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[ONGOING/G/FTISLAND] I love you because it's you

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Poster credit @BigBangVIP~Ver-Sah-Tyle, thank you very much

Trailer credit @WonderBinnie~Ver-Sah-Tyle, thank you very much

Title: I love you because it's you
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy, a bit scandals

It's about a young girl Kathleen, who comes from a wealthy family in LA with a big luxury villa, butlers and maids, she moves to Seoul to archive her dreams.
She has to stay with her parent’s friend, who's the manager of FT Island, therefore she ends up staying with them, she’s attending the same University as HongKi.
She starts growing feelings for HongKi, but HongKi isn’t showing the same feelings towards her, he’s more cold towards her, but what he is really feeling, is the same as her, and he cares about her, but he’s not good at showing it.
But at the meantime, she meets Yunho which leads to meeting JaeJoong, who also captures her heart , he’s a guy who feels the same way towards her, he understands and cares about her, without hiding it, and her feelings starts growing bigger for him.
She ends up in a dilemma, and soon people finds out about her relations, and she ends up being in the center of the medias and fans search light.
Now she needs a way to get out of this mess.
Will everything end up well?

Kathleen (fictional girl)
Lee HongKi
Jung Yunho
Kim JaeJoong
DongYul FT Island's Manager(ficional name XD)
FT Island

Somewhere, in a big villa quarter, placed in the streets of Los Angeles. In a big white villa, with a big green front garden, and a lot flowers, I bet the Gardner is already here making the front garden and the backyard beautiful... Yeah here I live, imagine this biiiig white house, with a shiny black roof, big windows, a big stair, in front of the front door, which is also shiny black and double for some reason. Our butler inside pulling all the curtains away, so the sunlight can brighten up all the big rooms. Our chef preparing breakfast. I Kathleen live in this huge house, but somehow, even with all this luxury around me, I don’t feel like I belong here, and I defiantly don’t feel home... Well my time here is about to end...

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Chapter 1
“Goodbye, my dear friends”


“yaaeh...” I mumbled with my head buried in my pillow, my mom entered my room “it’s time for you to wake up. It’s your last day at school, so you shouldn’t be late”. I turned around, to face my mom, and smiled, then she left, I pulled a pillow over my head. I could already smell the delicious food from the kitchen.
Actually it’s my first day after our Christmas break and at the same time my last, though my real last day at school, was the last day before the break, but I decided to come today, to say goodbye to my friends and classmates. Five minutes after, entered one of our maids, “Miss Black, you have to come up now, your breakfast is ready” she said, “Yeah yeah, I’m coming” I mumbled once again, why couldn’t they not just let me sleep some more, I rose from the bed, took my big fluffy boots and my fluffy coat on, both were light pink, I love pastel colors.

I walked down to the dining room, the maids had already done the table, and there were a lot food. Our chef always prepared a lot food, for the three of us. My dad already sat at the table reading the morning newspaper, he took a sip of his coffee, he would soon leave for work. I took place at the table, “Good morning father” I said polity, he nodded like he was saying good morning too. I took a piece of bread, and took some jam on it. While I was eating my mom entered the dining room too, and took place, she silently took some eggs and some bread, she never says anything when we’re eating neither does my dad.

After I was done eating, I went back to my room. I went through my closet, to find some cloth, I have plenty things to choose between, but I’m a girl, it doesn’t matter how much or little cloth we have, we still can’t decide what to wear. I finally found something, I decided to wear a light beige armless shirt with high neck and pretty buttons, and a white shirt under so it wouldn’t be to cold, I found a light pink skirt with fringe on the bottom, took some white and slightly beige leggings on and pulled them just above my knees, no longer down then that. I went into my bathroom, took my brush and pulled my hair up into a big bun. I looked in the mirror “I look pale today” I said unsatisfied to myself, I used some light brown powder for my pale face, and laid a little natural make-up, I marked my eyes as always, but not too much. I ended it all with brushing my teeth.

I was about to get my bag, when someone knocked on my door “come in” I said, it was my mom, she came to tell me, that she was ready to drive me to school, I hurried and grabbed my bag. I went downstairs took some big light brown winter boots on and a light pink coat, I went out to the car, there was already parked in front of our house, my mom came out, and we left for school.

Oh yeah I haven’t really introduced myself, I’m Kathleen Black, I’m 18 years old, I’m coming from a very wealthy family, I’m about to tell my friends and my classmates something that might shock some of them, but I hope they’ll understand me. I’m leaving lovely Los Angeles, going to Seoul. I’m going to study theatre and music at Kyung-Hee University. I hope that one day I can become either an actor or a singer, but I’ll have to see what I most want. I’m gonna stay at one of my parents best friend’s house, until I find something else, he’s almost like an brother to my parents, I don’t remember him to well though. My mom tells me he’s a manager for a band, well that sure sounds interesting, I wonder what they’ll say to have me staying with them. The only one beside my parents, there knows about this is my teachers. My parent’s friend is going to pick me up at school, I just don’t know when, he will be here.

