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[ONESHOT/MIN] The Hidden Feelings

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1[ONESHOT/MIN] The Hidden Feelings Empty [ONESHOT/MIN] The Hidden Feelings on 2010-01-26, 9:35 pm


One Shot
Title: The Hidden Feelings

12 July, 1992

Changmin glanced at the little girl in front of him. He continued to stare at the girl until someone tapped on his shoulder. Changmin turned his head in annoyance.

“Yah! Kim Junsu! What do you want?” Changmin asked his best friend, Junsu who was standing behind him with a wide grin plastered on his cute face.

“Omo, Changmin ah, what’s wrong? I thought you asked me to meet you here after school?” Junsu said innocently, sitting down beside Changmin on the bench. Junsu placed his bag next to Changmin’s, taking out his notebook from his precious dark chocolate bag.

Changmin stared at Junsu for some time. Suddenly he tapped his forehead and pointed at Junsu. “Yea, thanks for reminding!! And why were you late? It’s already 2pm, you know?! How long I’ve been waiting for you here? Almost an hour!! Where were you?!” Changmin screamed hysterically at Junsu.

“Aish, Changmin ah, mianhae… My teacher grounded me because I didn’t do her homework… Please don’t be mad at me…” Junsu pleaded, holding Changmin’s hand and looked into Changmin’s eyes. Changmin averted his gaze from Junsu’s pleading gaze and looked at the girl who had caught his attention few minutes ago.

“Changmin ah, mianhae… Chang-” Junsu stopped when he realizes that Changmin was not paying attention to him. He followed Changmin’s gaze and ended up looking at his classmate, YoonA. Junsu glanced at Changmin and then at YoonA. Suddenly he understood what’s playing on his best friend’s mind right now.

‘Changmin ah, I can see that you are falling for my classmate… I’ve got to do something…’ Junsu thought, smirking at his plan to get Changmin and YoonA together.


18 February, 1998

“Jaejoong hyung, ppali!! We’re late!! Changmin would kill us if we’re late!!” Junsu shouted at Jaejoong, his elder brother who was fixing his hair. Junsu grabbed his shoes and wear them. He stood up when he finished with his shoe.

“Yah, Jaejoong hyung!! Ppali!!!” Junsu shouted once again when he heard his phone ringing. He took it out from his tight jeans and answered it in an instant.

“Yoboseyo? Neh, Changmin ah, wait!! Don’t kill me!! You should kill Jae hyung!! He’s the main cause!!” Junsu shouted as soon as he picked up the phone.

“Gwenchanha, ppali Junsu!! Everyone is here!! Even her!! Did you invite her, Junsu?” Changmin’s voice can be heard by Jaejoong who was now standing next to his dong saeng, wearing his shoes.

“Jeongmal? YoonA’s there? Omo, I don’t know Changmin…” Junsu tried to control his emotions and grinned widely when Changmin told him that YoonA’s attended Changmin’s birthday party.

“Junsu ah, let’s go now…” Jaejoong said to Junsu, walking towards his precious red car and hopped inside. He started the engine as soon as he was in the car.

Junsu turned to his hyung and nodded. “Changmin ah, I’ll get going now. We’ll meet at your birthday party!! Make sure you look handsome!!” Junsu shouted at the phone and run towards Jaejoong’s car.


At the party…

‘Junsu ah, where are you…’ Changmin thought as he smiled at the guests who attended his birthday party. Honestly, he only wanted a simple birthday but since his parents were the owner of Shim’s Corporation, the largest and strongest company in Korea and since he was their only child, his simple 18th birthday party turned to an outrageous one.

His parents put up banners around the campus one week before the party and most of the students in his university attended the party, thanks to the stupid banner.

As he was receiving birthday wishes from his schoolmates and from some unknown people, someone caught his eyes. He stared at the person, gawking. The person, who turned to be YoonA, was now walking slowly towards him with a smile on her beautiful face.

“Anyeong Changmin sshi, saengilchukhahae,” YoonA said, handing a metallic blue parcel at Changmin. Changmin smiled at how beautiful YoonA looked and took some time to actually take the present from her.

“Kamsahamnida, YoonA sshi. Please enjoy the party,” Changmin bowed slightly, feeling heat rising up to his face. YoonA looked so beautiful in his eyes, with the light blue night dress that showed her white shoulders and her arms.


29 September, 2001

“And now, I announce the winner of the essay writing competition,” the emcee said, earning a silent gasp from the audience. Changmin stayed calm on his seat, YoonA beside him was already clasped her hands together, praying silently. While Junsu and Jaejoong on his other side was holding each other’s hand, as if they’re the one who entered the competition.

“With the title of the essay, My Best Friends, the winner is…” the emcee said slowly, making the audience gasp once more. Junsu was now hugging his hyung tightly, and Jaejoong was trying to free himself from Junsu’s very tight hug. Changmin giggled at his best friend’s action, and turned to his other side to take a look at his best friend.

