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[ONGOING/MIN] Beyond Normal

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Title: Beyond Normal
Author: Jija
Rating: U –suitable for all- XDDD
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. If there are some similarities with real life character or other stories, it’s purely coincidence. And yeah, I don’t own the characters. TQ.


Souls. They exist, but we can’t see them. There are some ‘special’ people who can actually see them, wandering around, but do they actually know what they’re seeing?

It- or shall I say he- came into my life when I’m at the lowest state of mind. I thought him as an intruder at first, intruding my private life, telling me things which I’m not even sure true or not. I don’t know how he came, and how I manage to see him, but sometimes, I do feel him as a friend. His presence always made me forgot the loneliness I always felt. With him, sometimes I felt secured.

One day, he shocked me. He had forgotten about himself. How he became a ghost, who is he in the past life, everything. That’s when our mission started.

And during the mission, I didn’t know, we didn’t know. We fall for each other.

But after he left, I realized. He had stolen a part of my heart, leaving me breathless, suffocating alone in this harsh world.

Will he come back? Did he realize about this tiny little feeling in his heart?


A complicated love story between a human being and a wandering soul, accidentally went into her life and touching her heart with his caring and tender personality. He left when he finally realizes his past mistakes, leaving her alone- again.


Shim Changmin
Yuna (Fictional Character)
Jung Yunho
Park Yoochun
Kim Jaejoong
Kim Junsu
More fictional characters

>>>Author’s Note<<<

Another story from Jija! I felt stupid, I’m writing two stories at the same time! I just hope I don’t mix it up later on XDD Beyond Normal, I thought about this title recently. I’ve asked some people on what they think about these two words, and the answers I obtain was just what I thought about it previously. ‘Paranormal’, ‘Abnormal’, things like that. I’ve written so many love stories already, this time I want to write more action. The main theme is still love, but with the ‘Beyond Normal’ theme too, it’s going to be complicated. Friendship could also be seen later on as the story goes, betrayals, most of them are from my experiences. Anyway, it’s Changmin baby~ Enough rambling now, I really want to hear what you guys might think of my new story! Do comment, yeah! And Chapter One would be up soon, if I’m not busy XDD I won’t disappoint you! And do request if you want me to PM you everytime I update on this story. Loves~


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Beyond Normal
Chapter O.N.E

[First person POV]

I tossed everything- every single thing that I owned- into a big brown box. I gazed into it. Inside, a large blue photo book was lying across some of my old schoolbooks and those novels I love to read when I’m bored.

I let the tears stroll down on my cheeks freely as I looked at the nearly empty table. Those schoolbooks that were used to be on the table, most of them were in the box, while the others were given away to other students who are in need. I no longer need them, since I’ve stopped from school two weeks ago. My fingers slowly trailed on the surface of the table.

It felt cold. Is it because of me, or is it because of the switched on air-conditioner in my room?

I can’t believe it. I’m really going to leave this place. My shelter, where I felt the warmness and happiness of having a family.

They throw me. After telling me that I was only their step children, promising to take a very good care of me in front of my parents’ grave, now what had happened?

I guess, a part of it was my fault too.

How could you fall in love with your own step brother, whom you had known as your real brother for 15 years?


“You what?!” Appa threw away the newspaper he was reading on the floor harshly, making the dusts fly, slowly I could feel my nasal cavity filled with them.

But I ignored the weird feeling I’m having right now and kneeled down in front of them, along with ‘oppa’ at my side, he too kneeling.

“Appa, you said earlier that she was only my step sister. There should be no problem if I fall in love with her, right?” ‘Oppa’ voiced out, he sounded so convincing, the ‘oppa’ I love so much.

Appa, however groaned upon hearing ‘oppa’s’ thought. Umma, who was standing behind her husband, softly massaging his shoulders, calming him down.

“Honey, calm down. You know you got high blood pressure, you can’t keep on stressing out like this…”

“How can I calm down when my child is in love with his own step sister?! Tell me!” Appa’s sudden change in voice volume level shocked us, making me jump for a moment. Honestly, I’ve never seen Appa like this before. Stressed, confused, full of anger. All these time, he was the loving, caring, the most perfect Appa I ever had. But why it has to change just because of a simple reason like this?

Umma slowly moved towards us, her gaze was on me the whole time she moved. I looked into her eyes and at that moment, I know, I’m no longer in this family.

“Yuna, Junsu oppa will have to take over Appa’s company in two years time. In the meantime, he has to concentrate on his studies, and that means, no relationships, got it? And also, having your child in love with your step children, what do you think people will think about us? It will give bad impact on Junsu’s image, Yuna. Please understand…”

Tears were streaming down my face upon hearing Umma’s soft pleads. She held onto my arms, as she was already kneeling in front of me, begging me to stop this crazy act of mine.

“But Umma…” I voiced, the sound coming out from my throat came out broken, almost like a broken tape player.

“You, Yuna.” Appa suddenly stood up, his finger pointing at me. I looked into his eyes, trying to search for the love that he have for me before this, but there’s none. All I can see in his eyes were hatred and anger.

“You stop this mess or you’ll never go to school again. Stop this mess or I’m going to throw you away back to where I collected you 15 years ago.”

His harsh words struck my heart, it felt like thousands of very sharp knives were stabbed upon my heart. It bled, uncontrollably, just like what I’m feeling right now.

“Honey…” Umma quickly rose up, moving to Appa’s side. She held onto his arms, slowly, softly coaxing him. Why do I find that adorable?

“Appa! You can’t do that to Yuna!” ‘Oppa’ suddenly screamed after a long silence. I turned my gaze on him. He seems… Desperate? But at the same time he’s trying to tell me that it will turn out well after this.

Is it just lies? Because I felt there’s no more hope in us, I thought silently as I looked at ‘Oppa’.

“Why can’t I?” Appa voiced out, as if challenging him. I felt tired upon seeing a family, blood related fighting over and outsider like me.

That’s when it struck me. The fact that I’m an outsider. It will never change.

“Of course he can, Junsu oppa.” I sounded so strange. My voice, it was so different.

“What do you mean? He can’t, Yuna! He just can’t! He can’t separate us! After all, you’re his step daughter, and the fact that-” Junsu oppa tried to convince me again, but Appa cut him off before he even have time to finish his words.

“Junsu, stop it. Yuna, I’m glad you understand. Your letter will be delivered to the school first thing in the morning tomorrow, and in the meantime, I think you shall pack your things. No more arguments, please. The girl’s know what she is in this family.” Appa warned us, he looked at Umma with a strong, powerful gaze, and then it landed on Junsu oppa and lastly, on me. Slowly, he made his way towards his office, which was situated on the second floor of the bungalow.

[End of Flashback & POV]


“You freak, Junsu, why do you let her go?! You bastard, I’ve told you right, once you let her go, I’m going to get her and--”

“Eunhyuk, it’s my father’s decision. Don’t you know him? President Kim. Once he had decided to do something, there’s nothing that can stop him.” Junsu smiled upon reminiscing the memories they had together. Although his father was a busy man, he had never failed to spend quality time with his family. Until last two years, after the shocking news, his father was rarely at home. He actually understand his situation, having nearly half the population of Korea under him, he would be since the economic was not really stable these few years.

And during that time of period, he had fallen for his step sister. And hence, dragging themselves into this mess.

His friend, whom he called Eunhyuk tapped his chin and slowly nodded. Of course, he thought, of course I know President Kim. My father is his secretary, Eunhyuk thought again, completely forgetting the main reason why he’s here.

“Yeah, I know… So, what’s his decision?” Eunhyuk tapped his finger on the wooden table for a few times, trying to get back Junsu’s mind at where they are right now.

“Yuna will have to go, and I’ll have to fly to Australia next year to further in business.” Junsu sighed at the thought. How could he leave his most beloved person in his life just like that?

“Go? As in what? She’s being thrown away from your family?” The last few words came out as a mere whisper from Eunhyuk, he slowly, desperately hoping that what he had just said is not true. He began slapping his head imaginary for thinking about ‘it’.

“Something like that.” Junsu’s answer were casual and simple.

“You bastard, are you heartless? When she’s leaving? No wonder I didn’t see her at school today!” Eunhyuk punched on the table, getting some unwanted attention from the other students. They were lucky that currently the homeroom teacher was busy arranging Yuna’s case. Not that they know, though.

“Today. I want to stay at home and help her, but Appa asked me to go to school. If not…”

Eunhyuk popped his head next to Junsu’s. “If not… what?”

Junsu sighed, slowly taking a ball pen and started scribbling on the table. “He’ll throw her away at where he found her.”

Eunhyuk grabbed the pen from Junsu’s hand, totally shocking him. Junsu looked up in surprise, as he looked at the now-steaming Eunhyuk.

“Junsu, you better go and see her. Even if it’s for the last time, you must see her. If you can’t see her as a lover, then face her as a brother. Where’s the brotherly feeling you had for her all these times? The desire to protect her, to make sure that she’s always fine… Where is it, Junsu?! Go, go, you need to go now!!!”

Junsu looked up at Eunhyuk, staring at him with a blank stare. Slowly he grabbed back his pen, but Eunhyuk won’t budge. He hold onto the pen tightly, making sure that Junsu will never get it back while giving a fierce expression to him.

“What the hell… Were you talking about?” Junsu finally ignored him and took another pen out. Again, Eunhyuk grabbed it from him.

“Go and see her. Besides, school hour’s nearly ending. If you don’t want to go, then I’ll go.” Eunhyuk threatened his best friend, slowly placing both pens on Junsu’s hand before moving away, leaving Junsu in amazement and wonder.

‘Should I really go and see her?’


E.N.D . O.F . C.H.A.P.T.E.R
Sorry for the extremely late update. I apologize once again, and hope that this long post would make it up for you all ^^ This chapter is only the beginning, it’s quite boring but I’m pretty sure for the next chapter, you’re going to get the greatest shock of your life. The storyline would be a little bit slow too, but depends, if I want to make it fast, I’ll make it fast. I typed this chapter out when I’m depressed about something, so it came out as a crazy piece like this. Sorry if I couldn’t satisfy your wanting of me to update this story fast because I’m having a hard time now, really hard time. The updates might be slow for Beyond Normal, sorry in advance. Anyway, do drop some comment, yea. Thank you~


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Beyond Normal
Chapter T.W.O

[Suggested music: Holding Back The Tears – TVXQ]

“Honey, although I really want to send you to the bus stop, I couldn’t. Appa… He…” A middle aged woman helped the younger female packing up her things. She changed the bed sheets, cleaned the table and wardrobe for her, as the younger female placed the last things she owned into a small bag.

“Umma, it’s okay. I can go by myself. I’m not a small girl anymore, Umma.” Yuna faked a smile to her step mother whom she addressed as ‘Umma’, as she zipped her bag close. She then moved towards the small box at the side of the door and closed it too. She’s ready to go now.

“I know, you’re not the small little girl whom… Who will cry when Appa is mad…” Her step mother’s voice began to quiver, she’s trying to hold back her tears, the tears… How could she let go of the child that she has been taking care of all these years? Truthfully, she’s against her husband’s decisions but as a wife, what else she can do except for following everything?