When we arrived at school, my mom parked close to the entry hall “Take care now Kathleen, and don’t worry, I bet they'll all understand” She said and kissed my forehead “Thanks mom" I said, and went out of the car. I had to admit I was a bit uneasy and nervous, I wasn’t sure what I should say and when. I decided to wait until I could see him.
I met some of my classmates on my way to the class, we all walked there together. When we came into the class, I could see that everyone was here, that was a relief. I went over to my best friend Tasha, and took place beside her and beside the window, our teacher came and English class started.
Several hours later, we had our first lunch break, I looked out the window, “Already?” I mumbled to myself, Tasha looked at me “Is anything wrong” She asked curious, I looked back at her “No... Well yes!” I responded. I rose from my chair and went up to the blackboard, my teacher looked at me “is it time” she asked, I just nodded, “Guys... I have to tell you something... Before you go out and enjoy your lunch”

Some was already on their way to the canteen, but they found their seats again. Tasha looked concerned at me, I bet, if eyes could talk, hers would ask me if there were anything wrong, she could read me, like an open book, but she was also the only one with that ability.

I took a deep breath and looked out to my classmates, “I came today... to say goodbye and thanks, for some great years” I said, the whole class suddenly looked very surprised, “What... what are you saying Kath?!” Tasha asked, while saying that her voice cracked, I saw the sadness in her eyes, now I felt even more uneasy, but I had to tell them “I’m moving to Korea, later today, I’m gonna study theatre and music at Kyung-Hee University in Seoul...” I paused for a bit and took a deep breathe again “Sorry I’m just very nervous... I’m gonna miss all of you... I’m gonna miss Selena’s constant complaining” I laughed a bit “No hard feelings Selena, we love you, I’m also gonna miss David’s drooling over men with huge muscles, just cause he envy them” The whole class laughed, even David started, “And I’m specially gonna miss you Tasha, they only one who really knows me and understands my feelings, even if I haven’t told you” I could feel a tear rolling down my check, everyone came over to me, and we all gave each other a big group hug. “Let’s all take a group picture before she leaves” said Brandon, we all agreed and posed very natural and funny, I was happy, that I could leave like this, Jessie stood behind me, he laid his arms around me “Don’t forget us when you get famous” he smirked, “Of course not Jessie” I laughed, we took on last picture, we posed in another huge group hug. Finally I said bye to them all, gave them an individual hug.

I went out to the car where DongYul stood waiting for me, “Sunbae...” I waved at him, I looked back at my school I could see all my classmates in the canteen standing by the windows waving at me, I waved back at them, and tried my best to smile. I reached the car, he gave me a hug “You have grown a lot since last time I saw you” he said and smiled, “Yeah, well I’m also older now” I answered with a smile, DongYul took my bag, and opened the passenger door for me, like a real gentleman, we drove back home.

When we arrived home, I hurried up to my room, to pack my stuff, DongYul went in to my parents in the living room, and started chatting while I was packing. My mom had already left two suitcases in my room, and a third smaller one, for my dog’s stuff, she was going with me, cause it was my dog, and I couldn’t leave without her. She’s a beautiful Siberian husky, her name is Akira she is 4 years old and very beautiful. I started packing all my cloth into the suitcase, after that I got most of my stuff from the bathroom, hairdryer, my hair straighter, and make-up, some of my hair products, brush and toothbrush I could just buy in Seoul. I went back to my room, and packed some of my pictures, I needed to have some with me, I also packed my camera, and other important electronic stuff. I was done packing my own stuff, now I just needed to pack Akira’s things, her collars, I took them all, she had about six different collars, one in light pink that is the one she usually wears, baby blue, white with small diamonds, a pure red one, and two natural collars, for all the collars there is a matching leash. I also packed her blanket, I decided to buy s a nice bed when we arrived in Seoul, I went over to her corner in my room, and took her water bowl and food bowl.

I was done packing and went down to my parents, my dad asked the maids to get my suitcases and place them in the car. I went out to the kitchen to get some food to Akira for the trip, I also had to buy some food for her in Seoul, *I think I need to make a shopping list, so I make sure to get everything I need* I thought to myself. DongYul came over to me “Let’s go now Kathleen” He said and smiled, I nodded and went over to give my parents a hug and say goodbye, I called for Akira, she came right away, I gave her the leach on, took my boots and coat on again, and I went into the car together with DongYul, Akira lay on the backseat relaxing, she loves driving. I could see my mom crying a bit while weaving, my dad tried to calm her down. Finally I was moving to Korea to reach my dream.

We arrived at the airport, checked in, likely Akira was going to fly with us as an passenger. It was time to fly, I sat and looked out the window, I was really excited, DongYul told me, that I was going to also stay with five boys at my age, I was thinking a lot about them, how would they tread me, are they nice, well I couldn’t wait to meet them. After flying for several hours, I fell asleep.

