Changmin’s face.


A figure could be seen standing by the side of the veranda. The white dress hugged her body, showing off her curves as the wind blows softly. Her soft and long hair moved slowly as the wind brushed against it.

“Nuki, your ice cream,” Someone called her name, as she turned and smiled at the figure carrying two cups of ice cream. The figure smiled back at her, handing one of the cups to her and hugged her from behind. She let him hug her and began eating her ice cream.

“What are you doing here? Still bothered about the incident?” The man asked her softly as he played with her long, silky hair. Nuki sighed. Truthfully, she was still bothered about the incident.

“Still thinking about Jaejoong?” He asked again. Nuki immediately slapped his arms around her waist playfully as a giggle could be heard from him. She smiled at his cute act.

“I’m glad that he apologized,” Nuki murmured softly as she slowly caressed his arms, caressing the place where she slapped just now lovingly.

“What about Changmin then?” He asked again. Nuki giggled at the question. “I’m feeling quite sad for the loss of my best friend, but at the same time, I’m happy.” Nuki smiled.

“Eh? You’re happy that he’s no longer your best friend?” The man turned her around, facing her. Nuki nodded at the question. She placed the ice cream aside and cupped his face in her hand. He stared at his handsome and flawless face.

“Isn’t he my husband now?” Nuki smiled sweetly at the man, whom returned her smile. Nuki leaned forward to plant a soft kiss on her husband’s lips. Changmin immediately brought her into his embrace.

“I love you, Nuki… I’ll protect you forever…” Changmin said with a smile on his face. Nuki smiled too. She hugged him even tighter. “I love you too…”

“Well, basically you’re mine, so I have no choice but to protect you, huh?” Changmin said out of sudden, as Nuki pushed him away. “What do you mean by that? You regretted saving me that night?” She raised her brow. Changmin giggled at his wife’s cute act.

“Of course not, darling. I’m glad, because of that night’s incident, we’re married now… If not, I won’t even know your feeling towards me…” Changmin caressed her hair softly, with a gentle smile on his face. Nuki felt herself falling in love with him all over again.

“Me too…” Nuki replied with a smile. They smiled at each other, happy and contented.

“Are you sure you’re really fine now?” Nuki asked out of nowhere, causing Changmin to raise a brow at her question. Nuki giggled at his action.

“What do you mean by fine? I’m fine, can’t you see me now, healthier than ever?” Changmin retorted back. Nuki was still giggling. He doesn’t understand why, and she’s driving him crazy, torturing him by not telling him anything. “YAH!!” Changmin half yelled, annoyed.

“I’m sorry,” Nuki’s giggles had slowed down, but she’s still giggling. “I think the hit had a great impact on you,” Nuki started to laugh again. Changmin, feeling annoyed, quickly trapped her in his embrace. He hugged her tight, but not too tight to hurt her.

“Fine, fine, I’m sorry, Changminnie~” Nuki winked at the nickname she gave him. Changmin frowned at the name. That made Nuki giggles even more.

“Nuki…” Changmin whined cutely, he was flushing lightly by now.

“Sorry, I think you’re still under the impact, but looking at you so… adorable and cute like this, I think you’re already fine,” Nuki pinched his cheeks as she said the ‘adorable’ and ‘cute’ word. Changmin smiled cheekily at her.

“Of course, I’m your knight in shining armor. I’m here to protect my princess from anything,” Changmin flashed a smile, his infamous smile that drove half the school crazy over him.

“Oh, well. From anything?” Nuki asked. Changmin nodded as a reply. “Yes, anything.”

“Well, then protect me from those mosquitoes attacking me every night.” Nuki flashed a cute smile. Changmin immediately grinned. Nuki didn’t feel good about the smile.

“How about I keep you ‘busy’ every night so that those mosquitoes won’t bother you?” Nuki slapped Changmin’s arms hard this time, as they laughed happily.

[The End]

I don’t know why but somehow I really want to write this out. A present for Nuki unnie. Do you like it? XD. This was written on February 6th, from 4am to 6am. Basically a present for Nuki unnie and on Yunho’s birthday? Geez, I think I need to write something for my Yunho’s birthday XD. Do comment, thank you. ^^


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2 Re: [ONESHOT/MIN] You're Mine on 2010-02-09, 8:05 am

OMO! I should've read it from here first! LOL!
I think fonts really do have its impacts on me... =.=
anyways, as I've said... I LURRVEEEE this oneshot! ^_^
Firstly because I'm in it~ XD and secondly, I'M MARRIED TO SHIM CHANGMIN!!!! WOOHOOOOOOO~!!!!

But I do wish it could be longer... (having children maybe? XDDDD)

Thanks jija~~~ <33333


Always Keep The Faith!
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3 Re: [ONESHOT/MIN] You're Mine on 2010-02-09, 8:13 pm


nukimiaka wrote:OMO! I should've read it from here first! LOL!
I think fonts really do have its impacts on me... =.=
anyways, as I've said... I LURRVEEEE this oneshot! ^_^
Firstly because I'm in it~ XD and secondly, I'M MARRIED TO SHIM CHANGMIN!!!! WOOHOOOOOOO~!!!!

But I do wish it could be longer... (having children maybe? XDDDD)

Thanks jija~~~ <33333

Fonts? It does? I sense nothing different...
Anyway, YEAH~ I love this one too! I think, the best out of all~
LOL! Married to SCM?! Kekekeke.... I didn't plan the marriage thing though. Maybe because it's so sweet so I put it in
LONGER?! Write yourself one then!!! Kekekekee..

Yeah~ thanks to unnie to. Dunno why wanna thank you

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4 Re: [ONESHOT/MIN] You're Mine on 2010-05-07, 6:37 pm

Omo!!! I envy nuki unnie!!!!
I want to marry Minnie too!!!
This one is really sweet..
I like the story!!!
But erm .. Jaejoong is a rapist??


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5 Re: [ONESHOT/MIN] You're Mine on 2010-05-12, 9:33 pm


MyDarlingChangmin wrote:Omo!!! I envy nuki unnie!!!!
I want to marry Minnie too!!!
This one is really sweet..
I like the story!!!
But erm .. Jaejoong is a rapist??

Eh~ You wanna marry Minnie too? LOL I'll have to pity Changmin because he's too popular now XD
Thanks for liking it! :D
No, Jaejoong is not the rapist...


Siggies credits to JenJen ^^ Me
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6 Re: [ONESHOT/MIN] You're Mine on 2010-05-14, 12:12 pm

Why pity him???
Yeah... I wanna marry him!!!!
I'll kill to marry that guy...


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7 Re: [ONESHOT/MIN] You're Mine on 2010-05-15, 5:54 am


MyDarlingChangmin wrote:Hahaha!!!
Why pity him???
Yeah... I wanna marry him!!!!
I'll kill to marry that guy...

Hehehe.. Me too!
Let me see, if I'm being generous again... XD


Siggies credits to JenJen ^^ Me
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8 Re: [ONESHOT/MIN] You're Mine on 2010-05-15, 6:08 pm

Really hard to be generous when it comes to the boys...
we understand ourselves!!!


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