“Umma, don’t cry, please? We’ve promised, right? I’ll take care of myself, Umma…” Yuna stopped to wipe away the tears that were forming at her eyes. Her eyes, now swollen, as a result from her crying every night.

“… Take care of Appa, and Junsu oppa, and take care of yourself, okay?” Yuna hugged the woman, the woman whom she loved so dearly, after her parents passed away, this family is where she lived with, and the family she lost once.

And now, she’s going to lose it, once again.

“Yuna, I’m so sorry…” She hugged Yuna, she refused to let her go. They spent the next minutes just like that, crying and hugging each other.

Until a voice could be heard, calling upon them.

“Darling! Where’s that girl? The taxi’s waiting!”

Yuna quickly let go of her step mother, as a reflex action upon her step father’s voice. She wiped away her tears, slides the bag around her shoulders and took the box, hugging it close to her body. For a moment, she forgot whom is she with in the room right now.

“Yuna…” A voice called her name, as she looked behind once again. She smiled, bitterly this time.


“Eunhyuk! Tell teacher that I’m going home!” Junsu jumped out of the class’s window after throwing his bag out. Eunhyuk who was standing by the side of the window, grinned down at him.

“There’s no need to. They’re having meeting right now. We’re free to go. I’m coming. Here, take my bag.” With that, Eunhyuk throw his bag out of the window. Junsu, who was not aware, was shocked when the bag flow out of the window, hitting him on his head.

“Ouch! What is that for?” Junsu asked as soon as Eunhyuk jumped out of the window. “I’ve told you to watch out for my bag! What are you thinking about, huh?” Eunhyuk grabbed his bag from Junsu’s hand with a smirk, as he then tip toed towards the school’s backyard.

“What the hell are we doing here?” Junsu asked once again. Eunhyuk, who was an expert in cheating classes and skipping school, just smirked as he opened the secret passage’s hidden door. Junsu’s eyes widened upon seeing the door.

“Junsu, I’ve asked you to follow me once in a while, but you refused to. Next time, follow me, okay?”

“Whatever you say!”


[Yuna’s POV]

I walked down the street slowly, making my way towards the very familiar road, the road that I will see for the last time, before going to a foreign land.

I sighed. Where’s my destination after this? I placed the box down on the roadside when I took out my phone. I flipped it open and browsed through the phonebook.

Who should I call? I thought. Suddenly, someone distracted my attention.

“Yuna, where are you going?” I looked at the source of the voice. Oh, my neighbor. Mr. Jung. I smiled at him, as then I pointed to my bag and box. “These?” He nodded with a smile.

“I’m going for a vacation.” I lied. Why do I keep on lying lately? I don’t want to, either. It’s because of the condition.

Yeah, I have to.

“Oh~ Alone? And at this time of the year?” He asked again. Geez, this old guy really asked a lot.

“I’m tensed because of the upcoming test I have. That’s why. Besides, the school gives me approval.” Who the hell is going to believe on such lies? I pondered.

That’s when my phone vibrated in my hand. I flipped it open to look at the caller ID.

‘Junsu oppa’

I sighed. Is he trying to look for me? But looking at the time, it should be school hours by now.

I still remembered, Appa had strictly said not to send me because he’s going to call a taxi for me. But I didn’t take the taxi.

I rather go to some unknown place than being sent to some place, which the people there know about my past.

I ignored the call. That’s when the light turned green. I picked up my box and started walking towards the other end of the road. I took a few small steps.

I’m really leaving. Umma, Appa, Junsu oppa. I’m really leaving.

I started to cry again. It’s hurting. My heart, it’s hurting. I’m going to leave my family. The feeling is just the same like before.

But the difference is, this time, I’m leaving them.

“Yuna yah! Yuna!! Wait!!”

Am I daydreaming or is it really HIS voice that I heard now, screaming for my name? I stopped walking. I’m now in the middle of the road, people busy crossing the street, while me, standing like a statue.


There, again. It sounds like him. I turned around. My eyes widened in shock as I realized, it’s really him.

He ran, along with his best friend behind him, his school bag flung carelessly on his shoulder, his hair messed up as he ran.

“Junsu oppa…” I smiled. He came, he came to send me away.

He stopped running when he was in front of me, a few steps ahead, while me, in the middle of the road. He slowly walked towards me, as I can see although my vision was quite blurry from the tears, he’s crying too.

Is he crying because he loved me as a lover or as a brother?

That thought hurt me a lot. My smile immediately disappeared. Suddenly, I don’t have the courage to look at him anymore. I turned around. I ran.

“YUNA!! STOP!!!” His voice. It’s hurting me so much. Without me or him realizing, the light was flashing now, we only have a few more seconds to cross the street.

Do we have enough time?

I turned around once again. We’re now on the other half of the road. I faced him. He was only a few steps away from me.

“Oppa, please, go. Let me go.” I said, clutching on the box hard. Upon seeing him in tears, I felt like running towards him, hugging him…

The brother I love so much…

“Yuna, I’ll let you go of you stop crying.” There. The sweet talker brother is back again. I smiled at his words, wiping away the tears with a hand, while the other hand holding onto the box tightly. He smiled, too. How I will miss his smile after this…

“Can I have one last hug from you?” He asked, his voice so soft, broken. So melancholy. It just made me wants to run towards him and hug him tightly.

I smiled. I immediately dropped the box, not caring where it landed, I run. Run towards him with a smile.

“JUNSU!!!” Someone’s voice could be heard screaming, screaming Junsu oppa’s name but I don’t know why. Neither does him, as our gazes were locked upon each other, as I run towards his embrace…

Suddenly I felt something hit me, it was hitting me so hard that I could feel myself flying. My hand was still grabbing on Junsu oppa’s hand very tightly, I could feel him too, grasping on my hand tightly.

What happened to us?

That was all I could think before the darkness engulf me.

[End POV]


“Someone, call the ambulance, please!” Eunhyuk cried hard, as he begged the people walking around them. He just saw his own best friend being hit by a car, and they were thrown away a few meters from their original position. The car was now by the roadside, as it hit the traffic light hard, the front part of the once shining-black-Mercedes was now crashed, nearly being split into two. Another car, a Land Rover to be precise, couldn’t stop in time and it hit the Mercedes after a few turns it made in order to stop the car.

People had gathered around the Mercedes and the Land Rover. But most of them were gathering around the two siblings on the road, hands still holding tight on each other.

“Call the ambulance! The Mercedes’ driver is stuck in his car!” Someone shouted, as driver of the Land Rover, apparently a young lady, stumbled out of her car, her head bleeding. People rushed to help her, as they helped her to the side of the road. In a blink, the place was crowded, causing a massive traffic jam.

“He- Help!” The driver of the black Mercedes pleaded softly, with his face covered with blood, his lower half was stuck in the car. The people around him could only look at him with pity as they couldn’t do anything to help him.

“Relax, RELAX! I’ve called for ambulance, they’ll come soon! They’ll come to help you out of your car!” Someone tried to calm him down, as the people gather around increases in amount, the place getting noisier.

“Help…” The man whispered, as slowly, he lost his consciousness.


End of chapter! At last! I’ve written out this chapter! I’m so happy >.< Ah~ It’s a long chapter, isn’t it? I hope you guys will like it~ I’m looking forward for your responses upon this chapter ^^. Accident? Yeah. This was planned, by ME! Of course… The lady driving the Land Rover, the driver of the Mercedes, Eunhyuk, Mr. Jung, people passing by, ah~ There’s lot of characters in this chapter ey? Please don’t cry~ T___T I don’t have any more tissues with me. Sorry! >.< Anyway, do drop a comment, yea? Sorry if it’s bad, it’s 5am and I didn’t sleep yet. Hehe.


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Beyond Normal
Chapter T.H.R.E.E
[Suggested Music: Remember – TVXQ]

[Someone’s POV]

I opened my eyes slowly, as the light blinded my eyesight. I closed them and reopened them, slowly until I can see clearly.

I looked at my surroundings. Where am I?

Everything is white. The floor, the wall, the ceiling, the fans, every single thing in here is white.

Slowly, I moved to the side of the bed and stood up on my feet.

I feel like flying, I thought. I stretched my limbs, they were sore and tired, as if I’ve been sleeping for many days.

I looked at the various machines by the side of my bed. There were lots of them! But oddly, why aren’t any of them were attached to me?

I looked at the life machine, as slowly it trails towards the bed. It was attached to someone who was ON the bed.

The bed.

My eyes were widened in shock and horror as I saw the figure lying lifelessly on the bed.

[End of POV]


“I’m sorry, Mr. Kim, Mrs. Kim.” The doctor slowly shook his head in disapproval, his face was sad. The couple in front of him hugged each other after the news was delivered to them.

“NOOO!!! NO!!! MY SON!!!!” The woman hugged her husband, literally clinging unto him for dear life, as she cried hard.

“Doctor, are- are you… really sure?” The man who was rather calmer than his wife, asked the doctor with a cracking voice. Tears were already streaming down his cheeks.

“Yes. He loses a lot of blood and there’s a lot of serious interior damages. He was in the verge of life and death when he arrived here. I’ve tried my best to save him. I’m so sorry, Mr. Kim.” The doctor apologized, slightly bowing to the couple in front of him before slowly moving away.

“Honey, Junsu’s gone!!! He’s gone!!!” Mrs. Kim sobbed harder, hugging her husband even tighter. She feels like collapsing, she was slightly dizzy by now.

“Darling, relax! Stop crying! Your tears won’t bring him back!” Mr. Kim slowly brings his wife towards the chairs and sat on one of them. He slowly stroked his wife’s hair as he too cried.

However, one figure was being forgotten. He was standing beside the couple all these times. And now, he was crying hard. He had just lost a best friend.

“Junsu… I’m sorry…” He apologized to no one in particular.


“Yah! Wake up you sleepy head!!!” Someone nudged her at her ribs. She shook her head slowly as she gained her consciousness. The pain poking at the ribs was waking her up from her deep slumber.

“Wake up!” The voice repeated again, this time shaking her legs with force. Still, she refused to open her eyes. Even though her legs were hurting because someone was shaking them hard.

“I’m tired… Let me sleep more…” She mumbled incoherently with her eyes still closed.

Weird, she thought. The bed feels so soft. And there’s a weird smell too. Where am I?

“Miss, are you awake?” A foreign voice made it. She opened her eyes immediately. There’s someone who looked like a nurse standing beside her with a worried look on her face.

“Who are you?” That was her response. She stared at the supposed-to-be-nurse up and down.

“I would be looking after you after this. You’re now in hospital, miss.” The girl nodded in response.

“Oh, you’re a nurse and I’m in hospital. Wait- WHAT!?” She nearly screamed. What am I doing in a HOSPITAL!? What happened? She thought as she tried to recall her memories.

“Miss Kim Yuna, you’re here because a car hit you. You’ve involved in an accident.” The nurse spoke calmly, as she recalled on what the doctor told her just now.

“She’s no longer a Kim.” The door was suddenly opened, as a couple walked in. Yuna tilted her head.