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Chapter 2
“Hello there”

After a long fly, we landed at Incheon airport. While we waited for our luggage, a big group of screaming girls came running, it looked like a little group of nicely dressed guys were being chased by the girls, while some guys in black suits were trying their best to keep the big group of girls away from the guys, I looked over at DongYul, he looked back at me, “That’s just celebrities being chased by fans, that’s very common here, special in the airports” He laughed, while I nodded.

The luggage entered the hall, we hurried and gathered our luggage, and went outside. DongYul pointed at a car, that was surrounded girls, “Is that our ride?” I whispered to DongYul, he nodded, we went over to the car, when the girls saw us they started screaming, they must have recognized DongYul, a man in a nice black suit stepped out of the car, he took our luggage, opened the passenger door for me, I sent Akira in the car and went in after her, he closed the door behind me, DongYul, entered from the other site, he sat on the front seat with the driver, I sat at the back seat with Akira. It was hard to get through the girls, but after some time we got through. “How long does it take?” I asked DongYul, “How long it takes to drive home?” He asked back I looked up at him “Ye”, he looked at his watch, “We’ll be home about 2 PM” I nodded. I went through my bag, to look for my iPod, I had so many things in my bag that it could easily disappear down there, I found it under my wallet and mobile. I turned my iPod on laid-back, relax and listened to the music, while we were driving.

I heard a shallow voice calling my name “Kathleen ….” suddenly I woke up and saw DongYul leaning over the seat “Kathleen wake up, we’re here” He said and smiled, “o…Oh…” I mumbled and got out of the car. I looked up at the big house in front of me, it looked a bit like and apartment and still like a house, it was a very beautiful house with red bricks, it was a two floored house, and on the roof, there were a balcony, with glass fence around it.

While the driver gathered our luggage, a guy came out of the house, he was tall and looked cute and really nice, he went straight over to me, he looked me in the eyes, he’s eyes seemed very serious “Noooona” he said and jumped up and down, “eeh?” I mumbled, “Oh Kathleen, I see you already met MinHwan, he’s the youngest in the band” DongYul said, “Aah I see. I’m Kathleen, nice to meet you” I said, I formally bowed my head, he did the same then he looked back at me, grabbed my hand and dragged me inside. “Hyung…” He called, when we entered the living room, four guys sat in the big sofa, and played video games, one of the guys turned his head when MinHwan called, he looked surprised “oh Hyung, she’s here” He said while shaking another ones shoulder, they all turned their heads and stared directly at me, I felt like stone, couldn’t move at all, one of the guys came up to me, he was wearing a big red hoodie, black slim jeans and a black cap, he looked at me the same way as MinHwan did for a little while ago, “Nice to meet…you” I said and bowed my head, when I lifted my head back up the other three stood just like MinHwan, this was scary, “Aish, be nice to noona” MinHwan said and laughed, the others started introducing them self.

“I’m Choi MinHwan, I play the drums”
“I’m Lee HongKi, I’m the lead singer”
“I’m Choi JongHun, I’m the leader, I play guitar and the piano”
“I’m Oh WonBin, I also play guitar”
“I’m Lee JaeJin, I play the bass”
“Nice to meet you” they all said and bowed their heads, “Oh Hi, nice to meet you too, I’m Kathleen” I said and bowed my head too. DongYul entered the living room together with the driver, and Akira, “And you met the rest to” He said, he told the driver where to put the luggage. “I… I think I will go up and unpacking” I said and smiled “Aah Noona let me show you, your room” He said, grabbed my hand once again, I hurried and got a grab on Akira’s leash and followed him up the stairs, there were a lot rooms on the second floor, he stopped and opened at door, into a very light pink and beige room, “This will be your room” he said and smiled, “Just call if you need anything, we’ll be downstairs”, he closed the door and left.

I looked around in the room, took of Akira’s leash, the bed was huge, with tons of pillows, and a big duvet it would fit at least three people, I sat down on the bed, and it was so soft, I lay down for a bit, now I couldn’t wait to go to sleep. There were a big door, I rose from the bed, and went over to the door, there were no doorknob, but you could push the door to the right, behind the door there were another big room, with a lot shelves, drawers and hoops, suddenly someone knocked on the door, I went back into my room and opened the door. It was HongKi, he entered the room, and looked around “You haven’t unpacked yet?” He asked, “Ah… not yet I was just looking around the room for a place to my cloth” I said and went my hand through my hair, Hong Ki went over to the door, where I had just been, and opened it “Here, it’s a walk-in closet” He said and smiled, I nodded and smiled back. Akira was walking around the room, I found her bed and placed it next to my bed, right after I placed it she went over to it and laid down.

HongKi went over to another door and opened it “This is your bathroom” he said while showing me in, it reminded me a lot about my bathroom back home, the room to, this place almost felt like home, except, that here I was the only female and I was surrounded by males. HongKi showed me the whole house, all the rooms was huge, the garden too, they also had a studio in the house, a one of the rooms was used for training, that was great, then I could practice in there, he showed me back to my room, and left again. Finally I could unpack, I opened the small suitcase first, took out Akira’s water bowl and food bowl, I took the water bowl out to the bathroom, and filled it with water, then I went back and gave her the water, she rose right away and drank some water, while she was drinking I filled the other bowl with her food, “I need to buy some food tomorrow” I said to myself, and I started unpacking my own stuff.