“Yah YoonA, what are you praying?” Changmin whispered silently, as YoonA turned to look at him. “You know, you’re the only hope for our university, and yet you’re not feeling anything?” YoonA said, annoyed at Changmin’s calm attitude. Changmin smiled at YoonA and grabbed her hands.

“Relax YoonA, you know, if you really want something, don’t show it. If not you won’t get it,” Changmin said, still smiling at YoonA.

“The winner is Shim Changmin from St. Claire’s University!!!” Suddenly the whole stadium was filled with people shouting and little papers flying down. Changmin was stunned as YoonA, Junsu, Jaejoong and some other people hugged him.

“Changmin, you win!!! You win!!! Omo!!! I gotta tell Professor Jung about this news!!!” Jaejoong said, frantically looking for his phone in tight jeans. YoonA and Junsu was still hugging Changmin, jumping up and down as they shouted happily. “Changmin wins!!! Yay!!!”


16 December, 2004

“Ri In, throw the flowers!!” Someone shouted as Junsu and Ri In, the newlyweds stepped out from the church. Ri In smiled at her husband as she turned behind.

Changmin walked forward to look for YoonA who looked gorgeous in her white, silky dress. He stepped beside his best friend who started to tickle him playfully.

“Omo, the flowers!!” A shout was heard and the next second, YoonA and Changmin was holding the banquet of flowers and people was cheering for them. Changmin blushed as YoonA smiled shyly.

“You guys are the next one to get married!!” Junsu shouted from the church entrance, as he then kissed his bride once more. The crowd shouted once again and Changmin handed the flowers to YoonA.


4 June, 2007

“Junsu ah, ppali!!” Changmin shouted, thinking on how many times in his life he have to ask Junsu to be faster. He sighed at the thought and grinned at Ri In who was sitting in front of him.

“Nervous? Don’t worry; I’m sure she will accept you. I can see clearly that she have feelings for you too,” Ri In said, trying to make Changmin more relaxed. Changmin smiled weakly at her as he played with his phone. Today is the day. He’s going to court YoonA and asked her to be his girlfriend.


At the park…

“Changmin ah, let’s go to the ice cream stall,” YoonA said, pulling Changmin’s hand lightly. Changmin nodded and gestured Junsu and Ri In to go along.

As they were crossing the road, Changmin saw a very cute puppy at the middle of the road. He rushed towards the puppy without thinking and the next seconds are the slowest moment in his life.

As he kneeled down to get the puppy, he heard a faint scream and the next thing he know is he was being pushed aside for safe along with the puppy. Then he heard another scream, as he looked at the road. YoonA was already lying lifelessly on the road, blood sprawling from her body, wetting the road with her dark crimson blood.

“YoonA!!!” Changmin screamed as he placed the puppy down and rushed towards YoonA. The car that hit her just now was already nowhere in sight. Changmin placed YoonA’s head on his knee as he sobbed uncontrollably.

“YoonA!! Wake up!!! Don’t leave me!!!” Changmin screamed once again, hugging YoonA’s limp body. “Changmin ah…” Suddenly he heard a faint voice calling for his name. He opened his eyes and stared at YoonA who was now smiling very weakly at him.

“YoonA…” Changmin said as he let the tears rolls down on his cheek. YoonA slowly lifted her weak hand and wiped away the tears on Changmin’s face. “Changmin ah, uljima… Don’t cry…” YoonA said weakly, as she tried to reach for something.

“YoonA, what are you looking for?” Changmin asked, totally ignoring the frantic scream coming from other people beside him and at the now fainted Ri In and at the crying Junsu next to Ri In. ‘Call the ambulance!!’ someone shouted as another scream can be heard.

“My bag… Changmin… get my bag for me…” YoonA said, trying to reach for her bag at the side of her legs. Changmin grabbed the bag before someone else had the time to take it.

“I have something for you Changmin…” YoonA said, taking out a metallic silver parcel from her bag that was now dark red in colour due to her blood. “I hope you will keep this forever, and always remember me… Don’t forget me Changmin ah…” and with that, YoonA smiled for the last time before her grip on Changmin’s bloody shirt started to loosened. Her eyes slowly closed on its own will as Changmin hugged the dead body of his best friend.



4 June, 2008

Changmin kneeled down in front of the altar, holding a diary in his hands. He had come to visit YoonA’s grave every month since the death of his first love, without he even have time to tell her that he loved her.

Changmin opened the diary in his hand and started to read the entries.

13 July, 1992

Today I saw him again. Yesterday I caught him stealing glances at me. He was so cute. Then I saw my classmate, Junsu walking towards him. Did Junsu know him?

10 February, 1998

Today Junsu invited me to his birthday party. Of course I saw the banner at our campus but this time, Junsu brought a special invitation card. He said that I must come to the party.