“Umma? Appa? What am I doing here?” Yuna asked, as the couple walked towards her.

“We’re not your parents. Nurse, please change her name. She’s not a Kim.” Mr. Kim ordered the nurse, whom nodded and walked out with the file in her hands.

“What do you mean by that? Appa?” Yuna was confused. First, what is she doing in a hospital. Second, why is her parents saying weird things? Third, why is her mother sobbing softly? Did she just cry?

“Stop calling me that! I’m not your father!” Mr. Kim shot Yuna a killer stare.

“But why?” Yuna retorted, almost immediately.

“You killed our son! YOU KILLED JUNSU!!!!! You killed him!!!!” Suddenly, Mrs. Kim screamed, shocking Yuna. Yuna tried to recall again, this time, she tried harder. She fought the dizziness she was going through as she did that in order the get the damn answers.

Slowly, she remembered something. She remembered about the argument. She remembered being thrown out of the family. She remembered crossing the road. Junsu smiling at her. Junsu’s smile… and after that, everything’s gone.

Tears were already streaming down her cheeks when she realized what had happened.

“Junsu oppa… He is gone?” She sobbed lightly. This is not happening… Please tell me this is a dream… Yuna thought as she cried even harder.

How am I going to live without oppa? She thought again.

“YES! HE IS DEAD AND IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!!” Mrs. Kim suddenly bellowed, she pointed at Yuna as she was screaming that.

Yuna shook her head wildly. “No. No. NO! NOO!!! NOOO!!!!!” She nearly yelled. “NO!”

“You’re a murderer, Yuna. You killed my son. My only son. I’m not going to forgive you.” That was Mr. Kim’s last words before he walked out of the room with his wife.

“I’m not a murderer… I didn’t kill him… This is a dream…” Yuna sobbed lightly. She shook her head at the thought of her being a killer.

“No, this is not a dream. And yes, I was almost killed by your stupidity.” A voice come from the other side of her bed. She turned around.

At that moment, she felt like she forgot how to breathe. Her breathing had stopped, almost immediately.

And because of lack of oxygen, she fainted soon after that. At that exact moment, the door was opened harshly, again. A doctor and a few nurses barged into the room.

“Great. She saw me and she fainted.” The figure said with a sarcastic tone and decided to go for a walk.


E.N.D O.F C.H.A.P.T.E.R. Okay. I’m too lazy to type anything here. Do comment ^^ Thanks!


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Beyond Normal
Chapter F.O.U.R

[Suggested Music – Molla-ing by Maydoni feat 2AM]

[Yuna’s POV]

This is weird. Here I am, sitting on a hospital bed, wearing the patient gown, and in front of me, seated a man.

Well, not really a man, but more like a… Soul?!

“Yes, I am a SOUL, my body is somewhere in this hospital.” He stated it again. His face… It was unexplainable. Is he telling the truth or is he just lying?

I clutched on the pillow and brought it closer to my body, hugging it tight. Should I believe him?

Few minutes ago, he came into my room, going THROUGH the door, and confronted me, saying that I’m the one who caused him to be in that condition.

“Hey, I know this is hard to believe, even I can’t believe it when I saw my own body.” He continued when I didn’t respond to his words. I looked up, staring at his face.

He was… well, quite good looking, he’s quite tall, I think.

“I-I…” I stuttered, not knowing what to say. Clearly, I’m speechless. This is the first time I encounter with a soul. A living soul? Well, I don’t know how to explain it.

“Well, if you really don’t believe me, I can show you my body. Is that fine with you?” He suggested after a few minutes of silence. I looked at his face again.

Is he being real?

“Err… Urm… Okay. We’ll go and see your body. And then… You’ll tell me how you end up being like this, and what I’ve got to do with it.” I smirked a little, but his calm expression didn’t change. Even for a bit.

Geez, I’m started to think that he’s real. He’s a SOUL.

“I’ve told you miss, you’re the-” He started to explain again when the door was opened abruptly. Seriously, don’t the nurses knock first before entering?!

Like I’ve predicted, a nurse came into the room. Her eyes widened when she saw that I was up, sitting on the bed, hugging my pillow.

“Oh, Miss Yuna, you’re awake. I’m here just to inform you that Mr. Kim’s funeral will be held tomorrow morning. You can come if you want, but Mr. and Mrs. Kim said it’s better if you don’t.” The nurse said that with a weird slang, or is it just me who started to think everyone around me is a freak? Relax Yuna, come on. You’re strong.

Honestly, the mention of Junsu oppa’s name made my heart tremble. With him not being by my side anymore, it’s a great loss to me. I felt empty right now.

Secondly, when the nurse called me as ‘Miss Yuna’, I felt even sadder. It just has to make me remember about the incident before I black out. I’m no longer a Kim. I’m nobody.

Tears started to well up at my eyes. Shoot, Yuna, you’re a strong girl! You must not cry anymore! I scolded myself, trying hard to fight back the tears.

For a brief moment, I forget all about the nurse. And also, the ‘somebody’ who was standing at the end of my bed.

I was so into my own feeling of sadness and grief when the nurse suddenly just had to interrupt me.

“By the way, why are you hugging your pillow? Are you sick or something?” The nurse started to walk closer to my bed. I quickly shook my head, faking a smile at her.

“No, it’s just that I’m having a slight stomach ache just now, it’s gone now!” I lied to her, still with the fake smile on. I nearly turned my head towards that certain figure when I heard a cough, but I didn’t. I don’t want the nurse to suspect anything.

Or else she might think that I’m crazy.

“Oh, are you sure you’re okay? We can make a test for you-” The nurse started to explain things which I don’t understand, but I keep on faking a smile at her, assuring that I’m fine.

Finally, after a few minutes of debating, the nurse finally walked out of my room. I sighed when she closed the door behind her. Gosh, she’s annoying! I thought.

“You’re interesting.” I heard a sound, coming from the side of the room where the sofa is situated. The earlier figure was sitting on the sofa, legs crossed as he stared at me with a smile.

I scoffed at him, turning my head from looking at his figure and fiddled with the hem of my shirt instead.

“Should I go? Or shouldn’t I?” I mumbled, again and again, guilt, longing, love, sincerity, I’m all jumbled up. I really want to go, I really want to pay my last respect to Junsu oppa, as a sister, but I’m sure Appa and Umma will not let me. I get the message clearly when the nurse told me that ‘It was better if you don’t go’, they actually don’t want me to go.

“Hey, what about the plan on visiting my body?” The sudden voice, came from right in front of me nearly make my heart jumped out from the ribcage. I looked up, as I saw his face near to mine, as I could study his facial features clearly now.

He has a sharp jawline, mischievous, glinting eyes, a mass of messy dark brown hair, and cute and kissable lips.

WAIT- Did I just said that his lips is cute and kissable?

Quickly, I turned my head away, as I could feel the heat on my cheeks. Damn, why do I have to blush now?!

“We can do that later. I’m tired.” I lied, as I clumsily leaned back on my bed, the pillow still tight and secure in my embrace.

Few moments passed, and it was so quiet. I thought he must have gone, because it was so eerily quiet.

Suddenly, I want to have him in this room, talking to me.

STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM! I scolded myself for the nth time of the day. To distract myself from thinking about him, I started to think about something else.

And that certain something else just had to be Junsu oppa.

“Oppa, I miss you so much already. I’m so sorry…” I whispered, as beads of tears started to fall from the side of my eyes onto the pillow. I hugged the pillow tighter, I hugged it like my life depends on it, it was so painful…

[End of POV]

[Someone else’s POV]

She’s just too adorable. I first thought of punishing her, but after I heard the truth, my hatred had turned into sympathy.

She was thrown away from her family. She lost an important person to her, who is her dear brother.

Suddenly, I felt a pang of guilty as I thought of her passed brother.

I hit them, I’m the one who caused his death.

But, it’s their fault too, right? They shouldn’t be standing in the middle of the road, when the light’s RED!!

As now I’m back on the earlier sofa I sat on, I could see her back moved a little.

Is she crying?

What should I do when a girl is crying?


Well, I don’t really know what to do, but I HATE to see people cry, especially girls.

But still, what should I do?

To those whom know the way, you could give me a call at XXXX-XXXX.

[End of POV]

“You know, I think you should just go and see him for the last time. He’s still your brother, anyway. Your parents shouldn’t do that to you.” The figure who was sitting on the sofa spoke after a few moments, as the girl on the bed stopped sobbing abruptly.

Slowly, she sat on the bed again. But she didn’t look at him. Instead, she just stared at the empty wall in front of her.

White and plain, just like her heart right now.

“You know nothing.” She said, her tone was different this time. It was full of, hatred, perhaps?

“Well, Yuna, that’s your name right? You could tell me the whole story, then only I would be able to understand and make a conclusion to this matter.” He spoke calmly, still eyeing her suspiciously, his gaze was full of curiosity.

“I don’t need your conclusion.” She sighed, and started to crept back into the mattress, but he stopped her.

“Well, since I’m already here, you can tell me about it. I’ll be a good listener.”

She hesitated for a while. She was torn in between two things, her personal life and her feelings. She’s usually not close to guys, especially at the first meeting. But at the same time, her feelings are all jumbled up, she could go crazy if she didn’t tell this to someone, or perhaps, share it with someone.

He knew she would be hesitating. Of course, who wouldn’t? He’s a stranger after all, he barged into her life so suddenly like this, introducing himself as a soul to her, and demanding a help from her. But right now, he was too curious, he was always curious about things, but at the same time, he felt pity for her.

He had this urge to rush towards her and hug her.

As fast as lightning, he moved towards her, standing in front of her bed, facing her. She was shocked to see him suddenly standing there, but slowly, she sat back on the bed.

“You know, I could lend my shoulders too, if you want.” He grinned. She turned her head towards his direction, her face expression showed that she’s shocked by the sudden offer.

A soul, offering his shoulder to her?

“Are you kidding me? I CAN’T touch you.” She replied, but deep inside, she really wants a shoulder to lean on right now.

“You can try.”


“Let’s just try, okay?”




He quietly motioned her to move aside so that he could sit beside her, and she slowly inched aside to give him some space. Weirdly, the bed didn’t move at all when he sat on it, but she swore she could feel sudden warmth when they accidentally had a skinship. Both of them jumped at the sudden skinship.

“See?” He grinned, as he felt sudden joy in him at the thought if being able to touch her.

“But I don’t know your name yet. What should I call you? Ajusshi, perhaps? Or harabeoji?” She fiddled with her fingers as she asked that question. Again, heat rushed towards her face, making her cheeks to shade in bright pink.

“Well, I already know yours, you’re Yuna. I’m Changmin. Just call me by my name, I don’t think I’m too old to be called as oppa.” He smiled at her cute gestures.

“But you’re still older than me. I’m 19.”

“I’m 23.”

“See? I still have to call you oppa.”

“But you don’t have to if you doesn’t want to.”


“Changmin oppa.”

Absent-mindedly, he smiled when those words came from her lips. It sounded so sweet to his ears.

“I’m listening.”