Hours passed while I was reading a book, suddenly someone knocked at my door, I rose from the bed and went over to open the door, MinHwan stood outside, “Noona, dinner is ready, come and eat” he said smiling, I nodded. He dragged me with him downstairs, and showed me over to a free seat, I took place at the table, DongYul and JongHun was placing all the food on the table, once again it was like home, but of course here there is only males, and they probably eat a lot, special when there’s six of them, the DongYul and JongHun took place at the table too, and we all started eating. They all talked a lot while eating, that I wasn’t used too, at home we never talked while eating, so I just kept quiet. After we’re were done eating I helped WonBin with the dishes, “You don’t talk very much” he said with a smile, “I…I’m just not used to speak while eating” I commented while looking down at the dishes, he smirked and lay a hand on my shoulder “Don’t worry you’ll get used to it, just talk when, you feel like it” he said with a very warm and comfortable voice, I nodded and smiled. Finally WonBin and I was done with all the dishes, all the boys including DongYul went into the living room and watched football, “Come and join” JaeJin said smiling “Ah I think I will take Akira for a walk and then go to bed, I’m a bit tired” I said, they all looked over at me “Sleep well” they all said, I said thanks, and went up to my room. When I entered the room Akira was running around in circles, I could see on the that she knew, what we were going to do know, I softly clapped her head, and found her pink leash and fastened it to her collar, I took my jacket and went downstairs with Akira, said bye to the others and took my boots on.

While I was looking for my iPod in my pocket, I bumped into a person, I looked up and there stood a very handsome manly guy, I was frozen, then suddenly I could feel the leash being pulled closer to him, I looked down at Akira, and saw he had a dog with him too, a very handsome big Siberian Husky, I hurried and apologized, “Don’t worry about that, I was walking in my own thoughts too” He said and smiled, while he was bending down and pulled his hand over Akira’s fur, he looked back up at me “She’s a Husky too, right?” He asked I nodded, he looked at her dog sign and smiled “Akira? That’s a beautiful name” He commented nicely, “Thanks” I said “And what’s yours?” I asked “He looked up, Jung Yunho” He answered with a warm voice, I bent down to his dog, “Hi there Yunho” I said to the dog while clapping it softly on the back “Ehm I’m Jung Yunho” he suddenly said, I looked up surprised “His name is Teapung” He said and laughed a bit, I stood up again “Oh I thought.. Heeh!” I went my hand through my hair “Sorry” I said and turned a bit red, “So what’s your name?” He asked “I’m Kathleen” I answered with a smile. We talked for some time while the dogs were playing, then we went home, it had gotten late so he decided to follow me home, he didn’t think it was suitable for a girl like me, to walk alone at this time. We finally got home, we said bye to each other, and he went home, I went back in, took of Akira’s collar, and then my own boots, the others had gone to sleep, so I walked very quiet up to my room, when we got there Akira went straight to bed, I took on my pajamas, and went to bed too, only minutes passed before I felt a sleep.

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Chapter 3
“First day at school” - Part 1/2

I woke up by the heat from the sun, even though it was snowing outside the sun was still warm. I looked around the room, and realized that I had almost forgotten that I moved to a new place. The sun here was somehow warmer than the one in Los Angeles. Akira was still asleep, that might be the effect of playing outside with another dog, for hours.

I pulled the curtains aside, the view from my room was really amazing, I went downstairs, they had already prepared breakfast, and we all ate together. When I was done I went upstairs to my room again and went out to the bathroom and took a shower, after that I went into my closet to find some cloth. Since I was attending a university, I had to find some suitable cloth, I found a baby pink dress shirt, a black blazer and a pair of slim jeans. I changed and went back to the bathroom, since I just got out from the shower my hair started curling a bit, so I had to straighten it, I decided to leave my hair down today, but took on a black ribbon band, as always I laid a natural make-up. I went back to my room and packet my bag, suddenly someone knocked on my door “Come in” I answered, HongKi entered my room, “Are you ready?” he asked, I look up at him with asking eyes “Ehm… DongYul asked me to drive you… since we’re attending the same university…” he said and smiled, “oh yeah, I just need to give Akira some food and water” I gave Akira the last food, I had to buy some more after school, I went into my closet again and found some black high heels, and took on a long beige coat, I grabbed my bag and went downstairs with HongKi. We said bye to the rest, on our way out, MinHwan came running after us “Noona!!” He called, when he reached us he grabbed my hand and gave me a bracelet, “It brings good luck” He said, I looked at the bracelet on my wrist “Komawo MinHwan-ssi”

HongKi and I left for classes, we drove in his car.
He had a cute little car in orange and black, when we reached the university a group of screaming girls came running towards the parking lot and stood around the car in a circle, HongKi parked and stepped out of the car, the girls started screaming even more, but he just waved to them, he came over to my site and opened the door, and suddenly all the girls were silent, while I stepped out of the car, I felt a lot of hade through their eyes, “You better get used to this” He whispered, I just nodded, we took or bags, and went into the university. He showed me to my class, since it was my first day he had said, before leaving to class he asked for my mobile, I took it up from my bag, he took it from me and started dialing something, “I saved my number on fast call number one” He said, and handed back my mobile “So if you need me, just call”, I nodded once again, he smiled and left for his class.