18 February, 1998

I went to his birthday party today. He looked extra gorgeous. He’s damn handsome. I’m starting to fall for him. I would be the happiest girl if he courted me. But he only asked to be my friend. I agreed anyways.

20 September, 2001

He entered the essay writing competition and he decided to write about his best friends. He wrote about Junsu, Jaejoong oppa and me. I really hope his essay would win the first place. I’m lying when I tell him that he’s the only hope for our university. The truth is, he’s my only hope. ^^

16 December, 2004

Today is Junsu’s wedding. His wife, Ri In is so cute and talented. I hope she can be a singer later. Changmin and I caught the flower that was thrown by Ri In. I secretly hoped that we will get married soon ^^ I’m deeply, madly in love with my best friend, Shim Changmin. XD

1 June, 2007

Today Changmin said he wanted to bring me out to the park on the 4th. I agreed and then Ri In called me. She said maybe Changmin wanted to say something really important since he has been acting so weird lately. How Ri In know about this? Changmin have been living with Junsu and Ri In since his parents always worked outside the country. I’m feeling so nervous!!

3 June, 2007

Tomorrow is the day. I don’t know why but I have a weird feeling about tomorrow. I decided to give Changmin my diary since I have the feelings that something will happen to me, or him. Aish!! I have weird feelings for tomorrow!! Maybe this is the right thing to do. Changmin ah, if you’re reading this, I really want you to know… I’ve loved you since the day I saw you at the school compound when you met with Junsu. Since then, I really wanted to know more about you… I am really thankful when you invited me to your birthday party… Urhm… Changmin ah, I really wanted to say this…SARANGHAE!!! I love you with all my heart, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t love me back… I just want you to know how I’m feeling… And please don’t forget me if you don’t like me… I hope I live forever in your memories… Saranghae Changmin ah…

Changmin cried uncontrollably for the countless of time. He hugged the grave in front of him. “YoonA, I love you too!!! I’m sorry; I should have told you about my feelings earlier!!! Mianhae!!! Saranghae!!! YoonA!!!!” Changmin screamed and cried his heart out. He should have told YoonA about his feelings for her earlier... If not she won’t die… If not they will be living a happy life together… And perhaps they could have been married by now… “Mianhae, YoonA…” Changmin said, as he took out a blade from his pocket.

“I will follow your steps, YoonA. Thanks for saving my life but you’re the most important thing to me… Let me join you… Let’s meet in the heaven…” Changmin said, as he placed the blade on his wrist. “SARANGHAE YOONA!!!!” Changmin screamed and with that, he slashed his wrist with the blade in front of his lover’s grave…


Omo how’s the story? It’s so sad to me… T___T COMMENTS PLEASE…

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2[ONESHOT/MIN] The Hidden Feelings Empty Re: [ONESHOT/MIN] The Hidden Feelings on 2010-01-30, 2:25 pm

OMG!! I saw this! XD Save a spot for me first! hehe~
Changmin here I come~~~~~ weeeee........ ^_^


YAH!!! SHIM CHANGMIN!!!! ARE U STUPID?? >.< aish... why'd u have to cut ur wrist. I'm here! I can replace her! U don't have to die now! Die later, with me, and we can meet her in heaven together!!!!

ehem ehemm... sorry bout that~ XP
anyways, the story was cute~ maybe its because YoonA's character is so cute.. and the way changmin was behaving was cute.. =) but al in all... i like the story A LOT! ^_^ though i love You're Mine better~ LOLX!
btw, i love to read a diary based story~ :D Not that the whole thing is written as a diary.. but yeahhh.. like this one~ ^_^

Write more jija!! before u start going to classes~~~~~

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3[ONESHOT/MIN] The Hidden Feelings Empty Re: [ONESHOT/MIN] The Hidden Feelings on 2010-02-09, 8:10 pm


nukimiaka wrote:OMG!! I saw this! XD Save a spot for me first! hehe~
Changmin here I come~~~~~ weeeee........ ^_^


YAH!!! SHIM CHANGMIN!!!! ARE U STUPID?? >.< aish... why'd u have to cut ur wrist. I'm here! I can replace her! U don't have to die now! Die later, with me, and we can meet her in heaven together!!!!

ehem ehemm... sorry bout that~ XP
anyways, the story was cute~ maybe its because YoonA's character is so cute.. and the way changmin was behaving was cute.. =) but al in all... i like the story A LOT! ^_^ though i love You're Mine better~ LOLX!
btw, i love to read a diary based story~ :D Not that the whole thing is written as a diary.. but yeahhh.. like this one~ ^_^

Write more jija!! before u start going to classes~~~~~

LMAO!! Thanks for commenting [ONESHOT/MIN] The Hidden Feelings 389928

Hahaha. I went 0.o when I read your comment kekeke...
I know, I know, You're Mine is better i love it too~~
I'm TRYING TO WRITE MORE! Expect a Yunho love story during Changmin's birthday [ONESHOT/MIN] The Hidden Feelings 389928

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