She relaxed. First, she let out a sigh. Then she continued.

“I’m actually a step daughter…”



I’m so sorry for the long wait! Hope this can satisfy your need for some updates! Enjoy and do leave some comments so that I can know whether my readers are still alive or not :P


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Beyond Normal
Chapter F.I.V.E

[Yuna’s POV]

I looked down at my feet, feeling humiliated. Tears started to pool up at my eyes, yet I forced myself not to shed even a tear in this ceremony.

I’ve promised Junsu oppa, I won’t cry anymore. The promise we made years ago, after he found out that I was crying because Appa throw away my beloved kitten.

I still remember oppa’s words to me that day.

‘I’ll be your kitten, so you must not cry anymore, alright?’

His charm worked on me, surprisingly.

Thinking about Junsu oppa reminds me about that certain… Err… Shall I call him ‘guy’? Anyway, he promised to be with me today. But he didn’t show up when the car picked me up from the hospital.

For the first time ever that day, I looked up at the sky. ‘Where are you, Changmin oppa?’ I thought sadly.

[End of POV]


[Changmin POV]

I was staring at my own body when she came in.

Head bandaged badly, there’s still some blood spots on the bandage.

She was walking with a pair of crutches, slowly making her way towards my bed. I could see her tears as she inched closer to my body.

‘Who is she?’ I immediately thought, but at the same time, I just stared at her. She was now sitting at the chair beside my bed.

Slowly, she took my hands, caressing it softly. Weirdly, I can feel it too. I glanced at my own hands as I felt her soft hands caressing mine.

I heard her mutter slowly. “Changmin-ah…” Her voice was somehow so broken, she looked lost, but surely, she has this special aura. That certain aura that I’m sure that she’s going to make it.

Wait a minute. Why am I being so superstitious now?

“Wake up, please. I miss you so much…” I heard her mutter those words before an eye-blinding light flashed in front of me.

[End of POV]


“Please, this patient needs extra care. Sir, you can’t just follow her into the elevator!” A nurse pushed Mr. Kim away from the lifeless body lying on the hospital bed, as she was being pushed into the nearby elevator, nurses and doctors surrounding her.

“But… She.. I need to punish her for humiliating me!” He fought hard, although he was fighting against two women, he somehow knew that he’s going to make pass through them. He needed to punish her, for suddenly pointing up to the sky and shout out Junsu’s name. He needed to punish her for suddenly collapsing at his only son’s funeral. He needed to punish her for humiliating him right in front of his friends, as they were saying that she was still broken and lonely, and it was a really bad decision made by him to throw her away.

“Sir, please stop! I’ll call the police if I have to! Please don’t make me do that!” The nurse reminds him, as the other nurse quickly pushed him away from the elevator, placing him at one of the chairs and letting him to calm down. Somehow those words managed to calm him down, as he was now staring into the space, looking at particularly nothing.

Few seconds later, the main door opened abruptly again, as Mrs. Kim ran in, body soaked with rain water as it was raining heavily when the funeral had to be stopped. She quickly spotted her husband and ran towards him, face red due to the fact that she was crying all the way to the hospital.

“Yeobo… Are you okay?” She touched her husband’s arms lightly, awakening him. He jerked up and looked at her direction, fire was visible in his eyes. It took him a few seconds to realize it was his wife he was looking at, and he sighed soon after.


Away from the mess made by the middle-age couple at the lobby of the hospital, a teenager walked up to the counter. He was still wearing the funeral’s black attire, and he was silent all the time.

“Miss, may I know what’s the room number for patient named Yuna?” The nurse looked into the register and absent-mindedly told him the number of the room. He thanked the nurse politely, took a last glance at the couple before walking straight into the elevator.


He walked into the room after the doctor gave him the permission to. The sight in front of him made his heart tremble. She was surrounded with a lot of machines, many tubes were connected to her body, as she was now breathing with the help of the oxygen mask.

She was perfectly normal this morning, when he first saw her stepped out from the black, shining car. Aside from the fact that she looked slightly pale, she was still shining. Well, in his eyes, she’s always shining.

“Just like Junsu,” he had thought of that this morning.

But right now, she was barely alive. The doctor had told him not to wake her up sooner than she was supposed to be, as she also stated that she might not even want to wake up anymore. That’s his job, to come again tomorrow and tried talking to her. Asking her to wake up.

But as for today, he can just look at her, completely helpless. There’s nothing he can do to help her.

“Yuna-yah… I’ll come back again tomorrow. Make sure you wait for me, okay? I have something to show you, Junsu had always wanted to show you this. I’ll bring it tomorrow. By the meantime, don’t go yet, okay?” He softly muttered, as he couldn’t even get close to her, as the doctor said ‘It might affect the machines’. He chose not to believe that shit, but anyway, for her safety, he obeyed that. He stood a few meters away from her bed, looking helplessly at her, there’s nothing he could do to save his best friend’s dear sister.


Few days later, Eunhyuk had visited Yuna every day, at a certain frequent time. Each day he brought something different, and the table especially for the things Junsu own was nearly full by the end of the week. There was a baseball, a music note Junsu made especially for Yuna but he had never had the courage to gave him to her, a diary, owned by Junsu, and was found by Eunhyuk as he sneaked in to the mansion few days after Mr. and Mrs. Kim moved from the housing area, an old album, and lots more.

Every single day also, Eunhyuk waited patiently, secretly hoping that there will be at least a little improvement from her, but he walked home with grief and regret swelling in him. He will never forgive himself for not pushing Junsu and Yuna away from the road as he saw the car approaches at a very alarming speed. He should be the one lying on the bed, bones broken, not Yuna, and certainly, not Junsu.

Changmin too, visited Yuna at any moment he feels like, as he was able to sneak in and out of the room freely. He was annoyed to find a young boy sitting by the side of her bed everytime he went and visit her, and wandering off everytime the boy was there. At those lucky moments when they were all alone, Changmin would sit on top of her body, just staring at her blankly, or was thinking about the flashbacks he started to have since that day he was attacked by the lightning.

Little that he knows, that Yuna had never wanted to wake up again. Little that he know, that Yuna’s soul was always next to her body, it’s just him that couldn’t see her, as she could see him everytime he visited her. Little that he knows too, each and everytime he had those flashbacks, his memories started to fade off, slowly…


[Yuna’s POV]

I saw him coming again today. He walked through the door and fly across the room before sitting on the bed, right next to my body. I just stared at his deeds without saying a single word.

However, today, he talked to my body.

“Yuna-yah, wake up please.”

Since I was admitted to the hospital again, he had never uttered a single word to me. He just stared at my body, and sharp at 1am, he flew out of the window, leaving me alone.

“I need your help.”

I stared at his handsome features. Although he might be a soul, but he’s quite attractive and handsome for a guy.


I smirked. I don’t know why I had this kind of thinking, but I won’t wake up, as long as he didn’t talk to me, I’ll remain unconscious. It still gives me wonders how I was able to see him while he couldn’t see my soul, sitting next to my body.

But nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to study his features and his actions.

Silently, I crept back into my body.

[End of POV]


E.N.D O.F C.H.A.P.T.E.R. This story is driving me crazy~~~ =~= I’m still re-reading it now, making sure about this chapter. Am I really going to update this like this? Anyway, I decided, this is step one. Well, to you-know-what. Changmin is losing his mind slowly, and Yuna is also slowly torturing him. Eunhyuk is just being normal, he’s feeling the regret, and he tried to throw that feeling aside by visiting Yuna every day. I’ll try to make up my mind sooner, making sure the storyline of this story, and I promise, I won’t let you guys down for the next update. The real Changmin will come out from his hiding, as I HOPE, more characters would be introduced in the next chapter. Thank you for reading! ^^


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Beyond Normal
Chapter S.I.X

“Changmin oppa, I want to see your body,” her sudden voice shocked him out of his daydream. He was still there, sitting at the sofa in her room, looking at her fragile body as his thoughts wanders off somewhere else. He was there, since a few days ago, waiting for her to come back. And now, she’s back, and out of sudden, shocking him.

“You’re awake?” Changmin glides towards her bed slowly, studying her pale face as he asked her that question. Her eyes were soft, yet there was a certain feeling inside it. What was it? Sad? Grief? He couldn’t make it out.

“I want to see your body,” she repeated, her voice firm. It shocked him, a little.

“Sure…” Truthfully, he was unsure, but there’s something in him, forcing him to say that out loud. Not literally loud, just for her to hear it.


After a few hours convincing the nurses that she was fine and she could take care of herself properly, and making sure that no one, not even a single nurse is with her; both Changmin and Yuna strolled towards Changmin’s ward. His was at the tenth floor as Yuna’s was at the third floor. Changmin keep on glancing at her from time to time, making sure that it was Yuna sitting on a wheelchair, strolling next to him.

“Am I that beautiful?” She suddenly asked, as if she realized that he was staring at her. Changmin quickly tore off his gaze from her, silently cursing himself and out of nowhere, blushed. Yuna giggled when she realized his reactions, but she kept the rest of her giggles inside. There were many people strolling at the corridor, and they might think she’s insane because she’s talking to herself and giggling.

“How did you manage to convince the nurses that you know me?” Changmin voiced out, still amazed at how Yuna managed to convince the nurses that she somehow had certain ties with him. It was hard to visit his body, as Changmin noticed that out of ten person who came at the counter, only one woman got to visit him.

That certain woman he didn’t even know. Wait, is he sure that he didn’t know her? Or it might just be his head, he couldn’t remember her. ARGH! All these things are confusing him, and day after day, he couldn’t remember some things, like what he did before the accident, who is he before the accident, although a little bit of the flashbacks were still there.

“I don’t know. It just said it, and they let me through. It amazed me,” Yuna laughed out softly, and Changmin looked at her. She seems mysterious, Yuna. He tried to understand her, but as he tried even harder, it just gets even more complicated and troublesome. Not that it troubled him; it’s just that he felt pity for her.

“So, this is your room?” They finally stopped in front of the door; it was labeled with his name at the side of the door. ‘Shim Changmin, Room 1959’. Changmin nodded a little. He glides in front of her before she even had the time to grab the doorknob.

“Be careful, you might get the greatest shock out of your life,” he warned with a hint of something. Yuna saw the gaze, but she couldn’t interpret it. What is it?

Then he smirked. And suddenly, Yuna’s heart pounded even harder. Why is she reacting this way towards his stupid antics?

“Welcome to Room 1959,” Changmin opened the door, and Yuna gasped as she saw the figure lying on the bed.


“Stop touching my body!” Changmin sneered as Yuna moved even closer towards his bed, her hand wandering on his body.

“Not that you can feel it, right?” Yuna smirked, as she softly added some pressure to his arms. And at that exact moment, Changmin winced out in pain as he held his arms.

“Stop it!” Changmin repeated. He glared at her, who backed off in shock upon seeing his reaction. Her eyes were wide with fear and shock, but there was a glint of curiosity hidden behind those eyes.

“You see, I might look like that, but I’m still alive! I’m not dead yet, got that?” Changmin glides towards her wheelchair and easily pushed it away from his bed. Yuna resisted, as she fought him and tried to move towards her initial position, but even Changmin in the form of soul is stronger than her.