I stood outside the door to the class, I was really nervous, I took a deep breath, and knocked at the door, someone answered and I went inside, the teacher looked over at me, from his table, I went over to him and gave him the paper, with the details I got from the university administration. He looked down at the paper, then up at me, and back at the paper. He introduced me to the class, while he did, the rest of the class started whispering while looking at me. “Quiet please” the teacher said, he looked over at me “I’m Kang Shin, I’m your homeroom teacher”. He looked down at the class, “Where should we place you?” Some of the guys rose their hands, and tried to pull some of the other guys hands down, there were also some of the girls who rose their hands, Shin decided to place me between a guy and a girl, I went down left my bag beside the table, and sat down. The girl had short hair compared to all the other girls, it only reached just under the ears and was styled tousled, her cloth was a little boyish, but there were still something girly over it. The guy, were very handsome, his hair was short and styled, he wore a casual suit, I guess he was one of those very popular guys, but he seemed like a very quiet person though.

The classes passed, and we had our first lunch break, HongKi messaged me and told me to come to the canteen, I guess he did that, so I didn’t have to be by myself, the others also left class, one of the girls came over to me, and asked if I would join them, I told her that I was going to meet one, she smiled to me and nodded, I smiled back. I walked slowly behind all the others, cause I didn’t know where the canteen where, on the hallway down to the canteen, there were a lot paintings, graphics and other arts, it all were really beautiful.

We finally reach the canteen, it was really big, so I couldn’t spot HongKi in there, suddenly someone lay their hand on my shoulder, I looked back, HongKi stood behind me “Aish you startled my” I complaint, he laughed a bit and said sorry, we went in, and bought something to eat. We found a table and sat down, three other guys joined us, HongKi introduced them, it was his friends from his class, I said hey and smiled. While we were eating a lot people were staring at us, it made me a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t seem to bother any of the other guys.

Since I have been very lazy recently, and some other thingsm I've decided to make this chapter into two parts hehe so there for this is a very short update LoL XD

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Chapter 3
“First day at school” part 2/2

After the lunch break we all went back to our classes. I found my seat and our homeroom teacher entered, he stood in front of his desk, with his arms crossed and a serious look, “I’m going to place an assignment on each of your tables...” he suddenly said and paused “the front page facing down, you’re not allowed to turn the assignment before I’m done explaining…” he continued while walking up and down through the class placing one assignment on each table, and went back to his own table, “Just because you all just got back from your winter holiday, doesn’t mean you won’t have to do anything, so therefore I have prepared an assignment for you all… Happy? I thought so” He said and smirked “You’ll get divided up in three groups, on the front page you’ll see a number from one to three, you know the routine, those with number one gathers in one group the same goes for number two and three, in the assignment there is six different themes and genres you can choose between, you’ll have to make a medium length movie of 45 minutes, you’ll have to make the storyboard, the manuscript, everything yourself, you think you can do that?” everybody nodded, *such a big assignment already* I thought to myself, I had to give it my best, “Any questions?” he asked, a guy in front of me rose his hand, “Ye, JungSu?”, “How much time do we have to finish the assignment?” JungSu asked “You’ll get around six weeks to make it, that should be enough, if you’re lucky I might give you two months” he answered with a teasing voice, and told us to turn our assignments.

I swept my assignment around, to see which group I was in, I was in group three, “group three” I mumbled by myself, while looking around the class, suddenly the guy next to me moved closer to my table without saying anything, just looking curious, he placed a finger on my assignment “We’re in the same group!” he suddenly said and looked up at me, *Aish he startled me* I thought to myself, he rose from his chair, placed his hand on my shoulder, I looked up at him with a question mark in my eyes, “Group three is over here!” He said with a loud voice, but not as loud as yelling, some of the other students started walking toward us, and finally the whole group had gathered around my table, we were ten in our group, in the two other groups they were nine.

Our teacher knocked in the table, to get our attention, “When you all have found your group, you’ll come up to me one group at the time, and I’ll tell you which room you’re going to work in” he announced, our group was the first to gather, so we went up to him, he gave me the key, told us which room we should use, ”That room, is the one you have by yourself for the whole period, that means you can save all your stuff in there, so you’ll always know where it is, it will be where you do most of your work, before shooting” he explained with a smile, we left the classroom to find our room.

We found the room, inside there where a big blackboard a huge round table, we all took place around the table, for a moment there were silent, “Since Kathleen is new… we should introduce our self first” the guy on the end of the table, the rest of the group nodded, they all introduced themselves, and we started working on our assignment, we started discussing our main genre and theme. After some time we finally decided on our theme, we wanted to make a sweet romance with some actions too, then we started discussing our storyboard, and found out how many students we needed for the characters. After we had discussed all the things for a long time, the bell ringed.

The school had ended, I decided to wait for HongKi outside, in front of the main entrance, a little away from me, a group of girls stood, they looked over at me and started whispering, I felt uncomfortable, I never tried anything like that, I had always been friends with everyone, while I was waiting I was wondering about what they were talking about. It didn’t take long for HongKi to come out, together with him, was one of the guys who sat with us at lunch, if I remember right his name was ChinHo, HongKi had promised to give him a ride home, the rest of his friends came out too, he waved to them, and we left. We reached ChinHo’s house, it was also really big, just like HongKi and the others house.

After dropping ChinHo of, we drove back home.
I had promised JongHun to do some grocery shopping, with him, so we left right after HongKi and I came home, we decided to go to one of the smaller shops, so he wouldn’t be recognized. We arrived at the shop and went inside, JongHun took a trolley with him, I stood still, fumbling after our shopping-list somewhere in my bag, I couldn’t find it, but then I realized I had left it in my wallet, I took the Wallet up from the bag, and found it.
“What do we need?” JongHun asked, while looking back at me, I looked up surprisingly and looked back down on the list “Ehm… Milk, dog food, toothpaste, chili paste…” I continued reading form the list, then I stopped and looked up at him again “And ramen…?” JongHun laughed, “It must’ve been WonBin and JaeJin’s work, ha-ha, they love ramen” he repeated, I smiled and nodded “Well then we’ll need to buy that to” I answered while laughing. We had found all the things we needed, but before we went over to pay, JongHun suddenly stopped and looked back at me “Dinner…” he just said, and I realized we had forgotten all about dinner, “Hmm I’ll make something delicious, lets drop by the fish marked before going back home” I said, he just nodded, we went over to pay. We went out from the shop and loaded the car with our grocery shopping, and drove to the fish marked to buy some fish, after that we went back home.

When we got back home MinHwan and WonBin came out to help us, JaeJin came running towards me, “Noona… did you buy us ramen…?” he asked, like a little kid tired of waiting for his gifts, I nodded, then he started jumping up and down while clapping in his hands, *how cute* I thought to myself.
While I was making the dinner JongHun were emptying ot shopping bags and put the grocery in the refrigerator.

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New poster :3
From BigBangVIP at Ver-Sah-Tyle
Thank you very much, I love it ^^

There is also a background but unfortunally I can't add it in here TT__TT
but you can see it Here

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Chapter 4
“So Sudden, So Cold"

When we were done eating dinner, DongYul and I took care of the dishes, the guys had to practice for their upcoming concert, “You know… The guys are hoping that you’ll come and watch them for their concert” DongYul stated, not really like a question, but more like telling me that I defiantly have to come, I nodded and told him that I would love to come.
After we had finished the dishes, I took Akira for a walk, we went to the same park as last time, where I met Yunho. The streets was empty and very silent today, it felt like I was the last person on earth, me, Akira and the lights. It didn’t feel normal, that the streets were this empty, the streets in Seoul are usually crowded, I decided to take a walk along Han River.
Akira and I arrived at Han River, all the lights along the bridge was turned on, and the water was splashing out from the sprinklers on the bridge, it was amazing to watch, so beautiful, I found I spot and sat down relaxing, I took Akira's leash of her collar and let her run around the grass, I closed my eyes dreaming myself away in to my own world.

Suddenly someone tapped my shoulder, “Young lady, it’s dangerous to be out here all alone” a low voice said, I jumped up with fright and turned around, my shoulders sunk down in relief, it was just Yunho, he laughed after seeing my fright, “YAH” I yelled “I got really scared” you said and laughed, Yunho took of Teapung’s leash and let him play with Akira.

After talking for awhile Yunho suddenly started giggling, I looked over at him “What’s wrong? You seem like a crazy person” I said and laughed, he smiled and looked out on the water “Nothing really, I just thought of something” he said, I just nodded and starred at the water “You know, we’ve kind of become walking buddies” he stated and laughed, I nodded again “Yeah that’s true” I said and laughed, “So what are you doing normally? When you’re not walking Akira” He said and smiled, now that I think about it we don’t know much about each other “School” I just said smiling “I’m studying theatre and music, at KyungHee University, how about you?” I asked, he hesitated for awhile then answered “I’m just working now, I already graduated” he said and laughed. Time passed and the both of us went home, just like last time he walked me home. We reached the dorm, where I lived, he bended down and patted Akira’s head lightly, “Take care of your Unnie” he said softly, I couldn’t help but smiling, we said goodbye, he walked home, and I went inside.