“But you look awful,” She commented, finally stopped resisting and continued to look at his body. His lifeless body lying lifelessly on the hospital bed, she could say.

“At least I can wander around freely. Unlike you, trapped inside a horrible hospital room, covered in 4 white colored walls,” Changmin smirked. “Oh, by the way, I can hear your thoughts too, you know,” he added.

“Stop reading my mind,” Yuna glared at him. ‘Fine, read my mind, you stupid ruthless soul, wandering endlessly over the silent and creepy corners of the hospital’s corridor!’ She thought hard.

“I don’t read, I listen, okay? And I’m not ruthless, little girl.”

“Shut up!”

“No, you shut your brain up.” Changmin glides towards the window, as he pulled the curtains magically, letting the Sun shines brightly into the room.

At that exact moment, the door was opened. Both Changmin and Yuna looked at each other for a brief moment before both of them switched their gaze, staring at the slowly opening door. Slowly waiting. Painfully, excruciatingly.


[Yuna’s POV]

A woman walked into the room. No, more like- Wait, she’s using crutches? Who is she? I glared at her profile. She was shocked to see me too, I guess, based on her facial expression.

“Who are you?” She asked, as she slowly moved towards Changmin’s bed slowly as the crutches were making her movements slower. Her tone of voice was hard, firm and almost demanding. I hate that.

I turned my attention from her and looked at Changmin, who was still standing, if you could say that, next to the window. His expression didn’t change at all, as if he knew her, or he was expecting her to come.

I wanted to ask out loud, but remembering that certain woman was still inside the room with us, I asked Changmin through my thoughts instead.

‘Who is that woman? Her tone of voice is killing me.’

“I’ll tell you later,” He replied with a smile, as he glides away from the window, moving towards the bed.

“You better be,” I grinned, not realizing that I just said that out loud. Oppss…

As expected, the woman glared at my direction. Her eyes were cold and scary. Seems like there’s a black aura surrounding her.

Oh, stop daydreaming Yuna! I mentally slapped myself.

“It didn’t hurt you, right?” Changmin smirked at me, as I showed my fist at his direction. Sadly, he was standing near that woman’s direction, and at that exact moment too, the woman turned to look at me and saw my actions. She started to move, making her way towards my direction.

“Who are you, kid?” She asked again, and this time, she’s standing right in front of me. With those glaring eyes, I knew, if looks could kill or could even shoot at people, I might be dead by now, as he laser-like gaze would kill me on the spot.

“I’m Changmin oppa’s friend.” I answered truthfully. What else I can say? I’m his girlfriend? Yuck! I’m his younger sister? In fact, this woman in front of me might even know him better than I do. So, don’t risk myself.

“Friend? Are you kidding me?” She nearly loses her grip on her crutches as she laughed out loud suddenly. Wait, this woman is not crazy, right? Why she suddenly laughed? Or I said something wrong, is it?

I looked at her. She still looked charming, although she’s in her current state like this, wearing hospital gown like me, crutches supporting her body. She still looked… Gorgeous. Charismatic.

Can I envy her because of that?

“What do you mean by that?” I asked her, still keeping my innocent tone, innocent face and innocent gaze on her.

“Oh~ A little girl is making a joke right here. I shall call the nurse right over…” The woman moved towards the side of Changmin’s bed. Where the red button is. Oh, she’s going to push it. And she’s going to report me.

Wait, WHAT?!

No way! She can’t do that! I screamed in my thoughts. For a moment, I nearly forgot Changmin’s soul, still sitting at the side of his bed. He was staring at us as we talked.

“Stop shouting will you?” He glared at my direction, before I shifted my attention towards the unknown woman’s direction.

She pushed on the button. Once. Twice. But nothing happened. She pushed it again. And it remains the same.

“I’m not joking when I said I’m Changmin oppa’s friend. I met him, recently.” I said softly, as the woman was gasping for breath, still trying to push the button again and again.

“Oh, recently. Recently when?” Finally, the woman gave up pushing the button. She straightened herself and rested herself at the wall next to her.

‘Oh~ Thank God I can still sit down happily like this,’ I thought as I looked at the woman’s pitiful state. She’s tired of standing up, I could tell that. She’s already panting, tired of the recent exercise, I think.

“At least I can glide around freely~” Changmin sang happily, but his tone was hinting something again. And yet, I still couldn’t make it out. GRRR…

“Few weeks ago.” I replied, certain of my answer. That’s right, right?

“Girl, Changmin was involved in a car accident few weeks ago, and he had been hospitalized and in comatose state since then,” the woman looked at my direction again. Her gaze is still killing me! I thought and laughed inwardly.

“Who are you, then?” I asked the awaited question, the question that has been bugging my mind since the first moment she took a step into this room.

“How come I never heard it?” Changmin was now standing next to my wheelchair, slowly descending towards my direction.

The woman flipped her hair arrogantly. She looked at me with a weird gaze. Like a laser, shooting it at my direction. Ah~ I could be dead by now.

“I never knew you’re a drama queen,” Changmin smirked next to me, and I’m still trying hard to resist the temptation to knock his head hard.

And then the woman said something that even makes Changmin speechless. I was beyond speechless, I was shocked. Stunned like a stone.


E.N.D. O.F C.H.A.P.T.E.R. Hai~ It’s been a while since the last update, and I apologize dearly for that! I’m so sorry! I hope I still have my readers behind me~
This chapter is probably the most nonsense chapter I’ve ever written, LOL. A new character was about to be introduced in this story, I hope you guys would wait patiently for the next chapter. And please don’t kill me because of the cliffhanger! XD And I just realized myself, I’ve been using weird type of descriptions for this chapter. LOL~ Changmin is such a tease, ne? I hope you guys enjoyed reading this chapter~ And thank you for commenting! I love you guys for waiting!


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Beyond Normal
Chapter S.E.V.E.N


And then the woman said something that even makes Changmin speechless. I was beyond speechless, I was shocked. Stunned like a stone.

[End of POV]


“I’m Nuki, Changmin’s fiancée. If Changmin had a friend like you,” She stared at Yuna up and down, studying her features. “I would have immediately known.” She smirked at Yuna’s speechless face.

“Speechless, eh? Changmin didn’t tell you he’s going to get married to me next month?” Nuki smirked even more. She loved to see the speechless and shocked face of the little girl sitting on front of her right now.

Yuna, was indeed shocked. She looked at Changmin and was about to ask something about this currently situation, asking him to explain everything to her. But something in his expression told her not to ask anything. He was speechless himself, and his brows were moving. ‘He’s thinking?’ Yuna wondered, as she shifted her attention on the woman standing in front of her right now.

She looked at her up and down. If just now she admired her for being gorgeous and charming, right now she hated her for having the evil aura surrounding her. She seems like an evil and ruthless person.

“What’s your name, little girl? I would ask Changmin after he wakes up later, just wondering if you’re really not making up things.” Nuki moved closer towards Yuna’s direction, leaning dangerously close to her, as Yuna moved away from the woman’s face. She tried to move her wheelchair back but it was so hard. But as if the wheelchair has a mind of its own, it suddenly moved backwards a little.

“I’m Yuna.” She answered honestly. Nuki suddenly make a thinking face before she smirked evilly at her.

“Oh~ The Yuna, who was thrown out from the Kims, and killed their only son. That’s you, right?” Nuki’s statement hit Yuna hard. Yuna’s face paled at the mention of the ‘Kims’, and her heart beats at an irregular tone at the thought of Junsu. Killed by her. She’s a murderer.

“What are you doing in this room then? You murderer, you want to kill my fiancée too?” Nuki glared darkly at her, as Yuna could feel the tears threatening to fall from her very eyes. Her gaze was blurry from the tears but she tried to hold them back. ‘No, no crying. I’ve promised not to cry anymore,’ Yuna thought hard, forcing the tears back.

“Cry and I’ll throw you out of the room,” Changmin’s voice suddenly could be heard from her back, slightly shocking her. Yuna thought back hard.

‘You can’t.’

“Fight that feeling then! Show that you’re strong!” Changmin scolded her, and somehow, it worked. She glared angrily at the woman in front of her. She was like looking at a witch in front of her, with her long hair and her slightly pale face staring down at her.

“You know, wi- I mean, Nuki-sshi,” Yuna quickly corrected herself before she called Nuki as ‘witch’. Changmin chuckled at her thoughts. “Being someone’s fiancée doesn’t mean you have the rights to know every single thing about him. He have the rights to keep some things from you, he deserved to have a moment of his own, and some things which is not suitable to be shared together.” Yuna forced a small smile as she finished her words. She was sure that those words penetrate deeply into Nuki’s heart.

“Oh~ Like what? Having an affair to a little girl like you?” Nuki retorted at Yuna’s words. Yuna smiled when her plan to make Nuki angry and disturbed worked.

“Well, not really. But men think differently from us, women, you know? Only god knows what they’re thinking.” Yuna made her sentences as complicated and as confusing as possible. In fact, she didn’t even know what she’s trying to say right now. Those words just rolled naturally on her tongue.

“Kid, stop making nonsense statements.” Nuki glared angrily at Yuna for the nth time, as she began to feel tired from the amount of time she had been standing up on her legs. Her arms began to feel tired from supporting her heavy body.

“What are you trying to say, huh?” Changmin questioned her. Yuna smirked at the sudden naughty thought flashing in her mind.

“Nonsense? Do you think you know Changmin oppa that well? Do you know who his friends are? Do you know his birth date, or what he really wants for his birthday? Do you know what time he sleeps everyday? Do you know the hardship he had gone through? Do you know how sad he is after his parents left him at such a young age? Do you know all that?” Yuna could feel her tears at the back of her eyes, threatening to fall at the thought of losing her parents. But instead of letting those tears fall, she looked sternly at Nuki, as if challenging her.

“Did- Did Changmin told you all that?” Nuki stuttered, her tone of voice changed immediately. Yuna smirked. Her plan worked.

“What if he did? Nuki-sshi, I know you’re in love with his MONEY, not him. That’s why you come AFTER his parents had died, when he’s managing the company alone.” Yuna could feel the tension in the room began to increase. Not sure where the tension comes from, Yuna tried to keep herself composed.

Nuki’s face hardened when Yuna mentioned those words. She looked at the little girl sitting on the wheelchair. She needs to get rid of this girl so that her plan won’t backfire.

‘Just go away, woman.’ Yuna thought hard, trying to focus it and stared at Nuki hardly. That’s when Nuki slowly turned around and make her way towards the door.

“Girl, I’ll get rid of you one day. Just wait. Changmin is mine. His money is also mine.” Nuki warned Yuna before she stepped out of the room, closing the door behind her.


Yuna sighed after Nuki had walked out from the room. Those moments were like eternity to her, but yet the tension in the air wasn’t going down. She looked behind to see Changmin staring down hard at her.

“Changmin oppa?” Yuna called him softly, not knowing why she did that, but she did it anyway. Changmin slowly glides towards the bed and sat down beside his body.

“I couldn’t remember myself having any feelings for her.” Changmin calmly stated that, breaking the silence. Yuna keep her eye on his soul, looking at him intently.

“What do you mean by that?” Yuna questioned him, feeling like there’s a big hole in the middle of the story. Like something is missing.

“When I first met you, I did tell you once that I have a big company under me, right?” Changmin began to talk, and Yuna nodded at his question. “Yes,” she answered.

“But this woman, Nuki like she said, she had been visiting me regularly, once in a week. And everytime after she visited my body, I began to forget some things.” Changmin’s words shocked Yuna. Trying to prove that, Yuna began to recall all the informations Changmin had told her few weeks ago.

“What’s the name of your company?” Yuna asked the first question. She kept her gaze locked on Changmin who was on the bed. His brows moved a little, as he was thinking. She waited for a few minutes before he answered.

“Shi… Shim… Something ‘Shim’…” Changmin answered half heartedly, as he was still trying to remember it.

“What’s the name of your secretary?” Yuna didn’t give up as she asked another question.

“Lee… I forgot… Lee…” Changmin runs his fingers on his hair, brushing it softly.

“Is she a man or a woman?” Yuna asked again. She hinted something at her question, hoping that he would somehow catch it. She began to feel scared. What if it’s true? What should they do then?

“I think it’s a she…” Changmin answered, still doubting his own answers. “…I’m not sure… He’s a gay?”

Oh my God. Yuna clasped her right hand on her mouth. It’s really true.

“What’s your name?” Yuna asked the final and the most important question. Changmin snapped his head at her direction, glaring at her.

“Do you think I’m that stupid?” Changmin asked angrily at her. Yuna rolled her eyes. “Just answer it.”

“My name is… Name… What’s my name?”


“Changmin oppa, your name is Shim Changmin.” Yuna write out the name at the top of the page of the empty book. She had decided to help him, to help him gain all his memories back.

“Shim Changmin is my name, yes.” Changmin repeated it slowly, as he focused his gaze on the book in front of her.

“You’re the only son is the Shim family. Your father had passed away recently because of heart attack, and your mother was dead few years ago because of a car accident.” Yuna drew something on the page, making it easier to understand.

“Oh, that’s so sad.” Changmin replied bluntly. Yuna slapped his arms lightly to make him focus. “Yah, this is YOU! Your parents had both died!”

“Okay.” Changmin replied. His face was showing a little bit difference as they were a little emotion in that face, rather than empty like an empty page just now.

“Because your dad had passed away, you have to manage the Shim Corporation alone. And then comes Nuki-sshi, saying that her parents had made a promise with your parents to get both of you married.”

“That’s stupid.” Changmin commented. Yuna rolled her eyes again, trying hard not to knock Changmin hard on his head.

“You were running away from Nuki-sshi when you gets into an accident, and in the accident, Junsu were killed. You’re badly injured and right now, you’re in comatose state.”

“Is that even possible? Look, this is insane!” Changmin retorted, standing up. “What am I then?!”

“You’re a soul,” Yuna replied. And then she pointed at his bed. “And your body is right there.”

Changmin looked at the body on the bed and his own body now. He feels naked when he could see through his body.

“I feel naked,” Changmin grimaced at the thought. Yuna giggled at Changmin’s words.


“That’s all?” Changmin asked when Yuna closed the book in front of her and placed the pen down next to the book. Yuna nodded. She rested her head on the table to rest for a while. After all, it’s been an hour since she gets out from her room to visit Changmin’s body.

“Your story ended there. That’s all you told me for the past few weeks,” Yuna answered as she yawned. Changmin looked at her profile.

He wanted to say something when he felt the pain on his arms. “OUCH!” He yelled. Yuna looked up at him at instant. She gazed at him. “Are you okay?”

“My arm is in pain. Feels like something poking me- OUCH!” Changmin yelled again when the feeling came. Yuna shifted her gaze towards the body on the bed.

A nurse was standing next to Changmin’s body as she changed the tubes poking through Changmin’s arm. She poked another tube at Changmin’s arms and at the same time, Changmin yelled in pain.

“OUCH! Dammit! Make it stop!”

Yuna smiled at his stupid words. She laid her head back on the table as she mumbled softly. “Try to make that nurse stop, then.”

Changmin looked at the nurse who was poking at his arms. This time, she held up a large syringe after filling it with a kind of solution. Changmin’s eyes widened at the thought of the big syringe inside his arms.

That’s when the needle of the big syringe penetrates his arms. “OWWWWWWW!!!!!!” Changmin yelled out loud, nearly causing Yuna to become deaf from the yell and most probably his yell had wakened up every single soul living in the hospital.


E.N.D O.F C.H.A.P.T.E.R.
Oh my God. It’s so hard to type out this chapter. I just don’t know why, but my brain is not co-operating with me right now. Aigoo~ This must be the worst chapter ever =.=” But right now, you know who that woman was, right? To Nuki unnie: Sorry to make you the bad woman :D Trust me, you’ll change later. And Changmin’s finally realized that he had lost some of his memories! He couldn’t even remember his own name, huh? The last part was totally a mess, I couldn’t think of anything anymore. I just hope you guys liked it. :D


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Beyond Normal
Chapter E.I.G.H.T

“No! Please, don’t touch her! PLEASE!” Someone screamed when the bullet was pointed on her skull. She nearly screamed when someone else kicked him hard in the stomach, causing him to groan at the sudden attack, as he then dropped down on the floor, panting.

“Oh, why shouldn’t I? After all, I found her first, I brought her here, you know.” Another figure walked towards the area, his hand holding the gun dangerously, as he played it on his fingers skillfully.

“You bastard! Let go of her!” He managed to spat that out before a punch hit his face, hard and fast. That could have thrown him towards the other side of the room, but because those three men holding him securely, only his head was tilted dangerously to the other side after the hard punch.

“NO! Stop hitting him! Stop it!” She yelled upon seeing her loved one getting hit in front of her. Tears of grief, sadness and hurt continuously roll down her puffy cheeks. Another slap was delivered on her already puffy cheeks right after the yelled out.

“Stop yelling you bitch! I’ve told you to keep quiet, right?!” Apparently, the guy with the gun had slapped her. She could feel the metallic flavor at the side of her lips, but she ignored it. She knew, her lips must be bleeding by now. But his condition is nothing like hers. He’s more severely injured, and with the sudden attack, he became a lot weaker.

“Oppa! He’s lying! He’s the one who kidnapped me! Don’t trust his bull-” She couldn’t finish her words as she could feel her cheeks burnt. Another slap. And again.

“NO! STOP IT!” He yelled lifelessly, he felt bad at the sight of her getting tortured in front of him. What type of a man he was, letting the person he love the most being tortured mercilessly in front of him like that? He felt bad. Useless.

“My, my, our little princess couldn’t keep her sweet little mouth shut, are we?” The man with the gun slowly walked towards the girl. The prisoned guy shook his head continuously, as if he could feel what’s coming. “No, STAY AWAY FROM HER!” He yelled, but as predicted, another punch landed on his stomach.

“OPPA!” She tried to free herself away from the iron grip of the two men, but failed when someone kicked her in the stomach. She tasted the metallic flavor again in her mouth, and in an instant, she knew she was bleeding internally.

“You two little kids won’t just stay still, huh? I need to give both of you a lesson then. STAY STILL OR ONE OF YOU DIE TONIGHT!” He suddenly yelled, getting the attention front the two prisoned kids in the room. Both of the mentioned kids looked at each other in fear. Both their eyes were large, as if knowing, one of them will die tonight.

The older one of the two and apparently the male quietly shook his head at the girl. He knew what she’s thinking right now. She want him to do something, so that she could just die, and he would be freed. But of course, he won’t let his love go just like that. Not in a million years, he thought hard.

“Good. Finally you listen to big brother here. Yah, you,” The guy with the gun pointed at the two men holding the girl up. “Let go of the princess, can’t you see she’s hurting?” He snapped at them, as the two men let go of the girl slowly, watching her slide down on the floor, her energy drained to the max.

“Now you two, let go of that kid. We have a show to watch tonight.” The guy grinned, showing his yellow teeth, as both the imprisoned kid watch him in disgust.

‘Kwenchana?’ He mouthed at her, couldn’t bear to ask it out loud. She nodded at his question. A small smile was seen on her cute but bruised face. That bruised face hurt him, a lot. But to show that he’s stronger, he smiled back at her.

‘We’ll be fine,’ He assured her, although he don’t really know their fate. Will they die in this small room? Will someone save them?

“Bring them in,” a loud voice suddenly interrupted their small little conversation. His eyes widened as he saw the things getting dragged into the room.

A large, metal chair, a long, shiny black bet, and a few more dangerous and metal items was placed in the middle of the room. In between him and her. The barrier.

Like an instant, his eyes caught her gaze. She was in fear, and she know what are those things for. She knows. He knows it too.

“Now, how about our princess take something, and hit her dearest oppa with it? Hmm?” The guy smirked at their scared looks. Tears started to form at the back of his eyes, but he fought it back. He must be strong for her. She quickly shook her head at the request. And he could see the guy flared up when she declined it.

“Oh, so you prefer my boys doing it for you? He might end up dead in their hands, you know,” He smirked again upon seeing the gaze on her face. Her tear-stained cheek began to glow because of the slaps she received earlier.

Slowly, yet unwillingly, she stood up on her leg. She looked at her oppa. Her gaze was in a haze. He couldn’t even read what’s in her mind. But those eyes were screaming for something. Screaming for help.

Gently, she picked up the bet. It was heavy on her hands, what could it feels like if it landed on her body? She shifted her gaze from the bet to his face. He wasn’t crying. He’s not afraid. Like herself, she couldn’t understand that gaze.

“Oppa, I’m sorry,” she whispered softly, but sure that he could hear her. She slowly raise the bet on top of her head, ready to hit him. More tears streamed out from her eyes. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t hit her dearest oppa.

That’s when a loud crash shocked all of them, each and every soul in the room.


“What the… YAH! Grab the girl!” The guy with the gun quickly rushed to the corner of the room, the dark corner he always come from. All the guys was after him, running for their lives as some of them stepped on him on their way.

“Yah, what about the kids?” Someone yelled. Without anyone noticing, the girl had dropped the bet down and was now helping him untying the ropes that was holding him back all these time. That’s when someone grabbed her mercilessly, tearing her apart from her oppa.

“OPPA! NO! OPPA!” She screamed, and that’s the last thing he saw and heard. Her scream, and the vision of her being pulled away harshly from him. Seconds after that, darkness engulfed his vision.


“What the…” Yuna wake up, startled. She looked around. She was back in her room, and the curtain was down. It must be dawn, she thought as she glanced at the clock at the side of the hospital bed.


‘Man, what was all that about?’ She run her right hand on her untidy hair. It’s been a while since the last time she was having nightmares, and none of them were as real as this. Although she’s not one of the characters in her nightmare, but she felt like she was there. Witnessing everything.

“Have that happened to me?” Yuna whispered silently, as she slowly moved towards the side of her bed. She filled the glass with water and drank it down.