HongKi stood in the hallway with his arms crossed, “where have you been this late, and who was that guy?” He asked, like a father would ask his child, I just bended down and took of Akira’s leash, she ran up to our room, I stood straight up again and faced HongKi’s impatient face, seems like he was waiting for an answer “I was just walking Akira, and it was Yunho oppa, my walking buddy” I just said smirking, I was about to walk upstairs, when he suddenly grabbed my wrist “You should be more careful about who you hang around with” he stated with a serious voice, I pulled my wrist out of his fist “Why are you like this?” I complained, and left to my room without letting him have a single chance of answering.

I went into the bathroom and turned on the water in the bathtub, I went back into my room and poured Akira some water and food, after that I went into my walk-in closet and found one of my pajamas, I took the biggest, most fluffiest one, since tomorrow is Saturday and I can relax, I went back into the bathroom, the bathtub was filled with water and bubbles, I laid down, it was relaxing. I took my iPod and took on my earphones, closed my eyes. After a while my eyes pooped open, I had fallen asleep in the bathtub, I looked at the clock, and sighted in relief, I had only slept for a couple of minutes.
After awhile I got out of the bathtub and emptied it, I dried up and took on my pajamas, I found my hairdryer and quickly dried my hair, then went to bed, soon I was in a deep sleep.

The morning sun rose, and the light came across my face, I woke up and looked over at the clock, it was only 8am, it must have been my inner clock telling me it’s time to wake up, but I didn’t have any classes today, all of us had the day of. I slowly got out of my bed, I looked out in the hallway, there were silence, the buys must still be sleeping. I decided to make breakfast, to lighten up the awkward situation yesterday with HongKi, I took on my PE pants and a big pink hoodie, I found a big scarf and slung it around my neck, went downstairs, and found my soft teddy boots and went to the grocery store. The ahjumma at the store bowed her head slightly when I entered, I did so too and smiled. “You’re early” she said with smile, I nodded “Yes, I’m making breakfast for them all” I said while picking out different ingredients, and went back to the desk to pay, when done paying I said my goodbyes and left back to the dorm.

When I entered I was greeted by DongYul, he had to participate in a meeting, “You’re up, this early” he said, I nodded “Yeah, I decided to make breakfast” I said with a smile.

I started making the breakfast, I had turned on the radio which were playing FT Islands songs, “Kath, I’m going now” DongYul said while pulling his coat on, I followed him out to the door, I waved to him as he was leaving, then closed the door and went back to the kitchen. An hour later I was done making the breakfast and I hurried to make the table ready, then I went upstairs to wake them all, I first entered MinHwan and JaeJin’s room, “MinHwan-ah, JaeJin-ah… Wake up, breakfast is ready” I said while shaking them lightly, they opened their eyes and sat up, “wash up, then come down and eat” I said, they nodded “Yes noona” they both said and walked to their bathroom, next up was WonBin and JongHun’s room, I slowly entered, they both were in a deep sleep, I turned on the light and went over to them “JongHun oppa, WonBin oppa, you need to wake up now”, but they didn’t move, I tried shaking them lightly, WonBin responded, opened his eyes and sat up, but JongHun was still sleeping, WonBin started shaking him really hard “HYUNG… WAKE UP” he yelled and laughed, WonBin looked over at me “You need to be hard on JongHun, he’s really hard to wake up” he said while laughing, I did too, “I’ll remember that” I said, “Make sure to wake him up, breakfast is ready, so wash up and come downstairs and eat oppa”, I left their room, on the hallway I could hear WonBin still trying to get JongHun out of the bed, he was the leader but yet the most difficult to get out of the bed I sighted and laughed a bit.

Last room was HongKi’s, I slowly and hesitating entered his dark room, I turned on the lights, and poof HongKi sat up with his eyes opened, I got a shock, my heart jumped, “Eeh… HongKi o…oppa, the breakfast is ready… wash up and come downstairs and eat” I said and hurried out of his room, then downstairs, MinHwan and JaeJin already sat at the table, I sat down between them, just as I sat down I could see WonBin dragging JongHun’s lazy body down the stairs, we all laughed, followed by HongKi, he yawned and stretches his arms, they all sat down, and we began to eat. They all kept complimenting the food I made, they liked it a lot, and wanted me to make breakfast every day, my cheeks turned pink as I nodded.

After breakfast, we had decided to cover the floor in the living room with our blankets, and watch movies all day, still in our pajamas. JaeJin and MinHwan did the dishes, while the other of us went upstairs dragging our blankets downstairs, WonBin and HongKi had taken JaeJin and MinHwan’s blanket with the too, JongHun, was almost sleep walking down the stairs, we couldn’t help but laugh at him. We placed as many blankest, as we could, on the floor, the remaining we used to cover us. We watched tons of movies in all genres, from romance to horror, to comedy and so on.


Sorry it took so long for me to update, I have had tons of homeworks TT___TT

Anyway hope you'll enjoy this chap ^^

comment <3

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Chapter 5
“SM Entertainment?"