She sighed after she had finished gulping down the content of the glass. She placed the glass back on the cabinet with another sigh, before she glanced around in her room. It was almost dark, the only light was coming from the side of her bed, the dim yellow light.

She was alone this time. Where could Changmin oppa be, she asked herself. Yuna shook her head at the thought of having Changmin with her, in her room, accompanying her to sleep.

“He wouldn’t do that for me. I’m nobody,” She accidentally blurted that out loud. And as fast as she could, she slapped both her hands on top of her mouth.

“Wait, this is my room. Why should I be careful?” She whispered, slowly retreating her hands back on her lap. She moved back to the center of the bed, getting herself comfortable, trying to knock herself back to sleep.

Instead of getting her sleep, she was thinking about the nightmare again and again. “Who’s that girl, and what happened to her?” She wondered. “Why do I feel like I know the young boy?” She asked herself as she tried to connect the boy’s face with every single man she knows.

“OH!” She suddenly yelped out loud. It couldn’t be him! But he didn’t say anything about this to her, Yuna fought in her own mind. She began to wonder again.

Slowly, those thoughts of hers lull her until she fall asleep once again.


“Changmin oppa, do you have a little sister?” Yuna suddenly asked out loud one day, when she was enjoying her lunch alone, with Changmin looking at her intently. Her words snapped him from his little daydream. “Huh?” He asked her back. Yuna rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“I’m asking you, do you have a younger sister or something?” Yuna asked again, slowly eating the porridge. It has been a few days since the nightmare, and weirdly, it came to her every night. And it bothered her, a lot.

“I’m not sure… I keep on having weird flashbacks now…” Changmin muttered slowly as he looked around in the room, everywhere else except for her. Had she caught him staring at her? He blushed at the thought.

Yuna nearly choked on her porridge when Changmin said that. He eyed her carefully, as she coughed from the sudden shock. Changmin, flashbacks?

“Kwenchana?” He asked her softly, at the same time, eyeing her curiously. She softly nodded at him, her cough subsided, as she drank down the water. Come to think about it, that word seems familiar, the tone of voice… Where?

“I’m fine, I’m okay. Anyway, what type of flashbacks were you having?” Yuna asked curiously, her porridge was left aside now.

“I don’t know… Like a young boy and a young girl… They were both imprisoned by some bad guys. That girl wanted to hit the boy, but then a loud voice come and the flashback ends.” Changmin finished his words as he looked at her. Her eyes were wide. “What?” He asked her.

“I’m having the same nightmares! It’s been three consecutive days!” Yuna nearly choked because of excitement. Changmin raised his brow in confusion.

“Really…? But the weird thing is…” Changmin hesitated. He glanced at her. She was waiting for him to complete his words.

“… The boy in the flashback… I was him.”


Woah~ Woah! This chapter is a surprise! The ideas comes in a flash and I typed it out immediately. Seriously a surprise! Man, I’m getting more and more visions for my story now! Haha. Isn’t that great? :D Anyway, another scene is being unfolded. Well, in the next chapter of course. And I’m thinking of introducing more new characters in the story soon, but I not yet know what type of character they will portray in! :D So sorry, but you know how my crazy brain works, ne? Who missed the meanie Nuki? I want to bring her back in the next chapter.. Hahahaha :D Just a little spoiler, though. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this surprise!


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Beyond Normal
Chapter N.I.N.E

The matter was left aside after a few days arguing, because Changmin couldn’t remember anything about it and the nightmares had stopped out of sudden. Although Yuna couldn’t stop thinking about it, she pushed it aside one day when a doctor came to examine her.

“Hey doctor.” Yuna forced a small smile on her face but it turned out to be a grim as she was trying hard not to think about that matter. Even Changmin scolded her, because it was slowly eating her up, she wasn’t asleep at night because she was constantly thinking about it.

“Stop thinking about it! Go to sleep!” Changmin had came into her room one night just to check on her and when he thought she was still awake, he was true after all.

“But I need to know what’s happening to the little girl! And what’s her connection to you!” Yuna stubbornly fought back, although she was already sleepy, those thoughts are keeping her wide awake.

“Fine. I won’t visit you anymore if you don’t go to sleep right away.” Changmin threatened and guess what? It worked. Yuna pouted and quickly drifted into her sleep in no time, just because she was already too tired.

“Hey Yuna. How are you feeling today?” The male doctor took the file at the end of her bed and began examining it. Yuna nodded stiffly, as she stared into the wall. Boredom struck her.

“Good. If you’re continue to progress like this, you can go back home in two weeks time,” The doctor said with a sincere smile on his face. Yuna looked at the doctor’s face-for the first time- in shock. Going home? But she doesn’t even have a home to begin with!

‘I don’t want to go home!’ She screamed loudly in her thoughts. Luckily Changmin wasn’t in her room, if not he would cringe at her. Talking about the devil, where is he? Yuna thought grimly.

“BUT,” Yuna’s face lightened up when she heard the doctor began to talk. “You’ll have to stay for a few more weeks IF you don’t relax yourself. Keep yourself relaxed, okay? You can even walk around.” Yuna wanted to scream out happily at the doctor’s words but she kept herself in check. She pretended to frown sadly.

The doctor, upon realizing her frown, smiled at her cute attitude. Typical kids, he thought amused. He placed down the file and began walking towards her side. He stroked her hair lightly, like a father would do to a daughter.

“It’s okay. Just don’t stress yourself and you’ll be fine.” The doctor assured her, as she looked up at him and smiled sadly. “Thank you doctor,” she smiled and the doctor walked out of the room.


“You wanted to stay because of me, right?” A familiar voice could be heard coming from the side of the window. Yuna turned her head around and saw Changmin stood aside the window, which had opened miraculously.

Weirdly, she blushed at his words.

“I just want to help you.” Yuna lied, but she knows, both of them know the real reason. Without her knowing about it, she had slowly, developed a special feeling from him.

“Oh, someone’s not being honest here!” Changmin teased Yuna as he glides towards the side of her bed and began admiring the flowers at the side of her bed. And he succeeded in making Yuna blush even more furiously.

“The flowers are different everyday. Someone gave you flowers?” There’s something in Changmin’s voice that made Yuna turned her head to look at him. He was frowning at the flowers. Is he jealous of the flowers or something?

Come to think about it, she didn’t even realized it. Truthfully, the only thing she thought when she opened her eyes everyday was Changmin. And before going to sleep too. She was too busy thinking about Changmin and how to help him to even notice that small little change in her room.

“I don’t know. I didn’t even realize that.” Yuna bluntly blurted it out, causing Changmin to frown even more. He touched the flowers a little in an annoyed way and glared at it.

“Mine wasn’t even changed for almost two weeks already,” He pouted and stopped down when he saw something that catches his attention. Yuna was too deep in her thoughts to even notice anything.

“Yah, there’s a box full of cards. They’re all addressed to you,” Changmin took the box up and placed it on her bed. Yuna looked at the box and indeed, it was half filled with small little colorful cards. She took one and began reading it.

To dearest Yuna,

I hope you will get well soon!


“Eunhyuk oppa! Oh, it’s been a while since the last time I met him!” Yuna gasped as she took another card and began reading it. They all came from the same person, Eunhyuk. Seems like he came every single day, but he came before she was even awake yet. That’s why she didn’t see him coming.

“Eunhyuk oppa? Who the hell is this guy?” Changmin snorted as he took one card and began reading it. His face cringed as he read it. Yuna quickly snapped and took the card away from Changmin’s hold.

“He’s a friend of Junsu oppa and mine. He was there… When…” Yuna stared at the cards as memories began to come back, her emotions mixed with her sanity. That dreadful day, Eunhyuk was there. At the side of the road, looking at them. She saw a glimpse of him.

But why he wasn’t even helping them? Yuna thought.

“Yah, continue your sentence please. Don’t leave me hanging.” Changmin’s words brought her back to the real world. She stared at him and shook her head lightly. Changmin frowned.

“Yah, Kwenchana?” Changmin leaned down a little, staring at her face. Oddly, he could feel his heartbeat began to increase at the close distance.

Yuna looked up at him with her large and glassy eyes. They stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before Yuna break the silence with a cute smile.

“I’m fine~! Oh, I miss Eunhyuk oppa so much!” Yuna exclaimed loudly, as she hugged those cards with a smile on her face. Changmin slightly moved backwards, a frown was visible on his handsome face.

“Who is he?” Changmin had the urge to blurt it out and guess what? He blurted it out. And his tone wasn’t nice either. He sounds, jealous and possessive. Yuna looked up at him in shock.

“I’ve told you, he’s a friend! He was there during the accident!” Yuna defended her friend innocently, as that’s what her natural instincts were. She was feeling defensive upon Changmin’s tone of voice. And not to forget, taken aback too. Changmin had never used that kind of voice when he was speaking with her before this. Not even once.

Changmin looked down in embarrassment. ‘What the hell was that?!’ he thought angrily as he began to feel the guilt. “Sorry,” he mumbled. He wasn’t sure if she had heard him or not, but after he said those words, he flew out of the room. Leaving Yuna in shock and confusion, as he tried to ignore the guilty feelings and another feeling building up in him.


Back at the room, Yuna was shocked and confused at Changmin’s sudden change in behavior. She placed all the cards back into the box carefully, slowly organizing them in order, from biggest to the smallest. She was so deep in her thoughts when something clicked in her. Her movement stopped abruptly.

Did Changmin apologized to her just now? Yuna raised her head and looked at the place where Changmin stood just now, before he fly out of the walls. She gritted her teeth as she began to rewind the incident just now.

‘What’s the big deal anyway? He made mistake, he should apologize,’ A voice could be heard in her mind. Yuna nodded mind-endlessly at the voice. That’s when another voice comes up.

‘But why is he acting so weird just now?’ She began to wonder. She looked at the cards in the box and stared on it for a few minutes.

“Eunhyuk. Changmin. Is he possibly… JEALOUS?” Yuna wondered out loud, as her head titled to a side cutely.

She giggled at the thought of Changmin getting jealous over Eunhyuk. Changmin won’t possibly have that kind of feeling, she barely knows him although she had promised to help him to gain his memories back.

Yuna shifted to a side of the bed which allows her to put the box back to the original place without falling down from the bed. She moved a little and tilted to the bottom of the table and placed the box there. That’s when she saw it. A big, blue card.

She took it without thinking twice and thought it was another card from Eunhyuk. Brushing off the weird thoughts that starting to build up in her mind as she remembered that Eunhyuk never liked blue, she opened the card and began reading it.

Her eyes widened in horror as she read the content. She dropped it and pushed the card away, scooting away from the card as if it is something bad.

“I need to get out from this room.” Yuna stated that firmly, as she took a glance at her side and kicked the card away.



Oh, suspense!~ Changmin’s jealous over Eunhyuk, eh? Hehe. And I have a feeling that my readers are starting to get bored from this story. Don’t worry, me too. That’s why I finally decided to change this story into one of my daydreams. Hehehe. Hope you won’t mind. I can assure you that they’re very interesting indeed! So just wait patiently for my updates then! Oh, and I promised something about Nuki right? She’ll come in the next chapter. No worries. More actions coming soon. But the real drama won’t be starting so soon. Side-line drama? Haha. What’s that. =.=” Anyway, thank you for waiting patiently for my comments~!


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Beyond Normal
Chapter T.E.N

Yuna wrapped herself with the blanket as she wiped away the tears. Her body moved a little as she sobbed, it was so painful.

She didn’t sleep again last night, and luckily Changmin didn’t come to check up on her. Not that she mind, she needed time to think and plan. So many people were looking for her.

Just what did she do to them to deserve this kind of treatment?

“Good morning Yuna,” A familiar voice suddenly could be heard as the sound of the door opened could be heart. Yuna froze. Her eyes widened in shock.

Softly but still audible, the person moved towards the side of Yuna’s bed. He stood at the table and Yuna could only see his black figure as it was still dark. He had come early every day, and she could see what he’s doing. He’s changing the flower, and then he stooped down.

“Still asleep, silly girl.” She had almost forgotten how his voice sounded like. That teasing and caring tone of voice of his, always made her smile and laugh.

“Eunhyuk oppa?” Yuna braced herself and asked out loud. Like an instant the figure froze. Yuna was sure it was him. She quickly sat up on the bed and switched on the table lamp.

The moment the light hit his face, Yuna smiled. He looked stunned, most probably shocked. Maybe he wasn’t expecting her to wake up so early like this.

“Eunhyuk oppa.” Yuna smiled at him. At that exact moment, his expression softened. He smiled too and touched her face lovingly.

“You’re awake, Yuna?” She missed his caring tone terribly. She could feel those tears threatening to break loose once again. Her gaze blurred.

“You’ve been crying?” Eunhyuk asked as he saw the dark circles and the puffy eyes. Not to forget her cute button nose, which is now red in color. He sat down on the bed next to her, caressing her face.

Yuna couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. For two weeks she was alone in the hospital, without someone whom she know visiting her. From what she knew, after the funeral, the Kims had immediately moved out to another place, and since then, nobody had visited her. She looked at the face she missed the most.

“Yah, stop crying or Junsu will punish me later.” Eunhyuk threatened with a joke and that made Yuna smiled. Her first genuine smile in two weeks.

“Oppa, I miss you.” Yuna blurted out loud, as Eunhyuk chuckled at her cute face. She had always been admirable and sweet since the first time he met her. Yuna, whom he treated like his own sister. His real sister had died from leukemia when she was just 4 years old, and that had broken his heart. Luckily Yuna came right in time before he lose his insanity. He had treated Yuna just like his own younger sister; he poured all his love to her.

“I miss you too, dongsaeng. I’m here every morning you know.” Eunhyuk laughed when she widened her eyes. He wiped away the remaining of the tears on her puffy cheeks.

“But you came before I was even up!” Yuna pouted cutely, and Eunhyuk laughed once again. He ruffled her short hair lovingly, as he could see the twinkle in her eyes as she laughed.

“I would have wakened you up but you sleep like a pig!” Eunhyuk joked, lightening up the cold atmosphere of the morning in the hospital.

“Oppa, pig doesn’t sleep!” Yuna retorted, her cheeks puffed up in annoyance. Eunhyuk laughed even more when he saw her cute puffy face.

“Fine then. What makes my beloved dongsaeng cry then? Mind to tell me?” Eunhyuk asked when he felt like it was the right time to. Actually at the moment he stepped into the room he could already see her body trembling, and from that moment he knew something is wrong. He was stunned to see her red eyes and puffy cheeks when she switched on the lights as he wasn’t expecting her to cry.

Yuna looked straight into Eunhyuk’s eyes. Should she tell him everything? About Changmin, about the evil woman? Should she tell him that she could communicate with soul, Changmin’s soul? Should she tell him what Nuki the witch told her before Eunhyuk came in this morning?

Yuna bit her teeth to fight off the tears as she recalled the incident this morning. She didn’t sleep at all, and it was around 4am when the door to her room was opened. Although the person opened it slowly and carefully, but because it was so quiet, Yuna could hear it clearly.

+ [Flashback]

“Who’s that?” Yuna asked out loud when she heard the door being opened. The table lamp was switched off, but she could still see the figure at the door. And right now, the figure had stopped moving.

“Who’s that? Doctor?” Yuna asked as she switched on the lights. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was.

“Hello girl. I thought you’re still sleeping.” Nuki’s crutched figure could be seen standing in front of her door, as she could see Nuki smirking at her. Nuki slowly made her way towards her bed.

“What are you doing here?” Yuna put up her defense number one. Act tough towards the witch. Her body stiffened as Nuki moved closer towards her bed. She stopped when she had reached Yuna’s bed.

“I just want to visit you, girl. I assume you saw my ‘Get-Well-Soon’ card, huh?” Nuki smirked even more when Yuna remembered the big blue card she read last night right after Changmin left. Yuna looked up at Nuki’s face in disgust as she frowned at her.

“No thank you for the card.” Yuna said bitterly as she remembered the content of the card.

Dear kid,

I hope you’ll get well soon and get the hell out of this hospital. Away from Changmin.

Stop bothering him or you’ll regret it.


Nuki let out an evil laugh at Yuna’s bitter reply. She tilted her head back a little as she laughed her heart out. She almost lost her balance at the laugh but she was fast enough to balanced herself.

“I’m repeating. Stop bothering him.” Nuki’s tone of voice was dangerous. It could kill. It’s sharp enough to be stabbed into her heart.

‘But I’m not the one who’s bothering him. It’s the other way round!’ Yuna protested internally, afraid to blurt it out. Afraid, that Nuki might think she’s crazy. She could end up being in the mental institution for blurting that out. Yuna bit her lips as she tried to come up with a relevant answer.

“I couldn’t.” that was the best she could think of right now.

Yuna was staring at the wall in front of her as many thoughts clouds in her mind. Those thoughts were keeping her attention but she was observant enough to register the situation. Nuki had pulled out something from her shirt and was pointing it at one of the wires connecting to Yuna’s body.

Using her fast reflexes, Yuna dodges out of Nuki’s hold and had accidentally knocked Nuki off her crutches for that. That’s when she saw the syringe fall off from Nuki’s hand.

“What are you trying to do?!” Yuna looked at Nuki’s figure on the floor, her eyes widened in shock. Nuki laughed despite her current condition, on the floor, helpless.

“You can’t stay away from Changmin, so I have to make you stay away from him. I have to force you. Using my own way,” Nuki smirked at Yuna as she tried to pull herself up onto the crutches once again. It was proven hard but using her upper body strength, Nuki managed to stand up on her feet again. She was panting by the time she had stood up.

“You can’t force me!” Yuna said it out loud, and seconds after that, a hard slap was delivered across her face. Yuna’s head turned to a side at the powerful blow.

“Of course I can, little kid. Just wait. Leave Changmin alone or you’re going to suffer more later on.” With that, Nuki walked out of the room, leaving Yuna alone, as she tried hard to fight back those tears.

‘I was just trying to help other people in need, why is it so hard for me to do so? Is it wrong to help people in need?’ Yuna questioned herself as she snuggled up under her blanket, crying her heart out in silence.

[End of flashback]


Yuna laughed at Eunhyuk’s joke as he placed the box of cards at the side of her bed in her new room. She had personally asked the doctor whether she can move to other rooms and surprisingly, the doctor agreed. That morning itself, she, with the help from Eunhyuk, moved to another room on another floor. She was laughing as Eunhyuk carried her all the way to her new room, as he was joking with him, swaying her to the left and right playfully.

“Oppa~! Don’t!” Yuna giggled when the doctor gave them a look, silently asking them to keep quiet as most of the patients were still asleep at that time. Yuna and Eunhyuk giggled right at the moment after the doctor had turned away.

“Oppa, what are you doing right now?” Yuna asked as Eunhyuk peeled an apple for her. Eunhyuk was concentrating on the apple when he answered.

“I’m working. On your apple.” He joked and laughed after that, as Yuna playfully slapped his shoulders. “Stop playing around, oppa!” Yuna retorted with a laugh.

“It’s true. I’m working now.” Eunhyuk had regained his composure, as he cut the apple in small pieces and began feeding Yuna. “I can eat it myself, oppa,” Yuna tried to reach for the apple but Eunhyuk pulled it away.

“Just let me spoil you for now, okay?” Eunhyuk grinned at her, as she complied at last. “Where?” Yuna suddenly asked out of nowhere, causing Eunhyuk to look at her face.

“Where what?” Eunhyuk answered with another question. Yuna rolled her eyes playfully.

“Your working place. Where was it?” Yuna stated clearly, as she pushed the coming apple to Eunhyuk’s mouth. Eunhyuk chewed on the apple as he grinned at his little dongsaeng.

“Near to my girlfriend, of course.” Yuna nodded for a few times, not noticing the smirk on Eunhyuk’s face. After a few moment only she realized what he had just told her.

“GIRLFRIEND?!” Yuna shouted out loud, and she slapped both her hands on her mouth seconds after that. Her eyes were widened as she turned her head to the door urgently.

She waited for one, two, three seconds. No one came barging in to her room. Yuna sighed.

Eunhyuk chuckled at her cute and funny attitude. He nearly fall of the bed laughing. Yuna turned around and pouted at him.

“You don’t have to yell, you know. I’m not an old man, well not yet.” Eunhyuk received a light slap on his arms right after he said that.

“Be serious, oppa. Since when do you have a girlfriend?!” Yuna smiled widely at Eunhyuk, her eyes large and she looked so adorable right now.

Eunhyuk stared at her for a few moments, trying to fight that gaze back. But he rolled his eyes when Yuna pouted. He still couldn’t resist her cute pout, and he laughed out loud soon after that.

Yuna is just too adorable.

“Since I work at that place. I met EunAh there.” Eunhyuk answered after he had stopped laughing. Yuna smiled even broader at the mention of her name.

“EunAh? Is she cute? Is she pretty? Can I meet her?” Yuna bombarded Eunhyuk with questions, but Eunhyuk keep on smirking at her. Yuna, feeling annoyed, slapped his arms once again.

“Oww~ Fine, fine. You’ll meet her soon. I’ll bring her here later on, okay?” Eunhyuk held out his pinky finger to make a pinky promise with Yuna. Yuna compiled and took out her pinky finger too. “Promise!” Yuna smiled.

“By the way, where are you working at?” Yuna asked as she took another apple and began playing with it. Eunhyuk snatched the apple away from her and began peeling the skin off.

“I haven’t met the big boss yet. People said he was scary, though. I’m working at Shim Corporation.”

Yuna’s eyes widened at the mention of Shim Corporation. Is fate trying to help her this time?


Ah~ The mean Nuki is back in this chapter, and she’s becoming more mean right now. Hehehe, but this is just the beginning. Changmin didn’t appear in this chapter as I want to concentrate on Eunhyuk’s character. So, now you know Eunhyuk. And he’s working at Shim Corporation! What does it means by the last sentence? Could Eunhyuk help her to help Changmin? O.O That’s for you to wait and see in the upcoming chapters. :D


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