I woke up as the heat from the winter sun crossed my face, I slowly opened my eyes, I sat up and rubbed my eyes, I realized I wasn’t in my room, I looked around and found all the others sleeping on the floor, I rubbed my neck *ops we fell asleep while watching movies* I thought to myself, next to me HongKi lay, facing me, he looked really sweet while sleeping, like an angel, WonBin and MinHwan lay side by side almost hugging each other while sleeping, JaeJin was hugging his teddy to his chest tightly, like a sweet little kid, I couldn’t spot JongHun anywhere. I slowly got up from the floor and quietly went out to the kitchen, “You’re up” “Oh you startled me” I stated as I jumped by JongHun’s sudden statement, “I’m sorry if I scared you” he said and smiled, I just shook my head “When did you wake up” I quietly asked, he took a look at his watch “Not very long ago” he said “I wanted to make some lunch, so I woke up, before the others” I just nodded and smiled.

While he continued on lunch I settled the table, and went to the living room to wake the others up, I had to force them up and clean their faces, *how can they be so lazy* I thought to myself. Slowly the other boys came down one after one, some of them looked like as they could fall asleep on the stairs any minute *how cute* I thought to myself.

We all sat down and began to eat, I’ve started getting more comfortable around them, so now I had also begun talking by the table. While eating, the front door opened, all of us looked at the hallway’s direction, it was DongYul who came home after his meeting, we all greeted him, I rose from my seat and found made space for him, “Samchun, did you eat?” I asked while finding a plate, he shook his head “That’s good, then join us hyung” JongHun said as he rose from his seat to, shortly after we all sat back at the table and continued to eat our lunch and talk.

The time had passed and it was already 5pm, it was already dark outside, I looked at my watch *Better go exercising* I thought to myself, and went upstairs, I went into my room and changed in to my track clothing, I found Akira’s leash and collar, I tucked my hair up in a bun, and took Akira with me, I bowed to the others and left with Akira. We ran to a park in the middle of Seoul, which was our usual place when we were exercising, because there were both exercises for people but also dogs.

On the other site of the road there were tons of big buildings, most of them were companies also a few apartments. A van stopped in front of one of the companies, tons of girls came running towards it, screaming and taking pictures, it was a huge mess, it was like watching the painting The Death of Leonardo da Vinci in the Arms of Francis I from 1781, the man in the bed surrounded by many people, Five tall slim guys came out of the van and the girls started screaming even more, the blitzes’ from their cameras were lighting up the street around them, I sat down on a bench and watched the people on the opposite site, Akira lay down beside my feet’s, she was tired, I found some dog cookies, and gave her some, it was interesting watching them, this was something I never had experienced before, the boys who had stepped out of the van finally got through the people and inside the company, but yet the girls stood there for awhile before they left.

I sat on the bench for awhile before leaving, I went over to the opposite site, I reached the company, I was curious about what kind of company it was, there were a huge sign over the entrance door, “SM Entertainment” I said silently to myself, “Who calls it that? Makes me think of Sadism and Masochism“ I laughed at their name, a small fat man in a suit, coming out of the entrance glanced at me, I just smirked and left followed by Akira.

I finally got home, I went into my bathroom and took a shower, after that I went back into my room, I found my pajamas again, and sat down to make my homework’s for tomorrow, I only had homework’s from our theatre class, even though we were working in groups my us self we had decided to give each other homework’s for, depended on what our position was, I had to make sketches of the clothing for the main characters.

Two hours later I heard a voice call, I went out to the hallway, and saw JaeJin standing by the stairs “Noona, dinner is ready” he said and smiled, I nodded, closed my door and went with JaeJin downstairs.

After dinner JaeJin, MinHwan and I went into my room to watch dramas, we were the only ones who wanted to watch it, the others wanted to play soccer on their PlayStation. In my room, we moved all the pillows towards the wall, so we could lean against it, I turned on the television and found the right channel, the three of us was following the drama Mary Stayed out All Night, we thought it was really funny and sweet.

Shortly after it had ended, we all decided to go to bed, since all of us had classes tomorrow.

Morning came and it was time to leave for my classes. I was fixing my hair when I heard HongKi call “KATH ARE YOU READY? WE’LL BE LATE” he shouted, “Be right there” I replied, hurried up, went back into my room and grabbed my bag.

We arrived at school, and as always girls were surrounding his car *I guess it would be best to get my own car* I thought to myself, and yet again as always, they were glancing at me and talking about me, how frustrating, since I kind of gotten used to it I just walked past them.

We entered the university entrance, “Kath…” HongKi suddenly said when we were about to separate, I looked at him “I have to stay a little longer today, so either you have to wait longer, else you’ll need to find another way to get home” he said with a slightly annoying voice, I nodded “I’ll figure something out… See you later” I said, turned around and left for class. I met with my group in our homeroom first then we left to our usual spot, and continued on our project.

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Oh Oh loook, got a trailer, it's created by WonderBinnie, and it's just WonderFull ^^
I really love it, and I keep rewatching the beginning it really got the right side og Kath XD

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